Jun. 30th, 2014 11:17 pm
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[ For once, you do not see Crematia. Instead, you see the setting sun starting to dim by night's touch. Further away you will see Heropa in its glory, though you might see some columns of smoke here and there, thanks to Starscream's attempted takeover. In fact, you might get the impression that the communication device just might be floating just above the ground somehow, bobbing up and down gently. ]

When Crematia speaks, it is not her usual human voice, which is usually cool and coy. No, this voice sounds almost like a whisper of a weedy old matriarch, if it wasn't for the constant gravelly undertones and deep rumbling, indicating a much larger size. ]

These humans took me away from the Abyss to be their hero.

Here, let me show my efforts at heroism.

[ CLANG! Something falls directly in front of the camera. To those who have been paying attention to Starscream's latest broadcast or had seen his attempted takeover first hand, you might recognize it as a piece of Starscream's ramshackle Decepticon minions.

As it turns out Crematia has a hobby of collecting trophies. ]

I have never fought a giant made out of metal before. I relished the challenge, especially when I fought the one called Starscream and hear him squeal as I tear him apart with tooth and claw.


[ Slowly, a red snout appears, following massive jaws with studding horns following the snout and chin. One can see her darkening horns that pointed out backward from her skull. There is steam coming off her scales, as though she's literally on fire.

One bright yellow eye stares intently at the screen, her cruelty shining through. ]

If this government summoned me from Hell itself just to fight its own imPorts or some lowly criminals, there will be a lot of disappointment going around.

Especially from me.

[ So step up, USA. She's done being patient with you losers. Place her in a war and pay up, or she'll do her own thing. ]

The residence number 32 is vacant. I have moved out to a place more suitable.

[ Crematia out. ]
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[ The video clicks on to Starscream, standing tall and proud in his Cybertronian form, nasty little smirk on his face. There are two other giant robots a few feet behind him, obviously shorter than Starscream himself (though they bear a striking resemblance.) ]

Well humans. Now you're about to see the true might of the Decepticons, not the pathetic attempts at assimilation the other so-called Decepticons have been trying. [ He nods back to the other robots. ] Aren't they impressive? Your technology is primitive at best, but as you can see, I made it work--and I've managed to get my proper body back...with all its perks included.

[ Nasty grin on his face, Starscream points his fist towards what he believes is an empty warehouse (in actuality, it's Thundercracker's pad. Whoops.) Purple laser things that haven't entirely been explained by canon shoot out of his wrist and hit the warehouse, creating a pretty impressive explosion. Turning back to the camera, Starscream is all evil smirks. ]

It's no use to try and stop me, heroes! Your precious Porter will soon be mine and the Decepticon take-over of Earth will start again!

[ And then he finishes the video with a full tilt maniacal laugh, before clicking off the camera. ]

[Private to Thundercracker & Knock Out]
[ not really knowing that whoops, he totally shot a missile at Thundercracker's house, Starscream clicks on this private channel to talk to his fellow Decepticons. ]

I expect you two to either join up with me and the new Decepticon army or stay out of the way. Needless to say, if either of you try to stop me, I suppose I'll just have to blow you to pieces myself.
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ImPorts, is it?

[The young woman on camera looks stern and uncompromising- though that may just be the natural slant of her eyebrows, the usual set for her lips. Regardless, she takes a moment as if making sure she knows what she wants to say, and then squaring her shoulders, continues-]

We have been brought here for a purpose, and although the ends are a mystery, the fact that we are the means speaks volumes! So tell me-

[Tilting her chin up, she looks imperious- someone who's used to command, control- and with almost surprising charisma (and oh my god, is that backlighting? How?), continues-]

What will you do if the ends do not suit you? If they are less than savory? Will you continue to obey those who have brought us here?

[She settles back into her chair, folding her hands over each other, and raises her eyebrows.]

It's only right that I know what sort of people I am meant to cooperate with, after all.


Jun. 12th, 2014 01:38 pm
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Alright, alright! I give up. I've changed forms once here, so I know it's possible, but I — [ hhhrrrgh he hates to admit this ] —can't do it on my own. Voluntarily, if you will.

This human body has lost any novelty it might have had [ which was none ] and I'm looking for anyone with tips. What is it some of you fleshies do... meditation? Would that help? I'm getting desperate. And, Danger, you need not apply. As well-meant as an answer of "I can do it but I have no idea how I do it" may be, it's not quite helpful.

It looks like we're getting a few more Cybertronians around here, is that right? Well, if any of you can figure out the change, feel free to let me know. I can make it worthwhile to share the wealth. If you're about as lost as I am, though... well. Good luck.

And, finally, if you're not going to be of any help at all, then at least tell me your favorite food. You wouldn't believe how exhausting it is to keep trying new foods, with no idea which one will be unexpectedly awful.
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[Greetings, good citizens of Heropa. Have a small, peppy voice blasting through your speakers excitedly.]

All of these buttons are so neat! And confusing! I bet you’d have to be somebody almost as smart as Inumuta-senpai to understand all of them, and even then that’s iffy—Senpai’s as limber mentally as he is physically, and he can twist around like a slippery soba noodle, so that’s saying a whole lot!

[There is a noise that starts low and builds, a yawning, guttural, terrifying sound, the type of sound one might think of when imagining the collapse of a star. And then a girlish, unashamed giggle.]

Oops! I went and made myself hungry! I better go and find the grocery store before I track down Ryuuko-chan—oh! Oh! I can surprise her with Mystery Croquettes; Mom’s been teaching me the recipe! I better get going if I want to find good stuff for the fillings…

001 | Video

Jun. 5th, 2014 10:06 pm
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[You know what Metalhawk really doesn't want to deal with right now? A lot of things. His bucket list for the day started off with 'recovering from death' (that's a story in itself) and ended in 'alive but somehow within a human body'. Or at least...he thinks it's human. He's ever really seen one up close until now. His mind's practically racing as he flexes his fingers, seeing if they're actually functional as he tries to think of how this could have happened. The last thing he remembers is being on Cybertron--Starscream firing that gun at him. Feeling the surge hit his spark.

And then...somehow coming back; Shockwave commanding him like some sort of puppet. The whole thing made him cringe, hand flexing into a fist angrily. Partially at himself for even thinking of trusting Starscream, and partially at those who took advantage of his body post-mortem. But he was alive, and if anything, this was a second chance--to do things right. Unfortunnately, the briefing he recieved upon awakening didn't sound too appealing. Something about being a 'hero' and siding with the military?

Well THAT certainly wasn't happening.

Getting to his feet (which was a task in itself--you'd be surprised how different mechanical legs and organic legs are), he pulls what looks to be a communications device towards him, turning it over in his palm curiously.

It seemed to be for he just had to try it out. And the image of him trying to figure this out is like watching a monkey pilot a spaceship. Slightly effective, but not overall efficient. After some trial and error, he manages to get what looks like a video feed up. On the other side, you may notice a rather lanky looking woman, short blonde hair styled up. 'Her' attire consists of a military style outfit: yellow, blue and red in colour. And sharp, piercing hawk-like eyes, blue in colour as they squint into the feed.

That's...'on', right? Well, might as well test it out by formal introduction.]

So from what I can gather, I was imprinted with a symbol against my will, aligning me to a purpose I have no recollection of ever being proposed to. Tell me, is everything this cut and dry when it comes to species, or have I just been unlucky in the last 4 million years? I also seem to be displaced from my own body, and I can't even imagine the explanation required for that one. I'm tempted to skip out on that all together.

[Well...that's KIND of formal. Isn't he a charmer? Don't take it personally--he's just come back from death. You'd be a little cranky too.]

My name is Metalhawk, and if anyone out there is listening, I'd like to speak to whoever's in charge of this.  So I can opt out properly. If anyone could please show me the exit, that would be the best for everyone. I don't fight unless there are no other options. I'm sure you can find plenty of other trigger-happy substitutes.

[His curt tone suddenly switches, realizing he's not exactly being very personable.]

Thank you for your time.

[No, thank YOU, sunshine. But that brow furrows as he...seems to have trouble with the device.]

Now how do I turn this thing off...
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I've got to agree with the other person I saw on here that this file business? Very creepy. There's some stuff on this medical file that I know Fixit never had a chance to add. It's way too detailed for me to be comfortable with. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I don't have a huge gaping hole in my chest, but kind of sketchy.

Actually, what I'm looking for is to know about this whole thing about working with the military. I've been down that road before and the results weren't exactly pretty. Still, I'm trying to keep an open mind about it since it's kind of nice to not be shot at by humans for a change, but I want to make an informed choice. Any help would be appreciated.

Other than that? Name's Bumblebee.


May. 20th, 2014 05:46 pm
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Two questions.

1.) Who are the least responsible adult (18+) imPorts here?

2.) Is anyone interested in doing summer tutoring in higher level mathematics, chemistry, biology, or modern and ancient history? Geography is also useful. I won't be able to pay well at first, but we can work out different forms of compensation.

- A. Leonhart

02 > VIDEO

May. 18th, 2014 12:52 pm
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[There's the sound of a harsh sigh before Inumuta speaks up.]

For the record…

[He begins, audio only at first, but then it seems he thinks better of it, and turns on video. His expression is tired, and even less amused than usual. His surroundings are very white, very harsh, very concrete. Those who have seen one before would be able to tell it's a holding cell. A somewhat high level security holding cell.]

The government here does not appreciate personal attempts at investigation.

[ooc: Forward dated to not interfere with the Lucifer plot!

So, Inumuta kind of hacked into Cape Canaveral's database. And is now dealing with the ensuing ramifications, i.e., being arrested by the US government. He probably shouldn't really be posting this, but, well. Here he is.
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[Standing, somewhere- high up? Probably on a building. A nice, drastic slight upwards angle, not that he needs to be given the extra height for intimidation's sake. And he's holding what appears to be a whip, in both hands, held tight between them.]

Registered imPorts! I am Gamagori Ira, and this is official imPort business!

We are all aware of our rights here, aware of the dos and don'ts as far as that's concerned, and talk of how we feel by that should be left to another time. [Referring to most of the topics on the network here, which seem to be around that main concern. But this is BUSINESS, and the network is very useful in getting people's attention-

Not that he need helps. With Gamagori's power Attention!, your character might find it really hard not to focus on what he's saying, as if compelled to do so.]

But as registered imports we have made an agreement and must follow through!

I speak of course, about the monorail and the footage shown to us of it's destructors! [Flings his hand out, pointing, body turning and using his other hand to to firmly crack the whip he was holding, it sounds out loud over the network.] Do you hear me, lawbreakers?! Offenders to society and ORDER! We will find you if your morality does not lead you to succumb to justice first! Step forward or feel the sting of something more painful than any whip. True sting and pain of punishment awaits you should you hide like rats!

Registered imPorts, I trust your eyes are peeled, and if you have any information, or a means to get it, now is the time to let it be known!

And to those of you who aren't useful as far as information's concerned, do not fret, the city still needs plenty of help with cleanup after the sabotage. You are expected to assist and I suggest you do so immediately!


May. 12th, 2014 11:16 am
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Okay. What the hell is going on? First the explosion and then robot sharks? And now the government's doing the whole not telling us shit thing.

Look at this bullshit.

[she puts up an image of one of the mechanical sharks (blurred due to motion) about to pounce on a swimmer.]

Who blew up the train and who's sending sharks to Miami?! [you know. just in case mechanical sharks in Miami isn't ridiculous enough]


Apr. 29th, 2014 01:09 am
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[Not this shit again.

A few might recognize the face on the screen, or at the least, the almost-eastern-european-but-not-quite accent and rare foreign word. Kang is clearly annoyed, obvious in both his expression and tone of voice. Luckily, he has also been provided with one set of clothing that fits his 6'4" human body.

To those I haven't met before, my name is Kang.

This makes twice I've been yanked from my world and tossed into a new one without being asked. I'm not sure what the hell happened while I was gone; I seem to have the same powers, but everything is different, including the overall attitude towards ImPorts - particularly towards non-humans like me. It doesn't make me feel much better about the situation, though.

[He mutters a curse, and his expression turns slightly hopeful.]

Is anyone else I know here? Or any others from Krynn?

[Kenzi, Gil, Xanatos, Monica, Kate?

...Khisanth, Aurican, Crucible?

[Note: He is in residence #033. Roommates are free to wander in and find him!]
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[ There's a beat of empty feed. She hesitates before starting, voice a little quivery. ]

Um. Hi. Hey. I'm Laurie. I'm, uh... I'm new. I can't really think of anything to say, but I thought I should say something, even if it's just 'hello.' So... There you go. I already said it, didn't I? Two or three times.

Yeah. So. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I mean, I know it does happen, but it usually happens to the X-men, or the Avengers, or... Not anybody like me. And usually when it happens, there's some sort of immediate crisis to take care of. At least, that's how it sounds. Here, though...

I'm supposed to sell perfume? And go to school. So I guess this is a pretty laid-back inter-dimensional kidnapping situation. I don't get it. I don't-- It's weird.

[ There's a pause. It seems, for a moment, that she might have just walked off and left the feed running. However, she quietly adds. ]

... My mom's going to freak out.

001; video

Apr. 23rd, 2014 05:29 pm
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[The feed pops on to show Senketsu in view, indicating someone else is recording him.]'ll be fine! I'll hold it like this and we can pretend it's the real deal. Consider it practice.

[For those of you who're familiar with him, the cameraman's voice is one Uzu Sanageyama. Yeah this ain't practice, but what people don't know can't hurt them.]

Alright...I don't know why something like this needs practice, but I'll play along.

[He hums thoughtfully, trying to come up with how he wants to present himself in such a "formal" way, before looking at the camera.]

Hello, everyone! I'm Senketsu, and I'm a Kamui. I know it doesn't look like it right now, but I'm actually a set of sentient clothes.

[He pauses, then directs his attention to the man behind the camera.]

...It feels weird to address something that can't respond...

[Suddenly a hand is obscuring some of the camera, giving Senketsu a thumbs up.]

This is how online networking operates! You get responses after you're done. Now keep going - tell them what you want, clear and confident.

[And it's out of the way now, back to holding the camera.]

--A-already? That's awfully...ah. I'm looking to meet some new people, maybe--someone with a lot of endurance so that they could wear me.

[What a terrible time to feel shy.]

And perhaps someone that could teach me how to write, because I'm new to having hands and [He holds one of them up.] as you can see...they're not exactly human-sized.

Is that good, mister Sanageyama?

[The camera is turned around to show Sanageyama grinning, Senketsu visible behind him.]

Lets ask your audience! What did you guys think? I'd say at least a seven out of ten.

[note: Replies will be coming from both Sanageyama and Senketsu separately.]
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Are one of those hovering vehicles easier to maneuver than the usual cars you see here? Are they easier or harder to get for yourself?

[Inumuta's logical words or not, he still can't get his mind of a car. He has a good amount of free time here- there's no real- plotting in his down time just yet. Just work, getting used to the area. And he- just got that damn car back home, he's itching for some road time. Besides, he's just asking, right?]

[He's got a few more questions too- curiosity mostly. How does one take out a loan in this place and what account history does he need for it to be viable? Are imPorts allowed those benefits?]

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[ The last thing Karla Sofen remembers before coming here is not, in fact, home -- or, rather, not the home of her time.. More specifically, the last thing she remembers is being captured by an alternate future reality’s clone equivalent to her home world’s Doctor Strange.

She remembers the revolting sensation of another’s will probing into her mind and grasping hold like so many intrusive, slithering psychic tentacles.

And being dressed up like Carol Danvers. (Of fucking course. And that’s how she came in -- red, blue, gold, sash and all -- though she’s back to her own white and gold now.)

It’s an awful lot of reality-hopping in quite a short span of time, but this one’s already vastly preferable to the last. Full control of her own mental faculties. She remembers again, then stops herself -- she’ll be too angry to do what she needs to do now if she dwells on it.

Her video switches on; Karla’s looking much calmer than she feels, her expression neutral. ]

Hello, everyone, I--

[ She pauses like she’s thought of something; before she says another word, she reaches up, peels the white mask from her face. It’s a completely surface gesture -- she certainly won’t be doing its metaphorical equivalent on here. ]

I’m sure everyone does this, when they’re new here? The… “does anyone know me, is anyone here from home?”... thing? I’m Karla Sofen, I’m on Luke Cage’s Thunderbolts team back home--

[ Hell no, she’s not above a well-placed name-drop! ]

--And. You know the drill, I’m sure. Is anyone here from my home world?
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[to Starscream's credit, he is not going into straight up yelling (yet). however, his voice is tense, as if he's trying his hardest not to yell at the device.]

I just have one small question that our captors forgot to tell me during that brief little question and answer session I received after being rudely kidnapped and taken away from my operations...why am I suddenly an ORGANIC?!

[yeah nope, that last part was total yelling. a for effort, Starscream. there's a worn-out siiiiigh, as if being Starscream is suffering.]

As if being told to be a 'hero' wasn't ridiculous enough, that accursed machine has the gall to turn me into a human! [siiiiigh. and then, almost under his breath,] This is utterly demeaning.


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