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[His ID currently reads Hulkling, and there's not much point being in audio to talk about something that's in a video clip, but he can't really deal with being visible right now. He hates drawing attention to himself, he's always preferred to be part of the group whenever possible. And yes, he knows this is going to draw possibly more attention. But he can't help wanting to apologise, even if intellectually he can understand it wasn't entirely his fault.

He also doesn't want people getting a look at the room he shares with his boyfriend. The room he hasn't left much for a couple of days.

When he talks, he sounds a little tired. Sleep hasn't been the easiest thing for him, the last couple of days.]

You know, one of the last things I said to anyone before the whole... random anger thing was that I wasn't usually subject to uncontrollable rage despite the name. Irony, huh?

[Although he isn't sounding very amused by it. Not the funny kind of irony, clearly.]

How do you get over knowing someone- something else got in your head and messed with your thoughts? Because if anyone has a suggestion, I'd like to hear it.

[He hesitates, and then adds-]

Sorry. Just give me another couple of days, I'll be fine.
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[ The screen flickers on to a face that’s as pure America as apple pie. With his wide jaw set at a stiff angle and his blond hair all a mess after facing the abuse of a helmet for far too long, Steve stares down into the endless abyss of an open video communication log. He’s not exactly comfortable with this, but he can’t think of a much better way to find familiar faces besides going door to door -- not that he didn’t consider it. Briefly. ]

This is Captain Steve Rogers. I’m looking for members of my team; we were separated before I arrived here.

[ He’s not naming names; at least one person on said team goes by well over a dozen of them, and he’s pretty sure she’d snap his neck in six places if he even so much as uttered one of them on an unsecure channel. ]

Near as I can tell, most everybody here has been dragged away from their lives to fight somebody else’s war by a governing body that doesn't seem keen on so much as a “please” and “thank you;” if I’m wrong about that, I’d love to hear about it. If I’m not, I’d certainly like to hear more about that, too. So whatever information you’ve got, I’ll take it.

[ What do you say from here? After a long and somewhat frustrated silence, he closes with: ]

Over and out.


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So - all right.

[ Young Miss Kathleen Jones has the good grace to look embarrassed as she's making this post, because it is very embarrassing. And yet this is sort of a question that needs to be asked, because she hasn't really seen anyone asking it. Even though it's sort of... ]

We've never really managed to figure out why we were the ones who ended up here, have we. I mean - it's pretty clear that the Porter, or Lachesis, or whatever it was that brought us here, didn't just pick at random. So obviously there's got to be some reason why it's us. And I've sort of noticed -

[ She makes an awkward little gesture of her hand. ]

I mean - No one really talks about it, but you can just look around and see...

[ Another embarrassed little wave of her hand, and that embarrassed little wave finally gives her courage enough to just go for it: ]

Has anyone else noticed that we're all ridiculously good-looking? This isn't a joke post, I'm not trying to be funny - It's completely improbable, just how attractive we all are. I'm not just talking about humans, either. I'm not being human-centric, I don't think. Because I know that there are a lot of non-humans here who are uncommonly gorgeous by their species' standards. And so it's just...

[ She falters. Her face is decidedly pink with embarrassment. ]

Anyway. I don't know. I just wanted to know if anyone's looked into it at all. This is really a serious question, I swear.

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May. 12th, 2015 01:27 pm
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[ Someone's just given her first class of the day. The white-board behind Verity is wreathed in high-school physics ("What is a Vector? A quantity that displays both magnitude (numerical size) and direction...") used to teach the kids who are now enjoying a short break in between lessons (and yelling like freight trains outside). Setting down the video so she can wipe the previous writing off, if you know her then you might notice a little effort having been put into her appearance with an actual teacher-y skirt and heels. No joggers! She showered!! Amazing.

Tucking ruffled pink hair behind an ear, she pushes her glasses back up and flashes a smile. Little awkward, but. ]

Hi, my name's Verity Willis.

If you're a student at Xavier's School for Imports, this is a quick PSA that I'll be your new student counsellor from now on — it's been rehiring, obviously, and won't be closing, or so I've been told. Should you need to talk then come and find me, you don't need an appointment! I also teach Physics and Data Programming, so if you want an intro to either of those make sure you attend class over the next few weeks. When you can't find me in the classrooms or labs, come by the offices and one of the other teachers will give my phone a call.

[ About to sign off with a smile, she remembers to flatly add, ] Oh, and if you're going to lie about why you haven't done your homework? Don't. You'll get double just like the brave soul from the Tenth Grade yesterday.

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[Kon had already been here for a day or two and had been made aware of the drama he’d missed from the month before. Sounded like it was intense.]

So this kind of thing isn't exactly the worst to happen to me but it’s still up there on the scale of weird stuff to happen.

[Being kidnapped by a government who had a file on him with his secret ID and list of powers? Not creepy at all. He had to wonder how they got that information and how they actually got him here. He didn't have the time to ask any of the questions he wanted before being whisked away.]

Name's Superboy and uh, just so I know how screwed I am, what’s the longest someone’s been here? Outta the people that were brought in I mean.


Apr. 10th, 2015 04:53 pm
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[ Peter's had enough. He's tired of trailing after the shadows of Sylar like it'll get him anywhere and he's done this already. It got old the first time he got shoved off a rooftop. It got even older the... second? time he helped kill Sylar. And now? He's just over it. Long past over it. And he's not going to apologize for his behavior.

Which is why he's now taking a page out of Claire's handbook. Especially since he's figured a certain something out.

... Peter's seated plainly at a table, a rather large kitchen knife laying in front of him. You know, one of those you see running rampant in horror movies.

Hey, Sylar.ooc cut for slight gore )
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[The woman onscreen does not look at all well. There's a sickly, jaundiced cast to her skin, which is covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and her eyes are yellowed and bloodshot with deep, dark circles underneath. She also seems to be holding the communicator at arms length. She squints at it a moment, image shaking in time with her hand, then puts it down on a nearby surface so the view changes abruptly to a static shot of the ceiling.]

-Fucking shit, this screen gives me a headache. [Her voice is low and gravelly, like she's been smoking 2 packs a day since age 12.] Let's make this quick. I puked up what might have been a vital fucking organ in the car on the way over here. I need a drink and I need it yesterday. If you can do something about that, send me a message on this thing.

I'll engage with the rest of this shitshow later.


Verbal responses only. [You can still respond via text, of course, but it'll be several hours at least before Elsa will reply. Reading is hard right now, okay.]
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[It's late. She should really be sleeping or at least doing something useful like patrolling, but instead she's lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling and making an audio post to the network like some angsty teen or something. Which she guesses she kinda is?]

So I'm turning seventeen in, like... almost a week. And it's sorta weirding me out. Not just cause it's here, although come to think of it I'm not sure if I actually have a full 12 months since my last birthday but it averages out to something like that - Does anyone bother to figure that out? Or do you just go by birthdate?

Anyway. It's just, I kinda didn't expect to make it to seventeen. Not cause I have a death wish or anything, just cause I came really close to dying a couple times the past year. And it's cool, I made my peace with it. [Sort of. She might have been okay when she thought she was about to die, but sometimes she thinks it's kinda harder to keep living after that?] I don't know, there's just a bunch of stuff that I wouldn't have gotten a chance to do. Stupid stuff like... I don't know, going to a prom, I guess? Going on really terrible dates and then deciding being a crazy cat lady doesn't sound so bad? Things you just get to do because it's just part of life.

I don't know what I'm trying to say. This is probably dumb, anyway. Sorry.
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Hey, anyone interested in a sparring partner? No maiming or anything obviously but I'm willing to go pretty no-holds-barred otherwise. Getting kind of bored otherwise.

[there's a lot fewer criminals to beat up in her free time here]
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[Much as she has genuinely loved getting back into dance, it means she's now juggling dance, school, work, and a city that has such unbelievably awful crime issues that she could basically patrol 24/7 and still not be doing enough for. It's not that she dislikes being busy. Being busy has helped her stave off several otherwise well-deserved meltdowns. But all work and no play makes blah blah blah. Rikki's doing her homework like a responsible go-getting young adult and suddenly decides that screw that she needs a break.

So yeah, there's a video of a slightly frazzled-looking redhead now.]
Does anyone want to go do something, I don't know, teenager-y? Do we still do teenager things?
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[The video opens to Minato in his room, a sedate, barely furnished place without an ounce of personality to it. His expression isn't too dissimilar.]

Hi. To anyone who hasn't met me, I'm Minato. I managed to save up enough to buy a violin, and I wanted to ask if anyone would like to play with me, or just listen.

[At this point he briefly holds up his violin as if to demonstrate.] I've only been playing for about a year, so I'm not great, but I don't mind learning.

And if there's anyone new who'd like someone to show them around... Let me know.

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Do you think that it's possible for people to be inherently bad? Not all the way, necessarily, but like maybe there's a bigger chance of messing up if you come from something bad, or like you've got some kind of latent seed planted deep that could burst someday.

I don't think that's true, if you look at it objectively. It still makes me really nervous sometimes, though, so I wonder if some part of me thinks it's a real possibility. I can't shake it off, so I get frustrated with myself sometimes.

I'm sure other people must feel like that. I'm sorry if you do.
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[ The audio starts before video's established. Two voices are already talking in the background. One neutral and subdued and the other thick with a Jersey accent. ]

So you've got a call running--

Yeah, yeah, I'm not an idiot.

--But you've only got audio. There's video capability if you--

I know! I might be old to you but I'm--

[ The transmission is suddenly dropped. But it comes back in a few seconds. ]

--was the "End Call" button.

.......... Yeah, I see that. I mean I know! Maybe I just didn't like the connection.

[ Silence stretches for a moment before the more authoritative voice picks back up. ]

So, instead, hit this button--

I got it! I've got this! At ease, soldier! It's not that hard to figure out! Criminy...

[ Finally, video is activated and the viewer is given a wonderful view of a young man in the most unflattering uniform the Army could and has ever handed out. He's scowling at someone off camera, allegedly walking to the door now that his job as a handler is over with. ]

Yes, thank you! You do your country proud as an armored baby sitter.

[ There's one last screwed up look before he returns his attention back to his portable device. It's like something right out of a Flash Gordon movie. His face brightens for his new audience. ]

So. This again. [ He literally just got back from the future, guys. Can't these trips be staggered a little better, please? ] My own government plucks me from one war and into another. Doesn't seem like a very effective tactic, now does it? Not that that's any a'my business. Never is, but I gotta ask... Can't you fellas wipe your own asses? It's been, what, seventy years! Figured by now you'd have invented something to clean out all the nooks and crannies...
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[Teddy's taken Hulkling form for this one; if his team are here, and they're using their identities for some reason, it's probably for the best he does the same. He smiles at the camera, perfectly cheerfully, although it might look a little incongruous with his massive frame and green skin.]

Hey, just wondering if anyone's got any news on some friends of mine. I don't even know if they're here, but it's worth asking, right? So if you hear of anyone calling themselves the Young Avengers, could you let me know, please?

[He clears his throat, and his face falls a little, looking slightly awkward and much more anxious. He's obviously worried, and trying not to show it. Then again, who wouldn't be worried if they didn't know where their boyfriend was?]

Or if you've seen anyone called Wiccan- he's about five foot eight, black hair, red cape, really cute, uses magic- could you tell him Hulkling's looking for him? Thank you.

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[ The video clicks on to a redhead in pleather, fussing as she hot-glues part of the white design on her catsuit back into place (she could sew it, sure, but that's too much effort for a single day of suffering). Verity also isn't wearing her glasses and the hair isn't hers, a wig mimicking her friend's. ]

Since I'm already in Heropa to help clean up for the weekend, I figured I'd go to that convention getting advertised. [ That explains the mostly-finished cosplay, then. ] Just wanted to toss out a disclaimer in case someone thinks I actually might be Lorelei on the way to or from the nerd gala, out of context, and feels like exacting revenge for whatever. [ Lor's shady, this is the truth. Even her pals admit it with a straight face. ] I go splat very easily, unlike a certain lady I know.

[ Cosplaying a bro? Yes. Easiest option for a human lie detector, since she knows Lorelei's awesome powers are real. ]

Is anyone else going for a breather and who will you be dressed as? I'm half-blind like this, you'll have to come find me.
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[Oh look, a new post on the imPort communicator! Although this time, there seems to be no ID attached to the post, it's entirely anonymous. It's pretty late at night on the 25th, surely some people will be up.]


How safe do you really think you are?

Warning: Picture heavy under the cut )

[OOC: Aaaand Inumuta is currently infected with the Hornet's Mind Clone of Miguel Rodriguez right now! So he's not exactly himself at the moment. Right now, Inumuta's doing the whole anonymous schtick, but if any hackers/people capable of tracking him down do any digging whatsoever, they'll find him. He's intentionally not covering his tracks as well as he could have because as a Hornet, he isn't shying away from any jabs he can get at Imports.

So, action is possible, but please try to coordinate with other players in this! Feel free to threadjack, whatever!

Side note: Please forgive my typos, and I'm sorry for the poor choice in pictures for some characters, if I used a picture you don't like and want a new one, send me a link. Also also, I will update this post with a few more characters once I hear back from a few people to get their final approval from my plotting post.
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[With everything that's been going on in this place and in her head, Rikki's been thinking it's time to start something normal to counterbalance the stress and everything. Teenage girl cannot live on superheroing alone. And there's an old standard that she will always fall back on.

The only large space she can weasel some alone time on at school is the basketball court, which obviously isn't ideal. No mirrors, for one thing. She decides to compensate by using her phone to record video to look at later and accidentally tells it to post in addition to saving it.

What follows is more or less this at about three-quarters speed. She hasn't had formal lessons since she was in her home universe, but that's only been about eight months, which doesn't exactly erase a solid 12 or so years of training (even if the last two were more spent adding martial arts and Steve Rogers-style gymnastics to her skill set). And in the meantime, she's kept up serious levels of physical activity and gained a body enhanced by super soldier serum. It comes to her way easier than she expected, and she only fumbles a few times - her landing on the jump is more of a fall than a planned thing, though she does save it. It's clear she's a little rusty.

When she heads back to grab her phone and see what she looked like, she realizes that it's been streaming the video to the network and facepalms.] God, I'm dumb.
Uh, we now return you to whatever you were doing. Tip your waiters.

[The video feed goes dead.

And then turns back on for a second.]
- for the record, I'm totally better than that when I've actually had time to practice.

002; video

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Listen up, y’all!

[The ID reads Marceline the Vampire Queen. Marceline’s back, sitting just outside a supermarket in Heropa. She's leaning on her ax bass and wearing the green campaign hat that comes with her Troop Leader job. Just to her right? Mabel Pines, wearing a green vest covered in puffy stickers. Behind them? boxes and boxes of girl scout cookies, and a few local girls in vests setting up a table.]

I know there’s some big stuff going on lately, but whatevs. [She just shrugs. It's not her problem, she really doesn't care.] Here’s the deal. Girl Scout cookies go on sale in Heropa today. And sure, you could go to other troops...but we’re the ones with imPorts. [All of two. Not that...she needs to be up front about that. Right?? She gives a winning grin.] You’re gonna make some kids reaaaaally happy if you buy these... [Said very theatrically and sing-song.] Like my girl Mabel here! Some of you know her. Say hi, Mabel.

Hi guys! Do you know what the actual greatest part of cookie season is, besides eating tons of the best cookies ever made? It’s making dreams come true. And it would definitely make a whole bunch of dreams come true if you bought cookies from our troop when you see the tables outside of stores every afternoon this week! [Mabel makes her best doe-eyed hopeful face.] We’d really appreciate it!

You can always buy some from me or Mabel, too. Get in touch. I’m gonna have some for sale at that convention coming up, over at my booth... and if any girls want to pitch in or whatever to help us push this sugary biz, that’d be killer. The council says we’re doing this until the 14th, if we don’t run out first. [Is she eating red velvet oreos while she’s talking about selling other cookies? Yes. Yes she is. She looks contemplative for a second, before she glances to the girl next to her.]

Mabel, anything else?

Just remember, if you buy from our troop, you'll make dreams come true and some kids really happy. Way happier than any other troop, probably! At least two hundred and five percent happier. [Mabel nods, solemnly.]

You heard the lady. And... hey, another thing. Are any of you musicians? Like, seriously? I didn’t want to put out an open call or something, but I need bandmates. Drummer, guitarist and a keyboardist, at least. Bonus points if you can do guitar and bass. Just - hit me up if you’re not completely lame with an instrument, guys. We’ll talk. ‘Kay?

[And then, practically on-cue, the indistinct sound of young girls shouting off-screen. Marceline groans, getting to her feet and grabbing her communicator.] Zoey! Jen! Break it up, you bozos, save it for-- [She ends it there. What a professional.]

[ooc: cookie season in heropa! there's more details about this whole thing over here. marceline's in the default color, mabel's in blue. as you probably guessed. responses will come from either or both of them! if you've got any questions, hit me up or comment to the ooc post.]
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I go off the grid for a few days and come back to find out there's been some sort of big fight? And a prison-break? [she is so disappointed that she didn't get in on that]

Man, next time, call me. Uh, probably telepathically, the middle of the woods doesn't have great reception.


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