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[The feed opens to a man in a hospital room. The bed has been tilted so he can sit semi-upright, and he's been familiarizing himself with the details of his current situation. Digging through network archives was more like Karanomori's area of expertise, but he's at least managed to find the imPort FAQ, and gotten a nurse to fetch a copy of the government's welcome brochure.

Once he's gotten the gist of where he is and what's going on, he puts out a call over the network.]

This is Enforcer Kogami Shinya of CID Division 1, seeking other members of the MWPSB. If you receive this transmission, please respond.

[He's. About to shut it off there, but...he should probably....address the others on this network somehow, get more information on his fellow dimensionally kidnapped. Unfortunately, it's been three years since he's been allowed to socialize outside of the MWPSB, so he's a bit. Unsure what to say, and there's dead air for several seconds as his gaze drifts over to the window a nurse left open earlier.]

...If anyone can bring by cigarettes and a lighter, I'll pay you back later. Or you can consider me as owing you a favor.
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[The following text comes over the network.]




[AKA, if you want the key to decrypt these, you'll have to ask her. A second text comes shortly afterwards:]



DE CHIMA 9B835^%JN770Z!#



[Anyone who decrypts the nonsense hash will find locations in the four cities where Olivier has hidden caches of various weapons, most notably rifles and some rocket-propelled grenades.

Use them as you wish, as long as they're against the Soviets.

She will be responding in text to this post.]
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[A fan of the 5 o'clock news? Tuning into your favourite drama or sitcom? That's too bad, because the Soviets have something in mind. Abruptly, every single channel will go blank, only to be replaced with a single news channel. Some may recognize Tara Lynn Shaw, the All-American sweetheart from Channel 6 News with tastefully dyed red hair, dimples, and a big old smile. Her usual job is to reassure the American people that everything will be all right, from stories about rescued puppies to stories about heroic nurses going above and beyond the call of duty.

Her trademark dimples aren't on display today; her mood is distinctly somber, and the American flags in the background of her news station have been taken down, the backdrop replaced with a solid red. She stares into the camera, then looks down at the place cards in front of her.]

Good evening, citizens of America. This is the Soviet Union speaking. You have been left to run rampant for far too long, and we have seen great irresponsibility and suffering as a direct result of your actions. It is for these reasons that we have chosen to intervene.

We have established control over Nonah, Heropa, De Chima, and Maurtia Falls. You may not enter, nor may you leave, but you needn't worry. This is but the first step towards a more peaceful world. Provided you maintain the peace, no harm will come to you; you are instructed to simply continue going about your daily lives. You may find this change startling, but we assure you, you will feel used to it soon enough. If you do not maintain the peace, however, measures will be taken, measures that your previous government wholly failed to take.

ImPorts, you are to attend a 5-day Seminar at Cape Canaveral's Royal Mansions Resort beginning tomorrow at 10 AM sharp. This is not negotiable. You will not be harmed, but appropriate measures will be taken should you choose to be tardy or absent. The Porters will be available to you all, Registered or not; there are absolutely no excuses for your absence.

You will be weapons of the United States of America no longer.

[With that, the broadcast comes to a halt. No American news stations will be playing, but all non-topical entertainment will continue playing as normal.]

[OOC: While this post takes place on national television, please feel free to use this post to have your characters discuss this exciting new development!]
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Today is the second day of the second month.

[A message in the early morning. It's been a couple of months now, and he's trying to be silent - but after recent events, this is a special occasion. He's read the messages about the kidnapping, and wants to learn more about the responses flying about. People seem in two minds on the issue.

Not to occupy the domain of another Gothamite, mind.]

Given recent events, I believe it appropriate to discuss the dichotomy and dualism our community now faces.

[He switches to video. Tidy hair, a clean face, a neat black suit and a pair of leather shoes. He's scrubbed up well. He doesn't speak immediately, and his gaze doesn't stray. He leans back against his chair, crosses his right leg and steeples his fingers, which he points at the focal point of his broadcast. He speaks in a calm, level tone.]

It appears there are two moral opposites at work in this winter war. Or, as our benefactors would like us to say, mature western values against immature eastern aggression.

Given my impartiality in political matters, I'm going to address first those members of our community who recently found themselves affected by petty squabbles for power:

You have all been the victims of a grave injustice. But please, do not seek to extinguish a fire by piling on more fuel or committing further crime. I advise you all to be wary of those in positions of power who will seek to elicit a powerful emotional response. Exercise caution of anything they try to say. Trusting a basic assumption is not a logical conclusion. Seek the middle ground.

Regardless, congratulations on your safe return. I'm sure the Russians will miss you.

[A beat. He half-closes his eyes and folds his hands together in his lap.]

Now, many have spoken about the issue, but I feel we should encourage an open dialogue process. I fear an open explosion of political violence shall see an end to our peaceful coexistence with the local community. So, does anyone want to speak about how this war makes them feel?

Anyway, it's late, and I apologize if this message has disturbed anyone. I look forward to hearing from you.


Feb. 1st, 2016 12:02 pm
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[ So... the correct response to spending nine days in captivity and then getting out just in time to wallow in loneliness for your birthday is to get piss ass drunk and drunk call the entire network, right? ]

[ Right??? ]

Heeeeeeeey, guess who just turned twenty-nine, hunh? Hunh? Guess~!

[ He paused a moment for everyone to get a good look at the cheap beer he was drinking as he downed yet another can, before chucking it somewhere off screen. ]

Oh... wait, or am I twenty-eight again? I've only been twenty-eight for a few months, technically...

[ Another pause as a contemplative look came to his face, only interrupted by a hiccup. ]

Ah, who caaaares! Someone keep me company for my birthday! It's boring all by myself! C'mon, pleeeeease?

[ He's going to regret this tomorrow. ]

12, Video

Jan. 21st, 2016 12:49 am
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[Major-General Armstrong is standing in her small, Spartan office, her back to the camera. As always, she's in her blue Amestris army uniform, though this time, she's also wearing a long, dark coat lined with fur at the collar. She very deliberately reaches up to grab a long, ornately decorated saber from where it hangs on the wall.] So it's come to this.

How many of you know war, I wonder? Not the violence of a brawl, or play-acting at being heroes, but war. I know it far too well. Back where I come from, I command a fortress at the border my nation shares with its greatest enemy. Amestris and Drachma have been at varying states of war for decades.

[She turns to the camera, resting the tip of her saber on the floor.] What they do not tell you is that war is boring. If you were under my command, every day you'd sweep the battlements for icicles. You'd maintain our weapons, our tanks. You'd ensure our supplies are sufficient to withstand a siege. War is drudgery, day to day.

And then, one day, you're awoken by artillery shells exploding twenty feet from your head. You scramble for your rifle, to get dressed in the pitch black of night, wondering if the next shell is going to be twenty feet closer. You're too scared to even piss your goddamn pants. And even when your orders cut through the chaos, you won't stop being scared. But you damn well do your duty, as you've been trained.

The sound of bullets... it's a curious sound. Quite beautiful, in its way. Bullets whistle, coming past your ear. [She mimicks the sound, a little thwip, with her own mouth.] In that instant, you don't realize that hearing the bullet means that if you'd been standing six inches to the right, your brains would be over the floor. [A tiny, cold smirk tugs at her mouth.] Hearing the bullet is good, because it means you're still alive to have heard it.

This declaration of war is a declaration of war not just on this nation, but on imPorts. We are under attack, and if they want war I damn well mean to wage it.

The courageous, join me. The rest, stay behind our backs. War is no place for the weak-hearted.
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I have to say, if any week got skipped for me due to a porter - I'm glad it was last week. [He smiles grimly, not amused by his statement, and sighs.] It's been some time since I've last addressed everyone, so I'll reintroduce myself: Dr. Harrison Wells, Heropa University professor in Kinematics. If anyone wishes to attend a science lecture for free, I open my lectures to the imPort public so long as you're respectful of the enrolled students and don't cause havoc.

[The last part in particular is especially pronounced in his voice, almost like a warning. He takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes, letting the same hand shake his hair a bit between his fingers, before continuing on.]

I understand we have a lot of new people coming in, as is usual around here. December was quiet, terrorist attacks aside, but things seem "back to normal." Large scale destruction by imPorts, people confused and scared...etcetera.

I've been here close to seven months and I have to be honest: things can be better here. We can all be better. Yet if we don't start to make changes, then people like Crane and Pan will continue to cause destruction and leave us picking up the rubble after. Oh and don't worry about them popping in to gloat about how oh so special they are, and how we can never best them, because I locked this communication away from their eyes.

[He rolls his eyes and takes a breath before continuing.]

I believe new measures need to be taken to protect ourselves and to prevent other imPorts from causing chaos. Something that can work within the confines of the government that we are, on some level - like it or not, an essential part of. Surely we hold more leverage than we even know because this country would be likely ravaged without us by this point, and surely the government isn't fond of Heropa being attacked twice in the span of a month's time.

I have my own ideas, but I would like to hear what others think of what I'm saying first. I know many people here may not be fans of preventative measures, acting instead of reacting, but if we do nothing...people like Crane and Pan won't be satisfied. They enjoy the deranged things they do and they know how to make it hurt. Don't think catching them will help when the government's idea of punishment is a slap on the wrist.

For starters - prison reformation should be key.

[And he knows something about holding dangerous superpowered criminals in spaces where they can't be a threat to anyone around them.]
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[Good morning, everyone! Have a Winry with a bandanna wrapped around her head, standing in the kitchen. There's a soft 'chuff, chuff' sound coming from out of the view. Winry smiles off-screen then turns to the camera.]

Hi! I know this is short notice but I thought, since this is a big day in this world, I'd do something for it.

[She picks up the comm and turns it toward the kitchen. There are loaves of bread rising, a huge pot with steam coming out of it, and a lot of chopped up vegetables, as well as a few pie crusts, obviously ready to be filled.]

I'm making stew and bread and I'll have plenty for you if you want. If you want to come over, let me know and I'll send you the address!

[Another soft chuff off-screen, and the camera swings to show a pair of border collies, one black and white, one mottled merle.]

I do have a pair of dogs here but they're friendly if you have any pets you'd like to bring. So just give me a call and let me know!

[With that, she signs out.]
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[You know what sucks? Being told on one of your first days here that ah, no, you're going to be on a live TV show. When you have no TV experience.

That lack of experience is probably evident on Maya's face when the camera pans in on the tiny recording space, where she's sitting in a chair too big for her and wearing clothes that don't suit her. As the intro jingle ends, the camera zooms slowly in on her.]

Um... Hi.

I'm... Maya Fey, and...

[She freezes up.

It would be one thing if this was something she's excited for. Like, like being an extra in the Steel Samurai Revolution Z special movie that was due next fall. That would be something. But this... this is out of nowhere, after she's been told she's living with an Edgeworth that doesn't remember her and that Phoenix is nowhere to be found.

This sucks.

Past the camera, someone hisses, Read the prompter!

Maya nods.]

I'm Maya Fey, and this is, uh... That's So Maya, Millennial.... Mysticism.

[The same voice hisses, energy!

And Maya's face sours. Well! It's not like they've given her all that much prompting before now, since they rushed her and wouldn't listen to her, but... here goes.]

I'm here to take your questions about love, money, and your fu... what?

[She frowns again at the screen.]

I thought I said, I'm not that kind of--

[The feed flicks off for a minute, reading Technical Difficulties. When it flicks back on, Maya is smiling, sitting more comfortably in her seat, like a cat. Like a cat about to enact some revenge.]

Hello everyone! Sorry for that delay. I'm Maya Fey, your host for Millennial Mysticism! Which, I might add, could have had a better title. Just saying.

I'm here to take your questions about love and money and all of that! So if you're ready to have your privacy spilled out all over public broadcast, just call in!

[And with a grin like a cheshire cat, she puts her hands together.]

Thanks so much for your calls ahead of time! Let's look forward to a bright future together, okay?

[You wanted energy, news team. Here's energy.

OOC: Feel free to call in with a question to have her answer on air... and don't worry, she'll get herself introduced to everyone a bit more properly in the future. Some test drive threads are being used as canon as well, so it's ok if people have recognised her from around the streets of Heropa recently. ]

11, Audio

Oct. 2nd, 2015 12:16 pm
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This is Major-General Armstrong.

Yesterday, an imPort tribunal, in accordance with the laws and regulations of this world and this nation, found Dr. Jonathan Crane guilty of multiple crimes too numerous to list here. [She sets her jaw, and her tone is slightly sour in the next part; she's not happy about the leniency of the sentence.] According to the laws governing imPorts, he'll be held in prison for two months with a further two months' house arrest. He'll be observed as necessary and will undergo close psychiatric monitoring, while separated from non-imPort prisoners and kept under guard.

That's all. Armstrong out.

[Such a weak sentence. She doesn't understand why the local laws for imPorts are so toothless. She'd have just shot him, herself.]
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[Pacifica isn't quite ready for her 'grand entrance' on the network, so to speak, which is why this is just text, mid-morning. Eventually she will make said glorious first impression. She hopes. But she has to be ready first.]

Okay, so. Hi. I'm new to this ridiculousness and I've got some questions.

First, did anybody else's powers not come with any directions? I figured out one of them, but the other two don't make any sense or have like, any hints how to use them. At all. Which is stupid.

I mean, I'm sure I can figure it out eventually but...who know how long that could take.

[Not that she likes asking for help, but she was tired of banging her head against this particular wall.]

Right, and the other thing, do we have to do the job on our papers? 'cause student I'm great at but the other one sounds ridiculous. And like, beneath me. Really beneath me.

I am nobody's golf club shiner.
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Hi everyone. I came home from work today and.

[She stops to keep her voice from quavering. But she can get this out. She actually manages to sound bright as she says it.]

It looks like Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, has gone back home.

[Private to Olivier Armstrong, Roy Mustang, and Riza Hawkeye:]

If there's anything of his from the alchemy workshop, let me know. I'm sure he'd be happy for you to have it.
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Crane is no longer on the loose. He's in my custody.

My custody, as I'm sure will be illuminated to me, is not lawful, nor is it constructive. It's my belief that Crane needs structured punishment for what he has done: a trial, imprisonment, and psychiatric help. Not a pitchfork carrying mob and a chopping block.

Crane is from my world, and I know him. I know the scope of his threat, and his madness. I also know that what's in store for him is unacceptable in the state it currently exists. I want to surrender him - I will surrender him - but I have demands regarding his treatment that RISE will sustain, if they want my cooperation. This is my letter to RISE discussing my terms.

Letter to RISE which is also visible to public )

I don't think anything I'm asking for is beyond reason. They are concerns everyone here should have with the criminal justice system that they themselves allowed to take hold, and will be held accountable to if they break the law - as I have.

If you want Crane, then RISE needs only state it's intention to cooperate, prepare its tribunal, and in seven days I will hand him over to face the people's justice. If you want to come after me instead, then you can expect a fight.

"Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both." That is all I'm asking for. Much is being done to rebuild in De Chima, the families of the people he hurt continue to need your help, but justice for them and justice for Crane are the same thing, and one cannot be leveled for the sake of revenge for the other.


[ OOC: The OOC planning post for this plot resolution is here. I'll add other OOC notes if more planning posts/network conversation goes up as a response just to keep everything tidy. Have at it! ]
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For those of you who don't know me, I'm Miles Edgeworth, and I had the misfortune of meeting with our "esteemed" Doctor Crane before he unleashed his research on the university. Seeing as he's still on the loose, here's what I've observed about some of his abilities. Unfortunately, my knowledge is limited, at best. If anyone can elaborate, it would be most appreciated.

1) He has a connection of some kind to crows, and in the past, has used them to spy on others and collect information. He may simply be able to communicate with them, though others have suggested shapeshifting as a possibility. From what I've observed, though, the former seems more likely.

2) He can affect people's emotions with a single touch. In my experience, he was able to instill an almost supernatural calm in me. I do not know if this is the extent of his control, or if he can influence other emotions, as well. It seems that skin to skin contact is required for this ability to take effect, but I still recommend caution, just in case I happen to be mistaken.

While I shared this information with RISE, I apologize for not sharing it with the general public earlier. I also apologize to everyone who was concerned about me and Kay Faraday. I should have announced my presence, and shared what I found out, much earlier.

Speaking of Ms Faraday, she and Franziska von Karma were sent back home earlier this month, for those who missed it. Her own murder of crows seem to be lingering around, though; if anyone is concerned about the differences between her birds and Crane's, please contact me privately.

[The message is a bit late for Kay and Franziska's friends; the would have noticed their absence by now. However, that last message isn't intended for friends, exactly]

10, Audio

Aug. 15th, 2015 02:12 pm
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[There's no introduction, no time wasted on pleasantries.] This is Armstrong. There's been a gas attack at the University grounds in De Chima that's causing hallucinations, some kind of mass hysteria. I have gas masks and tranquilizer rifles located at the West entrance to keep the peace.

I need a goddamn situation report and I need it ten minutes ago.

[Those who want to get a resupply from Olivier can find her exactly where she said she'll be .]
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So... I guess it's been a while since I posted here. Hi.

I just thought I'd... get in touch with everyone. It's been kind of crazy lately, so I wanted to make sure everyone was okay.

[There's an audible mew from somewhere offscreen and suddenly the frame is knocked sideways, then flat, pointing up at the ceiling. A kitten peers into it, and Riku sighs quietly, reaching over to gather the little black cat to him and, with the other hand, readjust the feed.]

Oh. Um, this is Atoli, formerly known as Nevermore. I got her from the Pines. She's pretty cute.

[He looks thoughtful for a moment, then nods.]

I've also decided to start holding swimming lessons for imPorts, so if you're interested, I'll be holding sessions at the Nonah training facility's pool. They're free, so if you can't swim, you can send me a message.

That's it, I think. Let me know, okay?


Aug. 5th, 2015 07:20 pm
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[Camera comes on, and Red is in a small boutique clothing store. Before she started filming her network post, a helpful bohemian type clerk tried to do as the adjective suggests and help her. But Red, already frustrated with such a foreign land as a boutique clothing shop, had snapped at her so badly the clerk had huffed off to the back of the store, leaving Red all alone.

And now that Red actually needs help and none is to be found, not even another customer, she is going to her fellow imPorts for it. She still sounds more than a little perturbed.]

Now, I ain't no shop owner nor shop worker of any sort, but one would figger you'd wanna have some sorta help to be a-helpin' customers. But maybe this is some ancient history trend I ain't aware of: leave folks hangin' with questions about yer sundries and wares so they eventually ain't gonna buy it. Maybe keeps yer store lookin' nice an' full.

[You can just feel that sarcasm dripping. Is she going to tell the side of the story where she chased off the salesperson? No, of course not.]

So, I need help from you folks. [She holds up a mass of fabric. A dress, a skirt and a top, respectively.] What colors're these? Be honest, now, dun make a gal leave a store with a neon pink that'll make plants wither an' young'uns weep.

An' once y'all sussed out those answers fer me.... [A pause. She's more unsure of asking the following question than she was the question relating to a vision deficiency. She's used to the former, not the latter.] What one you reckon looks better on someone what has similar physical attributes to me? Fer dates an' swear-ins where they turn ya away fer wearin' a duster an' jeans an' such.
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Does this everyone really seeing this?

[The voice is soft and hoarse with tears. The voice is also unfamiliar, as is the face it belongs too. Kristin is in what is now her room, lights dimmed to near non-existence. She's been holed up in there for some time, trying to pull herself together - but her head is pounding under the weight of hundreds, thousands of details about this place she's found herself in.

But being alone isn't helping her figure all of this out, either.]

Listen, I...I really think there's been some mistake. I'm not...I'm not some hero, I'm a file clerk. I don't belong here, I belong back at the GCPD, in my room, where everything is organized exactly how I want it. Where everything makes sense.

[New tears well up, and she cringes away briefly from the camera, puling off her glasses as if somehow doing it will help this time. It doesn't.]

...Why did they pick me?


Aug. 4th, 2015 09:49 am
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Hullo, everyone. It's Kitty. I've not been around for a little while, but - I'm back now. In Heropa. And, erm - just for anyone who cares - both Mandrake and Bartimaeus have gone home. So I'm the only one left from my world now.

[ Her expression following that announcement is a mixture of disgust (because that sounded dreary and pathetic, didn't it) and sadness. Then, with a little shake of her head (you can practically hear her telling herself to stiffen her upper lip) she continues on: ]

Right. So - all right. I recently made a rumblr - that's an account on the website rumblr-dot-com - and I've actually managed to get quite a few followers. It turns out people are completely mad for having imPorts friended on social media. Anyway, it's actually really great - there are lots of really worthy causes out there, and when I pick them up they get spread around pretty nicely. It keeps this celebrity thing from being overbearingly stupid. I generally ask my followers to bring causes to my attention. This week I'm trying to help raise funds for maintaining latrines in areas where people practice open defecation. A lack of proper sanitation is linked incredibly closely to higher rates of infant mortality and shorter lifespans, but a billion people in the world live without access to it. And it doesn't take all that much money to make a change. So I'm trying to raise funds for that this week. Next week, we're going to be taking a look at raising money to help with mass deworming.

My rumblr is called 'therealkittyjones,' if anyone wants to follow me.

I'm also looking for people to help out with some fundraising for these causes. I've been in touch with a radio station, and I'm thinking we ought to do a celebrity version of two truths and a lie - in honor of all that rubbish at the last swear-in, you know. What happens is you come onto the program and you give me two true statements and one lie. Listeners go online and they wager five dollars on which one's the lie. If they get it right, they get an autographed picture of you, and if they get it wrong then their money just goes to charity. You'll also put up some of your own money, and if I manage to guess on-air which one's the lie you have to donate too. I've gotten asks for some of the imPorts in particular - [ She leans forward and clicks to another window on her communicator, her eyes moving as she reads. ] So, Superman, Mr Stark, Mr Hundred, Mr Wayne, Mr Gamagori, Mr Taylor, Mr Xanatos, Mr Callaghan, consider yourselves called out - you know, reading off all those men, I just realized how sexist my followers are, eurgh. There are a few women on this list too, but not nearly enough. Olivier, Sabriel, Power Girl...Actually, you know, pretty much everybody's interesting to the locals. I think all of you are on here, the list is like five pages long. We've just got far too many men here, haven't we?

[ And she sits back, her eyes focusing as she comes back to the window of her webcam. ]

Anyway, it'll only take about an hour of your time, and it's for a good cause. A series of good causes. Plus you'll get to talk about yourself, and I've never met anyone who wasn't at least a little bit obsessed with themselves. So...let me know if you're interested and I'll set up all the details.

Right. Anyway, thanks for listening.

002 - Audio

Aug. 3rd, 2015 12:21 am
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[It's time to play the 'who's awake at 1 AM' game! If you're not, Tetsuo's talking softly enough that it might not wake you. If you want to see or answer this later in the day when normal people are awake, feel free, but please specify.]

Everybody's got powers, right? That's why they want us to stick around...

[You can just hear how much he likes that prospect. He all but spits those last two words out like it's a curse.]

So anyway, I'm curious.

How many of you have 'side effects' from them? Anybody know? I know there's gotta be more than one... but it's not all of you, is it?

I - nnghh. I wanna know why that is... why's it only some people?


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