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Oct. 3rd, 2014 03:25 am
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He~llo, everyone!

[ It's your neighborhood martian, in all her ... human-toned glory! She's even put a little extra effort into hair and makeup today. Even though 'effort' might just be willing it to happen through mental command. ]

I'm Megan, and though I only know some of you, everyone can consider this an official invitation to the greatest Halloween party this city has ever seen. Costumes are definitely mandatory, there'll be a photobooth, a mini costume contest, food and drink, dancing and DJ all night long. Doors will open at eight-thirty sharp, so don't be late!

The only way to get in though is to bring a donation for the food bank, and don't think I won't catch anyone trying to sneak in without. Oh! Anyone under the age of sixteen will be sent home by midnight, so make sure you've got a safe ride way home on November First!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here, or you can give me a call if you're a little too shy to post in public.

Hope I see you all there~! [There's a wink at the camera to follow that fresh little smile. TV teaches a girl many things, after all. ]


Update: no donation needed for entry. Expect a surprise for the event instead!!

[[ ooc: FYI this post will have gone up AFTER most of the new imPorts have come in. ]]


Sep. 22nd, 2014 03:56 am
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You know, it just occurred to me!

I'm over six million years old.

And organics don't live very long.

And I bet the others like me aren't quite that old either. So.

That makes me the oldest living thing here! Right?

I'm your elder. Everyone's elder.

Fear me!

[This important message brought to you by old-as-fuck Tailgate.]

02 | Video

Sep. 15th, 2014 05:05 am
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[The wind is a bit much on the microphone when the camera feed first comes on. Desmond is heading indoors, though, recording as he walks. He's heading into a mall area, by the sounds and glimpses of storefronts behind him.]

Okay, so. When I first got here I was assigned a job like everybody else. As of a few weeks ago that fell out. And I'm officially down to my last fifty bucks. So I thought I'd put myself out there here, just in case. I figure I'll have a lot better luck than going place to place.

I'm offering a courier service. You got something that is too time-sensitive or delicate for the mail, I'll run it across Heropa for you for cash. I've also got bartender experience, if anyone knows of a place that's hiring.

By the way... call it a weird question, but...something's been bothering me lately.

[He hesitates, not even sure if he should even go through with asking it. Finally, though, he breaks his silence.]

When you get homesick...is it normal to even miss the stuff that annoyed you, or pissed you off? Or people you weren't even friendly with?
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[Pitch's brow is raised in curiosity for a change, letting out a soft sigh before he begins. He isn't in his twisted abode but somewhere where all the stars of the sky are visible above and behind him.]

There are things about you, you humans, that I have never truly fathomed the reasoning behind.

Why do you love?

[It isn't something he has ever understood, as a being of Fear who's sole existence has been about survival things like love are somewhat out of his ability.]

There is no logic to it, no... clear reasoning. It only brings you pain and suffering in the end. Only ends in sorrow.

What drives you to put so much investment in to another individual that you lose the will to continue on without them?

Explain this to me, for even in all my watching and years of knowing your fears of losing it I have yet to understand why.
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[ even in the florida heat (does florida even have fall or is it just summer and summer lite? sigh, she wants four seasons again.), abigail had a scarf neatly looped around her throat. she looks exhausted and much like she's sitting up in bed, but considering the video feed comes relatively late at night when night is turning to morning, it may be that she just woke up.

her question is simple and she doesn't waste time leading up to it, just spits it out and lets it soar away into the ether before she can think better of it. ]

Does anyone else have trouble with nightmares?
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[Hello Heropa, look who it is, your favorite smarmy celestial being. He's sitting on the roof of some building or another, the sky blue behind him and a bottle of some fancy looking champagne by his hip. He lifts the glass in toast before speaking.]

So in as many days we've had some rather colourful threats from folks. One promising to do "our" work for us. [He rolls his eyes, because wow, really?]

And another promising to come back and give the town some refreshing blend of trouble and mayhem... [He shakes his head and empties his rather full glass in one go.]

My question is what's the point? Really. I can understand persons wanting to do good because it's the right thing or it gives them a warm cuddly feeling or out of some sense of duty. And I can understand wanting to rebel or bend the rules or go out and indulge.

But the whole "I'm a villain, come fight me." attitude... [He fixes the camera with a curious expression, equal parts intense and intrigued.]

Why? What's the point? What drives you? Any of you? Good bad or whatever. Why? Why play the hero of the villain?

[And like that his expression shifts back to something more amused.]
As always, I'm open for discussion. Just wait till I get a little more drunk if you're gonna talk morality.

[The screen goes black. Over to you Heropa.]


Aug. 17th, 2014 04:06 pm
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[There have been a few heavy network posts lately, it seems like. Some Big Bads showing their faces (or not) and making dire threats about things that were previously lacking in dire threats and so on. It might make a guy feel a little left out, and want to join in on the fun. Perhaps that's inspired Lucifer to share the gray walls of his cell with the world again.

There's no sign of his watchful guard, Bill, for anyone paying attention.]

They tell me if I comply with their rehabilitation program, they open the doors and let me out for good behavior.

Not even my Father gave me that option.

[Is he considering playing ball? Is he amused at the idea of rehabilitation? His expression makes it hard to tell. ImPorts associated with the justice system will be aware that Lucifer is presenting this in an extremely simple manner, whether he was actually offered this deal or not.]

And that's the question, isn't it. What would you do to unlock the doors of your cage?

[Finally there's a sign of emotion, his lips twitch into something that could be a smile. The gates are barred, the locks are strong, and there is no real way home- without someone else's say-so.]
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[This communicator has been hacked.

Attached to the broadcast is the alias LUNATIC, a name some of you may have come to know by now, though most of you will not have. Not to worry, of course. There will be plenty of opportunity in the future...]

I have been watching.

[The speaker's voice has been manipulated to sound both artificial and faintly hollow.]

There are sinners in your midst. [You know their names, don't you? Perhaps some of them even spring to mind: Lucifer, The Manipulator, Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover...and so on. It's possible you even sympathize with some of them, though it's clear the speaker does not.] You answer their crimes with rewards of friendship, forgiveness...and freedom.


[What follows is clearly exasperated, but spoken in such quiet tones that it forces listeners to be all the more attentive.]

As expected, heroes...your idea of justice...is weak.

But that is why I have come.

[The speaker pauses, perhaps for dramatic effect, for when he begins again there is a certain zealousness to his tone.]

My name...is Lunatic.

[Do not mistake him for a hero.]

I will strike down the evil that has arisen. For the wicked ones...there will be no escape. The time for them to atone for their atrocities is now.

They will hear the voice of Thanatos.

[Those listening closely may hear the crackling and hissing of flames in the background...it grows louder and louder before the communication is suddenly cut and the line goes dead.]

[OOC: Please note that icon links have been broken. This broadcast in no way reveals the connection between Yuri and Lunatic.]

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Aug. 5th, 2014 12:11 am
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[The woman that comes on the screen is a striking figure with her bright blue eyes, ornate jewelry, and pale blue skin. Life would probably be easier for Samara if she tried to hide how she looked, but she’s used to life not being easy.]

As a Justicar I am used to receiving an unusual amount of attention. [When she speaks there’s an almost unnatural amount of calmness in her voice.] Never quite so much though. It is strange to find myself in a place where humans have such little experience with races beyond their own. [The calmness extends to that statement, although some may be able to pick up just a tiny hint of interest in her voice. Samara is actually almost curious about the reactions she gets from people. In fact, she’s curious about the reactions she will continue to get from new people.]

Strange but certainly interesting. I have found myself unusually curious as to how people will continue to adapt to my presence. [Or if they will ever adapt at all. She pauses for a second as she lifts her arm to look at the area where the tattoo is located.]

I am afraid, however, that I cannot comply with this government’s request to register with them. I have sworn an oath already and it is not to anyone of this government. [Besides she highly doubts that their values and the Code’s values would align.] The housing is appreciated, as is the offer of employment, but I will find my own way. For four hundred years I have done so and I see no reason to stop now.

V: Audio

Aug. 2nd, 2014 01:36 am
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How incompetent are you people?

[Pitch is entirely serious in that question, sounding somewhere between aggravated and amused. In the background can be heard the very faint distorted warbling of Celiene Dion.]

Between apparently getting kidnapped and trapped in space and the usual disgrace to the millions of years of evolution that produced you I'm not entirely sure any of you can be trusted not to choke to death when you draw air to breathe.

Not that I'm surprised by it, your inefficient existences aren't anything new.

I mean really, you have more than a few people here who can travel by unconventional means rather instantly and you didn't think to ask if they could oh... take a look or something? Just because there are those here with standards on what we involve ourselves with doesn't mean we can't be paid or otherwise convinced to assist in matters.

Your inability to look past your navals aside, if anyone is interested in oddities I can be convinced to part with some of my findings from my absence from your constant nattering. I have a few rather fascinating mutated skulls.
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[Hear that Heropa? That's the sound of what should be a destitute lounge singer. The sound of smite worthy caterwauling. Yes, ladies and gents, it's Celine Dion and that hell worthy song from that movie we all hate.

At least Balthazar hates it. With a passion. The camera is pointed towards the source, a simple radio while in the corner the angel seems to be scrambling for something heavy enough to hit it with.]

Unacceptable. Un-bloody-acceptable! This bloody fecking song!

[He comes up with a thick hardcover book and throws it. It does nothing, bouncing off the radio and there's a string of curses in french and gaelic. Balthazar doesn't seem to be away that this is being filmed. Someone wanna give him a heads up before he smites himself?]


Jul. 13th, 2014 05:15 pm
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[After speaking to Loki and a number of other individuals, Lightning resolves to make this commentary. Her experience with gods is lengthy, and what she's learning here in this world is that many are quick to dismiss them. While there were myths back home that people frequently ignored, it had never been the same. Myths included stories of the l'Cie, told to scare people when they would go to bed lest they might be turned into soldiers against their own world's gods. But that was different. Having lived alongside the fal'Cie all her life, she had accepted their involvement.

That this world dismisses gods, that the people from multiple worlds, can dismiss gods, strikes her as odd. To say the least.

There is much she can say on the matter. She only hopes that she covers all that matters.]

It has come to my attention that there are a number of people here who dismiss the presence of gods. Given the circumstances that we currently find ourselves in, I've chosen to share my experiences with you. I understand that many of you come from worlds where gods are uncommon or not present at all. Even in this world, gods are dismissed as myths ... or are a feature of religion, thought to be separate and distant. It's hard to believe in something you can't see. I don't blame you.

But my home world was one where gods worked alongside humans. Prior to my present, there was a war between worlds, between Gran Pulse and Cocoon. The gods pit these two powers against one another, hoping that they would destroy existence in order to bring forth a certain being for their own goals. Gran Pulse was wiped out as a result of this war, each and every person who lived there vanishing into thin air as a result of the apparent decimation. Cocoon, my home, prospered alongside the gods, the fal'Cie. They provided goods, electricity, and everything else we needed. For so long, we lived under their whims and according to what they wanted, not realizing that we were all up to eventually be thrown away when they grew tired or disgusted with us. We were their puppets, and we had to learn how to do things differently. That was a journey that we all went on from the beginning to the end, until we finally defeated god after god so that people's memories and experiences would be remembered.

That is not to say that you should all share the same experiences, but there is good reason to believe that we are experiencing that here. There is proof left and right. I worry about what this god ... these gods[the emphasis itself is said rather forcefully]—have in store for us in the long term. But dismissing them, pretending that it's not a concern ... that's the last thing we should be doing. Treating it like "superstition," treating it like there's a more immediate concern at hand ... is unwise. They are one and the same.

I do not know if this government is unwittingly playing to gods' whims. I can't say that for myself, but I've been asked many times what I'm prepared to do. If they are, we can help them unchain themselves. What I know is that gods shouldn't play with our lives, and we should be prepared to act to stop that

[There's a pause here, where she sighs and glances away in the video.

There's a huff of breath before she presses on:]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Everything I know about these present gods I have learned from others, but I am more free to share my own experiences.

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Jul. 12th, 2014 07:33 pm
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[This wasn't exactly a welcomed trip. Usually when he took a holiday, he put great thought into what location he wanted to be in, when he wanted to take it and what sort of environment he was committing to for that time. This was a rude intrusion on his life, something he had little control over and hadn't been asked to do. And that frustrated him. Not that he's showing it. Like most his emotions, they remain internal, nothing showing but vague bemusement as he prepares to test out this new phone he'd been given

Time to see just what sort of people he was working with now.]

I always find it's so unfortunate to have to introduce yourself when the circumstances are not of your choosing. It detracts from the more social element and it never comes out as you'd want it to. Can seem forced, even. So you'll have to forgive me for being a little glib, I'm still finding my feet.

[He clears his throat, a half sincere smile on his face, trying not to seem too controlled about his emotions, that'd make him stick out as much as a man panicking to an unsettling degree. He seems almost genuinely bewildered, though in relatively good spirits about it.]

I'm Doctor Hannibal Lecter, for those wondering, and I'm sure it's fairly obvious by now I haven't been here long. So if you'll humour me, I have a few questions. I'm sure that given the situation, the same questions are asked almost endlessly so I'll try to avoid the cliché.

[Which was complicated given that he wasn't entirely sure what the cliché was yet. He had a few theories, given what the most common questions would be from any confused and concerned person, lost in a new world.]

I'd like to know if there's any definitive way to get information here. Something that new arrivals could browse to answer all the easier questions. I imagine it'd save a lot of time for both parties.

Any help is appreciated and I'd be willing to return the favour. Working together seems to be the best way to navigate this kind of situation.


Jun. 20th, 2014 02:00 pm
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[Edgeworth is sitting at his desk. He looks tired, still. He occasionally refers to a sheaf of papers as he speaks.

Buckle in; this is a long one. (As if they're ever anything else.)]

Good day. My name is Miles Edgeworth; for those who do not know me, I work as a prosecutor for the city of Heropa.

As many of you are aware, there have been a rash of incidents which have ended with the apprehension and arrest of your fellow Imports. I hesitate to call these "crimes," because, in truth, those who were arrested were determined to be not criminals at all. Rather, they were victims of a man named Sissel, now calling himself "The Manipulator," who utilized his ability of mind control against them. All those arrested have been released; I beg all of you not to treat the victims of this crime with any stigma, as they were not at fault.

Sissel is currently at large and must be considered armed and dangerous. There is a not insignificant possibility that he will continue to use his ability to commit crimes.

As such, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the symptoms of mind control. This ability begins with a sudden and inexplicable sensation of relaxation and foggy-headedness; you will find it abruptly very difficult to think, and you will start to move against your will. In the very early moments, before he has fully established control, it is possible to fight back - [He thinks - ] And so if you have already taken the necessary precautions, there are steps you can take to counter his ability.

I recommend that anyone who considers themselves at high risk of possession carry a panic button. Politicians, high-level scientists, computer technicians, and anyone working with or around the Porter seem to be particular targets of his. But if you think yourself at risk, the police will provide for a small fee a panic button which can be pressed in the event of an emergency; this will send out a signal to vigilant parties, and they can act to be at your location within moments.

[He nods, that message delivered. And then he gives a sardonic look at the camera. His voice is abruptly quite dry.]

Also, if you're thinking of committing a crime and then blaming it on him, please don't. We're more than capable of telling the difference. We've already arrested three copycats; unless you want to join them in a prison cell, do please act honestly.

[Well. That's out of the way with, so now he sets his papers aside and addresses the camera with more engagement. This question is clearly simply something of interest to him.

He asks:]

How many of you out there believe that there is any virtue in speaking about "villains"? I've heard the word bandied about. More, and perhaps more perniciously, I've seen people thinking as though there is some "villainous" segment of the population, who will act as though this were some tawdry film.

This notion seems to me to be beyond pernicious. I'm a prosecutor, and so I deal with criminals on a daily basis - but it would be irresponsible and destructive for me to confuse a criminal with a villain. After all, a criminal is frequently someone who's made a mistake, or who acts out of desperation. A criminal, too, is ultimately still human. Any of us could have become criminals had our lives been but a bit different.

So: there is my query. When you speak of villains, is this a shorthand? Or do you truly believe that some of your compatriots and comrades are irreconcilably morally different from you?
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[Pitch's feed opens with it's usual angle of not him holding it, and he's rather lazily lounging in what looks something like a cross between a throne and shallow nest made of twisted pieces of metal in varying states of rust, branches taken from trees with leaves turned brown and lines of his own glittering black sand. It is both nightmarish and beautiful, and possibly painfully uncomfortable if the shadows gathered around Pitch aren't hiding some sort of cushioning.

There isn't much of anything visible beyond the monstrosity of a perch, though dirty light filters in from somewhere above.]

So, as I'm aware that a number of you are... quite painfully new to the city and haven't been told enough to keep you in line I'm going to go over things on the basis of being open with information.

If it's something you already know, or are only after bickering with me about what I'm putting forth then I'm telling you now to shut your yap.

[He trails his fingers through the air, the same black sand in his throne blossoming behind them and forming lazy swirls. He uses it to quite literally illustrate his points as he continues with, using somewhat basic symbols and renditions.]

Now, despite what some may imply to you Registration is neither mandatory or all that enforced and unless you get something you truly cannot gain for yourself there is really no reason for you to do so.

I have been here for nearly five months and they have yet to punish me or bring me in for anything because I have not signed my free will away to some government who wishes to chain me to their whims.

[He pauses, letting that settle in.]

Secondly, and perhaps... more importantly to the majority of you... you have a lot to try to live up to with your little tomfool games at frightening the populace and spreading chaos. Petty thefts don't exactly hold candles to nationwide murders and the unleashing of monsters on the populace.

If you don't make the news reports in Alaska or inspire nightmares by your actions in more than your victims you aren't really a threat... or worth the time of anyone with actual skills to take you out.

In other words, go big or don't even bother.

[He sighs, shifting in to a more comfortable position.]

It is also rather... insensitive of the lot of you to assume that every being has fathers. Some of us have never had families, and we might be a bit sore about it. Not everyone enjoys holidays, and while it's somewhat excusable for some of you younger things the older ones should know better than to shove such things in the faces of those without.

[Sensitivity lessons from the Bogeyman? Go figure.]

Finally, now that I have set up a residence of my own, I have a few rules to issue about it.

If you do not have an explicit invitation you will be treated as trespasser and potential thief and treat you as such. I don't care if you don't know it's mine, ignorance is not an excuse and with a mild amount of situational awareness will give you warning enough.

If you want to visit, ask. Invitation will likely be given to those who I don't find offensive and I would hate to be a poor host to a guest. I hate to be unprepared for such events after all, as I follow the old rules of such things.

Which leads to my third rule; asking to come implies a willingness to observe the rules of nonviolence. If you attack me in my home you will be treated as an enemy and dispatched in whatever way I see fit.

[He fists the sand with that and it dissolves back in to nothingness as punctuation.]

That... is about all that comes to mind at the moment.

[And the feed ends.]

#1; voice

Jun. 17th, 2014 02:03 pm
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-- So let me get this straight.

[ after a brief silence, there's a long, drawn-out sigh. ]

Alternate universe, something something Cold War, don't care, something something powers and imPorts. See? I was paying attention.

[ no, he wasn't really paying attention, he just picked up a couple of buzzwords. ]

Crazy reality-changing shit doesn't bother me, it's in the family. I can live with it. But, okay, all this mundane stuff? There's crazy and then there's boring. I'm in a different world with a different shitty apartment and a different shitty job? Great. I needed that kind of banal variety in my life. I wasn't getting worked to death enough already.

[ he talks fast. a little too fast, at times, because half of this is just him talking to himself anyway. it's like he's only vaguely aware that anyone's going to even listen to this message. ]

Wait, I know I'm forgetting-- oh, right, there it is, I remember now. What do the big guys do if you say no? Not to the job - hell, no one cares that much about tacos - but the other thing, the big thing. What were they calling it, again?
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[ Late at night even for the night owl crowd that populated the imPort numbers a woman with thick hair framing her pale, pinched face. Looking like a model for Kurt Cobain impersonators in an old olive drab jacket pulled over a plaid button down she looks comfortable and not at all sweating in spite of being bundled up on a June night in southern Florida. The scenario obscured by poor cellular reception and low pixels implied she was camped out in some wooded area. ]

Has there been any strange murders or unprecedented rise in runaways and drug addicts falling off the face of the Earth? [ That was one way to say hello. ]

Sorry, I know that's a grim opener but I figured someone had to ask. But has there been anything like that? We've got a colorful array of oddballs Washington seems hellbent on collecting, but I'm not looking to start a witch hunt. [ She smiles as if she made a joke. ] But I figured they're bound to bring in something they shouldn't have, right?

My name is Bader; I have sort of an...investment in weeding out these kinds of problems.


Jun. 1st, 2014 10:05 pm
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[Hello, Heropa and other assorted cities. Have you ever visited the big prison where they keep imports? You should, if only to see for yourself the appalling state the import-only section is in. Not particularly attractive, and the solid grey wall behind Lucifer shows signs of rather old graffiti.

It's that and the orange jumpsuit which give Lucifer away as currently being an inmate of Heropa's most secure. The corners of his mouth are turned up and it looks like his expression should be a pleasant one, but most people probably know by now not to mistake that for a smile.]

I really have to commend whoever it is behind this little trap. You've put a lot of work into making sure there's no way home without your say-so.

I hope it's worth it.

[There's a rumble in the background, someone talking in a deep enough tone that the feed can't quite pick it up.

Lucifer looks offscreen.]
It certainly does, Bill. It certainly does.

[Another, slightly more disgruntled offscreen rumble and he turns back to the camera.]

My devoutly agnostic guard Bill here would like to mention that anyone thinking of following in my footsteps should think again. Apparently there's space enough in here for everyone who doesn't do what they're told.

Seems I'll be getting to know you all better after all.

One way or another.

[Oh, yes. You may have read in the papers or seen reports on tv about the start of Lucifer's trial. He empathised thoroughly with two weeping mothers who had lost family members, ignored all the lawyers, pointed out that he was technically not guilty of at least a third (but more like three-quarters) of the charges he was being brought up on, and (correctly) accused the one of the jury of possessing child pornography.

The less said about the Satanists camping outside the courthouse the better.

Stay tuned!]
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[The feed comes on, and there's Gabriel, looking smug and somewhat ...devious...?]

Hah! You finally got Lucifer out the way! Just as planned! Now it's time for me, the archangel Gabriel, to take over this pathetic world! Bow down, mortals, bow to your new overlord! [There's even a dramatic crash of lightning before Gabriel smirks and ruins the illusion.] Only pulling your legs. Don't worry though, I heard the other one's got bells on it.

Well that was an interesting few weeks. You all caught Lucifer good and proper. Good for you guys, good for you. And before anyone asks I have no opinion on the matter, so don't bother asking- I know at least two of you that are just about foaming at the mouth to ask crap that I'm not gonna answer. Go rinse those mouths out.

So with the earth spitting up all manner of George Romero rejects and the Devil getting his first criminal record, what else is going down? There seems to be some new faces but then you could have been here ages and I just didn't notice. [Shrugs.] Oh and I suppose the Government is now being a super shady, craptastic organization. There's a surprise, never saw that one coming.

Oh man, you guys got to see this. [Turns the video feed to some guy on the street corner. He's obviously one of the more colorful preachers, billboard announcing that "ATHIESM IS A TEMPORARY CONDITION". The feed shakes slightly as Gabriel's laughing, obviously tickled by it.] Reckon I should go scare the bejesus out of him?
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I've got to agree with the other person I saw on here that this file business? Very creepy. There's some stuff on this medical file that I know Fixit never had a chance to add. It's way too detailed for me to be comfortable with. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I don't have a huge gaping hole in my chest, but kind of sketchy.

Actually, what I'm looking for is to know about this whole thing about working with the military. I've been down that road before and the results weren't exactly pretty. Still, I'm trying to keep an open mind about it since it's kind of nice to not be shot at by humans for a change, but I want to make an informed choice. Any help would be appreciated.

Other than that? Name's Bumblebee.


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