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It's about bloody time. Can't seem to go a month without some sort of ill-timed attack.

[Aggrieved sigh; don't mind the miniature rant, he's been irritable about it since the attack started]

In better news, Newton and I are still getting married today, though a bit later in the afternoon than originally planned to allow for time to rest and recover. 3:30pm Alaskan time, 7:30pm our time. Please arrive in De Chima by 7 however for transportation.

There will be an open bar to show our appreciation for everyone's efforts. We hope to see you there.
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[The video begins recording amidst a spray of shattered brick and a cloud of dust from which Josuke immediately emerges. Behind him, a gaping hole in the front entrance of a pharmacy mends itself back together again, brick upon brick sliding back into place, dust rising up and disappearing off the sidewalk. He looks as though he's seen better days. So has his cadet's uniform. But Josuke pays none of it any mind. He adjusts the strap of a bag he's got slung over one shoulder, and then turns his attention to the network.]

I've got no way to get to the other Porter cities quickly enough unless someone can shuffle me around, but for anyone in Heropa—

[He cuts off suddenly, something in his line of sight catching his attention — and prompting him to move with great haste. A quiet curse escapes him as he drops his phone in the process...but as it tumbles along the sidewalk ultimately landing face up, lens toward a smoking sky, the device captures Josuke's figure reaching for a red and white sign that was knocked to the ground. With a legionnaire rider practically on top of him.

Only a booming clang gives any indication of what's happened next. Someone has been struck, but it isn't clear who until a riderless horse whizzes on by and Josuke's voice returns. Loud, clear, and irritable.]

The sign reads yield, asshole.

[Hurrying back to where he'd dropped his device, he scoops it up off the curb and leans against the steel sign he's adopted for now as a weapon.]

As I was saying...I'm making rounds. For anyone in the Heropa area that needs medical supplies or someone to heal them, or even repairs made to whatever you got to defend yourselves with, just let me know. I got your back.


Mar. 17th, 2017 11:03 pm
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[ Who remembers that llama from about a week ago? Well guess what? It's back on camera now! How... exciting?

It's still in the same bedroom, which seems suspiciously like a place a llama doesn't belong, but this time it's on the bed, and seems pretty comfortable.

A voice cuts in, but the camera stays on the llama.

None of the farms knew who he belonged to, but he likes me, so I am going to keep him.

[ A pause. ]

His name is Fluffy?

[ He doesn't sound as sure about that, but that's what he was told to name the llama, and who is he to go against that? ]


Mar. 6th, 2017 03:07 am
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I can't believe this! Audio and video in one small device! This is so much better than our radios back home!

[ This kid is definitely excited over his new toy; it makes his Nicaraguan accent a little more pronounced. He's chipper despite the rough shape his face is in. Looks like someone clocked him across the forehead real good. ]

So this really is America? I have always wanted to come to the country where the infamous Big Foot lives! [ He looks around the sunny neighborhoods of Heropa. ] You know, it's a lot warmer than I imagined... Humid, too. Not as hot as Costa Rica, though. But you don't even have a rain forest! Where does it all come from?
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[ The video starts off jittery, as per the usual with Breeze, because she's holding her comm up as she jogs home. She looks casual and at ease with herself, and her tone of voice is casual, as well. Maybe deceptively casual. ]

Hey, so is Valentine's Day a thing where you're from? What kinds of stuff do you do?

[ The feed jumps, and Breeze is sitting on the front steps of her house, sipping at a water bottle and looking more pensive than she had been seconds before. This second clip is locked from Sophie Foster. ]

Also, like, if you had something big that you should probably tell someone, and it might come up eventually on its own, but it might not, would you tell them? Or would you just keep it to yourself? 'Cause if you told them, they might feel weird around you, and it might not ever come up anyway.


Jan. 29th, 2017 06:36 pm
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[ It happens to anyone, making a post thinking you're just recording a video. Or at least it's happening to Sophie, as she's currently looking at the camera with her usual worried expression, although there's something else in her eyes this time around. Something like excitement, maybe? ]

Okay, this will be the first effective testing of an... organically manufactured leaping crystal. [ Her left hand moves to clutch something on her right wrist, worry furrowing her brow for a moment. She then sighs and moves the camera around, pointing it to an open window, a rectangle of light clearly defined on the floor. ]

Set destination is an usually empty corner street on De Chima. Theory states that even if someone were standing over there we would just bump into each other. Could be worse...

[ Sighing audibly, Sophie approaches the light extending her free hand (the right one, where two bracelets can be seen wrapped around her wrist) and holds what looks like a crystal, light blue and with a single face. Light goes through it, casting a sky blue glittery curtain of light next to the golden one. ]

Here goes nothing... [ Sophie then steps in, and the screen goes all white, the only sound a distant woosh and Sophie's breathing.

The camera overcomes the flare moments later, refocusing to show a street. Outside. When Sophie speaks again, she sounds pretty pleased with herself.

Well, would you look at that.

[ And she cuts the feed. ]


Dec. 22nd, 2016 05:22 pm
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[ Here be one (1) Sophie Foster surrounded by the remnants of many spare pieces of wrapping paper. Candy canes and Jack Frosts and pine trees decorate this colorful mess all around her, but for once the girl looks fairly refreshed. Happy, even. Talk about needing some time out for the absolute drama that is home, right? ]

Hey, so.

[ Sophie dutifully pushes away the extra paper, trying to put some other to the table she's at as well as to her ideas. ]

It just hit me that back home, elves don't really celebrate Christmas. They have... well, other stuff to think about, but not this. I hadn't really thought about it before, because usually too much stuff was going on for me to stop to consider it, but the current mood made me think.

[ There's also the fact she's in no position to think about festivities back home, what with being labeled a terrorist and on a run to save a bunch of gnomes from being poisoned to death, among other stuff. The relative peace of this world keeps striking her as unrealistic. ]

Do you guys celebrate Christmas? Or maybe you call it something else, I don't know. Or maybe you've been wondering all this month just what the hell is wrong with everyone else? I'd like to know, and also if you're planning to celebrate it or what-not.


Nov. 8th, 2016 12:47 pm
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So, I'm back.

[ Sophie sounds tired. Like positively destroyed, physically and emotionally. Things have been rough and she's been going on with minimal sleep, but because things had been happening so quickly back home she hadn't had the time to actually feel as beaten as she feels at the moment. And she even waited until after she took a nap to post this, but still.

There's a heavy sigh and some rustling; Sophie's basically plopped on her bed as she records this, half her brain still off and trying to convince the other half there's nothing wrong with shutting down and staying like that for the rest of the week. It's quite tempting.

I don't even know if anyone remembers me. Sophie Foster? Anyway... hey, how are you doing, what did I miss.

[ Whatever she says next is warped on a long, deep yawn before she ends the post. ]
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[ The feed opens to the living room of Casa Ludgate-Graham with the communicator set upon a coffee table and Sasha seated on the floor in front of it. Before her is a plate that's been cleared of her dinner and beside that a glass that looks to be emptied, too. There's a tall bottle of some kind of drink that can be seen just at the edge of the feed, that only appears in view for a quick moment as one of the raccoons picks it up and carries it off to put it back where it belongs. Another raccoon waddles over to one Will Graham, laying on the couch just behind Sasha, asleep, and it takes a hold of the empty glass on the floor before making off with it to put it in the sink.

They're such a helpful bunch, these fuzzy guys. ]

Hello! This is um, Sasha.

[ Sasha doesn't hold her gaze long; it's always intimidating to address the network at large rather than one or two people. However, she appears more contemplative than apprehensive. ]

Summer is already over. It feels like it went by very fast, didn't it? Um, because of that, I have a question to ask the network if it is alright.

[ It's been nagging at her for a long time, but up until this month she thought she would have figured it all out. ]

Since a lot of us have been here a while and it might be ah, longer... how do you plan for that? [ She glances into the camera again, this time her expression sheepish. ] Is there a way to do that?

[ And then from behind, a couple of raccoons return with a light blanket in their paws, heading toward the couch and tossing it over Will's form. ]


Aug. 12th, 2016 01:25 pm
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I'm looking for individuals to lend their voices to navigational technology.

Any genders capable of speaking clearly and maintaining a calm, professional tone. Particularly interested in multilingual individuals. This is temporary paid work.

If interested, please respond using the audio function or upload a voice sample.

-Dr. H. Gottlieb

[ooc: feel free to link a character clip or provide a description!]
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Poll #17541 Serious Poll
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In my world, the blogging platform for re-distributing content via "reblogs" is known as:

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12 (40.0%)

1 (3.3%)

Something else
3 (10.0%)

We don't have the internet
6 (20.0%)

we have the internet but we're still in the Myspace years
4 (13.3%)

We have the internet but I'm old and don't understand the question
4 (13.3%)

Did you have Michael Jackson

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19 (61.3%)

7 (22.6%)

It's Complicated
5 (16.1%)

Why is pop music in this dimension so bad? (please check all that you think may apply)

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has no tumblr, only rumblr
2 (7.4%)

imPort worship removing relevance from actual native artists
12 (44.4%)

Continued cold war aggresions limits cooperative globalization, harming the progress of human art
12 (44.4%)

Lucifer has not put out an album yet
4 (14.8%)

seriously though you guys dont even have Justin Beiber. I don't get how you can still fuck it up after a boon like that.
10 (37.0%)

If you selected "it's complicated" for question 2, please explain below.


Jun. 26th, 2016 11:28 pm
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So, can people teleport here? As in, have you gained that power, or you had it before coming here? Has it changed somewhat, or did you lose it altogether?

And if I wanted to travel all over the world, who should I talk to?


Jun. 6th, 2016 03:24 pm
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[ The feed comes to life, and the voice talking is of a young girl. It sounds firm enough to cover her nerves, but she still has to marshal it to remain strong. ]

My name is Sophie Foster, I'm thirteen years old. I'm only saying that so people don't ask me all the time. [ She sighs; yes, she's young, no, she's not a lost little girl... even if she kind of is. ]

Obviously, I'm new. Right now I really don't have the strength to panic about being here or realizing that somehow an unsustainable situation has been sustained for roughly twenty years more than it should, disregarding the sociopolitical implications that should be evident but nooo... so I'm just going to ask... does anyone know where can I buy cheap clothes? Mine stand out too much.

[ A moment of silence, in which she debates whether to end the message there or take a risk. A risk it is. ]

What do you guys think about elves? Is the name Eternalia familiar to anyone? Or maybe Black Swan?

[ Here goes nothing. ]


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