Feb. 27th, 2017 09:00 pm
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[For once, Sadie the unofficial imPort Drunk is actually addressing the network from inside a bar. It seems to be a nice one, though, classily designed with bartenders in snappy vests and a polished bar. A sign hanging on the wall in the background welcomes imPorts.]

Darlings, in my tipsy travels across our wonderful host cities, I found the loveliest bar that I thought all of you should know about right away! Not only do they offer special deals for imPorts, they've even named some of the drinks after us! Look!

[Sadie holds the cocktail menu up to the camera, though it may be difficult to read. That's fine, Sadie is going to list some of them for you anyway.]

The Raging Bull is a powerful drink, with four types of liquor in it. Oh! And there's the Saitama Spectacular, it comes on the rocks only the ice is really an egg, which is a strange kind of garnish if you ask me. I also enjoyed the Red Rusty, which I believe is similar to Bloody Mary but with gin. And then there's the newest addition to the menu, the Taako Supreme. Isn't that clever? I do see what they did there! And then, of course, there's simply The Sadie.

Oh, there are simply too many. Here's a list! [To this network entry, she appends a link to the bar's website, which lists the many imPort themed drinks offered by the fine establishment.] Do come by and visit, and we can drink each other and to each other!

[ooc note; feel free to assume/make up your own character-themed drink on the menu, this is for sheer silliness and nothing more.]


Feb. 14th, 2017 09:08 pm
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So I'm throwing in with all the holiday chatter flying around. Partly, because, I don't get it.

Why's there one day where you have to be all sappy and crap? You just supposed to save up all the ... courting until today or what?

'Cause I'm gonna take a hard pass this year. And last year. So consider the Iron Bull back on the...

[He was going to say he was back on the market. But then he happened across a gift someone left.]

... crap. Forget that last bit.

[There's an awkward pause.]

Summary. Explain the reasoning with this "holiday", and is candy is still cheap tomorrow? I uh.

Made an oversight.


Feb. 10th, 2017 07:44 pm
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[Saitama looks as dull and egg headed as ever, however, is there a hint of nervous sweat at his temples...?]

So. On a scale of 1 - 10, how lame is it for someone to hide someone else's Valentine's chocolate that's coming in early through the mail because he--they're not getting any?

A friend was asking me, but I couldn't say ...

[Obviously, he's talking about himself and needs confirmation on how lame it is he's hiding Genos' fan mail.]


Feb. 7th, 2017 07:53 pm
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[For those who know her, Sadie's natural sparkle is slightly dimmer as she appears on the network today, just a touch. For those who don't, it might well go unnoticed, as her smile is as broad as ever.]

Hello, darlings. For those of you who watch my show—and I'm sure it's many of you, as you all have such excellent taste—my producers have decided to do a special edition to celebrate Valentine's Day, celebrating the wonderful thing called love and ways we celebrate it through time and distance!

[Just for a moment, Sadie glances down to her wedding ring.]

Now, thanks to my vast experience speaking to ghosts, I have the time covered, but what about distance? I can't think of any distance greater than different worlds, so tell me, how do my dear fellow imPorts celebrate love?
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I have a question about nanites.

[Said casually, but with a certain amount of self-importance. Clara Oswald opens conversations as though they were great doors to be flung.]

They're what bring us back when we die, yeah? They repair what's malfunctioned, like... like a pit team. [She thinks that's what they're called, at least.] But what if nothing's there to fix? That's what I want to know. If there's no body left, there are no nanites left, so the Porter just... rematerializes you? Plops down a backup file? If there's too much damage to fix, what exactly happens?

[It's all asked in a very matter-of-fact, academic tone. Clara could maybe use a lecture on morbidity from her past self.]


Dec. 12th, 2016 07:38 pm
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hi everybody!! do YOU know what day it is??

it's december 12th!! which means you have basically no time left to do your xmas shopping or to go pick up the perfect sweater for that holiday party or to get something soft and fuzzy to wear during hanukkah

SOLUTION: order a custom sweater from me, mabel pines!!

I'm basically a sweater wizard and I can make them out of whatever material you want with whatever design you could ever want ever!! I work SUPER fast and my prices are VERY reasonable and every sweater is made with love

and sometimes cat and pig hair!!

so hit me up if you're interested and just tell me the size and the design and BAM you'll get the coolest warmest thing possible this winter

winky face ;)

001: TEXT

Nov. 20th, 2016 02:05 am
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hi everyone! i'm karina and i'm pretty new here

won't take up too much of your time, sooo... quick question!

if you could design your own superhero costume, what would it like? function over form or a combination of both? what matters most to you when you're out and about and helping people out?

or what DOES your costume look like, if you've already made one and you're in a position to tell

thanks in advance everyone ♥
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[ The camera turns on, it's Saitama filming Genos using Genos' comm as the cyborg is busy carving pumpkin after a pumpkin. Saitama is impressed enough with his diligence he feels like it should be preserved on the network.

Genos is very focused and hard at work, as he's carving another pumpkin. On the table and floor are more that can be seen, including a moon, and a tree, and a demonic sort of face that seems to be layered (he's been working on that for past few hours). Whatever Genos is working on now, Saitama can't see what it is. ]

"Hey, Genos. What're you planning to do with all these pumpkins, anyway?"

[ Genos finally notices him filming and puts away the tools, but the tiny drill coming out of his finger is still there. ]

"Sensei, why are you recording me?"

"Figured people'd like to see, they go nuts for Halloween, here, right?"

"It does seem like a big deal here." [ Genos agrees, still positioned in a way Saitama can't see his current work ] "I've been practicing some carving techniques, I didn't want to ruin the ultimate design by lack of skill. These--" [he points at the finished carvings] "--are not worthy to be shown."

[ Then he narrows his eyes as he zooms in at the comm in Saitama's hands. ] "For your information, you're not recording this, you're streaming it straight onto the network."

"Well, yeah, that's what I meant to do. I'm showing people how cool you made these pumpkins." [ Genos blinks hearing this reply, as he expected it to be accident, rather than intentional action. Plus, if this was just being recorded, he could easily not post the file. But before he can answer Saitama obliviously continues on:] "So, what's your ultimate design? Eh, ehh? Show the people!"

"Please, give me a few seconds, I'm almost done with it..." [ Genos turns away from the camera, as he starts to quickly add finishing touches to the carving. Then he turns around and presents it with proud, small smile for everyone to see. And compared to the previous one? This one is painfully simple, as it's a very simplified drawing of Saitama's face, in the goofy-smile-egg incarnation ]

"Here it is! And it will look even better, while illuminated! I ensured the change of layers to give your whole face a glorious shine, sensei."

[ Saitama "erks" in surprise, suddenly regretting streaming this. The carving of his face even has holes carved in it for an extra shine on a bald head. He hates his life. After a delayed pause, Saitama remarks in a small, dead tone:] "This still doesn't answer what we're gonna do with all these pumpkins..."

"I think the tradition says you should put it on the porch - which we don't have - or a window." [He'd give the Saitama-pumpkin to Saitama right now, but he's filming so... ] "Others? Throw them away". [ Genos finishes with an uncaring shrug. So cruel to his works...]

((ooc: both Genos and Saitama will be answering this post ))


Oct. 22nd, 2016 03:54 pm
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I just found out today that this place has more than one continent. [He's been here for a few months now, so this is kind of sad.] That's kind of weird, isn't it? I wonder what happened to make it break up like that.

Guess I'm curious to know, though, 'cause I've been kinda bored today: anyone else's world different like that? Or anyone else's look like mine? Here. It's like this...

[He takes a moment to scratch out something, yes, you get to watch him doodle in a notebook he found nearby (sorry, Genos), and holds up this masterpiece. He even drew waves on it to help you get the full picture.]

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This is Hood.

[ The sounds are unmistakable; the clinking of glasses, soft rock music, muted chatter. Hood's on a bar, be it for the booze or for the memories, he ain't telling. It's a little bit of both, really. At least in there he can pretend the crazy world he's been dumped into exists at all. As long as he doesn't walk out again there's nothing to worry, right? ]

Someone fucked up. [ There's a hint of irritation in his voice. ] They wanted a hero, they got me. I'm honored, really, but I sort of quit that life. [ Being a cop and being a hero aren't exactly the same, but that's as close as he's ever going to get. ]

I get it, though. No going back, at least not willingly. Fine. [ A pause; that whiskey isn't going to drink itself. ]

Just... you go your way, I go mine. Got it.


[ As if he would wait for an actual reply, pffft. ]
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[The video opens to an office. People who have been affiliated with Xavier's School for ImPorts in some capacity or another might recognize it as the Headmaster's office, previously belonging to Robert Callaghan. There's, uh, a mix of organized stacks of paperwork and haphazardly strewn piles. Guess which ones Kotetsu had anything to do with. A copy machine is insistently beeping about its paper jam and he smacks it a couple times in frustration before he just gives up and unplugs it. He gives the network a slightly flustered wave.]

Uh, hi. This is Kotetsu Kaburagi. I'm the powers tutor at the Xavier's School for ImPorts. ...Which, uh, isn't just for imPorts anymore and...[he makes an awkward noise in his throat] Xavier asked to have his name taken off, since he's not affiliated and all, so, uh, if anyone has suggestions for a new one, that'd be great....

[He rubs at his neck, coughs.]

So, a-anyway, that stuff aside. Callaghan Ported out a few months ago, so we don't have a Headmaster anymore. And I'm, not really--[vague gesturing to the general state of the office]

Well, I could use some help. Like, official help. Just contact me here or in private if you're interested?

[Qualifications: just don't be a criminal. Please.]

Also, the people we had working security have Ported out or moved onto other work by now, so I'm looking for more people for that, too.

--Oh, yeah, if anyone wants to enroll at the school, lemme know! It's a regular high school for the most part, but it's a great place to practice your powers in a safe place, if that's something you're interested in.

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[ Posted to the Mirror net. After talking to a couple of people about his situation, some of them did point out Sasaki was being kept under government’s thumb. others have pointed that out before, but they never made it sound like it was a bad situation. Only recently. Everyone is so paranoid )= ]

This isn’t new and in case you didn’t know: I am biologically a ghoul and that means I can only consume humans. If you have questions, I can answer but that’s not why I’m writing this.

It’s not that difficult for a ghoul to find food, and I’m not talking about hurting people; I would never do that. You have morgues, cemeteries, suicides and humans killing each other. However, it's illegal; you cannot steal bodies, you can’t temper with murder scenes, and people wish to bury their loved ones.

The government knows my dietary needs and that's why I can’t just tell them I’ll handle my own diet - because that’s the same as telling them I’ll do something wrong. They told me if I was registered, I can have access to bodies donated to science; if I’m not registered, I don’t and thus I’d go back to the first part of the issue: they’d know I don’t have access to their food, they’d know I would have to get it somewhere else, and they’d know whatever I would do in order to get it would be considered wrong and illegal.

I’m registered because I need to eat. This is the sole reason why Kaneki was registered, and he hated it because he felt like he was pledging alliance to a government only just so he wouldn’t starve. Myself, I’m used to this because it’s the same sort of agreement I have in my world: I’m allowed to live and eat and be treated as a human, as long as I work for the CCG and obey their orders.

It’s true the government here could force me to obey them if they wanted, and I would do it. And some of you find that awful, I know. But let’s be honest, what other choice is there? What would you do in this situation? Still , the government hasn’t given anyone orders, and honestly – perks aside – I still don’t see the big difference between registered and unsettled.

So I do wonder, what’s the difference? What makes you decide you prefer to be unsettled and not registered? Or the other way around (besides the benefits). What's bad about one and another, or good?
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[ The feed opens on a video that looks like it was recorded by something much higher quality than the standard imPort communicator, as a dark-haired woman walks down a runway in a very colorful drape dress. The colors blaze across the fabric in a way that seems both orderly and wild, passing from the hottest pinks and yellows at the shoulders to a blues and purples at the hems, mixing and mingling in the middle like the angriest possible pastels. A few of the colors even hit hues that don't look like they're naturally occurring, at least not on this planet.

It's the centerpiece of the Maryam Spring Collection, being showcased tonight in New York.

But, as the model nears the end of the runway, she looks disconcerted for a moment, as if suddenly struck by indigestion. She does her best to keep going and playing it off, but eventually she has to stop and turn her head toward the she burps out a large puff of flame. There are sounds of awe and shock from the audience as everyone's phones start flashing and snapping away, and the model turns back to walk as briskly as she can back behind the curtain.

The clip ends, and the video cuts to a frazzled Kanaya, broadcasting from her communicator backstage. She's wearing the biggest, fakest smile her fangs will allow, eyes wide and distressed. Behind her, the same model can be seen in the changing room, still wearing the dress, guzzling bottled water while steam pours out of her mouth. Kanaya glances back at her, smile unwavering, and the woman is clearly very upset that she can apparently breathe fire now.

Satisfied that the extent of the situation has been conveyed, Kanaya turns back to the camera, letting only one word escape her grit teeth.


1 / video;

Sep. 9th, 2016 07:40 pm
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[The guy on the end of this video clearly doesn’t want to be doing this, hunched forward on an old couch in a dark room, staring distantly at something just off camera and only occasionally flicking his gaze back to the screen. He’s silver haired, stocky, decked in a worn black t-shirt that reveals arms full of faded tattoos, and looks awkward as hell, but even he knows he’ll have far more success in his request if he shows his face.]

I need money. [Gruffly said and to the point, his words sticking to a perfect monotone.]

A job. I need a job… another job. I can do whatever, doesn’t matter, name it. [There’s no sign of this being a joke judging by the unchanging, sullen stare, and it’s honestly better for everyone involved if he keeps it vague and doesn’t start listing off his credentials to the masses. It’d take a while…

A pause lingers for an uncomfortably long few seconds and then he’s leaning forward to turn off the feed, faltering just before he does so.]

Oh. And, uh. Good bingo halls, I need those too. Not Betty Black’s, I already know that one.

[And with that he’s gone.]

#01 [video]

Sep. 6th, 2016 08:04 pm
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ImPorts network, correct?

[ This young man is speaking in Japanese, but he already figured how to get English subtitles to appear, courtesy to the translator. His expression is very serious and stern, but the slant of his eyebrows might be just how his face was designed. The only strange detail in his face are eyes, black sclera and golden irises, but starting from the neck it gets weirder. His neck has black silicone sheathing instead of skin, while the other part of him not covered in clothing - his arms -, is artificial and covered in metal plating. ]

I am familiar with organization registering heroes, although the one known to me was based on private sector, rather than military. [ He's really not sure how he feels about it, especially with the whole "war with soviets" thing. Hero Association isn't best system ever but at least it didn't make them-- ] Soldiers, that's what we are here.

[ That sounds cryptic, but it's also how it looks to him ]

I'm Genos- From my initial assessment of the situation here, it is not unlikely for ImPorts from the same "world" to appear.

Based on that, I require information about cyborgs present among ImPorts. With emphasis placed on those with unstable mental capacity and tendency to bouts of violence.

[ Being thrown into foreign country in different world is not going to stop him from searching ]

Additionally, if anyone could point me at intensive language course. I'd be interested in trying it.

[ Even with the translator option it would be far more useful to learn the language that everyone speaks ]


Aug. 27th, 2016 11:11 pm
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[ As always, with Shade, it's Video.

And as always, he looks pretentious as hell, but this time, it's worse.
] Good evening, imports!

[ Says Shade, dressed in a dark smoking jacket, complete with a pipe, although his tophat and shades are still on. In the background, one can see a roaring fire -- in North Carolina no less -- and in the foreground, a small shadow gremlin stumbles around, bringing a both a glass of hazy green liquid (absinthe) and a paper, which Shade takes. ]

I'm the Shade, for those of you whom I haven't met, and I'm quite the fan of the written word.

Most of the time. [ He holds up the paper, labeled with a bold TMI -- the headline an image -- with a headline underneath: TMI EXCLUSIVE: REGGIE MANTLE CONFESSES - SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS ]

I thought I'd give this a go, as the reading seemed to hint that it would include too much information, but this may very well be... too much.

[ He cleared his throat, before he started. ]

Import Harleen Quinzel may not be a human import at all! The import was last seen turning into a -- my word, really? -- Harley Davidson motorcycle, and speeding down Formation Boulevard in Nonah this past Saturday. Some followers of imports pointed out that she may be a... Transformer -- [ He sounded bewildered: ] What is a... ah! -- an alien that is known to tranform from a robot into a vehicle.

[ A pause. ] Fascinating!

And the next one says... Saitama, the import known for packing quite the punch... [ He paused, eyes peering over his sunglasses while he read. His face becoming more and more horrified by the moment. ] now starring in a...n.... X-rated video called "Three Fist Man"? [ Muttered under his breath: ] By erebus -- I don't think that's appropriate for the Sundays...

[ Gross. Maybe he should move on. But only after he reaches out to take a sip of his drink. ]

Ah! My friend Dorian! Apparently you've been rather naughty. [ He grinned. ] Caught in the sheets with Power Girl! My! And with an illegitimate child? Kara Danvers? [ A hand to his chest. ] Toby must be devastated, really. It appears that TMI reporters were able to locate an illicit exchange between the two, but there was no footage, but... the similarities between Ms. Danvers and Power Girl are rather striking, aren't they? [ A wave of his hand. ] Or is it coincidence? Who truly knows?

Ah! It appears that an import is to blame for the FBI's incompetence as well? Apparently a one Erik Lensherr was to blame for the FBI's entire database, which found itself wiped. Apparently the man is a living...magnet? Can that affect compuiters? Regardless, the FBI chose not to comment, and instead dismissed the intrepid TMI reporter as insane. Of course tthat's incorrect.

And lastly -- [ He's on the third page -- ] Import Frederick Chilton was found in the arms of his patient! How scandouls. James Patrick Marsh, hotel owner, was found with the Doctor on a sensuos lunch date, where the two were found laughing over... strawberries and créme. [ A thoughtful noise. ] How very romantic -- and clichéd. [ Another sip. ]

Isn't it fascinating, what things we've all been up to so far?
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[Sometime in the evening, after all this happens, there's the Iron Bull's unmistakable voice. Though, instead of how lighthearted it usually is, there's an edge to it.]

Hey! Any of you assholes out there ever wanted to go a few rounds with the Iron Bull?

Now's your chance.

[He'll send a photo of himself standing in the middle of a park in Nonah. There aren't many people around, somehow, in this location, but Bull shouldn't be hard to locate.]

I'm feeling the urge to hit something. Where's the Seeker and her stick when you need her...
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[He's still not too comfortable with English, so the translator is still translating what he's saying. However, instead of translating audibly it translates with text, putting it at the bottom of the viewer's screen like subtitles on a foreign movie.]

I have an announcement. I guess.

[Whatever it is, he has no excitement about it. Even if it was something he would like he probably wouldn't be anymore excited than he is now. This i likes a 1 on the excitement scale.]

For some reason the band hasn't kicked me out yet. [Government bonuses for having an imPort in the band perhaps?] And they "booked a gig." I was supposed to hang up fliers but. [He holds up a stack of papers with a shrug. But he just didn't.] Sooo...figured I'd say something on here at least.

It's . . . [He holds up a flier to read off the info; he doesn't even know this off the top of his head.] It's at a place called Tipsy Bird in Maurtia Falls. Starts at 7PM. All ages but it has a bar. [Puts down the flier.] That's important to know, I suppose. So come. If you want.

[He moves to turn off the feed and post but stops as he remembers something else to say.] Oh, and I'm the singer.

[THEN he posts. Anyone paying attention to this video will note that he is not very charismatic at all and has a dull, not-melodic voice. Plus the fact he doesn't appear to know English. And he's saying he's the singer. Have fun with that.]

((OOC: Open log for the gig here!))


Aug. 12th, 2016 01:25 pm
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I'm looking for individuals to lend their voices to navigational technology.

Any genders capable of speaking clearly and maintaining a calm, professional tone. Particularly interested in multilingual individuals. This is temporary paid work.

If interested, please respond using the audio function or upload a voice sample.

-Dr. H. Gottlieb

[ooc: feel free to link a character clip or provide a description!]


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