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Right, um. I have a question.

Is it lying to little kids if I get a job pretending to be Santa Claus?

I mean, I know it's lying, I guess I just... Is it a mean thing to do? 'Cause I have this reindeer, and somebody offered, and extra money's never bad, you know? But I'd feel bad if I was lying like that, and if it might be, like, morally questionable.

I didn't know people went around telling kids they're Santa, that's all. Is that just a thing they do here? A-okay?

2. Video

Oct. 8th, 2014 09:13 pm
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I'm still not an expert, but back home I was training physical combat. You know, get some muscle on this bones. [ Kaneki laughs lightly because he knows he is really skinny and weak and lacks muscle ]

Since now I'm here and the person who was training me isn't, I was wondering if anyone would mind training me? I'm not terrible at it, but I'm also not great. [ and he may also lack some self-confidence ]

I have super-strength and I'm also very sturdy, and I don't want to hurt anyone so... [ yeah ] Anyone with super-strength as well would probably be for the best.

Soooo. [ a pause. Kaneki isn't sure if this is how it goes ] I think that's all! Thank you for listening!
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[The video feed comes alive to show Kimblee sitting comfortably and smiling at the camera, impeccably dressed in his white suit and hat. There's no hesitation the suggest he's unused to the technology, having thoroughly experimented with the communicator before trying to broadcast. First impression are important and it simply wouldn't do to appear backwards when presenting himself to his fellow imPorts.]

I must admit, this is all rather unexpected to say the least. I had thought the world was done with me.

[He stops and shakes his head reprovingly, as if just remembering that he's got an audience. There's a brief glimpse of the circular array tattooed on his right palm as he tugs off his hat and inclines his head at the camera in a mock-bow.]

Ah, where are my manners? Being as it seems standard to introduce oneself upon arrival, permit me. My name is Solf J Kimblee, although I much prefer simply Kimblee if it's all the same.

I'm honestly not sure about this hero business I was told about but I am happy to be of assistance however I am able. Military service is at least not entirely unfamiliar to me so I suppose that may be of use. Otherwise I am a fairly accomplished alchemist if I do say so myself and would be happy to make my skills available to those who might have use of them.

[He goes to finish then stops, as if he's just remembered something.]

Before I take my leave, I do have one small request - could anyone recommend me a dry-cleaner? I know it seems a trivial matter but it can be quite troublesome finding a reliable service. Being as I've been assigned to work at a local men's outfitters it would be inappropriate of me to look less than my best.

I thank you all for you attention.
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Well, I'll give it to this military: they're efficient.

[Meet one of your latest imPort, everyone. He's doing a pretty good impression of a stone wall with the look on his face. He's not pleased to be here but at the same time he's quickly realized that's not exactly a choice he can make. Any decent Hunter knows when to adapt, so he supposes he's just going to have to deal with it until he finds out more information.]

Since it seems like a lot of us will be working together whether we like it or not, I might as well introduce myself. I'm Kite, from the Hunters' Association if that means anything to anyone, and it seems I'll be doing... [And he glances down at something for a moment.] Animal Rights work.

[Admittedly, not one of the worst things he could be doing in his spare time.]

If anyone is more familiar with Nonah, it'd be good to get to know you since I'll be living there but right now I'm still staying in Heropa. If there's anyone interested in a drink and some conversation, the invitation is open. I think I could use some company right now.

[There's a pause as he gives a roll of his right shoulder, looking a bit agitated for a moment, before he relaxes again and ends the post.]
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[ The video clicks on to show a teenage boy sporting a black eye and a letterman jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a big letter 'R' on it, as well as a mildly derisive expression on his face. It's a well-crafted guarded look, closing his face off from giving much away about what he might be thinking in the disdainful nonchalance it conveys. ]

So, I think one of my favorite things about this place so far is how I managed to show up just in time to start up school. Again. Some sense of humor someone's got -- but hey, I'm not complaining.

[ There's good reason for why he's not, but that of course he doesn't mention; better to play it like he's too mature for that kind of nonsense. He flourishes with his hand in a theatrical sort of gesture before he goes on, and briefly his tattoo is visible -- although instead of REGISTERED it just reads REG, the rest covered up with an adhesive bandage.

He continues in a tone of mustered confidence, approximating the appropriate smug punch his follow-up really calls for:

I'm Reggie Mantle, and I'm not gonna ask about superpowers or trans-dimensional whatcha-call-it because I figure, real or unreal doesn't matter much if we're livin' it anyway. I got a better survey question from a homework assignment:

What do you hate? With a passion?
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[ Clem's been on her own before, but not for this long - and with no flatmates, she was admittedly kind of lonely. Most of the day she was out and about exploring, but with certain things in mind and an intent to try talking to people a little, she collected her little device, vaguely reminded of her walkie. ]

So... the school year started, and they said I had to go. It's weird. I haven't been in school in over a year. I probably forgot a lot of things.

[ Which won't be a problem now with her sub power. She sees parents dropping their kids off at school a lot though, and it only reminded her that her own parents were gone, and.. well, she tried to pretend she didn't see them. ]

But it's kind of fun? It's... different. [ Different from back home. Homework, tests, spelling, all that stuff - it still felt like a completely different life, and she found it hard to concentrate. But she was trying..! That had to count for something, right? ]

Um... I have a job too now. I've never had a job before...but ... serving ice cream doesn't sound so hard, I guess?

[ Awkward pause, awkward paaaaaause. Aaaaaand she clears her throat a little, disconneting the feed. She will be heading out to the ice cream shoppe today though, if anyone happens to be in Heropa and would like some ice cream dropped in their lap in a tidy little cone. ]

video | one

Aug. 8th, 2014 08:14 pm
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[ when the video starts, you will all be greeted by a blonde girl who is looking a tiny bit stressed. I mean, who wouldn't be, after suddenly finding yourself in a weird alternate reality and whatnot? obviously what she's here to talk about is something extremely important. ]

Is the humidity in Florida always this awful? [ or not. ]

I've been outside for like, twelve minutes at most? And I think a colony of birds can now live in my hair it has gotten so big? Are we sure there isn't some evil villain doing something nasty to the air here? I don't think this is normal. We should definitely investigate. Who's with me?

[ there's a lengthy pause after that, as if she's contemplating turning off the feed. but then she suddenly snaps her fingers like she remembered something (which she did). ]

Oh! Right. I'm Steph. I'm new here. I am about 90% certain people I know from home are already here, so I'll find you guys later. Or you'll find me. There will definitely be some finding happening.
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[ The first thing that may become obvious to those who have spoken to Sansa before is that she has apparently come around to the idea of modern clothing since the last time she posted to the network; the camera shows that she is wearing one of those fashionably oversized tank-tops with a wolf emblazoned across the front. She's seated on her bed, leaning back against the wall. ]

I've been having some peculiar dreams as of late. [ She is very good at making it sound casual, as though it has no reason to actually cause her any concern. Regardless, she isn't actually stating what her dreams happen to entail. She's not ready to give that much away just yet. At least, not without something in return. ]

At least, I think that they're peculiar. I have come to realize that I do not have much basis for comparison. So I have found myself rather curious: What is it that the rest of you dream about every night? Do you think that there's any meaning to them?
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[Congratulations world, everyone is getting a nice shot of a suit of armor. Yes - a suit of armor. And a big hulking one at that with all kinds of spikes everywhere. It takes up most of the screen and leaves little of the background visible. More surprisingly - it talks. The voice is tinny but sounds like a young male.]

Um, hello. My name is Alphonse Elric and I've been here for a little over a month. There's been so much to learn about this world that was different from my own. But I'm not really going to talk about that.

[Right now he is sitting in a back room at the library. With Winry and his brother gone for summer camp, there isn't a lot of reason to go back to the house.]

What I am curious about is people who have the ability to change their form from human to something else. I hope no one minds me asking questions. [Ahem, excuse him while he pulls out a journal.] When you changed, was there any sort of negative side affect? If you'd been hurt the last time you were in the form, was it still there the next time you changed? How long have you been able to stay in this other form? What did the transformation feel like? Do you know how you accomplished it?

[He lowers the book.] That's it for now. Thank you for your time.
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[ You guys have no idea how long it took Toboe to work with the communicator. He is a wolf, not a tech-savvy human! The pup watched others working with it and after he bit the device, threw it against a tree and poked every button, he finally figured out which one allowed him to post to the network. When the video comes up, you see a human boy around 14, brown hair and four silver bracelets on his right wrist. And wow, he is excited. Because he managed to turn the feed on; go Toboe! ] Ah! It's working! Finally!!

[ Okay, you can do this, Toboe. Act cool. ]

I was told I can talk to other people through this thing. My name is Toboe and I just arrived so I thought I should say hi and get to know you. [ because people, he loves people. And yes, he wants to talk to you all ]

Oh, and there is a big dog [ it's totally a wolf ] around, a red one with four silver bracelets on his wrist. [ like the ones Toboe has, why yes, indeed. That is not suspicious at all ] He is very nice and you don't need to be scared of him, so you don't need to hurt him. He just walks around, looking for food, and he will like it if you pet him. [ really, please don't hurt him and pet him forever. Toboe will claim to be the "dog"'s owner, so hopefully there won't be any issues. Certainly, he is not the best at lying but this is the best thing he could come up with so nobody would try to hunt Toboe down if they saw him. ]

And- [ he pauses because he realized what he was just about to ask. How can he ask? "Did you all die, that's why you are here?" or "Is it normal to bring dead people here?". Toboe doesn't want to think about his death, but he doesn't understand how they brought him to this world. He also wants to ask about his pack, if they reached Paradise or if they were here, but he is afraid to hear "no" just like he is afraid to hear "yes".

He can't ask any of that.

For a moment he looks worried, but he puts up a smile (tries to, though it's a sad one. Toboe doesn't hide his emotions) and finally he asks something completely different: ]
Can you tell me about super-heroes? We didn't have that in my world, I think.
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[ the first thing that comes on is the voice. It's a young man, British accent...and obviously sloshed. ]

Really, this government has it all planned out, doesn't it? Kidnap you, give you a tattoo, and then take you to a wonderful party to make you forget all of it. Plus, this little phone certainly is-- [ and then the voice cuts out for a little bit. offscreen, someone is talking to Dorian. ] What? It does video too? Well, mind showing me which button that is?

[ and then the video clicks show Dorian's feet. Thankfully that only lasts a moment or so, before he picks up the camera, laughing slightly at how bad he is at this. The camera's at a horrible angle, but you can see Dorian laughing, dark hair still slightly damp. You can also see fireworks in the background. Dorian's obviously recording from the glass bottom boat party. Great job, buddy. ]

There we go. Anyway, I'm Dorian Gray, fresh from 2007 and one of your newest inductees in...wherever we are. [ A voice offscreen corrects him: 'It's Heropa.' And then Dorian scoffs. ] Heropa? What a dull name. Of course, it's already proven that it doesn't have dull people.

[ Goddammit Dorian, stop flirting while the video's on, that's rude. Eventually, he remembers 'oh wait a moment, I turned this on for a reason.' ]

Oh, right. Anyway, like I said, I'm fresh from 2007. Mind giving me a little catch-up on what happened from 2007 to 2014? Any world, I suppose--I have a feeling this 2014 is different from most.


May. 18th, 2014 05:56 pm
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[The video snaps to life showing an awkwardly angled and bumpy shot of Cu Chulainn's blood splattered face before a night's sky. After a moment it's clear he's holding up his communicator and moving. Very quickly.]

I don't know what's going on but you all need to watch yourselves!

[His head jerks to the side and he stops, staring for a moment off the screen with narrowed eyes. After a moment he continues moving but it's clear something's got him on edge.]

I knew it was too good to be true. A bright shiny new world and just for a moment, you'd think it'd nice to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet after the damned apocalypse!

[After a moment he slows, glances about and then stops. Seemingly satisfied he regards the camera with his full attention.]

It doesn't matter. But what does is that they're coming. Monster, kids. A whole bunch o'them. If you're hearing this get indoors. And should ya you come face to face with one of the buggers, or you're like me and looking for a fight, [A quick smirk makes a cameo.] keep your guard UP!

A few quick points for the types of creatures I've seen so far, for any of you budding slayers out there, reluctant or otherwise.

[He hold the camera out far enough to give a clear shot of his armored torso as he holds up his free hand.. Several of the plates bear slash marks and his blue tunic has been stained an odd shade of maroon. He begins counting off on his fingers.]

The undead: Often slow, stupid and weak as a normal human. But in number they can overwhelm. Keep moving, a light jog should do, and destroy their head of they'll keep coming.

Vampires: A higher, smarter form of undead. You all probably know these well, but you should keep in mind they aren't going to sparkle to give themselves away. They're crafty and quick and look human for the most part. Another one you gotta get the head, but if you can hit them in the heart it'll disable them. For a short time.

And finally werewolves, the worst of the bunch. Perfect killing machines. Fast, strong, cunning and they can smell ya from a mile away. If you come across one of these you've got only three options: First, overwhelming force is the only way to be sure to kill them. They regenerate any wounds unless, Second: You've got something silver and you know how to use it. Only thing besides fire that stops them from healing. Or, you run. Run fast and hope someone-

[WHAM! Out of nowhere a gray blur races across shot, slamming Cu in the side knocking the camera out of his hands. The scene rattles and rolls for a moment before coming to a stop on the brick wall of the side of an old fashion building. For a moment the audio is a bizarre cacophony of cursing and snarls, not all of which are inhuman. After what sounds like an intense thirty seconds a sharp yelp punctuates the audio before everything comes to a disturbing quiet.

Another brief pause before Cu comes crawling back into the shot, sporting a pair of fresh and bloodied gashes from his jaw to adams-apple and a glowing crimson spear clutched in his guantleted fist. But looking no less spirited.

Ngh... Fucking Werewolves...
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[Standing, somewhere- high up? Probably on a building. A nice, drastic slight upwards angle, not that he needs to be given the extra height for intimidation's sake. And he's holding what appears to be a whip, in both hands, held tight between them.]

Registered imPorts! I am Gamagori Ira, and this is official imPort business!

We are all aware of our rights here, aware of the dos and don'ts as far as that's concerned, and talk of how we feel by that should be left to another time. [Referring to most of the topics on the network here, which seem to be around that main concern. But this is BUSINESS, and the network is very useful in getting people's attention-

Not that he need helps. With Gamagori's power Attention!, your character might find it really hard not to focus on what he's saying, as if compelled to do so.]

But as registered imports we have made an agreement and must follow through!

I speak of course, about the monorail and the footage shown to us of it's destructors! [Flings his hand out, pointing, body turning and using his other hand to to firmly crack the whip he was holding, it sounds out loud over the network.] Do you hear me, lawbreakers?! Offenders to society and ORDER! We will find you if your morality does not lead you to succumb to justice first! Step forward or feel the sting of something more painful than any whip. True sting and pain of punishment awaits you should you hide like rats!

Registered imPorts, I trust your eyes are peeled, and if you have any information, or a means to get it, now is the time to let it be known!

And to those of you who aren't useful as far as information's concerned, do not fret, the city still needs plenty of help with cleanup after the sabotage. You are expected to assist and I suggest you do so immediately!
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Hello, this is Armin Arlert. I've met one or two of you already, but I'm new to this place. This is my first attempt at making a post, so bear with me.

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who's made very informative and interesting posts recently. There is a lot here to understand and adjust to, and I appreciate the effort it must take to compile that sort of knowledge.

I have a few questions.

1. This might seem like an obvious distinction, but is there an actual difference between men and women's soaps and such? I purchased some items and the clerk asked if I was shopping for my girlfriend. I don't really care one way or another, but I'm curious.

2. I am attending high school, and several people have asked me if I'd be interested in joining their club or sports team. Is participating in extracurricular generally beneficial to my entire education experience, and if so, are there any groups which are superior?

3. On a similar note, I am making a list of suggested reading materials to work on over the summer while I am not in school. I would appreciate any suggestions, particularly of books that would offer good insight into America and living here, or that you enjoyed growing up. I'm also at a loss where to begin when it comes to choosing what music to listen to, which is apparently a large factor in the forming of youth sub-groups and identity. What bands and singers do you like?

4. I sometimes feel as though we are under constant scrutiny here. Maybe I'm just not used to this much attention. How are you holding up?
[This, of course, is the most important question: Armin doesn't want to ask outright hey is anyone else being followed?]

Thank you for your time and patience at this overly long message. I hope my next one will be better.


May. 5th, 2014 03:59 pm
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[Judging by her appearance alone, Hawkeye has clearly seen better days. Face stern with concentration, a small frown pulls her mouth in what seems to be its habitual expression. Her long blonde hair is loose, streaked with dirt and blood, as is the jacket she has buttoned up as far as it will go. Traces still cling to the curve of her cheek, but the bandages at her throat are clean.]

Is it...?

[She brings the communicator slightly closer to her mouth as she would a typical radio, her straight shoulders settling even straighter. Her tone, like her expression, is brusque, business-like, tightly controlled. Any personal emotion about situation is undetectable; this is a soldier speaking, through and through.] This broadcast is intended for any Amestrian military personnel. This is Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye speaking, aide to Fuhrer Bradley, calling to any Central and Northern units present--please report.

To anyone else who may be listening--I am seeking immediate information on the conditions and whereabouts of the following: Master Sergeant Kain Fuery, Second Lieutenant Vato Falman, Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda, Lieutenant Rebecca Catalina, Colonel Roy Mustang, Major General Olivier Armstrong, Fuhrer King Bradley. They may be injured or otherwise incapacitated. I would be grateful for any information that is provided.

[Business done, she doesn't linger. The camera turns away and is quickly switched off.]
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So. Nightmares.

[ It's closing in on four in the morning. The sky is dark, the night is not yet dying, and this is a completely unreasonable hour for a sixteen year old with ostensible school in the morning to be awake.

Even she sounds irritated about it.

Are there any worthwhile remedies or treatments for those? So they happen less often. Personal testimonies preferred, please, over ones you've read about and never used.

I'd like to be able to sleep through the night at least once this year, if I can.

[ ooc: this post contains discussion of underage drug use and abuse. viewer discretion advised. ]

01: text

Apr. 12th, 2014 12:15 am
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[ Somewhere around two in the morning: ]

stepford houses and glowing tattoos are pretty sweet deals as far as bagging and tagging goes, but it doesn't matter how well it's dressed up- nothing good ever comes from being in someone else's pocket. the dupes might have been assholes, but at least they were on the level.

but that's probably already been said on here a thousand times, right? morality this and conspiracy that, shut up already. getting to the point:

if you're registered, save the speech. if you're not, did the government keep their promise and leave you alone?

and for anyone who would rather shoot themselves in the face than talk about registration one more freaking time, i'm taking suggestions for superhero names. smoke theme required, bad puns preferred, winner earns my very sincere gratitude.
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[Pitch is draped over a dusty couch, in what is quite obviously an abandoned building. Cracks line the walls and plaster has crumbled to the floor in more than a few places. He looks... bored.]

What do you people even do? When you aren't scrabbling about for food and shelter to further your existences or causing emotional distress or simply wagging your jaws with things that have already been gone over or enjoying the sound of your own voices.

[Not that he doesn't enjoy the sound of his own voice. Obviously.]

I've been entertaining myself well enough the past few weeks but it gets... repetitive, spooking idiots away from places they shouldn't be.

And before you suggest it I am not getting some slave-wage "day job" or throwing my lot in with the government.

On an unrelated topic, if anyone wishes to get ahold of me for... whatever reason you think you might have, I'm feeling indulgent and willing to field some non-asinine questions.

I, voice;

Apr. 3rd, 2014 11:43 pm
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So, what's better? The Appalachian Mountains or the Rocky mountains?

I'm not from around here, like, at all, and I'm trying to figure some stuff out, so... Yeah. Mountain ranges. Opinions. Go.

And, uh... thanks in advance, I guess. For any information. I appreciate it.


Mar. 11th, 2014 09:41 pm
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[While she only spoke before because of the comfort of it, Lightning decides to go with video this time. Given what she's prepared to communicate about, it seems at least the slightest bit more important for people to know what she looks like. The matter itself is simple enough, though, so she doesn't skirt around it.]

Lot of people aren't sure why we're here. And some people seem determined to cause trouble. [After all, there had been that fire. Not that she's making great sweeping commentary. She's not. Lightning's better at the action-oriented stuff than being stuck in a loop talking about it.] Either way, one thing's for sure: we should be able to defend ourselves.

The ... government here assigned me a job. I'm meant to train you in self-defense. [She huffs slightly, if only because she's still not sure she'd be any good at it. It's not that fighting itself is hard for her. Not in the least. But the rest. Yeah, she definitely has her doubts, and she wishes Serah was here to give her some tips on where to begin. But she's not, unfortunately.] No matter what you think, I think it's good to be able to defend yourself.

So if you'd like that, come and show up. If you aren't registered, we can do the lessons elsewhere. I haven't asked if that's a necessity—but some of you might wanna play it safe.

[She doesn't fault people for not registering, but she's done defiance in the past. She's still willing to do it, but playing along serves its purposes.]

Ask me any questions that you have.

[And then she leaves it at that.]

(( yoooo so if you are interested in this and your character would show up instead of talk to her about it, here's a handy sign up post so I can keep track of it. We can also talk there if you'd like to do a log or something of this! ))


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