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[ The feed turns on shakily and abruptly, showing at first a view of mostly sky, but then it catches more blurry glimpses of scenery -- what might be recognizable as downtown Nonah, if someone were to squint or was just very familiar with the area by now -- as it moves again, as if being wrestled from someone. Voices can be heard above the fainter sounds of traffic, although there's the steady pulse of a nearby car stereo playing loudly and, occasionally, an engine revving.

Then the communicator steadies, being held at its owner's side; the camera now gives an un-aimed view the street, though at a somewhat diagonal, catching about half of the car in question in the shot. A guy's voice, about a foot away, says: "--the sickest shit I ever seen, man! Orale, show the guy, Angie!" And then the communicator moves again, the man holding it taking a step back as Angie breathes fire about five feet into the air. Only the fire and not Angie herself is visible on the screen, although within moments the speaker is stepping close again.

"You see that? It's legit, right? Just one selfie, man! Just one, come on!"

Then what, you'll finally beat it? [ Diablo's not speaking into the communicator, obviously, so his voice is muted, though still audible. ] I got nothing to say about no heroes, kid. Whatever you want? It ain't got nothing to do with me.

[ "Yeah, yeah, whatever! Damn, why you got to be such a bummer, dude?" The communicator raises again, rotating around to show two people: #1, a heavily tattooed man in a letterman-style jacket, "Diablo" embroidered on it like a nametag, looking impatiently at #2, who appears to be a teenager with slicked back hair ("AA" shaved into the sides), a lightning bolt tattoo on his neck, and large mirrored sunglasses. ]

Okay, how--

[ But, smiling delightedly, the boy waves into the camera, declaring: "Heeeey, imPorts! Que onda, stay crazy, guys -- we still believe in you! We got your backs now, so take it easy! Ride or die, man!" before he laughs and runs out of frame to join his off-screen friends; the car motor revs again. Diablo, still holding the communicator, does nothing for a moment except flick his eyes irritably and skeptically in that direction, then turns the camera around to capture the kids driving away. The car's plate reads "DOUBLE A". ]

Man, the hell was that. [ And now the camera once again rotates, his skeptical gaze gracing the screen. ] If that's what you all got around here, then no wonder they be importing in heroes like furniture.

[ Well... "heroes," as the still-dubious expression on his face may go on to suggest. He shrugs, then shakes his head. ]

But hey, y'know-- it's whatever. Anyone know where's a good shoe place around here?
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does anyone know how to deregister?

I don't mean I want to turn vigilante, or go the other way. And I don't want to go AWOL. I know about those. I just made a mistake, I know that now. I made a mistake and I want to undo it.

there has to be a form to fill out. something.

Please. Anything could help.
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[ The voice clicks on to a bit of almost inaudible talking before the first voice starts up: it’s

Well, I’m sure that some of you think this is hilariously overdue. Toby and I are officially married!

[Someone (who at this point is almost obviously Toby) can be heard gasping, slightly panting for breath as Dorian speaks before chiming in himself.]

Yeah, got the whole legal aspect out of the way, and so we’re finally going to have the actual wedding and reception! [He is so damn proud! Which means it’s time to make out with Dorian some more.

There’s just the sound of so much kissing before Dorian pulls away, taking a few short breaths, before he continues.

Said reception, by the way, is at the Hotel Castille, this Saturday afternoon. Feel free to drop off all your wedding gifts then, I personally prefer—mmph!

[ Yeah, kissing to shut him up has started again. But only because Toby can’t help it, and because that’s all everyone else needs to know, right? Marriage, place, time… What is it Dorian’s saying about wedding gifts? Breaking away, Toby whispers,]

—Sorry dear, what was that?

[ It’s obvious that Dorian’s counting off on his fingers as he talks. ] Well let’s see, wedding, place, time, gifts—oh, don’t buy patterns, I don’t like patterns. What else...dress code? Don’t show up either of us, that’s the dress code. I think that’s it?

You think people would actually show us up? Don't be ridiculous...

[Again, sounds of passionate kissing, some fumbling, and then it all clicks off.]
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[A young blond man addresses the network today, his usual polite smile fixed into place, an expression so well-practiced that it exudes the natural ease of someone who wears public speaking like a second skin. He's conventionally attractive with a soft face that could be described as feminine, with a sculpted body of someone with a rigorous training regimen.

ImPorts who keep up with media trends or watch any amount of television will likely have seen him before, perhaps in a photoshoot or one of the many commercials he's filmed over the past couple of years. ]

Hi, everyone. For those who don't know me, my name is Barnaby Brooks Jr. I'm a registered imPort who works as both a hero and a spokesman for the energy drink Powerthirst, a brand some of you may be familiar with. I've got a few questions for you today.

First of all, what are people's experiences with being temporarily ported out? Have you noticed any patterns in the timing or duration? In my case, I'm always ported out at the same time as a certain imPort. Whether there's some special meaning behind it, or whether it's just a strange coincidence, though...I can't say, which is why I'm asking you about your experiences.

Secondly, I've gained access to my motorcycle from home, and I need help with maintenance. [Look, he's attached a handy picture and everything. That sure is a fancy pink motorcycle with his name on it!]

If anyone wants to make some extra money, I'm looking for two kinds of people: someone in any of the main imPort cities who's experienced enough with sophisticated technology that they're able to take care of the mechanical side of things by keeping it in tip-top shape, and also someone in Heropa who'd be willing to wash it for me on weekends.

In the former case, a background in robotic engineering is a huge plus, but is negotiable if you can convince me you have what it takes to properly maintain such an advanced piece of equipment.

Third, we're looking for some extras for a commercial my company is filming later this month. Anyone who's interested should contact me, preferably with a resume of some of the work you've done since the Porter brought you to this world. Prior acting experience is preferable, but not required.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing your responses, and would especially appreciate any insight regarding my first question.

[With one last pleasant smile, the feed ends.]
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[When the broadcast begins, the scene is an unfamiliar one for most imPorts. A small, tidy shop, complete with glass display cases and well-dressed mannequins standing alongside the walls—and not a customer in sight. Plenty of boxes, though. Some closed and taped, set aside upon the glass counter top or on the floor, and some of which is presently being filled by Yuri, color-coordinated and packed spools of thread being neatly tucked away with no word as to why.

Not that the answer is difficult to extrapolate.]

For nearly two years I have lived in this world, but there is very little I have allowed myself to celebrate with the abandon I've witnessed in so many others. [If this fact upsets him, he gives no indication. Only the briefest of glances up from the task at hand, to address an audience not actually before him.] Most holidays were either wrought with disaster of my own creation, or spent alone. For so long solitude was preferred to the company of those I might someday be required to pass judgment upon. I could not risk becoming...attached.

[And it seems not much has changed.]

However, in a few days...

[Here, he pauses to examine a beautiful wooden box full of ornate watchbands, of which only two appear to be missing.]

Well, I'll be another year older on the twenty-fourth. This will mark my second birthday in this world, the first having been spent nursing an injury I sustained in Greenland Park, Heropa...but I've no desire to relive that experience. In fact, I was hoping to spend the day doing something I seldom seem to have time for: unwinding.

[The wooden box is packed away, its lid closed softly and without a sound. Leaning then upon the counter, Yuri gives those listening his undivided attention.]

So, I find myself curious. How is it you all prefer to spend the commemorative occasions in your lives? Perhaps one of you has a quiet suggestion that will appeal.
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What day is it!?

[ Hello, imPort network, that may be a voice you haven't heard in a while- owing to the fact that someone disappeared early last month- a certain birdly-lookin' fellow (not a full bird, mind you, but the feathers stick out behind his ears and just under his ridiculous spikes), as he whirls around. ]

I was just leaving to check on Edgeworth's house, and then - wait, no, I was in- someone in Europe? But I was just here! And-

[ He's pointing the device probably at some digital text that is scrawling across a billboard, that reads August 8th ]

Wasn't it July a minute or two ago? Am I going crazy? What- what happened? What did I miss? Hello? Anyone?

[ He will likely stay on video for a period of time, owing to the fact that he has no idea what else to do, just yet. ]
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[The sun has nearly set, but from in between pearly white panels of lace curtains, the last of its molten glow is still visible, the horizon on fire—a befitting backdrop for one Yuri Petrov. Known to some, still a stranger to others, and so very weary despite the freshness of his fine-featured middle-aged face, he affords his audience a subdued smile, one that, were it not for his mismatched dress-outs, might give the impression that he is fresh from a spa visit and not a month spent in a power-dampened prison cell.]

I'll keep this brief.

[Or as brief as anyone as incessantly long-winded as him could ever hope to.]

My name, for those of you who do not know, is Yuri Petrov. Once, not all that long ago, I also called myself Lunatic and, in April of this year, I attempted and failed to take the life of Ken Kaneki. Shortly after confessing to this offense I was tried, found guilty, and incarcerated. However, the imprisonment of imPorts is unfortunately short-lived in this world, and as of today...I have been released.

I thought you all should know; call it a courtesy, if you will, the only one I am fit to offer you at present.

[Better it should come from him, in other words, lest people think that he's attempting to hide again, and that won't do at all. Not if he's hoping to appear, or actually intending to attempt being committed to change.]

It should please you all to know that my freedom is not without its limitations. I've been denied access to my abilities for the time being, a strict curfew has been implemented for me to follow, and as many of you who've been in my position know, I must also answer to an imPort probation officer. Jonathan Joestar will, I'm sure, happily receive your comments and concerns if you should have any.

[As the last of the sun's light behind him begins to fade and Yuri turns his head to gaze out the window, he concludes his broadcast with one final somber thought...]

I'm sure there are many of you with opinions you're eager to voice. Let's hear them, then.


Jun. 27th, 2016 09:41 pm
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Recent events have me thinking.

[ Stark says, taking a sip from his cup, before he focuses back on a camera. It's a lot more HD than your usual import camera -- then again, nothing but the best for Tony Stark. ]

In recent months, we've had people showing up, different times, completely different people, and now there's word of people sticking around. That's different, it's never happened before. [ A pause, a sip. ] But who knows, it could be a fluke, right? Or maybe I don't have complete data. Anyone else heard of anything like that happening?

I mean, that's as an aside. I've... I've seen a lot of people hold themselves responsible -- myself included -- for things that someone who isn't them did. Either a person they become, a person they were and aren't anymore -- or a completely different person.

Would you hold them responsible? After my...unfortunate incident I found people were holding me responsible for things that this -- different version of me had done. Is that a constant? Should people be held accountable for things that they weren't necessarily guilty of? If I'm ported out tomorrow, would the Tony Stark that replaces me be held accountable for anything I did over my time here?

[ Another pause then. His finger drums against the glass. ] Anyone have any thoughts?
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As seen on SNN and MSINBC:
Strange happenings in several rural towns in Alabama, New York, and Ohio -- as High Schools, Middle Schools, and even the local town government was in disarray over the past week. We received reports from social media, that something strange was happening in these towns, and we sent our own reporters to investigate. What they found, was something out of an eerie thriller, where the downtrodden and least-liked among the town had seemed to find their voices, all at once. Reports started to come in that in the schools, the social rejects were standing up, taking notice. Most students reported that all of the sudden, their schoolwork started to make more sense, but the eeriest of changes? Teenagers were reporting that they felt more confident, and more attractive than they ever had before.

Local politics were turned upside down from the surge in confidence from the people in town, and some in the town of Urbane, Ohio, reported that they'll be running for state seat in November. But just as eerily, when we sent a follow up request to many people in these towns later, they reported that things were back to normal. Some are blaming this on Russia -- and others (like Ronald Chump) seem to place the blame solely on the shoulders of imports.

Whatever the cause, most in these small towns are reporting that they're glad that their small-town life is back to normal.

As seen on all major national newspapers and online news network sites:
Following a string of what was thought to be random assaults on several imPorts this week, the crimes now have all been linked to one man. After his latest attempt to assassinate ambassador nominee Komasan, James Buchanan Barnes has been apprehended in no small part to the heroic deeds of several imPorts, including Barnaby Brooks, Jr., the Nomad, Daryl Dixon, The Midnighter, Harrison Wells, Koromaru, and others.

A veteran of the Second World War and a diehard fan of this great nation, Barnes alleges he was manipulated into believing he worked for the Soviet Union, and that the assassinations were an attempt to "instill fear in the American citizens."

He has plead guilty to the brutal assault of Ikki Minami, Yayoi Nakayama, Count Dooku, Anastasya Griffin, the attempted assassination of Komasan, and the death of Emmett Brown. Barnes will remain in prison without bail to await sentencing.

As seen on Bwitter, Rumblr, political commentary blogs, and the public imPort-frequented places in Maurtia Falls:
With the Ambassador elections entering their final stretch, Maurtia Falls candidate COUNT DOOKU has kicked his advertising into high gear in an effort to get out the vote. Professional posters bearing the Count's likeness and his platform theme are popping up in posting areas near imPort businesses and government-provided housing in Maurtia Falls. Will imPorts be swayed by Dooku's promotional blitz? Only the outcome of the voting on June 27th will tell!

As seen on major national news outlets and social media:
In a historic initiative, museums across the country have put together a collection of important, well-known and 100% American artifacts. The exhibit, “240 Years of America!”, will be visiting select cities in the upcoming weeks, including De Chima, Virginia.

The exhibit will feature personal items of various U.S. Presidents, war memorabilia from the Civil War, both World Wars and others, early Apollo space suits, clothing from every era of American fashion, and more. But the pride and joy of the exhibit is none other than the Declaration of Independence itself.

In honor of that, the De Chima Civil War Museum will be hosting an opening gala on July 4th. The gala is fancy dress, and will feature an open bar, guided tours, and fun-filled activities. The museum has announced that imPorts are granted free entrance to both the gala and the museum for the night.

“We really hope imPorts of all stripes can come and learn about what makes their adoptive country great,” said a museum spokesperson, “Nothing would make us prouder than if they could come celebrate this holiday and this country with us this Fourth of July.”

As seen in the conspiracy section of MeTube, BlueTube, and the Online History Chanel:
NBSea's conspiraSEAS documentary had a rise and a fall, but there are still true believers out there who are intent to find out the TRUTH of whether or not imPorts are harboring under the sea cover mermaid spies. These believers flock to a myriad of websites to post their speculation and evidence, but this week a particular video featuring an imPort believed to be married to one of said mermaid spies. Footage shows an investigating believer attempting to get an answer from the seahorse's mouth, showing up to Will Graham's bait shop in Heropa with camera front and center. Making no small talk, the believer launches into a barrage of questioning about whether or not April Ludgate-Graham is a mermaid, a spy, and if there are more, all while Mr. Graham continues to eat a Quasar bar.

After a solid forty-fives seconds of intense questioning and candy bar consumption, Mr. Graham answered with an amused, "There is no greater catch, for a fisherman, than a mermaid. And no greater catch, for a mermaid, than a fisherman."

This led to a painful, audio-upsetting scream from the young man behind the camera, a stream of "I knew it!"s and then attempts at further questioning Mr. Graham answered only with, "No further comment. I've said enough as is." The video goes on for a few more seconds of fervent questioning and Mr. Graham failing to toss his candy wrapper in the trash. Believers of this theory have shared the video over a thousand times, citing it as proof that all names listed are mermaids and spies protected by the government. Some skeptics have expressed disbelief that the clear sarcasm has been missed by so many people. NBSea is currently bargaining for rights to the video to use in a NEW documentary about the truth of imPorts and their mermish ways.

As seen in entertainment news, social media, blogs:
Fans of the musical Franklin! were shocked this past Tuesday, June 14th, when the George Washington costume used in the show was stolen.

“It couldn’t have just been misplaced, the wig and shoes are gone too and those were kept separate from the rest. :(” alleged the actor, Jack Christianson, on Bwitter.

An overly enthusiastic fan is suspected to have committed the theft, but so far no one has been apprehended.

As seen on Rumblr, TiMportZ, and BlueTube:
In the spirit of Ambassador elections, many posters and banners have been found on the streets of Maurtia Falls. But what makes this a more noteworthy story is that witnesses have seen local mockingbirds carrying along campaign posters in support of ambassador hopeful Petyr Baelish and hanging them up in well populated areas. Actual mocking birds! Birders from all over the state of Pennsylvania have flocked to Maurtia Falls to watch the mockingbirds in action.

"He's like a Disney Princess," said high school student Sandra Sterk. Bwitter is coming.

As seen in local newspapers and circulated on internet publications:
Heroic imPort intervention in the criminal underbelly of Maurtia Falls has long been remarked on in the media, particular in light of former Maurtia Falls Ambassador Revan's efforts to clean the city up. Largely, however, those efforts go without remark. Criminals, in these cases, face the ire of the criminal justice system, which in MF... Well, let's say it's not perfect. People fall through the cracks, paperwork gets misfiled, evidence fails to follow the correct chain of custody.

But the criminals themselves don't completely disappear.

Now there's a rumor going around that people who have been let out on bail by the MFPD are vanishing, which wouldn't be so surprising, except that the people posting their bail arrive to pick them up only to find them gone. Vanished. Two missing persons cases have been reported so far, one for Janie Bless, a teacher using her school's internationally acclaimed glee club for illegal gunrunning, and Robert AlCino, a foster father who was accused of using his three foster children to sell drugs at school. Both, arranging to be collected by family or colleagues, vanished, and accusations have been made against the MFPD that they simply aren't taking the cases seriously, or worse, are covering for some kind of gross misconduct.

A spokesman for the department had this to say: "People jump bail all the time. Filing a missing person's case as though there's some sort of boogieman out there--it's just an excuse. A way to justify putting faith in people who clearly didn't deserve it in the first place."

As seen on Hastagram, local newspapers, and social media sites:
Residents of Manhattan were surprised to see imPorts arrive in their city, searching the roofs of skyscrapers for a puzzle box, before eventually heading to the Statue of Liberty, where some sharp eyed tourists snapped photos of Sabriel using a jetpack to retrieve a puzzle box from the torch.

Witnesses aren't entirely sure what happened after she opened it an handed it to Gansey, but the pair left the area some time after that.


The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[The feed begins to show Jonathan Crane the same as he was the last time: smart clothes, smart shoes, a clean tie and frames. Clean-shaven. Rational. Focused. He is calmer in his body language and more in his element.

He tries for a smile but finds it dropping off his face.

Irritating. If he is honest, he is all too aware of what lies before him. He fingers his tie, distracting himself. Then he gestures towards the camera.]

Hello. Can somebody please explain why it is I find myself stuck here? I believe that mismatched timelines stand corrected. Not for everybody, clearly. Though, perhaps the fact is... it's better for everyone that I'm still here.

[He furrows his brows, crosses his leg and steeples his fingers. Apparently he doesn't like being reminded of his counterpart, as his voice loses its calm tone.]

In the last few days I became aware of the actions of a terrorist who shares my face. I have no idea how he managed to commit his acts under your noses, let alone plan them in advance for months, but in the interest of transparency I want it known he was responsible for the videotape on the thirteenth of last month. Numerous people were hurt because of it. I imagine an explanation shall assuage your fears. He possessed a psychedelic power that produced psychological effects. A forced hallucination, essentially.

Come what may, I intend to heal the damage. And if anybody has an answer to my initial question, I would be grateful.
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What is justice?

[From behind an unblemished wooden desk in his home office Yuri addresses the network for the first time since his return to this world seven months ago. Behind him, the shades hanging in the window have been drawn and little of the day's late afternoon light seeps through. Before him, his hands are folded neatly together and a mask with wide, lidless white eyes sits front and center gazing at the camera.

It is silent confirmation for those of you who did not already know or perhaps did not wish to accept the truth: he is Lunatic.]

Legally defined, justice is the moral administration of the law and the fair and impartial treatment of all individuals who fall under it.

It is a concept in which one man's understanding of what is right and wrong has no place and must instead remain separate from human will. It is a concept which I have disregarded for some time in favor of pursuing my own idea of justice or, more accurately termed, vigilantism.

[His pause there is subtle, a nearly nonexistent hesitation to proceed that only those more familiar with him might perceive.]

You may be wondering why I've thought to mention any of this. Allow me to explain.

On the night of April twenty-third, acting on my own and entirely separate from the knowledge of my imPort peers and from RISE, I took the law into my own hands and pursued with the intent of executing one Ken Kaneki for the crime of obstructing justice. I failed to subdue him and, as a result... [The admission is bitter and heartfelt at the same time, ridden with the guilt he feels at having inadvertently caused so many to be put in harm's way, as well as a modicum of fear for what may follow in the wake of his confession.] a result of my carelessness and personal quarrel with immorality, many innocent bystanders' lives were changed forever—some nearly lost—when my actions pushed a young man over the brink.

[Even his own life had hung in the balance that night. All the lives that shouldn't have been in peril had been jeopardized because of him...]

I wish to accept full responsibility for what happened.

[Because Haise Sasaki has given him no other choice. But also because his conscience has been like a noose about his neck ever since.]

Whatever consequences the law sees fit to levy...this time, I will not run.

[ Voice ]

May. 24th, 2016 08:14 am
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[ Sasaki will be using audio for this because it's much easier when you can't see his face. ] ... I think I'm done running from the elephant in the room.

Three years ago, SS rated ghoul Ken Kaneki was captured by the CCG and lost his memories. And from that, I came to existence. I'm legally a human, but not biologically, and I have no memories beyond the three years I've lived. [ so yes. Haise is technically Kaneki ] I know that this body is Kaneki's, and I know that Kaneki is somewhere inside my head I don't really remember anything about Kaneki's life; I don't know who his mother is, I don't know how he met his little sister, and I don't know what he felt when he woke up after being turned into an artificial ghoul.

But ever since I stepped out of the Porter, I know everything that Kaneki felt and lived while in this world. I know the people he met here and matter to him, I know his sadness and his loneliness, I know his happiness and I know his feelings. It's as if these are my memories, even though I'm not Kaneki. I'm not; I'm just... a dream. With two years worth of memories.

[ there is a moment of silence as sasaki tries to gather his thoughts ]

I know Kaneki will slowly take over, and with time all of the memories will return and I will no longer be Sasaki. I will be replaced with the real thing. And yet, I really want to exist. I don't want to fade away, that's why- it was really scary when I arrived here, when I looked at your faces, everytime you called me Kaneki, everytime you expected him.

I still can't tell you what is happening. It's a mess. [ he sighs, defeated ] About that night when Kaneki went crazy and attacked people- I remember it all as if I was the one doing it, so I want to apologize. I'll be visiting the native victims, and the imPorts he hurt and attacked, I'm terribly sorry for what has happened. And the person who triggered that whole mayhem- [ sasaki isn't going to say the name; he knows who it is ] We are going to talk.
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[ID: Tobias Matthews. It's his default, and he's never really thought to change it or go anonymous before.

There's panting, like he's out of breath. Letting out a groan of pain, he continues in a Northern English accent.

Ugh, I need. Help. Don't know why, but. There's this—AUGH—pain, I don't understand it. Never felt anything like it before... [His next groan is more like a shout, followed by a loud thud on the floor.

There's silence for about fifteen seconds, and then the sound of movement. It could be dragging or dusting oneself off, both or neither.

I... I don't know what that was all about, I'm sorry. Whatever it is, it's passed. [He sounds like he's catching his breath.

After an awkward silence,
] I really don't know what to say now, but that was sudden.

[This is where he ends it, mostly because he feels so incredibly uncertain.]
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[HELLO who's ready for some really shaky/jerky video??? This guy's last phone was of the flip variety so he's now trying to figure out this newfangled """"smart"""" phone and sucking at it royally.

Which means, instead of centering on his face like a normal post on the network, everyone's treated to a good (?) view of his embarrassing old suit from various angles until he loses his patience and just sort of talks in the direction of the camera.]

Heeeeeyyy, so uh, listen, I'm totally down for helping you guys out with the whole hero thing, really I am--Wild Tiger, at your service!

But uhm, no one's in trouble right now are they? 'Cause it'd be super great if I could like, be at your service tomorrow or something, instead. See, my wife's having our baby like right now, and I reaaaaaallyyy need to be there or my ass is gonna be in the hottest water ever. Well, actually, I needed to be there half an hour ago but there was this situation--

Anyway!! If someone could point me toward whoever I gotta talk to, that'd be amazing, I'll owe you one. Or ten. A lot, okay. Thanks in advance!

Now how do I shut this

[Pls excuse Screwy Feed v.2 Return of the Revenge while he just starts randomly poking at his comm, and eventually succeeds in shutting off the video but actually just has turned it to audio haha OOPS. SO there's gonna be some obnoxious ambient noise until the post times out.]

[ Text ]

Dec. 31st, 2015 08:43 am
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Tooru Mutsuki has left.

I'm not sure if anyone knew him or was friends with him-
[ which is... sort of sad. Kaneki never asked him about his private life because of... well, being a ghoul, while it was Mutsuki's job to kill ghouls ] But I though I should let people know.

And- I know westerns pay great attention to Christmas as a family holiday, so I hope you had a happy day. Thank you to those who've sent me a Christmas gift.

i hope you have a happy New year as well.
[ do expect mochi cakes from kaneki on the 1st January ]


Nov. 14th, 2015 12:33 pm
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[ Hello, gang! Have an image of Wasabi, sitting as primly as a large fellow can manage at his kitchen table. Beside him, there's a small organizational tote. He smiles and offers the camera a quick wave. ]

Yo. It's Wasabi, here to present an opportunity for us imPorts to give back to the community around us.

As I'm sure you're all aware, winter is coming up, and, while the weather stays pretty mild here in Florida, it gets pretty cold in other places. While this is par the course for most people, there are people whose circumstances make winter a big problem. Those without homes, those without steady incomes or reliable means... You get the idea.

Now, I-- [ Hang on. He reaches into the bag to pull out a nearly-finished, knitted hat, made with thick yarn and with quite a few needle point sticking out haphazardly. ] I knit, see? And, back home, I always try to crank out as many extra pieces of winter wear as I can. There's numerous charities that organize and collect donations like this, and this world is not exception to this practice. I've looked into it.

So what I basically want to do is to rally as much imPort participation as possible. Then we can work up whatever we can and make sure they get to where they need to be. Simple enough, right? So... What do you say? Would anybody be interested in doing that kind of thing?

Oh! And don't worry if you can't knit. I'm definitely willing to teach, if it'll help. I can do crochet, too, if you'd rather learn and work with that.
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[His massive castle city of cards that takes up almost his entire cell is finished, and visible. Infact, that's all you see is towers and towers of cards to the point that it's difficult to tell this is a Government Holding Cell at all. Quite the feat, one of utmost patience and concentration. Perhaps it- and the few visitations he's had are all that's keeping him from going over the edge in here. Though, that's pushing it. Were his Nen active and his aura accessible, his bloodlust would be felt all around him and over a wide distance. You can hear it in his speech, how tired and strained he is, though it's obviously he's speaking through a slim smile.]

What is your New Years resolution? [Something he's learned is quite a thing in this world, though doesn't everyone make goals for themselves? Guess people need a reason for everything they do- effort is quite difficult to come by when disinterest lingers around.]

I'd like to know what sort of things people here work for. [Like how he worked to finish this ridiculous town of cards, for example. Certainly showing a lot of effort there- or boredom.]


Dec. 15th, 2014 08:37 am
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[ Hey gang, look who's alive and well and not crispy. Dorian's in his room, sitting up against his bed, looking at the camera. He...has very mixed feelings about all of this. Because he died, and they stayed dead and then got revived and none of this should work like that. So normally, he would be making some sort of grandiose "yes, I AM the Dorian Gray, I'm a sinnerrrrrr" blah blah blah kind of post.

But he died. And he really shouldn't have died. And he really shouldn't have died like that. And he shouldn't have come back to life, to proper life, so easily and with seemingly no repercussions. So have an oddly introspective Dorian, nodding at the camera

So, as you can see, I'm, um, alive. [ no shit. ] And I feel like I need to explain things.

[ Why did Lunatic target him for starters. Lunatic killed sinners, Lunatic killed Dorian, therefore Dorian was a sinner. Deduction at it's finest. And he KNOWS that he's just gonna have some Jojos up his ass about Dio (thanks buddy) and possibly some astute people have put together the fact that he is that Dorian Gray, and if not then he'll probably have to confess with regards to the sinners bit and this is way too much talking about the parts of himself that he doesn't want to talk about for Dorian's comfort level. ]

Ask away. If you've got a question about me or about what happened, I'll do my best to answer it. [ pause, and then ] Also, if you know someone who can get scorch marks out of carpets or wood, then please tell me their number. This is unsightly. [ and a reminder that guess what! You died! which Dorian doesn't really want. ]


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