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[ Haen's smiling with a rather pleased look on the video today, even though the general air isn't something most people are smiling about lately. Which is why... ]

My dears, I just want to give you all a heads up! Although your heads can really be in any position you'd like, so long as you give me a little listen. I can't say I really enjoy these guests of ours, so I've decided to make them feel a bit more unwelcome. Not my usual attitude, I know, but I really think they're just overstepping a bit too much!

So don't be surprised if you see them feeling a just a touch under the weather starting any time now. I'm actually rather proud of the recipe I've put together! A little encephalitis, some single stranded ribonucleic acid, just a pinch of Yersinia pestis!

[ For those of you who are wondering why that sounds familiar: yes, she did just name the bacterial strain responsible for the bubonic plague, among others. ]

It really is a lot like cooking, actually. Too much salt spoils the soup... is it salt, that saying refers to? I mean, really too much of anything would spoil soup. Although I suppose soup might be easier to recover than, say, a cake or something.

Oh! And I also tweaked a bit for their melanocytes, so you'll be easily able to tell who's already infected, and that you should probably avoid them. They're going to have bright orange splotches on their skin, impossible to miss, really. Well, I suppose if you were blind, you might miss them... or colour-blind. Hmm, I didn't think of that. Well, for next time!

Now if you do happen to be an inattentive silly and catch this, I want you to drink lots of milk! It's good for bones, and it'll also work well for the symptoms. Has to do with the amount of thiamine-- oh, you might know that as vitamin B1. Anyway, drink lots of milk, it'll help you feel better. But please don't tell that to our guests, I'd rather them find out only once they've gone back home!

That's really all I wanted to let you all know about, dears.


((OOC: All the information for this can be found here, including a full list of symptoms and information on opting-in if you'd like your character to be affected! Happy plaguing~))
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[The video comes on and Jim Kirk is looking around at the screen, not focusing on the camera yet--he's examining the layout. His piercing blue eyes look even more vibrant because of the redness rimming them. He hasn't slept much the past couple of nights after getting there between stressing about what was happening right before he got pulled here and the poor sleep quality one associated with heavy drinking. Nightmares didn't help either. Kirk was not taking this well at all. His anger has faded by this point into restlessness and exhaustion and when his restlessness wasn't able to be channeled, his self-destructive habits tended to make a showing. He hasn't felt anywhere close to this in quite a while.

When he finally focuses on the screen itself and speaks, his voice is somewhat raspy, but he puts on a shadow of his usually bright smile. If you've seen him before, he definitely looks like hell.]

Hey. 'M new around here. Jim Kirk.

If anyone could point me in the direction of a library with or someone that has any texts on advanced quantum mechanics, let me know.

[It was something to do. If he could be pulled into this place, technology had to exist to get him back. He'd find it, and the first place to start was to see just how different the physics between this universe and his were.]

Also, anyone up for a spar? Or street fight, I don't care which.

[He knew he didn't want to try out his laser power, but his matter manipulation? He was interested in how he could use that in hand-to-hand. Plus he needed to blow off some steam in a way that wouldn't end in a hangover at some point. In fact, he'd welcome the physical exertion and pain. He pauses a little longer, thinking of how he wanted to phrase something, but in the end, scraps it.]

Let me know.

[He turns the feed off.]

[ooc: If anyone wants to interact with Jim his first night there at a bar drinking, check out his test drive thread here!. I will still be tagging it!]
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Hello? [Her voice sounds thick - almost as if she has been crying. She swallows against the uncomfortable tightness in her throat and speaks louder - clearer.] I assume I have been taken into the hands of the Enemy. Know that I will not go quietly. My injuries will not hamper-

[The lie dies on her lips. Her body is not in good shape and she knows it.]

If I am not amongst Enemies, who amongst you is a Healer? [It's a long shot in the dark and she glances around warily.] My name is Tauriel. I am a Silvan Elf from -

[Nowhere now. She is an exile.]

It matters not. Are there others like myself here? [Silvan, Sindar or even Noldor would be welcome.] I wish to replace my bow and acquire proper arrows.
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(going from apocalypse to sunny north carolina is not exactly how wendy expected her day to turn out. especially without her friends around. not to mention, the last time she saw government officials, they were raiding the mystery shack, so needless to say, she's pretty on edge and isn't even sure if this is reality or bill dumping more weirdness on her.

her grip is firm on her crossbow, and when she's handed her file, her anger goes boiling over.)
What the hell is this?! How do you guys even know this about me?!

(the agent ignores her, instead directing her to the car to take her to her home here. before another word gets out, she flings her crossbow up and shoves the file in her back pocket.) Get back! Get back or I'll break your arm like I broke the Discount Auto Mart Warrior's! (she's told something like calm down, don't do anything rash, things like that, but she only backs away even more, and after firing a warning shot arrow at the guy's feet, she makes a break for it and hurriedly loses herself in the crowd.) Psh, like I'm trusting anything that has anything to do with this place...

(video, nonah)

(later on, wendy turns her comm device, after fiddling around with it. most of her anger has ebbed away, but there's still a decent amount of frustration in her. she's got scrapes and bruises here and there, definitely looking worse for the wear. getting taken away from defending your hometown can do that to you. with her crossbow in one hand, and a bag of chip in the other, she's taken to practicing her aim on nearby trees. she... might occasionally divert her aim and accidentally come close to hitting people. probably people that give her weird looks.) So, anyone wanna tell me how much of this is real or fake? Am I gonna say some codeword and wake up in another bubble prison? I don't trust the suits anymore than I can spit because of conspiracies or whatever.

(she stops her next shot as her eyes widen in surprise.) Man, I'm turning into Dipper...


Feb. 2nd, 2016 10:33 pm
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[The feed comes on, the network device is leaning up against something to view this cat laying on the floor with a not all too happy look on his face.]

We're gonna retaliate, right?

You know we could, easily. Just go to Russia, steal all their nukes and chuck em' into space, then attack them.

They got no right to be doin' what they're doin' and they did throw the first punch.

So what's gonna happen? We gotta sit back on our laurels and do nothing?

Not that saving our asses was nothing or whatever else happened while we were rotting away in that sub.

[Can't blame him for feeling angry, or vengeful.]

So what's the plan? Whatever they get, they got it coming.

[And the feed shuts off.]
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Hello everyone. I have a quick question, if you all don't mind.

You see, I’m a little disoriented. Last time I checked it was the 4th of… whatever it is this month is called [elgar’nan why can’t they just use the Thedosian calendar like normal people], and now it’s the 12th. Where did the week go?

Really, I mean that quite literately, where did it go because I can't recall it.

10 - video

Dec. 8th, 2015 02:10 am
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[The video feed comes on revealing Flame Princess looking... very different from how she normally is. Sitting on a couch and completely bundled in a ridiculous amount of blankets, with only her face and a few locks of hair. It's difficult to recognize her like this, but it's easy enough to identify her voice once she finally speaks.]

So how come we barely go a month or two in this place without some jerk just donking everything up? What was even with that, anyway? Like, a lot of weird junk has happened before but this really wasn't cool!

Like, okay, I guess being a human is kind of neat or whatever but how the bjork are you guys not freezing to death all the time!? [Going from fire elemental temperature to average human/kryptonian body temperature has been... an adjustment, to say the least. She doesn't like it.]

The whole leaking water thing is still really weird, too. [That's sweating, FP.] I don't get it, but I guess I'm going to have to figure it out for however long this thing lasts.

Has anybody found out who was behind what happened, yet? I've been wanting to try finding out on my own, but... yeah. It's been kind of hard to focus like this.

[A pause.] ... also, if anybody is made of fire now, you'll be fine. Just avoid water and don't feel things too hard.

I mean, you can't burn through the world while you're here, so you don't have to worry about that happening. Buuuuuut you're still going to want to be careful not to get too intense. And either I'm going to have to teach you how to cast flame shield properly, or you're going to need to cover all the stuff you like in foil.

Figured I should probably give you a head's up. [Uh.] If that's actually happened to anyone.
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[ Hello network! The feed clicks on to reveal Nonah's resident wizard- he's apparently in the kitchen at Nonah 005, and offers the camera a bright smile. ]

Hey fellow imPorts, my name is Charlie. I've been here for- Jesus, a couple months shy of a year now? That's way longer than I thought I would be. I'm still slogging away at the job they assigned me and I realized that here more than anywhere I'm in the position to actually do what I really want to do for a living, which is working with magic.

In my world I'm what's called an Animator- that basically means I'm a wizard who can enchant and otherwise manipulate inanimate objects. I figure I may as well offer to draft up enchantments for anyone who wants one.

For example- [ He leans over to reveal the kitchen counter behind him, on which sits a small stack of dinner plates. A nearby dishrag picks itself up as the first plate lifts from the pile. The rag wipes the plate off, and the plate settles itself into a separate stack. The next plate picks itself up and the process repeats.

After a moment, Charlie leans back into frame. ]

I'm not limited to just household objects, of course- as long at it's not alive in some way, I can usually enchant it. I will say if you want something like a weapon then we're going to have to talk about it. I don't hand that kind of spellwork out to just anybody.

Fair warning, I can't just wave a magic wand and suddenly make brooms start carrying buckets of water across the room. For me, writing an enchantment is more like working out a complex equation- all the pieces have to fit together just right in order to get the desired result. The more complicated the enchantment, the longer it's going to take to draft up. I have been at this a long time, so there's a lot of stuff I already have the framework for.

I'm willing to negotiate cost based on what you want and how long it will take me. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and if you'd like to see more examples of my work, I can gladly provide some.

(( OOC: Enchanted weapons require a power slot and a power update to be submitted with the mods. Mundane items are fair game, so long as they won't affect a large amount of people or cause damage. Additional details can be found here. You can drop a comment on that post to ask about enchantments as well! ))
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Sometimes powers aren't as obvious on paper as perhaps they should be. Months of horrible nightmares, months of failing to understand why I dreamed of strangers and events I didn't quite understand. But then, over time, I started to see fragments of my dreams become reality. Most notably, the August Swear In -- I dreamed of fireworks erupting into people's screams. Had I realized that my dreams were foretelling of some future, perhaps I could have given warning. Perhaps, I could have helped to prevent that future from occurring or at least built up awareness so people could defend themselves.

But now, I realize my job is to illuminate. I have had dreams most recently, some alarming and some benign. I've seen you all at one point or another. In many ways, I know you more intimately than you know yourself because I have seen what is to come and in some cases, how you take on that challenge.

I've dreamed of a man who takes on the pain of others, offering sanctuary to those most in need. And in turn, he becomes part of a larger pack. The winter months may be a bit more crowded in their home, but with spring comes change. New places for the fosters to live and the long-awaited 'shedding' of a winter coat.

I've dreamed of a Doctor in a world unknown, and a harbinger carrying tragedy on its darkened wings. When birds don't take to the sky, something else must ascend to the heavens. And sharpening ones beak on a diamond mountain must take less time than the foretold one second of eternity to wear it down.

But perhaps most alarming, I've dreamed of fire in the city of Heropa -- the screams of civilians with buildings ablaze. But this fire burns more than buildings to ashes. It leads to chaos, confusion, and rebirth. Like a phoenix rising from the flame, so, too, will imPorts.

There have been more. Fragments. Pieces. Often stringing together over time to form a larger puzzle. And once they do come together, I will foretell them, as well. The beautiful thing about the future is though I might be able to see it, it can be changed.

And as for who I am, well, I would prefer to keep my identity to myself. But if you need a name attached to my words, you can refer to me as The Clairvoyant.
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Hello, everyone! [Euphie seems to be sitting in her apartment's living room; she's constructed a fire in the fireplace which flickers in the back, and she's wearing a very warm sweater.] I hope you're all doing very well.

This season certainly is festive, isn't it? There's so much cheer in the air... where I'm from, we don't have anything like this at all, so it's all new and a little exciting to me! I'm not certain I have the whole mythos correct-- I'm not quite sure what the pine trees are meant to represent-- but it really does seem like a lovely type of year.

Is there anyone else who's also experiencing this for the first time? Please, I'd love to hear what your own winter celebrations are like!

[She pauses.] But, ah... it does seem like everywhere is playing the same music, over and over again. Is that part of the tradition too?
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So, imPorts, what are your thoughts on destiny?

[ Max is in his work uniform for the Museum of Folklore, framed by the charming backdrop of a cramped break room, soda in hand. ]

Admittedly, I'm a bit of a lit nerd back home, and a lotta stories out there start off with a prophecy. Modern stuff, too, but even then it's usually in an old timey magical setting.

A little bird once told me destiny is equal parts chance, free will, and necessity. Prophecy, divination, time travel... has anyone back home dealt with that kind of stuff? Knowing what's supposed to happen before it does?


Nov. 7th, 2015 08:28 pm
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See this fish?

[Bull what--]

[Okay, before that question can be answered, or even asked, the camera swings around to show off a hideous, flopping salmon. Then it swings around to look at Bull again. He's grinning.]

It's going to be a dragon.

[And the camera whips around again, showing off a fountain-slash-waterfall installation somewhere in Nonah. Bull is standing on one of the little raised platforms in the middle of the 'pond'. Holding the fish.]

And I'm gonna wrestle with it.

[Somewhere, off-screen, one can hear Kaneda's voice yelling:]

Oi! Jiji! That's not even a koi!

[Undaunted, the Iron Bull winds up... and flings the poor salmon at the waterfall. With literally no other explanation.]

((ooc: Kaneda and Bull will probably both answer.))
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[After his epic fail from the other week, Manolo isn't in a hurry to try using the video function. Instead, he sticks to the audio (and triple-checks that it's really just the audio), although it seems to take him a moment to realize his device is actually on, and people are treated to the sound of his communicator shifting in his hands.]

Um, hi there. Hahah…

[Okay, not the best start. Let’s try that again…]

So! For anyone who doesn’t know, today is the Day of the Dead. Back home, it's a time to remember those who’ve passed on before us, to make sure the dead aren’t forgotten.

I may not be in my village anymore, but today is still important to me, and it’s probably important for some of you too.

That’s why, if anyone wants to talk about dead friends or family, I’d love to hear about them. You know…what kind of person were they? What are your favorite memories of them? That kind of thing.

...Oh, and if some of you have died back home, you’re welcome to share stories about your life here too. Not the traditional way of doing things, but that only seems fair.

[There’s an awkward pause here, since he’s unsure how he ought to end this message. It’s not like a letter, but it’s not like talking with someone face-to-face either.]

Ah, right! Maybe I should properly introduce myself this time. My name is Manolo Sanchez, and I'm…looking forward to hearing from you?

[Then there's an awkward pause before the feed finally shuts off.]
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[ Haen is enjoying a coffee or something (those who've spoken with her, will probably shudder at the thought of her having caffeine) and the bustle of a cafe is visible in the background. The redhead is smiling widely, pleased to make a proper public network post for the first time since her arrival. ]

Hello, imPort dears! I have an offer to make to you today, so lend me your ears~ but don't actually lend them, I have a set of my own and they work perfectly well, not to mention if you need glasses those would be quite the challenge to have sitting on your face without any ears. You could manage, I assume, but I'm not sure it'd be worth the hassle.

Oh, I should probably introduce myself first, before my offer. Unless you don't care who the offer comes from, in which case, just hold on tight for a moment, I'll get right back to what I was saying. Although if you're holding someone's hand, or anything that's soft like a fruit, don't hold too tightly, because you'll make a mess. Metaphorical or literal mess, your choice.

So! My name is Haen, and in my world I'm what is called a genessi!

...cut for length because she talks. a lot. )
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[It's evening, as evidenced by the general dim light in the room. The living room of Nonah #5 has been the scene of a lot of mayhem, and now doesn't seem to be any different.]

[There's a cut on the Iron Bull's face, and he's holding himself with the care of someone who knows damn well he's hurt something important and doesn't want to make any sudden motions. There may also be glass stuck in one of his horns. More small abrasions decorate his torso. Looks like the aftermath of Motorcycle vs. The Iron Bull didn't end well for anyone.]

[As he records, he's moving gingerly across the house to deposit one (1) unconscious lump of teenager -- namely the Problem Child Tetsuo himself -- into a room. Probably his own room. Only after that's done, does Bull address the camera.]

Hey. Got a message for you, network.

[One might say he forgot it was on, but it's also more likely this was purposeful. Demonstrating the kid is in hand, put somewhere safe and no longer charging through the streets.]

Dear Whoever the Fuck Made Tetsuo's Bike,

You should have made it Bull-Proof.

[It's at this point, he holds up a certain finger on the hand still possessing all of its fingers. Wow, Bull, stay classy. He's about to turn the feed off when someone else pipes in, from somewhere else in the house--]

And would someone come heal my big, dumb boyfriend! Please?

[THANKS CHARLIE. Bull makes a sudden face, and hurries to mash the OFF button.]
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[Did anyone ever really want a selfie-style shot of Joker’s asshole face when they got on the network? No? Too bad, because it’s there.]

Hi there, boys and girls. Guess what time it is?

[Time for everyone to fucking leave if they know what’s good for them. If you’re still here, godspeed, brave soul. You’re in for a wild ride from start to finish.]

Hey, Kasumi, tell ‘em. Tell ‘em what we’ve got.

[Anyone watching might become slightly seasick as the camera swings away from Joker and over to Kasumi. The hooded woman gives the camera a grin--the kind that someone has when they’re up to no good, like a kid who just stole something from the candy store. (She may actually have stolen something from a store today.) She holds up a paperback novel in her hands.]

We’ve got… this work of art. A masterpiece, honestly. And we’re going to share it with you all because we care.

[She tosses the book over to Joker without warning--but, you know, gently--and takes the camera. Let’s all just hope he doesn’t fracture his fingers trying to catch the damn thing. Note the bottle(s) of wine, and an empty box of pizza on the table as the video focuses on him.]

[He barely makes the catch, fumbling it a little because he’d been in the process of reaching for a glass when she’d thrown it. They are absolutely real adults and there’s no way he’d make it through this whole thing without wine and pizza.]

Seriously, though, this thing is a work of freaking brilliance. It should win all the awards. Every award, ever.

[Joker opens the book to a specially marked page.]

You guys ready for this? Because you’re not. There’s nothing in your life that would’ve ever prepared you for this shit.

Dick Attack! )
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(A soft though hardly gentle voice appears on the network. His tone is cold - cutting - probing for information without giving away any information on himself. This is a practiced art.)

I have seen that I am not alone in being summoned unceremoniously from my home. (Home is an interesting word for his current abode. Until the war is finished and he is victorious, he cannot expect to have that sort of stability. But why reveal that?) I seek answers for this strange occurrence.

(And not the sort that say "you were brought here by [insert higher power here]". He wants to know how and why. Specifically.)

Magic is not unknown to me, however the presence of a separate world is...a unique finding. We can make a trade if you so wish for pertinent information, but keep in mind that patience is not a virtue I ascribe to any longer.

(Not with Dumbledore dead and so many possibilities at his fingertips.)

I am not comfortable giving my name for various reasons. (Just in case someone from his world is present.) I hope you will adhere to my wish and not ask for it.

Yet, if you wish to know about Magic, I am happy to show you what a Wizard can do. I know not all are blessed with powers and I think it is better to be informed than not.

(There is a hint of amusement at the end of that statement and he falls silent, waiting for answers to come.)
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There are a lot of new people on the network, so hello! I'm Akito!

Welcome to this super weird place!

Make sure to watch out for the psychopaths and the toilets!

I started up an extreme parkour and skating account on Instagram since people were interested... The username is 'sharkour' and I update whenever I think of it!

Does anyone want to be SnapChat friends?

I also have a Twitter now! Does anyone know of good accounts to follow? Right now it seems really lame...

A question for people with passive abilities! How do you manage them? Do you have any control of them? If you do, did you always or did you have to work at it?

That's everything! Thank you.

((ooc: just assume the social media names he uses are whatever name they are in this world! :|b))
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[ Max is linefacing pretty hard at the camera, and his house is covered with water (hopefully??) and broken shards of porcelain.

He holds up his baseball bat and slings it over his shoulder. ]

So as long as the most essential of technologies has turned against us, whoooo wants to go camping?
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[Ah, when was the last time he posted to this thing- it feels like ages, though it's only been a month or so, how interesting, time does fly here despite being dreadfully idle during a majority of it. And if he recalls, he wasn't even playing 'himself' really in his last message here, more just to pass the time. Of course this new post he plans will be nothing but nonsense--

or seem it anyway.]

[You can tell a lot about someone by what they have to say after all, especially during games.]

[The video shows what appear to be legs and feet. The camera stares down the legs of his white harem pants and shows his feet, crossed at the ankles up on some chair beside him, in atlantic blue high heels. Hisoka seems to be at some cafe, there's a rather pink looking tea cup at his side on a table.]

Let's play a game, shall we? I'm sure many of us looking at the network for now have nothing better to do. Have you ever played 'Would You Rather?' It relies on creativity and a degree of forethought. [And can be a lot more indepth and profound than one might think. Or so he hopes it will be.]

You create two situations and ask which someone would prefer. Shall I start? Perhaps something simple to get our feet wet.

[His legs uncross, and cross in the opposite way, a hand with bright, long, clawed nails appears and picks up the cup for a moment before setting it back down.]

Would you rather- to lose a hand forever or a foot forever?


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