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[The video opens held distant and slightly off-centered on Deucalion's face. The reason for this is probably immediately apparent, though, in the colour of his eyes and the fact his gaze isn't directed quite at the camera. A voice post might have been better. Or maybe this was intentional.]

I can't say my interests in historical study ever extended to considering how changes in events might alter the course of the world, but this is a truly fascinating peek at things. Though I think I would have preferred it without some of the... nostalgia.

[Which is probably the most gentle way possible of referring to the political climate of the cold war.]

I imagine someone's already looked into how far back the divergences started? I'm sure dealing with new arrivals has grown quite tedious, but if you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd be interested in hearing it. I'll make my way to a library once I have my bearings, but having an idea of the immediate terrain seems wise.

[A pause, a small tilt of his head, mouth tugging into a slightly self-deprecating smile.]

And I'll admit the government stamping may be leaving me a touch over-cautious.

[It's not entirely dishonest. But it's also fishing. Come tell him your thoughts on the government, people.

But then, there is another, slightly more alarming thought as to the potential historical ramifications--]

It is still possible to get a cup of tea somewhere, isn't it?
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[ Well it's been a couple of days since the swear-in, and if Clem was sure of one thing, it was this: She should not have walked home in the rain.

There's a stifled sneeze when the audio function turns on, and a few minutes of silence follow. Finally, a sign of resignation. She's not sure what is the best medicine, and she's trying to remember what it looked like when she last was sick. Halp? SHe's a newbie at this stuff. ]

I... have... a question. [ Someone is going to laugh at her, she feels, but she's going to ask anyway. ]

I haven't ever been to FLorida before, but...has anyone ... [ She stops there, decides not to ask. ]

Nevermind, it's stupid.

[ She'll ask something instead. ]

What would you do, if you got someone killed..?

[ Heavy questions from Tiny McTinyTot. But it's guilt that weighs heavily on her head, and she was curious how other people deal with it. ]


[ OR If you rather, Sniffles McGee, aka Clem can be found departing either a pharmacy or a supermarket, with a small bag of goodies, on her way back to the Government apartments. Feel free to run into her either at the pharmacy or the way home if you would rather! ]
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[To be fair, computer-like devices exist on Azeroth. They're ancient consoles, remnants of a civilization that few people now living understand. Compared to this communicator, the old Titan archives are rudimentary -- enormous, clunky repositories of data that take up entire halls. Koltira has heard tales of them, but he's never accessed a Titan device in person.

Consequently, the slim electronic rectangle in his hands is a puzzle box. He presses buttons clumsily until the video starts recording, and even then, the feed is inconsistent. The whole enterprise simply illustrates his lack of technological skill.]

Were we brought here to fight a war, or to waste our time on meaningless tasks? I am not suited to the position forced on me. 'IT customer service' is a phrase I can barely parse.

[He sneers into the intermittent feed. His eyes are bright and cold, and his cracked skin has an unnatural, hypothermic cast to it.]

I will fight, as I must. I'm a soldier. But I'm not a puppet. Not anymore.

[He runs his fingers over his throat, and when he draws his hand away, it's clear that his palm is dark with blood. He's been bleeding slowly for a few days now.]

By the by. If you are skilled in the healing arts, I should like to make your acquaintance.

My name is Koltira Deathweaver.

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Aug. 1st, 2014 10:41 pm
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[He's sitting at his desk in his currently rather barren bedroom, wearing a fleece blanket around his shoulders like a cape.]

Did I do this right? Okay. Yeah.


Hi. [A small, brisk wave at the camera.] I'm Austin and I wanna ask this for anyone who knows the answer. Swearing in. What's the catch?

So, like, I know we do assignments and we do work, I'm gonna train be some kind of shrink which is fucking hilarious-- but anyway, it completely does not add up. I have a radioactive tattoo on my wrist and you're telling me nobody's keeping any kind of tabs on me? I get free housing, free healthcare, a guaranteed job that I'm guaranteed to be shit at, and all they want is some elementary school pledge of allegiance and a few man-hours? No. Nuh-uh. I want the dirt.

[A pause as he picks up his e-cigarette and takes a drag.]

Tell me how you've been mistreated. Tell me if there've been experiments. Tell me what they're really after. Meet me in person if you're uncomfortable telling me over the network. I need to know.

[Another brief pause.]

Okay. That's it.

[He turns off the camera.]

((OOC: Hi! New kid on the block! This is Austin, this is his character info, and this is his permissions post.))

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Jul. 19th, 2014 05:31 pm
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So... I was wondering.

If we suddenly solved everything and were given a choice to stay here or go home, what would you choose? I've been thinking about it a lot-- [She really has, especially since finding out that they're working on finding a way for imPorts to stay or go at will. She misses Ooo, but she has more friends here than she did there, and she's happy with her life here. ... Mostly happy, anyway.] But I haven't really decided yet.

Or what about other places? Not, like, other places here. But places people you know or like here are from. Is there any place somebody's from that you'd want to visit? [That question is really just curiosity on her part. Finding out about new places is interesting!]

001- video

Jul. 7th, 2014 10:08 pm
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[So far, Nick has been avoiding his assigned residence. In fact, he's avoiding any and all larger pockets of people. Being pulled away a beat before dying would be enough to shake anyone up. His friends are gone, the world hasn't been devastated by plague and the Dark Man. Stranger stil, he can hear what everyone around him is thinking.

Unsettling on it's own, but Nick has never heard anything in his life. Born deaf, he's suddenly forced to cope with a cacophony of noise in his head and it's been more than a little frightening. What he has found is a quiet corner and a chance to type out a message and hope that someone can help.]

I guess I'm part of the latest band of arrivals to the city which means I should probably introduce myself. My name is Nick Andros and the world I come from is very different. I'm also deaf, so if you see me, just get my attention. I'm perfectly fine with reading lips, been doing it my whole life.

And if there are any other telepaths, or people who can hear things in their head - I could use some help.

001; voice

Jun. 11th, 2014 06:38 pm
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[ Replying to the network had been an ordeal to figure out for Ace in the first place, needing to opt for the mental hook-up through the tattoo rather than using the phone (which ended up buried, anyhow). Actually using it for an announcement of his own? That one took awhile, too, but he's pretty sure he's got it now.

Even if the first few seconds are just awkward silence as he balks at saying anything.

Er... [ Right, okay, better get this over with. ] Hello. I know it's been a few weeks since the monster attacks and all, but that doesn't necessarily mean we should drop our guard yet. A full moon is coming up on us.

Could be we did get all the werewolves and there won't be anything to worry about.

Or it could be a few slipped by as human, could be a few attack victims survived and went by unnoticed.

In any case, I can't exactly monitor the news too well for this myself, but if folks could keep an ear out for any strange rises in animal attacks coming up in a few days, I would appreciate knowing about it. Hopefully there won't be anything at all, but, well, you know...

[ You can never be too sure. ]

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Jun. 10th, 2014 07:14 pm
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[ Noi is sitting at the kitchen table of the residence number 10; this time, the giant woman isn’t wearing her mask and her white hair is pulled into a pony tail. Noi is also surrounded by food (from hamburgers, fries, pasta, milkshakes, even some pre-made noodles, chicken, beans and so on) and she is eating as she talks. At least she isn’t gross, since Noi doesn’t want to waste any food, she makes sure to swallow everything before speaking ]

Alright, I went to the ceremony thing, the training part was fun. Who watched the movie until the end? I got bored. And I think it’s pretty pathetic having to call for people from other worlds to help with their mess. [ Noi shrugs ] Anyway, I didn't register and that means I have to move out from this house, right? [ she takes a sip of her milkshake ] What a pain in the ass. At least I have some money, and not thanks to the shitty job they gave me.

Speaking of that. I’m selling my smoke. And I know you are humans and have no idea what that is, so I’ll explain. [ Noi puts down her milkshake ] I can produce this. [ Noi opens her mouth and from it a black smoke that seems to contain ash comes from her lips before it dissipates ] This is called smoke and it has magical proprieties. Mine is regeneration, which means I can heal, regenerate and rebuild any living cell.

[ wait, she will show you. And suddenly Noi grabs a knife and she stabs her hand hard. There is a lot of blood coming out which means she probably hit an artery, but once Noi pulls out the knife and expels smoke from her mouth, the wound heals in a blink of an eye. ] My smoke can heal anything, regrow limbs, heal diseases, brain alterations, internal wounds – anything.

And I’m selling a flask of 50 ml for 100 dollars. [ what? You thought she was going to heal the world? Cure your cancer because she is a nice woman? Help those who are in coma? Help the sick children? Heal the wounded of the war? N O P E. Not for free anyway. ] If anyone’s interested, let me know.

Also! Anyone who'd like to spar with me? You don't even need to hold back, since I'm immortal. [sort of]

[ ooc: Action open for people over residency#10 ]

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Jun. 10th, 2014 01:59 pm
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So, since we're all supposed to be heroes, people here know all about villains and evil junk, right? Like... [Uh.] What makes somebody evil? Is evil just kidnapping princesses or keeping people in lamps for forever? Or if someone's normally super neat, except they lie to you and say mean things, but then say someone else said the things but only they'd know the mean, hurtful things they said? And then those things they pretended someone else said make you angry and then you fight a guy and burn down his kingdom... Is that the person who lied being evil or are they just being a jerk?

[Okay, this is feels really weird. But it's still confusing to her, and people with more hero experience than her or Finn would hopefully have a better understanding.]

Or what if someone's born evil? Or... maybe they're evil and they don't know it yet? Would telling them they're evil all the time make it happen? And how would you even know somebody's a bad guy if they're not always really obvious about it?

[UUUGH.] Sorry. It's just so annoying to try and figure this out. I'm still pretty new to all of this hero stuff.

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Jun. 7th, 2014 08:42 pm
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[ there is much to be said, and yet there is also so little. He wants to damn everyone but at the same time he doesn't want to give them such importance. However, Satan has decided he would not act, not yet. He would let things drag for a little while and strike when the time was right - but for now, he'd be the human boy he once was: Ryo Asuka.

So after he takes the desired form of said teenager, Ryo turns on the video feed and addresses the network. he is currently at Residency number 13 kitchen, if anyone knows the place ]

Since there are so many, I'm guessing nobody knows how to leave yet. Aha, after what I have seen and done, being kidnapped and sent to another world doesn't seem that crazy. A world that is thirty years ahead of my time, too. Great.

Anyway, few questions and please, serious answers only, I don't have any patience for bullshit, right now. Or ever.

[ Ryo, be nice, man. You are too grumpy ]

Does anyone know anything about demons or devilmen? Or has anyone heard of someone named Akira Fudou?

Also, I have no desire to take the idiotic job given; it's as if they grab jobs randomly and give them to us. I'm assuming ImPorts are allowed to take a less crappy job?

And finally, out of curiosity, why is anyone helping the war?

[ and that's it. he is going to turn this off without even saying goodbye ]
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[ The screen illuminates what is either a normal-sized man or a decently large teenage boy, his expression serious, brows knit low over his blue eyes. They are a bit shadowed in a way usually indicative of poor sleep, though he otherwise looks very healthy, if not a bit sun-ravaged if the red stripes of skin across his nose and forehead are any indication. ]


[ He blinks, then lifts an arm to wave a little uncomfortably to the camera. He's very clearly unused to this kind of thing, and has to keep redirecting himself to look at the place where the camera is. ]

Listen, sorry if I ask any stupid questions, I'm still working this thing out. My name's Reiner, I know a bunch of you already, I think -- if I have it right about how this works. I still need more practice. [ Which draws out a sheepish but affable grin from him briefly, and an accompanying hand gesture that indicates that's part of what he's doing right now. ] So, I've been sort of curious about... ah. Motivation, I guess is what you'd call it. What's inspiring you? Everyone has something, like a person or a goal. What do you do, if it's not here?

You don't have to say it if it's personal or anything, I'm just wondering. It seems like it'd be harder.

[ He pauses, as if trying to remember if there was anything else -- then he snaps his fingers. ]

Oh yeah, one more thing. If a guy like this shows up-- [ He holds a hastily done drawing up. ] And if anyone runs into him before I do, can you make sure he doesn't dehydrate and pass out like an idiot?

Thanks. I'm done now.


May. 19th, 2014 11:04 pm
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[A fifteen year old girl with a ridiculously long blond ponytail is sitting in a dimly lit room. She's been playing around with her communicator since arriving, trying to get a feel for the place, even though with her new super-vision the pixels give her a headache. Basically she's heard a few things about monsters, a lot about conspiracies, and none of it was particularly comforting.]

Here’s the deal: I think this is all crazy, but it's not like I’ve got anything better to do, so I’m going to play along. Apparently we’re all big bad heroes now, off to save the day. [She rolls her eyes.] Great.

But this? [Holds up her wrist tattoo for the folks at home] Is completely creepy. I can't even buy alcohol, but they gave me a tattoo while I was unconscious? That's beyond creepy. It's--ugh, I don't know. Super creepy.

[She looks down at the tattoo, scowling and muttering under her breath.] Seriously, my mom’s going to kill me if I come home with a tattoo… Thanks a lot for that.

[She leans back, arms crossed over her chest and favors the comm with a suspicious glare. She’s lonely and more than a little freaked out by all this, but you’d have to torture her to get her to admit it.]

So... what now?
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[It's been a few days since Ryan's arrived in Heropa, and after the weekend in Nonah he's come to realize that he's actually not going anywhere anytime soon. He's actually a hero…like…with real powers. The whole thing's bizarre, but when the video pops on anyone watching will just see a blonde teenager with a newsboy cap firmly planted on his head sitting on the floor of his room at Residence #004, despite the fact he should possibly be in school right now. Whatever. He'll figure it out later.]

So I have a question. What if I don't want one of my powers? I can talk to someone about making an exchange, right? What if I want to trade out one of them for something less…[He just makes a vague hand gesture. He's not sure he feels like disclosing that his powers freak him out a little.] Like…like, I don't know, flying? Or…shooting lasers from my eyes? Something?

[There's a sheepish smile accompanying the sentence.] Okay, so I don't really know a lot about this whole hero thing. It's one thing to play pretend on stage my whole life, but this? I don't even know where to start. [A lull of silence follows as Ryan thinks of how to continue, but he seemingly grasps onto a totally other thought just then.]

Oh! But hey, speaking of, who can I talk to about getting a wireless microphone? I've got something I want to try.
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[ There's a few things flashing through Tate's mind as he records--none of it good, but his face doesn't show that. Instead, it's a gentle lift of his lips in an odd, almost hesitant smile. If he's playing the suburban is fit he might as well act the part. Luckily, it doesn't require much--the dazed confusion is genuine, at least. ] We're being tracked, aren't we?

[ He doesn't like it, and that much is evident in his tone--but it's surprisingly even, and he leans back, huffing bangs out of his eyes. ] Still bullshit. Where I'm from the worst thing you have to worry about is whether or not you're popular in high school.

[ And again, a lie, but Tate settles for glancing down and picking at an imaginary thread in his jeans. This isn't the house and that suits him fine. What he still finds strange is that he can leave. He's free to roam the world, and leave when he can, and he falls silent for a few moments. ]

I'd like to go to a beach. We're in Florida, so--that should be pretty damn simple. [ Shrug. ] Which one is the quietest? Though I guess it'll ruin the purpose of being a quiet beach if you tell me. Moderately quiet, then? [ It sounds stupid coming from his mouth, but he sighs. ]

Library would be nice, too.
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[Will has been trying to figure out what to say or if he should even say something first, if he should just read around and only speak up if anything piques his interest. He'd arrived late in the morning, made no attempt to seek out his housemates, and immediately locked himself in his room. It's not until later in the evening that he finally sits to do it, and he's certainly not about to show his face or give out his voice unless something really calls for it. The idea of announcing his presence to people he has never met and isn’t meeting because of a connection? Not exactly his bag, but he’s got to do it eventually. If he was "that guy who pops in to talk about dogs and law enforcement and poorly done journalism but never says anything himself without prompting" it would be better than what he was being thought of back home, certainly, but still not the best way to make a good impression. Not that he’s probably made a good one on housemates, basically ignoring their existence and being as quiet as he could. If asked about it, he’ll fall back on being very upset about the transition and needing time to himself, nothing personal.

There’s a million things that run through his head, what to ask or say. If he should introduce himself or just let people look at what name shows up (Will Graham, nothing special), what’s probably been asked before and what really matters and doesn’t matter.

Two questions:
1) Are there any recommendations for a source of regular news? What’s happening in the world at large, weather forecasts, local updates, newspapers or magazines. Something reliable. Anything but tabloids.
2) Is there any unstated rule about what sort of pets would and wouldn’t be acceptable if someone is sharing a house, or is it a case-by-case basis?

[Staying informed and pets. Domestic. Ordinary. A normal guy attempting to get some normalcy in a place that is anything but. Newspapers and magazines. There’s nothing wrong with liking the daily crossword puzzle. Old man.

If there’s some sort of "rule" about how people should be allowed to have whatever pets they wanted as long as they were quiet and well-behaved and not a nuisance, he’d really like to know as much. He’d also like some details on the nearest hospital, but he’ll ask someone in his house. Eventually. Once he gets his hair under control and finally feels up to dealing with questions about his hand in a cast and why he would need to go to the hospital for anything else and all those annoyances dogs never burden him with.

Hopefully he didn’t get stuck with anyone who had severe allergies to fur. That would make this Monday truly the most intolerable Monday of them all.

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Apr. 12th, 2014 12:15 am
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[ Somewhere around two in the morning: ]

stepford houses and glowing tattoos are pretty sweet deals as far as bagging and tagging goes, but it doesn't matter how well it's dressed up- nothing good ever comes from being in someone else's pocket. the dupes might have been assholes, but at least they were on the level.

but that's probably already been said on here a thousand times, right? morality this and conspiracy that, shut up already. getting to the point:

if you're registered, save the speech. if you're not, did the government keep their promise and leave you alone?

and for anyone who would rather shoot themselves in the face than talk about registration one more freaking time, i'm taking suggestions for superhero names. smoke theme required, bad puns preferred, winner earns my very sincere gratitude.

i. video

Apr. 6th, 2014 10:39 am
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[As the video switches on, the Commander is giving the video a rather stoic look. He's expected to speak to this cold interface? Technology is not something he's entirely comfortable with but at least it seems like this device could better facilitate communication. He clears his throat, composed as always as he folds his hands before him upon the desk. Two maps can be see under his hands, one of the United States and one of humanity's greatly reduced territory in his world.]

I have been informed this is a network to connect with others who find themselves in this world. I am Commander Erwin Smith of the Survey Corps, I seek any others of the Corps who have found themselves here as well to identify themselves without delay.

[That aside, he moves on without further delay.] I have noticed humanity possess a world without limits here, without Walls or fear of extinction to imprison them. [Something he will never become accustomed to, honestly.] In the coming days I wish to gather more information than what was first presented but first, I would inquire directions to the nearby beach. I wish to see this ocean I have heard of.

★☭ one

Apr. 1st, 2014 07:45 pm
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[It’s twilight, and the figure that comes into shot is mostly an outline, blue-black against the sky. The white star on his chest still catches a little light, though, and the matching one centred in the circular shield held at his side. For certain people it might be kind of an iconic sight.

(For others, it's just a guy in bullet proofed spandex. Same thing, different day.)]

Okay, so speeches aren’t exactly my thing, but this is the first chance I’ve had to talk back since I woke up in your labs. Here’s the problem: I've heard the line about how random all this is, about how the folks in charge have as much idea as the rest've us about how to send anybody back. Not sure I buy it, but I've heard it. I listened to the speech on arrival. And then I opened my file.

You're pulling in kids, civilians, and maybe they've got some new superpower, but they've no chance in hell of figuring out how to live with that properly before you're suggesting they use it. Sending them off on missions. Fighting your war. You're calling yourselves America and sending refugees out as cannon fodder, with no support if they don't sign up for the cause. And I thought the America I came from had policy problems.

You know what soldiers fight for - the good ones, the ones worth having? Love. For a country, for a girl, the boys fighting at their side - whatever. It’s for love. So if you’re gonna take a guy away from the few things left he gives a damn about, you maybe need to watch that he doesn’t wind up fighting you.

[He pulls off one glove and shows the glowing tattoo to the camera.]

Look, all I’m saying is this may not be a serial number, but back where I come from, branding someone doesn’t say much about welcome.
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[ Here was a man with a narrow, heart-shaped face sporting a split lip under sunken grey eyes with a sharp cruelty that jarred with his otherwise youthful appearance. Cracked leather suspenders over a white button down with a lopsided cravat created had him screaming 'Newsies reject.' Despite the fat lip and the caustic air to him he look otherwise unbothered. Bored, if anything. ]

If I'm not really just sitting here with my thumb up my ass talking to a slab of glass [ That voice was way too deep that little diaphragm to boom out, but that was Levi ] then maybe someone knows why I should care what some pig dragging me around his carriage so fast like he had to take a shit was going on about.

[ After graphically accusing whatever poor soldier had escorted him of having poor bowel control, Levi started straightening his cravat with a modicum of fussbudget behavior that didn't come with someone who spoke like the kid who learned a new bad word. ]

And where's the Atlantic?
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Why is this necessary? What, are they keeping - tabs on us?

[The voice doesn't seem to have an owner at first, since all that can be seen on the video is a small room that's sparely filled: a desk, a lamp, and a bed in a corner. No decorations, nothing extraneous, except for a pile of books scattered across the bed and desk. Some of the titles aren't in English - Latin, maybe? Then, a man wanders onto the screen. He's remarkably tall - his head barely fits into the top of the screen - with brown hair and hazel eyes. After a moment, it's obvious that he's pacing, a hand on his hips.]

Well, if anyone's listening - [He finally sits down on the bed and looks at the camera, but not directly, eyes hovering above it. Avoiding...something. Avoiding all of this as being true.]

My name is Sam. I don't want to be here. You can give me a home and a job, but it doesn't mean I belong. [He looks a combination of angry, disbelieving and...anxious?]

I'm not a "hero", but I do good work at home. I need to get back there. I...I need - [To get back to his brother.]


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