Oct. 10th, 2017 11:30 pm
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[still in Maurtia Falls, but in an entirely new room from the last set-up she had been in.

and clearly, she seems very put off.

This teleporter likes to push and pull you every which way, doesn't it? Here I thought I had only been gone for mere milli-ticks, but looking at the calendar it has been...what? A little over a month as you Earthlings would put it?

[an exhale, her expression shifts to something more amicable.]

I suppose a re-introduction is in order, since it has been awhile. I am Princess Allura, daughter of King Alfor and now Paladin of the Blue Lion of Voltron. [sorry Lance...] And I...

[a pause.]

Honestly, I do not wish to work in a pie shop.
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[ When the video clicks on she's smiling, reserved but something proud despite itself in her expression. The background is one of the basic assigned rooms (this one in Maurtia Falls, but she hasn't decorated anything or shown anything but walls to tell by. ]

From what I've been come to understand so far, there are quite a few people here from my home galaxy, and many of us from different timelines.

So. [ She doesn't clear her throat, because that would be uncouth. ]

I am Padme Amidala, mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker, Queen of Naboo during the Occupation, and Senator of the Galactic Republic before the end of the Clone War.

[ And now there is a little bit of a smile, able to bring some lightheartedness to it. ]

And currently a hair model, apparently. I know there are many people from my galaxy here, but this is a new world and a new place to learn, and I am curious.

This system of representatives for those among us brought into this world without our consultation seems to be a good one, but I would like to know more about it from those who are familiar with the systems. I am pleased we are not pawns here entirely.

[ Entirely. ] Or if you are not familiar with how this system works but would like to know, we can work out the details together, or simply talk about how this system functions.

The more you know about your system of governance, the more chance you have to affect it.
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It would seem that someone involved in registration has a bit of a sense of...humor, as it were. I am not quite sure what anyone would expect from a "DJ", outside of being told music should be played--though I suppose talk of some kind would be expected.

I would wish to take my current employment seriously, so I must ask--if you were to listen to a radio broadcast, what issues or topics would interest you most?

[There's a momentary pause before she cuts in again.]

And I suppose introductions of some sort may be in order as well. There would be little reason for many of you to recognize me, from my understanding of how this Porter works. I am Satine Kryze, of Mandalore--should any of you have knowledge of it. I...look forward to meeting some of you in the future. And should it cross your mind, I hope you may come to listen to...[A deep sigh, she can't believe the title given to her show.] "Nights in White Satine" on your evening radio.


Oct. 6th, 2017 10:17 pm
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[Is this meant to be private? Should it be private? Yes and yes. But Anakin has little patience for diplomacy - or morality for that matter - so deal with this being awkward as hell.]

Leia? [His brow furrows and he gives a small sigh from within his dark hood.] Princess? I'm not sure which one you prefer.

Will you come out and see me? I'm fine standing here all night if that's what it takes.

[He is outside her place of residence and he's not above making a general nuisance of himself. Don't test him. He will do horrible things to get her attention.]


Sep. 12th, 2017 02:40 am
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[It never bodes well when Anakin Skywalker sticks to text only. He has manufactured many reasons to lay low and to generally behave himself, however one reason trumps them all. Why is fatherhood so complicated?]

Parenting books. I need them.

Does anyone even make those?

I don't have the experience necessary to not screw this up.

[Progress comes in uneven spurts for the once-Jedi-now-a-Sith Lord. Who knows if it will last or lead to even new heights of inspiration! Spoiler: it probably won't on both accounts.]


Sep. 12th, 2017 12:03 pm
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[Grievous appears today in his rarely seen human form - but it is more clear-minded than being in his cyborg body as well as less emotionally painful than his alien form, and he is pondering some things.]

Do you ever have the feeling that something important is being overlooked or that it is actually missing? Do you have the sense that something is there just mentally out of your grasp and you know that you should remember it but you're not even sure what it was or why it is so crucial...

[He frowns; shakes his head. Some deeper memories continue to elude him and something feels very wrong.]

I wish for more clarity.
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[ Leia is currently on the move, as the video feed connects to the network. The camera is a bit shaky and she's pausing to huff out a breath to blow some stray hair off her cheek that falls in front of her face. Braided and pulled to the side, the braid drapes over the front of her shoulder, long from all her years of growing out her hair on Alderaan, never once cutting it. ]

I only have a few questions. [ One glance at the screen and then she's looking away, like she's looking around, momentarily lost, confused. The camera then turns so it's facing out in front of her. ] Actually, I can't help but wonder if this is a mere coincidence or if it was done on purpose.

First things first— [ Aaaannnnd, she's on the move again. ] —baked goods. I'm currently in De Chima, is there a place nearby that specializes in baked go— excuse you! Hey!

[ Leia's jumping back out of the way of a bicyclist. They even have the nerve to ding their little bell at her; reminds her of an offended droid. Where's Threepio when she needs him? ]

Watch where you're going! I was walking here— worse than a pushy Jawa...never mind. [ Muttering. ] Anyway, if you hadn't noticed, I'm a little lost.

Princess Palace, can someone tell me if I'm even going in the right direction? I would appreciate the help. This communicator has an awful navigation system installed on it.


Sep. 10th, 2017 03:44 pm
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Don't you all feel very restricted not being able to easily take a ship to other planets? There are always unknown regions but this? Just this one tiny planet you're all stuck on and you can barely even get to your own moon?

It looks like some of my kind have even visited this planet and still you're no more advanced than flying around your own planet.

The technology here leaves a lot to be desired.
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[it looks like you may have stumbled on a cinema channel. The picture quality is different from normal transmission. Hard to say how. Colors more intense but light more hazy. Sensory input… it's almost more tactile than visual. See in feeling. Wind on face, sun on back, weight on feet…
It's not this distortion that makes the land and the light look unearthly. It's not Earth.
An obsidian land, once melted, now hard and dry, ash and cavern, with a violet sky…]

three children are playing on a hillside )

[The display snapped back to this reality.

The woods of De Chima. Hitting the ground from the Porter at a dead run.

Cassian stumbling again to his knees, managed to keep it at dry heaving this time, pushing himself up against a tree, and slapping the comm angrily]

Work blast it.

Does anyone read me?

[flashes of their names, their faces, on the display as through his mind:


but perhaps none of them will mind, they'll understand, that the only names he can force through his throat right now:]



Aug. 12th, 2017 09:55 pm
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[As invulnerable as he likes to pretend to be, Anakin Skywalker is not immune to strong drink. He has engaged in a contest with a certain Valar and failed miserably. Perhaps if Melkor had told him that alcohol has no effect on him whatsoever, he would not have tried so hard to keep up.

He is paying for his ambition now as he reclines messily on Melkor’s couch, completely unconscious to the world. There are plenty of empty bottles around him and it seems all too likely that once he wakes, he is going to be very, very sick.

Maybe being comatose is a blessing in that case. At least until the nightmares find him again. They always do.]

So, uh-

[Melkor poked Anakin, not sure what to do with a sick human. He had never even seen a sick Elf before. He carefully held his phone in one hand, not sure what to do but surely other mortals would know?]

I’m not sure how to make a sick human...better. I think he’s drunk. [He picked up Anakin’s arm, trying to wiggle it to get him awake. Surely this helps.]

[The wiggling earns a deep groan and some of the furniture gives an ominous shudder. Then the previously limp man is pushing himself up quickly and looking...rather grey.]

...bathroom… [He gasps and hauls himself to his feet, running for what he hopes is the right door. If it’s not, there might be some cleaning to do. This is why Men should not drink to excess!

Melkor watched, confused but stayed where he was before looking at the camera with a smirk as Anakin ran into a bedroom instead of the bathroom. He clearly won this and at least it wasn’t his room.]
Someone may want to come and heal him, I like this human and he doesn’t seem to be doing well.


Aug. 6th, 2017 03:28 pm
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Tell me, of all the cities that imPorts are most frequently housed in, which is the best to actually reside in?

What are the benefits of each? What are the troubles within? Where are the best facilities?

I am considering a relocation so am seeking advice on this matter.
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[Private to Luke.]

I might be onto something for your lightsaber. I didn't really want to say anything until it was a sure thing, but - [He's excited and he wants to share it with him.]

I'm working on it.


How long can a person go without sleep before it starts having a negative effect on them? I mean, I do sleep. Sometimes. But it's definitely not a full eight hours.

[And his slumber is filled with horrifying nightmares.]

I don't like taking anything, but I'm not sure what else to do.
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[The voice on the Network is deep, portentous, and elegant. Like a Shakespearean lead speaking from the bottom of a deep, dark cave.]

There are questions I have been pondering, my friends. I have been learning more regarding the history and future of the Galaxy I hail from. The same divisions and mistakes seeem to occur and reoccur in a repeating pattern. Lasting peace and stability appear to be rather... elusive, shall we say.

[Count Dooku sighs for a moment at the tragedy of it all.]

Corruption. Conflict. Ignorance. Incompetence. Injustice. These and so many other challenges are inevitably found in any universe, and they often persist regardless of how strongly they are confronted. Which is why I am curious to hear stories of what you have done to change things for the better, whether in your own world or here as an imPort. What problems did you face? What successes did you achieve? What failures have you had to endure?

[The Count's voice becomes notably lower on that last question, intoning it like a ritual. It's called the Dark Side after all, not the Optimist Side. He pauses for a moment before adding, in a lighter voice:]

I am not thinking of these things purely for abstract reasons, of course. As some of you are already aware, I am organizing an... alternative event outside this month's Swear-In, in Maurtia Falls. While the government offers us the usual frivolous bribes and distractions in exchange for accepting their agenda, imPorts will show what we can accomplish with our Swear-Out. This rally will be a festival for those who desire another path, made possible through imPort food, imPort security, imPort entertainment, imPort organization, and imPort vision for a better way.

I urge all of you to attend, and to let your voices be heard. I am available to answer any questions you may have about this gathering.

[OOC: If this is your first time tagging the Count, check out his permissions post! Plotting for the Swear-In/Swear-Out on the 15th is here.]
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OOC: This post is in relation to this and this

I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it, or if this will lead to anything, but - I'm afraid it's a bit of a Missing Persons ad. [Her voice is a bit unsteady in a way that suggests she's trying her hardest to maintain her composure. The apples of her cheeks are a bit flushed, the rims of her eyes a bit pinker than normal. She offers a very, very tight-lipped, twitching smile before her face goes sullen again.]

I'm wondering if anyone has seen the man in the image I'm about to show. He was last seen in De Chima yesterday morning and has not been seen or heard of since. His communicator was broken, though any message sent to him, regardless of format, bounces back as though there's - [She pauses, inhaling a short breath to steel herself to continue.]

As though there's no recipient to be found.

If you've any information, please let me know. Any assistance would - would be greatly appreciated.

[An image comes on the screen until the message goes black.]
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You guys! Oh my gosh, you guys.

[The voice is breathless, shaking somewhat along with the video feed as it tries to focus on the person in frame.]

Feel free to ignore me after this, but for the next few seconds at least, you have to see what I'm seeing.

[Finally the blurry figure focuses into a grinning woman in hiking clothes, her hair in a ponytail and a bead of sweat rolling down her cheek, who chuckles once before turning the camera around. It's a little unclear where the video is being recorded from, other than somewhere hilly outside of any of the porter cities, and it's a little unclear what everyone's meant to be focusing on as well. Until the shot zooms in a bit, framing about a dozen big, furry puffballs huddled up near a stream, including a few smaller ones playing together on the edge of the water.]

Capybaras! I'm, like, 90% sure they're capybaras, which makes no sense, but there they are! I, um- I know things have been... especially rough in the porter cities the last couple weeks-- [Including something about zoo animals that have been released or something, though that obviously isn't relevant to anything going on here, why would anyone think that??] --but maybe for a second we can all just chill and watch some baby capybaras play in the water?

I'm pretty sure this is the definition of therapeutic.


Jul. 29th, 2017 09:03 pm
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Not everyone wants to stay, and not everyone wants to leave. There are good reasons for each point of view.

If the Porter could be used to grant these certainties, what might be the best way to keep it from being abused?

Or is it only right to return to our own worlds, regardless of personal cost?

[someone's had too much time to think lately]
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By now, it's well-known we have a clone problem. I'm fairly certain that mine is responsible for at least two deaths in Heropa. From what I've managed to hear, it's become more aggressive and outspoken about imPort and non-human superiority, to the point of trying to start fights.

[And he is clearly not pleased with this.]

I need information on its location, and I need to issue a warning to anyone that may encounter it. If you find it absolutely necessary, I cannot stress enough killing from a distance of at least ten feet in a non-populated area. Draconians of my particular type explode when we die.

The good news is, its untrained in both combat and magic, making it much less of a threat than it could have been.

Regardless, I would prefer taking care of this situation on my own. Prevent it from harming others if you can, but leave the clone to me.


Jul. 11th, 2017 11:21 pm
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Sure is an interesting place you've got here. Filled with many interesting people, human and otherwise.

[It's pretty obvious by this particular being's appearance that he's one of these 'otherwise'. He's clearly some sort of alien. This time Bane isn't hiding his face.]

I'm hearing a lot of talk but what are you all doing?

Tell me about yourselves.

[More than wanting idle chit-chat, Bane will be paying attention to what people say - and what they don't. Sizing them up on who might be useful in the future.]

[Private messages are sent to the following: Raina, Newton Geizsler, and Tony Stark. The same message but separately.]

I've been told that you have scientific research that might be of interest to me.


Jul. 10th, 2017 03:39 am
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[The first fruits of Anakin's labors are beginning to show. He is standing beside a seemingly ordinary car - rather old and dilapidated - but as he leans in and pushes a button on the dashboard, there is a tell-tale hum and the wheels lift off of the pavement. It's a far cry from building a vessel that flies yet it is hovering and that's pretty remarkable considering the materials he had to work with.]

This won't hold up for long. [But he grins nonetheless.] It's a start.

[Anakin tilts his head back to look at the sky.]

I bet taxis could get where they're going faster if they could hover above the other cars on the road. Emergency vehicles too. There is so much air space that isn't put to use! [He doesn't really care about that; it's more an observation.] Traffic in these cities just doesn't make sense. It could be solved so easily.


Jul. 1st, 2017 10:18 pm
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[The communicator is set up in such a way that the main viewpoint is pointed at a clean countertop with what looks like... several glasses of milk, except the milk is various shades of blue. Some are more white than blue, and some are more blue than white. Overall, it's a little weird.

It's a little bit weirder, when behind the row of milk, is a seven-foot robot, and then a human woman.

Hello. Because Tanith fails to acknowledge that I have perfect recollection of what milk it supposed to look like, we have to unfortunately ask you people.

[Jyn rolls her eyes, heavily, at Kay's comment, then glares up at him before deadpanning over to the camera again.]

He's malfunctioning, obviously, and doesn't know anything about anything.

I think that the perfect shade of bantha milk is this one.

[She holds up a glass somewhere in the middle of the blue spectrum.]

I drank a lot of it, fermented especially, growing up. I know it's the right color.

You know, I don't think they're going to really know what the proper color is, considering their milk is white, for some reason.

[So everyone- what do you think? The slightly more blue milk, or the slightly less blue milk? Both milks look equally gross unless you're, you know, used to that.]


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