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It's been almost two months. I-I forgot because of--[Because of the mess with Heaven Scent. Because she nearly died and was hospitalized. Because it's hard to remember here, removed from anywhere with her memory.]

Mom...[It's a whisper, broken and sad. Honestly, she feels like she shouldn't post this, but...the date caught up with her. August was a long time ago, it seemed, even if it was only a few months. She missed remembering her own mother. She needs advice.]

Do any of you still...remember your loved ones? U-Um...those lost I mean? How do you do it--there's no grave for them, no memorial.

I want to do something for her. I have to. To make up for forgetting.

Locked to Akira, Yusuke, and Goro )
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[ When the video clicks on she's smiling, reserved but something proud despite itself in her expression. The background is one of the basic assigned rooms (this one in Maurtia Falls, but she hasn't decorated anything or shown anything but walls to tell by. ]

From what I've been come to understand so far, there are quite a few people here from my home galaxy, and many of us from different timelines.

So. [ She doesn't clear her throat, because that would be uncouth. ]

I am Padme Amidala, mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker, Queen of Naboo during the Occupation, and Senator of the Galactic Republic before the end of the Clone War.

[ And now there is a little bit of a smile, able to bring some lightheartedness to it. ]

And currently a hair model, apparently. I know there are many people from my galaxy here, but this is a new world and a new place to learn, and I am curious.

This system of representatives for those among us brought into this world without our consultation seems to be a good one, but I would like to know more about it from those who are familiar with the systems. I am pleased we are not pawns here entirely.

[ Entirely. ] Or if you are not familiar with how this system works but would like to know, we can work out the details together, or simply talk about how this system functions.

The more you know about your system of governance, the more chance you have to affect it.


Oct. 9th, 2017 08:37 pm
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[ It took him awhile to post, largely because why didn't this thing respond to his taps-- oh, he needed to take his gloves off to use the communicator. This was going to be of an annoying learning curve, but... whatever. He was stuck here, and until he found a way to get back, he was going to need to get used to the things around him and what he needed to do to be part of it. The others would be disappointed in him if he just closed himself off and waited to get back. ]

[ So that meant using this weird thing that seemed more and less advanced than the technology at Esthar at once. It was his only source of dealing with his current issue of concern. ]


I've just arrived, and they assigned to a school. How do I correct this? I've already graduated.

[ It took way too much time to type out something that short and to the point. ]
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[Cinders smiles confidently as she turns on the camera. It's been half a year since she entered this place, and there's a world of difference between the underfed, dirty young woman who stepped into this world and the woman who's looking out at whatever the hell the internet has to offer tonight now. But never mind that! There's a reason she's speaking today.]

Hello, everyone! Sorry I disappeared last month; I've been swamped at work. [Not that she minds.] Speaking of which I actually have a position to fill. You see, there's a lovely piano that never sees any use, and I'm interested in hiring someone to play it.

[Well, it does see use, but it's just when Cinders is trying to learn the damn thing herself, but that doesn't count.]

If anyone wants to apply, please either reply to this directly or stop by Revīvēscere. I'm there most nights, but if I'm not, ask for Walter. He manages on my nights off.


Aug. 16th, 2017 10:21 pm
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{One cannot hunt the great Evils of the cities unendingly. Even Elves need a rest now and then and Thranduil thinks, perhaps, his is well-earned. His golden hair is damp from a hot soak and he is wearing a silk bathrobe.}

I grow weary of facing crime. {As well as completing the duties of his job - of which partially explain why he is attired as such.} Is there any reward for our acts of heroism or are we expected to do them out of the goodness of our hearts?

{He lays himself down on a sofa, stretching out luxuriously.}

Furthermore, I suppose I must impart some of the finer secrets of Dorwinion wine if I am to enjoy another glass of it. The wine humans offer is...subpar at best.

{To enforce that point, he lifts up a half-drunk glass, swirling the contents.}

I feel nothing even after drinking a bottle.

Text (nsfw)

Aug. 7th, 2017 08:22 pm
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So how do the rest of you entertain yourselves when you can't have marathon sex to pass the time? Or whatever it is you normally do to keep yourself busy, I suppose.

I should have asked this a week ago, but it would be a good idea to have some suggestions in mind if I get stuck in such an unfortunate situation again.
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OOC: This post is in relation to this and this

I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it, or if this will lead to anything, but - I'm afraid it's a bit of a Missing Persons ad. [Her voice is a bit unsteady in a way that suggests she's trying her hardest to maintain her composure. The apples of her cheeks are a bit flushed, the rims of her eyes a bit pinker than normal. She offers a very, very tight-lipped, twitching smile before her face goes sullen again.]

I'm wondering if anyone has seen the man in the image I'm about to show. He was last seen in De Chima yesterday morning and has not been seen or heard of since. His communicator was broken, though any message sent to him, regardless of format, bounces back as though there's - [She pauses, inhaling a short breath to steel herself to continue.]

As though there's no recipient to be found.

If you've any information, please let me know. Any assistance would - would be greatly appreciated.

[An image comes on the screen until the message goes black.]
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Good evening.

( Said with all the politeness of someone raised with impeccable manners, rather than because there is anything remotely pleasant about the evening. She's not bothered to clean up very much from her arrival; still messy and smoky and bloody, though the smears would suggest she has at least attempted to make herself less alarming for the purpose of this message. )

My name is Lara Croft, of the Endurance. We were recently shipwrecked on the lost island of Yamatai. ( Simple, matter of fact. This was not so simple as keeping a diary in the hopes that someone would find it on her body, if she failed and if there was a body to be found. This was more like blogging, and when that occurs to her she's briefly at a loss for how to continue.

What would Sam do? )

I... appreciate that you must get a good many of these message broadcast so soon after arrivals come in, but it is imperative that I find my friends. A number of them were taken captive by a— madman called Mathias, acting as a figurehead for a cult who call themselves the Solarii. If any other survivors are here, I must find them. ( Lara's voice become a little quieter, more pensive, more like she's speaking to herself even as she continues to address the camera. ) They— try to burn women as a test for some sort of ritual, but I don't know what it all means, yet.

( She shakes her head, and her tone becomes more matter of fact. )

And I don't know what this means, either. Becoming open to the possibility that my father's fascination with myths and the mystical wasn't utter foolishness was onething, but.... this place is enough to make me wonder. Was something as bizarre as this the goal of the Solarii? Or perhaps I've finally lost my mind from exposure or blunt-force trauma, and this is simply the delusion that will make my demise a little less grim. Certainly it's a bit different from all those things people say about seeing you life flash before your eyes.

( There is a moment of quiet self-awareness, a very slight smile. ) If everything we see and hear is to be believed, I imagine that's a line of thought you're all rather familiar with, as well.

( The moment of softness is whisked away. )

Samantha Nishimura, Conrad Roth, Joslin Reyes, Jonah Maiava, Alex Weiss, and James Whitman. If those names are familiar to you, please advise me immediately.
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[And here's Cinders, looking sad - which is something she's surprised at, considering how apathetic and downright terrifying her boss was.]

Lucifer is gone. He's left this universe to seek the next adventure, among other things.

[A sigh, albeit a quiet one. As rude as Lucifer often was, she couldn't help but feel the loss of him. She gets the feeling she's not the only one.]

Revīvēscere is staying, and Lucifer has entrusted it to me. I will look after it to the best of my abilities, as its new proprietor.

[It's a bit of a promise, really - not that he'd be anything but slightly amused at that. But, sod it, it's what she's going to do nonetheless.]

Do feel free to stop by for a drink or two - and please, be patient while I get settled into my new role.


Jul. 23rd, 2017 05:29 am
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[There is a level of determination in him that hadn't existed during the election. Seeking a city position or power of any kind didn't sit well with him, but helping others was in his nature. Maybe not in this form, but it was more natural than the other.

He was at the edge of the De Chima forest preserve, seated in front of a farm house. For those that have been there, it's Lucy Pevensie's, now empty and quiet.]

With the election over, it's time to focus on the rest of the citizens and imPorts that are in need of help. There is a farmhouse that was used to house a number of residents, now abandoned. My sister, Sansa Stark and I have decided to purchase the home and convert it into a shelter for the homeless. It will have a vegetable garden and offer training for various skills that will help them find jobs, eventually allowing them to move into their own homes.

All of this is dependent on the good will of the citizens. We will be in need of donations, both monetary and supplies. We will also need those with construction skills to help us renovate and refurbish the farm house. You will be compensated.

My sister and I will answer any questions you might have. Thank you.

» voice

Jul. 9th, 2017 04:27 am
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Hello? Is this meant to be spoken into? There is no circular apparatus by which to dial a number—

Ah. The light says "recording." Good. I have a question: which of these cities is most in need of help? Eventually I'll see to all, but those most in need should be helped first. I've heard gossip on the street while strolling of riots, blackouts and a shortage of food. Is that everywhere, or simply in the place called De Chima?

( Diana repeats this messages in a dozen different languages, just in case. There's a long pause afterward, and then she says quietly: )

Peace seems to elude this world. I must wonder if he survived.

( He being her half-brother, of course. Though she doesn't elaborate. )


Jul. 8th, 2017 01:08 am
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{It matters not where he travels; Thranduil stands out. Every inch of him screams Elven and King if one has some experience with such descriptors. His expression is grim and his voice is heavy, measured:}

There are dead to bury and rifts to mend. I cannot tarry long or I will add to their suffering.

{The Greenwood should never be without a King.}

I am Thranduil, son of Oropher, and King of the Greenwood. {More commonly called Mirkwood now, sadly.} Show me the path I must take and I shall set my feet upon it before the sun sets on this day.

And I do not wish to hear that I am in "another world". There is only one Arda and though I have never seen structures of this sort decorating her lands, I have not traveled the full length and breadth of her. {Yes, it must be nonsense. He scowls to put off those who might give him said explanation, but deep down he is frightened it is true.}
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[In a complete and utter surprise, Futaba is posting to the network off anon. Mostly because she'd give away too many details to maintain her alias otherwise. The post starts out with two pictures of seemingly identical cats, both black and missing an eye. They are adorable though. And then comes the text.

Everyone needs to meet Caroline and Justine. Respectively. Caroline is coming home with me, so you have been warned Heropa #10. We have a cat now. No arguments.

If anyone knows or lives with one Goro Akechi...he's the one that has Justine. Good luck with that, because Caroline is the best of the pair. I mean look at that face.

[And another, somewhat terrifying, picture of "Caroline" is attached.]

All that being said. Pet stores. Name em and give me opinions. Cat needs to nom.

+01 (Video)

Jul. 4th, 2017 07:14 pm
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[The camera is clearly sitting on a shelf or something, judging by the perspective the feed opens up on. It was the best way to get a steady feed, and besides, Sakuri is 4"9, this is the only way to frame the shot so she doesn't look tiny. The twelve year old smiles for a brief second before her expression settles into a default sort of wariness as she clears her throat and begins.]

H-hello, everyone. My name i-is Sakuri Kunikai, and I just, um, arrived. I h-have some questions... things back h-home were, they were... [she trails off, looking stricken, but sucks in a deep breath and tries again, fists clenched at her sides as she struggles to keep calm and keep talking,] they w-weren't going well. Demons w-were involved. I, I think I need a therapist, m-maybe. But I don't really know h-how that sort of thing works, or how to f-find one.

Also, I want, well, I'd l-like some time to think about the, [this will never get less surreal to say,] the superhero th-thing. Registering, I mean. C-can we take some t-time to figure that out? I, at home, things, things went really wrong a-a-and now I get, I get these big flashes of panic, and I cry a-and I don't know why, and I just don't want to b-be a bad superhero and g-get somebody hurt. But I d-don't want to sit around and not h-help anyone, either. People sh-should help each other, it's just the right thing to do... [Despite her voice shaking, she nods to herself, as if reminding herself of this fact, and her voice is a bit more even as she finishes speaking.]

Sorry, if th-these are stupid questions. And for my stutter, I, I was going to speech therapy but, but it'll take a while t-to go away completely. A-anyway, thank you all f-for your time.

[She cuts the feed, shoulders still visibly tense, clearly not any less nervous than when she began.]

[voice] One

Jul. 4th, 2017 07:26 pm
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[There's the sound of some shuffling at first, mostly fabric over fabric and the odd squeak and scratch as Yosuke gets himself settled. Which he thought he already was but he hasn't actually attempted to you know address a huge host of people like this before so thinking he's ready and being ready are really two different things. Finally he clears his throat after the worst of the shuffling and scraping ends.]

So question how do they determine what your job here will be? I mean I'm not unfamiliar with retail life, I've only been doing it for a couple years back home, but I was kind of hoping to escape selling televisions. Or you know having really anything to do with them at a department store. I have literally worked in every job from unloading to stocking shelves to produce and I'm selling TVs. Or helping sell TVs. It's just so boring since TVs only really change a couple times of year and it's the same models in between and normally the customer isn't really looking for your advice on which one to get they just want you to take it off the shelf and ring them out and help them put it in their car, so it kind of makes having a couple of us in the department that actually know what we're talking about sort of dumb.

And before anyone asks I do actually mostly like my job. It's kind of nice not having anyone know who I am beyond what my name tag says. It makes things a lot quieter than I'm used too, but in a good way.

Oh and for those in De Chima, what is there to do for fun around her if you're under the age of like eighteen? I haven't really gone out exploring since I got here, just kind of trying to get familiar with my immediate area and where the various conveniences are. And if anyone knows where I can get a decent bike for a fair price I'd be grateful for the pointers.

Thank you.

[And with that the voice post ends with a click after a little more shuffling.]


Jun. 23rd, 2017 12:45 am
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I am sure we have all had moments of feeling...helpless here. It wouldn't be too far outside the realm of possibility given the means of our arrival and what little warning comes with it.

Still, I must ask: How does one overcome it? This...listlessness is not exactly something I am used to. Back home I knew what my purpose was, my duty. It was a path I was not to stray from. But here...

Here there is so much possibility that I find myself overwhelmed with choices I would never have had before. And with that comes an uncertainty as to what I am meant to do here. I want to be useful, to help in some way...but what needs are of the largest priority?

I apologize, it must seem as though I am rambling. I suppose I am merely looking for opinions...suggestions if you have them...


Jun. 20th, 2017 12:06 am
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[Rather than be in the actual ambassador's office for this broadcast, he's outside and in the city, overlooking the skyline of De Chima. This is his home for as long as he's here and it brings out a look of determination.]

I was given the chance to see how De Chima could thrive and be overseen by an able and intelligent ambassador. Lucy Pevensie cared about the citizens of her city and dedicated herself completely to their benefit. I promise to do the same. De Chima is full of brave heroes, not just among the imPorts but the natural citizens as well. This is the city where we can put aside where we are from and instead focus on what the future has in store for us.

Everything we do can be used for the benefit of De Chima and for everyone that resides here. The role of ambassador is to facilitate the interests of the imPorts, but there shouldn't be a divide between us and them. This is our city, all of ours and I promise to make it a city we all can call home.

My name is Jon Snow and I'm running for the ambassadorship of De Chima.
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been here over a week.

been having .. weird convos with people of varying levels of hostility. i hate all most of you.

you can redeem yourself by telling me where the best place to get a drink is.


Jun. 15th, 2017 03:44 am
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Hey, Network. I didn’t mean to go so long without posting, but it’s been, uh, a while--

[ --since shortly before he was unmasked on the network by Tony Stark’s evil alternate universe counterpart, actually. THANKS FOR THAT, BUDDY.

In deference to the new status quo, Peter is wearing one of his usual button-downs with the sleeves rolled up, but with the collar unbuttoned enough that the red of his costume peeks through. Baby steps! ]

If we haven’t met, I’m Peter Parker, also known as [ cough ] Spider-Man, and I’ve been here for a few years now, so if you’re new and have questions about how to manage this whole kidnapped-to-another-universe thing, I can try to field them. Not that you can’t ask if you’re not new, but anyway.

I've got two announcements to make--sort of a good news, bad news kind of thing.

[ Clasping his hands together: ] First, the good news! As some of you saw on a recent Majority Report, I'm going to be working with Kanaya Maryam, Norman Osborn, and Revan on our new venture to provide costumes and equipment to the superheroic masses. I'm really excited to be working with the team, and I want to thank Kanaya and Normie for bringing me on. Details at the link below, etcetera, etcetera.

[ There's an attached link which will take the curious onlooker or potential client to the project's website. ]

For the record, I'm signing on as one of the tech-heads. My job is to do everything in my power to help you use your powers most effectively and then get home safely. I've been advised in the strongest possible terms that I'm not allowed to give fashion advice under the auspices of the company--[ He may be slightly grumpy about this. His costume's a classic, Kanaya!!! ]--so for that you'll have to ask Kanaya.

cut for spider-man brand motormouthery(tm) )


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