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[Frank has been lying low since the blackout. When the government gave him a reward, he didn't want to risk building any more notoriety outside of his typical reputation. It's one of the many reasons to leave Heropa, besides him having more work to do up north.

So when he returns to the Network, it's to unceremoniously use it as Craigslist. Again.]

Need to know about the cheapest places to rent in Maurtia Falls. And a decent mechanic.

Maybe away from the permanent fireworks. [A mumbled aside, almost cut off by him stopping the feed:] At least Tomorrowland laid off the floating old fuck in the stars.
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[ The camera seems to artfully be placed on the edge of a desk. Behind the guy on screen is both an American flag, and the Virginia state flag. On the desk, at an extreme angle is the words S. 2549 ]

I know it's a little behind -- it's been a long couple of weeks since the blackout, and I meant to address everyone earlier than this, but... you know how the Senate can be, particularly at the beginning of a new session. [ A half-grin. He knows it's bullshit, but... ]

Anyway, I wanted to ask most of you who were affected the most by the blackout -- what kind of government response would you have found the most useful?

Or to any crisis, really. This isn't the first, and it won't be the last, and I want to make sure we have a plan in place to properly utilize the resources we have to make sure we all get out of this safely. Even if it's something small, it'll help.

[ A pause, and then a slight gesture. ] Obviously, I'm working on a bill, so it would help me to field the people who seem the most impacted by these sorts of things, you know?

[ He reaches to shut it off, before -- ] Oh, and for those of you who are new, welcome to your new reality. If you need anything, you can always reach out. Just because I'm a Senator for Virginia doesn't mean I'm not available for imports as a whole. I'm the only voice we have in the Federal Government, you know?
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[Under usual circumstances, Tara would have made a video post without a second thought. But these aren't usual circumstances. She can decide how public to make her life now and she has no idea what to do about that. Not to mention no idea what to do about being alive again.

Still, staying cooped up in her room trying to figure out what to do with the new rest of her life is starting to get old. There's got to be something she can do to take her mind off things.

Despite the whirlwind in her mind, Tara's voice is utterly self-assured when she makes her audio post. It's a young woman's voice, early twenties but only barely. Her tone confident and aloof...or maybe just wary. Still absolutely polite.]

I have a few days to kill in Maurtia Falls, and I'm looking for things to do. I like art, fashion and music in particular. Something more interesting than the tourist attractions would be appreciated, though I'll take those too. Any recommendations?

[After a pause, she continues, her voice a less certain that it was before. Tara's never had much to do with animals, not even pets.]

And...does anyone know anything about therapy dogs?

[OOC: Tara will be replying with audio posts for the most part so I'll be using a mixture of masked and unmasked icons (since I don't have enough unmasked expressions yet). I'll try to compensate with text descriptions as well, but feel free to poke me if her tone is unclear. I'm happy to edit in more info as requested. Or, hey, awkward misunderstandings, those are fun too. /o/]


Jan. 7th, 2017 07:09 pm
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[Social networking had never really been Frank's forte, even before he was declared dead to the public. When he found the communicator in his welcome package, and the explanation of the imPort network, he couldn't help but grimace. The greeter interpreted it a smile, and let him go on his way.

Now, he sits in a corner cafe, watching city life unfold around him, with the phone in his hand. A few of the posts he's found so far have actually caught his attention-- apparently some of these supervillain assholes really don't mind showing their faces. Not really a bad thing-- easier to find.

What would be harder to find, however, would be people he can trust. Especially if people here know who he is. May as well test the waters.]

So are there any good coffee shops around here? Because this Starbucks stand in tastes like shit
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I’m looking to rob a bank or two.

[ The man in black’s voice is low, rough with age and smoke through whatever farcical discretion ‘anonymity’ provides. ]

Could use a lookout, maybe a driver. 80/20 split. Negotiable, depending on what you have to offer, [ he elaborates, deadly serious and with enough of a drawl to ring distinct to any ears with a mind to pick him out of a lineup, later. ]

Interested parties inquire within.

[ OOC: All replies will be anonymous unless otherwise indicated. ]
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must be proficient with the standard ground cars of this world
hover car proficiency preferred but not necessary
familiarity with early 20th century models preferred
instructor age 25+ preferred

Student comes from the early 1920s and drives a Crossley. Payment will be done per lesson. Details to be negotiated.
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[ Since his arrival here, Locus has done a lot of research on various things, like where to get the best deal on shoes is or where the local riffraff hang out or even where to get the best dog food from ( but that was just a sad side effect from working at a dog grooming place. ) One thing he hadn't done a deep study on was weaponry and surveillance. Because he didn't think he'd need to.

But. Things change.

Which is why he's coming here to the mirror network and posting anonymously. Because that's not suspicious at all! ]

I will be brief. I am wondering the best place to procure weapons from. Not the typical kind found in most gun shops. I would rather not have to borrow from the government. Also looking for a little more advanced technology in terms of communications and surveillance. I seek some place or someone discreet with the possibility of repeat business should it prove advantageous.

Any insight would be appreciated.

002 {text}

Nov. 22nd, 2016 11:15 pm
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[Try as she might, Sookie can't figure out how to do this anonymously, so at the very least she won't show her face. It's too damn embarrassing.]

does anyone have good tips on faking powers? i need to know in the next few days.


( audio )

Nov. 22nd, 2016 06:18 pm
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[ Felix gets right to the point, sounding a bit exasperated. ]

Does anybody here know anything about pets?

[ Pets is a very broad category with vastly different answers depending on the animal involved. But those are nitpicky details that happen to other people. People who have had pets before and know how to take care of living things. Not a killer like Felix who can barely take care of himself properly. ]

Like, what keeps them happy and healthy and whatever? Maybe how to make them stop destroying your shit? Or—

[ His attention shifts rather abruptly away from what he's doing. ]

Hey! No! Don't you dare, that's mine!

[ The sounds of a brief scuffle can be heard: some rustling cloth, a bit of cursing, and a low rumbling, almost rusty growl. A moment later, Felix adds, disgruntled; ]

Mostly that last one. Also how to teach these assholes boundaries.
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( guess who's back, back again? here she is, the grumpy savior, and... unbelievably, she's doing kind of okay. not, you know, great... but kind of okay.

she comes as a woman on a mission, though... however embarrassing it is.

easy to pick up hobbies that you do with your hands, and go

sidebar: does anyone want a dreamcatcher? because I've got a lot of dreamcatchers.

( no seriously. a lot of dreamcatchers. she can get about an hour of sleep a night on a good night, so far, and the rest of her nights are spent failing at crafting and making dreamcatchers. )

01 | video

Nov. 5th, 2016 08:45 pm
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So. This has been a long couple of days. [The look on his face screams 'I am just so done' so much that he doesn't even have to say it explicitly] Any recommendations for a good bar around Nonah? I got a lot of sorrows to drown and not enough booze to keep me going.

[See, now, he doesn't need deets on what's going down, he gets the gist from the other posts he's checked in on and what his little handy welcome pack told him, he pretty much has that down. As insane that it is. What he doesn't have is a good reliable watering hole and that just isn't right. No man should go days, hours or minutes without one.]

If I spend any more time sober, I might actually start reassessing my life and my choices and I don't have time for that kind of shit. So just help a guy out here. I don't mind if I got to pay a little extra for a good drink but I'm not exactly flushed with cash here so let's not go nuts and send me to like the ritziest place in town. Okay? Reasonable. Prices.

[Wait, he should really clarify here because when it comes to finding a bar, you can never be too specific in your wants.]

Just don't direct me to some dive where they water down the drinks or I will come down on you like the hand of God and smite your ass because seriously, don't waste my time or my money. That shit ain't cute and I will come at you. Sensible suggestions only.

[There's a long pause before he adds:]

While we're on the subject of things I need, I got one more request. I need someone who's good with this thing right here. [He means the device, he even gives it a little shake to just display what he means.] I got a few questions.
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Playmaker-san asked a good question about if our powers defined us. It's something I've been thinking about lately.

What if you have a power that goes against even your biology?

If it changes something about you that's always been a requirement?

As a Ghoul, I've always had to eat humans to live. There's no other way, it's how Ghouls are. How our bodies work.

But...the Porter has made it so I can eat human food now.

Before it made me sick. It tasted horrible. But now it's good, it doesn't make me weaker to eat it. If I can eat human food to live now, instead of humans...

Does that change who I am? Does it change what I am?

I have always been a Ghoul. I don't know how to be anything else.

[ 'i don't know if i want to be anything else' goes unsaid, but it's there.

thanks for the existential crisis, kidou. ]


Oct. 21st, 2016 06:46 pm
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[ The video flickers on and it's a steady shot of Felix behind the bar; there's a few clattering noises in the background, maybe even a power-tool whirring. Who's to say? ]

Since coming to this planet, I've heard a lot about who's registered and who's not, who's an imPort and who isn't. Maybe the rest of you have too. [ He waves a hand as if to dismiss the whole thing. ] Except I don't really see why it matters. As imPorts, we're all not from around here. And whether we're imPorts or natives, we all have to deal with the same bullshit.

So my partner and I—[ Hi; he's the one behind the camera! ]—decided a good way to get past all that bullshit is to have a place where anyone can go and it doesn't matter what world you came from or what you've got tattooed on your hand.

We call it Osiris. It's a restaurant here in Maurtia Falls. Right now, we mostly serve Mexican food—it's just us, we make what we know— [ Locus huffs, the sound is all too clear. We?! What a load. ] with a few other Latino dishes thrown in. But as we grow, so will the menu.

[ It probably won't grow much more. But, anything's possible! ]

Folks looking to drink, don't worry, the bar's stocked. Come in for lunch or dinner. Hell, feel free to inquire about private parties. Anyone's welcome. Think of us like.... Shit, what was that old Earth country that never took a side in wars? Iceland? Norway? Siber—

[ There's another long suffering noise from out of frame. ]...Switzerland.

We're Switzerland! We don't care who you are. We just want you to have a good time. Our grand opening's next weekend, in honor of Dia de los Muertos. We'll be having music and specials on meals and drinks. Stop in. First drink's on the house.

[ There's a brief pause and the image shakes slightly, then tilts. Still from off-screen; ] This is ridiculous and I don't see the point. Either they will come or they won't. There's more information below.

[ And with that, the feed clicks off and there is a link included with location, menu, and info about the three day celebration. ]
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[ WELL THE QUEEN OF THE MELODRAMATIC DAMNED IS AT IT AGAIN, lounging on a throne of brilliant autumn foliage and blooming squash vines and listen squash doesnt bloom in the fall thats why you even HAVE decorative gourds in time for winter but OK whatever.

It's all very well staged and impressive for a recording taken via selfie stick.

Important public service announcement, part one: if you're going to shorten my name, it's Ne, as in Ye, or Bey. . . . I guess NiNi might be OK too . . .

Second announcement: as always, Dorian Grey can eat shit.

Oh, right. Also, does anyone have any idea how the fuck to convert from an Attic to Modern calendar? Apparently I have a three day party coming up. Seems like a shame to miss it.
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[ The feed turns on shakily and abruptly, showing at first a view of mostly sky, but then it catches more blurry glimpses of scenery -- what might be recognizable as downtown Nonah, if someone were to squint or was just very familiar with the area by now -- as it moves again, as if being wrestled from someone. Voices can be heard above the fainter sounds of traffic, although there's the steady pulse of a nearby car stereo playing loudly and, occasionally, an engine revving.

Then the communicator steadies, being held at its owner's side; the camera now gives an un-aimed view the street, though at a somewhat diagonal, catching about half of the car in question in the shot. A guy's voice, about a foot away, says: "--the sickest shit I ever seen, man! Orale, show the guy, Angie!" And then the communicator moves again, the man holding it taking a step back as Angie breathes fire about five feet into the air. Only the fire and not Angie herself is visible on the screen, although within moments the speaker is stepping close again.

"You see that? It's legit, right? Just one selfie, man! Just one, come on!"

Then what, you'll finally beat it? [ Diablo's not speaking into the communicator, obviously, so his voice is muted, though still audible. ] I got nothing to say about no heroes, kid. Whatever you want? It ain't got nothing to do with me.

[ "Yeah, yeah, whatever! Damn, why you got to be such a bummer, dude?" The communicator raises again, rotating around to show two people: #1, a heavily tattooed man in a letterman-style jacket, "Diablo" embroidered on it like a nametag, looking impatiently at #2, who appears to be a teenager with slicked back hair ("AA" shaved into the sides), a lightning bolt tattoo on his neck, and large mirrored sunglasses. ]

Okay, how--

[ But, smiling delightedly, the boy waves into the camera, declaring: "Heeeey, imPorts! Que onda, stay crazy, guys -- we still believe in you! We got your backs now, so take it easy! Ride or die, man!" before he laughs and runs out of frame to join his off-screen friends; the car motor revs again. Diablo, still holding the communicator, does nothing for a moment except flick his eyes irritably and skeptically in that direction, then turns the camera around to capture the kids driving away. The car's plate reads "DOUBLE A". ]

Man, the hell was that. [ And now the camera once again rotates, his skeptical gaze gracing the screen. ] If that's what you all got around here, then no wonder they be importing in heroes like furniture.

[ Well... "heroes," as the still-dubious expression on his face may go on to suggest. He shrugs, then shakes his head. ]

But hey, y'know-- it's whatever. Anyone know where's a good shoe place around here?
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[ The post shows up late at night, some ambiguous time from some ambiguous poster. Locus has been messing around and figured out how to post to the network anonymously, which hadn't been his aim, but ultimately he's pleased to have discovered it. ]

What is it that makes you happy? How do you find something like that?

04 | video

Sep. 5th, 2016 08:11 pm
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[Lapis may have blinked completely out of this world for only a day, but she's been fairly scarce since returning as well. one might attribute this to a troubling experience in her own world, or the acquisition of a new, difficult to control power - unfortunately, the real answer in this case isn't nearly so dire.

the feed clicks on at an odd angle, like it's been propped up against a pillow or something similar and forgotten. the video shows Lapis at (mostly) an angle, sitting on what is presumably her bed with her knees drawn up to her chest. there's a blanket draped over her shoulders and head and a stuffed sea lion clutched in her arms that she seems to be alternating between cuddling and leaning on. from the bags under her eyes she...may not have moved from this position for quite some time.

it takes a moment or two for her to realize that the comm is recording - her water powers are so precise that it's easy to forget she's using them in the face of something more interesting. in this case the 'more interesting' thing appears to be some sort of Spanish telenovela going on offscreen, from the sound of it.]

Someone sent me a subscription for some kind of streaming network. I don't know why.

[that 'someone' was a PR employee at whatever this world's incarnation of Netflix is, and the 'why' was in the hopes that she'd shill it a little bit with her imPort prowess. boy did they pick the wrong space rock for that one.

in the background, anyone who understands Spanish might notice that the characters are arguing over the minutiae of the drug trade...and also who was sleeping with someone's hot murdered sister. Lapis' eyes never waver from the non-communicator screen, even as television gunfire breaks out.]

Is it really that dangerous for humans to run a business? All they're doing are transport runs, but no matter where they are everyone keeps dying. It's been like this for a week.

[...well, if anyone was uncertain about whether or not Lapis has been on a Netflix tailspin, all doubt can now be erased. someone please help this girl - and also whoever's screaming about swearing vengeance on the novela right now. the plot twist seems to have Lapis faintly concerned.]

...no wonder earth can't get anything done.

[this is mumbled more to herself than the network, as she lapses into thoughtful silence immediately after. it stretches out awkward until she realizes there was still something she'd wanted to address; one of her arms unfolds so she can look at something she's written on her hand.]

Oh, right. Did anything happen on [she squints slightly] Agust 29th that I need to care about?

[that's supposed to be August, but when your grasp on earth timekeeping is so poor you have to copy the month off the calendar to keep from forgetting this is about as good as you can expect.]
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[ The video begins with a weird vibe to it. Floating betwixt the shadows and the ghostly moonlight flitting through a window there lies a vivid bright V accompanied by green orbs-- as the camera adjusts to the light and auto focuses, the orbs become solid rings and the white light of the moon pick out a helm. More than that, in fact. Though silvery is the outline of the figure, the emerald loops and V are so striking that he knows he should have probably done some kind of video during the day. But he had spent the day planning the video. Nothing was really going according to plan however-- he didn’t mean for his first appearance of himself to be shrouded by dark as a barely visible silhouette of a ominously luminous creature. The preview image on the communicator didn’t show much. There is the softest of sighs that is displaced by a metallic tinge.

The lights were clearly off for a reason.

Ah… greetings. [ There is an attempt at a patient tone and a slow nod, visible by the V shape bouncing. His Japanese accent is ridiculously heavy and he tries to at least speak slower than usual so his words don’t roll and merge in the usual way that they do when he speaks in English. ]

Fellow… heroes? Vigilantes? Villains? One moment I am at the fringes of snowy Nepal and the next moment I am enlisted in a foreign military…? I do not speak harshly but rather, truthfully-- this illusion feels like everyone is a part of a show and we are being given parts to play in some kind of fantasy.

It will become clear upon any physical meeting with me that I am a tool for murder, but I refuse to take part in senseless death. If anyone of government is perhaps watching I wish for them to know this. I may be enlisted as a 'hero' but I have been a hero before and am above senseless violence. A militia that steals its members cannot be so innocent, regardless of the facade you paint your cities with.

What can we gain from being here?

[ Friendship wasn’t something that was ever high on any of his lists. There is a long pause of silence where he ponders what he just said, finding it to be depressingly off key when his master’s teachings echo around his head about silver linings and the darkest skies. If he needed to clear his throat to not appear awkward he would, but with the coming of metal vocal chords came the loss of natural human perks like that. ]

Apologies, [ Murmured softly as he turns his helmet a little to look once more directly at the camera. ] I do not mean any offence; I am merely troubled and I wish to understand more. My name is Genji. It is an honor to make your acquaintance.

[ The cyborg places a fist against his other hands open palm and bows to the camera though sitting down. The action is no longer a highlight, it’s visible now as the night rolls on and the moon casts its gaze upon him. Whether he liked it or not, this seemed to be home for now… but every human inch of him already ached to leave. ]
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[Superman looks honestly just....

Tired. He reaches to rub the bridge of his nose before he speaks, wondering how to even put it into words. Oh, he knows what he wants to say, knows what he wants to do. But it would be unfair to out someone without giving them a chance to work things out in this place, to become a better person.

Except, last time he tried that it ended up with him kidnapped in Crane’s basement.]

If someone from your world appeared here, someone who you knew was capable of really awful things… would you warn people?

Or would you give them a chance to be different in this place?


Aug. 29th, 2016 11:14 pm
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[The picture is a little off center, and the six-fingered wave at the camera is stiff and kind of awkward. For all that he's become used to the level of technology available, Ford still isn't used to speaking without a "face" to speak to. The smile, at least, is genuine, though at times he doesn't seem sure where he should be smiling. Or looking. It's... it's an attempt.]

Normally I wouldn't make such a public request, but I've run into a bit of a roadblock with my latest project. I'm in need of a very specific energy source for the prototype I'm building to run, but the laws and regulations surrounding the possession of radioactive material are a little more... stringent than the ones I remember. I sent a license application, of course, but the response was... well, confusing. I got one envelope that just contained the word "no," and another with a notification that I was no longer allowed to fly in or out of the United States. I'm sure it's just some kind of mix-up, but I keep having trouble getting calls transferred to the right department.

[There's a pause, before he waves his hand and shakes his head. Never mind. Not important.]

More to the point, I was wondering if anyone had, ah... alternate resources I could use until I manage to clear up the misunderstanding. All for even trade, of course, though the arrangement would have to be one of skills or resources in the place of actual funds. Apparently they do stop paying you once you stop showing up to work. You can reach me... I guess it would be here. Any information is appreciated.

[Another pause, a more awkward one this time -- he seems unsure how to end things (do you say goodbye? just shut the camera off?), and one hand moves to turn off the transmission before stopping halfway and dropping back to his side. It takes a moment of thought, and then he reaches forward again, this time with a wide grin.]

This is Ford Pines, signing off.

[And the picture cuts out. Nailed it.]


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