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Nov. 22nd, 2014 08:30 pm
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Hey, so, I got a question. Which is basically half of what this thing's used for, so I guess everyone's used to it by now.

[Jaime's sitting down in a chair in his room as he addresses the network, feet out of the frame and propped up on his desk. He raises his hand up to the screen, and it becomes clear that he's holding out a row of brochures like a fan, each and every one boasting the various virtues of various college campuses.]

I know a bunch of you guys are either in college or you're at least thinking about it, and I'm just wondering why. Not the usual reasons - of course I know everyone back home wants an education to get a job and all that, but why do it here? It'll be at least four years before most normal - [read: non-genius] - people get any payoff, and I know most people get Ported out by then.

[He puts the college brochures back down, sucking absently on the inside of his cheek as if trying to think of anything else to say and coming up empty, so he cuts the feed.]


Nov. 21st, 2014 06:32 pm
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Hello, again. [ A vaguely self-depreciating smile and a wave goes here, as Chrollo leans over a table toward his propped-up communicator. ] I've found myself in sort of a tricky situation, and I could use some advice.

Have you ever... tried to redeem someone? Someone you know could do a lot of good, if they applied themselves. Maybe they've gotten off to a rocky start, but you know there's potential.

If so, how did you do it? Did you have a strategy? Were there any approaches you found useful? I'd be happy to take any tips or general advice you might have. I've never done this kind of thing before, so I'm all ears. Even if you haven't been in a situation like that before, and it's just hypothetical advice, I'm still happy to listen.

[ One more smile, as he reaches to end the feed. ]

Thanks in advance.


Nov. 13th, 2014 03:10 pm
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I really should have put this up on the actual day but I was busy that afternoon [ visiting Shade in the slammer ], didn't think about it at all until the next day [ because he went out, got drunk and then slept until noon ] and just haven't gotten around to posting this until now. [ because Dorian is a lazy fuck. Like, he's recording this from the couch of Residence #2, that's how lazy he is. ]

Still, November 8th was my birthday. I accept posthumous birthday gifts of alcohol, good food, good times, and job offers. [ said in a blase tone of voice...but one that is also kind of serious. Get him stuff, you guys. ]

On a different note, it seems we've got some new arrivals again. Pleasure to meet you, the name's Dorian Gray, welcome to Heropa, blah blah blah. Of course now, it's time for your typical opening question, so I can see what you're made of and spark those intellects. [ and also so he can be a judgmental little bitch. and because Dorian's bored. ]

Fortunately, this is a rather simple one. Pick the one you value the most: brain, brawn, beauty. Bonus points will be given if you explain why.

Alternatively, I've read just about every book in the house and that includes my flatmate's horrible taste. [ he's talking about you, Mitchell. ] Any suggestions for things that exist in this reality would be appreciated.


Nov. 12th, 2014 06:32 pm
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So, anyone know anywhere that’s hiring? I think I may have just lost my job. [ There’s a distinct and intense amount of bitterness in Ellie’s voice and the quasi-British accent of hers is slightly thicker than it normally sounds. ] For some reason my boss decided that taking a place called Tattlecrime seriously was a bloody brilliant idea and no amount of logic was going to get him to see otherwise. [ A beat ] Your eyes are two different colors, Langford and you've never explained that, he said. Lends some credibility to the story he said, also makes me look a bit suspicious.

[ She puts up air quotes before she starts talking again and when she does speak she sounds even more annoyed. Who knew that was possible at this point? ] We’re going to ask you to go on leave while we order up some tests for you to go through. We’ll also need you to fill out some forms in regards to your eye and the origins of the infection spoken about.

[ She runs a hand through her hair and slumped her shoulders slightly. ]

I don’t think he liked the story of how I lost my eye. Or of what the infection actually was. [ Maybe she shouldn't have lost her temper so much. ] Doesn't really matter I guess, I don’t think I’ll be going back. [ She’s also not sure if they’d let her back in... ]


Jul. 25th, 2014 08:36 pm
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[Guess who looks incredibly unimpressed with everything?

If you guessed Kara, you're right! But she's still using video because she wants to prove that she's absolutely fine and not at all troubled by the past few days.]

Hey. I wanna know if anyone actually get hold of the assholes who kidnapped us, and if you did, why haven't you let me had my turn with 'em?

[She wants to know if she can beat the shit out of someone. That would make her feel better.]

And has anyone ever actually asked the government for a power, instead of just accepting whatever random shit they gave you? Thinking about getting a little something extra.

[After seeing people being able to summon weaponry, she wants to do something like that. But she figured she might see if anyone has experience before going to the government.

As much as she's a little loathe to do it, there's one more thing she should say:]

Anyway. [ugh] Thanks to everyone who came looking.

[She'll leave it there, just a little awkwardly, turning off the video without another word.]
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Our designation is "hero", isn't it? And while a clamorous number of you may resist this government-mandated labeling, such is nevertheless the social stratification that we find ourselves bound against. [He clears his throat -- there's a clink of glass, a murmured slosh of liquid.] It almost seems a touch Promethean. [A beat.] And, ah, we the imPorts, pitted against universal disparity, well. Haven't we noticed a few universal constants?

[The archetype talk. Chilton may be more Freudian in practice and provocation, but not even he can resist a little symbolic Jungian theory.]

If you're so inclined to understand my meaning, then let's begin: list three desires, or goals if you will, that you possess. I'll take it from there.

[It's an invitation for a quickie analysis. Careful, though, because the psyche can be quite a... Jungle.]
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[ The video shows Erik seated in front of a desk covered in books, largely focused on the history of the past fifty years, along with the advancements in science and technology that have occurred in that time. There are several notebooks strewn about, and a map pinned to the wall with several marks made on it-- anyone who chose to scrutinize it closely enough may notice that they are the locations that are unique to this world. The room is well-lit, sunlight shining through the open window. ]

I hate to put a damper on this weekend's festivities. [ No he doesn't. ] But since my arrival, I have found myself with more questions than answers. That delightfully informative video that our hosts provided for us was of little help, I am afraid. You see, this is not the first time I have been branded against my will, and I have few reasons to believe that the intentions of this group are any more pure than the last.

So now I turn to you, my fellow imPorts, and I ask this: If you have chosen to register, why? I wish to believe that the majority of you are wise enough that you have not been drawn in by simple propaganda, so I am sure that you all have your reasons.
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ok that was really messed up what the hell
paintballs are not supposed to hurt that bad

being hit with a virtual paintball shouldnt make you feel like youre on fire
i say this as someone whos been hit with actual fireballs
and a laser

dont ask

point is that was supposed to be a damn game what kind of sick twisted weirdo would make a system like that

i mean geez there were KIDS playing

this is such bullshit
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[The sound of someone sucking a deep breath starts the video off, like what they have to say is really difficult to do. When she does speak her voice is steady enough although anyone that knows Kenzi or listens closely enough will notice she's been crying and/or drinking.]

So, uh, Gil's gone. Gilbert Nightray. At least I guess he is. It's been a few days since I've talked to him and he hasn't answered messages and...yeah. I'm not really sure who all he's friends with or I would have just told you all in private so, that's me doing this. Letting everyone know he's gone.

[A pause.] He...might be back. Y'never know with the 'porter. But, still, he's gone right now.

[Another pause, this time the sound of glass against glass can be heard.] And I guess happy Father's Day to all the dads stuck here. Sorry you're here instead of home.


Jun. 14th, 2014 10:36 pm
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My analysis and records of previous Network communications indicate that it is ironically common for this holiday to be marked by a series of posts to the Network airing grievances of a paternal nature.

Personal experience suggests that fathers are rarely the heroes portrayed by commercial greeting cards.
I sometimes wonder why society feels obligated to celebrate such a holiday at all.
If the subject of fathers is so controversial, perhaps it is better unheralded.

As a matter of academics and curiosity, I will pose a brief series of questions to the Network, as is traditional under these circumstances:
Did your father love you?
How do you know?
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[This guy means business, you can tell from his expression, though, unlike his usual scowl and pose, he's not as high up, or as big. This is- casual? Casual, yes.]

Fellow imPorts! This is Gamagori Ira! Registered imPort and bootcamp instructor of Cape Canaveral.


First- allow me to welcome those who were newly brought here from their respective homes. I realize there is much to get used to and many new things to learn and understand, but do not find only dismay in new experiences! Embrace the new and remember the only true source of knowledge is experience! There are many here who will assist you if you should ask, including myself.

Second, and the main reason for this parley, I would like to speak to any who scout Heropa and those connected cities to the imPort project. It would do us better to discuss things we have seen and experience things en-masse. Where do you patrol and what sorts of activity have you seen in those areas? Where are good places to keep an eye on? We should share our understanding.

[A small nod, crossing his arms behind his back, giving a slight bow.]

Thank you for your participation. And to those who have questions, as I mentioned before, you are free to ask here for information that I may have, or if you are in need of any help with your transition.

001 Video;

Jun. 10th, 2014 02:28 am
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[When the video turns on, Dean's new "residence" provides the backdrop and he's propped the phone up so he doesn't have to touch it and can keep his hands out of view. As for what can be seen of Dean in the frame, he doesn't look like a happy camper.]

Okay. So… As much of a fan as I am of being kidnapped to alternate worlds, well. Let's just say I'm not a fan of it. [His mouth turns up slightly in a tight smile that doesn't reach his eyes.

Previous experiences with Zachariah indicated that Dean wouldn't be able to leave this world until it was freaking done with him or whatever. Not that he was planning on making the best of the situation or anything, but maybe he could get information. Something.

Something that didn't involve him talking about his new "powers". Or them deciding to randomly flare up. Literally.
] I'm looking for information. And I'm not talking about the official bull that's in the freaking welcome fliers.

[He pauses for just a second.] And I'm looking for my brother. He's tall. Kind of shaggy hair. Goes by "Sammy".

[Dean glances down at something off screen just before a small flame appears, licking at the edge of the table.] Oh. Come on. Seriously?

[The video cuts to black on Dean trying to put out the fire, an irritated look on his face.]
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[A video image clicks on, revealing a broad, churlish looking man, in his late 40s but looks like he's in his 50s. His face is world-weary, haggard, with heavy-set wrinkles on his brow. His dark hair is flecked with grey, as is his beard. There's an angry concern in his hard eyes and his jaw is clenched tight. He looks like a man one wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of.]

--goddamn it.

[The video image switches off. That wasn't what he'd wanted to do. A second later, a voice feed starts instead, and there's a momentary pause as Joel examines the device to ascertain it is actually on. He was no stranger to technology similar to this before the outbreak but that was over twenty years ago. Reacquainting himself with technology like this, even after he was shown the ropes by that asshole soldier who escorted him from the lab, is foreign as hell after years of having to live with hardly any technology at all.]

Alright, look-- [A brief shuffling sound of him handling the device, switching it from one hand to the other. When he speaks, it's with a strong Texan accent, his voice gruff and hard.] I got no idea who's listenin' to this but I'm gettin' real sick of this bullshit. Just gonna cut straight to the chase:

First off, I'm lookin' for someone. A girl. 'Bout fourteen years-old. Red-brown hair, freckles, green eyes, scar on her right eyebrow. It's real important I find her. If you've seen a girl who matches this description, tell her Joel is lookin' for her.

Secondly, if the girl I'm lookin' for is here and I find out anyone has so much as touched a single hair on her head, I won't hesitate to hunt you down and pop your goddamn kneecaps off. I ain't messin' around here.

And lastly-- [another pause] I need, uh, need someone to point me towards a place where I can get my hands on some clothes.

[Because the clothes he's wearing right now? Are torn at the seams and shredded. Just in the last hour, he's transformed into a fucking giant bear twice without seeming to have any control over it and his clothes, the only clothes he's got, are now more or less destroyed.

And another pause, filled with the sound of a quiet, preoccupied sigh and the shuffling noise of the device being handled as he switches back to the other hand. Screw it, he'll just address Ellie directly. If she's here, if she's listening, he knows she won't hesitate to contact him. Jesus, he hopes she's alright.]

If you are here, kiddo… just lemme know, alright?

[The voice feeds ends.]
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[There's a soft, muffled tapping as Ellie tries to figure out if she's using the communicator correctly. After an audible inhale, she starts talking. Public speaking isn't a skill she's ever had to practice.]

Shit, I don't even know how to work this stupid--there. [Her voice comes in clearer, a proper distance away.] I think I've got this right.

You know, those assholes could have explained this better. Hey, here's super powers, a thing you're totally not used to, and hey, here's how to work this thing you've never seen before. It's not like I'm in fucking shock or anything. Sorta hard to remember what anyone's said to you when you can barely remember to breathe, but whatever.

... anyway. [A pause.] It's... like I fell into a comic book or something, so don't mind me, uh. Staring and stuff. Not that you can see. Like I said, powers aren't really a thing, where I'm from. Neither are ice cream parlors and high school, so I'm sort of fucked when it comes to all of that.

[It's easy to ramble when no one can see her. But the point of even bothering with this thing is--]

So, uh. I'm looking for a guy. Name's Joel. Old, hair turning gray, wrinkles, beard, most likely unfriendly and in a bad mood. Joel, if you can hear this? ... say something, I guess.

[It takes all her strength to not sound as worried as she really is. This is all actually kind of amazing and thrilling, but Joel is her main concern.]


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