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(it's a cool, brisk december morning as wendy sets up the cafe as per usual. and being wendy, who is a teenager, is naturally a little off at like 4 in the morning. and also able to tap into her extreme inner weirdness. so she decides to fire up a text at a good buddy of hers.)

hey when are you gonna ask him out also do you think pigeons have feelings bc i think they are soulless monsters i mean have you seen those dead beady eyes wtf

(she is fully expecting ulvida to kill her for this and it will have been a worthwhile death.)
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[One December afternoon as carols and the sound of jingle bells belt from every business' speakers, filling people with Christmas cheer (and exhaustion) weeks before the actual event, one imPort posts a text to the network.]

You'd think that with there being four of us ordering at least one of us would get our name right, right?

l o l no

[Attached to the post is a selfie of teens showing off their favorite signature holiday drinks, but the focus of the picture are the names -- confidently scribbled across the cup of each drink are Grant, Kenneth, Utah, and Moore, and anybody who knows these boys will know that those are pretty much the 4kids dub version of their names at best.]

Let's pretend there's a campfire and share some stories about ways your name has been spelled or pronounced since coming here. I'm sure it's happened to a majority of us. (´。` )

((ooc: Any of the boys featured in the post -- Gran, Kidou, Endou, Ken -- may respond to you!! Likewise, feel free to threadjack and hit up anybody and consider it a shitpost free-for-all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.))
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Okay, who knows trees around here?

[Hi, Junpei.]

I've got a situation at my house. Like a monster-sized-rabbit-trying-to-kill-me situation. And I heard from completely reliable sources that they like certain types of wood.



Just...anyone know where I can find one of--

[Beep. That's a text of a list of trees, right there.]

Bamboo (I don't think we have bamboo)

I'd really appreciate it ★ [That star right there? That's actually a sound coming out of his mouth. Yes. He knows it's weird.] You know, for the sake of my own life.

003; video

Oct. 17th, 2016 12:31 am
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(the feed opens to a rather familiar cafe in heropa, one many of the local imports might find themselves familiar with. that's right, it's the lucky cat cafe, slowly amassing more and more autumn decorations. cute miniature jack-o-lanterns on the window sills, strings of brightly colored leaves hung above windows and the doorway. she's making sure to get as much of the cafe in her shot as possible, without disturbing the patrons in her cafe. she props her elbow up on the table chin in her hand with nothing short of a welcoming grin. she's wearing a rather unique black shirt, covered by her usual green flannel shirt and her hair tied back in an all too messy ponytail.) Sup dudes! So, a lot of you probably noticed a while ago that Miss Cass left. She was a great person, a legitimately cool adult, and I hardly say that about anyone above the age of twenty-five.

(she chuckles a bit, trying to give off the impression that it was a joke, that she doesn't consider all adults to be lame. anyone who knows her, of course, knows that she means that as a compliment.) Anyway, I basically inherited the cafe, I guess? Meet Wendy Corduroy, new boss of the Lucky Cat Cafe! Who says you need school to run a business?

(she gives off a confident "yeah!" along with a fist pump to the air. she's definitely confident enough in herself to be able to run a business like this, that much is sure. it's not arrogance, just assurance in herself to handle what's been set before her.) So down to business, I'm still just a teenager, so I'm not the best at what I'm doing. The cafe could definitely use a few extra hands around while I figure out what the heck I'm doing until I get the hang of this business owner gig. You got any questions, ask 'em here, or drop by to see what's up. Whatever's cool, guys.

(she's about to hang up, before remembering one important little tidbit that... actually makes the smile on her face waver. in fact, she grumbles to herself for a few seconds before letting out an annoyed huff. her expression is nothing short of an annoyed scowl.) And, okay, in honor of the season, and keeping with Miss Cass' wishes, yes, we have pumpkin spice drinks and other "autumn specials" (said with rather sarcastic air quotes.) being served. So all you screaming girls in tacky sweaters and Ugg boots can come over and get your corporate holiday fake vegetables in a cup. Because why get decent pumpkin pie when you can get cheap liquid form that tastes absolutely nothing like pumpkin. That's basically it from me, guys, hit me up. Wendy is out, peace.

(wendy, that is not how you run a business... oh well. regardless, wendy signs off cheerfully, with a peace sign and all. she'll get better at this boss thing. someday.)

((ooc: hey guys! so seeing as wendy is in charge of the cafe now, i'll be handling the ooc aspect of it from now on. if your character is interested in joining the team, pm me or hit me up at [plurk.com profile] autumnpastries))
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[Endou is never really one to waste time when it comes to his passions. He'd spent the last few days going to the park and generally just kicked a ball around himself. It wasn't the same. It wasn't that he couldn't do it alone, he had done plenty of training by himself back in the old days, before his soccer club really picked up the same passion for soccer he had...and that's really when it hit him. A soccer club. There was only one real thing to do after that epiphany.

So it's loud and enthusiastic voice that peals out over the comms today.]

Hello! My name is Endou Mamorou, and today I'd like to talk with you about soccer! I noticed there was a really nice park, but there aren't a lot of people to play with and practicing by yourself isn't all that much fun...so today I'd like to tell you all about the amazing new soccer club I'm going to be forming! Everyone's welcome to join! Soccer is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, so I'm extending this invitation to everyone!

[There's a small pause and a bit of a weak laugh from the boy.]

I don't exactly have reservations on any fields yet, but I promise it's something I'll have ready by the time everyone's together for our first club meeting...

[Because who can resist the temptation of a soccer club! Honestly? ]

...Also the location of the club hasn't been decided yet either...but if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them! I hope you'll all come join me and share your soccer with me! Feel free to contact me in the meantime, and thank you for your time!

[The audio clips out, ending with an automated text message sent out afterwards that reads "The Captain's proverb today is...You have your own Soccer!"]


Oct. 9th, 2016 02:14 pm
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[The video opens up on a familiar attic, with everyone's favourite nerd waving at the camera. For some reason there's what looks like a dummy with its arms raised and a sheet over it. Spooky?]

Hey, everyone! Dipper Pines again. It's October now, which means a bunch of things. Like... pumpkins! Big piles of leaves! Fake skeletons everywhere! I mean, along with the real ones. That... everyone has. Never mind.

Anyways, I'm here to talk to you about ghost protection. Things can get kind of spooky during October but if you're prepared, you won't have anything to worry about. You can focus on costumes and candy corn and... mid-terms. Maybe? Do any imPorts go to college?

First thing! This is a classic supernatural deterrent that you should already have on hand: salt. Basically you just kind of put in a circle around whatever you want to protect from demons or whatever. I don't think it works for really strong ones, but it'll keep most things out. Plus you can just buy the kind you use for salting your driveway.

If you already have a ghost inside your house, the best thing you can try is to trap it in a silver mirror. That part's pretty you just kind of-- [At this point, Dipper makes a sucking sound.] To get rid of it, there's a ritual and stuff. I'll put uh, a link at the bottom. Don't break the mirror or let the ghost talk its way out. For real. You might get turned into a tree.

Okay and seriously, don't do a seance. Ghosts are really annoying and talking to them doesn't do much, plus you're probably just going to end up with more. Silver mirrors are expensive!

That's pretty much it! Let me know if you have any questions, and avoid cursed doors. They either lead to another plane of existence or it's just instant death. You'll know them when you see them.
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[Hello, everyone, and welcome to what may well be the Blue Beetle's first - and possibly last - ever video post! He's clearly in uniform, and frankly looks a little inhuman; his red-yellow lenses glow faintly, even though he's posting from a rooftop out in the sunshine, he's conspicuously noseless, and he's covered from head to toe in a blue and black carapace armour. When he speaks, his voice is calm and measured; he's clearly been thinking about this for a long time, and it's something he wants to get out right, even if his speech is a little marred by the fact that he's speaking through a faintly robotic filter.]

Hi, everyone. Um, some of you might know me, even if I don't talk here a whole lot, but just in case -- I'm the Blue Beetle. Not my real name, for the record, but plenty of us superheroes still do the codename thing, even here. But that's not what I'm here to talk about! I wanna talk about powers.

See, as far as I can tell, we all get powers when we get here, unless we already had some back home, and now? Even the people who were born here have them. It's especially hard for people who got dangerous powers. Some people try and use them for good, and other people just try to ignore them, and others try to master them by themselves, but this kind of thing isn't something you should have to tackle by yourself.

Where I'm from, there are a lot of people with powers. We call them metahumans. And sometimes when they try to tackle these things by themselves, it works out just fine! A lot of the time, though? It doesn't. Especially when they go out and use them to try and do a lot of good, and I know that's what people here are doing too. Maybe it seems like it's not a big deal from the outside, but it is. That's how a lot of people wind up dead. [He pauses, just for a moment, and inhales quickly before continuing.] It's how a lot of people I know wound up dead. It's not something to take lightly. I know I didn't have a lot of help - I didn't ask for a lot of help - when I started out, and if I did? Things would have gone a lot smoother.

But I'm not trying to lecture anyone! I know a lot of people here have been doing this for a lot longer than me, [he admits, flashing a quick smile at the screen, teeth white and human behind his mask.] This is just me making an offer. If you're trying to break into what people like me do, or if you're trying to figure out your powers, don't do it alone. If you're not worried about yourself, at least think of other people -- if you've got some strong powers going on, without training, it's really, really easy to hurt other people accidentally. If you guys want help, I'll do that, the best I can. And if I can't, I have a feeling there's a lot of others who'd be willing to help too.

So, um... yeah. I guess that's it! Didn't... really think about how I was going to end this.

[He blinks at the communicator, suddenly awkward before clearing his throat and saying:] Bye!
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[It's early in the morning when the post goes up. The feed turns on to show a girl who looks to be about fourteen or fifteen years old. That's about the only thing 'ordinary' looking about her; the rest of her appearance is anything but -- bright blue hair, matching eyes, and a grey and white suit that makes her look like some escaped actress from a tacky sci-fi show. If she is, she sure seems to still be acting the part despite being an escapee. Arms folded across her chest, eyes narrowed at the camera as if judging it...

She sighs once before she speaks, shoulders relaxing just slightly. It's not robotic, but the way she speaks is a near monotone, serious and low-voiced.]

From one Earth to yet another -- we certainly have a ways of ending up here, although this one seems to be in a sorrier state than the last one. To think I would be recruited in such a way...

I am Ulvida from the planet Aliea. I don't know how long we will be here, but I'll be in your care.

... More importantly, while I have a few questions about surviving on this Earth, there is one I want to start with.

[And now she finally moves from her spot, picking up the camera and moving through the room she's in -- a kitchen in one of the imPort homes, from the looks of it. She doesn't linger on any one part very long, but there are three distinct places she pauses: a trash bin now full of half-finished take-out foods and 16oz bottles of soda; a sad-looking pantry that has maybe a jar of Nutella and a bunch of cup ramen; a fridge that is more empty space than food.

When the camera turns back to Ulvida, her serious expression has fallen apart to be replaced by pure exasperation.]

A certain idiot from my planet has been living here with an unacceptable lack of proper sustenance.

I am currently in the city of De Chima. I would like to know where to acquire what you would call 'groceries' on Earth.


Oct. 3rd, 2016 06:28 pm
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[Today's video showcases Ed sprawling haphazardly across an armchair. Judging from the books and notepads strewn about, he was probably trying to get some work done. Guess he gave up on that idea.

His tone is clipped and frustrated when he speaks up.]

What the hell is with the porter? It brings people here and then just send them home again a week or two later! How does that make any sense? For anything! There's no goddamn point to it!

[He slouches further down in his seat and kicks at a notebook balanced precariously on the arm of the chair, sending it tumbling to the floor.] Can't even… [His mouth twists in a sullen scowl, and he drags a hand roughly across his face.]


There's no way I can get any work done today. It's…kind of an anniversary, and with that asshole leaving on top of it— Ugh.

...Look. Just tell me about something from your home. Something you're looking forward to. Someone you miss. Just…anything you've had to leave behind that you don't want to forget about.

It's a good day to remember.
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(the feed opens to wendy adjusting her comm on a table she's set up in a park not far from the lucky cat cafe in heropa. she's grinning when the feed opens, but there's a sense of mischief to it this time around, her chin propped up in her hand.) Sup, hero dudes. I'm Wendy, super strong teenager, normal stuff for around here. But lemme ask you guys something. Who's really using these powers for the right things? Such as...

(she rises from her seat at the table, pulling the comm back to show a sign on the table! one that reads in bright, vibrant marker:


the camera pans back to her, the grin a little brighter on her face as she gives a thumbs up to the camera.)
Yeah, I've never actually juggled people before. Or really tested out how strong I am. But no biggie, I'm sure it'll go fine.

(famous last words and she knows it, but she's a teenager, they're pro at bad ideas and she is no exception to this rule.) Oh, you guys probably want a demo or something, huh.

(so she very casually just picks up the table with one hand, raising it up and down like it weighs almost nothing at all.) If you wanna see more impressive feats of teenage strength, just drop by the park near the Lucky Cat Cafe in Heropa.


Aug. 9th, 2016 03:56 pm
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[Oh good, it’s Mabel Pines. This bodes well! What doesn’t bode well is that she’s outside the mess that is Heropa 18, wearing a sweet helmet and with two piles of junk sitting on the front lawn visible in the frame. Piles of junk that might, in a galaxy long ago and far away, be a “pod racer.” Except these definitely have more rockets attached to the sides. Like, an excessive amount of rockets.]

Hey guys! Mabel Pines here-- oh and Dipper! [Who waves distractedly at the camera as he puts the finishing touches on his racer.] We just wanted to remind everybody to save the date. The date being August 31st! ‘Cause it’s our birthday and it’s gonna be a celebonanzapalooza to be remembered. We’ll be celebrating being fourteen-- totally seasoned teenagers!-- in major style. And all of you are invited!

[In the background, the pod racers gently lift off the ground. There's a faint humming noise and a weird glow. This actually looks like it might work?? Dipper gives Mabel a thumbs up and adjusts his helmet, only for one of the racers to make an alarming pinging sound and suddenly list to one side. He smacks something and everything straightens out.]

We really do mean all, even you new people! Every imPort’s a friend of the Pines family, except for that one guy and he knows who he is. Come by, say hi, get cake! Bring presents.

[Dipper nods at Mabel, and the twins snap on some sweet goggles in synch. Several pigs with fire extinguishers in their mouths stand at attention. Mabel makes to turn off the camera before she remembers--]

--and if you’re in Heropa we’re sorry about the noise!

[Mabel gives a jaunty wave and the camera turns off as they hop in their racers. The people of Heropa will get treated to some alarming drag racing noises and some minor explosions in the next few minutes. Everyone else-- hey, you’re invited to a party! If the kids are still alive to host it!]
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[ Pearl has been here for over two days now, yet has only mustered up the gall to step outside once (excluding her arrival). She's been restless, unable to calm down for the bulk of those two days and it shows in her fidgeting.

She was also very hesitant to use the network since she'd practically be putting herself out there in front of possibly hundreds of strangers. But, well. Here we are. She begins with a diffident, shaky tone. ]

H-Hello, my name is Pearl Fey. I'm not very sure how to use a celery phone, but I'm looking for my cousin, Mystic Maya. She was - [ Pause. She's trying to remember the word. Also, she meant cellular, not celery. ] - kid... napped, by a very bad man.

If anyone knows who kid napped her, please tell me...!

001. Video

Aug. 7th, 2016 07:57 pm
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[ Hunk came here in his space gear, which isn't really appropriate and is basically torturous in the Florida summer. He's therefore acquired some less conspicuous clothing. So, here, Network. You're treated to some Big Beach Bro: sleeveless, cargo shorted, and bare feet buried in the sand. Because, yeah. Why not?

He's also leaning against the side of a yellow-colored, mechanical lion, kinda chunky for all her armor and with an adorable underbite.

He smiles a little awkwardly and waves at the camera. ]

Uh, hey. Hi, there. I just thought I should introduce myself, since the rest of my team kinda already has.

I'm Hunk. I'm one of the Paladins of Voltron. Specifically, I'm the yellow guy and the left leg. Though... [ He looks back at his lion, frowning slightly. ] I don't know how much of a thing that's gonna be here.

Anyway... I guess I still have a couple of questions. We've sorta confirmed the timing situation, but there's still... Okay. Lemme just-- Uh. How does the superpower thing work? How do you know if you really have them, and how do you turn that kinda thing on? Also, how do you suddenly get superpowers? Because I definitely didn't have them before.

And!! Um. If anybody could talk to me about the "'Porter" that brought us here, that'd be great. Just-- Anything, okay? There's kinda a huge lack of information about it, and it really seems like the kinda thing that just shouldn't be sitting around without some kind of understanding in place. Or in the works. I'd also appreciate it if anybody can give me information about where this world's at so far as, like, space travel is concerned. The old school vibe and the common use of hover-tech are kinda conflicting messages.

So, yeah. I think that's it. Thanks.
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[Kidou's been silent for a long time. He waited for days since getting in, watching and generally keeping a very low profile. More data was needed.

The first thing he did was try to find a professional soccer match on TV to get an idea what he was facing. When he mostly found football matches - why, America? - he took to trying to look this up online. The soccer teams he's watched at schools echo his findings alarmingly closely. No one's using hissatsu at all. No one has any of the spirit he's come to know.

It can't be helped. He has to ask. The feed clicks on to voice, with a soft, maybe deeper voice than you might normally expect from a 14 year old. He's all business, and there's no introduction.]

Explain your soccer to me. It's different than the soccer I know.

[He's in an alternate world with tattoos, government branding, new powers, a history that can't be right... and this is the question that he feels takes priority. There's a pause.]


Otherwise, please tell me what you know about this world.


Aug. 7th, 2016 06:27 pm
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[ Have you ever wanted to see someone take apart a hoverbike? Well today's your lucky day. Holtzmann has set up an impromptu lab in Heropa #10 - and scattered junk absolutely everywhere in one of the downstairs common rooms, sorry roomies - and turned on the camera almost absent-mindedly, having remembered that she wanted to post to the network only after she's elbow-deep in this hover clutch. ]

So I had a question. [ She says, pulling out a friction disk and tossing it over one shoulder. A polymer d-ring follows suit a moment. ] Ghosts. Anybody seen 'em around? Had problems with 'em? I heard about this continuum stuff but nothing about the afterlife.

[ A few more discarded parts later, she decides it's time to take the more direct route. Namely going after the hover mechanism innards with an acetylene torch. Works pretty great ... until she lights the curtain behind her on fire.

There's another beat as she realizes she's forgotten something. ]

I'm Holtzmann. And I'm a Ghostbuster, so. Yeah. If you've got info, gimme a call.

[ The flames creep up the curtain in the background. ]

(( PERMISSIONS ARE STILL IN PROGRESS but here's the most important one: 4th walling is a-okay as long as you don't talk about the events of the 2016 movie to her face. Everything else Ghostbusters-related is fine. ))
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[Allura is looking a lot taller, a lot more purple, and a lot more armoured than she usually does, but she's kind of in a bit of a overwhelmed mood to focus her attention on turning back into her usual self at the moment. It looks like she's currently in the car everyone here should be familiar with, on her way to her assigned housing.]

This is Princess Allura of the planet Altea. I...[Her determined look falters slightly, but she shakes her head, continuing] am not quite certain if that actually means anything in this galaxy, but if it does, please contact me as soon as you can.

[She's kind of keeping this air of authority for her own sake, but her expression does shift into something softer.

It's also now when she realizes she's been keeping up her disguise, so before continuing, she visibly shifts into her more usual self, seeming to shrink a little in her armour which now looks too big for her, and her skin changes from purple to her usual shade of brown.

While I will certainly endeavor to help this planet in whatever way I am able to help, especially considering this is...apparently Earth, there are far greater dangers out there in the galaxy that I must help stop before it reaches this planet.

Zarkon needs to be stopped, and I cannot do that while being landlocked on a distant planet.
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[When the feed clicks on, a boy stands there, about fourteen or fifteen years of age. He seems to be dressed rather oddly: a white and gray bodysuit, hair styled up into what can only be reminiscent of a flame, white boots, white gloves...one of which he's adjusting as the feed boots up. To be honest, he looks like something out of a Star Trek expy. He doesn't seem to really be paying attention TO the feed at first, getting a detailed look at his surroundings before addressing. As if the broadcast HE chose to make was only second on his list of priorities. And even then...when his voice speaks up, it's like a gentle wave among the ocean.]

Humans have a saying: A thousand mile journey begins with a single step. [His eyes close slowly, smile spreading across his face.] And it seems I’ve taken my first into this world. From what I’ve been told, I’m still on Earth. America.

But not the one from my dimension.

I see... So that's it.

[He doesn't seem the least bit surprised--that had been saved for earlier when he'd first arrived. Now he had to be cool and collected, as if all of this had been simply musing to himself.]

I am Gran of Aliea, and it's nice to meet all of you. I’d like a little more information than what this file--or those men in suits told me about this place. I'm afraid I don't know quite all there is to surviving here, or how long I will be staying.

I have friends waiting for me, after all--I can't keep them waiting.

And if anyone could give me directions on where I can buy a soccer ball...

Thank you.
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[July 16th, 2016.

An average summer day in the city of Nonah, North Carolina. Somewhat cloudy, with the sun peaking out through those clouds stubbornly as it attempts to break through the stratus. Nothing too remarkable about it, really. But then again, when does any day really seem remarkably different than the last?

But today was special. At least...Kaneda and Tetsuo thought it was special. It’s not often that the boys kept secrets for too long--Kaneda had quite literally a big mouth, and Tetsuo’s pride often came before everything else. It was only by mutual code of honour that they’d actually kept their lip sealed, and with over months of hard work and deals to be made, weekends spent oddly missing from the house.

Nonah 05 might have caught on...but other than that…

Nothing comes of it until July 16th, mid-day, when the feed to the comm clicks on to show Kaneda frantically trying to adjust it to sit properly on something.]

Just -give- me a second, would ya? I know how to make the thing sit just right!

Then do it already!

Noooo patience...no wonder why you’re such a--oh, it’s on? Tetsuo, it’s on!

About damn time... [He moves back, smirking darkly at Kaneda.] Thought I was gonna die of boredom first! So, anyway. We got something to say, so listen up!

[Kaneda backs up to give the screen room to pan out, showing them in front of...well some place in Nonah. There’s a Benny’s to one side, and an office complex connected to the other. If that doesn’t narrow it down, feel free to just chalk it up to ‘the city’. In front of them? A giant, almost warehouse-looking building with a sheet draped over the top of it, just under where the boys are standing.

Now what could they possibly be up to?]

Oi, Nonah! And anyone else out there, actually. You’ll never guess what we did.

[Now, Tetsuo's grinning, turning his head enough to catch that sheet in his peripheral vision.] How about we show them?

[Kaneda says nothing, but takes a few steps back and gestures out his arms for Tetsuo to continue.]

[The sheet billows upwards, then slides away in one seamless motion. Only once it's fully removed does Tetsuo let go of his telekinetic grasp on it, leaving it someone else's problem on the ground when he turns his full attention back to the camera.

And in its absence, words reveal, showing a rather hodgepodge, if homebrew logo. “Neo Tokyo” stands out in bold, white English lettering, with red kanji almost paint splattered diagonally across it, all a part of the sign. With hands on his hips, Kaneda looks up at it with the utmost pride, even if the rest of the building had...well, it was a work in progress to say the least. The outside, however, was sturdy and pretty big. Reliable.]

Looks like Nonah’s got a new business. Started by...oh, that’s right.


[Note: in the post, Red is Kaneda, Black is Tetsuo. You’ll get replies from both Kaneda and Tetsuo, as well!]
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[This past week sucked.

After being kidnapped, insulted on his clothes, and (worst of all) realizing the words "I love soccer" left his lips, Junpei's a little stressed out. Just a bit! JUST A BIT!

So he's got a quick question for the network. And true to Junpei fashion, it's exactly what's on his mind.]


Let me know. I'll stay the hell away. Sleep on a park bench or something.

[He may or may not have a sleeping bag on a park bench right the heckie now, a red cat curled up on top of it like she suddenly owns it.]
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[The video feed opens up with an almost dizzying view of the ground below. The buildings look like toy models and the people are barely specks. Sunset draws heavy shadows, oranges, reds and blacks splash in dramatic lines across the De Chima cityscape.

Among those dramatically backlit by the setting sun, a single man stands atop of the tower, balanced almost casually against the topmost lightning rod. The wind fans his black jacket out like wings behind him.]

Listen up, De Chima!

THIS IS MINAMI IKKI! Emperor of this universe and yours! And I'm...

[The commanding presence is somewhat broken by him fishing out a printed paper.]

Running for ambassador of De Chima. But I'm not stopping there! A vote for me is ALSO a vote for Heropa, Nonah and M-Falls! That's right! Four votes in one! A single lord and god to rule them all. With me we're doing parties WITH alcohol and hot babes, none of this Russian bullshit and of course, fucking awesome tricks.


[And at that, the pre-recorded message cuts and Ikki awaits his accolades.]


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