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Oct. 1st, 2016 06:17 am
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[The video opens on a guy with a mass of long hair that's being tied behind with both hands. The feed captures his medical coat, and the dim blue hue of monitors to his back. Their light reflects off the metal shelf by his right, whilst his desk sits in darkness, save for a lamp pointed down at the papers on its surface.

Machines hum in the background; together with the ticking of a clock and nearby footfall. He takes a hasty glance and, unsure of how to begin things, shuts his eyes. Does he introduce himself? Does he jump straight to his question? His fingers pull the tie taut then tap his sides. Last month's events were a strange twist of fate - a collapse of logic - that did not allow them peace. Alas! They had raised a question he could not solve alone.

It takes a moment of thought before he talks. His voice is calm but his speech? Noticably slow.]

On examining the situation with the rise of native superheroes, as you call them, I find myself puzzled. We beheld those who were ordinary become capable of the extraordinary. I request you answer one question that's on my mind:

What is the place of imPorts in this world now?
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What day is it!?

[ Hello, imPort network, that may be a voice you haven't heard in a while- owing to the fact that someone disappeared early last month- a certain birdly-lookin' fellow (not a full bird, mind you, but the feathers stick out behind his ears and just under his ridiculous spikes), as he whirls around. ]

I was just leaving to check on Edgeworth's house, and then - wait, no, I was in- someone in Europe? But I was just here! And-

[ He's pointing the device probably at some digital text that is scrawling across a billboard, that reads August 8th ]

Wasn't it July a minute or two ago? Am I going crazy? What- what happened? What did I miss? Hello? Anyone?

[ He will likely stay on video for a period of time, owing to the fact that he has no idea what else to do, just yet. ]
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Hey there, everyone! I've got a question, that hopefully someone can answer.

[ There's a beat, a shuffling of papers. ]

So the classes I'm meant to teach are about wrapped up - just a couple weeks left. And since I had been wondering, before-

Who here is acquainted with the law, here? I assume I'd uh, need to re-apply for the Bar Exam if I wanted to practice, obviously. I just need to know who I need to talk to, if there's special requirements, for ImPorts.

Obviously, I'm not expecting a free pass, or anything, but I know there might be... differences in what I'm used to and here, so! I just want to get things cleared up and hopefully get on track to defending people once more.

If you've got any answers, feel free to get back to me!

Oh and, uh, to everyone else - nice to meet you! My name's Phoenix. I'm uh. Maya's friend, if you know her. I suppose I should have made that clear by now...
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[His voice comes out a little hesitant - embarrassed, maybe.]

Uh, hey there. I suppose I should re-introduce myself, since a certain someone pointed out I hadn't posted since I... uh, tried to get help with my powers. Thanks for that, by the way, everyone! It's been a couple months now and I've got the hang of it.

Anyway, I'm Phoenix, Phoenix Wright. But uh, now I've got a different problem. See, they uh... assigned me a job. And, I mean, it is something I have some experience with, and I've been doing alright introducing the basic concepts, but...

[A groan.]

Why do they think I can teach law here just cause I practice it at home!?

I've never had to plan lessons before, and I'm supposed to teach National Security Law to Students? I'm not exactly an expert on that level of the law, not to mention this place is... well, a lot different!

...I suppose I should explain what I did at home, too. In case anyone is interested. Back home, I was a defense attorney. So if people need help, I can offer to represent them - at least, I'm pretty sure the Bar Exam isn't that much different than the one I took. I've got a pretty good track record, too. So... if you need someone, I'm always on hand - it's sure something I have more experience with than teaching.

[A beat.]

Which - if anyone has any tips, uh, feel free to let me know! I-I could use some help...!

[He chuckles, nervously, before shutting off the audio.]


Feb. 6th, 2016 04:18 pm
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H-Hello? Is this thing on!?

[When the communicator turns on, there’s a visual feed - looking straight up at the ssky. It’s hard to tell where it is, though the shot of some buildings suggest downtown Nanoh, and what should come up on the screen but-

a… bird?

A bird, poking at the screen with one of its feet - red and yellow in color, and with a wisp of small flame trailing off its head.

Ugh… I’m no good with electronics… can… can someone help!?

[The bird is talking at the device.]

Look, I know this is a weird story, but - I’m not supposed to be a bird! I’m a human! I don’t know why I’m a bird, of all things - but I need someone to help me change back! I have no idea if I can... but…

My name is Phoenix, Phoenix Wright, if anyone could help me, could you please speak up? I’m… usually not a bird, I promise.

[If a bird could look exasperated, this one certainly does.]

What a way to make a first impression...

001; Video

Aug. 8th, 2014 06:57 pm
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[ The man that appears on screen is wearing red from head to waist--or at least so far as it went out of shot. He wore a leather Sam Browne, a white lanyard, and more gold buttons and badges than was probably necessary, but he smiled a genuine smile too - handsome; blue eyes, dark brown hair - exuding as much professional warmth as any man could hope to. No, there was no hat on his head--he was, believe it or not, trying to dress down. ]

Good afternoon. My name is Constable Benton Fraser. I first came to Chicago on the trail of my father's killers...except this isn't Chicago; it's not even Illinois, and I've never been much further south than the 42nd parallel in my life. [ And did he mention it is insanely hot? Not like a little hot. Not like summer in Chicago hot. Not even sitting two feet away from a campfire hot; but more like might spontaneously combust how does anyone survive in this climate hot. From just below his feet, out of view of the video feed, Diefenbaker whines urgently. If Fraser is suffering, the arctic wolf at his feet is finding the transition harder still. ]

Generally speaking, I serve the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Generally speaking. That's rather why I'm here. You see, in the absence of holding a commission, which I'm hoping to reobtain as swiftly as possible, the fact remains that I am presently a private citizen, and as such the uniform is... Well, it's unnecessary. [ And a lie, or at the very least unintentionally misleading. ] That and it itches.

I would be eternally grateful if there were anyone who might be able to spare me a change in clothes, at least until I have the opportunity to find my feet; in fact, I'd insist on returning them within a week--laundered and freshly ironed, of course.

[ He inhales slowly, and there's a fraction of emotion slips through that is hope and concern and fear, before his schooled mask is back in place. ] And if anyone has spoken to a Chicago PD Detective named Ray - Raymond Vecchio...

[ He trailed off, ducked his head, kneading his left eyebrow with his thumb and forefinger. He missed Ray; either of them. Both. He was supposed to be looking for the hand of Franklin, not dying of heatstroke in Florida, and the Northwest Territories: the Yukon, Nunavut; Canada--they all seemed so impossibly far away now. Whatever he was saying before didn't matter, he decided. If Ray were here he'd make himself known, and it was a superfluous waste of other people's patience. ] Thank you kindly for your time.

03; video

Jul. 26th, 2014 09:49 am
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[It's been awhile since Light's posted to the network, but he feels particularly inspired today, you could say. Anyone that has spoken with him in person during the last few days might note that he looks substantially better; while he's still sporting a few minor bruises (faded) and cuts (cleaned and tended to), the major difference is that he doesn't appear so weary. He certainly doesn't sound it.]

As the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for." I wished for an eventful summer, and thus far, it's yet to disappoint. But mostly in ways that I'd rather avoid.

[With that preface out of the way, he continues.]

If anyone is confused as to why some imPorts have become jaded and distrustful of all Heropa has to offer, I'd merely tell them to look around; how can anyone avoid being wary when it appears that every other enjoyable activity becomes a fight for your life? [He frowns, crosses his arms. Perhaps that sounded a bit cynical, though even Light has a limit; it'll take a few days for him to recharge his optimism, his usual idealistic attitudes.] I'm hardly in a position to go around placing blame, but -- at this point, if I didn't make my support clear for a more effective form of security before, I'd be more than happy to reiterate it now.

[But... he didn't make this post to stand on a soapbox. He moves along.]

Regardless, I think a small vacation will do me some good. Two days from now, I'm leaving for Japan; I'll be gone for one week. This might be of interest to some here, and so if there are any requests for me to bring something back, I'd be more than happy to accommodate.

[And then the obligatory:] Thank you for your time.
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Our designation is "hero", isn't it? And while a clamorous number of you may resist this government-mandated labeling, such is nevertheless the social stratification that we find ourselves bound against. [He clears his throat -- there's a clink of glass, a murmured slosh of liquid.] It almost seems a touch Promethean. [A beat.] And, ah, we the imPorts, pitted against universal disparity, well. Haven't we noticed a few universal constants?

[The archetype talk. Chilton may be more Freudian in practice and provocation, but not even he can resist a little symbolic Jungian theory.]

If you're so inclined to understand my meaning, then let's begin: list three desires, or goals if you will, that you possess. I'll take it from there.

[It's an invitation for a quickie analysis. Careful, though, because the psyche can be quite a... Jungle.]


Jul. 12th, 2014 08:43 am
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[The thing about employing text is that when you start using it when all your broadcasts are in video, people tend to question why you've suddenly switched. So he makes the decision to instead compose himself as best as he can and use video instead.

Unfortunately, he always sort of overestimates his ability to compose himself. He certainly doesn't seem distraught, or panicked, or anything of the sort, but he's definitely shaky. This is definitely a far cry from his normal, slow, quiet, lengthy broadcasts.]

I'm leaving on a business trip abroad for...some length of time. I'm - not certain how long. Please don't try to contact me; I'll be far too busy to answer any messages.

Good day.
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[She hadn't decided that she was going to post to the network until the communicator was in her hand. The video comes on and Zatanna looks a little confused more at herself than the camera but that was a matter of perspective. There's a pause in which she's just staring at the camera as if she doesn't know what to say. Eventually her expression softens to something along the lines of calm with a hint of mild curiosity.]

You know I find this different version of Earth sort of interesting. I mean superheroes aren't really a new thing where I'm from, but they were also responsible for policing themselves for the most part. We don't exactly have hover cars back home along with several other differences.

[She pauses and then continues. She's smiling albeit a little tentatively, she is not very good with introductions which is funny considering she's a magician.]

Anyway, I'm Zatanna. New, and I may be looking for something to entertain me. Or I can possibly be persuaded to do the entertaining, since apparently that's my part-time job while I'm here. Suggestions?

[Satisfied with her intro she gives the camera one last curious look before the feed clicks off.]
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[Trucy looks uncharacteristically fired up as she appears on the video. Her fists are clenched in front of her and she looks almost frantic, though is doing her best to keep that carefully hidden behind determination.]

Okay, listen up everyone! I have an extremely important announcement to make! No matter what you hear on the news, no matter how bad it looks, my daddy Phoenix Wright did NOT rob a nightclub! He's innocent! They've locked up an innocent man!

[She shakes her head rapidly, and in a very quick motion, swipes at her eyes with one of her gloved hands.]

They put a report on the news tonight about it and there's a video, but it's a lie! It- It's totally ridiculous! My daddy is the kindest, gentlest man in the world! He wouldn't hurt a fly! He'd never point a gun at people and steal from them!

Daddy can't even say no to the kids who come around selling candy bars! The very idea that he'd yell at strangers and demand their money is...

[Again, she shakes her head, then looks even more determined.]

By the way- I need some help with something. I need help from someone who can bake a cake.

And I also need to borrow a 4x4 truck and a set of chains-- and I need someone to drive the truck!

[... better not loan her those things.]

001 > Video

Jun. 3rd, 2014 12:23 am
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[The video starts by showing a tired young man, sitting in a rather plain bedroom. His hair's a little messed up, and he's still wearing the clothes he arrived in, a blue coat draped over his usual red suit.]

I should be trying to sleep, but I don't think I can. Not after everything that's happened today. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

I'm Apollo Justice, and... I don't want to be here. There's not much else I can say about it. I was in the middle of an important investigation, and being kidnapped to- to wherever this is, and given weird powers by a bunch of military guys, wasn't exactly on my agenda! I'd just like to thank whoever had this bright idea, or whatever cosmic force decided it'd be funny to keep me from finding out the truth-!

[He squeezes his eyes shut and takes a deep breath, sounding a little calmer when he continues,] ... Okay. I'm fine. Tomorrow, I'll try to get my bearings and find out more about this place. It's not like I have much of a choice.
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I am a lawyer. My life's work is to steep myself in the darkness of humanity. But human beings as a whole are fascinated by the dark.

[Then the video feed clicks on, showing Godot sitting at his desk. The lighting is low, the red glow of his visor and the dim light from the shades behind him the only source, though his white mug in his hand stands out easily.

So do the six other white mugs on his table.

The unknown, the mysterious, the unfathomed and the feared. It surrounds us. It intimidates us. We watch in horror as it takes our fellow men. We cower and dread the day it will swallow us whole.

And yet, we cannot help but stare back into it. Despite the bitter pain it brings us, we return time and again, and we wonder how far it goes and where.

[This could very well be in reference to a certain dark figure who was arrested a few days ago. And it seems it may be, right up until he adds, with a smirk:]

Maybe that is why we drink the darkness that is coffee.

[He punctuates that sentence with a deep gulp from his mug, finishing it off.]

I am merely a humble enthusiast of bitter black magic. However, I have toiled at the altar of her darkest roasts for many years. It's occurred to me that I should capitalize on such toil.

Therefore, as a side business, I've decided I will provide limited batches of my Godot blends to interested parties for a nominal fee. Pricier than the swill you'll get at the corner store, but I dare say one of the finest cups you'll ever sip, provided you make it correctly.

[He shoots a brief glance at the camera. You are going to make his coffee correctly, if you partake.]

If you're interested, and if you think you can handle the pitch black perfection of my work, feel free to get in touch.

In the meantime... [He reaches for another cup of coffee, as well as for a stack of papers off to the side on his desk.] I am embroiled in the darkness of ink and paper.

[Yes, he absolutely must make a big production about absolutely everything.]
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[Looking around Yomiel's living room, it's apparent he's just returned from a trip. There's a suitcase, and a boarding pass is visible sitting on the coffee table.

However, it seems the trip didn't go so well. He's not wearing his usual suit and tie, just a simple T-shirt. And boy does he look mad about it.

This place just gets more and more delightful.

So there I am, minding my own business at a software developer's conference for work, and all of a sudden gigabyes and gifs turn into ghosts and goblins. A whole bunch of monsters tear through the convention center, and all the software nerds turn into an all-you-can-eat buffet.

And the authorities say they can't say anything for sure. You're telling me they have no explanation for how a bunch of werewolves and vampires popped up in the middle of New York City?

And even worse-

[Irritably, he digs in his suitcase and pulls out what's left of his suit and shirt, shredded all around the shoulders as though he was... mauled in it. Which he looks pretty good for, if that is indeed what happened.]

This thing was custom tailored, and they're telling me I'm on my own to get it replaced!

Where am I going to find one of these in Florida in late spring?

[Because priorities.]
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[A teenage girl with brown hair and a bright blue top hat fiddles with her communicator, pursing her lips this way and that as she adjusts the video. Once it finally seems to be working, she sets it down on the desk in front of her.]

I gotta say. That "porter" thing is a pretty neat trick. One minute I'm in L.A., then ta-da! Florida! I didn't even raise my hand to volunteer!

[Thoughtfully, she toys with the curl of hair alongside her face.]

Though you know, it's sort of irresponsible to just bring people places without asking like that. I've got a show to do tonight and all my fans are going to be disappointed when I don't show up.

I guess it is nice of them to get me a gig here too, though. I hope there's a demand for magicians.

[She hesitates a moment, then clears her throat.]

In any case! It's a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm Trucy Wright, professional magician and CEO of the Wright Anything Agency. I'm available for consultation if you need a little magic in your life, or at your parties.

Oh, and could someone let me know if you see my dad around? His name is Phoenix Wright. He'll be really worried about me if I don't find him soon.

[Then, under her breath...]

I hope he's around.
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[The video feed turns on with Athena's face right in the camera. She taps the screen a few times with a gloved hand, glaring, before she pulls away from the camera. The necklace around her neck is glowing bright red.]

Is anyone there?

I have a little more to say to whoever's going around abducting people into your sinister conspiracy. You can't just kidnap people and give them tattoos and tell them to work for you without asking first! What if I had left the stove on?

And another thing! Research librarian? Does this look like a librarian's -

[At this point, punctuating her words, she pokes her lapel where a badge is pinned, but apparently manages to poke herself hard enough to knock herself off balance and drop the communicator.

It's about five minutes later when it turns back on, and she seems to have completely changed her attitude, or at least is no longer glaring into the camera, nor does she seem at all embarrassed about what just happened.]

Right, so, as I was saying! It's really inconsiderate. Anyway...

[She flashes a grin at the camera.]

Who's actually at the other end of this thing? I have to admit, I'm pretty curious. We should meet up and compare notes, and maybe someone could show me around? I've never been in this part of the country before. I also have a few questions about this incredibly ominous situation, but first things first! Those can probably wait until I get settled.

And it's Athena Cykes, by the way. Nice to meet you!
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[The first thing you hear is a teenage girl's voice grandly announcing her first few lines over the network. There's no video just yet.] 

When the night grows dark and no one dares to fight, one bird alone rises to answer the world's plight! When the truth seems lost and there's nothing but lies, a heroine will cut those lies down to size! Behold, the modern-day Robin Hood, the noblest thief you'll ever meet...!

[3...2...1, we have video!

The video starts with the big, excited smile of, yes, a teenage girl. She places her communicator somewhere so people can get a good view of her rather ostentatious outfit, including the giant key in her ponytail, the dark blue scarf and the badge pinned to it. Then she spreads her arms wide in a grandiose pose.]

The Great Thief Yatagarasu!

[She puts down her arms and shrugs, still very bubbly.]

I'm Kay Faraday, but you can just call me Kay...'kay? [RAISE YOUR HANDS IF YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING.] I've pinched myself several times and all of them hurt, so I'm guessing this is all real. [Kay does not seem bothered by that at all.] Not only that, they say I'm a hero, but I still have to go to school. [A sigh. Kay folds her arms across her chest and pouts briefly.] Shouldn't I be going to superhero school? Superschool? If this were really a dream, I shouldn't have to go to school!

Guess we can't have everything. Maybe if I save the world enough times, I'll be excused from school for forever! [She looks like she's seriously going to test that theory once she gets out of the house.]

[Residents of #007 beware, she is in her room now, sure, but you may also find her after this transmission exploring her new home.]
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[Buckle in, folks. Edgeworth's got a long agenda today, if the paper in front of him is any indication.

A few items of business.

First, the criminal calling himself Lucifer is still at large. If you encounter him, do not approach him. Instead, notify the authorities. He is to be considered extremely dangerous; if you engage him, you do so at your own peril and very likely death. Again, if you see him, report as much to the authorities, but do not engage.

[And with that grim warning out of the way - ]

Second, if anyone has either been given the power to influence thoughts, behaviors, and memories, or had such a power at home, please kindly speak to me. There's a puzzle I could use a bit of help on, and would appreciate it if you would consult.

Now. I also have a bit of a request - and I am perfectly aware of my phenomenal hypocrisy in making this request, since I should be the first one to follow my own advice. Still, please hear me out, and feel free to mock at me heartily afterwards.

As a prosecutor, I see a great many cases in which people have been murdered or injured because of an altercation stemming from an unkind word. I would not at any moment blame those who give insult for their own deaths; no; the fault lies squarely with the person who would take someone else's life. Yet at the same time, a loss of life could have been avoided if both people had just taken the time to be civil.

This is what I want to beg of all of you: be civil. It seems as though every day, people begin arguing viciously on the network. Every day, someone undertakes to be unkind for no reason other than to be unkind. And I truly do understand: all of us here are frightened, and homesick, and angry, and lonely. All of us want to revenge the wrong that's been done to us, and we so often turn to the nearest target to do so, and the nearest target is so often one another.

But it costs nothing to be kind to one another. There is no disadvantage in decency. We're all here in the same circumstances; we're under equal pressure; and none of us, with very few exceptions, want to see suffering or unhappiness amongst those around us. We're all just trying to get along - and we can all get along a bit better if we spare fewer unkind words for one another.

There are few things I can think of that would be worse than seeing your files cross my desk. I don't want to prosecute anyone's murder. And so I beg of you, first: please stay safe and cautious. And I beg of you second: be kind to your fellows, and try to promote harmony, so that there are no tragedies that come when the wrong person loses control.

Thank you all very much for your attention. Remember, if you ever feel unsafe or like you need help, call the authorities or a friend here on the network. We all just want to help one another.
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[The video broadcast comes from Inumuta's communicator, nicely and evenly propped up. If anyone cares to look at where he is location-wise, it seems to be a library. A school library, to be exact. Who knew Heropa had a University?

But moving on, don't people like him usually use text? He looks (and is) a complete computer nerd, wearing some kind of really stupid looking jacket-turtleneck combo. The collar of that jacket-turtleneck is high up, over his mouth even. How's he going to talk to you with such a high collar?

Well that's helped by the fact that his high collar parts itself open when he moves to speak.

Hello. My name is Inumuta.

[And it zips back up. And then, unzips again between his pausing.]

I've already spoken to several of you, but I thought I should take this opportunity to introduce myself more publicly.

I've also noticed there has been a lot of conflict here. From murders and acts of violence to arguments over whether one should register versus remaining anonymous. To better gauge our small populace's attitude, I've put together a short survey of simple questions. It would be helpful to me if it was answered with the most truthful answer. If you'd prefer to tell me in private, there is the anonymous option as well.

Or, if you'd rather not tell me at all, please don't bother wasting my time with some kind of sarcastic comment like "don't tell me what to do!" or "why don't you tell me first?" Instead, I recommend doing something actually productive with your life, perhaps like taking up horticulture or reading a book. I have a few good recommendations for you, if you'd prefer the latter.

Thank you for your cooperation.

[And then following this transmission, there's a short text with the questions he mentioned earlier.]

Please rate questions 2-5 on a scale of one to five. One being "I strongly disagree" and five being "I strongly agree."

1. Your name?
2. Are you happy here?
3. Were you in the middle of "something important" before arriving here?
4. Were you given additional abilities upon arriving here?
5. Are you happy with these abilities you have?
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[ From the perspective, someone's got his communicator propped up on a shelf or a windowsill.

The view encompasses Aoba, his desk, and the remains of four computers, four tablets, three smart phones, three remotes of nebulous origin, and a...toaster oven? From the organized chaos of metal, plastic, casing, wires, tools, and junk food, someone's been working at this a while. ]

Okay, I just have a quick request. If you have any computers or electronic devices that you don't want or that you're going to throw away, can I have them?

I need them for something.


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