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Dec. 4th, 2015 03:25 pm
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[The video clicks on to show a young man in a black cowl whose mouth is speckled with blood. Sure, there appears to have been an attempt to clean it off before turning the feed on, but he's missed quite a few spots. No matter, Midnighter has more important things to attend to.]

Hate to break it to any of you who actually knew him, which from what I can gather is a grand total of 3 of you, but the last guy with my name is gone. Apparently whoever the hell it is that brings us here liked me better. Probably because it seems like that guy makes me look like Booster freaking Gold. For everyone else, name's Midnighter. I've already done my homework and gotten the basics, so no need for anyone to give me a big speech.

That said, two questions:

[He holds up a gloved hand, palm facing him, as he counts his questions off with his fingers. He does this mostly because he realizes his palm is also caked in blood from touching his wound. Unfortunately, there's some on the back of his glove too.]

1. When the time comes and you so graciously choose not to become a government puppet, how exactly do you get around to the other Porter cities? From what I can gather, the porters are a puppet-only privilege.

2. Where does a guy go to have some fun around here? I was just about to get into an extremely messy breakup, and I could really use the stress relief.

[Does he mean punching or partying? With him, it's impossible to tell.]

I'll also accept recommendations for a good place to eat.

Oh, and anyone with business with the other guy can take it up with me. Figure it's the least I can do.

[Rubs some of the dried blood off his mouth with a fisted hand before turning off the feed.]

((OOC: Midnighter has a permissions post, and I'd really appreciate it if you could fill it out when you get the chance. Thanks!))
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[ The video opens to a man in bug goggles and a baby blue cowl sitting in a pretty nondescript living room—no decorations or anything in sight, so he must be really new. ]

Hi there. The name's Blue Beetle. I'm a new arrival, and as I'm sure you can imagine, I have a lot of questions. But there's one really awkward one I'd like to get out of the way right from the start.

So: who else is supposed to be dead right now?

003; VIDEO

Nov. 2nd, 2015 08:24 pm
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[When the video turns on, Normie’s sitting in front of an impeccable desk, with a stunning view of De Chima behind him courtesy of the floor-to-ceiling windows in his office. Yes, sadly he’s at work, attempting to catch up on everything he’s missed in the past month. Still, he’s managed to find time to send out a video to the network. Why no, he isn’t procrastinating. What makes you say that?]

So it appears that I’ve lost almost the entire month of October here, thanks to getting ported out. While I’d be lying if I didn’t say it wasn’t nice to see all of my friends from back home again, even if it was like a day and a half, I’m weirdly glad to be back. Not going to lie, I never thought I’d say that.

Anyway, sorry if I scared anyone with my unexpected absence, especially you, Riku.

I’m slowly working my way through old network posts to see what I missed, but if anyone would be so kind as to fill me in on any of the highlights… or well, with this place, asking for lowlights would probably be a good idea too, I’d appreciate it. Man, I gotta admit I’m a little peeved I missed Halloween. It was nowhere near October back home, so technically I missed it twice. Guess my costume’s just going to collect mothballs until next year. Uh, well, if I’m still here, that is. I’m totally eating the candy, though. There has to be some perk to all of this.

[Normie fidgets, attempting to think of something else to say. Someone clearly doesn’t want to go back to work. ]

Oh, seeing as I missed all of the new arrivals last month, I should probably introduce myself. Normie Osborn. I’m currently the Vice President of OsCorp. We specialize in chemical R&D and distribution, electrical engineering, and tech development. While we’re obviously looking for anyone who specializes in any of those fields, even if you’re not and you’re looking for a job, talk to me and we’ll see if we can’t work something out.

[ It’s probably just your imagination that he doesn’t seem to put his all into that pitch.]

With that out of the way, I’m also a mechanical engineer, so if you need anything created or repaired, I’d be more than willing to help you with that. Do you have any idea how much a month’s worth of paperwork is? It’s not pretty. Someone please help by distracting me with something cool to make or fix. Or anything, really. I’m not picky at this point.

[Normie looks down at the stack of said papers, just off screen, and it reminds him of something. ]

Oh, one more thing real fast, because by now I’ve really gone on for far too long… I had been planning on creating a STEM program aimed at getting kids here more into STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education if you haven’t heard of the acronym before, but seriously thanks to this unexpected hiatus my planning’s gone sideways. Would this be something anyone else would be interested in helping me get off the ground? I was thinking of an organization that would create after school programs and workshops that would be low cost or free to the kids attending, but I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks guys. I’m done now, I promise.

[Sigh. Time to go back to work.

For now.
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[ in front of barry is a rather large bowl of candy. it's clear that some candy ( half the bowl ) has been eaten and not just because barry happens to be eating some right when the video starts. call it him getting in the halloween spirit via candy meant for other people. he'll buy some more later. ]

Halloween is in two days, if I haven't forgotten a day or two or it isn't the wrong day. I know a reasonable amount of us are adults who are too adult to dress up or if we do dress up it's just for maybe a costume party. And those of us who aren't, just don't want to dress up or think they're too mature for it.

[ barry pauses to eat yet another chocolate bar before continuing. ]

But I like to think some of us are kids at heart. You don't have to have superheroes at home, it can apply to just here. Maybe you're a superhero at home and have other ones you just like enough to have thought about what I'm to ask.

My question is one that I only have a chance to ask around Halloween without it being weird and off topic. How many of you have wanted to dress up as a superhero before? And if you already were a superhero, have you ever wanted to dress up as another one. Just for Halloween or a costume party or whatever.

[ a pause and another candy bar is eaten. ]

You don't have to answer if you're too mature but if I'm willing to admit as a 25 year old that I've wanted to do that even today, I think some of you can admit it too. You could even do it on private, I won't tell a soul because it's a little rude to tell other people's secrets. I just want to know because Halloween's supposed to be fun, and it sounds like a fun thing to do.

Chapter 2

Sep. 21st, 2015 02:26 am
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Well, it's hard to believe it's already been a month since I arrived. I suppose if I'm really going to stay here and fulfill my duties as the superhero this city deserves, then I need to have some semblance of normalcy as well!

Therefore, I require the services of a maid.

-Must be female
-Must be able to cook
-Must enjoy cleaning
-Must have a bubbly personality
-Must be willing to become a model for occasional drawing/writings
-High school students welcome
-Uniform optional

If interested, please report to Maurtia Falls, Residence #002 and ask for Shigure Sohma, or simply contact me.

001; AUDIO

Sep. 17th, 2015 08:14 pm
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Captain's log: Date... Grif, what day is it?!-- Anyway. So, we seem to have been drafted for another intergalactic war. It's harrowing, but I think I'm up for the task. Still.

I hope you realize by now that no one is actually going to care about anything you're up to. Also, I'm pretty sure they just want us to fight Russians or something. Intergalactic is way overselling yourself.

Oh, my god, shut up! Anyway, the reason we're here, talking to you, is that there seeeeems to have been a mix-up. See, we've been housed with someone from the Blue team. And our armor is red. So. I mean, it's an easy mistake to make, and I'm not trying to question authority, but, I mean. Maybe you could move Tucker to... a different room?

We deal with their dumb problems enough as it is, there has to be a line drawn somewhere. I tell you what, first person that wants a Tucker of their very own is free to take him. I'm pretty sure he's housebroken, so all you have to do is feed him or whatever. You have to be able to get that on your own, by the way, we already claimed the stuff here.

Is there any of that pizza left?--Should I even ask--No, no, nevermind. I know better. Anyway, yeah, if someone could just drop by, we don't really care who takes him. Blue teeeam, Freeelancer, wild boaaaars. Whatever.

[ooc note: this is a joint post for Grif and Simmons, so replies will come from either/both!!]
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[OOC: This post is backdated to yesterday -- that is to say, before Batman's post on the newest volume of Crane shenanigans!]

[For once, Jaime's not looking pensive when he turns on the communicator, nor is he inside his home. He's just outside his home - which is Heropa #015 for all his lucky, lucky neighbors - standing in front of his front door. He gives the camera a singularly unimpressed look.]

You know what? I wasn't gonna say anything, but I think I have to share, because someone decided that my house needed a little improving. Check this out.

[He swings open the front door, and Journey's DON'T STOP BELIEVING automatically begins to play.]

Which, you know, ha ha. Very funny. But wait! There's more!

[Welcome to his home, imPorts, because you're getting a little walkthrough. He swings open the door to his living room, and goes up the stairs to open the doors of the bedrooms and bathrooms, though he doesn't focus the camera on anything in particular.

As he opens the door, one by one, more Journey songs begin to play.

There's a lot.

Jaime gives the screen an exaggerated smile.]

Oh, but that's not all. It gets better. [He runs back down the stairs, throws open the basement door, and louder than any of the other songs, a popular ditty by good old Rick begins to play. All of the songs are playing at once now in a blaring cacophony of noise. It's awful. There should never be so many guitar riffs in one place.]

Why is this happening to me. I can't get them to turn off! Any of them! [He points accusingly at the screen.] Wally, I freakin' know this was you! Get your ass over here and fix it!

[It was Wally, true, but it was also Mr. Tadashi Sweet As Sugar Hamada. He just hasn't figured it out yet.]
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Crane is no longer on the loose. He's in my custody.

My custody, as I'm sure will be illuminated to me, is not lawful, nor is it constructive. It's my belief that Crane needs structured punishment for what he has done: a trial, imprisonment, and psychiatric help. Not a pitchfork carrying mob and a chopping block.

Crane is from my world, and I know him. I know the scope of his threat, and his madness. I also know that what's in store for him is unacceptable in the state it currently exists. I want to surrender him - I will surrender him - but I have demands regarding his treatment that RISE will sustain, if they want my cooperation. This is my letter to RISE discussing my terms.

Letter to RISE which is also visible to public )

I don't think anything I'm asking for is beyond reason. They are concerns everyone here should have with the criminal justice system that they themselves allowed to take hold, and will be held accountable to if they break the law - as I have.

If you want Crane, then RISE needs only state it's intention to cooperate, prepare its tribunal, and in seven days I will hand him over to face the people's justice. If you want to come after me instead, then you can expect a fight.

"Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both." That is all I'm asking for. Much is being done to rebuild in De Chima, the families of the people he hurt continue to need your help, but justice for them and justice for Crane are the same thing, and one cannot be leveled for the sake of revenge for the other.


[ OOC: The OOC planning post for this plot resolution is here. I'll add other OOC notes if more planning posts/network conversation goes up as a response just to keep everything tidy. Have at it! ]
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(A soft though hardly gentle voice appears on the network. His tone is cold - cutting - probing for information without giving away any information on himself. This is a practiced art.)

I have seen that I am not alone in being summoned unceremoniously from my home. (Home is an interesting word for his current abode. Until the war is finished and he is victorious, he cannot expect to have that sort of stability. But why reveal that?) I seek answers for this strange occurrence.

(And not the sort that say "you were brought here by [insert higher power here]". He wants to know how and why. Specifically.)

Magic is not unknown to me, however the presence of a separate world is...a unique finding. We can make a trade if you so wish for pertinent information, but keep in mind that patience is not a virtue I ascribe to any longer.

(Not with Dumbledore dead and so many possibilities at his fingertips.)

I am not comfortable giving my name for various reasons. (Just in case someone from his world is present.) I hope you will adhere to my wish and not ask for it.

Yet, if you wish to know about Magic, I am happy to show you what a Wizard can do. I know not all are blessed with powers and I think it is better to be informed than not.

(There is a hint of amusement at the end of that statement and he falls silent, waiting for answers to come.)


Sep. 15th, 2015 04:45 pm
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[Please witness a one Billy Kaplan. He is covered - well, not head to toe, but there's plenty of uh-

...sewage, let's just say, smeared on him. In varying degrees. It's gross. At least this video doesn't have smell-o-vision. But whatever, he looks exhausted.]


Okay, I fixed it, you guys can relax around your toilets now, okay? They should all be not-alive anymore. If there are any that are still chomping or trying to murder people, let me know, but seriously, if that's the case, that might not be my magic.

[He runs his hand through his hair and realizes-]

Oh, that's disgusting-

[And the video cuts out.]

[ooc: thank you for participating in this dumb plot! With this post, all toilets should be no longer alive, but wherever they were when his spell broke is where they'll stay until moved back. Feel free to harass him to help move things where they belong!! Also, any destruction caused by the toilets has not been fixed, either.]
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There are a lot of new people on the network, so hello! I'm Akito!

Welcome to this super weird place!

Make sure to watch out for the psychopaths and the toilets!

I started up an extreme parkour and skating account on Instagram since people were interested... The username is 'sharkour' and I update whenever I think of it!

Does anyone want to be SnapChat friends?

I also have a Twitter now! Does anyone know of good accounts to follow? Right now it seems really lame...

A question for people with passive abilities! How do you manage them? Do you have any control of them? If you do, did you always or did you have to work at it?

That's everything! Thank you.

((ooc: just assume the social media names he uses are whatever name they are in this world! :|b))
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[ Someone's going all selfie feed with his comm, and all that can be seen is Robbie's smiling face, the pole that he's leaning against, and the big, blue sky behind him. ]

Hang onto your garters, Heropa, because the Porter's taking another ride on the B-train. That's right, ladies, Robbie B is back on the Network for your viewing pleasure and continual amazement. You can try to mask your marvel, that's okay. I know you don't want to get flustered in public.

[ He gives the comm a wink, because it seems like the place for one. ]

I wish I could tell you that I missed you more than you missed me, but - look, if it wasn't for the fact that I wound up back at the completely not secret government HQ for the Porter, I wouldn't be sure that I hadn't hallucinated the whole "home" snippet. Then, I come to find out that I've been gone over a month?

[ Robbie blows an exasperated foo of air through barely open lips; the bonus is that it gets his hair out of his eyes.]

It is kind of lame. Next time, skip me like a hundred years in the future back home. I've been promised hydrogen cars for the common man and at least 15 different people have sworn to take over the world. What did I miss here? Don't tell me, there was a party for the new imPorts, and we were all invited and plied with food and promises for a better, brighter, bigger American tomorrow.

Was there a ticker tape explosion? I've always wanted a gen-u-ine ticker tape parade, and this atomic age retro glam - AARG is such a great acronym for this place - universe seems like the kind of place where I could get one. I need to work on that.
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[ The alias attached to the entry reads only Scarlet Witch, no name given. The alias is a relic, a token from the old days when she and Pietro shouted revolution from the rooftops. After HYDRA, Wanda didn't think she had anything to fear anymore. No cell could hold her, no bullets could touch her. Together, she and Pietro were invincible. No one could hurt them again.

Then, she came here. ]

today i have learned that in america, a hero is someone who grows fat and lazy off the praises that are given to him, but he has not earned. for this, a hero will give away his freedom.

[ Though she does not fear as she once did, Wanda doesn't accept the tattoo on her wrist easily. Rather than being gunned down in the streets, the masses of "imPorts" allow themselves to be cataloged and controlled -- even those that profess to be unhappy with their enslavement. They say things like, "it could be worse," using that to justify their own slothfulness.

It could always be worse. That doesn't make it right. ]

where i am from, the avengers are so high in their tower that humans appear to them only as little ants. the complacency i see here is worse, i think.

where do i find a true hero?
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[there are two posts to the network, one after another. she's been struggling with navigating the communicator for a while now, but she thinks she's managed to bruteforce the basics of the interface. a young woman speaks up, apparently the camera's only got the top of her head in frame.]

Um... hello? Is this thing... wait... [she stops the broadcast, playing it back for herself before she starts another post. this time it's aimed properly, and she's definitely sure it's going. Cassandra's sitting outside a beachside cafe in Heropa on a bright and sunny afternoon. wearing a tacky pair of cheap sunglasses with the Flash's symbol on them - imPort tourist crap at its finest - and drinking a cold bubble tea.

best to play the naive newcomer swept up by all this hero stuff.

Hi. I'm Cassandra. I've been... lurking? [is that the word she wants...] For a few days now. Settling in. I have to say, this is... different, next to Gotham and Blüdhaven.

Hi, roommates, if you're... watching this. I haven't been around. Sorry. Between work, and... rehearsal, it's-- [she shrugs. surely they know how it is. or at least, they might think they do, which is good enough for her. looong sip from her straw.]

Anyway. I know some of the... names I've heard, but I've also heard we have... alternate universes? Even among us. What can you tell me?

001 | Video

Jun. 4th, 2015 09:42 pm
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[The camera clicks to show a close-up of a nice shot of leather crotch, which quickly whips upwards to show a white crescent insignia on top of a gray upside down triangle. Look, he hasn't exactly needed to frame himself for a glorified skype conversation before, all right? The Authority would usually just headmail each other.

After a moment more of fidgeting, showing off some various shots of the strangers black trench coat, the camera finally makes its way up to his cowled face--a very, very unhappy cowled face.

Look, you can all just skip the multiverse pep talk. Until yesterday I lived in the goddamn Bleed between realities, and me and four alternate versions of myself play poker every other Thursday. I'm familiar with the concept.

What I want is how exactly they brought us here. An Earth alternate too stupid to get itself out of the cold war shouldn't have the technology to snatch people from other dimensions.

[Especially without the Authority knowing about it. But he decides to keep that little piece of information to himself, because it's none of their fucking business.]

I tried asking the woman that brought me here, but she was too busy trying to explain to me what a gee golly great place America was. Give me answers and maybe I won't find trying this thing a major waste of my time.

[Goes to hang up, but stops at the last second, and adds:] Speaking of, don't tell me any of you actually bought that bullshit. There's no such thing as a free lunch, kids.

[And with that, he turns the feed off.]
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[ The screen flickers on to a face that’s as pure America as apple pie. With his wide jaw set at a stiff angle and his blond hair all a mess after facing the abuse of a helmet for far too long, Steve stares down into the endless abyss of an open video communication log. He’s not exactly comfortable with this, but he can’t think of a much better way to find familiar faces besides going door to door -- not that he didn’t consider it. Briefly. ]

This is Captain Steve Rogers. I’m looking for members of my team; we were separated before I arrived here.

[ He’s not naming names; at least one person on said team goes by well over a dozen of them, and he’s pretty sure she’d snap his neck in six places if he even so much as uttered one of them on an unsecure channel. ]

Near as I can tell, most everybody here has been dragged away from their lives to fight somebody else’s war by a governing body that doesn't seem keen on so much as a “please” and “thank you;” if I’m wrong about that, I’d love to hear about it. If I’m not, I’d certainly like to hear more about that, too. So whatever information you’ve got, I’ll take it.

[ What do you say from here? After a long and somewhat frustrated silence, he closes with: ]

Over and out.


May. 26th, 2015 08:35 pm
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I've been an attorney for fifteen years. And I'll admit there were times when I thought about running for DA, or for mayor, but I've never really been a policy-maker. Maybe it's because so many policy-makers seem to make decisions with their heads firmly entrenched somewhere— you can fill in where on your own— because sadly, it seems like nobody has bothered to learn anything from history. Not their own, and not ours. Which, when you've had the catastrophic champion of a previous registration attempt hanging around drooling to toss in his two cents, the opportunity is quite clearly there. I'm sure he'll have something to say any minute.

[ Matt hopes he does. Matt sure as hell has a lot to say to him, right now. But he carries on in the calm, courtroom voice in the meantime. ]

So let's talk about all the things they didn't mention in that press release, because I for one would like to know:

- How are they going to enforce this effectively without tracking everyone's status extensively?
- How extensively have they been tracking this in the first place?
- How is a registered imPort going to know that the possible costumed Import is or isn't a vigilante? "Let's you and him fight"? I can see the lawsuits piling up already.
- How will they know who to target?
- Where is the oversight for this program? Who is giving the orders and passing out the information? How do we know that they're getting it right and not just adding names on a list?
- Alternatively, haven't they just handed registered imPorts license to go after who they want?
- What reasonable basis is there to consider that "registration" is an effective criteria for trusting that an individual has the training or effective judgment necessary to be trusted with what is essentially a law enforcement task? Is that really a trustworthy reason to believe someone can carry out their job?

And, most importantly:

- When mistakes are made, who the hell's going to be held accountable?

You see, I was there when the Superhuman Registration Act passed in my universe, and I was there when they tried to pass registration acts for mutants again and again before that. And when the costumed community turned on itself, it wasn't always heroes bringing in their former friends. They allowed criminals to become part of the program to hunt down the noncompliant based on a flimsy pretext— people who had spent lengthy periods in jail, mass murderers and a cannibal alien and a mad man who put on a goblin costume and went on to blow up Asgard. So you'll forgive me if I don't look at this and think it's an effective solution to the problem. Because I want to know the details. I want to know that this isn't going to become the same unconstitutional, poorly-organized clusterfuck I've already witnessed once.


May. 26th, 2015 04:17 pm
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[Kate actually knows she shouldn't do this. She knows she shouldn't, but she goes ahead and does it anyway.]

A year ago, I made a post on here. I talked about a different world, and I talked about a different registration act. In my world, good people who refused to register were assaulted, brought down, and meant to be delivered to a dangerous and terrible prison until they submitted. My friends and I were among the first to refuse to register, and we were lucky enough to be rescued. I never registered, and it turned out that everything associated with the act was ... bad.

For that reason, among others, I've refused to register here. We don't belong in this world, and our hands are being forced on the matter. The government has used us without divulging information openly, and they've even put us into psychological games. Just last April, everyone was asked to play a game. Did you feel like a rat in a cage? And last June, people were asked to play a war game without being told of the very real consequences: that with every shot, we'd feel what it was like to have a real bullet tearing into us. And at the end of the game, you either won or you experienced true death before you woke up.

[Her voice here intensifies in its anger.]

And now ... now, a year later, we're in another game. We're in the reality of that paintball game. See, it was imPort versus imPort, and here we are again. We're having our hands forced because even if we've been helping one another, and helping the citizens of the world, we should be brought in. None of the vigilantes I know kill. We all help, doing what we can, and it's the government who defines our behavior, and who decides that we should adhere to their laws. And why? Is there any reason that we should? We didn't consent to these tattoos. We've been going along with what they've wanted for ages.

So, this is what I'm asking the government to do. You have the list of vigilantes. Why don't you bring us in yourself? Why use other imPorts? You can capture us, right?

Because honestly, that's what I'd like to know. Obviously, you want something for this, so everyone, let's guess! Because it looks like they want a Civil War among us. I guess they really didn't think it through, even with cautionary tales already ready in their midst.

[When she cuts the feed, it switches to text, providing a link to her previous words on the matter. Cautionary tales are even sourced!]

[ video ]

May. 1st, 2015 04:39 am
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So Emma's - Emma Frost, I mean - She's gone. I think. It's been like a week now, and I dunno if she got sick or... Anyway, I tried looking around for like a will or instructions or whatever but I can't find anything that says what the hell she wanted to do with this place if she ever went missing.

Which means... I guess... The Xavier School's gonna have to close. Unless there's somebody else out there who's got some experience running a school, 'cause I sure as hell don't.

Anybody living in the dorms: don't worry, okay, we're good to keep living here. Financially, at least, everything's paid for and they won't be shutting off the water or the lights or anything. It's just classes are cancelled. Indefinitely, I guess. or 'til we find a new Headmaster.

Okay, aside from that, I'm still around if anybody needs healing. Don't worry about infecting me. I'm good.


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