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[Up on the screen is a young man with too many freckles on his face to count. He's from a time long ago, but he's grown accustomed to wearing modern clothes, with a simple red t-shirt on. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the large black dragon that rolls about on the grass behind him.]

Uh, hi there! I'm Hiccup. Some of you might know me if — well, if you're all even still here. From what I've figured out, I came here earlier this year, but uh, some sort of glitch happened and I got kind of stuck or ... something like that. Basically, I kind of left for a few months and was just kind of curious what's actually happened since I left. I mean, last I saw, there was a giant dragon wrecking things so, uh, things were kind of crazy. But I guess that was a while back now.

[He sighs deeply, recalling that, shaking his head.] If you knew me before, I'm sort of the "dragon guy" or whatever, so if someone can tell me what happened, that'd be great. I'm ... really hoping to clear up any anti-dragon views around here. Because they're not all bad! Really. It's — it's complicated, but I promise you that. But, uh, I guess that's that. Thanks.

[With an attempted smile, more sheepish than anything, the feed goes off.]
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Wow, uh. America sure does love explosions. Is this holiday always like that?

[4th of July apparently involves lots of them. Yikes.]

Anyway. Hey, imPort network, or whatever you call this, I'm Ludger. I haven't been here long, but it's come to my attention that some people here are either lacking in the kitchen skills department, or want to expand on what they already know.

Is there a cooking club formed somewhere already? Because if there isn't, I'd like to start one. Nothing really official, just an open door policy for lessons, recipe-sharing, or food-lovers in general. I've never done this before, so I might have to make it up as I go...

Would anybody be interested? And if you are, when would be a good day? I'm happy to host it at my place, but my schedule's pretty open, so. Let me know.

[Tossing the breadcrumbs to the wind. Come forth, hungry ducks!]
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[ For once Bucky isn't looking smug or even raving mad. This is kind of a new look for him. He's thoughtful, maybe even resigned. ]

So, uh, I was looking through my contacts and 'becca's not listed anymore. Rikki I guess most people called her. That means... she's gone right? Back home?

Do any of you know the last time you talked with her? A date? Ballpark it if you can.
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Some of you will have just received notice, as I have, that Unsettled imPorts will now be subjected to new restrictions and requirements. Since I doubt it is in the government's plans to explain the ramifications and implications of what they've just done, I've decided to take it upon myself, so that everyone understands exactly where we stand and what this might mean. So, to start: my name is Matt Murdock. I've been an attorney in both New York and California for nearly fifteen years, primarily a criminal defense attorney, with a fair amount of experience in cases dealing with what we could call "superpowers." I've been here well over a year now, practicing in Heropa, Florida, long enough to start to see how things work, and where the flaws in the system are.

An opening argument )

See here for legal argument about the mandatory health exam issue )

See here for searches )

This is a closing argument )

This is like a bibilography...for RP )


Jun. 20th, 2015 05:45 pm
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Because the universe has piled us into this place, where things just happen, usually when you're trying to deal with all kinds of other things that just happened, piled on top of a sundae of people you love getting afflicted with stuff and people you like disappearing, which is of course topped with the Big Brother is watching you cherry, I would really like to suggest some kind of 4th of July cookout.

And you know it's bad when I am suggesting a 4th of July cookout. But whatever, if it rains I'll work up some spell to move it around or someone who can manipulate weather, if they want to help, they can do that, and we can get a big projector somehow and play really classic old movies from the thirties or something and I'll....make fireworks. Plus food.

I'm just starting to find this all oppressively oppressive and I'm not person, I guess, but I figure this is probably easy enough, right?

If I'm wrong don't correct me.
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It's been a while, but I suppose I'm curious—and it's hard to do much for curiosity, once it's born, is there? Some feelings can't be snuffed out, once they exist, no matter how much you might wish for it.

[ The voice is that of a young woman, somewhere between late teens and early twenties, lower-middle pitch and a steady cadence. A little tired, perhaps a little bored, but not irritably so. ]

Darkness, Earth, Water, Light, Wind, or Flame.

Choose one, please. But, before you do, know that there's no right answer, or wrong answer, and there's no moral component to any of them. "Light" doesn't mean good; "darkness" doesn't mean evil. Only whichever suits you. Something a little trivial, perhaps, but I'd like to hear your answers.



Jun. 9th, 2015 07:09 pm
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[His ID currently reads Hulkling, and there's not much point being in audio to talk about something that's in a video clip, but he can't really deal with being visible right now. He hates drawing attention to himself, he's always preferred to be part of the group whenever possible. And yes, he knows this is going to draw possibly more attention. But he can't help wanting to apologise, even if intellectually he can understand it wasn't entirely his fault.

He also doesn't want people getting a look at the room he shares with his boyfriend. The room he hasn't left much for a couple of days.

When he talks, he sounds a little tired. Sleep hasn't been the easiest thing for him, the last couple of days.]

You know, one of the last things I said to anyone before the whole... random anger thing was that I wasn't usually subject to uncontrollable rage despite the name. Irony, huh?

[Although he isn't sounding very amused by it. Not the funny kind of irony, clearly.]

How do you get over knowing someone- something else got in your head and messed with your thoughts? Because if anyone has a suggestion, I'd like to hear it.

[He hesitates, and then adds-]

Sorry. Just give me another couple of days, I'll be fine.
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[ The alias attached to the entry reads only Scarlet Witch, no name given. The alias is a relic, a token from the old days when she and Pietro shouted revolution from the rooftops. After HYDRA, Wanda didn't think she had anything to fear anymore. No cell could hold her, no bullets could touch her. Together, she and Pietro were invincible. No one could hurt them again.

Then, she came here. ]

today i have learned that in america, a hero is someone who grows fat and lazy off the praises that are given to him, but he has not earned. for this, a hero will give away his freedom.

[ Though she does not fear as she once did, Wanda doesn't accept the tattoo on her wrist easily. Rather than being gunned down in the streets, the masses of "imPorts" allow themselves to be cataloged and controlled -- even those that profess to be unhappy with their enslavement. They say things like, "it could be worse," using that to justify their own slothfulness.

It could always be worse. That doesn't make it right. ]

where i am from, the avengers are so high in their tower that humans appear to them only as little ants. the complacency i see here is worse, i think.

where do i find a true hero?


May. 26th, 2015 04:17 pm
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[Kate actually knows she shouldn't do this. She knows she shouldn't, but she goes ahead and does it anyway.]

A year ago, I made a post on here. I talked about a different world, and I talked about a different registration act. In my world, good people who refused to register were assaulted, brought down, and meant to be delivered to a dangerous and terrible prison until they submitted. My friends and I were among the first to refuse to register, and we were lucky enough to be rescued. I never registered, and it turned out that everything associated with the act was ... bad.

For that reason, among others, I've refused to register here. We don't belong in this world, and our hands are being forced on the matter. The government has used us without divulging information openly, and they've even put us into psychological games. Just last April, everyone was asked to play a game. Did you feel like a rat in a cage? And last June, people were asked to play a war game without being told of the very real consequences: that with every shot, we'd feel what it was like to have a real bullet tearing into us. And at the end of the game, you either won or you experienced true death before you woke up.

[Her voice here intensifies in its anger.]

And now ... now, a year later, we're in another game. We're in the reality of that paintball game. See, it was imPort versus imPort, and here we are again. We're having our hands forced because even if we've been helping one another, and helping the citizens of the world, we should be brought in. None of the vigilantes I know kill. We all help, doing what we can, and it's the government who defines our behavior, and who decides that we should adhere to their laws. And why? Is there any reason that we should? We didn't consent to these tattoos. We've been going along with what they've wanted for ages.

So, this is what I'm asking the government to do. You have the list of vigilantes. Why don't you bring us in yourself? Why use other imPorts? You can capture us, right?

Because honestly, that's what I'd like to know. Obviously, you want something for this, so everyone, let's guess! Because it looks like they want a Civil War among us. I guess they really didn't think it through, even with cautionary tales already ready in their midst.

[When she cuts the feed, it switches to text, providing a link to her previous words on the matter. Cautionary tales are even sourced!]
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[ the camera clicks on to kanaya sitting behind the bar in the devil's nest, the only light in the room emanating from her skin, illuminating the bar and casting long shadows around her. hard to say whether she's having a late night or a very early morning, as she tends to do both.

there's something a bit off about her manner, a little lazy and limp, slouching a bit much for her generally prim posture. it's probably related to the glass of too red wine in front of her, the half-empty bottle of cabernet sauvignon next to the metal flask she seems to carry everywhere. her tone is quiet and pensive, putting a lot of effort into keeping her words coherent. it's an important topic she's discussing today.

So I think we can all recognize at this point that Earth is very fond of its holidays, but of the lot I think it's Mother's Day I find the most...challenging. On my worst days, I'd regard it with hostility, as if the very idea that motherhood is something to be celebrated is in itself obscene. But, that. That isn't right. My problem has always been that I've grown too bitter, it clouds the perspective. And even I have had the good fortune to know many lovely mothers, even if I wasn't able to become one myself.

[ her eyes have been lingering on her drink this whole time, swishing it around in a circle, but now she finally looks at the camera. ]

What I mean to say is isn't unlikely, or even uncommon, for others to have more pleasant associations with motherhood. Happier stories to share, enough to fill an entire day. So, I'd like to hear them, if you're willing. However big or small it may be, I'd just like something to paint the occasion in a more positive light.

[ operation archangel participants: feel free to action at her, if you're staying at the nest! ]
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[[ ooc; in case you haven't heard about mirrornet yet, it's basically just a secure network for imports alone to access. if your character is an import, they have access to reading and responding to this post. ty! ]]

hey. been busy a while. sorry.

[ coming back to himself with technology stitched into his skin, and the memories of possibly murdering a lot of people has been trying for him. he did a lot of retracing steps, trying to stay out of sight as he did. looking into hospital reports, news coverage. it took him a while, but he wanted to be absolutely certain he hadn't taken any lives. the wounds on palms, and his fingers, are still healing. he feels the sting every time his fingers move to type, and it's been driving him nuts lately. if he ever finds this guy, jaswinder singh, he's going to be at high risk of thomas turning him into a vegetable. maybe not exactly on purpose, but he hasn't had great self control at times. ]

wanted to put my info in on the hornet memories stuff. if anyone saw me in heropa last month... sorry.

[ he pauses for a long moment, not sure about what to say after that. really, there's nothing. there isn't an excuse for it, other than the fact it happened. that he couldn't resist it, and people were hurt because of him. ] sorry.

shank that screwed around with my brain was jaswinder singh. guy's shucked in the head. i got a few things from him you guys ought to know. some has to do with quisma.

1: it was from jaswinder's point of view, like all of them. there was blood and everything was dizzy and unfocused. he was sewing something into his skin, on his finger. razor blade and needle and thread. he was talking to himself, and said: "Crude. But these are desperate times. Stop the imPorts, save the world -- fate will forgive me doing her work."

2: he says "What did you say?" someone walks towards him, looking freaked out, hands raised. they say: "It was a very old tabloid article, though I can't say I would be surprised if it were true..." jaswinder: "Salvatore Quisma?" they all look at each other, seem like they're realizing something. singh says: "If Salvatore Quisma really did frame other officials, who's to say an imPort with that kind of power won't do it to another innocent person?"

3: jaswinder's pissed at someone nearby. he hisses: "Tell Alford to shut up about the Vanir already. He's confused. He doesn't know the first thing about what we're doing here, or what they--" he shakes his head, keeps going. "Someone's bound to get the wrong idea. We must walk separate paths. I will stamp out the misinformation in our swarm if it's the last thing I do."

that's it. i don't know how much we can really trust from a slinthead like this, but... i don't know. we need to figure out who the hell quisma really is before we try setting him loose. holiday needs to be helped, either way, but we need to be ready for what that might leave us with.

anyone else who got something on quisma out of this, i'd appreciate you chiming in.


[ after a moment, a second message is sent ]

welcome to the world, to this round of greenies, i guess. if you haven't seen it yet, go look at kate's faq. it'll answer some questions for you.

private video to teresa;

[ thomas looks pretty worn, and in a deep, unfun kind of thought. he pauses for a moment, lips parted but not speaking yet. considering what he's saying. ]

Hey. You mind if I come by?


Mar. 12th, 2015 08:37 pm
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Wow, hi. Okay. Hi. I'm Rachel Elizabeth Dare, I'm originally from Manhattan, and I'm new here.

[ yep, someone's definitely treating this like some kind of interview / Skype session - the screen is 60% wildcrazyred hair, 30% face, and 10% neck and shoulders. until she sits back a bit, but that doesn't change the percentages very much. there's a lot about this place that's going to take getting used to, but there's something(s) she needs to ask about pretty much right away ]

Does anyone else here have art-centric powers? Drawing related? Or, no. I mean, yes, I'm curious about that, but I'm just wondering if I got extremely lucky, or if everybody got matched with something they really love, too. Do artsy people get art powers, athletic people get ...sporty powers? I don't know. I'm just curious.

Calling all Seers of Fate too, if there are any. When I asked the woman, she made it sound like anything was possible, so I thought I'd ask. It'd be cool to meet another Seer, for sure.

-- Okay, I'm mostly interested to know if anyone else got a drawing power like my new one. I'd love to have somebody to practice with. It's actually a lot harder than it sounds. Unless there's some kind of training camp I can go to-? Anything. Let me know.

And, umm. Yeah! I guess that's about it. Can't wait to meet you all!

[ yes you're going to meet all of them, the whole city, every city, everyone ever. reach for the stars, Rachel ]
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[ The audio starts before video's established. Two voices are already talking in the background. One neutral and subdued and the other thick with a Jersey accent. ]

So you've got a call running--

Yeah, yeah, I'm not an idiot.

--But you've only got audio. There's video capability if you--

I know! I might be old to you but I'm--

[ The transmission is suddenly dropped. But it comes back in a few seconds. ]

--was the "End Call" button.

.......... Yeah, I see that. I mean I know! Maybe I just didn't like the connection.

[ Silence stretches for a moment before the more authoritative voice picks back up. ]

So, instead, hit this button--

I got it! I've got this! At ease, soldier! It's not that hard to figure out! Criminy...

[ Finally, video is activated and the viewer is given a wonderful view of a young man in the most unflattering uniform the Army could and has ever handed out. He's scowling at someone off camera, allegedly walking to the door now that his job as a handler is over with. ]

Yes, thank you! You do your country proud as an armored baby sitter.

[ There's one last screwed up look before he returns his attention back to his portable device. It's like something right out of a Flash Gordon movie. His face brightens for his new audience. ]

So. This again. [ He literally just got back from the future, guys. Can't these trips be staggered a little better, please? ] My own government plucks me from one war and into another. Doesn't seem like a very effective tactic, now does it? Not that that's any a'my business. Never is, but I gotta ask... Can't you fellas wipe your own asses? It's been, what, seventy years! Figured by now you'd have invented something to clean out all the nooks and crannies...
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[Teddy's taken Hulkling form for this one; if his team are here, and they're using their identities for some reason, it's probably for the best he does the same. He smiles at the camera, perfectly cheerfully, although it might look a little incongruous with his massive frame and green skin.]

Hey, just wondering if anyone's got any news on some friends of mine. I don't even know if they're here, but it's worth asking, right? So if you hear of anyone calling themselves the Young Avengers, could you let me know, please?

[He clears his throat, and his face falls a little, looking slightly awkward and much more anxious. He's obviously worried, and trying not to show it. Then again, who wouldn't be worried if they didn't know where their boyfriend was?]

Or if you've seen anyone called Wiccan- he's about five foot eight, black hair, red cape, really cute, uses magic- could you tell him Hulkling's looking for him? Thank you.


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