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[Oh, this is familiar. Aerith's back at it again with another self-made commercial. The video opens up to Aerith, standing in her garden with a sugary-sweet smile on her face.]

Happy spring, everyone! Isn't it beautiful? The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming - there's no better time to brighten up your home with some of my flowers, especially with all of the holidays coming up. Whether you're entertaining for Easter, getting a head start on Mother's Day, or you just want to show someone you care, I've got the best flowers around for you!

And I have some exciting news! I'm teaming up with a good friend for a special offer!

[And pan to Riku, who looks a hundred percent like he's regretting his life choices. He raises one hand in a facsimile of a greeting, eyes meeting the camera for a moment before he looks down at something in his other hand, offscreen.]

You really want me to say this...?

[Aerith hushes him from behind the camera, whispering back.]

It's fine! You got this!

[Riku's brows furrow. Stiffly, he recites, without looking up:]

Riku here. I'm very excited to tell you about our new team-up. Forgotten to pick up a gift for that -- [he clears his throat] -- special someone? Worry no longer, because we now offer no-wait delivery and flowergrams.

[Does he even know what a flowergram is? It's unclear.]

Order today...!

[He almost forgot to try sounding enthusiastic at the end there.]


[Aerith doesn't sound sure about that take at all, but nevertheless, the camera cuts back to her.]

Place your orders right here, right now! Or come see me personally at Nonah 06 and pick out your own flowers right from my garden. Don't wait, or spring will hop right by you!

[ooc: this is a joint post, so replies will come from both aerith and riku!]
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[The following is not a standard network post! Instead, it's a series of extremely short network posts made late last night/early this morning. Each one is about the same, a comm camera pointed at a TV supplying the only light in an otherwise dark room. On the TV is some kind of black and white 60's giant monster horror movie (he didn't record a clip of the title) featuring a giant praying mantis attacking some kind of small Midwestern town.

The only other feature to these clips is the voice of an insomniac Shinji Ikari complaining about each and every scene. I hope you have a high tolerance for nerdy nitpicking!!]

I'm almost totally sure radiation doesn't work that way. [The scene in question is a praying mantis - clearly some kind of plastic toy - toppling into a barrel reading "DANGER: RADIOACTIVE" on the side.] It'd just kill the mantis, right? Nuclear energy doesn't just make stuff big. Otherwise Japan would be constantly attacked by giant sea monsters where I'm from. [A pause, and then muttered:] Besides the ones that actually attacked us I mean.

[The next brief snippet is later in the film. The obvious puppet of the mantis is toppling over a model of a church, superimposed behind a crowd running down the street.] Why is it even doing this? Giant monsters don't just attack places for no reason. What does it want? What's its purpose? Or does it just, like, want revenge against humanity for some reason? This is dumb.

[Next, a scene that seems like its almost from a different movie entirely. The generic 60's actor guy is holding his generic 60's love interest, who is practically swooning. The only sound from Shinji is a long, low groan of misery that's cut with the end of the post.]

[Finally. in case anyone was worried they weren't getting spoiled, here's the giant mantis being trapped in a mine shaft collapse thanks to dynamite set by...Chet...Wilkins or whatever this hero's name is. Shinji doesn't care.]

Is this...really what movies were like back then? That felt like it lasted forever but it was less than ninety minutes! Why was the mantis evil? How did they get the dynamite to just collapse that part and not the whole shaft? Did Americans just not care about this type of thing back then? Or is this Japan's fault for making this type of thing popular to begin with?

[A deep sigh.]

Giant monster movies were a mistake.
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I know it's a 'holiday' right now, but I have a question.

Does something bad happen if someone doesn't go to school? I've been given to understand that it's obligatory, or necessary in some way, but that's not what I'm asking.

I just want to know, is it my choice or not?
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[ The feed opens on a video that looks like it was recorded by something much higher quality than the standard imPort communicator, as a dark-haired woman walks down a runway in a very colorful drape dress. The colors blaze across the fabric in a way that seems both orderly and wild, passing from the hottest pinks and yellows at the shoulders to a blues and purples at the hems, mixing and mingling in the middle like the angriest possible pastels. A few of the colors even hit hues that don't look like they're naturally occurring, at least not on this planet.

It's the centerpiece of the Maryam Spring Collection, being showcased tonight in New York.

But, as the model nears the end of the runway, she looks disconcerted for a moment, as if suddenly struck by indigestion. She does her best to keep going and playing it off, but eventually she has to stop and turn her head toward the ceiling...as she burps out a large puff of flame. There are sounds of awe and shock from the audience as everyone's phones start flashing and snapping away, and the model turns back to walk as briskly as she can back behind the curtain.

The clip ends, and the video cuts to a frazzled Kanaya, broadcasting from her communicator backstage. She's wearing the biggest, fakest smile her fangs will allow, eyes wide and distressed. Behind her, the same model can be seen in the changing room, still wearing the dress, guzzling bottled water while steam pours out of her mouth. Kanaya glances back at her, smile unwavering, and the woman is clearly very upset that she can apparently breathe fire now.

Satisfied that the extent of the situation has been conveyed, Kanaya turns back to the camera, letting only one word escape her grit teeth.



Sep. 3rd, 2016 05:22 pm
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Tell me about when you realized you were in love.
And then tell me about when you realized you weren't.

Both of those have an either-or element, too, of course. Don't think you have to have both to join in.

Alternatively, if you don't have either of those... Tell me about your siblings. Or your best friend. Or your worst enemy.

Everybody has these little pieces of personal history, but nobody new you meet will ever know those parts unless you choose to share them. It's like editing your own narrative. A lot of them probably seem innocuous once you have some distance, but I love hearing about things like that. I always wished that I could see the whole of people in an instant, or that I could read them as easily as I could read books.

I can't, though, so I have to ask and hope that people are willing to share bits of themselves with me.
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hi its shinji again

you might remember me from that network post a couple months ago where i

well i wasnt in the best state but thats not what im here to talk about (im also not here to talk about this agonizing bus ride im stuck on without my headphones seriously why is american public transit the worst in every reality anyway uh)

[Unseen here is the five minute pause where Shinji had to consider if he really wanted to talk about this in public, but Hell, there's someone from his world here already. It's not like he can control what people find out anymore.]

there are probably a lot of people here from worlds where theres more sapient species on earth than just humans, right? i know for a fact theres worlds were elves and dragons and stuff are real at least

how does that work? is it possible for two species to co-exist in peace like that? even if one of them seems monstrous?

in my world there was another species too (well kind of another species but not really long story) and in the end there could only be one of us left. we just couldnt share the earth. maybe because there was only supposed to be one to begin with

i guess what im asking is

could it have been different?


Aug. 31st, 2016 08:07 pm
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[It's starting to get a bit later into the night, which is usually around the time he'd be waking up. But being in this place, and having to adjust to a day routine instead of a night one...it's definitely thrown off his schedule. Either way, this is closer to his usual prime time, but when the video feed comes on, Yukyun is still very clearly lying in a giant bed as he holds the camera up to look down on him.

He's surrounded by pillows, like any good bed should be, and the lights are out in the room. Well...except for the light from the tv anyway. He's got a movie running, and the volume's definitely loud enough to be recognizable as The Princess Bride, even though his voice is still clear enough over it. There's still a few "inconceivable"s in the background though.]

Hey. So.

[He gives a half salute, half wave in greeting with one hand.]

Bottom line. The closest place around here that sells chicken doesn't deliver. If anyone feels like they wanna get paid a delivery fee plus tip, let me know?

[Is it because he's lazy as fuck and doesn't want to just...walk to go get it? Yes. Yes it is. But hey, he's offering to pay, at least...]
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[Up until now, Frisk has been a surprisingly low-key presence around Import spaces. Poking their nose in a few bits of business, learning their way around...pretty innocuous.]

[Until today, that is.]

[The feed opens to a brown snout and a very distressed sort of noise--somewhere between a child's groan and an animal's whine. It jostles for a few moments before the view pulls back, revealing...well, it is Frisk, just. Different.]

I-I-I dunno what I did! I was just sittin' an' thinkin' an' then I started t' hurt an'--

[They wave one clawed hand at the screen (complete with cute little pink paw beans!), distress written clear on their face.]

An' now I'm a monster! I-I dunno what t' do!

[A few flames flicker to life on the end of one long ear.]

How do I go back, I can't--

[Suddenly Frisk stops, sniffs twice, then looks down at their ear...and lets out a startled bleat and drops the comm, which cuts the feed once it hits the ground.]
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[ Kanaya is sitting at her desk, with Ashiah laying down on it in front of her. The little grub keeps glancing around in various directions, while her mother's gaze and smile is fixed on the camera. ]

I've been thinking recently about the cross-section of the imPort community who aren't human, perhaps most particularly since the ambassador elections last month. There are a sizable amount of us, not a large group, but significant. I've spoken with many of you on individual terms, and while the resources Governor Kang and SELF have provided to those of us with more unique needs have been invaluable, I feel there is still something missing in our collective socialization. We live the imPort experience in a way that many others won't fully appreciate, and I think we could benefit from sharing those experiences with each other.

[ At this point, Ashiah tries to wander off camera, but Kanaya suppresses a giggle as she puts a hand on top of her and scoots her back into place. ]

I'm unsure exactly what form that would take, but putting us all in a room to share our stories would be at least a start. If anyone is interested, please let me know, and I'll see about renting some space. Of course, if you have any special dietary needs, in terms of snacks, I would like to hear those as well.

This is generally something I'd prefer to save until we're in person, but... [ She's interrupted as Ashiah turns around and nuzzles into her chest, then tries to climb up her shoulder. Kanaya stops and laughs to herself, then plucks her off and cradles her, despite all her fidgeting. ] Anyway, for those of you who I haven't had the pleasure with yet, my name is Kanaya Maryam, and this is my daughter, Ashiah. I'm an Alternian troll, specifically an awakened jadeblood, which basically means I'm a vampire. She's a Daughter Grub from the same planet. [ She raises a finger, shaking her head. ] And before you ask, no, she isn't a troll, and she won't grow up to be one, either. Once she finally pupates, she'll become a Mother Grub. They acted as gestational surrogates for trolls, while the jadeblooded caste were their caretakers and midwives. It's all a bit complicated, this is just a general summary.

So, hopefully we'll be able to put something together moving forward, and I'll be able to hear all of your stories, as well. I'll be looking forward to hearing from each of you.


Jun. 3rd, 2016 07:56 pm
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[This video looks like it's filmed on an actual camera instead of the communicator. Right now it's focused on part of a vest and a t-shirt which then resolves into Dipper Pines as he steps away from the camera. In the background, there are homemade backdrops and what looks like a bunch of maps and discarded flashlights. The angle of the ceiling implies that Dipper's possibly in an attic.

Carefully pulling off the cat that had been draped over his shoulders, Dipper straightens up and clears his throat, before giving a nervous wave. His voice only wobbles a little when he greets the camera.

So uh, hey! I'm Dipper Pines and you might have heard about me or my sister, Mabel, since stuff just... kind of happens to us. But this isn't about that! No one's getting arrested or doing survival training in a swamp or setting off fireworks or anything like that. This is a cool thing! Totally safe. Mostly safe.

Anyways! I actually wanted to tell everyone that I have my own MeTube channel. It's all about exploring supposedly haunted places, researching cryptids and local myths... Spooky junk, as Mabel would put it. If you wanna take a look, I'd really appreciate it! And if you have any like, questions or comments, just let me know.

[Dipper holds up a sign that has, "DIPPER'S GUIDE TO THE UNEXPLAINED," written on it with marker, and the MeTube channel address underneath. The cat from before begins to bat at the corner of the sign as Dipper tries his best to do a charming grin, faltering after a couple seconds.]

Okay thanks, bye!

[The camera clicks off. Should you visit Dipper's MeTube channel, it has a couple of carefully edited videos of Dipper apparently marching off into random bits of Heropa wilderness in search of urban legends. Surprisingly, there's some footage of what seems like it might be actual evidence of cryptids. Most of it's just unfortunate video evidence of what is probably breaking and entering and Dipper getting excited over strangely shaped rocks.]
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[Bart Allen is standing on the border of Heropa, by the ubiquitous 'Welcome to (City)' sign that towns just love to put up on the umpteen different major roads that lead in and out of town.]

Yeah, welcome to sunny Heropa, where the small town folks are the salt of the earth. An Earth. One of many. Or maybe many of one, but it's been splintered over and over again by time travelers stepping on too many violets until people walk on their hands and marry dolphins.

You know. Man marries dolphin is a total Florida man story. Do they have Florida Man here? What am I gonna read on this thing without Florida man?

So. Um. Do I get to object about being in Florida? Look at this.

[Bart swerves the camera down to his free hand.]

The humidity pools in between your fingers standing still. Forget jogging. That's like a blind date with heatstroke with about 2 seconds notice.

I mean... the beach isn't far, so that's one up on Alabama and like 15 up on Kansas. I don't know what people do in Florida. You know. Gators in swimming pools, sweating, beach, tanning, drinking 10 gallons of water, peeing, nicknaming each other Pork Chop, pimping out their cars with cell phone jammers.

All of that's great, but I'm bored man. If they're gonna suck me into an alternate universe, they could at least hook me up with some video games.

2; Video

Jun. 2nd, 2016 11:21 am
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[Aerith is alone in her bedroom, sitting up in her bed. Her hair is down, like she just woke up not long ago.]

Can you believe I've already been here two months? It's kind of... weird. But fun too. I've been thinking a lot about that lately, thanks to Kogami and Riku and some of my other friends. My world... wasn't very nice. Of course, I still love it and I'll go home when I have to, but...

[She trails off as she looks off somewhere around her room.]

The little white puff things that fly around are really pretty, right? I guess they're seeds from some kind of tree. You'd never see things like that in Midgar. It's almost like snow in summer. This is my first summer away from Midgar, by the way. Riku's been teaching me how to swim. Let me know if anyone wants to go to the beach, alright? It wouldn't be any fun alone.
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[Cut to a tired-looking Riku, his mouth a thin line. He looks like he has a bone to pick.]

Right, so... There are two things that need to be addressed, so I'm gonna go ahead and address them. First is that... I'm sure some of you have run into a kid who looks like me. I've already had multiple people tell me he attacked them. If you meet him, don't let him give you trouble, because he'll try really hard.

The second thing is that Sora's gone home. If there's anything you need returned to you, let me know and I'll get it to you.

[He pauses, looking like he wants to continue to speak, then shakes his head.]

... That's all. Thanks.
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[ When Reggie appears on the screen, he looks a bit different than he has in recent months, or even as recently as a day or two ago -- the most telling change is that he's once again sporting his original bangs, despite getting a haircut a month or so back, and a five o'clock shadow. He's wearing a checkered red collared shirt over a black tee and there's visible backpack straps slung over his shoulders, as well as a manic-yet-exhausted energy in his eyes like someone who's been awake so long they're too delirious to even notice they're tired.

Which may be the case.

Either way, he's smiling.

Raise your hand if you like a good story. [ Still smiling, he pauses as if to wait, but it's just for emphasis. ] I mean, I don't have one -- sometimes I feel like maybe I don't actually know any, 'cause no one ever likes mine -- but this place can really get a guy wondering. You know... about heroes and that kind of thing. Stories are always only as good as how they end, right?

Hear me out, okay -- I know I'm not known for taking things that seriously, but I actually want to know. Like: Is a story good because of what happens, or because of the hero? And is the hero good because of how he starts off, or how he ends up? ... Maybe "good" isn't even the right word, but you know what I mean.

[ His gaze briefly swivels upward toward the sky as if in thought, his head cocking slightly to one side, and then he shrugs. ]

Anyway... I'm sure I'm only curious in the first place because I can't figure any of that out myself, and it's been driving me crazy. Go figure, right? People who tell good stories are always a big hit at parties.

[ Finally, almost perkily: ]

So, hey, who missed me? What month is it, anyway?
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[The feed clicks on to an extremely high view, focused partly on Tetsuo's face, the wind blowing his white hair erratically around. He's perched vulturelike on the support structures of one of the taller buildings in downtown Nonah, above the top floor, waiting for the wind to die down enough for him to talk.

And that's not even what he's here to talk about. Both hands are visible, and the camera is held very still; he's either got it perched on something or is holding it up with his powers.]

So, I've been thinking... We're all made out of elements and stuff, right? Carbon, nitrogen and water, things like that. All that boring shit they make you learn about in school.

[Apparently water's an element now. He pauses.]

But that's what I don't get. Ever since I really started to think about it... I keep coming back to it, you know? How we're all made out of a small list of ingredients...

[Sorry to anyone with a fear of heights - he reaches out to tap the comm and the camera moves dizzyingly downwards, providing a nice scene of lower building roofs, cars no larger than colorful beads, some trees... It pans out out to give a dramatic view of the rest of Nonah as he continues.]

But that same list makes all of this, too! What's the difference? How's something alive the same as stuff that can't be?
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[ Kanaya turns on the camera, glancing at a distant point to the side, wearing a great scowl. ]

Have you ever had those days when you've had to empty out your savings to relocate friends whose lives are in active danger?

Well, happy birthday to me.

[ She finally looks at the camera directly, as Ashiah can be seen bumbling across the wall behind her. ] I think it's time to admit I need a new weapon. The Porter recently took the one I've relied upon for years, and this [ She brings her hand up, holding a large knife. ] has proven a feeble replacement. I'd prefer something with more weight and reach, something that can actually deal damage. Motorized, if possible.

So, I'm open to suggestions. If you craft any yourself, sell me on your product. I'm willing to learn something new, but no firearms. They don't agree with my style.
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As seen in national newspapers and international broadcasts:
Entrepreneur and longtime city resident Tony Stark of StarkTech and Professor Charles Xavier have launched an initiative to help involve imPorts in humanitarian efforts worldwide. These initiatives are intended to provide support and opportunities for volunteers from the imPort community to share their gifts, skills and experience on the world stage.

The program is still in its beginning phase but has seen support from the imPort community. Zephyr, Count Dooku, and Wanda Maximoff have all been instrumental in assisting in the diplomatic sphere, including coordination between the local governments and the initiative. Some efforts, such as what was provided by Daisy Johnson, included education as well, for local areas, especially in the realm of technology.

Qubit and Gogo Tomago have both offered their talents in engineering and technology, both to assist local communities in preparing for the future, as well as environmental cleanup. Sabriel has also offered her expertise as well, using otherwise out-of-reach resources with the local communities.

It is a wide range of efforts, further aided by offers like Heiji Hattori's to help provide immediate relief work, while some of the long term initiatives have been put into place.

While a great deal has already been accomplished, there is always room for more volunteers, either assisting current efforts or bringing new ideas to the table. Mr. Stark and Professor Xavier are the key contacts for this program and can be reached through StarkTech.

As seen on the Rumblr account for Benny's Breakfast:
It's an egg.

What more do you want? It's an EGG.

E G G.

Just eat some damn eggs. The larger the better.

As viewed upon BlueTube and read in EXCLUSIVE tabloids:
ImPort spokesperson and all-around heartthrob Jinseok Jin has been found to be illegally squatting in the penthouse suite of the Hotel de Palais since September 2015. Authorities report that Jinseok had been using his powers to manipulate staff and forge false paperwork until eventual new hires noticed some irregularities and called the police to drag him out by force. He has since been banned from the premises.

As discussed on Rumblr, Bwitter, morning talk shows, and from BlueTube commentary:
Werewolves in Heropa? More likely than you think! Late in the evening of May 9th, multiple witnesses reported a terrified woman being pursued by a giant, wolf-like monster. Photo and video evidence of the event have strangely been unrecoverable, all seeming to malfunction as the creature went by, but many -- if not all -- of the witnesses can at least agree that, in spite of its form, it still wore some clothing, including a large gray scarf. When police arrived on the scene, neither woman nor her pursuer could be found. When investigating the dead end alley they reportedly went into last, all that could be found were several large paw prints and a pile of dust.

While authorities aren't releasing any further details on their investigation yet, Bwitter and other social media sites all across the net are blowing up with speculation. Was this related to the disappearance of one of Tobias Matthews' fledglings a few days earlier? Is someone hunting down and killing vampires? Is this the start of a werewolf vs. vampire war?!

As seen on Bwitter from various hacked accounts:
Olssv ptWvyaz,

Dl zbwwvya fvby cpjavyf.

- The OTO

As seen on local news stations:
THE EVENING OF APRIL 23RD: imPort Ken Kaneki has spread violence and fear across the streets of Heropa. This pandemic only ended with Kaneki's alleged Ported Out the early morning of April 24th.

Known for his cannibalistic nature, Kaneki was spotted by multiple witnesses attacking helpless civilians and other imPorts alike while he appeared to be having a psychotic episode.

Reports state that twenty civilians were attacked, and though many of them were sent to the nearest hospital in critical condition,they have since stabilized. Residents of Heropa recorded the destruction left behind through movies and photographs that now circulate online.

Upon his exportation, Kaneki had not been able to answer for his actions, leaving many angry and pained for being unable to see justice being made.

However, Ken Kaneki’s online fan club, the “Kennibals” beg for a more rigorous investigation to understand what triggered Kaneki’s episode. They remind everyone on their website that Ken Kaneki was indeed “a kind person who clearly suffered from mental illness and as such, he should not be judged until we know what really happened that night”.

This story is ongoing.

As seen on some local news and crossposted from BlueTube to Rumblr, mostly with long videos set to music:

De Chima animal control spent most of its May the Fourth receiving complaint calls about a ‘giant red horse’ destroying shrubberies and lawns, defecating in public parks, and threatening violence to anyone who got too close. Attempts to corral the animal led to a long chase sequence throughout several parks and neighborhoods, before the horse’s owner, imPort Keladry of Mindelan, was located and given the chance to return the unhappy equine to their home.

Keladry has made a formal and public apology, stating that she will be moving her companion to a more appropriate location by the end of the week.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from BWITTER BLUE to MOTHER OF PEARL if only because Calendar Man didn't mess up Mother's Day for everyone.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.


May. 8th, 2016 09:14 pm
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[It's a little odd to see an audio post coming from this ID; the Pines are usually all about the video evidence. What's even more strange is that Dipper's voice sounds a little... squished?]

Hey uh, we're back! I mean, me and Mabel and the grunkles and Pacifica. Lots of stuff happened and there was a giant robot and some demons, but we're all fine. Me and Mabel got to celebrate our 13th birthday again, so now we're double 13. Or something. Sorry if we worried anyone!

Kind of off topic, but does anyone know how to turn your powers off? Pretty urgent, would really like an answer soon, okay bye.

[The Pines family and Pacifica have returned!]


May. 7th, 2016 11:56 pm
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[welcome to late night shitposting with duncan, mother's day edition]

Okay so, hypothetically speaking

If you were born in 2024, and you wanted to try and see if your mom existed in a parallel universe in 2016

Would that be creepy?
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Coming back is always the hardest part.

[It’s a blunt statement to start a network post off with, and the teenager voicing it doesn’t sound comfortable with it. Or with doing this at all. In fact, he sounds like he’s completely exhausted, voice strained and words running slightly together.]

Sorry, I guess I should make that clearer for those who haven’t gone home and been ported back yet. If you didn’t know, you forget everything about this world when you leave it and if you return, all the memories you had come back all at once. It’s like… [He pauses, trying to figure out how to best phrase this.] Two different versions of you, suddenly overlapping. Feeling everything they felt. Remembering everything they did. It’s happened to me twice now, and it’s...difficult. To try and remember that they’re both you. At least it is for me, anyway. What's more important, what happened in your world or what happened in this one? Does it even make a difference?

[Another even awkwarder pause ensues.]

Um, right. Introduction. I should have started with that. My name is Shinji Ikari. I’m fourt-[wait that's not right anymore]sixteen years old. Until a few hours ago, I lived in Neo-Tokyo-3, Japan. Yes, most worlds don’t have a city like that. I know, believe me. Like I mentioned, I’ve been here before, and I lived in the City before that for about two years. I-

[He trails off into nothing. There’s silence for a few seconds. He could leave it at that, but...he wants keep moving forward, doesn’t he? If not, then what was the point of any of this? The quiet is broken by a small, nervous chuckle.]

I guess none of that really matters now, does it? I’m starting my life over from scratch.

When I was here last, I tried...to stay off the network. I wanted to keep my head down, and pretend to be normal. When I did that, I pushed people away. People who cared about me. I don’t want to do that again. I don’t want to be that person again. So this is my promise to be better and making it here in the open, where everyone can hear, will make it harder for me to forget that. Hopefully.

[ All of that came out almost at once, and he hadn’t actually intended it to. Stopping just didn’t feel like an option either.]

Sorry for taking up so much of your time, everyone. It’s - it’s good to be here. [Or anywhere, really.]


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