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[Standing, somewhere- high up? Probably on a building. A nice, drastic slight upwards angle, not that he needs to be given the extra height for intimidation's sake. And he's holding what appears to be a whip, in both hands, held tight between them.]

Registered imPorts! I am Gamagori Ira, and this is official imPort business!

We are all aware of our rights here, aware of the dos and don'ts as far as that's concerned, and talk of how we feel by that should be left to another time. [Referring to most of the topics on the network here, which seem to be around that main concern. But this is BUSINESS, and the network is very useful in getting people's attention-

Not that he need helps. With Gamagori's power Attention!, your character might find it really hard not to focus on what he's saying, as if compelled to do so.]

But as registered imports we have made an agreement and must follow through!

I speak of course, about the monorail and the footage shown to us of it's destructors! [Flings his hand out, pointing, body turning and using his other hand to to firmly crack the whip he was holding, it sounds out loud over the network.] Do you hear me, lawbreakers?! Offenders to society and ORDER! We will find you if your morality does not lead you to succumb to justice first! Step forward or feel the sting of something more painful than any whip. True sting and pain of punishment awaits you should you hide like rats!

Registered imPorts, I trust your eyes are peeled, and if you have any information, or a means to get it, now is the time to let it be known!

And to those of you who aren't useful as far as information's concerned, do not fret, the city still needs plenty of help with cleanup after the sabotage. You are expected to assist and I suggest you do so immediately!
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Hello, this is Armin Arlert. I've met one or two of you already, but I'm new to this place. This is my first attempt at making a post, so bear with me.

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who's made very informative and interesting posts recently. There is a lot here to understand and adjust to, and I appreciate the effort it must take to compile that sort of knowledge.

I have a few questions.

1. This might seem like an obvious distinction, but is there an actual difference between men and women's soaps and such? I purchased some items and the clerk asked if I was shopping for my girlfriend. I don't really care one way or another, but I'm curious.

2. I am attending high school, and several people have asked me if I'd be interested in joining their club or sports team. Is participating in extracurricular generally beneficial to my entire education experience, and if so, are there any groups which are superior?

3. On a similar note, I am making a list of suggested reading materials to work on over the summer while I am not in school. I would appreciate any suggestions, particularly of books that would offer good insight into America and living here, or that you enjoyed growing up. I'm also at a loss where to begin when it comes to choosing what music to listen to, which is apparently a large factor in the forming of youth sub-groups and identity. What bands and singers do you like?

4. I sometimes feel as though we are under constant scrutiny here. Maybe I'm just not used to this much attention. How are you holding up?
[This, of course, is the most important question: Armin doesn't want to ask outright hey is anyone else being followed?]

Thank you for your time and patience at this overly long message. I hope my next one will be better.


May. 13th, 2014 12:45 pm
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[The silence of Matt's office on Tuesday morning was a relief for Kate. It gave her time to think, to sort out her thoughts, and try to figure out where to go next. Given everything (given Miami and Nonah), it's difficult to figure out where to begin. But she has to begin somewhere ... and provide at least one announcement of her own.]

Hi, it's Kate again. I guess you can all see that, and don't get me confused with our other fabulous Kate. I couldn't do red hair if I tried it, and I especially couldn't work it the way she does.

I wouldn't do this as a textual communication, but there are a few things of note to cover! From my perspective, one of these is self-interested, but the rest of it is hopefully of interest to you.

First, I've joined with Matt Murdock at his firm as a secretary. It's grueling work. Very grueling. I sharpen pencils at least three times a day. But if you missed his wonderful message, we're two unregistered individuals making it in this world, and we haven't received any penalty.
[The "yet" is typed and then backspaced. It's only typed and backspaced for her own benefit. She likes seeing it.]

The other half of my duties will be as a private detective. I intend to use the ability granted to me by the porter—psychometry—to advance my investigations, but only when needed. I'm offering my services to people here, but I'll be conducting my own investigations when they come up. Some of you can guess why. [She is still a superhero, anyway.]

The rest of the information is relevant to circumstances that have passed. Kanaya made a very good point, but I think we also need to be aware of the government's involvement in everything. I've been skirting around it, but I'll be more straight forward now.

1. Captain Holiday told me that the freedom and rights that we have offered to us are far more than we're supposed to be getting. We're lucky, and he's looking out for us. I'll grant him that, but that means there are people in the government who disagree with this decision, and if he was removed from his position, we'd be seeing a very different tune. I wouldn't be surprised if we are in certain areas.

2. However, Captain Holiday also lied to me when I asked about the porter. To clarify, he said they never had control over the porter, when evidence in this world's history books say something entirely different. While they had control over it before, they no longer do—or so he says. I don't know how much of his information is informed by our public communication, but he claims that Lachesis synced up with the porter prior to the first string of imPorts' arrivals. When that happened, they lost control of the porter.

These combined facts make me think they do lack control of the porter.

3. We're only given information on a need-to-know basis, but that's a given.

4. Attacks aside, I'm still left wondering why they want us to go to Mars. Go ahead with your conspiracy theories, because I've definitely thought of all of them. None of them are all that great.

5. The government does have a way to track us if we leave the country. I think we can all put two and two together on how much of our activity they can keep an eye on at any given moment.

6. There is a Homeland Security here because of the Cold War between ourselves and Russia.

I'm not saying that the government is behind the attacks. I think that wouldn't be very smart of them, and it'd be a risky decision. We imPorts aren't coming out looking rosy after them, because we look like a threat to their people. They could easily cut their ties to us if they wanted, and they haven't yet. I think that's something we have to consider as a future possibility, but no time soon.

That said, in reference to Kanaya's message, the government did have Eden East put on a great party for all of us, and there were several strange things that came out of that. The disease, the room that started to feel like it was fire, and the bird that attacked us all. That was a government sanctioned event, and not everything appeared to be a threat from an external source.

I do think we're in a position where we need to line up the acts to find answers, so this is the information I've found. I'm eager to welcome more information from all ends. I think we've all had very different experiences so far.

Thanks, and as always, feel free to ask questions.


May. 12th, 2014 11:16 am
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Okay. What the hell is going on? First the explosion and then robot sharks? And now the government's doing the whole not telling us shit thing.

Look at this bullshit.

[she puts up an image of one of the mechanical sharks (blurred due to motion) about to pounce on a swimmer.]

Who blew up the train and who's sending sharks to Miami?! [you know. just in case mechanical sharks in Miami isn't ridiculous enough]

001 [Video]

May. 9th, 2014 03:43 pm
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[What initially looks like a pink version of Iron Man is addressing the network, although he has enough sense to lift his face plate when introducing himself to strangers.

The confidence with which he carries himself, along with the polite/neutral mask he wears, both suggest that the man is at ease with broadcasting his image for anyone tuning in. However, someone more observant might detect an oddly brittle look in his green eyes.]

Hi. My name is Barnaby Brooks Jr. I'm currently trying to confirm the status of a man who goes by the name of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi. He's middle-aged, wears a distinct beard, and is of Japanese descent.

[This is where he might have made some vaguely smart-ass comment disguised as legitimate concern about property damage, but the anxiety gnawing at him keeps him laser-focused on the task at hand.]

If you've seen a gentleman who fits this description, I would appreciate any information you might have. [He almost mentions the fact Kotetsu was injured the last time he saw him, but for the sake of being cautious, he decides not to expose a potential vulnerability just yet.

The most important question asked, he nearly ends the feed, but stops himself. A beat of silence, and then he dryly adds:]

Also, since my current outfit doesn't do much for letting me blend in, I'd be grateful if anyone can recommend a skilled tailor or a good place to purchase a new wardrobe.

[It's not the sort of thing he'd typically ask right off the bat, but he's so taxed emotionally and mentally that he's decided to free up as much brain space as possible by deferring smaller matters like clothes to people who know the area better than him.]

Thank you for your time.
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[It's been a few days since Ryan's arrived in Heropa, and after the weekend in Nonah he's come to realize that he's actually not going anywhere anytime soon. He's actually a hero…like…with real powers. The whole thing's bizarre, but when the video pops on anyone watching will just see a blonde teenager with a newsboy cap firmly planted on his head sitting on the floor of his room at Residence #004, despite the fact he should possibly be in school right now. Whatever. He'll figure it out later.]

So I have a question. What if I don't want one of my powers? I can talk to someone about making an exchange, right? What if I want to trade out one of them for something less…[He just makes a vague hand gesture. He's not sure he feels like disclosing that his powers freak him out a little.] Like…like, I don't know, flying? Or…shooting lasers from my eyes? Something?

[There's a sheepish smile accompanying the sentence.] Okay, so I don't really know a lot about this whole hero thing. It's one thing to play pretend on stage my whole life, but this? I don't even know where to start. [A lull of silence follows as Ryan thinks of how to continue, but he seemingly grasps onto a totally other thought just then.]

Oh! But hey, speaking of, who can I talk to about getting a wireless microphone? I've got something I want to try.


May. 5th, 2014 03:59 pm
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[Judging by her appearance alone, Hawkeye has clearly seen better days. Face stern with concentration, a small frown pulls her mouth in what seems to be its habitual expression. Her long blonde hair is loose, streaked with dirt and blood, as is the jacket she has buttoned up as far as it will go. Traces still cling to the curve of her cheek, but the bandages at her throat are clean.]

Is it...?

[She brings the communicator slightly closer to her mouth as she would a typical radio, her straight shoulders settling even straighter. Her tone, like her expression, is brusque, business-like, tightly controlled. Any personal emotion about situation is undetectable; this is a soldier speaking, through and through.] This broadcast is intended for any Amestrian military personnel. This is Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye speaking, aide to Fuhrer Bradley, calling to any Central and Northern units present--please report.

To anyone else who may be listening--I am seeking immediate information on the conditions and whereabouts of the following: Master Sergeant Kain Fuery, Second Lieutenant Vato Falman, Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda, Lieutenant Rebecca Catalina, Colonel Roy Mustang, Major General Olivier Armstrong, Fuhrer King Bradley. They may be injured or otherwise incapacitated. I would be grateful for any information that is provided.

[Business done, she doesn't linger. The camera turns away and is quickly switched off.]
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[The video feed turns on with Athena's face right in the camera. She taps the screen a few times with a gloved hand, glaring, before she pulls away from the camera. The necklace around her neck is glowing bright red.]

Is anyone there?

I have a little more to say to whoever's going around abducting people into your sinister conspiracy. You can't just kidnap people and give them tattoos and tell them to work for you without asking first! What if I had left the stove on?

And another thing! Research librarian? Does this look like a librarian's -

[At this point, punctuating her words, she pokes her lapel where a badge is pinned, but apparently manages to poke herself hard enough to knock herself off balance and drop the communicator.

It's about five minutes later when it turns back on, and she seems to have completely changed her attitude, or at least is no longer glaring into the camera, nor does she seem at all embarrassed about what just happened.]

Right, so, as I was saying! It's really inconsiderate. Anyway...

[She flashes a grin at the camera.]

Who's actually at the other end of this thing? I have to admit, I'm pretty curious. We should meet up and compare notes, and maybe someone could show me around? I've never been in this part of the country before. I also have a few questions about this incredibly ominous situation, but first things first! Those can probably wait until I get settled.

And it's Athena Cykes, by the way. Nice to meet you!
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[There's a bit of rustling at first as he adjusts the phone, but then once he is sure video works, Chad's voice actually comes through very clear and is accompanied by an easy-going smile on his face. He's sitting on the bed in his room in residence #033, balancing a basketball with one hand, because his priorities mean that he hasn't yet figured most things out or even bothered to read up on a lot of what's available, but he's gotten a basketball. What a great hero.]

I kinda grew up reading superhero comics and all, so actually getting to be one is pretty cool in theory. A heads up would have been nice, but at least I didn't have to have my own tragic origin story, that's cool.

But the real problem here is and there's no way to word this well... How do I keep my underwear from ripping, smoking or, y'know, actually bursting into flames? Not that it's done so just yet, but my girlfriend's good at physics. I know what friction can do.

[There really was no way to word this well. However, Chad has definitely found the worst way to word it. Especially since he forgets mentioning that he is asking because one of his power is superspeed. Oops.]

[ooc: If anyone living at #033 wants to be annoyed at the noise he makes throwing his ball around, feel free!]
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[The voice on the Network is deep, forceful, and thoroughly unamused.]

You know, I've thought about getting a tattoo before. This thing on my wrist? It’s not exactly what I had in mind.

I'm Jacob Taylor. I'm looking for some answers. They’re telling me that I'm in a different universe, and I've traveled through time. Apparently I've been drafted, too.

[Jacob pauses, snorts.]

This is all bullshit, right? The kind of tech they're talking about shouldn't even exist, especially not in the 21st century. And I'm not fighting for a government I don’t believe in or belong to. I'm no mercenary.

If anybody wants to help fill the new guy in, I'd appreciate it. I'm not swearing any oaths until I get more information.
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[The video starts up focused on the asphalt for a moment before a hand covers the camera and settles the comm down so it's kind of posed as some hipsterish angle to show a relatively thin guy with long and dark wavy hair. The way he's dressed could probably pass for hipster, complete with some stupid hat and dark sunglasses. He's seated on the curb, probably right outside the imPort residences. He lights up a cigarette before he starts talking.]

You ever have a really fucked up dream and then wake up to go “That was really fucked up”? Yeah? Well, that's what I thought was going on here but I'm not waking up. For a moment I thought I was losing my mind but nope, this is very much my new reality.

[He pauses, taking a drag from his cigarette before slowly letting it out.]

But, no, that's cool. Just drag some unknown from another world here and ask them to be a hero. [He lets out an amused scoff.] I'm no hero but the perks seem to be worth it, right?

Although, I gotta ask, was there not a better city to do this kinda shit out of? Who the hell enjoys this much sun and the heat, God, the fucking heat. I thought superheroes did their thing out of cities like New York and L.A. Guess the comics got it wrong. [He shrugs as he takes another drag.]

Anyway, I'm Cy and I gotta know if there's any actual heroes here. Or, at the least, some kinda ratio of heroes to random folk dragged across time and space.

Thanks in advance. [He flashes a little smile before reaching down to turn off his comm.

Anyone at residence #033 is welcome to come out and see what this guy is doing in the front lawn if he doesn't come in first.


Apr. 29th, 2014 01:09 am
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[Not this shit again.

A few might recognize the face on the screen, or at the least, the almost-eastern-european-but-not-quite accent and rare foreign word. Kang is clearly annoyed, obvious in both his expression and tone of voice. Luckily, he has also been provided with one set of clothing that fits his 6'4" human body.

To those I haven't met before, my name is Kang.

This makes twice I've been yanked from my world and tossed into a new one without being asked. I'm not sure what the hell happened while I was gone; I seem to have the same powers, but everything is different, including the overall attitude towards ImPorts - particularly towards non-humans like me. It doesn't make me feel much better about the situation, though.

[He mutters a curse, and his expression turns slightly hopeful.]

Is anyone else I know here? Or any others from Krynn?

[Kenzi, Gil, Xanatos, Monica, Kate?

...Khisanth, Aurican, Crucible?

[Note: He is in residence #033. Roommates are free to wander in and find him!]
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[Buckle in, folks. Edgeworth's got a long agenda today, if the paper in front of him is any indication.

A few items of business.

First, the criminal calling himself Lucifer is still at large. If you encounter him, do not approach him. Instead, notify the authorities. He is to be considered extremely dangerous; if you engage him, you do so at your own peril and very likely death. Again, if you see him, report as much to the authorities, but do not engage.

[And with that grim warning out of the way - ]

Second, if anyone has either been given the power to influence thoughts, behaviors, and memories, or had such a power at home, please kindly speak to me. There's a puzzle I could use a bit of help on, and would appreciate it if you would consult.

Now. I also have a bit of a request - and I am perfectly aware of my phenomenal hypocrisy in making this request, since I should be the first one to follow my own advice. Still, please hear me out, and feel free to mock at me heartily afterwards.

As a prosecutor, I see a great many cases in which people have been murdered or injured because of an altercation stemming from an unkind word. I would not at any moment blame those who give insult for their own deaths; no; the fault lies squarely with the person who would take someone else's life. Yet at the same time, a loss of life could have been avoided if both people had just taken the time to be civil.

This is what I want to beg of all of you: be civil. It seems as though every day, people begin arguing viciously on the network. Every day, someone undertakes to be unkind for no reason other than to be unkind. And I truly do understand: all of us here are frightened, and homesick, and angry, and lonely. All of us want to revenge the wrong that's been done to us, and we so often turn to the nearest target to do so, and the nearest target is so often one another.

But it costs nothing to be kind to one another. There is no disadvantage in decency. We're all here in the same circumstances; we're under equal pressure; and none of us, with very few exceptions, want to see suffering or unhappiness amongst those around us. We're all just trying to get along - and we can all get along a bit better if we spare fewer unkind words for one another.

There are few things I can think of that would be worse than seeing your files cross my desk. I don't want to prosecute anyone's murder. And so I beg of you, first: please stay safe and cautious. And I beg of you second: be kind to your fellows, and try to promote harmony, so that there are no tragedies that come when the wrong person loses control.

Thank you all very much for your attention. Remember, if you ever feel unsafe or like you need help, call the authorities or a friend here on the network. We all just want to help one another.
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[ There's a few things flashing through Tate's mind as he records--none of it good, but his face doesn't show that. Instead, it's a gentle lift of his lips in an odd, almost hesitant smile. If he's playing the suburban is fit he might as well act the part. Luckily, it doesn't require much--the dazed confusion is genuine, at least. ] We're being tracked, aren't we?

[ He doesn't like it, and that much is evident in his tone--but it's surprisingly even, and he leans back, huffing bangs out of his eyes. ] Still bullshit. Where I'm from the worst thing you have to worry about is whether or not you're popular in high school.

[ And again, a lie, but Tate settles for glancing down and picking at an imaginary thread in his jeans. This isn't the house and that suits him fine. What he still finds strange is that he can leave. He's free to roam the world, and leave when he can, and he falls silent for a few moments. ]

I'd like to go to a beach. We're in Florida, so--that should be pretty damn simple. [ Shrug. ] Which one is the quietest? Though I guess it'll ruin the purpose of being a quiet beach if you tell me. Moderately quiet, then? [ It sounds stupid coming from his mouth, but he sighs. ]

Library would be nice, too.
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[ There's a beat of empty feed. She hesitates before starting, voice a little quivery. ]

Um. Hi. Hey. I'm Laurie. I'm, uh... I'm new. I can't really think of anything to say, but I thought I should say something, even if it's just 'hello.' So... There you go. I already said it, didn't I? Two or three times.

Yeah. So. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I mean, I know it does happen, but it usually happens to the X-men, or the Avengers, or... Not anybody like me. And usually when it happens, there's some sort of immediate crisis to take care of. At least, that's how it sounds. Here, though...

I'm supposed to sell perfume? And go to school. So I guess this is a pretty laid-back inter-dimensional kidnapping situation. I don't get it. I don't-- It's weird.

[ There's a pause. It seems, for a moment, that she might have just walked off and left the feed running. However, she quietly adds. ]

... My mom's going to freak out.


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