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[ A very clearly non-human adjusts a few things, trying to get herself in frame. ]

Alright, is this thing working? Ugh, I have a droid newer than this technology and he's older than me...

[ She smooths down the leather of her vest with gloved hands, the fleshy-green tendrils on the back of her head slightly bouncing and swaying with her movements. ]

My name is Hera Syndulla. I've been told that it's rather common for me to be missing my ship, but I'm... I'm hoping that someone from my crew made it here. Phoenix Squadron, Specters, if you're out there... It'd be good to hear your voice.

[ She's clearly worried, looking away from the camera and clearing her throat slightly before shuffling a few papers off screen. ]

For those of you more familiar with this world, I have a question.

... What's a Social Worker?


Oct. 6th, 2017 10:17 pm
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[Is this meant to be private? Should it be private? Yes and yes. But Anakin has little patience for diplomacy - or morality for that matter - so deal with this being awkward as hell.]

Leia? [His brow furrows and he gives a small sigh from within his dark hood.] Princess? I'm not sure which one you prefer.

Will you come out and see me? I'm fine standing here all night if that's what it takes.

[He is outside her place of residence and he's not above making a general nuisance of himself. Don't test him. He will do horrible things to get her attention.]
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what do u do when u fuck up so bad u hurt the person you love??? and they might not come back to u and things might not be the same ever again
like htheyll still talk 2 you but u know its the
[mamoswine?? no that'll give him away... what the hell are they normally called??] large animal in the room that ur not even smart enough to talk abt properly
and that mayb talking inst the way forward

this is very self pitying and dumb I KNOW but im at wits end here fellow imports
i dont know what ill do i f i loose em forever

001. voice.

Oct. 1st, 2017 08:02 pm
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( potential spoilers for season one of American Gods, if you'd like me to avoid any spoilers please just lmk in the subject line. )

What do you believe in? Really believe? What do you devote your time to?

( A pause; he's having a sip of cocoa. )

Now I've been here a few weeks, I've gotten to wondering about that. There's a lot here that's the same as back home, with a few obvious differences thrown in. Advertising, TV, that kind of thing. Back where I come from, what you spend your time on and what consumes your thoughts matters. There's a lot of shit you might not realise how much it matters to you. Mattering matters, if you want to make it sound like some bullshit affirmation.

So here's the thing: what if the reason we come through those porters with the powers we got is because people believe we will? What if we only start fighting crime or committing them because people believe we will?

( A long exhale, almost a verbal shrug. ) Or maybe it's bullshit. I dunno.
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hey. two things:

1. where do unsettled imPorts go to get their non-standard gear? trying search terms like "Big Al's Wild'N'Crazy Battle Boy Emporium" is bringing me to some cool sites (did you guys know there's a developing roomba ultimate fighting ring in MF?) but not the ones i'm actually looking for. thanks.

2. what would you do with your last day on whatever-non-specific-planet-or-plane-of-existence you came from? inquiring battle boys want to know, i guess.

EDIT: a third thing 3. where are there chocolate fountains?

004 | text

Sep. 16th, 2017 10:40 am
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[It's 2 AM when this message pops up on the network—it had been meant for Lando's more private channel, but. Well. Considering Han's early morning texting habits, this was bound to happen at some point.]

hey Lando if you're still up I need some help

where are all the best places to take someone out for a classy first date


He doesn't wait for a response or even check if he posted it to the right place before he passes out for an hour or two. In the very near future, he's going to come to regret that.]


Sep. 12th, 2017 12:03 pm
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[Grievous appears today in his rarely seen human form - but it is more clear-minded than being in his cyborg body as well as less emotionally painful than his alien form, and he is pondering some things.]

Do you ever have the feeling that something important is being overlooked or that it is actually missing? Do you have the sense that something is there just mentally out of your grasp and you know that you should remember it but you're not even sure what it was or why it is so crucial...

[He frowns; shakes his head. Some deeper memories continue to elude him and something feels very wrong.]

I wish for more clarity.
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[ Leia is currently on the move, as the video feed connects to the network. The camera is a bit shaky and she's pausing to huff out a breath to blow some stray hair off her cheek that falls in front of her face. Braided and pulled to the side, the braid drapes over the front of her shoulder, long from all her years of growing out her hair on Alderaan, never once cutting it. ]

I only have a few questions. [ One glance at the screen and then she's looking away, like she's looking around, momentarily lost, confused. The camera then turns so it's facing out in front of her. ] Actually, I can't help but wonder if this is a mere coincidence or if it was done on purpose.

First things first— [ Aaaannnnd, she's on the move again. ] —baked goods. I'm currently in De Chima, is there a place nearby that specializes in baked go— excuse you! Hey!

[ Leia's jumping back out of the way of a bicyclist. They even have the nerve to ding their little bell at her; reminds her of an offended droid. Where's Threepio when she needs him? ]

Watch where you're going! I was walking here— worse than a pushy Jawa...never mind. [ Muttering. ] Anyway, if you hadn't noticed, I'm a little lost.

Princess Palace, can someone tell me if I'm even going in the right direction? I would appreciate the help. This communicator has an awful navigation system installed on it.


Sep. 10th, 2017 03:44 pm
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Don't you all feel very restricted not being able to easily take a ship to other planets? There are always unknown regions but this? Just this one tiny planet you're all stuck on and you can barely even get to your own moon?

It looks like some of my kind have even visited this planet and still you're no more advanced than flying around your own planet.

The technology here leaves a lot to be desired.
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I can't sleep.

[Normally D33 might have something a little more eloquent to say (or at least something a little more long-winded), but, then again, normally D33 would have also gotten more than a couple of hours of sleep in a week.

[Not this one. He's been up for a solid seventy-two now at least, and that's only if you're counting the brief two to three hours of tossing and turning in between. With mild hallucinations starting to set in, D33 is beginning to get desperate.

[Despite the increasing paranoia, he is willing to try just about anything at this point.]

I am in need of advice. Leave suggestions below.

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[ the face that currently peers back at the device gives a small, tired smile and wave, he's set amidst a backdrop of what looks like an open area. ]

I think I was just ported out, but I'm not sure how long it's been. There's something new, I didn't have before. I think that's why -- [ he runs a hand over his face, adjusting his goggles before he's holding the camera a little back so something can be seen in the shot -- the pair of glossy black feathered wings he's now sporting at his back. ] 

When I said I missed flying, this wasn't what I had in mind.

[ and Bodhi looks a little somber now - the smile fading a bit, pausing before he continues, addressing a few people. ]

I'm sorry to any of my friends that I may have worried. [ Even if he couldn't help it, damn it stop apologizing. ] I'm -- I'm on my way back home. 
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[ooc: just keeps this open for the duration of threads]

[The camera has been set up to point at a blank wall. As the feed turns on, there's a heavy shuffling sound; and Cassian slumps into frame, thudding his back to the wall, and sliding to sit on the floor against it. He's… more or less still in frame. He looks an absolute mess. And there's a bottle grasped in his hand.

behind the curtain )

Apparently (impeccably) drunk, sloshing the bottle's contents onto himself just for good measure, Cassian tugged his free hand through his worse-than-usual hair and slurringly moaned into the camera.]

She kriffing left. Our friend's gone and she… She left me and says it's too much and she can't cope with both and I should know why and I don't. Says I said things… don't karking remember. Wouldn't I know better what I said than she…? I never would've… ruskakk-loving… Any of you remember me saying…? S'all bantha… one of us's gone felek and I don't know…

Tell me the truth—

[He leveled the bottle accusingly at the viewscreen, splashing again.]

Did I ever say… skragging… snogwash… what was it… "I got…" something… "…got what I wanted so I'm done"…? Does that even sound like me? But she… said… after hearing in my voice… she tried but… can't go back from… she… And he's… Això no passa…

[His mumbling devolved into a sob. He drew up one knee to wrap an arm around it and bury his face in that arm.

And I'll stay here sniffling until you bite you mimicking blasterpfassked sithspawn..]


Aug. 23rd, 2017 11:44 pm
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[Oh hey, it's that robot who argued with at least a dozen people about milk. This isn't fun and games this time around, as K-2 doesn't speak at first, and instead sends through the communicators a blue-tinted, looping projection that looks like it comes from his perspective.]

This is Bodhi Rook. He is missing. I understand now, that this can happen if the Porter "takes someone back." I also know that there is a chance he will be returned, but there is also a chance that this isn't the case, and something has happened to him.

[Very unlikely. But it isn't the same percentage he had given for Cassian- it's higher. Less than ten, still, but not four. Ever since Cassian's "duplicate" had shown up, Kay won't write off that imPorts could arrange for something to happen to Bodhi and make it look like a port out.]

...If anyone has any information on his whereabouts, it would be appreciated. He...

[Is important. Needs to be protected.]

Is a friend. Thank you.
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Congress has yet to return from its August recess, but singular interviews indicate that they have heard the woes of their native constituents regarding imPort conflict. There are talks that some action might come of this. But maybe it's all talk? Then again... A lot of natives are questioning why the government allowed for a Swear-Out, especially apparent on Bwitter. The government released a brief memo to the press stating that imPorts have equal rights, to include the right of assembly, but some members of society still seem unconvinced. Limited public pressure might be coming down on Congress and, in turn, specifically Senator Mitchell Hundred.

As seen on Sorbes Business Magazine, De Chima news outlets:
An investigation is underway in De Chima after reports that break-ins at Crake & Orix Tech and Anoxia INC have resulted in the theft of several prototypes and patents the companies were working on. Police are tight-lipped about details, but they have revealed that the perpetrators are currently at large and it's not believed imPorts are involved. It's unclear at this time if these two thefts were linked or coincidental. Businesses in De Chima are advised to review their security in case the thefts continue.

As seen in local Maurtia Falls news and imPort-centric online forums:
Once more into the breach! Infamous street artist bElish has struck again! This time with a fifteen foot mural unveiled in the center of the Maurtia Falls financial district. Macaroni on canvas depicting the beloved Petyr Baelish's face, wearing a disgruntled expression. Because the businesses of the financial district indeed have CCTV in relevant areas, and because this work of guerrilla art seemed to appear out of nowhere, speculation has renewed over bElish's identity. Are they Metahuman? ImPort? Government? A prototype clone??

As seen on gamer news blogs and financial publications:
There has been an ungodly amount of chatter over the NUMBER ONE DOWNLOADED dating sim game of all time HEART KAPOW WOW, and the usual film industry giants are already salivating over the chance to buy the rights to screen depicting this whimsical (and sometimes dark) app game. The problem? NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE CREATOR IS! Literally, a mystery! Attempts to dox the creator's identity by corporate and individual hackers alike have failed. Multiversal Pictures has put out an open call for the creator to being talking intellectual rights and purchase negotiations.

As seen on Bwitter, BlueTube, and Rumblr via the livestream content, and discussed on Maurtia Falls Tonight, as well as late night news:
This month, imPorts participated in televised charity matches as part of the government Swear-In event. These matches, dubbed Might Club, were intended as a friendly sparring event between imPorts and livestreamed for all those fans who wanted to see their favorite heroes duke it out. However, one fight in particular crossed into sheer brutality not appropriate for young viewers -- or anyone really.

The imPorts, identified as Dio Brando and Jotaro Kujo, got into what could only be described as a brawl to the death in front of the cameras after being matched up to each other. In one brutal moment of their clash, Jotaro Kujo and what could only be described as "a buff purple man" tore off Dio's arm straight off the joint! Dio Brando responded by ripping his claws at the man's face, damaging his left eye to the point of bleed-out, alongside "a buff yellow man." Better names to define these colorful fighters who assisted Jotaro and Dio respectively are still being debated!

Both men kept fighting until Jotaro Kujo collapsed from his injuries, unwilling to tap out or stop fighting until the breaking point. Dio Brando reattached his arm, coming out the clear winner of the brawl, and walked out victorious. He was quickly approached for comments by reporters on the scene about the brutality of the brawl. With a good natured laugh he explained that the two of them have a long-time rivalry, neither willing to back down, but that there was no intention of having it go so far. Ultimately the blame is on Jotaro Kujo for not tapping out when he was clearly losing.

Jotaro Kujo required immediate medical attention following the fight and was taken overnight to the hospital following the conclusion of the brawl. However he discharged himself in the morning, insisting to doctors he was better (despite needing a cane to walk and sporting an eyepatch.) When reached out for comments, he refused and threatened violence against any reporters who tried to bother him. Considering what was witnessed, it should be believed he means it.

Fan communities have now begun to dub the match "imPort Death Brawl: For Charity Edition" and eagerly await the next confrontation these two will have! Needless to say there is some bad blood between them that social media is already speculating on (and writing what can only be described as "hatefic" between them.)

As seen originating on Bwitter, then watched on local Heropan news and TMI Tongiht:
A recent string of news incidents in Heropa, Florida have recently been connected to recent imPort arrival Mad Sweeney. Across social media, eagle-eyed imPort fans have compiled and circulated a likely list of reported events.
  • Florida man discovered sleeping in trunk of Catholic minister's car
  • Florida man challenged pizza delivery boy to fight when refused to provide change for antiquated gold coins
  • Florida man seen being chased by wild dogs through public cemetery
  • Wedding in disarray when unknown Florida man invited himself to public reception to eat cake
  • Drunk and disorderly Florida man removed from zoo for shouting obscenities at flamingos
  • Mad Sweeney could be reached for comment, but the amount of expletives within said comment cannot be circulated in reputable news outlets.

    As seen on national news stations, Maurtia Falls local news, major newspapers and their corresponding news content websites:
    This month's government-provided pro-Registration Swear-In for the imPort community faced a rival gathering in the form of an imPort-organized Swear-Out rally, which encouraged the Unsettled path while protesting government policies toward imPorts. This level of imPort protest is unprecedented, and while both proceeded largely peacefully (a relief to many attendees, who recalled attacks and disasters at previous Swear-Ins) there were noted tensions and arguments on the border between the two parties.

    Numerous imPorts, Metahumans, and ordinary natives were spotted at both events, including local heroes at the Swear-In and imPort fans at the Swear-Out. Businesses advertising at the Swear-In report a boost in interest in their wares, while the Might Club televised sparring matches garnered an impressive audience for friendly displays of imPort power while raising significant sums for charity. At the Swear-Out, the remarkable catering of Ken Kaneki and Raina caused a stir among attendees, although some complained about the presence of human blood on the menu and some of the more dramatic effects of Raina's genetically-brewed teas. Many of the ordinary citizens at the Swear-Out seemed to be less interested in politics than the chance for a free concert by the divine imPort performers Persephone and Inanna, who provided entertainment at the event.

    The Swear-Out's Five-Point Petition has been submitted to the authorities and released to the media, expressing the concerns of dissatisfied imPorts. The petition calls for reform in the issues of Porter research, Registration, imPort justice, nanite injections, and imPort weaponization. Thirteen imPorts signed the document: Count Dooku, Tohru Adachi, Daryl Dixon, Yusuke Kitagawa, Futaba Sakura, Grievous, Utena Tenjou, Maeve Millay, Kaneki Ken, Cad Bane, Munehisa Iwai, Shinigami, and Haen Hithiel.

    It should be noted that Shinigami witheld support for the petition's demand for Porter access, and that Daryl Dixon stated "Got no real problem with how Registration is done, but think the city-to-city porter system opened up to anyone's use so long as they aren't a known murderer or the like. UnRegistered don't mean they should have to go through hoops just to visit a friend."

    ImPort entertainer and political figure Count Dooku was the principal organizer of the Swear-Out rally, and proclaimed it a 'grand success' when speaking to reporters. "Today, we have sent a clear message to the world that imPorts and their friends want change," he stated. "I offer my deepest gratitude to all who attended and supported this important event. It could not have taken place without the help of many who contributed."

    Utena Tenjou was seen attending the Swear-Out and signing the petition. When approached for comment, she fumbled for words, seemingly unused to speaking to the media, before saying: "Look, most of the people I've met here have been nice, but - there's people here who don't really see us as people, you know? They see us as weapons or things or... or guinea pigs. We're more than that, and we aren't going to let them push us around."

    While initially declining to comment, after signing the Swear Out petition, Tohru Adachi had this to say: "I'm here for the native population; it's why I decided to be a private investigator. But people are getting pulled in and out of here against their will. Many of us imPorts don't want to stay here, but we have no choice but to accept it, and accept government surveillance. It's oppressive, and we should have the right to choose if we're the ones being dragged out of our normal lives."

    ImPort Daryl Dixon was seen in attendance at both events. When asked his thoughts on the protest, he showed some support for it, saying, "Think we should get a choice in the whole nanite thing. Don't know if anyone high enough up'll listen, but ain't nothin' wrong with raising some voices and tryin'." Daryl is still a Registered imPort, however, and when asked if he'd be giving up his registration said he saw no reason to.

    When asked her thoughts about the Swear-Out, Kanaya Maryam gave reporters a very flat look before responding. "Are we really doing this nonsense? I thought we'd grown past this level of fearmongering when Kate Bishop graciously [ported out]. Their sense of timing couldn't possibly be worse." Ms. Maryam's comments were edited to remove expletives before publication.

    Haen Hithiel was in attendance at both events, and when asked for a comment regarding the petition/protest responded that "ImPorts have had many choices taken from them by being brought here without their consent, being injected with nanites, and being under surveillance and restrictions. I think it would go a long way if the government took steps to give us back what choices they can... it would help make us feel more like we have a legitimate place in this world, rather than feeling like distrusted intruders."

    Asked about his thoughts on the Swear-Out, registered imPort Han Solo laughed in the reporter's face and told them, "I'm not here for a revolution, I'm just here for their food. Go ask somebody who cares about this." There are also reports that, under the influence of one of the teas on offer at the Swear-Out, he later ended up challenging multiple people to a race before someone took him up on the offer, resulting in Solo being arrested for disturbing the peace.

    (Poe Dameron was the one who took him up on the race, and had perfect hair the whole time.)

    The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from WENGE to FULVOUS.

    The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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    [it looks like you may have stumbled on a cinema channel. The picture quality is different from normal transmission. Hard to say how. Colors more intense but light more hazy. Sensory input… it's almost more tactile than visual. See in feeling. Wind on face, sun on back, weight on feet…
    It's not this distortion that makes the land and the light look unearthly. It's not Earth.
    An obsidian land, once melted, now hard and dry, ash and cavern, with a violet sky…]

    three children are playing on a hillside )

    [The display snapped back to this reality.

    The woods of De Chima. Hitting the ground from the Porter at a dead run.

    Cassian stumbling again to his knees, managed to keep it at dry heaving this time, pushing himself up against a tree, and slapping the comm angrily]

    Work blast it.

    Does anyone read me?

    [flashes of their names, their faces, on the display as through his mind:


    but perhaps none of them will mind, they'll understand, that the only names he can force through his throat right now:]

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    [THE UPDATED DOCUMENT sent to (recipients' IDs hidden IC) Cad Bane, Lando Calrissian, Poe Dameron, Count Dooku, Jyn Erso, General Grievous, Armitage Hux, K-2SO, Revan, Bodhi Rook, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, with this note:]

    please find attached updated history/timeline
    and submit any corrections, notations, additions, redactions, +c

    [Postscript only to Bodhi and Poe]

    the idea of pooling our knowledge like this was my (probably idiotic) hope
    to show how all conflicts are finite and history is pendular
    ideally persuade not to bring same conflicts to this new place
    doesn't seem to be working
    but it's all happened
    and i think those who helped it have a right to know

    any input you'd like to give
    i'd welcome very much

    ~ c.

    [ooc: apologies to Kylo Ren and Meetra Surik, about whom Cassian still just doesn't know!
    This is about the right date for this to be posted: just before all the Artillery Ambush -scapades kick off]


    Jul. 1st, 2017 10:18 pm
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    [The communicator is set up in such a way that the main viewpoint is pointed at a clean countertop with what looks like... several glasses of milk, except the milk is various shades of blue. Some are more white than blue, and some are more blue than white. Overall, it's a little weird.

    It's a little bit weirder, when behind the row of milk, is a seven-foot robot, and then a human woman.

    Hello. Because Tanith fails to acknowledge that I have perfect recollection of what milk it supposed to look like, we have to unfortunately ask you people.

    [Jyn rolls her eyes, heavily, at Kay's comment, then glares up at him before deadpanning over to the camera again.]

    He's malfunctioning, obviously, and doesn't know anything about anything.

    I think that the perfect shade of bantha milk is this one.

    [She holds up a glass somewhere in the middle of the blue spectrum.]

    I drank a lot of it, fermented especially, growing up. I know it's the right color.

    You know, I don't think they're going to really know what the proper color is, considering their milk is white, for some reason.

    [So everyone- what do you think? The slightly more blue milk, or the slightly less blue milk? Both milks look equally gross unless you're, you know, used to that.]


    Jun. 12th, 2017 10:51 am
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    [The feed is simple, Revan, sitting in a darkened room, with only a single warm light to reveal him and the table at which he sits. Like a storyteller sitting by candlelight, or a dim fire. He folds his hands and smiles a smile that genuinely looks like it's for you. ]

    Hello friends. I hope the day finds you well. I have a slightly more... indulgent question for you today. A bit of a hypothetical situation, with a less than obvious solution. And I'm interested to hear how you'd respond in such a situation. There are no right or wrong answers, I more want to explore your reasoning and logical process.

    I encourage you all to see this as a discussion, and perhaps even a respectful debate. But this is not a place for judgements.

    And so I shall begin. I will try to summarize as best I can, but if I'm unclear please feel free to ask for clarification.

    Situation: There are two nations at war, one with a reputation for being good, and one that has proven itself time and again to be influenced by evil. There is a third, neutral, smaller nation that is offering to supply both sides with medical supplies, on the hard line condition that the war not come to their lands. On pain of death, and revocation of their trade agreement.

    You have been called upon for you reputation of intellegence and clarity, [There's the slightest twitch at the corner of his lips, as if amused by his own description.] to review a potential breach in that agreement:

    A solder for the former nation, with a long history of bravery and honor, stands accused of killing a soldier of the latter. And if found guilty will be executed and the nation of good will see valuable medical supplies cut off from troops in need. The soldier claims they are innocent.

    While your investigation is length and nuanced, you eventually come to the conclusion that the two soldiers were having an affair. The living, "good" soldier thought it was love, while it turns out the deceased "evil" soldier was only using the other to spy and steal secrets. So when the living soldier found out, they lured the deceased out under the guise of a rendezvous, murdered them for their betrayal, then attempted to cover it up.

    Faced with this knowledge, when asked for your verdict, what would you say? Knowing full well a guilty verdict would result in the soldiers death, and the "good" nation's losing valuable medical supplies to the "evil" nation. A fact that could potentially cost them the war?


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