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[ As the video feed starts, there's some quick, unstable shaking of the camera, panning around the room to reveal a dimly lit dive bar. After a moment, it finally focuses on two intoxicated women making the healthiest of life choices — Sarah Manning and Jessica Jones. They certainly didn't arrive here together, but after a drinking contest gone wrong, they're inseparable now. ]

Shit. [ Jess mumbles, her gaze barely focusing on the camera. ] Sobriety sucks. So does this dump. Stuck here for a goddamn year, and you dumbasses still can't find a way out.

And—and what's with all the complacency? [ Sarah points to the camera and, presumably, whoever is watching on the other end. ] Everybody's so bloody happy here.

Like morons. [ Wake up, sheeple. Jess stops her ranting, only for a moment, to take yet another swig of hard liquor. Apparently, she hasn't consumed enough. ] Jesus Christ.

My sister... [ Sarah laughs, but it's a kind of disbelieving laugh, and then she takes a swig of her own drink. ] My sister got married. To someone from another universe. Married.

The hell? [ Her brow furrows, matching Sarah's incredulous expression. If she was slightly less wasted, Jessica would be able to process this revelation better. ] Sarissa?

No, Cosima. [ She sighs and tips back her drink, draining the rest of it. ] Sarissa's got enough shit going on even without adding a wedding.

[ Oh right. God, there are so many clones, she can't keep track anymore. ] Yeah well, don't we all. [ Brushing off the subject, and the hidden layers of guilt and self-loathing beneath it, Jess leans back in her seat. She lifts her almost empty glass in a mock toast. ] Getting hitched here's a death sentence. Congrats to the happy couple.

Yeah, cheers. [ Sarah refills her glass before sloshing a little toast back towards Jess, then towards the camera. ] And cheers to all of you. It's not gonna last.

[ Amen to that. ] Never fucking does. [ Jess drains the rest of her glass in an instant, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. With one more angry glare at the camera, she reaches out to turn the device off. What a good idea this clearly was. ]


Sep. 12th, 2017 02:40 am
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[It never bodes well when Anakin Skywalker sticks to text only. He has manufactured many reasons to lay low and to generally behave himself, however one reason trumps them all. Why is fatherhood so complicated?]

Parenting books. I need them.

Does anyone even make those?

I don't have the experience necessary to not screw this up.

[Progress comes in uneven spurts for the once-Jedi-now-a-Sith Lord. Who knows if it will last or lead to even new heights of inspiration! Spoiler: it probably won't on both accounts.]
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[ The audio function on this is remarkably similar to her show, with just a more limited audience. But this is Trish's element. This is where she shines. ]

Those of you who didn't have powers before coming here -- is it something that you dreamed of back home? Did... [ She pauses to find the right word. ] ..."gifted" people exist where you're from? I always tried to convince my best friend that she should put on a costume and save others. I guess I was trying to live vicariously through her that way.

There's something that happened. We call it "The Incident" because, well... "The Day Aliens Poured Out of the Sky" is a bit of a mouthful. A good portion of New York was destroyed and a lot of lives were lost, but it could have been worse. Unimaginably worse. But there were people who stepped in. Stepped up.

Do you think those who have the power should use it for the betterment of society? Share your thoughts.


Sep. 1st, 2017 05:38 pm
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[ Coming to you live, it's one James "oh no not this asshole again" Jesse, looking frazzled, like he hasn't been sleeping all that well. Normally, he wouldn't be crowdsourcing these kinds of opinions at all, but— well, boredom and anxiety drive a man to some strange things. Still, he is, as usual, in reasonably good spirits. ]

So hey, I have a sorta kinda religious question, but not the kind I can stroll down to the local Florida megachurch and ask, you know what I mean? The kind I want some input from all of you on, because if anyone's had a weirder life than me, it's at least a third of you guys. I'm kinda, y'know, vexed by this whole dilemma that's been on my mind lately.

Now, I'm by no means an expert in any of this stuff, but I figure taking a field trip to actual Hell once and beating the kinda-devil twice gives me a leg up on the average civilian, right? And since I've been stuck here I've met like three dozen demons, and about half of 'em dress like David Bowie for some reason, but hey, who am I to judge, right? Maybe David Bowie dressed like Satan, I dunno. Anyway, demons, hellspawn, the Thin White Duke of the Bottomless Pit, actual Death, all of those I've met.

You know what I've never run into? Angels. I'm talking halos and big fluffy wings and harps — or maybe keytars, if they're feeling modern. I could even deal with Roma Downey style. Is that a thing? You know, the... the opposite of the fire and brimstone stuff. I mean, does anybody actually know?


Aug. 25th, 2017 12:44 am
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[ When the feed begins, it isn't focused on Yusuke. It is focused on the wall in front of him, the exterior side of a building in downtown Nonah, the Visitor's Center, where he has spent most of the last two months working on a mural. It is a sweeping picture of imPorts, only recognizable as such due to the glow coming from their wrists, doing normal things that people do. Gazing up at the stars, bickering, having coffee, holding hands, falling in love. Staring off together into a beautiful orange and purple sunrise. Despite their extraordinary powers and bizarre circumstances, imPorts are people just trying to live their lives, just like the natives. Certainly no better or worse.

If you look closely enough, and have spoken to Yusuke more than a few times, one of the many faces painted onto the wall might be recognizable as your own.

If it hasn't been painted over in neon green spray.


For a few minutes, that's all that comes through the feed but an aggrevated sigh, the artist still entirely out of sight. He's quiet, stepping closer, inspecting, considering. ]

Perhaps this is the finishing touch I have been yearning for.


Jul. 10th, 2017 08:28 pm
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So, first off - hi to all the new people 'round here! I'm Jaime, and I've been here for... gosh, it's gotta be, what, three years now? Longer than most people around here, with a few exceptions. Anyway, if you got any questions about how things work around here, feel free to ask me, and I'll answer if I can. Or if anyone's looking for a job at a garage, we got a position opening up - maybe even two. [ If Erik's successful, that is. With that in mind, Jaime leans back in his seat (he's at his computer desk in his room, a rumpled bed behind him with a stack of textbooks on his bedside table), and gets going on what he really wanted to talk about. ]

What I really wanted to ask you guys, though, is this: did you bother going to school here? You know, college and all that? Getting your GED's good for finding a half-decent job around here, but about a year ago, I didn't really see the point in going to college if we might not be around long enough to even get halfway through a degree. Now, though... I'm starting to reconsider.

[ He brushes a lock of hair out of his face (it's really too long, again), and continues. ]

So. If you decided to go to school, why'd you do it? If you actually made the decision to not go to school, d'you think that was the right call? Just consider this, like, an informal poll. I'm interested in hearing what you guys have got to say.
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I'm curious.

[ Raina is seated in her living room, legs tucked up beneath her on the couch. It's a relaxed and casual position, best suited for a relaxed and casual conversation. ]

So many people come and go here. There are very few of us who have been static for years. Even fewer who have been here since the beginning. But the longer you're here, the more losses you tend to face. And the more time that passes, the more everyone else forgets about some of those people who were once here. So I'd like to hear stories of friends who have gone, lovers who have vanished, and people you'll never forget. The only way we can keep memories alive is to share them. I mean, who knows when you or I could become nothing more than a memory...and the least we can do is honor those memories by talking about them.

[ She sits up slowly, draping her arm over her knees. ]

But more than all of that, and perhaps a more relevant question to the newer arrivals -- if you had the opportunity to visit a lost friend's world just to see them again, would you? Even knowing that there's a chance they might not remember you? It is a painful thing to be forgotten, but perhaps there could be a comfort in seeing them alive and happy once again -- a sense of closure that we so seldom receive in this world. Or as always, perhaps it's best to leave well enough alone. I'm just interested to hear where everyone falls in their opinions on the matter.


Mar. 12th, 2017 08:27 am
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A survey question of sorts. Say you don't get on well with a friend's other friends.

[ No this isn't about anyone in particular, just take his general meaning. ]

How do you navigate that without cutting a friend off from yourself or anyone else?
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Good morrow.

( She pauses, and frowns. Not a level 10 frown, or even a level 8 frown. It's more just Herian's default level of frown, which is about a 4.5. Herian exhales a slightly displeased breath, and turns her device to focus on three men. All are bound, two are conscious, one is not. They are on the sand, but at least she's done them the service of setting them in the shade. When she speaks her voice is quiet and steady, but perfectly clear. )

Where to should I deliver these miscreants? They thought to relieve a jeweller of her crafts. By good fortune I was present to give chase - they were not quite so easy with themselves, when they realised their clumsiness. Cowards rarely find revels when their ill-deeds are granted witness by any but those vulnerable.

( The camera comes back to face herself, and she holds her head up. She is dressed in chainmail and dark robes, faded to a slate grey by sun and travel. )

One may require aid from an apothecary. I struck him but lightly - still, he swooned readily. I fear he was crafted with some delicateness, ill-suited to his chosen activities for this day. If there is a proper place where they might be left, I would be glad to know of it.

( For just the briefest moment there is a flicker of what might, maybe, be amusement at the corner of her mouth - but maybe not. ) My knowledge of this realm is limited, and as yet I've observed no stockades. Singular, that.

( Ah. She pauses, about to turn off the feed, and course corrects. ) Forgive me my abruptness. I am Ser Herian Amsel. I thank you in advance for your guidance.
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Whether a man is a criminal or a hero is a matter of perspective.

But if you don't want to play your role anymore, and are removed from your motivation for being who you are, what do you do? Do you seek redemption and rehabilitation and transform as an individual, or do you repeat negative behavior? How much do you believe people change only because they are imPorted? In short, do you believe people can change?

If I had anybody willing to discuss this in private with me, I assure you, I'd not be raising the issue publically.

Thank you in advance.
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[ She doesn't show her face in this video. But the camera is facing a pomegranate resting in a well-manicured hand, so it's no big mystery who's morbid performance art the network is about to be subjected to. ]

So it's new years soon. 2017. Wow.

[ Does the fruit seem a little soft? Over ripe? ]

Made your resolution yet? Now pretend this will be your last New Years Eve. How's that resolution stand up?

[ It's obvious by now, the fruit is sagging in her hands, and a black spot of something is growing on one side. ]

No, more than that. Pretend it's someone you love's last New Years Eve. This'll be the last time they count down with the ball. Then they'll have their last bank holidays, their last birthday, last Halloween. Maybe they get another Christmas, but probably not. Maybe you should call this one the last, just to be safe.

[ As she speaks, the distending fruit splits up one rotting side, collapsing under its own weight. Remarkably blood-like juice runs down her hand and wrist. ]

How's your resolution now? Does it mean a fucking thing?

[ The flesh of the fruit itself is sloughing off now in disgusting clumps that splatter noisily on the unseen floor. ]

Death's coming. Not just for you, but for everyone you love.

[ When the whole thing is gone, she rubs her fingers together, feeling the viscous red slime the rotten fruit left behind. ]

Happy New Years. Memento-fucking-mori.

[ video ]

Dec. 23rd, 2016 09:04 pm
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[The feed blinks on, and it's immediately clear that there is a Situation. Noah is pale and jittery, half out of the camera frame, and he may or may not have been crying just a bit. So, just more of the usual for a teen murder victim. However, something new is bothering him tonight.]

Is there anything that can turn off our powers?

[Slowly and clumsily, he turns the camera around, revealing a bedroom. The first thing one might notice is that it's no larger than a closet. But after that, it's clear something is... very wrong with the walls. It almost looks like they're bleeding, right from the drywall, sticky like sap.]

I don't want mine.

[An understatement. He decides not to mention how the bus windows shattered on his way home, and how his doorknob keeps rattling, like someone's trying to get in. Being able to disappear was much better than this.]


Dec. 18th, 2016 07:56 pm
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[ Most of the imPort community will receive a notification on their devices about a new network post. An image is posted with a very minimal amount of unaccompanied text. ]

large-ish image under cut )
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[Who knows who this is meant for. Whoever it is, they're not getting it; it's showing up on the public network instead.]

I bring her sweetbread, she's got wine in the kitchen, things are going very nicely. Then a giant fuck-off snake slithers into the room, as long as I am tall and thick as my forearm.

I'm telling you, mate, I nearly left right then and there.

002 {text}

Nov. 22nd, 2016 11:15 pm
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[Try as she might, Sookie can't figure out how to do this anonymously, so at the very least she won't show her face. It's too damn embarrassing.]

does anyone have good tips on faking powers? i need to know in the next few days.


( audio )

Nov. 22nd, 2016 06:18 pm
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[ Felix gets right to the point, sounding a bit exasperated. ]

Does anybody here know anything about pets?

[ Pets is a very broad category with vastly different answers depending on the animal involved. But those are nitpicky details that happen to other people. People who have had pets before and know how to take care of living things. Not a killer like Felix who can barely take care of himself properly. ]

Like, what keeps them happy and healthy and whatever? Maybe how to make them stop destroying your shit? Or—

[ His attention shifts rather abruptly away from what he's doing. ]

Hey! No! Don't you dare, that's mine!

[ The sounds of a brief scuffle can be heard: some rustling cloth, a bit of cursing, and a low rumbling, almost rusty growl. A moment later, Felix adds, disgruntled; ]

Mostly that last one. Also how to teach these assholes boundaries.

01 | video

Nov. 5th, 2016 08:45 pm
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So. This has been a long couple of days. [The look on his face screams 'I am just so done' so much that he doesn't even have to say it explicitly] Any recommendations for a good bar around Nonah? I got a lot of sorrows to drown and not enough booze to keep me going.

[See, now, he doesn't need deets on what's going down, he gets the gist from the other posts he's checked in on and what his little handy welcome pack told him, he pretty much has that down. As insane that it is. What he doesn't have is a good reliable watering hole and that just isn't right. No man should go days, hours or minutes without one.]

If I spend any more time sober, I might actually start reassessing my life and my choices and I don't have time for that kind of shit. So just help a guy out here. I don't mind if I got to pay a little extra for a good drink but I'm not exactly flushed with cash here so let's not go nuts and send me to like the ritziest place in town. Okay? Reasonable. Prices.

[Wait, he should really clarify here because when it comes to finding a bar, you can never be too specific in your wants.]

Just don't direct me to some dive where they water down the drinks or I will come down on you like the hand of God and smite your ass because seriously, don't waste my time or my money. That shit ain't cute and I will come at you. Sensible suggestions only.

[There's a long pause before he adds:]

While we're on the subject of things I need, I got one more request. I need someone who's good with this thing right here. [He means the device, he even gives it a little shake to just display what he means.] I got a few questions.


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