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[At 8:45 PM on November 3rd, this message is broadcast to all Import devices. The video shows a flickering feed of security cameras in some swanky lounge. As the camera shifts, six people can be seen in and around the lounge, in various emotional states:

- Abigail Hobbs
- Annie Leonhart
- Kate Kane
- Siegmund Heissenrech
- Anna
- Rampage

Finally, the voice of The Manipulator comes over the line.

Attention, all Import citizens of Heropa. This is The Manipulator speaking.

Here, you can see there are currently seven people in the top floor lounge of The Lift in downtown Heropa. Six of them are innocents. Six lives. Six hostages who may be dead by tomorrow morning.

Unless one of you has the guts to save them.

[The camera feed flicks around appropriately to show the security system, the room's entrances and exits, and whatever else he talks about.]

Let's break it down nice and simple.

The lounge is secured by an alarm, doors and windows-- one that you won't be able to turn off without my knowledge or my help. If it goes off, the hostages will die. If anyone attempts to enter or leave the lounge, the hostages will die. If anyone sets foot on the 15th floor of this building without my express say-so, the hostages will die.

But you don't need to sit around and accept this loss of life. You can stop it. Only one person needs to die tonight to end this.

The seventh person. Me.

[And now the camera flickers to show a brief glimpse of a silhouetted person- someone in plain clothes, wearing a black mask over his face.]

One of you so-called heroes has fifteen minutes to get to the rooftop of this building. There, your only task is a simple one... you're going to kill me. Get rid of me permanently. End this hell of an existence of mine once and for all.

No mercy. No tricks. Just you and me and your powers, and the death that I was denied ten years ago.

[The shot goes back to the lounge and the hostages within.]

If your powers don't work on me, I'll understand. Nothing else has worked so far. And I'm really not unreasonable. We'll just have to try someone else. Every hour. On the hour.

And if some hour passes and nobody shows up to take me on, then one hostage dies. You've got six whole tries to figure this out before we run out of hostages.

But remember. I don't need to kill anyone. Nobody innocent needs to suffer tonight. Only one person needs to die to put an end to this.

So come get me.

[And the feed ends.]

((ooc: All replies will come from "The Manipulator," not "Yomiel."))


Oct. 14th, 2014 02:16 pm
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A question, which is only going to get philosophical if you insist on taking it there.

What are the methods by which someone returns from the dead in your home universe? (Neglecting trivial cases like reappearance after presumed death, resuscitation prior to brain death, etc.)

These are the ways I know it's happened in my universe. I've neglected to enumerate the examples of each or the list would be much longer:
  1. Inadequately understood alien technology/biology
  2. Inadequately understood future technology
  3. Inadequately understood cosmic forces/natural laws
  4. Consciousness/brain pattern transfer (technological, psychic, sorcerous)
  5. Other sorcery
  6. Demonic intervention
  7. Divine intervention
  8. Reality manipulation
  9. Vampirism
  10. "Zombie" infection leading to arrested post-mortem cell degradation and continued consciousness
  11. Techno-organic infection
  12. Resuscitation after cryonic or other stasis (intentional or accidental)*
  13. Mutant or other superhuman ability (used on self or others)
  14. Retrieval/voluntary return from alternate state of post-mortal existence
  15. Alternate timeline collapse/intervention
*I strongly suspect the process used here falls under this category.

I'm interested in whether I've missed something, and in finding out which universes have which methods. For example, do some have purely mystical means vs. some purely technological?

[note that it hasn't occurred to Val that "people don't come back" is an option]
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I always liked the fall. Nice scenery, good food, cool nights and mild days. Holidays right around the corner. Things always feel a little cozy in the fall. I died in the fall, too, so I guess I've got a special attachment to it.

I think people are getting a little out of control with the pumpkin spice thing, though. Was it really that good?

[That's your Manipulator: your occasionally poetic villain who occasionally makes thoroughly pointless network posts because he's eternally bored.]

I was a big fan of Halloween too. Nothing more fun than dressing up in costume and eating candy until you puke. Of course, that was a long time before I knew that ghosts were real.

By the way, you should probably keep that in mind before you cut holes in sheets and start running around making oooooo-noises, jerks.

In any case, I had a conversation the other day that got me thinking. Do ghosts exist where you come from? And if they do, what are they like?

If there's not ghosts, maybe there are monsters or something kind of like that. Whatever kind of spooky-type creatures you might have in your own dimensions. I'd kind of like to hear about what they're like in other places.

[You know, just in case someone has an idea he hasn't thought of yet.]

In before "ghosts don't exist anywhere." You're going to have a hard time convincing me of that.

((All replies to this message will come from "The Manipulator," and will only be in text or audio format.))]

01 | video

Oct. 6th, 2014 10:20 pm
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[when the camera clicks on, everyone is treated to a riveting shot of the user's chest. it moves up slowly and deliberately to finally showcase Jonathan's face, which is currently staring at the communicator with the sort of intensity that only a man who possessed the barest idea of what he was doing could wear. the guides he'd met upon arrival could only explain so much in a limited amount of time, after all.

when it becomes apparent that he's actually managed to get the thing going without incident, he smiles with a boyish excitement. it's a little surprising to see on a man whose chest is still taking up 2/3 of the shot despite the careful angling. when he speaks, his voice is gentle and even.]

Ah, it worked! I was so sure that I'd break something and have to start over at least once.

[he laughs lightly]

Hello to...well, anyone viewing this, I suppose. My name is Jonathan Joestar - but feel free to call me Jojo, if you prefer. I'm one of the new arrivals, although that probably goes without saying.

[even without the fumbling with the communicator, Jonathan feels like it's pretty obvious he's completely out of his depth]

I still have quite a bit of adjusting to do, but in the meantime I hope to help in whatever way that I can. If there's something you think I might be able to do for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

[is he seriously offering to do whatever anybody needs to an entire network of strangers? the answer, apparently, is yes, because Jonathan smiles with complete sincerity as if this is a completely normal thing to do.

is there anything else he needs to say right now? he'd already asked the government people about Speedwagon and Erina, so no need to try and page them here. there is that one thing, but...he hesitates, then decides to just go for it. no shame in not knowing something.]

There's something I'd like to ask about now, though, to anyone who's been here long enough to be familiar with this world's culture.

Is seeking out ghosts...normal, here?

003 [Video]

Oct. 5th, 2014 05:28 pm
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[The feed opens (upside down) to two figures in mechanical powersuits, one green and one red.]

Naa, Bunny, maybe you should start us o--
crap, it’s already recording??

[There’s the sound of a sigh, the other figure taking the communicator from him and turning it right-side up before handing it back to him.]

Ehehe, I knew that…

Uh, anyway. I’m Wild Tiger.

Hi! I’m Barnaby, and we’d like to take a few minutes to talk about the emergency notification system, something we hope all imPorts can benefit from in the future.

How things are right now, there’s not really any way for us Heroes of knowing when people need our help, aside from the network and patrolling around ourselves. Which works okay with how many of us there are, but I think we’d be able to protect people better if we could get info on where and when there’s trouble, ‘specially if it’s happening some time when we’d be asleep or otherwise busy.

In other words, thanks to a joint-effort between several imPorts and local authorities, we’ve established an easy-to-use system that alerts imPorts whenever there is a crisis or some other emergency that could use their assistance -- provided they’ve signed up to received notifications ahead of time.

This is how it works: )

The other thing we wanted to talk to you guys about is the recent murders of...[He trails off, turning ever-so-slightly toward the nearby table, upon which rests what looks, suspiciously, like an index card.]Matthew Sanderson and Tony Rhoden. They're almost definitely the work of Lunatic. Both victims were found to have been involved in deaths they weren't prosecuted for, and they were both burnt alive, which is 100% his M.O.

We don't have to tell you he's extremely dangerous. For anyone who might be planning to take him on... )

[Barnaby gives a small nod.] Thank you for your time. We appreciate your cooperation.

[NOTE: Please refer to this OOC plotting post for the Emergency Notification System and where to sign up.]


Sep. 22nd, 2014 03:56 am
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You know, it just occurred to me!

I'm over six million years old.

And organics don't live very long.

And I bet the others like me aren't quite that old either. So.

That makes me the oldest living thing here! Right?

I'm your elder. Everyone's elder.

Fear me!

[This important message brought to you by old-as-fuck Tailgate.]
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[Hello, imPorts! For once, Shinji isn't hitting up the network while he's at work. Actually, he's chilling in the living room of DeChima House 1, with that spoiled-as-hell giant snake curled up over one of the cushions, head resting on the arm of the couch.

Anyway, Shinjiro has finally gotten around to connecting his console to the internet. Thanks, Minako, for starting this video game trend.]

Any other imPorts got an XBox? If you wanna shoot over your usernames I can add 'em to Live.

[Unless he doesn't like you and/or you kick his ass too many times in Forza: Hovercar Edition or whatever.]

...And lemme know 'bout any good games. It'd have to wait a few paychecks, but like hell I know what all there is.

[For once he's successful in acting like a normal-ass teenager!]
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[Oh, great. It's everybody's favorite nihilistic dead jerk of a villain. Just in case anyone forgot he was still on the lam.]

Content warning for a jerk waxing poetic about his deathwish )

So what's the point of this? Nothing, really. Just some thoughts. But I wanted to issue a warning to everyone.

I'm coming back to Heropa, soon. I'm going to set my plans into motion once more. I won't go into details on how or what I'm doing, but I want everyone to be aware. I'll be there. And I'll be working again.

And if you see me, I want you to come and stop me. If you believe so strongly in your stupid justice, I want you to bring me to justice. Confront me. Make me pay. Kill me and put a stop to me once and for all.

Why? Because I'm a villain. And you're all supposed to be heroes. So do something about it.

If you don't, you may be the next person I take over. I can make you do whatever I want you to, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. I can control anyone I like. I could make you commit more crimes. Another murder. Maybe a real one this time.

Don't like it? Good. Then come and get me.

[All replies from "The Manipulator" will come from audio or text only.

NOTE: Further content warning in some of the comments, discussions of bloodless healing-factorish suicide attempts.
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[This communicator has been hacked.

Attached to the broadcast is the alias LUNATIC, a name some of you may have come to know by now, though most of you will not have. Not to worry, of course. There will be plenty of opportunity in the future...]

I have been watching.

[The speaker's voice has been manipulated to sound both artificial and faintly hollow.]

There are sinners in your midst. [You know their names, don't you? Perhaps some of them even spring to mind: Lucifer, The Manipulator, Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover...and so on. It's possible you even sympathize with some of them, though it's clear the speaker does not.] You answer their crimes with rewards of friendship, forgiveness...and freedom.


[What follows is clearly exasperated, but spoken in such quiet tones that it forces listeners to be all the more attentive.]

As expected, heroes...your idea of weak.

But that is why I have come.

[The speaker pauses, perhaps for dramatic effect, for when he begins again there is a certain zealousness to his tone.]

My Lunatic.

[Do not mistake him for a hero.]

I will strike down the evil that has arisen. For the wicked ones...there will be no escape. The time for them to atone for their atrocities is now.

They will hear the voice of Thanatos.

[Those listening closely may hear the crackling and hissing of flames in the grows louder and louder before the communication is suddenly cut and the line goes dead.]

[OOC: Please note that icon links have been broken. This broadcast in no way reveals the connection between Yuri and Lunatic.]
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["The Manipulator" is the name on this communication.]

Pancakes. Thick, fluffy, floury, smeared with melting butter and drizzled with real maple syrup. Served with fluffy scrambled eggs and two strips of black-label bacon, cooked crispy.

Fried chicken. Crispy skin, juicy meat, subtly salty. Served with a side of mashed potatoes, homemade cream gravy, and wilted collard greens cooked with garlic.

Beer. A dark stout, complex and almost chocolate in flavor, smooth and sophisticated to sip. Accompanied by a bowl of pretzels and the smell of smoke on the guy sitting next to you at the bar.

An apple. Yellow-red-pink skin, crisp and juicy, just the perfect texture without being too hard or too mealy. Simple and refreshing.

Pork rinds. Airy and crisp, salty, spicy hot with the flavor of meat. Eaten straight out of the bag while watching sports.

Roasted sweet potato. Wrapped in wet newspaper and then in aluminum foil, then buried in a pile of burning leaves to bake. Sweet and starchy, soft and hot, the perfect snack on a cold winter's day.

[Okay... that's a nice, random list there. There isn't much indication why "The Manipulator" is posting this one.]

Come on, Imports. Give me a few more. Give me something from your world that no one else has tried before.

I'm in-between things to do, you see. All this space shuttle excitement has been useful in distracting the authorities from looking for me. So I might as well try to enjoy myself with all the extra spare time.

Plus, I figured the cops could use another word from me. It's been so long since they've even imagined I've been active. Just as clueless as the people I've possessed since then.

Ooh... I bet you didn't even notice I was there, did you?

You'd think you people would learn.

[All replies from "The Manipulator" will come through audio or text only.]
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[Afternoon, imPorts! For once, Shinjiro seems to be outside, rather than at his desk- In a shady spot in the backyard of House 15, to be more specific. There’s not a whole lot visible behind him other than fence and a corner of house, and every so often he seems to glance down below the camera feed, as though to check on something.]

Got a quick question. What do snakes eat? Anyone on here ever taken care’ve one?


And- I’m gonna need some wire clippers, too. I dunno if it’s gonna get out on its own. So if any one's got a pair they don't mind lending for a few minutes, hit me up.

[If anyone at House 15 is a creeper and has been paying attention to him- Earlier in the morning he’d gotten a pet for his bff and stuck it temporarily in a wire pen in the backyard. There is now a huge snake halfway in the pen instead. One that is too swollen around the middle to get back out. Housemates, feel free to go for network or action, whatever you'd like!]


Jun. 20th, 2014 02:00 pm
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[Edgeworth is sitting at his desk. He looks tired, still. He occasionally refers to a sheaf of papers as he speaks.

Buckle in; this is a long one. (As if they're ever anything else.)]

Good day. My name is Miles Edgeworth; for those who do not know me, I work as a prosecutor for the city of Heropa.

As many of you are aware, there have been a rash of incidents which have ended with the apprehension and arrest of your fellow Imports. I hesitate to call these "crimes," because, in truth, those who were arrested were determined to be not criminals at all. Rather, they were victims of a man named Sissel, now calling himself "The Manipulator," who utilized his ability of mind control against them. All those arrested have been released; I beg all of you not to treat the victims of this crime with any stigma, as they were not at fault.

Sissel is currently at large and must be considered armed and dangerous. There is a not insignificant possibility that he will continue to use his ability to commit crimes.

As such, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the symptoms of mind control. This ability begins with a sudden and inexplicable sensation of relaxation and foggy-headedness; you will find it abruptly very difficult to think, and you will start to move against your will. In the very early moments, before he has fully established control, it is possible to fight back - [He thinks - ] And so if you have already taken the necessary precautions, there are steps you can take to counter his ability.

I recommend that anyone who considers themselves at high risk of possession carry a panic button. Politicians, high-level scientists, computer technicians, and anyone working with or around the Porter seem to be particular targets of his. But if you think yourself at risk, the police will provide for a small fee a panic button which can be pressed in the event of an emergency; this will send out a signal to vigilant parties, and they can act to be at your location within moments.

[He nods, that message delivered. And then he gives a sardonic look at the camera. His voice is abruptly quite dry.]

Also, if you're thinking of committing a crime and then blaming it on him, please don't. We're more than capable of telling the difference. We've already arrested three copycats; unless you want to join them in a prison cell, do please act honestly.

[Well. That's out of the way with, so now he sets his papers aside and addresses the camera with more engagement. This question is clearly simply something of interest to him.

He asks:]

How many of you out there believe that there is any virtue in speaking about "villains"? I've heard the word bandied about. More, and perhaps more perniciously, I've seen people thinking as though there is some "villainous" segment of the population, who will act as though this were some tawdry film.

This notion seems to me to be beyond pernicious. I'm a prosecutor, and so I deal with criminals on a daily basis - but it would be irresponsible and destructive for me to confuse a criminal with a villain. After all, a criminal is frequently someone who's made a mistake, or who acts out of desperation. A criminal, too, is ultimately still human. Any of us could have become criminals had our lives been but a bit different.

So: there is my query. When you speak of villains, is this a shorthand? Or do you truly believe that some of your compatriots and comrades are irreconcilably morally different from you?
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[This message appears as audio/text only on the broadcaster's in. Regardless of how anyone responds, they'll only hear a voice, or see his words transcribed into text.

The communicator it broadcasts from has been hacked to hide the sender's real name. Only his alias will be visible.

You know, you people really impressed me. I expected screaming, panic, chaos, scrambling from the authorities once they started to notice me. I expected to see hysteria and news broadcasts and exposes... that's what happened last time.

What I didn't expect was for so many people to play amateur investigator on me. I think that kind of perseverance deserves a reward, don't you? Besides, my plans didn't work out in the end, so I might as well reward all the people who were kind enough to loan me their bodies.

I am the one responsible for the recent crime wave committed in Heropa.

[The next part of the message does include video-- a cobbled-together montage of the coverage of Yomiel's crimes. T'Challa, Elsa, Ellie Langford, Jaime Reyes, Shinjiro Aragaki, John Mitchell, Violet Harmon, Kay Faraday, Phoenix Wright and Ruka are all seen from the news footage about their crimes.

Yomiel's voice cuts back in over the end.

I manipulated all of these people into their crimes. I am the guilty party.

Why did I do it? I don't expect anyone to understand, so I won't waste your time trying to explain.

I also don't expect you uptight tyrants in the court system to release them all just because of what I've just claimed. But at least consider my testimony. You'll find the only explanation for what they've all done is little old me.

Why am I confessing?

[He laughs then, a low and fairly mirthless sound.]

Because there's nothing you can possibly do to me. Even if you find me, even if you lock me up... there's absolutely no way you can punish me.

And last, but not least, I'm sure you're wondering one more question.

Who am I?

Back home, they called me The Manipulator.
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[When Isaac addresses the network, he sounds tired and pretty tense.]

Hey, I know there are some other imPorts around who might know or be willing to help out, so can anyone recommend a really good lawyer? It's urgent...and for a friend.
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[The feed comes on, and there's Gabriel, looking smug and somewhat ...devious...?]

Hah! You finally got Lucifer out the way! Just as planned! Now it's time for me, the archangel Gabriel, to take over this pathetic world! Bow down, mortals, bow to your new overlord! [There's even a dramatic crash of lightning before Gabriel smirks and ruins the illusion.] Only pulling your legs. Don't worry though, I heard the other one's got bells on it.

Well that was an interesting few weeks. You all caught Lucifer good and proper. Good for you guys, good for you. And before anyone asks I have no opinion on the matter, so don't bother asking- I know at least two of you that are just about foaming at the mouth to ask crap that I'm not gonna answer. Go rinse those mouths out.

So with the earth spitting up all manner of George Romero rejects and the Devil getting his first criminal record, what else is going down? There seems to be some new faces but then you could have been here ages and I just didn't notice. [Shrugs.] Oh and I suppose the Government is now being a super shady, craptastic organization. There's a surprise, never saw that one coming.

Oh man, you guys got to see this. [Turns the video feed to some guy on the street corner. He's obviously one of the more colorful preachers, billboard announcing that "ATHIESM IS A TEMPORARY CONDITION". The feed shakes slightly as Gabriel's laughing, obviously tickled by it.] Reckon I should go scare the bejesus out of him?
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[ This post, though visible to the network, is ENCRYPTED rather heavily so as to be harder to access via remote sources, such as anyone attempting to hack in or monitor the network through something besides a communicator.

Similarly, the first two "points" in this post will be accessible to all imPorts, regardless of status. The second two "points" will be further encrypted to Registered imPorts only, although they can be hacked.

Captain Holiday is sitting in what appears to his home -- it's an apartment, a sliding door that opens onto a balcony behind him and an end table to his left, a framed photo sitting on it turned face down. There's also an ashtray, which he stubs his cigarette into and present lights another. Somewhere off-screen there is the distant noise of a radio turned to the news in another room, and far-off cooking sounds. ]

All right, listen up, everyone. There's a lotta nonsense bein' thrown around, word of mouth and a hell of a lotta other crap, and damn if it don't get tiring. I'm the liaison between y'all and the higher-up's in the military and government, and I'm the one that takes the crap when the roads collapse. My number's there so I can help you, not sit at my desk while someone runs their mouth and blames me for terrorism.

Y'wanna ask me something? Now's your chance. I'll throw y'all a bone and hope it don't come back and bite me in the ass. But first do yourselves some listening, and accept if I can't answer something then there's a reason for it.

Before I really get started, I'm tellin' y'all on the record you did a great job handlin' that situation with what's his name. Y'know who, the devil. You won't hear a peep of complaint from the law about it even if you ain't Registered, even if you bent the rules a little to handles things, that's my promise t'you -- seein' as you did us a favor, too. No surprises down the line, nothing like that. This ain't a matter of taking things into your own hands, this is a matter of public safety, common decency, and dealing with goddamn hellbeasts. Our people ain't been coming back in one piece from that kind of crap.

But movin' past that for now. That was an aside, a thank you, but down to brass tacks--

Point one's the obvious. I'm not your enemy. I ain't your friend neither, but I'm a better one than you'll make with some of the other folk around here. Y'don't wanna trust nobody named Peter Narga, and y'don't wanna trust nobody that calls themselves a Hornet.

[ He drags on his cigarette. ]

Point two. The Porter was found in 1985 and we still don't know where it came from. Back then it worked differently. We couldn't control the people it pulled in, but we got it working to send folks back after about twenty years of trying. Course, that research was useless after Lachesis synched up with the thing, and y'all know the story from there. It does what it wants to now. It's all like I've been saying from the start, we don't got control of it.

Three. Them tattoos of yours... since it's relevant. In the vicinity of any of the Porters, they react to the tech to nullify a person's powers if they earn a particular title. If someone goes on a murder spree, for instance, their wrist will say "CRIMINAL" on it. Byproduct of the signals interacting that we tried to make the best of. Ain't a perfect fix, of course, but it helps toward getting someone apprehended if you get 'em in the right place.

[ Hint hint? ]


Y'all won't hear this in the official statements, and y'all didn't hear it from me, either. The imPorts before you weren't the only heroes we had around here. We had locals, too, normal folks without powers puttin' on costumes to fight the good fight. Most of 'em retired. Ones that didn't just kinda disappeared. But people here… native to this universe, I mean, they don't disappear same way y'all do. This is technically hearsay, y'follow me? But there's compelling evidence around that some of them folks are still active underground. Fighting crime or making it, sometimes both. No one knows which ones they are from the names we used to know, splashed up in articles and all, they keep themselves anonymous wearing yellow hoodies or jackets and black scarves over their faces. They're called the Hornets, and for all intents and purposes you'd be better off thinking of them as a lot of terrorists themselves. They think they got themselves a bone to pick with the government and you saw up in Nonah how they're expressing their displeasure.

[ He blows smoke from the corner of his mouth, looking weary. ]

Anyway. I got brunch with my partner in an hour, so let's make this worth the time.

[ OOC: Closed to new responses. ]


May. 22nd, 2014 03:05 am
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This may seem like an odd request, but are there any nearby forests I can burn? If not, a large field would suffice. A very... very large field. Preferably one with no people around for reasons that I hope should be obvious enough.

It's something I have to do. Really.

[a small cough. silence. the people here seem open-minded enough, so explaining her circumstances shouldn't be an issue. but still... uhhhhh what else-]

... So, I've been reading a lot of books at the library and couldn't find anything on Manakete. Ma-na-kete. Is anyone even familiar with the word? There was plenty of information on dragons in general, of course, but not a single mention of Manakete specifically.

[another pause. if her kind doesn't exist in this world, doesn't this make her an endangered species or something? suddenly Nah has a vague idea of how Yarne felt. huh.]

Er, thank you for your time.
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As time passes and my original theory of “this place is going to be non-stop crazy bullshit” gets proven right over and over again, I’ve noticed something really, really scary: About half of you losers have absolutely no fucking clue what to do with what you’ve been given.

Super unfortunately, a lot of the half that does is fucking psychotic. That’s a problem. If they don’t kill us all on purpose, you’ll kill us all by accident. I mean, I’ve seen some of you test out your powers. It’s really sad to watch.

It kind of reminds me of my situation back home. In theory, covens are supposed to gather up all the witches Hogwarts-style and teach them how to not be idiots and blow their cover by, I don’t know, cursing their neighbor’s cow or something. That’s basically what we need here. Some sort of… [unity. cohesiveness. community.] Something.

[-- and then she sort of realizes…] I mean, of course, I can’t do anything about it. But, I’m sure some of you screaming idiots can get your shit together for five minutes and figure something out. Hopefully.
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[Looking around Yomiel's living room, it's apparent he's just returned from a trip. There's a suitcase, and a boarding pass is visible sitting on the coffee table.

However, it seems the trip didn't go so well. He's not wearing his usual suit and tie, just a simple T-shirt. And boy does he look mad about it.

This place just gets more and more delightful.

So there I am, minding my own business at a software developer's conference for work, and all of a sudden gigabyes and gifs turn into ghosts and goblins. A whole bunch of monsters tear through the convention center, and all the software nerds turn into an all-you-can-eat buffet.

And the authorities say they can't say anything for sure. You're telling me they have no explanation for how a bunch of werewolves and vampires popped up in the middle of New York City?

And even worse-

[Irritably, he digs in his suitcase and pulls out what's left of his suit and shirt, shredded all around the shoulders as though he was... mauled in it. Which he looks pretty good for, if that is indeed what happened.]

This thing was custom tailored, and they're telling me I'm on my own to get it replaced!

Where am I going to find one of these in Florida in late spring?

[Because priorities.]

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May. 18th, 2014 12:52 pm
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[There's the sound of a harsh sigh before Inumuta speaks up.]

For the record…

[He begins, audio only at first, but then it seems he thinks better of it, and turns on video. His expression is tired, and even less amused than usual. His surroundings are very white, very harsh, very concrete. Those who have seen one before would be able to tell it's a holding cell. A somewhat high level security holding cell.]

The government here does not appreciate personal attempts at investigation.

[ooc: Forward dated to not interfere with the Lucifer plot!

So, Inumuta kind of hacked into Cape Canaveral's database. And is now dealing with the ensuing ramifications, i.e., being arrested by the US government. He probably shouldn't really be posting this, but, well. Here he is.


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