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[Someone looks excited. Probably because he saw some mention of Christmas earlier. Or, the general idea of it. Along with the inevitable obvious past time of spotting decorations around, hearing the carols as he is out and about at times.

Now, Christmas isn't so much a thing back home, but it isn't hard to figure someone like Sorey getting excited about it all the same.]

Hey everyone! I'm guessing this 'Christmas' thing is a new holiday, right? We didn't have it back home. Or, not quite this big, if we did have something sort of similar at Glenwood. I gather it's about gifts, right? And this Santa guy. But this is a good excuse to get presents for everyone! [And here, he looks a bit more sheepish, rubbing at the back of his head, his mop of hair that does seem to be growing out a bit again.] I mean, I feel kind of bad, for leaving before and stuff anyway.

But it seems like fun! So I want to try. I wonder if this 'Santa' would bring me one of those goblin carts....

[Sorey no.]

A-anyway, the kids seem pretty excited! Maybe I could help do something with them for Christmas. Any ideas? Or...more details? Either way. This would be my first Christmas, so.

[He may have missed a few important facts. Like how Santa is really just some guy dressed up in a suit. You know.]

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Nov. 20th, 2016 02:05 am
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hi everyone! i'm karina and i'm pretty new here

won't take up too much of your time, sooo... quick question!

if you could design your own superhero costume, what would it like? function over form or a combination of both? what matters most to you when you're out and about and helping people out?

or what DOES your costume look like, if you've already made one and you're in a position to tell

thanks in advance everyone ♥
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[The attached ID reads Barnaby Brooks Jr. As a spokesman for a prominent energy drink brand, his name and face are splashed on all sorts of magazines and advertisements, and anyone who's been here for even a short amount of time might know him as a hero who's very public about his crime-fighting activities.

Generally speaking, it's rare for him to use text over the network. Of course, the message that follows doesn't exactly mesh with his usual image, either.]

I've got three questions. If you've got an answer for any of these, I want to hear from you.

#1: What do you know about this symbol?

#2: Who the hell is this?

#3: Do your numbers reflect the market's ACTUAL demand for heroes, or are you all just calling yourselves heroes because it's become the popular thing to do? At this rate, your characters are just going to overlap. Unless you've got a good hook, your odds of standing out or building a solid fanbase are pretty abysmal.

[You shouldn't need a 15-year-old kid telling you this, he irritably thinks to himself. And yet here we are.]
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[HELLO who's ready for some really shaky/jerky video??? This guy's last phone was of the flip variety so he's now trying to figure out this newfangled """"smart"""" phone and sucking at it royally.

Which means, instead of centering on his face like a normal post on the network, everyone's treated to a good (?) view of his embarrassing old suit from various angles until he loses his patience and just sort of talks in the direction of the camera.]

Heeeeeyyy, so uh, listen, I'm totally down for helping you guys out with the whole hero thing, really I am--Wild Tiger, at your service!

But uhm, no one's in trouble right now are they? 'Cause it'd be super great if I could like, be at your service tomorrow or something, instead. See, my wife's having our baby like right now, and I reaaaaaallyyy need to be there or my ass is gonna be in the hottest water ever. Well, actually, I needed to be there half an hour ago but there was this situation--

Anyway!! If someone could point me toward whoever I gotta talk to, that'd be amazing, I'll owe you one. Or ten. A lot, okay. Thanks in advance!

Now how do I shut this thing...off....

[Pls excuse Screwy Feed v.2 Return of the Revenge while he just starts randomly poking at his comm, and eventually succeeds in shutting off the video but actually just has turned it to audio haha OOPS. SO there's gonna be some obnoxious ambient noise until the post times out.]

[ video ]

Mar. 28th, 2016 06:37 am
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[No, that's not Eminem. That's Jesse Pinkman, just two years younger but looking more like ten years younger (because the meth business will really do a number on you).]

Yo, okay. Maybe you guys can explain something to me, 'cause I been trying to be all open-minded about this shit but I'm starting to get the feeling I'm on an episode of Punk'd or something.

Help me out: If superpowers are real, how come I don't fucking got any?

I been trying, you know? Not jumping off any buildings to see if I can fly, 'cause I'm not retarded, but like... If we're in Comic Book Land now, I feel like I oughta see some evidence, yo. Where's the TK? Where's the laser eyes? Do I gotta go radioactivate my ass first? Somebody point me in the direction of the nearest toxic waste dump.

Come on, don't tell me I'm the only guy having this problem around here.
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[ Who is this handsome devil giant on all your video screens? Handsome devil, that's a joke, because this is literally the devil in a different meatsuit. Not that that's immediately obvious. It's a couple of days into the pull point plot, long enough at least for Lucifer to get his bearings, and work out that this is the best way to approach the situation. His noisy other self - selves - have made a sticky situation stickier, true, but this world--oh, it's ripe for the picking. He just has to approach it the right way. Make friends. Fortunately he has a pretty new face with which to do exactly that. His expression is warm and intent. ]

Okay, I think I figured this out.

Hi. I'm uh--well, I'm Sam; Sam Winchester, and this is apparently not the first time I've been here? Selective memory loss, I guess; not like it would be the first time.

So... Where do I even start? I mean, back where I come from, we don't really talk about this stuff. It's not exactly anything people usually believe, but then you guys have been living it for a while, huh? So when I say I'm a hunter, that me and my brother hunt supernatural creatures - vampires, werewolves, ghosts - that's probably going to be a No News Tuesday, right?

[ He rubs his chin, begins to gesture at the screen and then stops, dropping his hands into his lap, out of sight. ]

No, it's still weird talking about it.

[ He's still fidgeting, folding his arms across his chest and creasing his brow apologetically. ]

Okay, long story short, my brother and I got tangled up in the apocalypse, and all sorts of things we barely believed in turned out to be real. The Devil, for example. Angels.

We fought him, back where I came from - Lucifer - which is why I guess I'm even talking about this... I know he's got his claws in this place--I mean, what kind of world gives the Devil a TV show? I want to help. I can help. It'll help me out too, because maybe if I know who he's screwing with, we can work out how what his angle is, and how to stop it before it gets too far.

[ A pause. ] I was going to say something else, but I've forgotten. I guess...is anyone here I know? Dean? Bobby? Cas? I should...probably stop talking now. Okay.


Mar. 16th, 2016 07:43 pm
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[This voice suggests someone who is not even remotely American. South African is a good guess, though incorrect. British or Australian is right out.]

Tell me a secret.

If all else fails, then at least tell me a story.


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