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[Behold, your resident God of trickery and similar! With one hand he's pouring about a gallon of malibu into a gallon of ice cream...and with the other hand he's dicing (or more accurately stabbing) a generous pile of mistletoe with a butter knife...

...why? It's probably best if you didn't ask.]

So, question, birthdays tend to be a thing and so I find myself dying to know how you celebrate, if you have them. Are they individual endeavors is it cultural? Food is often part of the whole birthday package, yes? Although I suppose birthday fasting is not unheard of. [Not that Loki would ever fast if the ice cream is anything to go by.] And just so I do not come off as discriminatory to those who do not have birthdays, or once did but cannot remember--because lives are angst ridden and complicated that way--if you did how would you celebrate.

[He's not asking for any particular reason, obviously, it's just that he finds the minutiae of every day life fascinating.]
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I have a question about nanites.

[Said casually, but with a certain amount of self-importance. Clara Oswald opens conversations as though they were great doors to be flung.]

They're what bring us back when we die, yeah? They repair what's malfunctioned, like... like a pit team. [She thinks that's what they're called, at least.] But what if nothing's there to fix? That's what I want to know. If there's no body left, there are no nanites left, so the Porter just... rematerializes you? Plops down a backup file? If there's too much damage to fix, what exactly happens?

[It's all asked in a very matter-of-fact, academic tone. Clara could maybe use a lecture on morbidity from her past self.]

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Nov. 19th, 2016 02:26 pm
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[ Part of her wants to wait before doing this. They waited before assuming Cisco was gone for good. But it had been Barry that kept her calm and rational during that. And, well... ]

For those of you who knew him, Barry Allen has gone home. I know I should probably do this more privately, but that would be a lot of messages and I'm sure I'd miss someone.

[ Hunter's gone, too, but announcing that would likely lead to a lot of "good riddance" sentiment, which would just make her feel even worse. ]

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Nov. 20th, 2016 02:05 am
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hi everyone! i'm karina and i'm pretty new here

won't take up too much of your time, sooo... quick question!

if you could design your own superhero costume, what would it like? function over form or a combination of both? what matters most to you when you're out and about and helping people out?

or what DOES your costume look like, if you've already made one and you're in a position to tell

thanks in advance everyone ♥

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Nov. 7th, 2016 08:48 pm
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[ it's been a rough month for jessica — thanks to her arrival and reliving her traumatic memories with the devil himself. in between all of her alcohol consumption, she's had time to think because sadly, even hard liquor can't always numb the pain.

it's almost midnight, and she finds herself posting on the network. there's no username attached; she prefers anonymity for this topic. well, here goes nothing. ]

if someone's dead back home, is there any chance they can show up here?

and what if they're the goddamn devil? will the cops do something about it?

serious answers only. not in the mood for bullshit.


Nov. 3rd, 2016 06:13 pm
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[The video opens with not only one Reyes, but two, in the kitchen of Heropa 16. Both Bianca and Jaime are visible, and it's initially coming from Bianca's communicator.

Bianca begins to speak first. She at least looks more rested than the last time she had made a post to the network.]

Hi, everyone. I'm Bianca Reyes, and this is my son, Jaime. [In the background, Jaime waves dutifully at the camera, though he remains silent. Hi, imPorts!]

Thanksgiving is coming up, and we know not everyone is lucky enough to have family or friends from back home here.

[Something that certainly hit home for Bianca, last month when Alberto disappeared. She looks over at her son.

Now it's Jaime's turn to pipe up, though he's certainly not as skilled a public speaker as his mother is. He doesn't even bother stepping forward.]

So, I know not everyone knows what Thanksgiving is. It's got a long history with, um, pilgrims, and how America was founded, but that isn't really what it's about anymore. Mostly, it's about spending time with people you love, talking about what you're thankful for, and most importantly, eating a lot of food. A lot of food. [He has to grin at that.

Bianca turns a bit to glance at Jaime, with a smile, before returning her attention back to the camera.]

Because of that, we want to invite anyone who doesn't have anyone here or has never celebrated Thanksgiving before to come and celebrate it with us. We might all be stuck here for the holidays, but we don't have to be alone for them.

[Jaime glances over at Bianca a little uneasily because this is a big get-together she's talking about - come on, supervillains, give this one a rest - but instead of voicing those concerns, leaves everyone with a parting request:] Oh, and, uh, since we don't know how big this will get… please bring something if you're coming! We can potluck it up. How big is this grocery list going to get?

[Bianca looks back over, knowingly. They'll have this under control!] It might take a few trips, it'll be fine. [That's not fine at all!]

We'll make sure there's enough space for everyone. If nothing else, the weather will be nice here.
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[Hello, everyone, and welcome to what may well be the Blue Beetle's first - and possibly last - ever video post! He's clearly in uniform, and frankly looks a little inhuman; his red-yellow lenses glow faintly, even though he's posting from a rooftop out in the sunshine, he's conspicuously noseless, and he's covered from head to toe in a blue and black carapace armour. When he speaks, his voice is calm and measured; he's clearly been thinking about this for a long time, and it's something he wants to get out right, even if his speech is a little marred by the fact that he's speaking through a faintly robotic filter.]

Hi, everyone. Um, some of you might know me, even if I don't talk here a whole lot, but just in case -- I'm the Blue Beetle. Not my real name, for the record, but plenty of us superheroes still do the codename thing, even here. But that's not what I'm here to talk about! I wanna talk about powers.

See, as far as I can tell, we all get powers when we get here, unless we already had some back home, and now? Even the people who were born here have them. It's especially hard for people who got dangerous powers. Some people try and use them for good, and other people just try to ignore them, and others try to master them by themselves, but this kind of thing isn't something you should have to tackle by yourself.

Where I'm from, there are a lot of people with powers. We call them metahumans. And sometimes when they try to tackle these things by themselves, it works out just fine! A lot of the time, though? It doesn't. Especially when they go out and use them to try and do a lot of good, and I know that's what people here are doing too. Maybe it seems like it's not a big deal from the outside, but it is. That's how a lot of people wind up dead. [He pauses, just for a moment, and inhales quickly before continuing.] It's how a lot of people I know wound up dead. It's not something to take lightly. I know I didn't have a lot of help - I didn't ask for a lot of help - when I started out, and if I did? Things would have gone a lot smoother.

But I'm not trying to lecture anyone! I know a lot of people here have been doing this for a lot longer than me, [he admits, flashing a quick smile at the screen, teeth white and human behind his mask.] This is just me making an offer. If you're trying to break into what people like me do, or if you're trying to figure out your powers, don't do it alone. If you're not worried about yourself, at least think of other people -- if you've got some strong powers going on, without training, it's really, really easy to hurt other people accidentally. If you guys want help, I'll do that, the best I can. And if I can't, I have a feeling there's a lot of others who'd be willing to help too.

So, um... yeah. I guess that's it! Didn't... really think about how I was going to end this.

[He blinks at the communicator, suddenly awkward before clearing his throat and saying:] Bye!
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does anyone know how to deregister?

I don't mean I want to turn vigilante, or go the other way. And I don't want to go AWOL. I know about those. I just made a mistake, I know that now. I made a mistake and I want to undo it.

there has to be a form to fill out. something.

Please. Anything could help.
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[Superman looks honestly just....

Tired. He reaches to rub the bridge of his nose before he speaks, wondering how to even put it into words. Oh, he knows what he wants to say, knows what he wants to do. But it would be unfair to out someone without giving them a chance to work things out in this place, to become a better person.

Except, last time he tried that it ended up with him kidnapped in Crane’s basement.]

If someone from your world appeared here, someone who you knew was capable of really awful things… would you warn people?

Or would you give them a chance to be different in this place?
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As seen on local television network:
In the wake of the strange disappearances back in June, the Maurtia Falls Police Department has issued a brief statement claiming that they believe that last month's bailjumpers have indeed been kidnapped and murdered, given evidence collected at crime scenes discovered in the city earlier this month. However, no more criminals who have posted bail have vanished, and although the Maurtia Falls department have yet to find the criminal responsible, they are optimistic that the crime spree, if that was indeed what it was, is over.

That said, reported disappearances in the city have climbed to an all time high this month, although this, a Member of the Court of Drunk Statisticians remarked for the Fall News, is no surprise: "People get jumpy when their loved one goes missing in a situation like this, hic. They might pay more attention to long absences when, hic, they might otherwise have not given half a s#&t about it before."

The accompanying news article seems to back up his claim. Local loan shark Joe "Fingerbreaker" Hammer disappeared on the 12th of June, and two days later was reported at missing, only to be rediscovered by his overwrought ex-wife. "He got drunk and fell asleep in the back of his limo, and ended up in Vegas. He didn't bother to call me back even though I left thirty-seven messages on his phone. He's a douchebag, I wish he was missing."

As seen on the national nightly news:
In related news, a seventeen-year-old boy who reported his parents and younger sister missing on the 7th, the day after his birthday, whom was later discovered to have killed them all, concealing their bodies by throwing them into the cesspit under their house. He has been remanded into custody and charged with three counts of murder.

As seen on international news stations:
Scattered reports from Moscow indicate that the USSR will be staging mass "duck and cover" demonstrations for children ages sixteen and under, in the event of uncontrolled imPort violence committed against the people of the USSR. ImPorts are depicted as extremely aggressive and heartlessly lethal foes, an argument popularized by boogeyman-like propaganda posters featuring the more infamous imPorts (notably Jonathan Crane and Lucifer). These posters flood public areas such as schools.

As seen in the Page 6 ads in all newspapers local to imPort cities:
82 101 109 101 109 98 101 114 32 117 115 63 32 87 101 32 104 97 118 101 32 98 101 101 110 32 119 97 116 99 104 105 110 103 46 32 69 110 106 111 121 32 116 104 101 32 115 104 97 107 101 45 117 112 46

As seen featured on
Ronald Chump fires back at imPort Kitty Jones when asked about her in an interview --

"Who?" Replied Chump, apparently unaware of the name. Shortly followed by: "You mean that miserable anarchist? Whatever."

More undoubtedly to follow.

As seen on national news:
WeCare, a non-profit charity promoter, would like to celebrate imPort-created charities and foundations this July. If you are a n imPort who has founded either of the above criteria, then contact WeCare at with your information. Everyone who submits a legitimate application will individually receive a 14k plated gold medal of recognition on July 30th! Representatives from WeCare will meet you at your home or business to present your medal and offer a brief interview of your accomplishments and passions.

As seen on the morning show "Cox & Friends":
Rumors are already swirling about the Senate race heating up in Virginia. Former imPort Ambassador Mitchell Hundred is in the thick of he-said-she-said talk about his bedroom preferences and habits. Most pundits dismiss all this to be nothing more than a whisper smear campaign against the imPort in his bid to unseat a senator.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from FIREWORK RED to SHATTERING BROWN because of the rampant earthquake monsters running amok.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[The smile on his face is both awkward and genuine. He’s trying to keep an upbeat attitude, because he’s been here before, he knows it won’t make a difference to fight about it. Instead he’s trying to pick up on what he’s missed out on.]

Hey, man, when things change, they change, don’t they? I was hoping to find someone who’d be willing to help a fella out with catching up on everything that’s happened around here in the past few months. I’m sure there’s probably some “text” or “file” on the phones for it, but there’s nothing quite like a good sit down, if ya ask me. I’m offering up a free dinner at this swank diner I know, uh…I think you call it “retro” nowadays.

[He looks like he's debating something, then adds.] And if anybody can tell me where Bucky is--uh, Bucky Barnes--or if he's even still around, I'd really appreciate it.
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[A somewhat wan older man is looking at the camera. If there's one thing the superhero life enforces, Max's life by being what it was enforces, it's how to get familiar with strange things quick. Thankfully the communicator wasn't too hard to figure out how to use. On the other hand, he's never managed to end up somewhere completely new and then a hospital immediately after. At least the fact that speedsters heal quickly got him out of the hospital much sooner than later. The painkillers they prescribed him will help, but he's used to dealing with pain now and again.]

I guess I should feel lucky they're well prepared for when people show up here, but I think I would have preferred skipping the hospital trip. I managed to get an idea of what was going on from a few news magazines while I was there, but I'm still going to have to make a few library trips. [One of the best resources for someone who skips through time.] See if I can't find some more historical context and what's different here. I can't say I'm an expert on the Cold War since my focus has always been on Native American history [Personal interest, though so many jumps into the future means he's had to become good at figuring out what happened in the years in between.] There should be more to find out, since you don't have a cold war turn hot all by itself..

[He suddenly shivers, like someone just walked over his grave. Not the greatest feeling in the world, especially when it makes him wonder at the specific cause.]

In the mean time, could someone tell me if they know a kid named Bart Allen?

[He has a suspicion.]

[Optional action:

For anyone else who lives at Maurtia Falls #002, they can come across Max in the living room, reclining back on the couch he's sitting on shortly after the network post. Some of the bandaging crossing his chest is visible, his shirt partially unbuttoned from having just checked to make sure it was in place. He'll get up in a moment to find his way to figure out claiming a room, really.]
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[ Sitting before the screen is Kitty Jones...or, well. A girl who looks like Kitty. A girl who sort of looks like Kitty. Because whereas Kitty Jones tends to be cute, this girl is flawlessly, sleekly elegant - fiercely beautiful in a way that only very expensive haircuts and very expensive cosmetics can accomplish. Her bearing is different - unsmiling, haughty, eyeing the camera with contempt - and her accent, too, is altered - posh, educated, a little drawling. She speaks in a low and authoritative voice, beginning straightaway with no hesitation. ]

Since quite a few people are having a bit of trouble with this, I'd like to first introduce myself, so that no one calls me anything silly. My name is Medea LeFay. I'm a Junior Undersecretary with the Ministry for Internal Affairs. Some of you may think I have some other name, but I have reason to believe that the creature that resembles me was actually a demon taking my face in an attempt to slander and discredit me.

[ She...actually has reason to believe that the creature was in fact some other version of her, but, to try to spread a bit of misinformation, to reduce the possibility that anyone will try to use the name Kitty Jones to cast harmful magic on her. ]

Second - [ She tosses her head, flipping her perfect glossy hair over her shoulder. ] I have been made to understand through my research and investigations that events such as those which have befallen us, with memory-alterations or dimensional displacement, are often followed by an attack by some foreign power or dissident group. My home is adequately warded, and as a magician of the first order I am thoroughly prepared and able to defend it. If an attack comes, any who find themselves in need of sanctuary may find refuge with me.

[ And doesn't that seem like an attractive offer? Because this girl seems like someone who would be so fun to spend time with. So fun. ]

And third...I have heard speculation that these changes have been brought about by magical means. As I stated, I am a magician myself, and have no knowledge of any spells that can cause confusion of this sort. What evidence do we have that magic is at its root? Any who have knowledge of this, speak; I charge you.

[ Then a beat. ]

And fourth...My home seems to be infested with these - small creatures. Crab-like, but with colorful shells. They seem to be pets. What are they, and how does one care for them?

[ what a nice-seeming young lady this is. ]
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[One recognizes the signs, when he’s been here for a while.

Waking up in a different house and room? Check. Getting a new job? Check. Having to go through the explanation of the basics? Also check. So while there’s only one question left to ask. Clark Kent looks kind of sheepish as he faces the network, rubbing the back of his neck with a sigh.]

So, how long was I out? I hope it wasn’t that much. Sorry to anyone I worried- yes, I know it wasn’t up to me but I still don’t like it.

Also, let’s get it out so we can get it all at once: I am, apparently, a glasses model. Writing for the style section wasn’t enough.

So go ahead, let’s hear the jokes.

[Read: Please joke about it, please. Anyone who does means they are still around, and well enough to make cracks about it. Anyone who does hasn’t left back home while Clark was taking some sort of vacation he doesn’t even remember having.]


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