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So uh. Hope everyone's okay after that black out earlier and all. That was....ah, intense. I never even realized how much things here relied on electricity. Back home we didn't have it, so I was used to it but. It's a lot of work to keep things going without it here, I guess.

[Sorey, focus -- !!]

Oh. Right, I wanted to ask, since I'm looking at going on a trip with Mikleo, if there's rules or anything for this sort of thing? I traveled a lot back home but that was by foot, mostly, not...airplanes and all. I know a little from my job planning vacations but. It's not necessarily something I looked into yet for myself as an imPort. So I figured it'd be best to check while we're getting everything prepared for this soon.

[Like he says, he's sort of tried looking into it. He just doesn't want to potentially forget anything.]

I know! Tell me about some fun places you guys have been too! Here or back home. Mikleo and I traveled a lot back home and saw all sorts of ruins!

[No, don't go into ruin mode and babble about statues or architecture with the network, Sorey....]

2 [Video]

Jan. 22nd, 2017 10:27 pm
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That whole thing was a pain in the butt. I hope that's not a regular occurrence...

[The girl with the pointy ears and purple hair heaves a very audible sigh.] --right, though, that's besides the point! I had a question.

If you could wish for anything, anything at all, what would it be? Just out of curiosity. There's no real reason for me asking, uh, just wondering!

[Shantae is a bad liar.]
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[So. About the cart and whole Santa interest Sorey has. Yeah. He has done the Thing. He's all dressed up and, even if he's obviously not as heavy or grey haired as Santa traditionally is, the kids don't seem to mind as he hands out presents from the back of his....er, cart.]

Hey everyone! If you want me to help deliver some presents if you haven't already given them to your friends, just let me know! And I can deliver them for you. I have some for the kids anyway, so it's no big deal.

[May as well put the offer out there anyway. He mostly wants to spread the cheer and generosity. Which may or may not be also in part some way of distracting himself from being apart from certain friends and family himself at this time.

He also may or may not end up roping Mikleo into this effort as well.]

Merry Christmas, everyone! Or, whichever holiday you celebrate!
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[Someone looks excited. Probably because he saw some mention of Christmas earlier. Or, the general idea of it. Along with the inevitable obvious past time of spotting decorations around, hearing the carols as he is out and about at times.

Now, Christmas isn't so much a thing back home, but it isn't hard to figure someone like Sorey getting excited about it all the same.]

Hey everyone! I'm guessing this 'Christmas' thing is a new holiday, right? We didn't have it back home. Or, not quite this big, if we did have something sort of similar at Glenwood. I gather it's about gifts, right? And this Santa guy. But this is a good excuse to get presents for everyone! [And here, he looks a bit more sheepish, rubbing at the back of his head, his mop of hair that does seem to be growing out a bit again.] I mean, I feel kind of bad, for leaving before and stuff anyway.

But it seems like fun! So I want to try. I wonder if this 'Santa' would bring me one of those goblin carts....

[Sorey no.]

A-anyway, the kids seem pretty excited! Maybe I could help do something with them for Christmas. Any ideas? Or...more details? Either way. This would be my first Christmas, so.

[He may have missed a few important facts. Like how Santa is really just some guy dressed up in a suit. You know.]
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[If anything's obvious by the look on his face, it's that he's not incredibly happy with being here. At first, anyway. It's after the video pans away from his face for a moment, he has time to regain composure. When it's back on his face, his expression is very calm, even if it's still easy to tell that he's tense.]

Hello. My name's Terra... [That's a polite way to greet everyone, right?

The hint of awkward uncertainty in his voice might make it clear he's absolutely unsure of how to do this whole "talking to a ton of people all at once when you can't see their faces" thing. While he knows how to use this strange device, obviously, there are some things a simple explanation can't teach. In any case, he's moving on almost immediately:
] I'm looking for some people...

[Where to even start... He actually doesn't know if this is the best way to go about it, but he has to find his friends... and he can't let Xehanort or Vanitas simply roam free if they're here.]

One of them is named Aqua; she's a young woman with blue hair and eyes. She's usually wearing clothes that match that color. Another is named Ventus. He's got blond hair and blue eyes, and he's wearing an outfit kind of like the one I'm wearing...

[Have a very quick view of his clothes: x-shaped straps, odd-looking thing on his shoulder, and all. When it pans back to his face, his expression is softer than before.] They're my friends, so I'd appreciate knowing if anyone's seen them or heard anything about them. Or, well... if either of you are watching this, please tell me.

[His next words come out as his face is tensing right back up:] Last, is a man named Xehanort and a masked boy named Vanitas...

[His expression darkens a little, and he's very quickly averting his gaze for a moment.] Xehanort's an older man with a bald head, white goatee, and golden eyes. As for Vanitas...

[One hand briefly rests on his chin, eyes lowering as he somewhat frowns.] His outfit is black and red. The black mask covers his entire head, so you won't be able to see his face... If any of you see the last two, please let me know as soon as possible.

[It's obvious he wants to say something else, but... that's it. That's all he'll be saying.]
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[Cue one blue-eyed, blond kid on the network - there are no smiles here but he also doesn't look terribly confused. Ven is used to traveling to different worlds even though he's only been to a few that he can remember. Still, this one was a little strange as to how he arrived but he does believe he can leave under his own power at this point.]

Wow, this is cool! You can talk to just about everyone with these things, right? [Finding out if his friends are here has never been easier upon arrival to a world. Typically he has to talk to everyone he comes across.] Hi, I'm Ventus but you call me Ven!

I'm looking for a couple of people. First is Terra, he's taller than me with dark hair and clothes like mine. [Have a good shot of his clothes, people. The piece of armor sitting on his upper left arm, the strap across his chest that forms an 'x' shape, the little emblem smack dab in the middle.] And Aqua. She has blue hair and is really pretty. If you see either one of them, or if you guys see this - call me back, okay? I need to talk to them.

[It's important.]

It's okay if you haven't, though! I might've just gotten here first. Even if you haven't seen them maybe you can tell me what you like to do here. I've never been anywhere so big before which means there's a whole lotta stuff to do and I don't know where to start exploring or what to check out first. Suggestions would be great!
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[Riku's face, when he appears on the network today, is a little exasperated, and a little apologetic. Behind him, something tiny and black moves, and he picks his hair up and away from it, pulling it over his shoulder for lack of anything else to do with it. A sharp-eyed observer will note that the black thing is a wing. It's small, but it's clearly a pointy, leathery bat wing. Presumably, there's a matching one.]

So... I guess I was ported out.

[His very first port-out after a year and a half. What a strange experience. Riku pauses. He's pretty sure he... owes some people an apology.]

Uh -- sorry. From what I can tell it hasn't been very long, though...? A day or so tops, I think. I saw Kagami made a post, so I thought I should clear things up.

[He's surprised you all panicked, honestly...]

I guess I should thank you all for worrying, though.
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[The moment the post begins, there's a tired sounding boy on the other end. He's making this audio only because he doesn't want anyone to see him right now. He's not only really worn out, but he's a complete mess physically at least and to some extent emotionally as well. Nevertheless, he only feels it's the right thing to do and let people know what's going on.]

So um hi... I don't know how many of you know me, but I'm Riku's little brother Kagami. [He then lets out a small sigh before continuing.] I'm pretty much posting here to let people know that my brother isn't here anymore. He's gone home. I've been searching all afternoon since I got home from school, but he's nowhere to be found. I've tried contacting him over his phone too and got no response back. So in light of Riku going home, I've decided to continue running his delivery service on the side as much as possible and well, if anyone he knows needs a hand or help, I'm offering that too. It feels like the right thing to do in both regards and what I feel Riku would have wanted. So yeah, that's really all I needed to say.

[And he cuts off the connection.]
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i know some people came here with these powers from their home world.
but some of us didn't. some of us were normal, until we weren't. and i know i can't be the only one who is afraid of what we were given.

why do we have these powers?
to make us useful? to keep us in line?

and is there any way we can shut it off?

disclaimer )
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[After returning home to find Kagami unconscious and hurt and hearing his explanation concerning the brawl between him and Riku, it's needless to say that Nike has been trying to get in direct contact with Riku for the last couple of hours. She was worried about him as much as she had been with Kagami. But now her concern has turned to full out irritation and hurt feelings all around. She was beginning to hate this radio silence from him. That's why she turns to the network while attempting to remain as calm as possible, but it was clear that she was still upset.]

Hey, guys. This is Nike again. Sorry for this second post from me in such a short amount of time from the last one. I just really need to know the current whereabouts of my roommate, Riku. Has anyone seen or heard from him today? Just today, though. Not yesterday or two days ago or whatever. Just today. He hasn't been answering his device at all and...

[Oh. Her irritation and hurt feelings are popping up again. Maybe she should make this short.]

If he's with you and doesn't want me or anyone else to know, that's fine too. I just....want to make sure he isn't alone somewhere or something. A little "I know" is more than enough. [How to end this?] Um...thanks for your time.

[With that said, she will sent a text message to both Mikleo and Sorey next.]

Hey! Have you seen or heard from Riku today? There was an incident. He got into a pretty bad fight with Kagami. I would appreciate any feedback from you two about this.
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[Cut to a tired-looking Riku, his mouth a thin line. He looks like he has a bone to pick.]

Right, so... There are two things that need to be addressed, so I'm gonna go ahead and address them. First is that... I'm sure some of you have run into a kid who looks like me. I've already had multiple people tell me he attacked them. If you meet him, don't let him give you trouble, because he'll try really hard.

The second thing is that Sora's gone home. If there's anything you need returned to you, let me know and I'll get it to you.

[He pauses, looking like he wants to continue to speak, then shakes his head.]

... That's all. Thanks.
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(( Note that because Mikleo is a seraph, only characters with a higher level of resonance will be able to see/hear Mikleo. For everyone else? Well. It just seems like Sorey is talking to air.... ))

[Okay, so this isn't the first time Sorey is using it. He seems to have had more practice than his first attempt or prior when he was a child for a while, at least. He gives the phone a wave, before running a hand through his hair.] So, uh. I was wanting to say hi? Looks like we're getting some more people showing up. I -- we can try help answer some questions but others have been here longer than me and Mikleo have.

[ Mikleo nods his head, looking to the camera, and then to Sorey again. ] Don't forget, most people can't see me. But, for those who can, we've settled in more than enough to know a fair amount of information about this world.

[Sorey gives a nod, by now a bit more used to most not being able to see his friend.] Yeah! The main thing we wanted to ask was the Porter - a couple of friends were here from home, but not anymore. But there's no way to figure how it works or if they might come back, is there?

[ Mikleo crosses his arms, leaning against the nearby wall. ] Well, we wanted to know the chances of them reappearing here again, anyways. I've heard that there have been cases when those who have been ported come back.

Right! And how sometimes people might remember being here? Or some don't.....? I don't know if there's any sort of pattern with that or not. Just figured it couldn't hurt to ask. And oh yeah! I guess Glenwood had different holidays to here. I was thinking of doing a list or something since there seem to be a lot.

[ The look on Mikleo's face becomes fairly dry at that. ] ... Hey, that's a pretty big jump to suddenly make with this, isn't it...?

Is it? I was just thinking of what I wanted to ask about..... [But maybe it is? Sorey's so used to the seraphim, or talking in person about most anything that comes to mind that he doesn't really think much about this.]

It is. [ He sighs lightly, but looks to the device quickly enough. ] We're more used to festivals being held to celebrate different days and events, so we're curious to know about different holidays.

Like the one in Ladylake with the Sacred Sword, yeah. So if anyone can tell us about the ones here, that'd be neat! [Evidently, Sorey is way used to Mikleo's sighing and correcting him by now. So he doesn't really react much if at all to such things.]
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[ no schoolwork for Akito today - today is a day for asking the network Very Important Questions while sitting perched on his fluffy, prehensile tail (because shapeshifting training is fun) and entertaining his puppy with a frisbee. ]


How do you tell a friend that you like them as more than just as a friend without making everything all weird?

Also! For those of you who have been here for a while, do you feel like you've changed as a person? If you have, do you think it's for the better or the worst?

...That's all! Thanks!
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[Prior to making this post, Adrien spent some time trying to decide how to go about making a post to this network. Carefully rehearsing what he wanted to say before he ensures that Plagg is going to remain out of frame for the duration of the recording. Luckily the Kwami is happy enough to stay busy stuffing himself with cheese as opposed to bothering Adrien while he makes a post.

In the end, however, he decides to simply post with text. It feels easier than forcing a smile while he talks to a bunch of strangers.

Hello, my name is Adrien Agreste. I'm new to this world, to this whole situation, and unsure of where to go from here. I've read over the pamphlet but it's only the tiniest bit helpful.

I expect you, the general imPort populace, get a lot of new people with similar questions and I'm just going to be adding to the heap. For that, I apologize. But I'm curious and if there's anyone who doesn't mind responding I'd be grateful.

1. What do you do if you come from a world in which superpowers are limited to comic books and you really have no interest in being a hero? Not that being a hero is a bad thing, or anything, it could be kind of cool, it's simply a skill set I do not possess.

2. Is registering worth it in the end? Why do you think it is or isn't depending on your stance?

3. Would it be better to attend this Xavier school rather than the school for the general populace?

4. Does anyone fence? Or does anyone know of any good fencing schools/instructors?

I suppose that's enough for now. Thank you in advance for your responses.


Apr. 3rd, 2016 01:40 am
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 Okay, so...I need help finding someone.

[ see, the problem with your best friend reverting to his 15 year old self is...unfortunately quite a long time of that 15th year was spent hating you. ahaha... ]

I'm trying to find my friend, Riku. He just suddenly left the house the other day and didn't come back.

[ more accurately, refused to come back, but whatever. sora is clearly not above annoying and/or embarrassing him into returning. ]

He looks a little different than people might remember him, so I drew a picture to help!

[ and with that, sora holds up a glorious work of art. ]

If you see him, just uh...Toss him over your shoulder and bring him back to [ wherever they live ], me and him reeeeally need to talk.

Be careful, he might smell a bit.
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[Hope everyone isn't entirely sick of all the kids around. Because here is another one, sitting on his bed and trying to make sure he knows how to use this thing. Mikleo said it was important, useful if they ever might get separated, after all. He looks somewhere around maybe six years old or so? But the earrings are still a dead give-away if anyone has previously seen Sorey around, of course.]

So it's....there! I got it! Mikleo said these were important. And can let us talk to everyone here. So I have a question!

[......Wait for it.]

Tell me about your homes! Your stories! You guys probably still have ruins and history books right? Or heroes like the Shepherds back home at Glenwood! It's kind of amazing here. There are so many other humans! And it seems like Mikleo's the only seraph. It's weird. Like I was the only human in Elysia.

[Evidently, everyone has tried not to.....'spoil' him that he becomes one of those Shepherds in about ten years or so.]

Does anyone know any ruins here? I haven't found any yet. The park and everything else is neat but it's still the most fun to go exploring ruins. And why is April a fool? I don't get it.....

[But that's when he's called downstairs for a snack and just. Abandons the phone on the bed. Oops. Enjoy that view of the ceiling after he runs off. Hopefully it has a timer to turn itself off after a bit.]


Mar. 3rd, 2016 03:30 pm
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[Guess who, everyone? Even Pan has something to say about this terrible, terrible tragedy.]

Honestly, I'm not sure why any of you are quite surprised that this happened. War is never clean. Besides, why fight a messy battle within trenches when you can cut off the enemy's limb cleanly without risk to your own people?

It's the pragmatic solution in the end so why not just live with the outcome. People fight and murder to protect what's theirs and this land was only looking to protect their investment or rather, us.

Besides, it makes for quite a show.

[What else can he do in jail but watch this stuff anyways.]
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[ rose is kind of over the whole russia vs the usa situation. but she's making most of what she's been given, at least the weather in mexico was a nice change of pace. ]

Sheesh, things here are such a snoozefest!
What's a girl supposed to do to cut loose?
I come from one place, adjust to another, then get shoved off to a completely different place!
It's like I've been playing musical chairs!
Anyway, would really appreciate some sweet suggestions on stuff tourists normally do here.

And does anyone know what a super sheltered princess would like doing? Or eating?
I'm pretty sure she's not used to munching on anything that isn't prepared by a maid.

Thanks for all the help! Ciao.

filtered to mikleo and sorey )
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[A fan of the 5 o'clock news? Tuning into your favourite drama or sitcom? That's too bad, because the Soviets have something in mind. Abruptly, every single channel will go blank, only to be replaced with a single news channel. Some may recognize Tara Lynn Shaw, the All-American sweetheart from Channel 6 News with tastefully dyed red hair, dimples, and a big old smile. Her usual job is to reassure the American people that everything will be all right, from stories about rescued puppies to stories about heroic nurses going above and beyond the call of duty.

Her trademark dimples aren't on display today; her mood is distinctly somber, and the American flags in the background of her news station have been taken down, the backdrop replaced with a solid red. She stares into the camera, then looks down at the place cards in front of her.]

Good evening, citizens of America. This is the Soviet Union speaking. You have been left to run rampant for far too long, and we have seen great irresponsibility and suffering as a direct result of your actions. It is for these reasons that we have chosen to intervene.

We have established control over Nonah, Heropa, De Chima, and Maurtia Falls. You may not enter, nor may you leave, but you needn't worry. This is but the first step towards a more peaceful world. Provided you maintain the peace, no harm will come to you; you are instructed to simply continue going about your daily lives. You may find this change startling, but we assure you, you will feel used to it soon enough. If you do not maintain the peace, however, measures will be taken, measures that your previous government wholly failed to take.

ImPorts, you are to attend a 5-day Seminar at Cape Canaveral's Royal Mansions Resort beginning tomorrow at 10 AM sharp. This is not negotiable. You will not be harmed, but appropriate measures will be taken should you choose to be tardy or absent. The Porters will be available to you all, Registered or not; there are absolutely no excuses for your absence.

You will be weapons of the United States of America no longer.

[With that, the broadcast comes to a halt. No American news stations will be playing, but all non-topical entertainment will continue playing as normal.]

[OOC: While this post takes place on national television, please feel free to use this post to have your characters discuss this exciting new development!]
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[ooc: Note: Mikleo will be in blue while Sorey will be in black. Also note that because Mikleo is a seraph, only characters with a higher level of resonance will be able to see/hear Mikleo. For everyone else? Well. It just seems like Sorey is talking to air.....]

[This is the first time Sorey is attempting to use these things. They didn't quite have anything like this back home to really compare it to, but he manages to get it turned on, with the video function. Initially, he may be peering at the camera a little too closely before pulling back, giving a better look at himself rather than an extreme close up of his bright green eyes. He turns, as if looking to someone sitting right near him, seeming rather animated and excited as he points to the device.] Mikleo, I think I got it! That light there, that means it's on, er-what did you say, recording, right?

[ Mikleo's brows furrow, and he points to the phone. ] Shh! They can't hear or see me, remember? Just pretend I'm not here! But, to answer your question, that's precisely what it means.

What are you--ooooh. Right! [Cue nervous laugher a bit there as he rubs the back of his neck, turning his attention back to the device itself.] So um. A-anyway, I'm Sorey. I kind of just got here, myself. So I had a few questions? Mostly about our jobs. And....and school! They have lessons on history there, right? [No Sorey, don't get too distracted thinking about that. The history of a whole new world to explore and read.....er, what else was he supposed to ask about again?]

[ Mikleo sighs on his end, crossing his arms and sending Sorey a rather dry look. ] Didn't you learn your lesson the first time you were schooled? There's more to it than just history lessons.

I know that! [Turning back to Mikleo again with a pout at his lips.] But history was always my favourite -- our favourite. Besides, the history and other lessons here are sure to be way different!

[ Sorey... What did he just say? He can't exactly blame him either, though. They are used to talking to one another nearly all day, every day. ] Hey, pretend that I'm not here, remember?

Oh yeah... [Oops. He's just so used to interacting with Mikleo back home. Used to ignoring the odd stares he occasionally gets out in public since leaving Elysia.] Um, one other question! How do you figure planning vacations? I mean, I guess I get the idea, but I just got here. I don't know where people might want to go vacation to. Apparently that's my job here though. No - make that two questions, actually. This war....

[ Mikleo straightens at that, brows furrowed. ] Hey-- be careful about that last part.

What? I figure...we should find out what's going on. Now we are here. [He's not sure he wants to mention that he only just came from a war back home. Sorey's no less eager to get involved in this one either. But he might not have a choice in the matter this time either. If his helping would mean even one less person might get hurt or killed, he'd probably do it.]

[ Mikleo stays silent at that, gesturing towards the screen once more. He'll stay silent this time. It'd be better to talk to him about everything once he's done. ... Either way, hopefully no one thinks that he's crazy or anything. He doesn't want this to be harder on him than it probably already is. ]

I mean. Of course, I got that file, but it didn't explain a lot, just the basics. I figure someone might be able to give a better idea on what's going on. [Hopefully. Surely. He's not sure what else to say, exactly. If there was anything else especially pressing he wanted to ask about. He's pretty sure that's the basics at least.] Oh, one last thing before I figure turning this thing off. But....what's Valentines? [It seems like it involves a lot of flowers. And chocolates?]

--That's your last question? [ Mikleo looks on in mild surprise. Well, it's just like him to be curious about-- just about everything. He can't say he really blames him entirely, either. ] ... Well, at least we'll get to gain a lot of information about this world.

Yeah! Wait, so how does it turn off again? It's this button-- [oh. Well. It seems he figured it out, because right there, it cuts off. Maybe he will get the hang of this before long!]


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