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May. 9th, 2017 10:23 pm
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[Video opens on the lobby of a hotel in art deco styling before James Patrick March comes into frame, wearing a tuxedo with a black cravat instead of any bowtie. He takes a look around before standing in what he seems to assume is the middle of the frame...before rethinking this and taking a few steps to the side. The camera follows. This puts him at the front desk. He puts a hand out to strike a relaxed sort of pose that definitely isn't a pose but looks like a pose that is trying so hard not to be one.]

How do I look?

[The camera man's voice is recognizable to those who have been to the Castile before, a particularly foul-mouthed bellhop who has a different name every time you ask.]

Freakishly overdressed. Like always.

Thank you. Please, tell me when you're about to start. Give a countdown, perhaps?

Nah. It's already runnin', boss.

[March's jaw tenses, his eyes have a glint. This is not the look of a happy boss. But it passes as quickly as it's there, replaced with a charming smile that comes across as completely genuine.]

Hello. My name is James Patrick March, and this is my hotel. [He gestures around, looks up.] The Hotel Castile. I've been extremely honored to meet many of you, and am positive there are many more I've yet to meet I would be just as honored by. On that note, any imPort who finds themselves in need of a place to stay in our fair city of Maurtia Falls will be granted half off any room here they'd like, standing offer as long as I captain this ship.

[His smile falls a bit, indicating a switch of topic to something more serious. And as March speaks, the video function slowly zooms in, first on his cravat, then over his head to focus on an EMERGENCY EXIT sign. March continues to speak, obviously unaware his camera man is such a little shit.]

Recently, I've come to realize there are quite a few in our population like myself. Like the people I know. I make no secret that I am a ghost, but ghosts were not all that haunted the hallways of my home. Ghosts, those beautiful creatures who needed blood to survive, witches, psychics, we had a little bit of everything! And, damn it all, I do miss it. So I would like to offer a more personal invitation to all you fantastic, lovely folks who fall into those other categories. Room and board, food and drink, simple conversation, name it, we pride ourselves on discretion and confidentiality here, and I've rather a craving to add familiarity into that list.

[The camera moves about to literally anything that is not March — it takes an interest in two women coming out of the elevator, in staff going about their business, anything happening behind him so it doesn't appear obvious that March is not really in this picture.]

I believe that was all I had to address today. Hm?

S'all you told me, Jimjam.

Charming — cut it, won't you?


[Except...he doesn't. Not immediately, anyway, the Network is treated to a good twenty seconds of one of the staff on break eating a sandwich. Nothing really fascinating, but there are some men who simply should not be trusted to record literally anything.

ooc. if it's your first time interacting with jpm please visit his permissions thank you!

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May. 2nd, 2017 05:23 pm
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For those of you who were once human and are no longer, regardless of how long it's been, do you wish to go back to that fragile state or stay as you currently are? Whatever that is.

Or, for the humans, would you be so willing to give up your humanity for whatever power or little perk you might get from being some other... thing?

[ Just consider her a very old vampire who is confused with the number of those she comes across who seem ashamed-- unhappy even or not having fully accepted what they are. Self-love is important, right? ]
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[Happy Ides, everyone. To celebrate, here's a pale, shaken wizzard on your screen, standing in some nondescript Maurtia Falls allet. If the pallor of his skin makes him look a person who may be ill, that's probably because he is. Or at least was. Barely thirty seconds ago, violently, behind a trash can.]

Once, just once I'd like to go a month without - without the streets flooding with ghosts, or being in ridiculous brawls in bars with bears, or being kidnapped, or - or -

[Rincewind breaks off with a pained, miserable expression, glancing back over his shoulder. As he does so, the video shifts enough to show a dumpster with its lid open, a bag of trash abandoned outside it. The angle makes it impossible to see inside.]

...There's a body in there. Two, er, halves of one. Someone's, um...

[Rincewind swallows thickly, fighting another wave of nausea.]

I don't think she's an imPort. ...Was. Gods.

Look - someone come deal with this, will you? That's what you heroes are meant to do, right? So one of you needs to bloody well get out here. I'm not - I can't - this isn't my responsibility.


Jan. 24th, 2017 04:38 pm
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Well, now that all the technomancy's up and running again, I don't suppose anyone ever got that riddle solved, did they? The actual one, mind. Not the one about why we lost lights and things in the first place.

[Rincewind taps a pencil with one hand against the open pages of a book thoughtfully, the other waving his lunch (an egg and cress sandwich) as he intones:]

"We did warn you. All of you have so much power. That comes at a cost. If you can't see in the darkness, then look to the stars.”

...I certainly don't remember any warning, and I've usually a keen memory for those.

Anyway, "power" seems a rather obvious double meaning, but it's the "looking to the stars" bit which has me curious. [a phrase which here means, "debating whether there's still sufficient enough impending threat to flee the country".]

ImPorts could be the stars - we certainly are in their TV and such, that's meaning enough. But if "power" has a double meaning, it stands to reason "stars" would as well. Were we actually supposed to be looking up at the night sky during all of that, do you think?

...I don't suppose anyone did any gazing while they were running about saving people?

[or just running, in Rincewind's case.]


Oct. 27th, 2016 09:25 pm
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Hey. [it's going to be hard to keep the grin from his face tonight, so Sam doesn't put in too much effort, boyish and excited.]

So I'm not gonna bury the lede here - I'll be officially openin' Merlotte's on November 11th. It's a bar and grill in beautiful De Chima, and I'm hopin' I can recruit some talent to help me get it up and runnin'. Those of you who know me should know I've been workin' on this one for a while, and with a little help it's finally come together. I don't want to spoil the surprise just yet, but the buildin' looks beautiful and I had some help puttin' the menu together by a very talented chef and friend of mine, Six, who's since Ported back home.

Nothin' too fancy, just good food and well-mixed drinks, with occasional specials featurin' foods and shots meant to sort of... bridge the gap between us and the natives. But no gimmicks, I promise - just a place people can feel comfortable to enjoy themselves, wind down after some of the shit this world can put us through. Bring us together.

[seriously, his eyes are practically sparkling with joy here. Finally - everything's coming together. Finally it's going to feel like he's got a foothold here.]

I hope I'll see a lot of you openin' night, I'll have specials and live music. And feel free to talk to me here or call me if you're interested in work; I'm hirin' across the board.

...And it's a little off-topic, but while I've got you here - I also wanted to hear from some of you on what you think an Ambassador ought to be. What you want to see out of the people you elect, what you feel needs to be brought to the table. Seein' as how they're meant to be representatives, I figured it'd be a good idea to get a handle on just what the community feels they should represent.
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[ Kanaya has the camera propped up somewhere, and once it turns on she moves until it's focused on her head and shoulders. ]

So! It's that time of year again, when everyone gets every ounce of spookiness out of their systems and makes a night of it. [ She shakes her hands out to illustrate. ] Probably the best holiday humans have to offer, where each of us have our own ways of celebrating. Well, I hope you'll join us for the night at Maryam Designs!

[ She steps back from the camera to show the large white room behind her, contrasting sharply against her black dress. Lengths of fabric draped across the ceiling to give it a bit more color. On one side, large tables are set up with sewing machines, and desks with computers on the other.

The whole thing looks a little fresh and unused, like the location has been set up, but none of the workers have reported in yet. Nonetheless, she stretches her arms out to present it all, clearly very proud of the whole thing.

I'd like to invite you all to help us celebrate the opening of our new studio in downtown Nonah! We'll be starting on the evening of the 30th, and continue with dinner and dancing and whatever the night has in store for us all through the witching hour. Costumes are, of course, recommended, but beyond that, the only thing you need to bring is yourself, and a willingness to have a good time.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

[ The feed cuts, and blinks back on again with Kanaya in her own office, a little more colorful and a little more lived in. Her smile is a little less sincere now and a little more thoughtful. ]

While I have you all here, I have another topic to inquire about. Has anyone else been looking into that dreadful affair at the swearing-in ceremony this month? Messy business, that, but I have difficulty accepting that it was all an accident. I've dug up a few leads, but I wouldn't mind comparing notes with anyone else investigating.

Actually, on that note, does anyone know about the Hotel Castile? [ She knows it's owned by imPorts, she's honestly just fishing before she actually looks into it in person. Say the name, see whose attention she gets. ]


Oct. 9th, 2016 02:14 pm
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[The video opens up on a familiar attic, with everyone's favourite nerd waving at the camera. For some reason there's what looks like a dummy with its arms raised and a sheet over it. Spooky?]

Hey, everyone! Dipper Pines again. It's October now, which means a bunch of things. Like... pumpkins! Big piles of leaves! Fake skeletons everywhere! I mean, along with the real ones. That... everyone has. Never mind.

Anyways, I'm here to talk to you about ghost protection. Things can get kind of spooky during October but if you're prepared, you won't have anything to worry about. You can focus on costumes and candy corn and... mid-terms. Maybe? Do any imPorts go to college?

First thing! This is a classic supernatural deterrent that you should already have on hand: salt. Basically you just kind of put in a circle around whatever you want to protect from demons or whatever. I don't think it works for really strong ones, but it'll keep most things out. Plus you can just buy the kind you use for salting your driveway.

If you already have a ghost inside your house, the best thing you can try is to trap it in a silver mirror. That part's pretty you just kind of-- [At this point, Dipper makes a sucking sound.] To get rid of it, there's a ritual and stuff. I'll put uh, a link at the bottom. Don't break the mirror or let the ghost talk its way out. For real. You might get turned into a tree.

Okay and seriously, don't do a seance. Ghosts are really annoying and talking to them doesn't do much, plus you're probably just going to end up with more. Silver mirrors are expensive!

That's pretty much it! Let me know if you have any questions, and avoid cursed doors. They either lead to another plane of existence or it's just instant death. You'll know them when you see them.


Aug. 27th, 2016 11:11 pm
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[ As always, with Shade, it's Video.

And as always, he looks pretentious as hell, but this time, it's worse.
] Good evening, imports!

[ Says Shade, dressed in a dark smoking jacket, complete with a pipe, although his tophat and shades are still on. In the background, one can see a roaring fire -- in North Carolina no less -- and in the foreground, a small shadow gremlin stumbles around, bringing a both a glass of hazy green liquid (absinthe) and a paper, which Shade takes. ]

I'm the Shade, for those of you whom I haven't met, and I'm quite the fan of the written word.

Most of the time. [ He holds up the paper, labeled with a bold TMI -- the headline an image -- with a headline underneath: TMI EXCLUSIVE: REGGIE MANTLE CONFESSES - SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS ]

I thought I'd give this a go, as the reading seemed to hint that it would include too much information, but this may very well be... too much.

[ He cleared his throat, before he started. ]

Import Harleen Quinzel may not be a human import at all! The import was last seen turning into a -- my word, really? -- Harley Davidson motorcycle, and speeding down Formation Boulevard in Nonah this past Saturday. Some followers of imports pointed out that she may be a... Transformer -- [ He sounded bewildered: ] What is a... ah! -- an alien that is known to tranform from a robot into a vehicle.

[ A pause. ] Fascinating!

And the next one says... Saitama, the import known for packing quite the punch... [ He paused, eyes peering over his sunglasses while he read. His face becoming more and more horrified by the moment. ] ...is now starring in a...n.... X-rated video called "Three Fist Man"? [ Muttered under his breath: ] By erebus -- I don't think that's appropriate for the Sundays...

[ Gross. Maybe he should move on. But only after he reaches out to take a sip of his drink. ]

Ah! My friend Dorian! Apparently you've been rather naughty. [ He grinned. ] Caught in the sheets with Power Girl! My! And with an illegitimate child? Kara Danvers? [ A hand to his chest. ] Toby must be devastated, really. It appears that TMI reporters were able to locate an illicit exchange between the two, but there was no footage, but... the similarities between Ms. Danvers and Power Girl are rather striking, aren't they? [ A wave of his hand. ] Or is it coincidence? Who truly knows?

Ah! It appears that an import is to blame for the FBI's incompetence as well? Apparently a one Erik Lensherr was to blame for the FBI's entire database, which found itself wiped. Apparently the man is a living...magnet? Can that affect compuiters? Regardless, the FBI chose not to comment, and instead dismissed the intrepid TMI reporter as insane. Of course tthat's incorrect.

And lastly -- [ He's on the third page -- ] Import Frederick Chilton was found in the arms of his patient! How scandouls. James Patrick Marsh, hotel owner, was found with the Doctor on a sensuos lunch date, where the two were found laughing over... strawberries and créme. [ A thoughtful noise. ] How very romantic -- and clichéd. [ Another sip. ]

Isn't it fascinating, what things we've all been up to so far?


Aug. 8th, 2016 11:53 pm
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[ Klarion's grinning into the camera like a maniac, and even Teekl, who is curled up in his lap, looks satisfied and very pleased with himself. This can't be good. ]

Alright! I've decided that today is my birthday, and as such, according to your surface traditions, I believe that we are owed cake! I don't care about presents, we're going to go traveling anyway, and those will just be cumbersome.

[ Yep, Klarion just picked the date out of thin air because he's in the mood for some cake. How old is he? Was he actually born in August? Who knows, who cares!

He's just about to put the communicator down and turn the feed off when he grimaces a bit, and the cat glances up at him with an unmistakable, 'I told you so' kind of look. Klarion's expression instantly goes back to normal. ]

... Incidentally, if anyone knows of any spells or herbal remedies for aching teeth, they would be appreciated.


Aug. 7th, 2016 06:27 pm
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[ Have you ever wanted to see someone take apart a hoverbike? Well today's your lucky day. Holtzmann has set up an impromptu lab in Heropa #10 - and scattered junk absolutely everywhere in one of the downstairs common rooms, sorry roomies - and turned on the camera almost absent-mindedly, having remembered that she wanted to post to the network only after she's elbow-deep in this hover clutch. ]

So I had a question. [ She says, pulling out a friction disk and tossing it over one shoulder. A polymer d-ring follows suit a moment. ] Ghosts. Anybody seen 'em around? Had problems with 'em? I heard about this continuum stuff but nothing about the afterlife.

[ A few more discarded parts later, she decides it's time to take the more direct route. Namely going after the hover mechanism innards with an acetylene torch. Works pretty great ... until she lights the curtain behind her on fire.

There's another beat as she realizes she's forgotten something. ]

I'm Holtzmann. And I'm a Ghostbuster, so. Yeah. If you've got info, gimme a call.

[ The flames creep up the curtain in the background. ]

(( PERMISSIONS ARE STILL IN PROGRESS but here's the most important one: 4th walling is a-okay as long as you don't talk about the events of the 2016 movie to her face. Everything else Ghostbusters-related is fine. ))
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This - !

[is an angry wizard, actually, in a lovely little hotel room. A wizard who is only on his second glass of wine. But he seems to be referencing the movie he's waving angrily at his communicator.

It's "The Wizard of Oz".

- This is terrible! An absolute mockery, is what it is! I've had so many people bringing this up, and I think to watch it for myself, and I find - I find - right, so, the wizard is a fake. Let's address that first of all, shall we? They all go on this big quest to get to the wizard, and he's fake, but how did the people not realize that in the first place, that's what I want to know.

He doesn't even have a pointy hat.

[Rincewind waves a hand.]

It's all a bad message, is what it is! Making wizards look bad! And look, the whole thing about witches being green - I mean honestly, witches are scary enough on their own without all that. That's obviously added. And the flying monkeys -

[he shudders. Never mind, not addressing those. Those were terrifying.]

But I've certainly never heard anything about them melting with a bit of water. Even trained hydrophobes don't do that. Bloody ridiculous.

The whole thing is ridiculous, is what I'm really getting at. We're supposed to believe a scarecrow which can talk and walk about is brainless? Or what about it trying to get everyone to buy that the strange man with ribbons in his hair is "a lion"? And ignoring that whole bit about how this Dorothy person could have just clicked her heels the whole time, enchanted shoes aren't what they're cracked up to be in the first place, the University can tell you. Half of her would have probably been teleported back to Kansas faster than the other half, and that would have certainly been a bloody mess. Very gruesome.

Anyway, it was hideous and I don't understand why so many of you reference it in the first place.

[two thumbs down, says newly self-appointed movie critic Rincewind; only one and a half poorly-sequined stars.]


Jul. 14th, 2016 02:05 pm
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[[so after a week of aimless wandering and several failed attempts to return to the Dreaming or remove the tattoo on his wrist, the Corinthian finally decides it's time to say hello. Twin black lenses peer thoughtfully down at the communicator, their owner nestled in the shade of some nondescript building.]

It is a curious thing, to be out of place. They have done their best to make us fit, but ill-fitting it must remain for those who had purpose before. Ties are not as easily cut as some lesser materials, and I find these unwanted attempts to bind... [he hums] ...mm, an irritant. I doubt that I'm the only one.

[a pause. The Corinthian glances briefly down at the tattoo on his wrist, glowing in the shadow. He frowns, then returns his attention.]

...I am also aware that there are none here I know, and I am cut off from contacting them. So instead I would have your names and a word on your world, if you would give them. Or not - as you will. But it seems the only thing to do with a communicator is to attempt to communicate; there is no point to hiding in a false world. I will even begin, to make it more comfortable. [he adds, humored:] That is a rare offer from me.

[the nightmare touches a hand to his chest genially.]

I am known as the Corinthian, nightmare of the Major Arcana in service to the Lord Shaper, Lord Dream of the Endless.

And it is good to meet you.
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[The feed begins to show Jonathan Crane the same as he was the last time: smart clothes, smart shoes, a clean tie and frames. Clean-shaven. Rational. Focused. He is calmer in his body language and more in his element.

He tries for a smile but finds it dropping off his face.

Irritating. If he is honest, he is all too aware of what lies before him. He fingers his tie, distracting himself. Then he gestures towards the camera.]

Hello. Can somebody please explain why it is I find myself stuck here? I believe that mismatched timelines stand corrected. Not for everybody, clearly. Though, perhaps the fact is... it's better for everyone that I'm still here.

[He furrows his brows, crosses his leg and steeples his fingers. Apparently he doesn't like being reminded of his counterpart, as his voice loses its calm tone.]

In the last few days I became aware of the actions of a terrorist who shares my face. I have no idea how he managed to commit his acts under your noses, let alone plan them in advance for months, but in the interest of transparency I want it known he was responsible for the videotape on the thirteenth of last month. Numerous people were hurt because of it. I imagine an explanation shall assuage your fears. He possessed a psychedelic power that produced psychological effects. A forced hallucination, essentially.

Come what may, I intend to heal the damage. And if anybody has an answer to my initial question, I would be grateful.

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May. 6th, 2016 07:05 pm
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Can you get filters on this thing? This'd look way better with some filters. Uh, anyways...

[He clears his throat. He's sitting on a leather chair, wearing a black-and-red shirt with a neckline so low he might as well not be wearing a shirt at all.]

Hey. I'm Tristan. I'm new around here and I've been put somewhat in-charge of this awesome nightclub. Emphasis on 'night'. Not gonna brag, but it's pretty awesome. I was a model back home, you know, I know what's in and this place is in.

If you enjoy great music and great drinks - especially if you're a little bloodthristy, if you know what I mean - you should come and check it out.

[He leans in closer to the camera and smiles.]

And as a bonus, I'll be there. Hope to see you.

[And in his enthusiasm about being given the slightest bit of authority (he was just the assistant manager, thank god or the place would've burned down already), he's forgotten to actually include the name of the club or the location of it in his little ad.


001; video

Apr. 6th, 2016 09:29 pm
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[This post is forward dated to tomorrow.

The video opens on a rather busy scene: a hotel desk, behind which the hotel itself is covered in various tarps, ladders, and the like. From time to time, someone passes by in this background. Worn jeans and worn shirts make it evident they're construction workers getting down to business. And once or twice there will be a man in a fine suit or a woman in a fine dress, all tailor fit and reminiscent of the 1920s. It's clearly not their first choice of uniform—the men may tug at their collars as they become more familiar with the closeness of fabric, the women may seem to have issues with their new shoes. The scene is simply a shot of this hotel entrance for a few moments before James Patrick March comes to stand in front of the desk, in his usual too fancy attire, wearing a pleasant smile. A moment of silence before he nods in the direction of the camera and ever so innocently inquires, all 20s charm and 20s drawl:

Well, is it on? [No voice answers him but he's gotten a yes just the same, and does his best to look directly at the camera. It's probably obvious he's not familiar with this. Like, just a bit.] Greetings! I can't say that I've ever participated in a televised broadcast, do forgive any mistakes I may make.

My name is James Patrick March [said with so much pride, this is a man who loves his name] and I've been among this world for just over a month now. Met a few of you so far, all very delightful. But I look forward to meeting more, and so this little announcement came about. You see, I'd been put in this town, Maurtia Falls as they call it, and been given work at a local hostel. Well! I'm quite pleased to announce under my new management, we are working to renovate, to elevate this hostel to a hotel. All has gone quite swimmingly so far, and the estimated date for the newly minted Hotel Castile to be functional is the twenty-first of this month. Now, where I come from, no one ever opens a business without celebration—it's pure bad luck! And so, I'd like to extend an open invitation for the twenty-third, the following Saturday, to every single one of you imPorts, as we are called, to join us for the evening. There will be food and drink, music, an open bar, a raffle...and if anyone enjoys the party more than they anticipated, there will be plenty of rooms to stay in until sobriety kicks in! The Hotel Castile will be proud to offer affordable rates and exemplary service to our guests in all regards.

[There's a pause, a break in the Super Happy Public Service Guy From Way Back When. He's engaging an eye battle with whoever's behind the camera. Seems he doesn't quite approve of the rest of their services, doesn't want to say the thing. The thing he eventually shakes his head and finishes with anyway, looking somewhat disgusted at this horrible offer they must include.]

...and complimentary Wi-Fi.

[The old timey dude doesn't appreciate modern reliance on the Internet, water is wet. But he gathers himself back together quickly to finish it up with a smile. One may wonder how strong his cheeks are because he comes across as the sort who is never not smiling.]

So please, do join us! The Hotel Castile is located at [address, delivered with so much joy, he is just such a happy fellow] and the evening's festivities are scheduled to begin at five. No one is ever late, however, don't be shy.

[Dude is a damn toothpaste commercial with all the smiling he's got going on right now. Like he's frozen in that form...for a few seconds before he squints again at whoever's holding the camera like, okay, he's done, right? This is finished, isn't it? Good job team, will that do, pig, or what? And that's the face the camera cuts off on—great timing, too, since the noise of a saw starting up had just taken over.]


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