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[ Good evening, Mask or Menacians.

Today, you'll be treated to the chaos that is Nonah 005 on a movie night. On camera are the Pines twins, a tiny wizard, a minotaur, a wannabe Arthur Fonzarelli, and some kid with Troll doll hair. But most prominently shown is one Ken Amada, who you might recognize as "that kid with the dog" or "the forty year old man trapped in a twelve year old's body." Kittens wander in and out of the area, while Koromaru sits comfortably at the cameraman's hip.

Barely audible in the background is the noise of explosions and gunfire -- but don't be concerned. That's probably just the movie. Probably. More troubling is the way the Fonz and the Troll are bickering over the gratuitous violence while everyone patiently ignores the hell out of them. Well, everyone except Ken, who seems to be gritting his teeth.

Quietly, Star-Lord, our illustrious cameraman, murmurs into his device as he zooms in on Ken. ]
Some shit's about to go down. You see that vein popping out on his forehead? That's the vein of someone who's gonna snap.

[ The teens' arguing goes on for another half a minute, during which time Ken seems to become more and more irate. When their squabbling finally reaches a crescendo, the kid rounds on them. ]

Would you two shut the fuck up?!

[ And just like that, the room goes deathly silent -- save for a timely record scratch, courtesy of the film they were trying to watch.

And then, Peter Quill starts cackling. ]

Oh my God, I'm totally posting this.

(( cover your ears, children. expect a whole lot of threadhopping. ))
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[There's a few seconds of silence, then a resigned huff of breath.]

I turned eighteen last week. Didn't even notice. Not sure what t'do about it. I'm a legal adult outta school and I should be happy about that. So much I can do here that I wasn't able to before. Can make a real difference in a way that matters to more than just a few people here an' there.

But I can't help but remind myself that I should have had someone here with me for this milestone. Kazuha should've graduated with me, an' I know when I go home it won't have mattered, but I was never supposed t'do it alone. She's been there with me practically my whole life, ya know? Everythin' important we did together. I haven't been thinkin' of home much, but I can't forget that she's not here, an' she should be.

[Another stretch of silence.]

Anyone else dealin' with this? What d'ya do to make it okay when ya can't share yer accomplishments with the people ya care about?
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[ tsuna doesn't look quite comfortable making a post to an entire network of people, clearly nervous with the way he fidgets, but...sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. so he’s starting to learn. ]

So...I, uh, still think asking me to be a superhero or whatever is a bad idea, but...if I can help people I guess it's okay to stay for a while... I just needed to know something first...

I wonder if it's really safe to ask this, though...

I'm…looking for people who know the name "Vongola”. Even if you just know someone who’s mentioned it. H-hopefully in a good way…? [ There’s a nervous not-chuckle. He did just come from hiding out in the future from people trying to kill him. Again, apparently. ]

Oh--! Ah…my name is Sawada Tsunayoshi. [ there’s no point in hiding it, is there? anyone hunting him down already knows his name and face, after all. ] If you do know someone, and don’t wanna say anything, just…um, tell them to contact me, I guess?

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[Hey look, it's a video of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Well, okay, it's a video of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man off duty. So really it's just Miles.]

Okay, so, I've got this idea for something, but I'm gonna need a lot of help to pull it off.

[And then he lifts up his hand and begins counting off on his fingers.]

...And also maybe around a hundred pounds of steak, and about fifty loaves of bread. And a big room to throw a party in.

So...anyone wanna help?
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[The camera is flicked on, already expertly focused. Josuke's doing, in case you wondered. But then, he's a teenager. He ought to be experienced if only for all the selfies he's taken!

Sitting next to him at a table outside an ice cream shop called What's the Scoop? is Hisoka. Unlike Josuke, the magician is busy with a gumball popsicle and doesn't appear to be paying any attention to the camera at the moment. The teenager, on the other hand, is already ready and eager to talk a little 'business' with the network...]

Okay, my friend and I had this amazing idea a while back! [Josuke throws an arm around Hisoka's neck and tugs him closer in a headlock. This involves you, buddy! Let the people see how amped you are!] See, we've been wanting to play some paintball, but then we got to thinking...why not make it an open invite? For imPorts, I mean.

[There's no jump at Josuke's sudden headlock but Hisoka definitely stops eating his ice cream to almost uncomfortably stare at the foreign limb slung over him. Only to then look down to see half of the popsicle he was eating now on the ground. Thanks Josuke.]

Mm... [A pause before he glances up to put in his two cents, just dropping the rest of his popsicle and the stick on the ground.]

An open invitation, yes, and we've already chosen the location. All you have to do is pick your own partner... or partners. It really doesn't matter how many of you there are. Though, to have the most fun? The more the merrier.

Yeah, and like, how many of you can resist an opportunity to pelt this guy in the face with paintballs, am I right? [Josuke nods in Hisoka's direction before sliding his arm off the other man's shoulders, though of course his smirk remains in place.] I'll be honest, though, 'cause I feel like it wouldn't be fair if I didn't warn you guys... Hisoka and I? We're gonna be on a team, so if you think we're gonna make it easy for ya, think again.

[Leaning forward to pick up the camera, Josuke cocks his head to the side, eyes bright with unbridled fun and mischief.]

If you're interested and you think you can keep up, then be ready for the 18th. Hisoka or I will text you the location the day before the game's on.

Oh...and one final thing. [Are you guys still listening? If you plan to play, you should be!] It's anything goes as long as it ain't lethal!

[And that's, as they say, that. Josuke hangs up, though not before a horrified yelp from the teenager can be heard...]

Fuck! Hisoka, I think you got ice cream on my new shoes!

[OOC: Quick edit! The post has been backdated to June 30th for scheduling reasons, and the date of the game itself has been moved to July 18th.]


Jun. 13th, 2015 04:05 pm
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This device is not something I'm quite certain of, yet. We do not have anything like this where I'm from; I suppose if I wish to alert the rest of the world to something, I must have new posted, or it must be cried out. I ought to use this more often. What other things do people use this for? It seems like there is no limit to-

Ah, I have an idea!

I am seeking someone who would like to practice bowcraft with me. I've a bow, but I would need a safe target. I would like to learn how such things are done with other bows, in other worlds, as well!

And, I would like to know, how to better use this device, and what manner of things those who use it think is important to say.

002 | text

Jun. 12th, 2015 02:32 pm
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[ Comm id reads "Kasumi" ]

Ever wondered how a bunch of space soldiers and space aliens (and space alien soldiers) party out in space?

Well, today is your lucky space day, folks. Behold:

(Oh, I have to warn you all that you may or may not suffer from an extreme case of secondhand embarrassment while watching these.)

[ And then comes a series of video links featuring some familiar faces and some not-so-familiar faces: a push-up contest, these guys' awkward dancing, but especially Shepard's awkward dancing, and a giant baby who had too much to drink. ]

Yeah. That's a thing. And there's plenty more where they came from.

Also, apparently the Porter can glitch out and send you back on a nice little trip sometimes. Wish they let me bring a +1 over to Crazy Town with me to for having to go through this twice, but it looks like they gave me some upgrades, so I can't really complain.

Anyways, it's good to be back. And it would be even better if someone could help me get rid of a little headache I have. Please and thank you.

[ Which is definitely not caused by her being hungover nope. ]


Jun. 9th, 2015 10:12 pm
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[Anyone out on the highways near Heropa might have seen this beauty zooming along with two twelve year olds and a pig hanging out the window several hours ago. Now, the camera turns on and focuses on Dipper and Mabel in what appears to be a concrete room.]

So I guess you still need a driver's license even if you're a superhero? And sticking an owl in a car-seat only makes things weird. So we need someone to help get our car out of the impound. --And maybe some bail money. And a ride back from jail.

Yeah! Even though this jail is way warmer than the last one we were in it’s still crazy boring in here and our house is like miles away.
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[ Enter: Ellie. Well, her chin and neck at first. Ellie shuffles around on the visual as she props her communicator up against the counter. She's sitting in the kitchen of she and Joel's apartment, climbing into the barstool after she sets the camera up. ]

Alright, obviously things need to be shaken up a bit here.

[ She grunts as she leans away from the camera for a moment, reaching for something. ]

Heeere we go-- Oof. You guys ready?

[ With a pleased sigh, she reveals her handy-dandy joke book, prominently titled "No Pun Intended - Volume Too". Shuffling a bit in her seat, she opens it to a random page. ]


I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

[ She snorts, muttering "Hah, good one. I get it." under her breath. Ellie turns the page. ]

He drove his expensive car into a tree and found out how the Mercedes bends.


[ Her eyebrows furrow. ]

Huh? Okay, I don't get that one at all.
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[He's back. Ah, and not much time has passed here, has it? Might as well prod at the network a little, though why not make it a bit of a game? He did have that endearing persona he used once before against... who was that again?]

[Oh well.]

when u show up here with rly cool powers u probably would feel pretty bad not using them 2 b a hero huh? (っ◞‸◟c)

ahhh but isnt that scary?? how strong do u have 2 b 2 jump a building?? all u heroes must b rly strong. wats the most heroy thing uve done here?? how can i get good at it! ᕙ(⇀‸↼!!)ᕗ

[Guess who.]

[Or don't. You can also just tell him about cool stuff you've done to make yourself a potential target and be fawned over and complimented because you're so cool.]
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In light of recent events, I have been thinking a lot about foes and villains with more gusto than I suppose can be considered 'normal'. When I was younger, I am embarrassed to admit my greatest 'foe' was my mother. In hindsight, I can appreciate her gestures to have been done with love and not the passive aggression I had once thought. I was very naive, for all I thought myself very clever.

So I suppose the question is: who are what are your biggest foes?
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[Surprisingly, the first thing to notice about the audio is probably how -clear- it is. There's very little (if any) background noise, almost as if it's from someone with built-in communication. Of course, it kind of is.

The second is that is -definitely- some weird prepubescent voice.

Haha, maybe I should have access this board... earlier. I got here, and then there was that whole big ceremony, and it just kind of slipped by me...though, to be honest, this flows more like a chatroom. Are we using some sort of ICU-variant? Do I need to ask for people's UINs?

Oh, maybe I got off to the wrong start.

Hi! I'm Rock. I'm the son of Dr. Light - well, one of them, anyway, and... well, he built me and my brother and sister and all my other brothers! I guess I'm kind of on my own right now, though. Which leads me to my first question.

How many people have experience with robots and robotics? I mean, it's okay if you don't. I was just wondering. Knowing someone to come to for the occasional repair might be handy, given my reputation back home.

Anyway! I might not necessarily have wanted to be here, but if anyone needs my help, I'll do my best!


May. 23rd, 2015 11:40 am
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[ Jello. Jello EVERYWHERE. The comm video snaps on to show some teenaged boy's room with the floor absolutely covered in the stuff, a solid three inches of it or more, like the world's weirdest blanket of snow. At least all of his tech has been moved so as not to damage anything important, but ...

Wow, he's never going to get the smell of jello out of his room. Never. ]

Wh - what the hell is this! Who -

[ The video doesn't show the speaker, but his name is kind of at the top of the post. Realization hitting in three ... two ... ]

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So, this is gonna sound kinda random, but. I've been wondering for a little while...what's New York like here? I just wanna know if it's anything like the New York from my world.

Actually, now that I think about it--how does the New York here compare to New York where you came from? If you've ever been there, I mean. 'Cause now I'm wondering about all the different versions of it we probably know.


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