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[ It's dark -- mostly because it's late, but there aren't an excess of lights on, either -- though Reggie's face is faintly illuminated by the light of his communicator screen and also something off-screen that might be a TV or bedside light. Either way, he's recognizable enough, and though he's smirking faintly his expression is otherwise somewhat blank.

He's been staying out of most of the current drama as best as any survival-oriented, cowardly narcissist can, which is pretty damn well. All things considered. Basically he hasn't been leaving the house if he can avoid it, for which has his reasons.

So, all right. Hear me out. Anyone else ever noticed how once you're here, you have to just start believin' in everything? Like that any kinda crap is possible and you just gotta get used to it... after a while you don't even have to think about it anymore. [ Which is, you know, nice. In his opinion. ] Nice thing about that is not having to worry so much about whatever happens, I think. No matter how bad things have gotten here, it's never been the end of the world.

... Well, not yet. [ And his brow crinkles at that, but only briefly. ] Kinda makes you think, huh? Like what's the best way to take advantage of being stuck in some world that actually takes okay care of us? Don't even bother arguing with me about that part, it's true and everyone oughta know it. We get a lot of free, fake time to kill being here, so I say it should be obvious: we can do whatever we can't do back where we came from. Anyway, what I actually wanna know is--

Anyone here made a bucket list yet?
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Outrage aside
I'm a soldier back home. Special ops
Anyone in Heropa wants help learning how to fight let me know

[A video feed switches on for a moment just to give a view of a rather imposing man, shaved head and dark humorless eyes, wearing some sort of white and black body armor from the neck down. Somehow you can tell he's a big man even from this close cropped viewpoint.]

See me in the training facility, you can ask
[Anyone who uses the facilities in Heropa may have seen him there before, he goes pretty frequently these days.]
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[The feed's gonna first cut in with the image of the sky--it's a beautiful day, and there's enough big fluffy clouds to give some shade cover in most places. Otherwise it's burning hot. There won't be a face on the video, at first, it's instead going to curve down to a swimming pool, alongside what looks like a Hotel. There are kids playing in it, and a few adults hanging around outside on the pool floor, as well.]

Man, if there's one thing you don't ever see in Tokyo, it's stuff like this. I mean, we get real nice days, sure. And if you go out into the country, you can go swimming, too. But an outdoor swimming pool? [The camera pans up, and it finally shows the image of a sunflower-haired teen, a squinty smile that beams sunshine perhaps just as bright as the sun itself. ...He's holding the phone up-side-down, so he is, too. Sorry.]

Saw what I think was an alligator in a pond, yesterday, too. Just chillin', people walking by it like it was no big deal.

Talk about your strange things and weird surroundings. Really makes you miss home, in some ways.
Or maybe it makes home seem boring.

[He'll finally right the camera; a grin still plastered on his face.]

Unless this sort of place is normal life for you guys. Was your home like this? Or was it way different? I'm a little curious to know--I can't be the only one feelin' a little outta place sometimes, Can I?
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Is hurting someone the only way of getting the job done? Wolverine said pain goes around -- it's a circle. If you protect others, you have to take on their pain to protect them . . .

but is that the only way? I admit I am . . . scared. Of getting hurt. I fought a dragon and I was scared because . . . well for a lot of reasons.

But then the dragon died and people lived and that's a happy ending.

. . . Isn't it?

[010] VIDEO

May. 1st, 2015 08:15 pm
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[The sky is blue, the birds are singing- till they suddenly fly the hell off and out of the frame of the video once someone starts to yell. Gamagori is on screen, you're welcome. You might be familiar with him by now, either from various public announcements or events, or from his monthly patrols in all the ImPorts cities, usually ranging from 2 to 5 stories high.]

[Today he's showing up with someone else though, a looming smaller figure on the left, arms crossed. Blue hair, a white Goku Uniform in contrast to the gold and black one Gamagori always wears. They match, sort of? Inumuta remains quiet though as he stands beside him, for now, letting Gamagori speak.]

Gamagora Ira, Registered, Nonah ImPort Ambassador, and Inumuta Houka, Registered ImPort, both here now with a few announcements! Your attention please, Registered and unRegistered alike! This concerns all of you!

[Despite the volume, Inumuta seems completely unphased by it, standing at attention with his collar covering his mouth.]

[Gamagori takes a breath, moving to fold his arms behind him, chest out.]

First! Let me personally thank all those who assisted with last month's unfortunate events. Everyone that took part in assisting not only their peers but the civilians entangled in it deserve acknowledgement! Not everyone was prepared for something so intense but let it show all those new to this world or those dismissing the possibilities that there will always be a conflict ready to strain our backs and wrack our minds! We must always be ready! Concerning this- I will continue within this announcement, I urge all of you to keep your attention here until then!!

But first, I will allow my team mate a word considering another finished project.

[Gamagori will then step aside, though of course still managing to take up a lot of the screen. At least he better opens it up for Inumuta to step forward and speak. With nothing near the same ostentation that Gamagori presents himself with, Inumuta rather plainly steps forward and adjusts his glasses with the tip of his middle finger.]

Hello. As Gamagori had announced a short while ago, I have been working on an A.I. program, which I've since dubbed the Automated imPort Response System. It's job will be that if anyone, Registered or not, has a question related to imPort events, past or present, it will be able to answer them to the best of it's abilities. However, as an always learning artificial intelligence, there are still a few things it doesn't understand yet, and so please report to me any strange responses it gives. Thank you.

[And with that, he steps back to where he had been before taking his turn to speak.]

Thank you, Inumuta. [Said with a small nod as Gamagori steps back up, clears his throat, and raises his head.] And with that, I will continue concerning our preparation as imPorts here.

As many of you are aware, I, Gamagori Ira, as well as both Ambassadors of Maurtia Falls and De Chima, was given the responsibility of writing a bill to be passed in my city! Only recently has this been passed. I have been given permission to oversee the planning and creation of an ImPort Training Facility!

For those of you looking to sharpen your skills and learn to better discipline your powers and abilities! Or those merely wishing to handle their every day life with what the Porter has granted them and have no interest in pursuing the goals of a hero, this facility is open to you, Registered and Unsettled alike!

The creation of this facility is completely funded but will be accepting further funding to support the grande array of powers it should contain. Anyone with the interest and ability in planning, constructing, and managing this facility, make yourselves known! This is to be a structure able to withstand shifts in mass, elemental properties, changes in speed and exceptional feats of strength, among the many other abilities we've been given. Rooms designed to train in various situations for individuals or groups alike, a medical wing for those in need of such attention and those with the desire to learn it for themselves! Complete with a training program for all imPorts wanting to teach or to learn from others with abilities like their own!

Finally we will have a place to spar and train away from the possibility of harming others!

[He's really getting worked up about this... Gamagori just loves discipline though, gosh, and a facility for training? All aboouut discipline. But he'll take a breath, closing his eyes for a moment before continuing.]

A project like this will take time and effort, and we have been given allowance to not only create it as we see fit, but to control it ourselves. This Training Facility will be optional to imPorts, so if you have no interest in taking part or even using it in the future, dont. But to anyone able to assist in it's creation, or wishing to help manage it when it has been finished, I, as well as Inumuta Houka are open to questions.

Concerning the Tutoring Program, there will be an Application Process, if you have an interest in taking part as a tutor or will be looking for a tutor once the Facility is opened, please see to filling one out. I will begin going over them in the future, so if you don't get a response soon after, wait.

On a final note- LOCATION. [A breath, frowning a bit as he raises his head.]

Due to the SIZE this building may be once finished, it's location will not be in Nonah! So I ask you for your ideas on the best place to raise this project! Considering how far it may be, there will also be need for a group of individuals willing to work on a fast transit system, like the Porters even, that will assist imPorts in going to and from what location we choose.

Thank you for listening. [Not that you really have a choice since that power of his makes you listen...] We will now open our time up to questions, comments, and ideas, should you have anything else that may be a good addition to this project.
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[He sounds tired, like he's been up all night and then some. In the background Sakamoto can be heard nervously talking.]

It's prolly no surprise t'anyone this thing got to Maurtia Falls. My roommate came home sick, dunno where he's been.

To any of the other residents of 004: If ya missed it so far...don't come home. I can't...

[Sakamoto's voice momentarily raises, "We're fine! It's just our imagination, isn't it!?" and the sound of a chair scraping the floor closer to the mic.]

Would ya shut up!? This is yer fault I'm here!

[Heiji sighs heavily.]

M'sorry. Just...stay away 'til this is figured out.
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[After Harry settles as best as he can into the housing he's been provided, he spends a long amount of time observing the Network before using it himself. Earlier, he got a lay of the land, now he needs to take stock of the community. It's as diverse and overly candid as any social media from home, though with more encryption possibilities that he takes careful note of.

It's time to put a cover in place, just like any other day, and Harry decides his domestic one will be best: The closest to his true self without anything compromising, though he's felt as compromised as a man can get since his arrival. His voice is polite and measured when he finally starts recording.]

Pardon me if a voice post is a bit forward for a new arrival. This sort of technology has never been my strong suit. My name is Harry Hart. I can't claim to really understand what's going on, despite all the supplemental material that's been provided-- [There's the faintest huff of exasperation, which is entirely genuine. Few things annoy him more than red tape, and he has no intention of keeping that secret.]

Regardless, I'll be happy to offer my services to the community at large. Unfortunately, that only comes in the form of tailoring. I don't have all of my equipment from back home, obviously, but I can manage basic alterations, simple patch ups. Hopefully I can work with the government on setting up shop more extensively, but you're welcome to contact me regarding any of your sartorial needs.

I can't say the military will find much use for this either, though they do make quick work of asking for unflinching loyalty, don't they?

[He ends the transmission on that little note of skepticism, casting out hooks for any answers he can get.]
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Okay, so this superhero gig? Best. Thing. Ever!

[Each word is accompanied by animated hand gestures and unnecessary head bobbing. Better get used to it.]

Yo, this is frickin’ awesome! I mean, I wanted to defend the law and all, but this? This is better than all the wet dreams I’ve ever had! And, phew! I’ve had some great ones. Madonna? She may be old, but that chick can get it.

[Why is he gesturing to the viewer like he won an Oscar or something? What the hell is his problem?]

Some guys wouldn’t be caught dead walking around in spandex and a pair of tighty-whities, but… You can’t deny that this bodacious badonkadonk-

[Asher sets the device on the table in front of him, doing a twirl for the camera. Oh god, is that a booty pop? It is. Someone stop this man.]

Would look great in a supersuit.
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[Kon had already been here for a day or two and had been made aware of the drama he’d missed from the month before. Sounded like it was intense.]

So this kind of thing isn't exactly the worst to happen to me but it’s still up there on the scale of weird stuff to happen.

[Being kidnapped by a government who had a file on him with his secret ID and list of powers? Not creepy at all. He had to wonder how they got that information and how they actually got him here. He didn't have the time to ask any of the questions he wanted before being whisked away.]

Name's Superboy and uh, just so I know how screwed I am, what’s the longest someone’s been here? Outta the people that were brought in I mean.
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[ ID: Dominique Destine

There is a soft female voice. If she didn’t sound so amused, it’d be easy to tell she is incredibly pissed due to the current circumstances ]

Do tell me, are you actually helping this world and its war? I am sure all of you are dying [ she loves to use this word when addressing to humans ] to show everyone and yourself how heroic you can be, but let's be practical, shall we? You owe this place nothing. To fight for them, without even listening to the opponent's side, seems awful narrow-minded, doesn't it? [ no surprise, humans love an excuse for war ]

Regardless, we are here and there isn't much we can do, according to the military. I'm afraid I'm not so inclined to trust them blindly though, neither willing to offer my skills to them.

I much more interested in helping fellow imPorts, as long they are not directly related to the military. Said this, I'm a scientist and my focus is bioengineering. [ sort... of ] And few other things. [ like weaponry. Using it, at least. ANYWAY. ] If anyone would be interested, I'm very willing to give you a hand.

001; video

Apr. 11th, 2015 09:02 pm
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Hello? Come in, come in! Aah, here we go. [ this is not the face you want to see this early in the morning. no, it's not. ]

Good morning, friends and coworkers and beautiful women! My name is Sakamoto Tatsuma, I am twenty- [ the exact number is fudged, concealed behind a thick spat of "coughing" and lies. ] years old but still young at heart.

I enjoy long walks on the ship-deck, long days on the beach, and longer nights at Snack Smile Cabaret. I can, of course, offer you an even longer night elsewhere. [ he wiggles his brow in a way that's meant to be salacious. it isn't. ] For a price.

My favourite colour is mon- [ money? was he about to say money? that's another suspicious "cough". ] you. My fav-our-ite food can be you too! Just call for Sakamossan, and keep your credit cards on hand!

[ winkwonk. he even makes a bizarre shape with his hands, something meant, at the core, to be a heart. ]

I can't wait to talk to you, and remember. Don't tell Mutsu. [ he says it with such casual desperation. how could you let that down? ]
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( Hay kids. It's that one loser, looking considerably cleaner, better fed and more relaxed than her first post. Part of it's pretence and part of it is being better fed, but whatever.

Today, Tara's posture is a lazy slouch against the side of her sofa, bottle of beer in hand. )

Okay, so-- possibly a personal question. How many of you dudes are from worlds where everything's kinda gone to Hell? Apocalypse-style, y'know? Like, uh, I dunno. Everyone simultaneously woke up with Donald Trump hair, or meteors hit, or there's an undead shit-storm unfolding outside.

( A casual shrug. Seems like it might be less crazy a thing here than she thought. )

And, part two: what's the best thing about the world ending? 'Cause, I mean, I kinda miss living off ramen and canned stuff being a win instead of a basis for judgment.

( Hmm. Tara takes a swig of her beer. Maybe she is a bit less okay then she seems, but that's basically what her life is all about. )

Gotta find the bright side, right?
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[Illumi understands the device well enough to use it without any serious fumbling. It's similar to the phones they have at home, so his face isn't too near or far from the speaker when at last he decides to post to the network. He's altered his voice as much as he can and video has been turned off. Precautions while he settles in.]

I'm looking for someone who knows how this network works.

[He wants to be able to comment and contact others anonymously, but hacking was always Milluki's forte. Seeking out aid over this network reminds him of websites only available to pro Hunters. The worlds don't vary that much, do they?]

There are a few things I would like to do here.

[And whoever responds to the ad will teach him or he'll find a less comfortable use for them.]

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be waiting at the public library in De Chima. Send me a message if you'll be coming.

[All very simple and politely said with mild jittering noises in the background. He's done up as Gittarackur entirely, after all. Doesn't want to be caught if someone out there has the power to turn on his device's camera without his permission.

Plus, it's more fun this way.]

Ah. I'll buy you a drink for your help.

[People like drinks! Right? Damn, he's good at peopling.]


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