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Okay. [ There's no preamble, no introduction. Just Rocket's unmistakable voice, sounding as irritated as ever. ] I thought I had a pretty good handle on the way you Terrans did your calendar. Earth rotates around its axis: day. Earth rotates around the sun: year. Pretty standard. All the stuff in between is chopped up inta arbitrary "months" that don't make much sense, but hey, ya stick on every wall and on the communicators so at least I can kinda keep track.

It ain't perfect. Kind of annoying, but I don't expect a whole lot from you Terrans anyway.

That said, how the hell did I end up missin' a month and a half?

Last I looked it was all trees and snow and... "kris-mas". [ The air quotes are practically audible. ] Now it's all red and pink and... and kinda an assault on the senses, honestly. What is with you people? Somebody fill me in here.

[ There's a bit of a pause, and he seems to be ending it there. Until, as an afterthought, he adds: ]

Quill, you better still have my stuff or I'm gonna kick your ass.
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[The voice here has a Northern English accent.]

It's been months since I've used this thing. Never really was in the habit before, but I think I might change all that. Anyway, hello everyone; Tobias Matthews here. Seems there have been many imPorts coming and going since I got out of prison—oh, yeah. For those of you who don't know me or are out of the loop since a couple months back, I put myself in prison for siring natives. I'm a vampire. Might as well get that out of the way. More on that later... now where was I?

Ah, about people coming and going... Anyone able to contact Drew Warner recently? He's not the sort who'd let his powers get nullified without making a scene. So if no one else got a hold of him, I guess it's safe to say he's been exPorted.

[Which is strangely disappointing, but like he's going to admit it.]

I guess that's really all I'd wanted to say. Questions, comments, or perhaps more about prison or being a vampire...? [There's brief silence, then a small resigned sound.] You know, why not, feel free to reply or whatever.

001 | video

Feb. 8th, 2016 01:28 pm
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[ Holy jittercam, Batman. When the video feed clicks on, whoever's manning the communicator is moving it so quickly that at first it's difficult to see what's being filmed. After a couple seconds, the blur of colors settles into a skinny young girl, sprawled on her bed, lollipop stick poking out of her mouth. Judging by how smoothly the communicator's filming now, she must have set it down onto some kind of hard surface.

Brianna pops the lollipop out of her mouth in order to speak. ]

Hey, you. Yeah, you. You are so lucky, and I'll tell you why. You're in the presence of a bona fide superhero. "But Breeze!" I hear you saying, or typing, or whatever. "We're all superheroes!" Well, not really. Because I don't know about you, but since I got here I've been hearing people whining about how imPorts here don't want to fight crime. Blah, blah. I'm not here to shame anyone. Not all of us are up to that kind of life.

[ In goes the lollipop. Out comes the lollipop. ]

That's where I come in. I'm offering my services to help you out with whatever you need. Fight a baddie? I can do that. Deliver some vitally important message? You got it ASAP. Clean your messy room? I can get that done in about thirty seconds. All I ask for in return is a pair of size six sneakers, or some cash. I don't even care what they look like or what brand they are or how much you pay, as long as it's not a total rip-off.

[ She reaches for the camera again and after another dizzying second of jittercam, the video is pointing at a pair of the rattiest, most falling-apart shoes you've ever seen someone wear. ]

See, that? That's the one crappy thing about having super speed. [ Well, one of them, anyway. Brianna flips the communicator so it's aimed at her face again, then grins widely. ] So, yeah. I hope this can be the start of a wonderful business relationship.

[ A pause. ] Oh, right. And if anyone can tell me what a lifestyle advisor is supposed to do, that would be cool.

[ And then, signing off, she winks. ]

005 | text

Jan. 17th, 2016 12:24 am
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For those of you who don’t spend most of your evenings searching for yourself online (there’s no shame in it) I’m about to gift you with something you’ll totally thank me for later:

NSFW and R rated, ladies and gents, but it might just be the greatest website ever created. Check it out. A lot of natives have taken a lot of time to make something like this, the least you could do is show them your support.

You’re welcome.

[Any daring to check out the site will find a growing number of porn images, all photoshopped with various imPort faces, some poorly edited, some rather impressively done, but all entirely fake.]
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[ When the comm feed switches on, Ted and Booster are seated on their couch, in costume, looking as solemn-faced as they get. The effect is tarnished slightly by the fact that there is a Vegas showgirl's sequined, feathery headdress visible in the background. ]

So my esteemed colleague here and I messed up, and no one can ever say Blue Beetle and Booster Gold don't own up to their mistakes.

[ Literally everyone says that, because it's true. ]

We kinda skipped town for a combination birthday party and New Year's vacation right before things got bad in Heropa, and didn't exactly check the news while we were away.

Did you know they don’t have clocks in casinos? I didn’t. Also, did you know that Vegas has something like three buffets to every person? Someone was insistent.

[ Booster manages to look genuinely contrite while also side-eyeing Ted, which is kind of impressive. ]

Anyway, the point is, we're offering our services to anyone who needs them. We can help with the aftermath of the Heropa stuff, or anything else.

Need some heavy lifting done? Cats rescued from trees? Trees rescued from cats?

Gadgets made or repaired? How about an experienced model to advertise for your place of business? If you need it done, we can help. Probably.

(Ted, Booster.)
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[ Good evening, Masks and Menaces. Tonight, you will be treated (or possibly, weirded out or perplexed) by a video feed of a ~mysterious~ hooded woman, sitting at some dimly lit place with her elbow resting on a table and her chin resting on her hand. She's not looking at the camera directly -- she rarely ever does, because she's obviously too cool for that, but she does have the slightest hint of a smile across her lips. ]

So, I don't normally do this kind of thing, but I figured at this point, anything's fair game.

--and no, I'm not here to read more smutty literature out loud. A girl's gotta have some secrets.

[ said resident secret enigma lady of mystery, Kasumi Goto. ]

Anyway, to all the newbies: welcome. I don't know what you all have been told about this place so far by other people, but all I can really contribute is that it's a wild ride, being here. You may inquire below for more details if you so wish.

To the rest of us: happy new year. And I do mean that sincerely, despite the terrible start we've been off to, so far. I want to say that maybe we'll get a lull again, like we have the other times that something truly offensive has happened -- but word on the street is that the Russians are yelling angrily about something, so I kind of doubt that's going to be the case.

For now, let's just all try to relax, alright? I'm pretty sure stress is bad for your complexion.

... Also, fun fact, but I-- [ she sighs. So maybe she didn't really mean to make this post to address the general masses, because who does that? But because she's so Conflicted about the Worst (or Best?) Anniversary Ever that she needs. Something. Drinks. People to feel all bitter and/or nostalgic with. Mostly she doesn't want to be alone. ]

You know what, I've been here a year, as of today. Officially. So...

I think I speak for most of us -- whether it's because all the pandemonium [ get it? ] has got you needing a little pick-me-up, or because you've also just realized you've been stuck here for a year -- when I say: I need a drink. Or soul food. Or both. I guess that's what I really meant by relax. Let's see if we can actually enjoy something around here, for once. Maybe have a do-over of New Year's?

What're the best bars and food joints around the Porter cities? I've got my favorites picked out, mostly in Heropa and Nonah, but I'm always open to new experiences.

[ come party with space thief, y/n? ]
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[A video.

A man in a mask. Not your general 'I'm some kind of a hero/villain/vigilante' mask, but a mask nonetheless.

Godot is positioned with his jaw resting on one fist, 'regarding' the screen through the red lights of his visor. His jaw is set firm, his mouth half a grin--but he doesn't look entirely like he's smiling. Once he's sure it's on, he removes his chin from his hand and sits back.

Well, isn't this a fine how-do-you-do.

They sure know how to make an offer you can't refuse, don't they? Free housing, free medical... all you have to do is sign on the dotted line.

Fine then. So be it! The harsh winds of fate are cold enough to freeze a man to his very bones. They blow sharp and bitter, like the blackest dregs at the bottom of a cup of coffee.

But if your coffee is ice cold by the time you get to that bottom... you've already wasted it.

[He looks... grim. Maybe he's trying to say something with that line? Sure would help if this man spoke regular English.

Well, good luck out there.
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[Jacob and Raina are standing together in the video, facing the camera side-by-side. They're out in public, in a park in De Chima. Jacob speaks first.]

Hey, everyone. I just got Ported back in a few days ago. I'm still catching up. I'm not just posting to ask for updates, though. Raina and I- [He nods to her.] - have some things to say.

[ She glances over at Jacob and then smiles brightly, returning her attention to the camera. ]

It's in regards to the Unsettled ImPorts. This has been an underlying issue for quite some time, and I believe a lot of people here don't even understand the full scope of it. It's easy to be unaware when you're Registered. But life isn't as simple for those who have chosen not to swear allegiance to our government. I haven't experienced it first hand, but Jacob lived it up close and personal.

[ Raina looks to him with a fond expression, admiration for his bravery. She falls silent to allow him the chance to relay his experiences as an Unsettled ImPort. ]

I was Unsettled for more than a year before I finally Registered. It wasn't Hell, but it wasn't exactly easy either. You risk losing whatever job the government gave you, and you can say goodbye to health insurance too. That was all before they started searching us at state lines. And if you take on the bad guys without swearing loyalty, they'll call you a Vigilante and chase you down. That's what happened to me.

Which isn't fair in the least. Especially since by not registering, you're not overtly saying you're going to cause trouble. In many cases, the ones with real criminal intent will register with the government to use them as a means of protection. And in the meantime, the ones who wish to do good will be punished for it simply because they chose not to register for reasons entirely their own.

I think the best chance we have at change is educating -- not just the imPorts but the natives alike. And that's why we'd like to hear your opinions and experiences with this matter -- concerns, questions, and ideas you may have. If we speak out in public about this, our voices will be heard.

The government can tattoo us and track us, but they can't stop us from at least talking about things. You heard Raina- let's share some stories. It's not like the issues are just going to go away if we stay quiet.
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[ For once, Sarah's not filming herself while she's moving around. She looks tired, like she hasn't slept well in a few nights, and she can't keep the worry from her expression. ]

Hey. My twin sister, I haven't been able to get in touch with her. If anyone's seen her…

[ She pauses, trying to collect her thoughts. ]

Her name's Helena. She's got blonde hair. Bleached. We're identical, so it's really just the hair that's different. Sometimes she can disappear for a while and not say anything. Uh, what else. She really likes food and kids. She's a girl guide leader. I dunno if she's been going to work or not.

[ It's like she's talking about a missing kid or a pet, almost. Finally she sighs, her shoulders stooped. ]

I guess that's it. If you've seen her, let me know, yeah? I just wanna know she's alright.

[ She seems ready to sign off, then hesitates. When she says this last bit, it's a little awkward, like she's not sure if it's the right thing to say. ]

Uh, yeah. And happy holidays, I guess.

004 | text

Dec. 22nd, 2015 12:06 am
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T'is the season for over indulgence. And while some of us may decide to spend this holiday season getting drunk and screaming at our family and friends, we can at least all look forward to one reliable and entertaining constant during December:

Television. That little light box that's given us Christmas specials, constant repeats of James Bond and a steady stream of seasonal movies.

You guys got a movie that always gets you in the mood for holiday cheer? Or I guess a tradition for those of you without TVs back home? Or hell, even some winter tradition for those that don't celebrate Decemberween?

Speaking of hell, don't forget to check out The Very ImPortant New Years Eve Show. I'll be making plenty of appearances to promote my show's new season and my general awesomeness.
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[The camera starts off pointed at a wall, with Marceline muttering obscenities, things that probably aren't real words, and something about Bonnibel and glitter in the background. And she's using her full name on the network for a change! She can't be bothered to mess around with her comm to get around the default again, and using the Vampire Queen title feels... wrong. For now, anyway.

Finally, she switches to the front camera and comes into focus, holding the thing up like she's taking a selfie. That huge mess of black hair is gone, chopped to a bob cut ending around her shoulders. She's sitting in her living room on the same old and worn green couch Bubblegum's last post showed off, with some stacked cardboard boxes piled up around. Still in the process of moving back in.

The first thing that most people might notice is that she's covered in goddamned terrible glitter and tinsel and doesn't look very enthusiastic about it. Even while wearing a hideous Krampus sweater. Her small little muppety shih tzu/poodle mix dog is chilling next to her on the couch, also covered in glitter. (Ozzy, for his part, doesn't seem so bothered about it.) The couch is covered in glitter. Her ax-bass propped up next to it? GLITTER and TINSEL. It's in her hair. It's clinging to her face and hands, it's all over the sweater. There's a burst of tinsel hanging off of the couch and another slung over her shoulder. Everywhere, everywhere, just sparkly useless cut-up decorative crap. WHAT IS SHE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL OF THIS.

Marceline takes a deep breath, just to try to recollect her cool, deciding to just. Move on with what she wanted to say.

So, uh, yeah. I'm back? Dag, it's been a while on my side. Three years in Ooo, then I get here and it's not even a month! That's some jacked-up bizness, guys. [How do people deal with this?? Squaring the time fuckery and the two sets of memories hasn't been the easiest.]

Did anything happen besides that power jumble? I'm cool with missing that action, I think I prolly had enough excitement this week.

[She rubs at her neck, before scritching behind Ozzy's ears. Glancing around the room, she's definitely annoyed again. Whatever other thought she might have had takes a back seat.]

Ugh, where'd Bonnie pack the vacuum? [Aaaand she looks up, expression going to full-on disbelief.] Whaaaaaa... [Turning the camera upwards, and. Well. Her vacuum cleaner is stuck to her ceiling.]


[That sound as the video turns off? Yeah, that's Marceline screaming into a throw pillow.]


Dec. 11th, 2015 08:49 pm
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[And here we have the Iron Bull, holding his communicator like he's taking a selfie. But it's a video feed instead. He's... out in the wilderness somewhere. Dragging a tree in one hand. There also happens to be mistletoe strung between his horns.]

[Behind him is Kaneda. Holding the other end of the tree, covered liberally in pine needles and bits of pinecones and other dead leaves. He looks like he's having a bad time.]

So. I heard you're supposed to bring trees inside for this holiday crap.

[He shakes the tree in his hand. Unfortunately for Kaneda. Who gets jerked to one side, swearing liberally at Bull.]

Check this one out. We got it all on our own. No one else was even out here!

[That's because you're in the forest, Bull.]

((ooc: Kaneda and Bull will both be responding.))
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[ Hello network! The feed clicks on to reveal Nonah's resident wizard- he's apparently in the kitchen at Nonah 005, and offers the camera a bright smile. ]

Hey fellow imPorts, my name is Charlie. I've been here for- Jesus, a couple months shy of a year now? That's way longer than I thought I would be. I'm still slogging away at the job they assigned me and I realized that here more than anywhere I'm in the position to actually do what I really want to do for a living, which is working with magic.

In my world I'm what's called an Animator- that basically means I'm a wizard who can enchant and otherwise manipulate inanimate objects. I figure I may as well offer to draft up enchantments for anyone who wants one.

For example- [ He leans over to reveal the kitchen counter behind him, on which sits a small stack of dinner plates. A nearby dishrag picks itself up as the first plate lifts from the pile. The rag wipes the plate off, and the plate settles itself into a separate stack. The next plate picks itself up and the process repeats.

After a moment, Charlie leans back into frame. ]

I'm not limited to just household objects, of course- as long at it's not alive in some way, I can usually enchant it. I will say if you want something like a weapon then we're going to have to talk about it. I don't hand that kind of spellwork out to just anybody.

Fair warning, I can't just wave a magic wand and suddenly make brooms start carrying buckets of water across the room. For me, writing an enchantment is more like working out a complex equation- all the pieces have to fit together just right in order to get the desired result. The more complicated the enchantment, the longer it's going to take to draft up. I have been at this a long time, so there's a lot of stuff I already have the framework for.

I'm willing to negotiate cost based on what you want and how long it will take me. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and if you'd like to see more examples of my work, I can gladly provide some.

(( OOC: Enchanted weapons require a power slot and a power update to be submitted with the mods. Mundane items are fair game, so long as they won't affect a large amount of people or cause damage. Additional details can be found here. You can drop a comment on that post to ask about enchantments as well! ))


Nov. 7th, 2015 08:28 pm
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See this fish?

[Bull what--]

[Okay, before that question can be answered, or even asked, the camera swings around to show off a hideous, flopping salmon. Then it swings around to look at Bull again. He's grinning.]

It's going to be a dragon.

[And the camera whips around again, showing off a fountain-slash-waterfall installation somewhere in Nonah. Bull is standing on one of the little raised platforms in the middle of the 'pond'. Holding the fish.]

And I'm gonna wrestle with it.

[Somewhere, off-screen, one can hear Kaneda's voice yelling:]

Oi! Jiji! That's not even a koi!

[Undaunted, the Iron Bull winds up... and flings the poor salmon at the waterfall. With literally no other explanation.]

((ooc: Kaneda and Bull will probably both answer.))

001 | video

Nov. 4th, 2015 10:12 pm
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[ Lovely evening to you all, imPorts. Tonight, you shall be treated to a video feed shot by the hand of someone who is clearly A) entirely new to this whole "communicator" and "talking with videos" business, with the way she holds the damned thing a little clumsily and the unfamiliarity of having to point a camera at oneself, B) slightly inebriated, as evidenced by the glass of something she holds in her other hand, C) having a pretty good time in her living room, or D) All of the Above.

(The answer is, it's always All of the Above.)

The feed opens with the dulcet tones of "My Boyfriend's Back" by The Angels blaring in the background, and a woman wearing sunglasses moving as though she's dancing to the beat a little bit while holding the communicator. It's only after a laugh that she finally speaks, her thick German accent coming through: ]

I won't bore you all with more introductions and confusion. I'm settling in just fine.

[ Yeah, we all see that, Gaby. ]

I just have one question. I have been spending a lot of time catching up on what the music of the next fifty years have to offer, and...

[ Setting her glass down on the nearest surface, she then reaches over to a radio and switches it over. This song is playing, and Gaby lifts her sunglasses up from her eyes, letting them rest atop her head as she squints and looks like she's waiting for a very specific part. When the awaited line comes on, she hooks her thumb, pointing it at the radio. ]

"Dumps like a truck, truck, truck." What does that mean?

(( ooc: East Berliner from 1963 vs. The Thong Song. What will the outcome be? Maurtia Falls 001 has free reign to go straight to action! ))

004 - Text

Nov. 3rd, 2015 12:10 am
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[Due to being mostly bedridden/stuck in Nonah 05 for a whole month, Tetsuo's fallen deep into the black abyss that is mobile phone games, and may or may not have spent way, way too much time at a stupid rivalry with another user. Even though he's technically mobile again now, he had to finish this once and for all for reasons.

Attached is a screenshot from a very, very bored teenager who's sick of being stuck in the house and needed something to gloat over.]

ridiculously high score on a phone game )

BEAT THAT!! I'd like to see ANY of you try!

[Note: the game in question is completely fake, but it's an expy of Snake.

here is a cheat sheet for who everyone on the scores list is (if you'd like to be one of the remaining two, hit me up on Plurk @Crobatman). Since the game assigns names randomly unless you pay to get a custom username, no one necessarily has any idea who the others are. Scores clear quarterly, don't worry, this isn't permanent.]


Oct. 22nd, 2015 10:38 am
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[ The video clicks on to Dorian, leaning in a chair against the wall, with a guitar in his lap. He's idly strumming at it—though the window, it's obvious that the sun's going down when he films this (someone's mostly nocturnal these days). He basically looks every bit the douchebag college guy who plays his guitar on the quad, except for the fact that he's immortal. ]

Lawyers! This is your time to shine. Or, lawyers and other people who are willing to grapple with an intellectual property dilemma. So in that case, lawyers and the utterly pretentious. [ excluding him, of course ] To the best of my knowledge, certain bands from my world don't exist in this one. For instance, I haven't found any trace of Adam and the Ants. [ mostly because that band is HELLA 80S and this game's aesthetic is the 1950s. As if to prove his point, Dorian starts quietly playing a few chords from a song that some people might recognize as "Prince Charming" by Adam and the Ants. ] However, that's not to say that Mr. Adam Ant himself doesn't exist in this world. For all I know, he's a plumber somewhere or something droll like that.

So if I were to start up a band-which I am, looking for a drummer by the way-and we released an Adam and the Ants song for our first single, despite Mr. Ant perhaps existing here but that song not existing here, is that legally sound? I know it's probably not ethically sound but really, who gives a damn about ethics these days.

[ there's a pause before Dorian continues, as if he's realized an obvious point of contention. ] And yes, before some of you point it out, I can play the guitar and I can sing. I was in a band back in the day: Dorian Gray and the Hedonists. [ is he that vain YOU BET HE IS THAT VAIN. And that nostalgic now, apparently. Somebody got bit with the music bug HARD. ] To prove it... [ he pauses for a moment, frowning, thinking a little bit ] ...anyway, here's "Wonderwall."

[ and Dorian just straight up launches into playing and singing "Wonderwall." He's actually a good guitar player and has a pretty damn good voice (and I will link to some audio clips later) so enjoy Dorian unintentionally being That Guy. ]
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[ Raina is sitting outside on a park bench in Nonah, wearing an oversize pale purple sweater atop a pair of skinny jeans, swallowed by a pair of tall black boots. Where is the floral, one might ask? There's a floral print chunky scarf around her neck, with flowers in varying purples. To complete the look, Miss Fashionista is wearing a dark purple beanie. In one hand she has a cup of coffee while the other holds the communicator. ]

I've always enjoyed the changing seasons. The leaves turning different colors, the cooler air moving in. I mean, don't get me wrong -- I do enjoy the warm weather far more. But it's a nice change of pace to be able to step through a porter at will and be able to experience a different season. This world will never cease to amaze me.

[ She takes a sip of her drink before setting it to the side. ]

But more to the point -- I've been giving a lot of thought to the things I could do here, to the ways I could make a difference. I've been branching out with my research, running charity drives, doing volunteer work. But with the departure of Mr. Gamagori, there is a void in the Nonah Ambassador position. A void that needs to be filled. And I believe, for the first time since I arrived here, I've found my true calling.

I am running for Nonah Ambassador because I believe I can make a difference, that I can improve our status with the natives, that I can work to find solutions to complex problems that don't necessarily conclude in violence. I have a love for this world and a passion to see each and every one of us flourish to the best of our abilities. There are things worth protecting here and for some of us, this is the only world where we can truly feel at home. I mean...

[ Her smile becomes a bit more bashful as she lowers her eyes -- shyly confessing: ]

I met the love of my life here. And not a day goes by where I'm not grateful that our worlds had the chance to collide.

Whether it's love, whether it's friendship, whether it's opportunities, or a new life or the chance to call yourself a hero. There is something in this world for each and every one of us. And there are ways we can all do our best to improve it. But sometimes, we have to put forth an effort to do so. What sorts of issues would you like resolved? Not just in Nonah, but the other imPort regions as well? Or even our overall status in this world? Even if you choose not to have me represent you, I'm certain whoever is voted into office as well as the other imPort ambassadors -- Mr. Hundred and Mr. Revan -- will take your concerns into consideration and do their best to come up with solutions.

So let's talk about anything that's on your mind in relation to us as a whole. Things you like about this world, things you dislike, things you would like to change. Let's be the difference we wish to see made.
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[The video feed pops on, showing Kaneda on his bed with...what looks to be the remains of something electronic. Something...pretty familiar. So familiar that it may match what you're holding in your hand to watch this said video. Wires are spilling out of it, some not even attached anymore, and the casing looks like it got bent like a spoon.]


Anyone know how to fix a busted comm?

[A hand reaches up to rub the back of his neck as the other gingerly picks up the device between two fingers, wires dangling.]

I'd say technical difficulties is understating a biiiit~ but I guess it depends on your point of view.

[It's for a friend, okay.]


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