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[Endou is never really one to waste time when it comes to his passions. He'd spent the last few days going to the park and generally just kicked a ball around himself. It wasn't the same. It wasn't that he couldn't do it alone, he had done plenty of training by himself back in the old days, before his soccer club really picked up the same passion for soccer he had...and that's really when it hit him. A soccer club. There was only one real thing to do after that epiphany.

So it's loud and enthusiastic voice that peals out over the comms today.]

Hello! My name is Endou Mamorou, and today I'd like to talk with you about soccer! I noticed there was a really nice park, but there aren't a lot of people to play with and practicing by yourself isn't all that much fun...so today I'd like to tell you all about the amazing new soccer club I'm going to be forming! Everyone's welcome to join! Soccer is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, so I'm extending this invitation to everyone!

[There's a small pause and a bit of a weak laugh from the boy.]

I don't exactly have reservations on any fields yet, but I promise it's something I'll have ready by the time everyone's together for our first club meeting...

[Because who can resist the temptation of a soccer club! Honestly? ]

...Also the location of the club hasn't been decided yet either...but if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them! I hope you'll all come join me and share your soccer with me! Feel free to contact me in the meantime, and thank you for your time!

[The audio clips out, ending with an automated text message sent out afterwards that reads "The Captain's proverb today is...You have your own Soccer!"]
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[The video opens to an office. People who have been affiliated with Xavier's School for ImPorts in some capacity or another might recognize it as the Headmaster's office, previously belonging to Robert Callaghan. There's, uh, a mix of organized stacks of paperwork and haphazardly strewn piles. Guess which ones Kotetsu had anything to do with. A copy machine is insistently beeping about its paper jam and he smacks it a couple times in frustration before he just gives up and unplugs it. He gives the network a slightly flustered wave.]

Uh, hi. This is Kotetsu Kaburagi. I'm the powers tutor at the Xavier's School for ImPorts. ...Which, uh, isn't just for imPorts anymore and...[he makes an awkward noise in his throat] Xavier asked to have his name taken off, since he's not affiliated and all, so, uh, if anyone has suggestions for a new one, that'd be great....

[He rubs at his neck, coughs.]

So, a-anyway, that stuff aside. Callaghan Ported out a few months ago, so we don't have a Headmaster anymore. And I'm, not really--[vague gesturing to the general state of the office]

Well, I could use some help. Like, official help. Just contact me here or in private if you're interested?

[Qualifications: just don't be a criminal. Please.]

Also, the people we had working security have Ported out or moved onto other work by now, so I'm looking for more people for that, too.

--Oh, yeah, if anyone wants to enroll at the school, lemme know! It's a regular high school for the most part, but it's a great place to practice your powers in a safe place, if that's something you're interested in.

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[If anything's obvious by the look on his face, it's that he's not incredibly happy with being here. At first, anyway. It's after the video pans away from his face for a moment, he has time to regain composure. When it's back on his face, his expression is very calm, even if it's still easy to tell that he's tense.]

Hello. My name's Terra... [That's a polite way to greet everyone, right?

The hint of awkward uncertainty in his voice might make it clear he's absolutely unsure of how to do this whole "talking to a ton of people all at once when you can't see their faces" thing. While he knows how to use this strange device, obviously, there are some things a simple explanation can't teach. In any case, he's moving on almost immediately:
] I'm looking for some people...

[Where to even start... He actually doesn't know if this is the best way to go about it, but he has to find his friends... and he can't let Xehanort or Vanitas simply roam free if they're here.]

One of them is named Aqua; she's a young woman with blue hair and eyes. She's usually wearing clothes that match that color. Another is named Ventus. He's got blond hair and blue eyes, and he's wearing an outfit kind of like the one I'm wearing...

[Have a very quick view of his clothes: x-shaped straps, odd-looking thing on his shoulder, and all. When it pans back to his face, his expression is softer than before.] They're my friends, so I'd appreciate knowing if anyone's seen them or heard anything about them. Or, well... if either of you are watching this, please tell me.

[His next words come out as his face is tensing right back up:] Last, is a man named Xehanort and a masked boy named Vanitas...

[His expression darkens a little, and he's very quickly averting his gaze for a moment.] Xehanort's an older man with a bald head, white goatee, and golden eyes. As for Vanitas...

[One hand briefly rests on his chin, eyes lowering as he somewhat frowns.] His outfit is black and red. The black mask covers his entire head, so you won't be able to see his face... If any of you see the last two, please let me know as soon as possible.

[It's obvious he wants to say something else, but... that's it. That's all he'll be saying.]
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[Cue one blue-eyed, blond kid on the network - there are no smiles here but he also doesn't look terribly confused. Ven is used to traveling to different worlds even though he's only been to a few that he can remember. Still, this one was a little strange as to how he arrived but he does believe he can leave under his own power at this point.]

Wow, this is cool! You can talk to just about everyone with these things, right? [Finding out if his friends are here has never been easier upon arrival to a world. Typically he has to talk to everyone he comes across.] Hi, I'm Ventus but you call me Ven!

I'm looking for a couple of people. First is Terra, he's taller than me with dark hair and clothes like mine. [Have a good shot of his clothes, people. The piece of armor sitting on his upper left arm, the strap across his chest that forms an 'x' shape, the little emblem smack dab in the middle.] And Aqua. She has blue hair and is really pretty. If you see either one of them, or if you guys see this - call me back, okay? I need to talk to them.

[It's important.]

It's okay if you haven't, though! I might've just gotten here first. Even if you haven't seen them maybe you can tell me what you like to do here. I've never been anywhere so big before which means there's a whole lotta stuff to do and I don't know where to start exploring or what to check out first. Suggestions would be great!


Oct. 3rd, 2016 01:19 pm
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[Hello masks and/or menaces. Today on the network is a suspiciously hooded figure, with most of their face obscured under the shade of the hood. When the figure speaks, the voice that comes out is that of a young girl; her formal affectation sounds forced.]

Hello. I am looking for a few people. Their names are Roxas, Axel, and Riku. If you know any of these people, please get back to be as quickly as possible.

[Her voice momentarily falters, and she looks down and away]

I... shouldn't be here...

[She straightens up again, collects herself.]

... I need to find Riku specifically.

[She doesn't have time to find her friends. She needs to get back to Riku - and then Sora - as quickly as possible before her existence does any damage.]


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