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[ People might not be too happy to see him after the malt shop incident, so Klarion's keeping a relatively low profile and sticking with voice for now. Typing would be better for anonymity, but... well, Klarion still sucks at typing, a post like this would take him forever. Voice it is! ]

I have two questions!

One: I've heard that there's meant to be an age limit to the All Hallow's Eve tradition of 'trick-or-treating'. At what age is it considered unacceptable, and why does anyone care when there are treats to be had and tricks to be played?

Two - no, I suppose that's three questions. Very well. Question number three: how common is magic in your home world? I'm curious.

† 048.

Sep. 30th, 2014 11:39 pm
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this just in:
apparently fixing cars does not mean you can give them a tune up however you want
even if they'll function 132489% better once you have
people are really particular about not having their vehicles run as efficiently as possible

on another note
not surprised that there's some government hoo-ha going on with her
"automated defenses"
oui ku kenm


Sep. 30th, 2014 10:09 pm
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[#typical teen syndrome.

sooooo guess who's skipping class?


Ryuuko's got a bad girl reputation to uphold, okay? she can't be caught doing things like actually attending school, that would totally ruin her!! --ok, not entirely true, but with her bestie gone Ryuuko doesn't have anyone to convince her to suffer through all 6 hours of hell on alternate universe earth. at least when Mako was around class was bearable because they were in it together. plus, it's hard to focus on school when you're still feeling down about losing said best friend. none of the other kids really get her, she doesn't fit in. so why wouldn't she blow it all off in favor of having some fun, or doing just about anything else lbr.]

looking for a way 2 kill some time. got any suggestions?

[and just as a preemptive measure:]

dont bother answering if ur a creep.
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[The feed opens up with some chatty (and slightly aggressive) chirping. It isn't much longer before the video shows Metalhawk (currently in his human form) attempting to wrestle a window shut and scurry a bunch of songbirds out through it. But it seems like for every one he puts out, two more come in, trying to rest gently on his shoulders. It's...quite a scene to witness, anyway.

But after a few minutes of struggle, every bird is thrown out, slamming down the window tightly and locking it. This...this wasn't how he wanted his broadcast to start.]

I'm looking for anyone who knows how to build. I'm...I need an aviary built outside my house.

As soon as possible.

They're really getting out of hand.

[Thunk. That certainly was a sparrow  that hit the window. Cue his eyes widening in horror as he looks, seeing that it's merely shook off the blow (thankfully), and now tapping at it.]

Please. They've been getting larger and larger.

[As if on cue, two seagulls stop by to peek in.]


Sep. 11th, 2014 09:43 pm
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It's a really nice day today! I think tomorrow is going to be nice, too. And I enjoy my new job, much more than my first one. And it seems like I'm making a new friend every day! And I can own such pretty things, and afford real meat and everything. And...

[There's the sound of liquid stirring, of a spoon clinking against the side of a teacup.]

It's important to stay optimistic about things. Staying sad or angry doesn't change anything.

[There's a slight hitch in her breath.]

... Why couldn't they just let us go home together?

[What sort of mother can't even protect her own child?]
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Either I have a new roommate who moved in and hid everything but my underclothes somewhere else in this house where I can't find them or I've had my entire wardrobe stolen between yesterday morning and right now.

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm open to alternate explanations. Or wringing the neck of the one(s) responsible.

[ private to Shinjiro | so hackable it's laughable; ]

I'll be late. I have to find something acceptable to wear.
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[ When Charles appears on the screen his expression is twisted into one of confusion, with a layer of thoughtful disapproval dusted on top. He opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it; debating two subjects that seem to be warring for relevance at the front of his mind. Really, that's been the story of his day to day life, here. ]

There are entirely too many strange things going on in this future; there's more culture shock than I'd expected. On the one hand, I suppose I had expected cars to fly—not disappointing. On the other, what on Earth are the ingredients in this? [ Charles displays an energy drink for the camera after a moment with a knit brow. ] I really only wanted tea—which they didn't have—and I was given this in the place of coffee. I don't think it "does the same thing". I think I was lied to.

[ Then, putting it aside, his expression turns more serious. ]

I digress. I can.. save my suspicion for another day. What I would like to know, from anyone who is willing—what is the power you acquired upon your arrival here? They are not unusual where I am from. However, they're acquired through genetic means; I cannot help but wonder if that is true here, as well, in some—retroactive way, if your genes have been... modified.

Thank you.

[ He's right about to shut off the feed before he stops and, as an aside, says: ]

I would also appreciate it if someone younger could tell me whether or not there are drugs in this drink. Thank you.
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[Have a wobbly camera scene, Heropa, and a very happy young woman coming into view.]

Hi! [Look at that really bright smile, Heropa.] I'm Winry, if you don't know me, and I'd like to invite everyone to come to the beach tomorrow, on 13 June, for a beach party! I'm going to be making some food, and I guess it's traditional to grill? [She has no idea what that means.] And have games and music and swimming.

[If you'd ask if she'd gotten her information on beach parties from the Frankie and Annette movies, you'd probably be close.]

I'd love it if you came! Everyone's invited, just bring something with you! Drinks or food or games!

Ummm...maybe meet at the beach around eleven-thirty tomorrow? Oh! I understand that some of us need...uh. [She frowns.] Sunscreen? [Yes, that's it.]

I really hope to see you there!
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[Congrats Heropa, you have one uncertain looking teenager on the network. Both arms are crossed over his chest (which is missing the usual red S) and Conner practically glares at the phone that he's set up. Behind him is the turmoil of his room that the people currently in Residence 16 might have heard him tossing about. The bed has been upended and is sitting on its side against one of the walls along with the rest of the furniture - some may notice he's taken a couple of chairs from the common area. That doesn't leave a lot of open space in the rest of his room and that's the way he likes it.

He also may or may not have searched for bugs.

Curled up on one of those chairs is an excessively large white wolf, part of his body spills off the chair. Wolf has his resting on one the arms and doesn't seem to care about Conner or his public broadcast.]

So...it's the fourth of July. A day of independence and freedom. Feels kind of ironic to have shown up on this day. [He doesn't elaborate on that more but certain people know.]

Are we expected to keep the jobs they gave us or are we allowed to find a new one? [Conner does not look excited about the prospect of having to keep it.] I'll give it a try but I don't know how well it will go over for me working at a fitness place.

[Sure, he can benchpress a small car but that doesn't mean he can teach someone to benchpress a car.]

001 [Video]

May. 9th, 2014 03:43 pm
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[What initially looks like a pink version of Iron Man is addressing the network, although he has enough sense to lift his face plate when introducing himself to strangers.

The confidence with which he carries himself, along with the polite/neutral mask he wears, both suggest that the man is at ease with broadcasting his image for anyone tuning in. However, someone more observant might detect an oddly brittle look in his green eyes.]

Hi. My name is Barnaby Brooks Jr. I'm currently trying to confirm the status of a man who goes by the name of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi. He's middle-aged, wears a distinct beard, and is of Japanese descent.

[This is where he might have made some vaguely smart-ass comment disguised as legitimate concern about property damage, but the anxiety gnawing at him keeps him laser-focused on the task at hand.]

If you've seen a gentleman who fits this description, I would appreciate any information you might have. [He almost mentions the fact Kotetsu was injured the last time he saw him, but for the sake of being cautious, he decides not to expose a potential vulnerability just yet.

The most important question asked, he nearly ends the feed, but stops himself. A beat of silence, and then he dryly adds:]

Also, since my current outfit doesn't do much for letting me blend in, I'd be grateful if anyone can recommend a skilled tailor or a good place to purchase a new wardrobe.

[It's not the sort of thing he'd typically ask right off the bat, but he's so taxed emotionally and mentally that he's decided to free up as much brain space as possible by deferring smaller matters like clothes to people who know the area better than him.]

Thank you for your time.
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[It's been a few days since Ryan's arrived in Heropa, and after the weekend in Nonah he's come to realize that he's actually not going anywhere anytime soon. He's actually a hero…like…with real powers. The whole thing's bizarre, but when the video pops on anyone watching will just see a blonde teenager with a newsboy cap firmly planted on his head sitting on the floor of his room at Residence #004, despite the fact he should possibly be in school right now. Whatever. He'll figure it out later.]

So I have a question. What if I don't want one of my powers? I can talk to someone about making an exchange, right? What if I want to trade out one of them for something less…[He just makes a vague hand gesture. He's not sure he feels like disclosing that his powers freak him out a little.] Like…like, I don't know, flying? Or…shooting lasers from my eyes? Something?

[There's a sheepish smile accompanying the sentence.] Okay, so I don't really know a lot about this whole hero thing. It's one thing to play pretend on stage my whole life, but this? I don't even know where to start. [A lull of silence follows as Ryan thinks of how to continue, but he seemingly grasps onto a totally other thought just then.]

Oh! But hey, speaking of, who can I talk to about getting a wireless microphone? I've got something I want to try.
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[Will has been trying to figure out what to say or if he should even say something first, if he should just read around and only speak up if anything piques his interest. He'd arrived late in the morning, made no attempt to seek out his housemates, and immediately locked himself in his room. It's not until later in the evening that he finally sits to do it, and he's certainly not about to show his face or give out his voice unless something really calls for it. The idea of announcing his presence to people he has never met and isn’t meeting because of a connection? Not exactly his bag, but he’s got to do it eventually. If he was "that guy who pops in to talk about dogs and law enforcement and poorly done journalism but never says anything himself without prompting" it would be better than what he was being thought of back home, certainly, but still not the best way to make a good impression. Not that he’s probably made a good one on housemates, basically ignoring their existence and being as quiet as he could. If asked about it, he’ll fall back on being very upset about the transition and needing time to himself, nothing personal.

There’s a million things that run through his head, what to ask or say. If he should introduce himself or just let people look at what name shows up (Will Graham, nothing special), what’s probably been asked before and what really matters and doesn’t matter.

Two questions:
1) Are there any recommendations for a source of regular news? What’s happening in the world at large, weather forecasts, local updates, newspapers or magazines. Something reliable. Anything but tabloids.
2) Is there any unstated rule about what sort of pets would and wouldn’t be acceptable if someone is sharing a house, or is it a case-by-case basis?

[Staying informed and pets. Domestic. Ordinary. A normal guy attempting to get some normalcy in a place that is anything but. Newspapers and magazines. There’s nothing wrong with liking the daily crossword puzzle. Old man.

If there’s some sort of "rule" about how people should be allowed to have whatever pets they wanted as long as they were quiet and well-behaved and not a nuisance, he’d really like to know as much. He’d also like some details on the nearest hospital, but he’ll ask someone in his house. Eventually. Once he gets his hair under control and finally feels up to dealing with questions about his hand in a cast and why he would need to go to the hospital for anything else and all those annoyances dogs never burden him with.

Hopefully he didn’t get stuck with anyone who had severe allergies to fur. That would make this Monday truly the most intolerable Monday of them all.
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[ Couches and coffee table pushed back against the wall of the generously spacious, government furnished living room gives Levi enough space to stand in the center in full gear. Two large, rectangular metal cases are strapped to his hips, and a complicated looking gas-powered hook and grapple apparatus cover his back. The leather straps of his uniform suddenly make sense. ]

What with necessity being the mother of invention I figured it was time to act on some useful advice. [ Levi held up what appeared to be a blade attached to a modified pistol grip. ]

'Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear' is a vital part of the Survey Corps arsenal, but it isn't going to do much good here. The blades are ineffective and cumbersome going against anything studier than wood, and, as I understand it, the gas canisters that power the hook and grapple feature is both outdated and a huge weak point.

[ The blade is sheathed and a length of wire is retracted back into a circular spool at the small of his back. ]

One advantage to be found in the diverse pool of imPorts is there are significant numbers among us who can be associated with the scientific community. Inventors or any intellectual with a head for this sort of thing are the sort of people I'm looking to get into contact with. Both myself and my commanding officer are in need of the 3DMG looked out, and hopefully modified to 'keep up with the times.'

[ He did it. He explained something without being a dick. ]

Resources and the matter of commision are an issue, I know, but we are looking into reaching some kind of feasible arrangement. Erwin Smith and I are available if you have any further questions.
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name's Harlock.
no burning questions or complaints or philosophies to regale you with, sorry.
just these:

[three sets of coordinates. if explored, two lead to open, rather secluded areas just outside of town – one on the coastline. the other just leads to one of the bars.]

† 047

Mar. 31st, 2014 11:25 pm
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so, a question
have anyone else's powers changed since they got here?
like not just getting a new power, but losing an old one
if yes, how'd you deal with that?
inquiring minds want to know
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[ Timestamp: 4:22 AM.

When the video turns on, it's the face of a blond man, artificial light and the odd backdrop of two awkward looking trees, dirt and one giant worker ant, who took a moment to tilt its head curiously at the man before moving on. ]

I know we're all busy with our own lives so I'll try to make this short.

When we were brought into this world, some of us were given new sets of powers. Others may have had powers that they had from their own world, powers that they were already used to. I was one of the latter case. My powers involve size changing, from the 25 feet tall to being small enough to be able to interact with subatomic particles. It's a power that I've come to know, inside out. It wasn't an easy progress, I had a myriad of molecular instability that affected my life in a very personal way.

So I can understand what some of you who are dealing with these new powers are going through. You don't know the limits to what you can do, and we don't know either. That makes for a potentially dangerous situation, to both yourself and everyone else.

What I'm proposing is a training centre. I know we have government facilities here that are equally suitable for that but there are those of us who are uncomfortable with the idea of any government involvement. This will be a facility that's imPort funded, established and operated, so that we have a building of our own, outside of the government's eye. It won't matter if you're registered or not, the main priority of this is to make this place available to all imPorts.

I don't exactly have any concrete plans right now, a few blueprints and ideas off the top of my head. I'd like to hear what everyone's input on this before anything is done about it, especially those with new powers and those outside the law, so to speak. But all input is welcomed.

Thank you all for your time.

[ A quick smile and the camera turns off. ]


Mar. 22nd, 2014 05:49 pm
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by which I mean no, Edgeworth just has a quiet, calm, thoughtful little tirade for you all]

Good day. I'm acquainted with some of you already; for those whom I do not yet know, my name is Miles Edgeworth, and I work as a prosecutor here. I hope that you will indulge me in listening to a bit of a speech.

I understand that here, as in the previous city - and as in the homes of many of you - there is a tradition of vigilantism. I do not come today to decry vigilantes as criminals; I know that those of you who engaged in such practices almost certainly did so out of a desire to protect your homes, to fight crime that could not otherwise be fought, and the like.

But anyone who is considering returning to such practices here - who is considering becoming a vigilante and acting outside of the law - I beg you all to take a step back for just a moment and examine your actions with a critical eye.

I know that it is easy to resent the law. We like to think of the government as some meddling busybody keeping us from doing what is fun. But laws are never written out of spite. They're written for protection: of you, of your neighbors. At times, they're written to protect people from one another; at times, they're written to protect citizens from the government itself.

Laws are in place to protect people. So if you choose to act as a vigilante, to break the law, what are you doing? You're trespassing against others. You're resisting things that were put in place for the protection of yourself and your neighbor. Police cannot act as freely as vigilantes, but for good reason: they're held in check so that they are answerable to the people and to they cannot do harm to the people.

So I beg of you, any who would turn to vigilantism: consider instead working with the police. Particularly given recent events, the police force here needs those who have remarkable powers to help keep the citizenry safe. You will not be able to act as freely, perhaps, but you will be helping the city - and helping it in a way where you will not run the risk of overstepping your bounds and causing hurt.

Thank you very much for your attention. I welcome any disagreement or debate, and will freely and gladly engage any who wish to speak about this.

two; video

Mar. 15th, 2014 12:05 am
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[Hans clicks on the video. He's sitting, shock and surprise, at a desk and is wearing a simple oxford shirt.]

I've only been here about a month and I'm already moving up! [a tiny pause, then he breaks out into a wide grin, obviously proud of himself.] You're looking at the new liaison for imPort Public Relations!

[because he is just massively done with the idea of being a waiter. serving others? utterly ridiculous. He was a prince after all.]

Part of my job involves putting together publicity spots promoting registration. I know that for some of you, you've only been here for a short while but if anybody has any success stories of how the government has helped them out, then I'd greatly appreciate it if you told them to me!

[someone should also probably teach him how to use an actual video camera or how to type with more than two fingers but hey, baby steps.]
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So, how about our friends with the government, huh? Asking us to do a few favors?

[ He doesn't sound all that insulted by the proposition, really. ]

Here's my blanket offer, if anyone would like to take the time, and wants a little company, I'd be happy to take you out with me when I fly around the City -- or, if heroing isn't your thing, and you're interested in something that sounds a little bit more like R&D, give me a ring, and we'll work something out.

[ And then there's a lengthy pause. Like this was really just a way to get things started. ]

I think it's important for you new people to understand that setting a foundation now will help you later. As a whole, being away from home is never preferable, but sometimes...well, it can take some time. You might be here for a few weeks, you might be here for months, or years. Hell, look at me. Up until two months ago, we'd been in the City for ages, me for almost five years, and now I'm here, and here's the five year mark.

Mind, the scenery's changed, but it's still about the same, at its heart. We're still a long way from home, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not going to let this little drawback stop me from doing what I do best -- which is making sure that we aren't a threat -- but instead a tool to help build a better, and brighter future. Which is why, if you're not careful, you'll find yourself stepping into something bigger than just being disliked by the locals. These things build up, and have distinct ripple effects on the rest of the world as a whole.

So just remember that, if you don't register. They've been kind to us so far, even with the tattoos. Let's not blow it, huh?


Mar. 4th, 2014 08:21 pm
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Where I'm from, our powers tended to manifest themselves as magic-- in fact, the only powers one could have no matter the method was magic. Magic that made you stronger. Magic spells for healing injuries and some illnesses, and even creating those ailments in the first place. Magic solely for combat. Even magic that called for creatures to aid you. It's structured, tiered even, and the more you used what magic you had with you, the more spells you learned and the stronger you became. It comes from within you and in your hands it can have an elemental affinity, if you wanted.

And yet here... it's different. Here, it's not all magic. [Hope pauses to think of how he's going to properly describe what he knows of the powers here. To be honest, he doesn't even know how to do that, so he's just going to give up, since he'll just be asking people to describe their abilities anyway.] It's... well, words fail me, to be honest.

What are your abilities like? What can you do? What are your limitations? If you had them before you arrived here, how did you come by them, and are they any different here?

I hope you don't mind me asking. I'm honestly curious, really, because magic itself is rare and in my youth, the stuff of either legends or fairy tales to scare children into behaving. Here, I imagine, powers could be anything. [And there's a small note of wonder because yes, this is all new and weird, but exciting too.]

Good morning. My name is Hope Estheim-- or Alexander, if you prefer aliases.


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