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I am seeking recommendations in the areas of literature, film, and musical selections.

Suggestions made in jest will be given no attention.

[Y'all know that ain't true.]

((Ooc: Quick reminder to check out this page under "music" to see how music has been affected in the MoM setting and what sorts of things would and would not exist here!))
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Alright, listen up, I've got two things to say.

[Here's Hermes, holding the phone a little too close to her face, helpfully holding up two fingers.]

First: if anyone sees a shitty, sketchy priest running around, especially if he's lurking around Cape Canaveral, tell me so I can beat the shit out of him. Actually, tell me if any sort of weird shit starts happening around there, I probably want to know about it. Don't fucking approach him or fall for his bullshit, just tell me where he went and I'll take it from there. [she ticks down her pointer finger instead of her middle finger, to really emphasize this point.] Also I don't want to hear some lecture about not beating the shit out of priests, just take my word for it, this one deserves it.

Second: what the fuck is Disney World doing in bumblefuck Alabama in this universe? What sort of shitty version of Florida doesn't even have Disney?

Oh, and third-- I lied, I have three things-- yo, Jolyne. [She pauses, weighs what she wants to say with the possibility that the priest was here, and ultimately decides not to give him the satisfaction. Instead, she just says] Kid? Hell, any of you guys, you here yet or what?
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yo, quick question! how long's it take to get use to the gravity here? i'm dropping shit left, right and center.

there a junkyard around that i can get some stuff from? working on a project.

thanks, yo.
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hey. two things:

1. where do unsettled imPorts go to get their non-standard gear? trying search terms like "Big Al's Wild'N'Crazy Battle Boy Emporium" is bringing me to some cool sites (did you guys know there's a developing roomba ultimate fighting ring in MF?) but not the ones i'm actually looking for. thanks.

2. what would you do with your last day on whatever-non-specific-planet-or-plane-of-existence you came from? inquiring battle boys want to know, i guess.

EDIT: a third thing 3. where are there chocolate fountains?


Sep. 7th, 2017 08:24 pm
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[When the video comes on it's pointed to the ground, then turns to a dog. A little dog, like some sort of fluffy little thing that just pants as it stares at the camera.

It inches forward. A voice is heard, extremely level and composed.]
Do not.

[The dog inches forward again. The voice behind the camera remains the same.] I am taping your crimes, do you really have no shame?

[Apparently not, because the dog yaps once then starts chewing on the fairly expensive looking shoe of the camera man. The camera man sighs as a weird, distorted snort is heard behind him. He reaches down and lifts up the dog, who seems extremely pleased and starts licking his fingers.]

'So he brought the people down to the water. And the Lord said to Gideon, "You shall separate everyone who laps the water with his tongue as a dog laps, as well as everyone who kneels to drink."' [The dog keeps licking. The camera man sighs.] You don't care, I see. Very well. It isn't your place in the tapestry of fate to care.

But for the time being it is mine to make sure you do not cause harm to yourself or my shoes. [The dog wiggles out of his grip and fucks off. He sighs and shuts off the camera before giving any useful information.]

( text )

Sep. 7th, 2017 08:14 pm
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So I need a job. I don't do the government thing, and it seems like Magnus has been an open fucking book about who we are, so you may as well know that I'm another dead teenage Viking warrior or whatever he's been telling people.

I'm probably stronger and tougher than you are, and I'm known for kicking ass first and asking questions later, so unless interns battle to the death for their positions here, office-work is probably right out.

I'd rather work for another imPort. I don't have a specific place I'm staying, so I can go anywhere if I have to.

Also, camping supplies stores, anyone know a good one?
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[So Peter's coming at you vlog style, sitting on a bench with his earbuds in before he pulls them out and loops the cord around his neck to have them stay put. He's adapted pretty well to the whole new age technology thing bit by bit, but talking into a phone camera is mega weird. Sorry for weird angles, he's working this shit out.]

Yo, so last month you guys were real cool about the whole ordering pizza thing - thanks for that. Pie In The Sky got shut down for a while after the place got trashed, and they decided to rebrand while they were doing their repairs. [He holds up a paper flyer. He's been handing these out all day, jamming them in mailboxes, mail slots and even inside people's vehicles and any open windows. You're free to find them just about anywhere, in potentially great volume. Sorry not sorry.] So Porter Pizza'll be reopening on the 9th.

There'll be free slices, some great deals and you can help 'em get back on their feet after all that shit that went down. The joint's run by some cool people and I'm still doing deliveries, so I can guarantee you'll get a hot pizza every time. If you don't believe me, give it a shot and I'll show you up.

[He doesn't really have much else to announce but he doesn't feel like dishing out any more flyers so he gets comfortable on the bench. He furrows his brow and hell, why not:] I'm gonna start a war and I don't even care: Pineapple on pizza, yay or nay?

001; text;

Sep. 3rd, 2017 08:16 pm
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I'm pretty sure I had a dream like this once. Except my superpower was more useful.

In any case, if I'm stuck here for the time being I'd just as soon have a job I enjoy. Dealing cards is entertaining enough, but you might say cybersecurity is my calling.

How difficult is it, to get a good job here without a resume, or references, or any of the usual things that you would need to get a job? Are the natives here - or other imports, for that matter - willing to take a chance and trust we're telling the truth about our experience and education? It's not like a prospective employer can run a traditional background check on us.

Just curious.
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I can't sleep.

[Normally D33 might have something a little more eloquent to say (or at least something a little more long-winded), but, then again, normally D33 would have also gotten more than a couple of hours of sleep in a week.

[Not this one. He's been up for a solid seventy-two now at least, and that's only if you're counting the brief two to three hours of tossing and turning in between. With mild hallucinations starting to set in, D33 is beginning to get desperate.

[Despite the increasing paranoia, he is willing to try just about anything at this point.]

I am in need of advice. Leave suggestions below.



Aug. 26th, 2017 10:52 pm
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[The video shows an art print, a portrait of a woman with black paint covering the woman's ear and the word 'ugly' written below. Abigail holds up another portrait with an ear painted over and a scar drawn on the neck and the word 'monster' scrawled over the top. She holds up another and another, with ears painted over and scars drawn on the neck. She drops the prints onto a table and frowns.]

I work at the Van Don't Gogh Art Shoppe. I could have let myself think that it was some sort of reference to van Gogh's ear. But..

[She holds up another portrait, with the words 'cut off her other one and send her home']

This clearly says her. And with the scars drawn on the necks, and all the other stuff that's going on, I know they mean me. There were more. Pretty much any piece of art with a face got painted on.

[She won't show the ones that said 'murderer' or 'cannibal'.]

I spent a long time, back home, being told that I would have a new life. A better life. But I didn't. Not there.

I thought this was my new life. Here.

[She shakes her head.]

I don't know anymore. Everything feels so messed up.


Aug. 26th, 2017 12:40 am
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If you have been targeted by any of the vandalism that has been happening over the last couple of days and you want some help please contact me. I am happy to help you clean up any mess that has been made. Or if you need to go somewhere away from it for a while I can help with that too. This is not fair and I am sorry if you have been affected.
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[The feed opens with video footage of an empty rabbit hutch, then moves to show signs of forced entry - a broken gate lock, a trampled flower. Then it flips around and Brendan's face is nothing but cold fury, which comes across equally plainly in his voice.]

If whoever stole our rabbits returns them, unharmed, in the next 48 hours, I promise you amnesty. No cops, no charges, I just want them back, no questions asked.

If you don't return them, you won't be able to run far enough, and I promise you, if you hurt them, you will never see me coming and they will never find your bodies.

You stole from the wrong fucking house if you think we're gonna let this slide.

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[ Kanaya doesn't look happy. She looks like someone who has spent two days playing a mobile game nonstop, and hated every second of it. But she important things to say about it now. ]

So, I didn't plan to waste any more of my time thinking about this silly game, but after everyone on Bwitter decided that it was worth blowing up my shouts over, I found that it may be worth looking into further. Frankly, much of the content they related of this "Papaya Delirium" stand-in is rather concerning.

After spending far longer playing "Heart Kapow Wow" [ Though she stops short of using air-quotes, she says it with as much disdain as possible, what kind of stupid title is that? ] than I ever intended to spend on as pointless an endeavor as this, allow me to make a few disclaimers. And, for the record, I can't believe this shit has somehow become necessary.

First, stop recommending Hallmark movies to me. I don't care, I don't want to watch them

Second, no, I am not Jason Vorhees. I don't even know who that is.

Third, I'm not a wasp, or any kind of bee. Stop sending me jokes about bees.

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, no, I do not have an ovipositor. I do not plant eggs in people. I am not seeking a new egg host for my children, I will not lay eggs in you on request, no amount of money you offer me is enough to make me want to roleplay this scenario with you, or even to think about it any more than you've already made me, and thanks so much for that. I don't want to see any art you've made of the event, I don't want to know that you're making art or writing whatever it is you are while stimulating whatever nether-organs your species has evolved. I don't want to know, please stop making me know about these things. You're all disgusting.

And finally, I. Do not. Date. Men. I don't care what your vexing virtual vespine vixen told you. She isn't me, and she isn't real, and I am seriously considering a call to my lawyer to see if something can't be done about her very existence. If you are trying to hit on me over Bwitter, you've already lost. Please stop.

[ She lets out a long exhale, rubbing her temples. Her brows furrow as she considers something, then relax for a moment as she screws up her lips and opens her eyes, then furrows her brows again, dropping her hands and looking back into the camera. ]

Does anyone know how to get my good ending? Do I even have one? It would really figure if I didn't.
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Hi? So. A true act of heroism right now would be giving me the address of a falafel place. And maybe letting me onto your Netflix account 'cuz I can't afford it but want to see the new Science Mystery Theatre 3000.

Actually a job might be useful. I can do whatever. My resume doesn't exist but I'm quick on the uptake.


[a few minutes of silence, and then;]

-- Introductions, sure. I'm Magnus Chase. I used to live in a hotel and next to dumpsters before that. I'm from Boston and I don't love nicknames. My favourite colours are black and beige and I know ASL/ASL. I love pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Whoops, now this sounds like a weird dating profile, so I think I'm done.

I'm like, barely 50% kidding about the falafel/Netflix support. Not kidding at all about the job. So call me maybe.

[another voice in the background rips into a modern classic, with Magnus going aw, come on -- don't worry about it]
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[ though may is the first thing that can be seen on the feed, it’s the sound of a high-pitched yipping that comes before she can speak. only a moment later, a small, gray puppy can be seen sniffing and investigating the camera. may giggles, picking up the dog(?) and plopping it in her lap. ]

C’mon, settle down a little. You’re gonna be getting a new brother or sister soon!

puppers!!! )

4.0 \ VIDEO

Aug. 8th, 2017 08:55 pm
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[ Skeets is floating in front of a mirror, using the network with his brain because he can't be bothered to hold the communicator today. Yes, he is a football-sized small gold robot. ]

Hello Network, if we haven't met already my name is Skeets. Professor Skeets, actually. I teach history at De Chima University.

Recently I have been considering teaching something else, so this post is meant to gauge interest -- are you from a world that doesn't have the Internet? Are you from an era before and after contemporary Internet culture? Are you too old to get it? If you're interested, I can explain the Internet to you.

Text (nsfw)

Aug. 7th, 2017 08:22 pm
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So how do the rest of you entertain yourselves when you can't have marathon sex to pass the time? Or whatever it is you normally do to keep yourself busy, I suppose.

I should have asked this a week ago, but it would be a good idea to have some suggestions in mind if I get stuck in such an unfortunate situation again.


Aug. 8th, 2017 01:17 pm
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Several questions that the information sheet didn't cover, though any other info would be nice.

[The voice sounds vaguely female, maybe a bit faint and hoarse, and like they are very grudgingly speaking English.]

Where can I find clothes? I was told you organics don't go out in public in 'scrubs'.

How long until I can transform again? It's the only 'power' left. I can't imagine the other Cybertronians here have this issue.

Speaking of them.... Can we talk?

And, I guess, how long does it take an organic to heal?

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