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[ There's a bit of shaking of the feed, then a weird angle of someone looking down at the camera. Enjoy that shot up his nose, ImPorts. ]

Is it working? I think... yeah, that's gotta be it.

[ The feed pulls back and Max, despite his limited time with smartphone tech, has already mastered the classic Selfie angle. He's grinning up into the feed. ]

So somebody -- what's his name? Felix? -- Someone called this place a vacation. And yeah, sure, I was plucked out of my home against my will, didn't get to say goodbye to my mom --

[ -- He didn't get to say goodbye to a lot of people, but Max pushes the thought away quickly. ]

But I for one humbly and graciously accept this small reprieve from the daily stresses of being a twelve year old. Sure, we gotta fight supervillains, but what's a little mortal danger if it means we get to skip out on standardized testing, am I right?

[ He knows all too well -- but in a place like this, where nobody knows him, at least he can pretend he used to be normal. With a dramatic sweep of his arm, he motions toward himself, still grinning all the while. ]

So, ladies and gents, my name's Max. Nice to meet you!
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[There's a certain anonymity in text. A certain kind of power.

Invisibility affords safety and security, yet enables the greatest cruelty. It offers the individual the chance to be sucked into the swirling whirlpool; that spiral pathway to the state of consciousness called the group mind. And at the heart of that mind is fear.

Fear is the first and greatest teacher anyone can have, he knows. How people could begin to understand the world without developing their exploration of fear, he had no idea. A child without fear of their parents is a child without an awareness of danger. Parents insure their children against failure by making them terrified of a lack of success - of being worthless in their eyes. The first lesson begins with parents, yes.

He hadn't known his parents. He'd lived with his Granny, who'd taught him to see fear was everything and nothing. It was power and control. It was empty and meaningless.

Mothering Sunday. Father's Day. Parents' Day. Today being what it is, he will help people see the truth. Should they choose to close their eyes, he'll force them open.]

Fear is the greatest enemy; the father and mother of suffering.

You set aside a holiday in which you convince yourselves you love, respect and admire your parents because you fear that you don't care. They grow old, yet you can't wait for them to die.

You give or receive gifts, but none of you are willing to focus on the motivation behind this day. You buy parental approval to avoid being called a failure. You buy cards because you fear voicing questions. You buy into the dream that keeps you an eternal child because you fear the day that comes when you will eclipse their presence.

The religious amongst you fear the Lord; the Father of all. Some of you revere Mary, the Mother of God.

But you are all terrified, frightened children. Scared of the truth. You will never win the approval you crave. You will one day be alone. You will be told you should never have been born. So you celebrate to forget. Except you forget that without a child, both Father's Day and Mother's Day are meaningless. What about the millions of children who have no father or mother?

Why do you lie to yourselves? Why do you celebrate at all?
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[This is Kay Faraday.

This is Kay Faraday moving the focus of the video away from her and toward the couch, where Miles Edgeworth is fast asleep and drooling on his pillow. She giggles quietly at the sight before approaching him slowly, the view zooming in toward him. Then she whispers:]

Hey, Mr. Edgeworth, it’s waaaay past lunchtime!

[She gets no response out of that. But right now no one can see her facial expression because her device is still pointed toward Edgeworth.]

Mr. Edgeworth, the fridge is empty!

[And this is Edgeworth, rolling over on his side, mumbling something about “groceries” and “later”. His eyes are still closed, and he dozes off immediately.

There is a pause as Kay considers her next move. Then, without warning, because she’s still off-screen, she proclaims in a louder, more mischievous voice:]

Mr. Edgeworth, smile for the camera!

[Edgeworth blinks, staring blearily at Kay and the camera. Kay… camera…?…]

Augh! KAY!

[And he bolts up immediately, lunging for the device. Kay hurriedly steps backward with a yelp, and the video ends there.]
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[Glitch figures enough time has past for him to make something of a more network, public post. Sure, he's responded to people, but, that's different...somehow.

He has a serious question on his mind though, one that needs answering. The video's on and he's sitting at a desk with a pad of paper and a pen in his hand.]

Heeeey, it's Glitch. That weird kid who apparently finds something new to be amazed about here everyday.

[He's fairly casual when he starts, partly inquisitive, partly bored.]

Okay, so, I wanted to ask stuff about birthdays. First off, yes, I'm being serious I know nothing about them other than cake and presents are involved.

Second is, what do you actually DO for birthdays? I mean, it can't be all throwing presents at people's faces and stuffing cake in their mouths is it? That'd be way too simple.

Anyways, answers would be appreciated. Also I'm not an idiot so don't try any joke answers to try and trick me into doing something moronic. [and he grumbles the last part:] Not like some people making bets on races and stuff and then get all uppity when you say the bets off.

[Is that a jab at someone? Probably, but he's done now.]
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Okay, I got a question - why's there so many kids here? You can't turn a corner without running into an imPort kid.

[This... may be a slight exaggeration. It almost does feel that way to Tiffany, though; she came through the Porter from a totally kid-less environment. She'd seen child visitors to the prison in passing, but hadn't interacted with one in years until coming here - and that's not even touching on her own vague Kid Issues, which are currently heightened after her conversation with Jesse about her past.]

I mean, it just seems kinda cruel, you know? Porting in a bunch of kids without anyone to look after 'em. I mean, unless the people here are meant to look after 'em, but come on. How many of us are the type? And I know I would've missed my mama something fierce if I was taken to a whole new world when I was little; some weird fucking stranger wouldn't've cut it.

... Hell, I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong; I could be wrong. Never really knew what to do with kids myself, so it ain't like I know how they think - how y'all think.

So never mind, maybe.
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It's been a while, but I suppose I'm curious—and it's hard to do much for curiosity, once it's born, is there? Some feelings can't be snuffed out, once they exist, no matter how much you might wish for it.

[ The voice is that of a young woman, somewhere between late teens and early twenties, lower-middle pitch and a steady cadence. A little tired, perhaps a little bored, but not irritably so. ]

Darkness, Earth, Water, Light, Wind, or Flame.

Choose one, please. But, before you do, know that there's no right answer, or wrong answer, and there's no moral component to any of them. "Light" doesn't mean good; "darkness" doesn't mean evil. Only whichever suits you. Something a little trivial, perhaps, but I'd like to hear your answers.

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[ will had told abigail to stay away from some people (one people) in particular and she's pretty good at it when it comes to person to person stuff, but she knows the network opens her up to the possibility of running into them so to speak.

but she's doing it anyway, it's not like abigail is known for good life choices.

so here she is, chin propped in her hand as she sits at what looks like a dining room table. her long brown hair is down around her shoulders, as always, neatly covering her scars. things abigail will never get: a hair cut. ]

So, considering the recent events, I'm curious. Who here believes in god? Capital G, maybe lowercase, whatever one you like. It's probably been asked before, but-- [ she shrugs. she wasn't here, so she doesn't care. gonna ask it again. ] Devil and Heaven and all that jazz applies, too.

I'm just curious.


Jun. 9th, 2015 10:12 pm
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[Anyone out on the highways near Heropa might have seen this beauty zooming along with two twelve year olds and a pig hanging out the window several hours ago. Now, the camera turns on and focuses on Dipper and Mabel in what appears to be a concrete room.]

So I guess you still need a driver's license even if you're a superhero? And sticking an owl in a car-seat only makes things weird. So we need someone to help get our car out of the impound. --And maybe some bail money. And a ride back from jail.

Yeah! Even though this jail is way warmer than the last one we were in it’s still crazy boring in here and our house is like miles away.


Jun. 9th, 2015 07:09 pm
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[His ID currently reads Hulkling, and there's not much point being in audio to talk about something that's in a video clip, but he can't really deal with being visible right now. He hates drawing attention to himself, he's always preferred to be part of the group whenever possible. And yes, he knows this is going to draw possibly more attention. But he can't help wanting to apologise, even if intellectually he can understand it wasn't entirely his fault.

He also doesn't want people getting a look at the room he shares with his boyfriend. The room he hasn't left much for a couple of days.

When he talks, he sounds a little tired. Sleep hasn't been the easiest thing for him, the last couple of days.]

You know, one of the last things I said to anyone before the whole... random anger thing was that I wasn't usually subject to uncontrollable rage despite the name. Irony, huh?

[Although he isn't sounding very amused by it. Not the funny kind of irony, clearly.]

How do you get over knowing someone- something else got in your head and messed with your thoughts? Because if anyone has a suggestion, I'd like to hear it.

[He hesitates, and then adds-]

Sorry. Just give me another couple of days, I'll be fine.
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[Chilton wears an unusually grim expression, when he tunes into the Network. He closes his office door behind him, which angled the communicator down to his door-closing hand -- one of his fingers sports a particularly ancient looking ring. There's a sharp glint in that glimpse, before the camera angle soon directs back to the doctor's face.]

Desirable difficulty. Are you familiar with the concept? [Rhetorical, of course.] The theory that the presence of an inconvenience or obstacle, and the act of overcoming that roadblock, will better synthesize cerebral information. The concept could be expanded upon how the brain identifies and encodes patterns, themes, what have you, in the midst of a crisis.

[Chilton flips the communicator camera back around to showcase his environment. The bright ceiling luminescence and mint green hallways of Heropa Downtown Hospital provide a sterilized, if normalized, depiction of a stereotypical medical center.

It's the collapsed, unconscious doctors with their noose-like stethoscopes and limp, unmoving patients lining the walls, floor, the rooms that juxtapose something unsettling.

Would you consider this difficulty desirable?

[This is all in reference to the Pestilence of the Horseman Plot. If you need an excuse for a point of infection, you can consider this to be it!]
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[Oh look, a new post on the imPort communicator! Although this time, there seems to be no ID attached to the post, it's entirely anonymous. It's pretty late at night on the 25th, surely some people will be up.]


How safe do you really think you are?

Warning: Picture heavy under the cut )

[OOC: Aaaand Inumuta is currently infected with the Hornet's Mind Clone of Miguel Rodriguez right now! So he's not exactly himself at the moment. Right now, Inumuta's doing the whole anonymous schtick, but if any hackers/people capable of tracking him down do any digging whatsoever, they'll find him. He's intentionally not covering his tracks as well as he could have because as a Hornet, he isn't shying away from any jabs he can get at Imports.

So, action is possible, but please try to coordinate with other players in this! Feel free to threadjack, whatever!

Side note: Please forgive my typos, and I'm sorry for the poor choice in pictures for some characters, if I used a picture you don't like and want a new one, send me a link. Also also, I will update this post with a few more characters once I hear back from a few people to get their final approval from my plotting post.


Feb. 13th, 2015 07:10 am
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So it's another month, dragging in another batch of people, yeah? These porters. They drag 'em from anywhere, anytime--anyone. There's nothing and no one that's safe. I've been here long enough, I know how it goes.

And I get it. They can send us the best of one place, one world--or the utter fucking worst. Or one of each. Whatever they want, it's got nothing t' do with us--and we're not allowed to make requests. Because that's life, right? Just take it as it comes. And maybe it's nothing they can control. Just some big-- beam, set on random, dragging people here.

But taking people away. That's different. What happens to the people they brought here, that just-- disappear? Not the ones that die. Not the ones that get killed. The ones that are here, one night, and then the next morning, just--gone. No notes, no explanations. Taken away. They get sent home? Christ, d'you know what that sounds like to me, that sounds like bullshit. They can't send us back, they can't send us home, but it might happen at random?

[A little more tightly, barely contained:]

They took my friend from me. I can't just forget that. I've been trying, believe me. But I can't forget her. And you don't have t' tell me, it's what happens, it's old news. Everyone who's been here long enough has lost people to this, to disappearing. But me? No, I can't get over it. So I want t' know, what everyone thinks happens after. I want t' know what everyone knows. Because I want her back, or I want to know what's happened to her. And I'll do whatever I have to, to figure that out.

[ps as a note: all of Mitchell's replies will be voice in case I screw up subject lines]
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so i gotta say this is a bit different than wwhat im used to but this clunky piece a shit seems to be wworkin noww
evven if its stupid autocorrect function keeps tryin to fix my quirk
shitty pain in the ass piece a trash human technology
guess ill deal wwith it for noww
ANYWWAY this aint wwhat i wwas expectin to see on the other side of the transportalizer especially after uhh
wwell nevvermind
that shit aint any a your lots business
i suppose this is a better option in SOME case than wwhat i might havve had back wwhere i came from
still aint too keen on howw the wwhale gibberish fuck i wwas evven brought here proper
i mean sure there wwas that siltsucker that laid all the deets on me about this horseshit but i wwasnt exactly LISTENIN cuz honestly wwho givves a fuck about that nonsense
except i guess noww i do since im wwonderin about it

i doubt im the only one of us trolls wwho got taken here unless im some special case
that a wwhich i wwouldnt be surprised considerin wwho i am but i digress
i imagine itd likely be one a you that are still breathin
or otherwwise aint sufferin holes in your personal torsos
so come on showw yourselvves i aint got all night
or i guess i do but i really rather not wwait for your cowwardly asses to muster the courage to speak the fuck up
so come on wwho a you are skulkin around these wwaters
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[ Bradbury doesn't tend to post to the Network much -- but for those who've never seen him before, he's probably never looked so happy, either. Or like he's vibrating with energy, practically bursting with something to say. ]

First of all, congratulations to the imPorts that got voted into office. I'm sure the community'll be better off for your support. But I'm here to talk to you about something a little more important.

[ A pause, for dramatic flair. ]

Valentine's Day.

Now, I know it ain't everyone's favorite holiday -- it definitely wasn't mine after my ex-wife divorced me -- but hear me out. After a while, I realized all it's really about is being able to connect to someone else, finding someone who gets you. My job is helping people make those connections, and if you've seen any of my shows, you know I've got a lot of experience at it.

So, here's the deal: I'm helping Channel Five set up a few blind dates for Valentine's Day, but I'm gonna need people willing to get themselves matched up. It's gonna be recorded, but it's not like you'll have a camera crew following you around to do it, so you'll hardly even notice it's there.

Here's the best part: one couple gets an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World, Germany, France, England, or the Netherlands. Not a bad deal for a couple of hours having fun with someone, right?

If you're interested in signing up, or you know someone who is, go ahead and call this number. We'll get everything sorted out for you.

And if you're wondering if this is for you, give it it a shot anyway. Nothing wrong with taking a chance and putting your heart on the line -- ain't that just one way of proving you're still alive?

[ ooc: Related to this plot! Remember that your character can be signed up by another character (and hell, you can sign them up in their hero identity if you want to) and may be tricked into showing up for a date; feel free to use that post or this one for plotting/scheming! ]


Feb. 6th, 2015 11:26 pm
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I've got that I'm not the only person new to this more ways than one, I guess, and that makes for a lot of repeat questions and things. I'm going to try my best to avoid that, since there's already so much here...but it means I need a little help managing that.

The tech is easy enough, but I'm not that great with computer languages as it is, so I need a favor from someone who is. I need a better way to search everything in here, rather than just names and dates. Specifically, keywords that I need to know whether or not there's precedent here for...If I'm not the first one from the SDF here, it's important to know.

You don't have to look it up for me if it's something easy enough to build on my own...I don't want to make needless work on your part. I know it's probably not important to anyone else as far as I know. I should probably also put the information out here just in case someone is here, or will be soon, just to make it easier to find me:

Manabu Yuuki, Sirius Platoon, SDF
Direct report to Schwanhelt Bulge
I'll be sure to set up some kind of direct line to make it easier to get a hold of me one way or the other. I don't know much yet, but I'll work hard to figure it out.

I know excuses are moot at this point, but I would like to make a point that I didn't get on the wrong train this time. Apparently this kind of thing happens a lot without regard for time and place.

002 | VIDEO

Feb. 5th, 2015 09:52 pm
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[ Hank's not particularly keen on being on camera right now, being shabby looking and aggravated to be here again, and most of all, feeling disorientated and a haunting deja vu at all of this. But he knows appearing as himself is important. The start of video begins quietly. It's dark in the background but unlike his last communication, he's definitely in a room. ]

Hello. It looks like I've been taken out of the loop for a while.

[ A pause, his hand fiddle with a remote-looking piece of technology. ]

The last memory I have of this place is working with people — people that I found out are gone now — to build a community hub. I don't remember an exact time or place or anything more precise than that. It's—It's a bit foggy for me, like a dream and

Well. I would say it's unsettling but it's more than that. Being out taken out of something and to be put back in place...

[ Hank rubs at the stubble forming along his jaw, taking another pause to focus. ] I can't really shake off how weird this feels because something like this has happened to me before. Someone else took my place and I had no memory of what happened in the time I was gone. I can scan the network all I want but that doesn't tell me much.

If anyone listening can confirm for me that there was no one here who looked like me or went by the name Hank Pym was active and present sometime between fall, September or October - it does't matter, and now, that would clear a lot of things up.

Thank you.
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It’s a little late, but happy new year, ImPorts. I hope your gains will be great, and your losses light.


And happy anniversary, too. That one’s right on time.

It’s been a pretty rough one, right? I mean, most years are tough, when you go through them, but this one more than most... it’s been a challenge, hasn’t it? I know there’s not too many of us who arrived here last January, but there’s more than that who arrived in February, and March, and each month after that. Your anniversaries are coming up soon, too. The future arrives before you really know it. And the past... it gets further and further away, no matter how much you think about it.

[ It’s a post from Ruka. Did anyone honestly expect it to be cheerful? ]

Maybe it’s that I think too much about this sort of thing, but... not every ImPort gets to celebrate an anniversary. Or, not everyone will. It’s been a year, but we’ve already lost a lot of our comrades along the way. New and old. Even if it’s ExPorts, and even if... some of them will return to their previous lives, it’s still... a loss, for the people that remain here. ... ... It’s hard to find closure, when the gateways to and from this life never seem to close. It’s impossible, almost impossible to know if someone will return—to know if they will be the same person we knew, that they’ll remember us, or hold the same bonds that fastened us together in the first place.

I know there’s a lot of new arrivals. Some are familiar, some aren’t, but I... think it would be good, to take a little bit of time to think about the ones we’ve lost. That have been lost. For you, it might only be one person... or it might be the whole world. To lay them to rest, even if only for a little while. [ Though her speech has been riddled with short pauses, thoughtful breaths for the word to come, this one is more pronounced. Hesitant. ]

I suppose... Well, it’s not much of a confession, when I say I know what it feels like, is it? Going on like this. But... if yours is something you want to talk about, you can talk to me.

I’ll be here.
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[ Well, here he is. A scrawny fourteen-year-old boy hanging around outside of De Chima residence #001, seriously considering whether or not it would be a good idea to go in. Hiro trusts authority about as far as he can throw 'em - so, not much with his current stick arms. So there he is, wavering back from the threshold of the house ... and opting to check out this network instead. Maybe he can dig up enough info to set his mind at ease.

He's hacked into the security settings on his comm to make him show up as anonymous on the network. Not hard to crack or trace, but also not immediately broadcasting his full name to the world at large. ]

so, what. everyone just uses their full names on here? doesn't that strike anyone else as being weird?

[ He settles himself on a small bench near #001, still tapping furiously. ]

because that sounds weird to me. no offense, but wow who taught all of you guys about internet privacy, facebook? after getting pulled here we really oughta be a little more paranoid.

speaking of which: Cluster. tech company. on a scale of one to Cyberdyne, how evil is this place?

[ He hunkers down after that, splitting his attention between the screen and #001 behind him. If anyone looks like they're living there, he sure does want to get a good look at 'em. Maybe even start a conversation if they're prospective roommates ... ]

2 - text

Jan. 8th, 2015 10:33 pm
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[Approximately one month ago, Mike Parker posted his first entry to the network. And then he up and disappeared halfway through responding to said entry. How rude of him.]

i take it back . all fo it. all the stuf i said bout the gov. or implyd bout the gov. takin it all bak. ofishaly. ok ? u need 2 kno the gov is great. the gov our gov is the vry best gov out of all the govs. at lest all govs in this world. cant judge all govs in univrs dont kno em. mayb there beter mayb just horible & mean & shity.

like mayb if u got kidnaped ( & im usin that word nicely the kind of kidnapin our gov does is cool its 4 a good cause everybody knos that ) by sum gov on anothr world ud get a glowy tat sum place uncomfortabl. wrist isnt bad at all. way beter than u kno. use ur head, think bout that 1.

but yea. i was wrong. usas gov is awsum. sure theyv screwed sum ppl over in the past but theyve changed & dont do that anymore. & they dnot have secret groups or any othr secrets cept mayb smal ones but everybodys got smal secrets. smal secrets make the world go round. its fine.

lov ur gov ok. i kno i do.

so can anybody explain 2 me how its jan when it was just dec cuz it was just dec & now its jan.. jesus.

or! if anybody knos any hero clases u can go 2? i could use sum lesons on this stuf. gona serve my gov! just need a litl help getin started.



Jan. 8th, 2015 11:48 pm
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[The girl on the screen clearly knows she's recording, despite the fact she's just staring into it goes on for a few seconds. Kind of awkward actually.]

...powers are interesting.

[Her tone is...lacking. Literally, that is a total monotone she's got going on.]

But...give and take... unacceptable.

Property of team magma. Unauthorized acquisition absolutely... assuredly... forbidden.

So return it.

[A beat.]

My pokémon. Return it to me.


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