Aug. 23rd, 2016 06:15 pm
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[Roy's addressing the network casually, phone propped on his desk and angled up to his face, smiling amiably.]

Since it seems to have come up a few times this month on the network, it's got me curious— How many other imPorts here consider themselves to be scientists? What's your field? Have you seen much change in it, here?

I suppose I'll count some forms of 'magic' for this as well. As long as it's an explicable phenomenon that operates on established, reliable laws. If the answer to "How does it work" is "I don't know", it doesn't count!

[So he's been a little crankier about magic since people keep comparing it to alchemy, which is a science. A real science, not a protoscience.]

I'll go first, for the sake of fairness. Back home, I was a chemist before I joined the army. Though in my time, there were only about ninety elements. I've been getting back into it now that I have the time; It's been interesting to see the developments. To think humans have reached the point where we can synthesize entirely new elements is astonishing.
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[The video that opens up on the network offers a scene of opposites. Aral Vorkosigan was a stout older man, square jawed and dark eyed. Wearing a pressed uniform, and sitting in formal attention, he's far more used to public address and time-lag communication than the casual back and forth of the network.

Sitting beside him in a bright and airy sundress, with vivid, curly red hair and bright grey eyes, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan leans against him, smiling and elbowing the stern man in a teasing fashion as he begins the ... incredibly formal address.]

The Vorkosigan House will be seeking a small number of employees for residential aid. In particular, those with skill in organization, cleaning and cooking are encouraged to reply. Pay will be equitable to market, though up for negotiation, live-in accommodations provided and not docked from salary should the applicant wish to remove themselves from government housing.

Please direct inquiries and offers within.

[He's clearly got this talking to the kids thing down.]

((OOC: HELLO looking for new CR to drag in, enjoy the country life, horses, dogs, espionage and bad decisions. Certainly nothing could go wrong with this.

Both Aral and Cordelia will be replying to this post!))

( video )

Jun. 18th, 2016 12:15 pm
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[The first thing everyone will notice in today's video will be the view of a clear blue sky. It was a beautiful day in Heropa! Not a single cloud in the sky; however it won't be long until a song will be heard loud and clear off screen. All those living in the same neighborhood around Heropa #33 will definitely hear and notice it was coming from the rooftop of the house. It would seem a certain someone was singing today!

While she is singing, a large group of white cumulus clouds will begin to move into view (to those watching live will notice they are appearing from the rooftop to the sky), at an unusual pace, then a sound like wind pounding into the middle of those fluffy clouds will be heard before pieces of the once seen dense clouds will begin to scatter out of the way to form a clearing of light cirrus clouds over the sky, leaving a large hole in the middle of the group of cumulus clouds that weren't affected, and those cloud will begin to change color as the video and song continues to go on. In no time at all, it was clear that a fire rainbow will appear on-screen. That is when the song ends for a moment before a voice is heard as though someone was right next to it, long strands of light orange hair can be seen at the corner.]

Hello, everyone! Umm...I bet you may be wondering what all this is about. You see, I'm Nike, and my power is to control the weather like this. I haven't been here very long. It'll be two months, maybe, that I found myself here. But that isn't the point of this video.

[She'll look up at the sky which will have her hair disappearing from view as well.]

I wanted to do something today. Something I've been avoiding ever since I got here: I want to ask everyone who could hear me one very important question!

the important question is found down below! )


Apr. 23rd, 2016 10:40 am
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[ On the screen is a magnificent tiger with golden eyes, regarding the camera with quite a bit of what looks to be amusement, if you're prone to anthropomorphizing animals. After a moment, that tiger speaks - and speaks with a very human voice, a light and girlish voice with a South London accent. And who else speaks like that? This is, of course, one Kitty Jones, living up to her name. ]

Hullo, all. Happy - slightly belated - Earth Day. I hadn't known about that holiday last year, so I didn't do a thing for it, but it's really a lovely thing, isn't it? So, a day, late, I'm doing a little charity drive, and I need all of you to participate. Proceeds going to the protection of the leaf-scaled sea snake, because no one ever bloody donates money to help species that aren't cute.

[ The leaf-scaled sea snake is also quite venomous. Y'know. Whatever. ]

So what this consists of is this. I want you to volunteer here, in this post, to answer questions from fans on rumblr. Give me a list of topics you're not willing to talk about, as well as how many questions you're willing to answer. Then your rumblr fans - or enemies, I suppose, maybe some of them will want to trap you in a lie or something - will bid on the opportunity to ask you questions. Whichever fan puts in the highest bid gets the right to ask the first question, then the second-highest bid gets second question, all down until you don't want to answer any more stupid questions. And then all the proceeds go to the sea snakes.

So who's in? Talk about yourself, help the environment. What's not to like?

[ That's all said very, very cheerfully. Then, in a flippant post-script, she adds: ]

Oh, yeah, I'm not dead, by the way.

[ Which is so nice! so kind! such a good way to announce that! a month and a half after she already came back from the dead! nice. ]

[ ooc: this post is just like what it says! You can comment here to have your character get asked dumb questions by rumblr fans. Please tell me the questions you want asked in notes in your comments!! Or I will be making up terrible questions. Fair warning.

edited to add: also if your character would bid to ask other characters shitty questions, feel free to threadjump their thread ]


Apr. 8th, 2016 10:27 am
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[ Even after the video starts, the image is mostly obscured, the figure still way too close and fiddling with her device. ]

Is this really broadcasting now? Amaaaaazing. I can't even see the microphone or camera! It's almost unbelievable.

[ When she finally sits back the area around her is a mess. The tables are strewn with tools and machine parts, knobs, springs, coils, piping. If one looks carefully, one may be able to spot a number of control panels suggesting she has possibly dismantled every major appliance in the home. Like ya do. ]

Well, hello! I'm a new imPort, my name's Winry. Winry Rockbell. And . . . does anyone out there know how to build a "microwave"? Well, rebuild, technically. The locks and turntables are pretty straightforward, but then there's all these wires . . . who knew electricity was going to be such a big deal, anyway?


Apr. 3rd, 2016 10:47 am
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[The video feed cuts in on a blond teenager squinting dubiously at the camera. His eyes widen a moment later when he notices the video display on the screen.] —Is it working?

Uh—hey. Can people really see this? If there is anyone watching, I'm looking for a guy in a huge suit of armor. Goes by the name Alphonse. [He leans closer to the camera, pointing emphatically.] If you see him, tell him his big brother's looking for him!

Now that I've got that out of the way, I got some more questions for all of you. Someone told me that when people leave this world they forget everything about it, but they might remember if they come back. Is that really true? Is there anyone who's left and come back that I could talk to?

I want to know more about this registration scheme they've got here too. I heard plenty about what you get for it, but what's the catch?

And, [he starts, pausing to glance at something laying just below the camera's field of view], what's a "pop star"?
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[The latest post on the network is a video: a man, late 20s, with a pretty face and a charming smile which he’s directing full-force at the camera. The image is shoulders-up only, though the camera is a little bit away and tilted, as though he has the communicator propped up at an angle. The face itself may be quite familiar to some.]

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Roy Mustang. I understand that some of you may be already be acquainted with me from a previous stay. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to recall anything from my time here. I’ve been told it’s a common enough phenomenon, despite how absurd it sounds.

[He gives the camera a somewhat rueful smile.]

But I certainly don’t want to burn any bridges. So if there any beautiful women out there who knew me before, please, don’t be a stranger. I’d love to get to know you all over again. Going through my old belongings I came across a couple of names in particular—Elizabeth and Jacqueline. Such charming names, I’d love to be able to put them to faces.

My employer at Il Fiammeggiante Ragazzo bar in Heropa has been kind enough to allow me to offer an incentive for stopping in to say hello. For the next week, through Saturday, the first drink is on the house for any imPorts who drop by. I hope I'll be seeing a few of you there, whether you're a lovely lady or not.

[And then he leans forward to cut the feed. He'll be doing replies mostly in video, and for the observant among you, you may notice that his eyes aren't quite tracking the camera at all times.

For those of you who decide to take Roy up on his offer, there is a log here]


Nov. 15th, 2015 06:50 pm
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[ A rare video post for Hiro tonight - but then again, this is a rare occasion. He's already gotten past the initial crying phase, so he's just numb and a little blotchy more than anything else, but his voice still shakes a little when he talks. A plain bedroom backdrop, clearly from where he lives in Heropa.

He takes a deep breath. ]

Has anyone seen my brother Tadashi? He's - he looks like this - [ A picture of Tadashi flashes on the screen for a moment. ] - and I'm getting error messages from his comm. Nobody I've talked to has seen him and ...

[ His voice trails off to a whisper. He can't even get through a whole post without tears welling up in his eyes. ]

I just - I need to know, please. If anyone has any idea. I need to know he's still here. If he's not, then ... then he's ...

[ Ported out. And dead. ]
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noun, plural heroes;

1. a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities.
2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.

There are a great many heroic types among the imPort population, and this is probably a rather tired question, but indulge my curiosity if you would.

What is it the elevates a person from simply well-intentioned, to someone worthy of such a distinguished title?

Deeds? Bravery? Strength? Capability? Righteousness? Nobility? All of the above, or some combination thereof?

Or is it simply that there's one person in the world that believes it?
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[hello, Network. we'd say 'it's this guy', but it's actually a puppy...on a what looks like an office. some might recognize it as the headmaster's office of Xavier's school; others might be more focused on the fact that the puppy has made a complete mess of the place, and is sitting on the desk like it's center stage. it's also wagging and panting happily, as if to say, 'look what I did! i'm such a good dog!' nevermind the fact that it's missing a hind leg and its other seems to be in some sort of bootie, it's adorable and so very pleased with itself and this room is going to be an absolute nightmare to clean up.

at this point, Callaghan's deadpan voice speaks;]

Would the owner of this animal please report to the Headmaster's office.

[those from San Fransokyo - specifically, SFIT - may recognize that tone of voice. that is the tone of voice when somebody is in serious trouble and their Professor is about to give them a verbal whiplashing of a lifetime. run. run for your lives, it will make no difference in the end, there is no escape.]

Thank you.

["RUFF!" PANT PANT PANT wag wag wag oh there goes the butt in the air is it time to play. the change in position is just enough to catch sight of its patterned collar before the video clicks off]

((OOC; back from hiatus - Callaghan has totally been cooped up in his office the whole time.))

Date 4

Oct. 31st, 2015 10:53 pm
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[The video turns on to a image of a desk almost overflowing with paperwork. In addition to the piles, there are a few mugs of cold tea here and there as well as a plastic jack o' lantern filled to the brim with candy.

Roy sits behind the desk, looking less than pleased, a pair of plastic devil horns haphazardly put on his head. He stares at the video for a little bit, before speaking in an annoyed and forced tone, as if he were reading from a cue card.]

Despite the excitement of tonight's holiday, there are those who wish to celebrate with more than just candy. While your actions are completely up to you, those of us working at the police stations wish to remind you to please consider the consequences behind some of them. Unfortunately, tonight tends to be one of our busiest nights, and we would prefer not to see too many people locked up in here. [He pauses, stares at the screen again for a few seconds before slowly continuing:] Help us save you by drinking responsibly.

We are also currently armed with buckets of candy. [He mechanically gestures to the jack o'lantern by his elbow.] Should you have any children who wish to visit, we are accepting monsters and characters of all kinds. We appreciate your support. Have a safe and happy Halloween.

[There's some congratulatory agreements from other officers out of view. Roy all but rolls his eyes, but when he speaks again it's much more relaxed and not from a cue card.]

Which reminds me, if anyone happens to have any more information about the group of people who targeted the last swear in, I would be interested to hear it.  Even if it's something small, it may help us understand their intentions a little more.  If you wish to contact me privately, the name is Colonel Roy Mustang.

[As if remembering he has the devil horns on, Roy quickly pulls them off and throws them into the trash before turning off the feed.]

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[There's a bit of a scruffy individual appearing on your screens today, looking rather small and out of place in what is apparently his new room, from what little is seen of the background. He looks like he really doesn't want to be doing this, but... when in Rome, right?]

Uh... guess it's only polite to introduce yourself on these things, right?

[He fidgets, having trouble looking at the screen.]

Detective Tohru Adachi, formerly Inaba PD. Ah... nice to meet all of you? I guess?

[It's a moment, before he finally lets out a sigh, his face scrunching up at the camera.]

I'm not even really sure why I'm here. It's not like I'm anything special.


But, uh... I'm in Heropa, building thirty. They've assigned me to be a traffic cop, so... be sure you park your cars right! Heh heh...

[He's smiling, but it's obvious he's dying a little on the inside.]

[If anyone in #030 wants to talk to him personally, he's sitting on his bed, looking like he's trying not to take up too much space at once.]

11, Audio

Oct. 2nd, 2015 12:16 pm
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This is Major-General Armstrong.

Yesterday, an imPort tribunal, in accordance with the laws and regulations of this world and this nation, found Dr. Jonathan Crane guilty of multiple crimes too numerous to list here. [She sets her jaw, and her tone is slightly sour in the next part; she's not happy about the leniency of the sentence.] According to the laws governing imPorts, he'll be held in prison for two months with a further two months' house arrest. He'll be observed as necessary and will undergo close psychiatric monitoring, while separated from non-imPort prisoners and kept under guard.

That's all. Armstrong out.

[Such a weak sentence. She doesn't understand why the local laws for imPorts are so toothless. She'd have just shot him, herself.]
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[Not of Winry. No. You can hear her voice, though, and the camera is pointed at the ground for a moment.]

Is it okay? You don't mind if I...?

[Someone else gives his okay and Winry shows a single snap of a man holding a shirt. Like so.]

[Winry thanks him and the video feed cuts off. A few seconds later, you can hear Winry's voice again.]

It looks like RISE has fans.

[Not judgmental. Not anything. Just pointing out a fact that, to her, seems remarkably peculiar.]
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[Crane considers the test sample of the previous week. Saturday night at De Chima University. It was not the size of the group that had made his data bright with promise. It was the knowledge gained. How imPort and native alike fought and struggled against fear and panic. Learning that they chose to deliberately hurt each other, rather than accept either. It hastened his heartbeat with the thrill of discovery. Yes, discovery and the thrill of watching them tear themselves apart. Crushing them under his thumb and subjecting them to his power.

He wouldn't have ruled out striking another night, either. Most of the students were the typical kind; stay out late, drink hard, throw your lives out with the cigarettes and bottles. Not unlike the undergraduates of his youth, then. But there had been a point to terrorizing the swearing-in. Fear was not just about how many people he could hold under his thumb. It was about who. The people they were and the monster whose mantle he wore. That's the reason for his other name today.

There are no pleasantries. He doesn't say hello.]

How are you doing these days, imPorts?

I don't mean to disturb you, but I'm sure you're wondering if I'm guilty as accused.

You're wondering if truth avails, perhaps? You'll have to learn both the hard way, I'm afraid.

Whoever created that fog wanted you to see that your fears are hollow; shadows that dwell between the emotion and the response. They were simply trying to loosen you up a bit. That's my professional opinion. Still, how awful this treatment must have been for you all...

Now. I'm afraid I'm going to ask you some questions. All in the interests of science, of course! Tell me what you saw. Detail the nature of the thoughts that flooded your mind. Report the emotions you felt. I'm here to help.

[There's one other, final message.]

To those who spoke of pre-emptive action; I find you all hypocrites.

Life is about choices. You made yours when you chose not to say a word.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work that must be done. Gotta earn my keep and all that.
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Pandemonium! HORROR! The brutality of the Swearing-In has provoked extreme suspicion and hostility towards imPorts. If you are an imPort in the De Chima area, REMAIN VIGILANT. If you don't, you might find yourself victim to some local violence. Already businesses have temporarily closed down. And despite some political strategy from Ambassador Hundred, there is plenty of native tension afoot. Tread carefully, imPorts!

The online fundraiser host BUTTKICKER has taken an interest in healer imPorts. If you can heal and you want to help the local community through outreach work, you can contact the charity group HEAL FOR FEELS for your (self-chosen) assignment and $1000 cash in expenses.

Local Nonah and Heropa retailers have recently released special edition action figures that look like one or two or three familiar faces. None are sold in De Chima, they're still angry.

The following will be seen in newspapers and BlueTube:
Looking for love in all the wrong places? Looking in all the right places but finding that you're just the wrong fit? The highly anticipated reality show GHOULFRIENDS may be just what you're looking for! This isn't your every day dating program. GHOULFRIENDS helps partners of a very special variety. Somewhere out there is the right person for you. Let us support you on your mission to find them!

For information, or to sign up for this one in a lifetime opportunity, call: 1-800-XXX-XXXX!

The following will be seen in national newspapers, UStube and BlueTube, with watered down coverage on MeTube:
In the wake of that infamous act of biochemical terrorism against De Chima University, an imPort by the name of GoGo Tomago was reported to have been found, presumably dumped by her assailant. She exhibited signs of severe torture. Additional reports pending.

The following will be seen in local newspapers, UStube, and BlueTube:
What's been going on with the large and in charge superheroine? After her violent outbursts in early June she appeared to have disappeared for some time, resurfacing earlier this month and then again at the recent Swear-In incident. Locals from other Porter cities have mentioned spotting her repeatedly the past couple of weeks in their cities. Rumors have it Power Girl may be establishing a superhero team based on these prolonged visits, although no one can say for sure what she's been looking for or up to in these cities.

The following will be seen in local newspapers, BlueTube, and
Starrware is currently hiring! Do you want to make a lasting, positive impact on the world around you? Starrware might be for you! Our goal is to tackle current environmental problems and provide fresh and efficient solutions to them. Currently seeking: Receptionist, Research Assistant, and Lab Technician. If you are interested, please contact Karen Starr at [ # ] for further information.

The following will be seen in national newspapers circulating Heropa, De Chima, Nonah, and Maurtia Falls:
ARE YOU AN IMPORT WHO has recently been suffering nightmares? Unleashed anxiety? Violent or irrational thoughts? Are you traumatized from recent Swearing-In related events? Then consider how deeply you may need psychiatric treatment.

Call Doctor Frederick Chilton's office at the Downtown Heropa Hospital, before YOU become a ticking time bomb, too.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from ORANGE to RED in response to the De Chima attack.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.

003; video

Aug. 19th, 2015 10:45 pm
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[ID reads Green Lantern.]

I know people seem to be badly affected by Scarecrow's fear gas, but for those of us who don't have super healing or whatever the good news is you can work through it. Yeah, I'm using myself as an example, beating fear is in my job description so believe me when I say you'll get through this. You're more resilient than you think.

[A green model of both Dr. Jonathan Crane and Scarecrow pops up in view.]

Also if you see Crane or someone wearing a potato sack over their head you should definitely contact RISE or you know, me. Anyone else affiliated with the Justice League is also fine, basically I don't recommend taking it to the local authorities first. Better to hand him in after he's been subdued.

[Shut up Batman, RISE is a good idea and he's going to get help with this whether he likes it or not.

And the serious moment is over as he grins, baring his teeth in defiance.]

And Crane, if you're out there listening, I've gone up against fear itself there is nothing you can do that'll stop me. After everything you've done here, I'm going to hunt you down and bring you in. You can even try gassing me again so you realise just how weak fear is.
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For those who haven't seen it, this conversation is worth turning your attention to. At the very least, for the sake of speculation.

[ There is a link provided, and were this a voice post, there would be a long pause while you're meant to digest the information and see the obvious, problematic links. ]

There are those here who have no interest in being a hero: this post is not meant for you, as you have already made the perfectly valid choice to do what is in your own personal interest. I see no problem there. However, there are those here who truly, outwardly claim and have made the choice to be heroes. But it's curious that for one in specific, who makes themselves known as intentionally fighting for the good of the people, that they had prior information pertaining to similar gases from their own home that some of us had the joy of experiencing.

Therefore, would it be so off base to say that they might have knowledge as to where these toxins came from?

And since they had this available, why didn't they do something before now? Why did they wait until such a large incident before they were willing to stand up and offer help. Because while we certainly cannot have expectations for heroes to stand up at all times - many of us are only human, after all - retaining pertinent information regarding those who consider themselves 'villains' seems rather hypocritical.

Are we hiding those of us who might cause damage, now? Or are we simply waiting for them to wreak havoc so we can save as many people as possible?

[ ooc; all replies anonymous unless otherwise specified. ]
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I don't know what I saw yesterday, but I don't think I'm the only one who saw it.

I need information about a brainwashing facility that might have existed twenty, maybe thirty years ago. Or anything dealing with imPorts, if there's a record of that. I've been looking into it, but I haven't had a lot of luck turning anything up.

I want to know if that was real.

Date 3

Jul. 2nd, 2015 11:32 pm
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[The video turns on to one Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang standing over a box of store bought fireworks in the park.

Riza hands him one of the fireworks while skimming the instructions on the back of an identical box.  When she’d seen the fireworks on display at the store, she’d thought that her fire-favoring commanding officer would at least find them amusing and at most enjoy them, so she’d purchased just a few. Just a few, because what practical use could a handful of fireworks really have beside lighting up a celebration? ]

Please read the instructions first, sir.

Come now, Lieutenant. Who exactly do you think you're talking to? [Roy tears open the box handed to him while she crosses her arms, frowning.]

You. I am talking to you--exactly why I am asking you to read the instructions

[If Roy hears her, he doesn't acknowledge it. Instead, he takes the firework out and examines it briefly. It looked simple enough: fuse that led to the body of the small rocket. Okay, so that must be where he lights it. He sets the firework down on the ground, takes one step back, and snaps, lighting the fuse a little too quickly so that the entire thing sets off right in his face!]

Ow! Damn it!

[Loud noises don’t startle her, but the sudden noise behind her as she continues unloading the suspiciously large quantity of fireworks does, and she turns quickly. Thankfully she’s already reached the first-aid kit--which today contains a large quantity of bandages and aloe. For a man who plays with fire, literally, for a living, Roy is spectacular at burning himself.]

Are you all right?!

I'm fine. [In fact, he seems pretty excited as he watches the result--a grin growing on his face as the effects begin to fade. He spins to her as if to say, Did you see that? before he quickly walks to the rest of the boxes and grabs an armful.] Don't tell me this is all you got?

All I got? [Riza quirks a brow.] I’m not buying up the entire shop. I only invited Edward, Winry, and the Major General. And I highly doubt Major General Armstrong is coming.

[Crouching down, she scoops a box that she’s already fairly certain Roy thought she hadn’t noticed and opens it, bringing it over and plopping it directly in front of him. One brow remains arched in bemused curiosity.]

Which is why I was going to ask exactly why you’ve brought along so many extra.

Don't be ridiculous. A holiday like this should be celebrated with as many people as possible.

[There’s a small, smug smirk on his face as he reaches for the communicator, blinking when he sees it's already on. Any confusion doesn’t last long, as he addresses it.]

So, how about joining us? With so many of these fireworks lying around, it would be a shame if they were all wasted.

[A blonde head appears slightly behind him, blinking. She looks completely nonplussed.]

Bring your own aloe. I only have enough for him.

[ooc: Red is Riza, blue is Roy!  Join them for some 4th of July shenanigans!  An open log for anyone can found over here! Feel free to put up your own starter tag!]


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