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[Frank has been lying low since the blackout. When the government gave him a reward, he didn't want to risk building any more notoriety outside of his typical reputation. It's one of the many reasons to leave Heropa, besides him having more work to do up north.

So when he returns to the Network, it's to unceremoniously use it as Craigslist. Again.]

Need to know about the cheapest places to rent in Maurtia Falls. And a decent mechanic.

Maybe away from the permanent fireworks. [A mumbled aside, almost cut off by him stopping the feed:] At least Tomorrowland laid off the floating old fuck in the stars.


Jan. 7th, 2017 07:09 pm
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[Social networking had never really been Frank's forte, even before he was declared dead to the public. When he found the communicator in his welcome package, and the explanation of the imPort network, he couldn't help but grimace. The greeter interpreted it a smile, and let him go on his way.

Now, he sits in a corner cafe, watching city life unfold around him, with the phone in his hand. A few of the posts he's found so far have actually caught his attention-- apparently some of these supervillain assholes really don't mind showing their faces. Not really a bad thing-- easier to find.

What would be harder to find, however, would be people he can trust. Especially if people here know who he is. May as well test the waters.]

So are there any good coffee shops around here? Because this Starbucks stand in tastes like shit


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