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May. 25th, 2015 07:35 pm
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[Zoom in on River Tam, drawing a superhero costume that looks pretty much like a rainbow threw up on it and then dumped it in a pile of glitter. It is not reasonable for any purpose and looks like something a five-year-old would design (albeit a five-year-old with the drawing skills of a reasonably-talented teenage girl).

So of course River is considering it. She glances at the camera and says, seriously:]
I’d need a suit. The uniform is a symbol, it tells people what you are. Symbols are important. Symbolic meaning, connotations – they’re all related. [She sketches little wings onto the design.] Can’t be... [She taps her pencil against the paper, trying to figure out what the words are. They’re there, she just has to catch them.] ...too dark. Has to say, we’re here to help.

[Are they? Here to help? Her voice goes low, quiet:] Symbols get... confused. Don’t know what they mean. You can tell them, but they don’t... listen. It’s listening. That’s important. Connotations, denotations. It’s all in the symbols.

[Ladies and gentlemen: someone who should not be allowed out on your streets patrolling.]
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[ The video feed, from the point of view of her vision, doesn't open up to much. The best a viewer can tell is that she's sitting on the edge of a building, not too high up so as to suffer vertigo, and one leg dangles over the edge while the other has its foot pressed to the wall. People occasionally walk through the alley, none of them the savory sort judging from looks alone. ]

If you could go back to a time you look back on in shame, would you undo it entirely or redo it better than you did before?
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[ the camera clicks on to kanaya sitting behind the bar in the devil's nest, the only light in the room emanating from her skin, illuminating the bar and casting long shadows around her. hard to say whether she's having a late night or a very early morning, as she tends to do both.

there's something a bit off about her manner, a little lazy and limp, slouching a bit much for her generally prim posture. it's probably related to the glass of too red wine in front of her, the half-empty bottle of cabernet sauvignon next to the metal flask she seems to carry everywhere. her tone is quiet and pensive, putting a lot of effort into keeping her words coherent. it's an important topic she's discussing today.

So I think we can all recognize at this point that Earth is very fond of its holidays, but of the lot I think it's Mother's Day I find the most...challenging. On my worst days, I'd regard it with hostility, as if the very idea that motherhood is something to be celebrated is in itself obscene. But, that. That isn't right. My problem has always been that I've grown too bitter, it clouds the perspective. And even I have had the good fortune to know many lovely mothers, even if I wasn't able to become one myself.

[ her eyes have been lingering on her drink this whole time, swishing it around in a circle, but now she finally looks at the camera. ]

What I mean to say is isn't unlikely, or even uncommon, for others to have more pleasant associations with motherhood. Happier stories to share, enough to fill an entire day. So, I'd like to hear them, if you're willing. However big or small it may be, I'd just like something to paint the occasion in a more positive light.

[ operation archangel participants: feel free to action at her, if you're staying at the nest! ]
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[ The video flips on to what appears to be a music store -- various racks and displays of instruments to one side, rows and rows of CDs (who even buys CDs anymore??) to the other. On the instrument side, in front of the rows of guitars, there's a sheet of lined paper that reads "'STAIRWAY' BANNED. OTHER SONGS AT EMPLOYEE DISCRETION." And just beneath that in smaller letters, "(Seriously. Don't test me.)"

The device moves, and the camera along with it, to point down at a CD case on the counter. Specifically, this CD case. ]

Three guesses for what I found in the used CD section? And the first two don't count.

Even the dog doesn't look happy to be there, which is amazing, 'cause dogs love being everywhere.

And that poor kid. One day, her dad -- I mean, I assume it's her dad -- is gonna be like, "Hey, kiddo, did you know you were on the cover of an album?" And that girl is gonna get all pumped, thinking she's as big as the Gerber baby or something, and then nope, her dad whips this out. He'll be all grins and she'll just stare at it in horror, and it'll ruin her teenage life when her parents mention it every time her friends come over.

[ A pause as the camera shifts, showing the handsome gentleman that is Star-Lord, a.k.a., Peter Jason Quill. ]

Anyway. 'Parently I've been out of commission for a month. I hear I missed Night of the Living Dead and Smaug swoopin' down to attack the village. Don't supposed there's anything else anyone feels like sharing? Each interesting tidbit gets a kudos point, redeemable only for Star-Lord's Gratitude and, I dunno. Warm fuzzy feelings.
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(the audio flips on, and all that can be heard at first are annoyed hums and fingers furiously tapping away at the phone. the camera turns on moments later, to show a girl with the tip of her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth, huffing every now and then to get a strand of her auburn hair out of the way.) Is it working?

(zarina flips the device around, the camera blurring from the speed she's moving it around at.) I'm pretty sure even something like this would put Tink's work to shame. (she finally makes the device face her, expression trying to remain calm, but anger lines are sneaking through to show on her face.) So, I understand the whole "needing help in a fight", I've been there. But is it that hard to ask before basically kidnapping us? They know more about me than I know about them!

(she flicks her hand at the last statement, pink, sparkling dust flying out of her hand, and zarina just stares at it in shock. moments later, a tree shoots up, full grown within minutes, and zarina drops her phone as she panics and tries to shrink it.) What?! No no no, not again, stop-- (her sentence stops dead there as she clings to the tree like that will make it shrink. there's a blur of color and yellow, sparkling dust, and what little angle the camera does have shows zarina flying around the tree to inspect her damage. she zooms back to the camera, biting her lower lip, but still trying to remain calm. not really working here.) They mentioned we have powers here, right? Does anyone have tips on uh... controlling them?
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[ Hello, citizens. There is a frowning dark-haired Frenchman from the seventeenth century looking back at you. He’s entirely dressed in brown leather, and what can be seen of his shoulders shows there’s a pauldron attached to one of them. Behind him, just about in the frame, is another man, also dressed in leather, who is reading something laid out in front of him and seems to be making every effort to pretend the video isn’t being made.

Speaking of that, you'll all be treated to a good few moments of silence, while d’Artagnan tries to decipher the workings of a smartphone. Realisation that it's already recording strikes all of a sudden, and he quickly clears his throat, holds the device at a distance, and tries to look like he knows what he's doing.

All right. Presuming anyone can actually hear me...

I'm d'Artagnan, of the King's Musketeers. This - [ He gestures to the man behind him, who gives him an irritated look in return. ] is Athos. The guards who took our names claimed that there was no way home, no way to leave this place.

But we cannot stay here. We’re supposed to be making for Spain. Send us back to the garrison or to battle directly, I don't care which, but we need to leave. I know there are those of you who feel the same. There must be. I cannot imagine that an entire community of kidnapped people would be content to simply stay in their bonds.

They’re mad. [Athos interjects suddenly, caring very little that d’Artagnan is in the middle of speaking. Neither of them seem very surprised by it, clearly he often ignores social niceties. With an incredulous look he holds up the file in one hand and shakes it a little, as if commanding d’Artagnan’s immediate attention.] They seem to believe you have the power of a Saint. Obviously they were mistaken.

[ D’Artagnan cranes back over his shoulder to read the line Athos is talking about. The device wobbles in his hand and the picture skews while he forgets he’s holding it. Then, rolling his eyes, he snatches his file back. ]

Stop reading those. I’m not the one who can turn water into wine.

[ Then he glances at the file, and around this time remembers about the camera. He straightens the picture and quickly looks up at it again. He still wants answers. Athos, on the other hand, has had enough. He stands with no word and walks swiftly out of view. D’Artagnan continues. ]

And about these files. Where did they get them? How do they know us and what we can do? It says I work at a Renaissance Fair. I don’t even know what that is. Renaissance of what?

[Still off screen, Athos’ voice calls out sharply.] Ask them where the well is.

[ D’Artagnan glances behind him again, before breathing a sigh. ] And if you could tell us where the well is, we’d be grateful.

[ Its contents may or may not have turned alcoholic by morning. You’ve all been warned. ]

(( ooc: D’Artagnan is black, and Athos is blue. ))
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[the video that pops up on the screen shows the background of a coffeehouse, definitely nothing new or unique; the blonde-haired blue-eyed teenager on the sreen also probably doesn't look like anything new, but she absolutely is. she's got a notebook just at the edge of the frame and some kind of textbook across the bottom.]

So while I'm busy not making any progress on my geology homework, I thought I'd see what this whole network thing is about. My name's Tara, and I guess I'm new in town. I live up in Maurtia Falls and, like, I hear there's a whole lot of really weird stuff going on? I don't know. I'm going to leave that stuff up to people who actually know how to hero. That was never really my thing, you know what I mean?

Anyway, what's the etiquette here? I know there's a lot of forums where people don't want you asking for help on your homework or things like that—not that I need it with this. I've always kind of dug rocks. [get it. it's a geology joke. no? nobody? okay, she'll move on.]

I just want to know what's good to talk about here. Like, if there are any unwritten rules. Which I guess means I'm asking for them to be writ. Oh yeah, and also if anybody has any cool music stories they want to talk about, I do some interning for this zine called ROCK ON!—[she throws the horns when she says it]—all caps with an exclamation point. It'd be cool if I could get them the scoop on stuff.

Okay, yeah, cool, awesome. I'm gonna get back to trying to do my work, but I'll be around. Thanks, everyone!


May. 2nd, 2015 08:37 pm
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Now that life's returning to normal— I have an offer. [Pause] It's not— I can't do much [As Oliver Queen] for property damage and quarantine aftermath, but I've recently... been inspired to look for other employment. [Oliver you are basically about to be fired just own up to it.]

I asked what job opportunities there were in this world back at the beginning of the year and this time I figured I should be a bit more upfront in what I can offer. [He takes in a slow breath] If anyone needs lessons in Chinese - Mandarin - or Russian I'm fluent in both. [Oliver that's useless] I also know a thing or two about— fitness. Regimens.

All of which are things you can do at home, if you're still not sure the Flare's really gone.

[ text ]

Apr. 25th, 2015 10:45 am
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so everyone's sick with this flare stuff and locking themselves indoors. which makes sense considering the whole contagious disease and every horror movie ever (I think. I've never seen any)

but it's probably lonely and tough trying to stay by yourself, so . . . I can come by? I have a healing factor so I should be okay and I can sit outside and read funny fanfics?

Or Harry Potter. You can't go wrong with Harry Potter.

001; video

Apr. 19th, 2015 09:59 pm
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[Dorian's making this post from some corner of the library he's claimed for himself. Piles and piles of books can be seen in the background and he also holds one in his hand although he chucks it to one side as the video starts.]

That had to be the quietest party I've ever attended. Not a single death and no one's reputation torn to shreds. Formal events such as this swearing in should have more of high society tearing into each other because how else do you get over the tedium of smiling politely all night?

I suppose the identity game was meant to be the entertainment, but that's a little too Orlesian for my tastes.

[There's a pause as he stares at something out of view, someone walking past who can't believe that he isn't trying to keep his voice down to a whisper. But they don't say anything so Dorian continues on.]

Now where was I? Ah, yes. Change is inevitable and I thought the level of technology would be the only thing I needed to get used to, but if the parties are going to be a lot less bloody then I'd like to know what else I should expect. Keep in mind personal hygiene is still optional to a large number of people back in my world. [He wrinkles his nose in distaste at the thought of people like Blackwall.]
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Okay, so this superhero gig? Best. Thing. Ever!

[Each word is accompanied by animated hand gestures and unnecessary head bobbing. Better get used to it.]

Yo, this is frickin’ awesome! I mean, I wanted to defend the law and all, but this? This is better than all the wet dreams I’ve ever had! And, phew! I’ve had some great ones. Madonna? She may be old, but that chick can get it.

[Why is he gesturing to the viewer like he won an Oscar or something? What the hell is his problem?]

Some guys wouldn’t be caught dead walking around in spandex and a pair of tighty-whities, but… You can’t deny that this bodacious badonkadonk-

[Asher sets the device on the table in front of him, doing a twirl for the camera. Oh god, is that a booty pop? It is. Someone stop this man.]

Would look great in a supersuit.
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( Hay kids. It's that one loser, looking considerably cleaner, better fed and more relaxed than her first post. Part of it's pretence and part of it is being better fed, but whatever.

Today, Tara's posture is a lazy slouch against the side of her sofa, bottle of beer in hand. )

Okay, so-- possibly a personal question. How many of you dudes are from worlds where everything's kinda gone to Hell? Apocalypse-style, y'know? Like, uh, I dunno. Everyone simultaneously woke up with Donald Trump hair, or meteors hit, or there's an undead shit-storm unfolding outside.

( A casual shrug. Seems like it might be less crazy a thing here than she thought. )

And, part two: what's the best thing about the world ending? 'Cause, I mean, I kinda miss living off ramen and canned stuff being a win instead of a basis for judgment.

( Hmm. Tara takes a swig of her beer. Maybe she is a bit less okay then she seems, but that's basically what her life is all about. )

Gotta find the bright side, right?
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[ Comm ID reads: Ravager. ]

Could use a little more billboards and posters for the Super-Zeroes, but whatever. [ faint irregular tapping: arms folded, she's drumming her fingers on her sleeve ] Cute. Boh-ring. How about a fight? Loser pays in cigarettes.

[ a beat, then, ]

Bring a non-shitty power and I'll even let you have first strike.


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