Aug. 27th, 2017 12:38 am
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[ Aurican is completely irritated at the whole situation. And Aurican is a rare creature to annoy. ]

To anyone who has ordered any customized clothing from Aurican Apparel, I am sorry to say that for the time being we are facing some difficulties and there might be some delays. From what my understanding, the latest vandals have apparently broken into a shipment and took off with some of Aurican Apperel clothing while destroying the rest.

[ The poor mailman. Aurican felt like he was given the worst of it - grabbed from his truck and beaten before being carjacked, and left stranded on a highway heading toward De Chima.

There's a pause on Aurican's end, as if he's internally debating the merits of what he will say next. ]

And since we are speaking of vandals, I will also recommend to those flying around - please be careful, especially if you fly at greater heights. Somebody has attempted to shoot arrows at me.

[ Key word attempted. ]

It did not work.

[ Aurican is the worst at reassuring, he does not do conveying emotions all that well. ]


Jun. 15th, 2017 03:44 am
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Hey, Network. I didn’t mean to go so long without posting, but it’s been, uh, a while--

[ --since shortly before he was unmasked on the network by Tony Stark’s evil alternate universe counterpart, actually. THANKS FOR THAT, BUDDY.

In deference to the new status quo, Peter is wearing one of his usual button-downs with the sleeves rolled up, but with the collar unbuttoned enough that the red of his costume peeks through. Baby steps! ]

If we haven’t met, I’m Peter Parker, also known as [ cough ] Spider-Man, and I’ve been here for a few years now, so if you’re new and have questions about how to manage this whole kidnapped-to-another-universe thing, I can try to field them. Not that you can’t ask if you’re not new, but anyway.

I've got two announcements to make--sort of a good news, bad news kind of thing.

[ Clasping his hands together: ] First, the good news! As some of you saw on a recent Majority Report, I'm going to be working with Kanaya Maryam, Norman Osborn, and Revan on our new venture to provide costumes and equipment to the superheroic masses. I'm really excited to be working with the team, and I want to thank Kanaya and Normie for bringing me on. Details at the link below, etcetera, etcetera.

[ There's an attached link which will take the curious onlooker or potential client to the project's website. ]

For the record, I'm signing on as one of the tech-heads. My job is to do everything in my power to help you use your powers most effectively and then get home safely. I've been advised in the strongest possible terms that I'm not allowed to give fashion advice under the auspices of the company--[ He may be slightly grumpy about this. His costume's a classic, Kanaya!!! ]--so for that you'll have to ask Kanaya.

cut for spider-man brand motormouthery(tm) )


May. 25th, 2017 12:09 pm
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[ Aurican has heard many, many events of the this world. The kidnapping by the Russians and the subsequent invasion. The robotic sharks. The fear gas rampage.

But there's one thing that caught Aurican's attention, and, well . . . it's time he inquires. ]

I heard of a story of an imPort. I would like to hear more stories of.

The imPort I ask of is a dragon, long ago. I heard she became sick and died while killing others. [ To put it lightly. ]

{ video }

May. 23rd, 2017 08:11 pm
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Hello? My name is Sansa Stark.

[ Right now the video is zoomed in to show Sansa from the shoulders up but it's easy enough to pick up on the fact that she is outside somewhere and there are people around her. There are soft murmurs and the occasional noises that sound like someone taking pictures. She is doing her best to ignore it all, though, focusing on the camera with a tense expression. ]

If anyone out there knows anything about flying, I could use your help.

[ She almost hates to ask for help because she has been doing her best to fly under the radar (haha). Except it seems that she can't anymore and it becomes clear why when she turns to someone so she can hand them her device. When she takes a few steps back, one can see the wings stretching from her back. Magnificent wings that are so dark they appear black but one could almost pick up on the shimmers of red as well.

Glancing over her shoulder, she watches as they stretch enough that the small crowd that has gathered around her needs to move back. Focusing back on the camera, she frowns. ]

I don't know how to control them.


Apr. 29th, 2017 02:50 pm
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[ After the dreams finally ended (the dreams about the dream of where he fought and died against Russians and their imPort slaves), Aurican decided to make a small decision. But he's interested if anyone else shares his growing passion. ]

I have always been interested in magic. There was magic long ago in my world, but it disappeared when the first ten dragons died. Even though I can't use magic, I want to have a study group about magic, how magic from each other's world interacts here. Is there one available, or does it need to be made?


Feb. 28th, 2017 05:08 pm
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[ Well, it was going to happen sooner or later, but it makes Aurican curious about others' opinions. ]

My teacher is telling me I've might become too advance for my current grade. [ First grade, that is. ] She's given me a few books that the third graders are reading, but I've already finished those.

[ Which is both a proud and frustrating moment, as Aurican isn't sure what counts as difficult for a teacher. ]

How common is it for young humans to be in older classmates? I'm not human, I'm a dragon, but I still attend a human school in a human body, so I know I'll still be seen as a boy.

[ God help Aurican if he has to attend AP High School courses. ]


Jan. 29th, 2017 11:18 pm
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[ Aurican is doing a school project, but his altruism doesn't always mean he understands what is really needed among human societies. ]

I have a school project. It is about how to help people.

The whole blackout made me realize just how much we all rely on the power to make our own food. Back home, my nestmates and I only have to be concerned about when the bats arrived (they always did) and we eat them. When the blackout happened, I was able to feed myself by hunting in the woods.

[ Aurican is a very neat eater, but by human standards it is still very gory. ]

But I know not everyone can do that. Not everyone can bite hard as I can or breathe fire.

I wonder if there is a way to keep together ways of food keeping without electricity. I am making a paper show off these methods can help when the next emergency comes. I ask for advice and resources.


Nov. 29th, 2016 08:04 pm
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[ The following content is blocked from A CERTAIN NERD ]

So. It's winter, which means it's the holiday season where you circulate those online shopping "buy me these things" lists, spend too long in retail shopping lines--and realize you honestly don't know what to buy people who you know REALLY well.

I don't say this often, and you probably won't hear it again, but HALP PLS.

Shopping for: Male. Mid-Thirties. NERD. Likes space and math and robots. Dresses like an academic dork (stuffy librarian). Significant enough other that a spending limit does not exist by default. Nor is a gift objectionable due to being "too personal" or "too significant." Does not need a new watch, nor a new winter jacket. Rarely wears ties. Does not wear jewelry.

Alright, and just because: What's the BEST gift you've received?
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[Someone maybe hasn't slept in like four days--not since he fell asleep on a couch in another life--and has been trying to distract himself with work and specs and new plans, but it hasn't been nearly as effective as he would have liked it to be. And he doesn't have his confidante around to talk to or ask advice. So what is a boy dealing with a crisis to do?

This is probably not the best idea, but it's the only one sticking in his sleep-deprived mind. Getting a certain text definitely didn't help.]

Reality warping is the worst. Like your whole world is a hard drive that they just write over however they want. Only maybe it wasnt so bad. Maybe it was pretty nice. Except its fake. Fake memories. Fake feelings. Fake future. Worst.

How do you get rid of something like that? How do you go back to not feeling things? Big things. Wheres the reset button for big fake feely things?
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[The below posts to the mirror network around 3am on the morning of November 26th, the election of the Heropa ambassador.]

Greetings, fellow imPorts.

As you turn out to vote today for our ambassador of Heropa, our single sole voice of representation in this great nation, we urge you to ask yourselves: who is your neighbor?

Your vote is a empty gesture. A gesture designed to help keep us complacent, to make us feel that we have a part in a body, in a nation, that has nothing to do with us. These elections are coordinated by a government who does not care about you. These elections put into place the newest figurehead, in a series of figureheads, whose power is rendered meaningless by the very fact that we who live here have no rights. No control. We are brought here and we are taken out again.

So trust your neighbor, imPorts. They are the closest you have to a constant.

But we suggest that you trust your neighbor only if you know your neighbor.

Your candidates show one face. We show you now, LIVE, FROM HEROPA, some OTHER faces of 3 of the finest, to teach you, imPOrts, to be wary, and beware. Be wary of the rich who give from guilt, the men of means who claim to care. Beware the criminals who got off easy and now ask YOU to behave. Be wary of the cronies, the vote-buyers, the campaigners who seek not to enrich your lives but to profit, to increase their means and their research, to increase their bottom line off your backs. Beware the institutions, Big Med and Big Industry and Big Brother. Beware those who would see us as tools. Beware the socialists who would join the democratic machine. To enter into that game is to succumb to it.

To the candidates: we urge you to LISTEN TO YOURSELVES. Heed your own words and take your own advice. If you must participate in this dog and pony show that the government has constructed as a distracton, then participate by our rules, the rules of the imPorts. You should tear this fabric. You should not worry about playing the corrupt game. You should worry for your fellow imPOrts, and worry about us. We have the power.

And remember: it is in our hands to decide. Not just today, fellow imPorts, but every day. IT IS IN ALL OF OUR HANDS. You must pay attention. Don't make us pay attention for you.

[Following the text is a series of links and soundbytes, reposting the above for emphasis.]


01 | Video

Nov. 7th, 2016 07:55 pm
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Hi, I'm Steve. Pretty new around here, and I got a question or two for you folks.

[ The person on the screen is male, blond and blue-eyed, leaning against a tree in what look like downown De Chima. He's wearing a bomber jacket and what can only be described as a 'grandpa plaid' shirt. No, really, it looks like it barely escaped the least fashionable part of the '50s with its life. (Mostly because Nat and Pepper aren't here to rescue him from bad shopping choices.) ]

Does anyone know if there are any, ah, veteran groups in the area? Specifically here in the city would be nice, but I'm willing to expand out to DC or one of the other imPort centers. [ He reaches up with the hand not holding the video feed steady and rubs at the back of his neck. Asking about this is kind of embarrassing, but 1. he'd really like this information and 2. he's spent the past few years as an example, so why stop now. ] A friend of mine back home works -- worked at one, and I'd like to volunteer.

[ And also maybe talk to someone. Actually talk about war, being defrosted, and other difficult topics. Or at least keep the possibility open. Because waking up in a new century is one level of what-the-hell. Being brought to a completely new world is stretching his patience just a little. ]

So if anyone knows of one, or at least someone more official to ask, I'd be grateful. As for my other question, is baseball popular here? I kind of miss going to games and cheering on my home team. Any information in that direction would be helpful, too. Thanks.

[ He offers a little, shy smile and turns the feed off. ]
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I’m looking for someone.

[ “Someone.” ]

Twenty feet tall, breathes fire, great leathery wings. Nasty temper. Last seen heading North over Nonah.

[ The clatter of hooves pummeling concrete fills a terse break in speech. Jorah sounds like he’s under a certain amount of stress, short on breath, decorum chafing coarse under pressure.

Somewhere in the distance, sirens are wailing. ]

We need to draw him away from the city.

[ ooc: relevant log post and ooc planning post. ]


Nov. 3rd, 2016 10:49 pm
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[ Aurican has been thinking long and hard on this. He saw his own memories in that dingy alley, looking at himself in a world that seem limiting, after what Aurican experienced here. It makes him think long and hard, starting on his nestmates, who he is, what he is and what it means here.

Which leads to this network post. ]

I saw my memories of my nestmates back home.

Do anyone have dragons in their world? What are they like?


Sep. 29th, 2016 10:56 pm
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[ Here is Aurican's another attempt at writing. He felt he needs to make a declaration. ]

I have moved out of Maurita Falls. I live in Heropa now, with Kang. I will go to school to Heropa.

Today is International Coffee Day. I tried it out when it was offered for free. I never drink coffee before. It is very hot and bitter. I drank several cups.

I also can't sleep. Is this normal?

[ Well that doesn't sound ominous or anything. ]
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[ Max is trying his best to stay upbeat, and specifically gears his body language toward looking relaxed and dismissive, though some might catch a hint of concern in his eyes. He holds the camera on himself, then on a bowl in the sink. ]

Hey, so uh — has anyone seen Duncan Heimdall? My housemate?

This bowl has been here for like a week now, and I want to congratulate him on finally learning to let stuff like this slide every now and then. But I uh, haven't caught him lately.

[ Not that he's worried Duncan left or anything. Oh no. Certainly not fishing for info to prove that wrong, definitely not. ]
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hi its shinji again

you might remember me from that network post a couple months ago where i

well i wasnt in the best state but thats not what im here to talk about (im also not here to talk about this agonizing bus ride im stuck on without my headphones seriously why is american public transit the worst in every reality anyway uh)

[Unseen here is the five minute pause where Shinji had to consider if he really wanted to talk about this in public, but Hell, there's someone from his world here already. It's not like he can control what people find out anymore.]

there are probably a lot of people here from worlds where theres more sapient species on earth than just humans, right? i know for a fact theres worlds were elves and dragons and stuff are real at least

how does that work? is it possible for two species to co-exist in peace like that? even if one of them seems monstrous?

in my world there was another species too (well kind of another species but not really long story) and in the end there could only be one of us left. we just couldnt share the earth. maybe because there was only supposed to be one to begin with

i guess what im asking is

could it have been different?


Aug. 27th, 2016 11:11 pm
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[ As always, with Shade, it's Video.

And as always, he looks pretentious as hell, but this time, it's worse.
] Good evening, imports!

[ Says Shade, dressed in a dark smoking jacket, complete with a pipe, although his tophat and shades are still on. In the background, one can see a roaring fire -- in North Carolina no less -- and in the foreground, a small shadow gremlin stumbles around, bringing a both a glass of hazy green liquid (absinthe) and a paper, which Shade takes. ]

I'm the Shade, for those of you whom I haven't met, and I'm quite the fan of the written word.

Most of the time. [ He holds up the paper, labeled with a bold TMI -- the headline an image -- with a headline underneath: TMI EXCLUSIVE: REGGIE MANTLE CONFESSES - SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS ]

I thought I'd give this a go, as the reading seemed to hint that it would include too much information, but this may very well be... too much.

[ He cleared his throat, before he started. ]

Import Harleen Quinzel may not be a human import at all! The import was last seen turning into a -- my word, really? -- Harley Davidson motorcycle, and speeding down Formation Boulevard in Nonah this past Saturday. Some followers of imports pointed out that she may be a... Transformer -- [ He sounded bewildered: ] What is a... ah! -- an alien that is known to tranform from a robot into a vehicle.

[ A pause. ] Fascinating!

And the next one says... Saitama, the import known for packing quite the punch... [ He paused, eyes peering over his sunglasses while he read. His face becoming more and more horrified by the moment. ] ...is now starring in a...n.... X-rated video called "Three Fist Man"? [ Muttered under his breath: ] By erebus -- I don't think that's appropriate for the Sundays...

[ Gross. Maybe he should move on. But only after he reaches out to take a sip of his drink. ]

Ah! My friend Dorian! Apparently you've been rather naughty. [ He grinned. ] Caught in the sheets with Power Girl! My! And with an illegitimate child? Kara Danvers? [ A hand to his chest. ] Toby must be devastated, really. It appears that TMI reporters were able to locate an illicit exchange between the two, but there was no footage, but... the similarities between Ms. Danvers and Power Girl are rather striking, aren't they? [ A wave of his hand. ] Or is it coincidence? Who truly knows?

Ah! It appears that an import is to blame for the FBI's incompetence as well? Apparently a one Erik Lensherr was to blame for the FBI's entire database, which found itself wiped. Apparently the man is a living...magnet? Can that affect compuiters? Regardless, the FBI chose not to comment, and instead dismissed the intrepid TMI reporter as insane. Of course tthat's incorrect.

And lastly -- [ He's on the third page -- ] Import Frederick Chilton was found in the arms of his patient! How scandouls. James Patrick Marsh, hotel owner, was found with the Doctor on a sensuos lunch date, where the two were found laughing over... strawberries and créme. [ A thoughtful noise. ] How very romantic -- and clichéd. [ Another sip. ]

Isn't it fascinating, what things we've all been up to so far?


Aug. 21st, 2016 09:52 pm
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[ The tutor lessons from Kang are now paying off big time, which means that Aurican decides to take the momentum and learn to practice on the network. So his first attempt at writing is formal and stiff and short. ]


I am Aurican. This is my first writing post. I am learning to read and write. I live in Maurita Falls. I will go to school in Heropa.

I am not a boy. I am a dragon. But I am a boy mostly. Dragons too big in homes.

[ He nearly broke his own bed in attempt to make a nest out of it. ]

That is all.

[ Nailed it. ]
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[ Kanaya is sitting at her desk, with Ashiah laying down on it in front of her. The little grub keeps glancing around in various directions, while her mother's gaze and smile is fixed on the camera. ]

I've been thinking recently about the cross-section of the imPort community who aren't human, perhaps most particularly since the ambassador elections last month. There are a sizable amount of us, not a large group, but significant. I've spoken with many of you on individual terms, and while the resources Governor Kang and SELF have provided to those of us with more unique needs have been invaluable, I feel there is still something missing in our collective socialization. We live the imPort experience in a way that many others won't fully appreciate, and I think we could benefit from sharing those experiences with each other.

[ At this point, Ashiah tries to wander off camera, but Kanaya suppresses a giggle as she puts a hand on top of her and scoots her back into place. ]

I'm unsure exactly what form that would take, but putting us all in a room to share our stories would be at least a start. If anyone is interested, please let me know, and I'll see about renting some space. Of course, if you have any special dietary needs, in terms of snacks, I would like to hear those as well.

This is generally something I'd prefer to save until we're in person, but... [ She's interrupted as Ashiah turns around and nuzzles into her chest, then tries to climb up her shoulder. Kanaya stops and laughs to herself, then plucks her off and cradles her, despite all her fidgeting. ] Anyway, for those of you who I haven't had the pleasure with yet, my name is Kanaya Maryam, and this is my daughter, Ashiah. I'm an Alternian troll, specifically an awakened jadeblood, which basically means I'm a vampire. She's a Daughter Grub from the same planet. [ She raises a finger, shaking her head. ] And before you ask, no, she isn't a troll, and she won't grow up to be one, either. Once she finally pupates, she'll become a Mother Grub. They acted as gestational surrogates for trolls, while the jadeblooded caste were their caretakers and midwives. It's all a bit complicated, this is just a general summary.

So, hopefully we'll be able to put something together moving forward, and I'll be able to hear all of your stories, as well. I'll be looking forward to hearing from each of you.
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As seen on all the best tabloids and celebrity gossip sites:
Sparks Fly on Ambassador's Hot Date: Who is Lu's Beau???
Who cares about some guy trying to steal the Declaration of Independence, right? Real news is what you find in gossip magazines, a few of which are running content like the above headline, splashed across a picture of a blond, curly-headed teen shielding De Chima's new ambassador from a large bald eagle-shaped firework.

An excerpt from one such article:

"They were sooo cute together," says one woman, a self-described "imPort fanatic". "I waited outside the museum for six hours just so I could see what all the imPorts were wearing, and I saw them go in together. It was like they couldn't stop smiling at each other. He's got dimples, you know."

The dimpled boyfriend is Matthew Lynch, a dreamy imPort who shared a few classes with Lucy before she graduated earlier this year. What did he have to say about the relationship?

"We're just friends," he reportedly insisted throughout the evening, but we all know what that means. Some sources say the two have been an item since April's Fanport convention, where a number of fans claim to have spotted the pair holding hands and even kissing.

(Don't forget to check out our online gallery for even more photos of Lu's STUNNING evening gown! We'll tell you all about how YOU can get her look!)

As seen on Bwitter, ImPortanment Tonight!, and all the best celebrity magazines:

Keep on the lookout! A new imPort power couple's in town, and it's tearing it apart— literally! In the early hours of the past month's 18th, De Chima received the unsavory visit of a massive red-skinned beast lady, who went on a rampage through a small portion of the city. Before much damage was done, she was joined by her larger and greener companion, though it was unclear whether his intention was to stop her from doing any more damage or taking part in it himself.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of imPorts, as well as the distraction that the massive green Hulk proved to be, the damage was limited mostly to a building that was torn down, and despite minor to mild injuries on innocent bystanders, there were no casualties, and soon after the pair vanished into the forest. As of yet, the identities of both the Hulk and his companion the illustrious Hulkette remain unknown, although the case remains open, and the authorities continue to search for them.

As seen on all major news networks and FranticNews.com:
Sixteen suspected drug dealers and small business burglars in Maurtia Falls have been laid up in the city's hospitals across the last eight days due to injuries resulting from being shot in the backside with arrows. Taking credit for these acts of vigilante justice are several members of the Maurtia Falls Daryl Dixon Fan Club the 'Crossbow Queens'. When asked for comment, the president of the club said, "Something had to be done about them. Besides, no one got killed. DARYL DIXON RULES!" The other Queens and fans gathered cheered too loudly for further questions to be asked as their president and several other members were arrested and taken into police custody.

The president of the De Chima Daryl Dixon Fan Club, 'Dixon's Demons', had this to say about the actions of her fellow fans: "Serves them right. The Crossbow Queen's ain't [censored]. Daryl's a De Chima boy. Anyone who's a real fan would be part of the Demons, not the Queens."

When asked for his opinion on what was being done by his fans, Daryl Dixon replied: "Get that [censored] camera out of my face!"

In related news, crossbow sales across the country have seen a 200% rise over their total sales in the first quarter during the last week alone. This spike of interest is expected to continue at least through the end of the summer hunting season.

As seen in THOT TOPIC ads:
Brand new coming in August! Life sized DARYL DIXON action figures, with opposable thumbs! Pre-order now!

As seen on all major national and international news networks:
Catastrophe at the "240 Years of America!" yesterday, on July 4th as the gala was interrupted by fireworks inside the museum, followed shortly by the notorious Julian Day, alias "Calendar Man".

The newly-released from parole Day attacked the gala with an Uncle Sam monster that took quite a number of fellow imPorts to take down. Day had attempted to steal several artifacts from the exhibit, including the Declaration of Independence, though all have been returned. Unfortunately, the costume stolen by Day from the popular musical Franklin! was not in recoverable condition.

Julian Day was quickly arrested and following a short hospital stay due to an injury sustained to his gluteus maximus, was then sentenced to four weeks in prison with two months of parole. While Day plead guilty to the charges related to the monster, he denied involvement in the fireworks.

The De Chima Civil War Museum suffered extensive damages and the exhibit has been cancelled. While many blame imPorts for the attack, witnesses claim it would have been much worse without all the heroes on scene and that lives were saved that day.

As seen on the website made to order, BloodOrangeBubble:
Have you ever wanted a punching bag OR a pillow with Julian Day's, AKA Calendar Man, face on it? Pre-order now! Supplies are unlimited.

As seen on all forms of viral marketing:
Have you been using a computer lately? Watching TV? Did you accidentally type "Lucifer" into your Woohoo! search bar? Or maybe search for something unrelated like "The best place to buy a sandwich in De Chima"? You did? Awesome. Because you have now found yourself accosted by one of the most irritating adverts known to man. On the computer it's one of those ads that play music and remind you that you forgot to turn on your adblock, or turn off your speakers. On TV, it's catchy, and repeated often. It's the clip that interrupts your daily play of Two Tones albums on BlueTube. It gets under your skin, until you're utterly sick of hearing about it. And so is everyone else, if the angry comments are anything to go by.

So what is this advert?

An enormous white wing cuts across the screen, there's a swooping noise. You'll probably hear that swooping noise in your dreams. And then an instrumental, not quite perfect version of AC-DC's Back in Black cuts in; the same version used during Lucifer's ImPortant! season debut, just this past week.

The voice over begins to tells you about the contents of the CD: "Finally, Hell's only angel has released the album that everyone has been waiting for. "Lucifer's Best Of" collects both live and studio recordings of songs you'll be familiar with from the crooning archangel."

As he speaks, the music changes, and viewers are afforded different clips of Lucifer in full song. "Bringing together classic live show hits like Sweet Transvestite and Big Balls as well as hits from Season 2's great upcoming soundtrack. Download the full album now, and be the first to see the music video to Karma Chameleon. Or buy the 8" vinyl, and enjoy the secret track." Like, for example, Lucifer crooning to Witchcraft. Are you sick of this advert yet? It's okay, it's almost over.

"Don't forget to pick up Season 1 of "ImPortant!" at a retailer near you, or find clips from every episode so far at ChurchOfTheMorningstar.Org".

"And he's buying a stairway to Hea--hahaha. Heaven~"

Now it's over.

You know who's to blame.

As seen on local Maurtia Falls television channels:
A rash of bloody, brutal murders have been happening, mostly targeting young men. Authorities are not revealing much, but it is believed to be imPort-related.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from SOLSTICE YELLOW to FIREWORK RED because #ThanksJulian is trending.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.


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