Oct. 21st, 2017 05:31 am
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Guard. {A large dog moves obediently to stand at Thranduil's front door, sitting down only when his new Master gives him permission.}

You know who to keep out. {But to reinforce his point, he walks over and allows the dog to sniff a blanket.} He is not welcome.

{The dog gives a faint growl and Thranduil smiles.}

I do believe I have made a fine investment. {No, the dog was not cheap nor was he easy to find. But the effort and money will be worthwhile as long as he keeps up the dog's training.}

For once, I am looking forward to the day. {He strides into the kitchen and lifts up an apple, examining it. Then his attention shifts to those who might be watching.} Can you say likewise?

( text )

Oct. 9th, 2017 07:15 pm
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hello!! ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ
im a little nervous, ive never been on my own like this before
but ig it's ok!!
i was told it's ok to be honest about what i am (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧
and that there are no angels here (probably)
but no lu either

my job is a magician, but i dont think i can be one?
lu definitely wouldn't approve
did anyone else get a job that they're not suited for??? 「(°ヘ°) what did you do??

are there other clones here??
it might be nice to meet others

thank you!! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ
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[Unlike the unbridled mass of newcomers to emerge today upon the network with cheerful smiles and long-winded introductions, today's audience gets a glimpse of this latest "superhero" who looks like something the cat dragged in. He's completely drenched in water or booze, his face is utterly filthy and there's sand all over him. Hell, there's even a piece of seaweed hanging off the side of his hat.

Nevertheless, this drunken fool actually looks like he just walked off the set of a "pirate" movie or something. He certainly has that odd 17th century mystique about him judging from his attire. When was the last time anyone seen a tricorne hat before? This guy even has gold teeth and dreadlocks by the way. Weird, no?

He looks like an complete mess but the kohl around his eyes is miraculously dry and looks utterly flawless. How? Voodoo, probably.

Methinks I've had too much--(*blech*)--to drink.

[Yeah, judging from the bloodshot eyes and the half empty bottle in his left hand, Sparrow is drunk.]

What in the bleedin' hell is this? Where's mah ship?! Where's the Pearl?!

[A certain SOMEONE wasn't paying attention earlier, clearly. He already had someone tell him what's going on before but now he's coming out of his drunken stupor. Expect yelling and screaming to commence in three, two, one--]

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[Network user: Ge&xc=pmcrerror]

[The feed clicks on and there's a Japanese girl with a wide smile looking hopefully into the camera.]

Hello! [She gives a little wave.]

My name is Amiko Kurasawa. There is something wrong with this network device I have been given. Might somebody help me?
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[These days, when Alfie gets on the network to make a post - not just a comment, but a full post - it's generally because he's at least a little bit drunk. Today is no exception. He's also even more grumbly and mumbly than usual, and that combined with his thick accent means he's also probably even harder to understand than normal, so apologies for that, world.]

Twelve months I've been here, now; that's edging toward outlier status, isn't it? Mm, yeah. I've seen people come, I've seen people go, I've made a call to invite someone over for dinner during the holidays only to find out they've fucking vanished into thin air overnight.

[Pour one out for Dr. Eldarov. He grunts, irritably, and then abruptly changes the subject.]

Right - but I've decided to quit my job. Yeah, that's gonna be my gift to myself for my one-year anniversary, and for the new year; my people's new year. And as such, I'll be taking bets on how long it'll be before they notice.

[Because of course he's not just going to call up and let them know he's leaving. He's made a hobby out of being irritating at work, so why stop now?]

It was a weekly thing, my radio show, so I'll take guesses at one week, two weeks, three, and so on. Winner, I'll buy a drink; whatever you like. Unless you're a kid or something, I dunno; then I'll buy you a lolly. I'd suggest getting your bets in before Sir Robot makes headway on his surely-doomed plan to destroy the porter and fucks everything up for a bit. Shanah fucking Tovah.


Sep. 18th, 2017 10:43 pm
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Tell me of these holidays. Why are Men so fixated on them? I can understand the necessity for lifting spirits if that is indeed the reason for them. Living in these dreary cities has left me diminished.

{His modeling schedule doesn't help. Thranduil is not accustomed to being expected so many places - only to have bright lights flashed before his eyes. Then there are the commercials...}

If I were to take a..."vacation"...where would you suggest I go? I am fond of nature, unspoiled by the touch of Man.
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[ The voice that speaks isn't Otto's; it's a Voice-To-Text robot. He then includes a text transcription to reach the widest audience possible. ]

Good evening, imPorts.

There is a significant matter which we need to discuss:

How shall we destroy the Porter?
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[Today's video is coming straight to you from the Y'all-Mart, as you do. Sookie is standing in front of the "Falloween" aisle, though she doesn't seem very happy.]


[She frowns, then flips the camera around to show a section of shelves covered with red and green and Santas, not the more time appropriate orange and purple and black and brown. She's not really all that offended, more like mock offended. The offended you get when you wanna complain but have nothing to complain about. ]

Y'ALL. [The second y'all is for emphasis, of course.] Are we really letting this happen, now? It's not two months to Halloween, and Santa's already out.

I haven't even gotten anything pumpkin spice yet, this is rediculous.
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[ You know, Arthur was not actually intending to show his face on the network anytime soon, but circumstances kind of intervened. Okay, mostly it's just that he's bored and presenting an innocuous persona publicly is a good idea, even if he doesn't particularly want his face to be super recognizable to everyone. Oh well.

So for those who haven't seen him before, here he is, in all his glory. Maroon shirt, purple striped tie, no jacket, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, in the still pretty immaculate government housing provided to him because he just got here and also he sucks at personalizing his space. ]

Okay, I've only been here a couple of weeks but I've already had at least one person asking me for fashion advice, of all things, because I guess I'm an outlier here in actually knowing how to dress myself in something other than jeans and a henley.

[ Is he calling out someone specific there? You decide. ]

Nothing wrong with a good pair of jeans, but a friend of mine once said that any man over the age of seventeen really should own one decent suit and know how to tie his tie.

Cutting this for length omg )


Aug. 26th, 2017 08:29 pm
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{Vandalism, ha. Thranduil is casually taking in the rather explicit and compromising drawings left on his front door. If he must bear the sight of them, so must all of those watching.}

The first is ridiculous, the second is improbable and the last would result in a broken limb. If you are going to embarrass me - or pursue me - at least do so with an ounce of intelligence.

{With pursed lips and a look so stern that it would cow an Orc, he lays a hand on the wood of his door.}

It will either need to be repainted or replaced entirely. No amount of scrubbing would make it clean of this filth.


Aug. 16th, 2017 10:21 pm
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{One cannot hunt the great Evils of the cities unendingly. Even Elves need a rest now and then and Thranduil thinks, perhaps, his is well-earned. His golden hair is damp from a hot soak and he is wearing a silk bathrobe.}

I grow weary of facing crime. {As well as completing the duties of his job - of which partially explain why he is attired as such.} Is there any reward for our acts of heroism or are we expected to do them out of the goodness of our hearts?

{He lays himself down on a sofa, stretching out luxuriously.}

Furthermore, I suppose I must impart some of the finer secrets of Dorwinion wine if I am to enjoy another glass of it. The wine humans offer is...subpar at best.

{To enforce that point, he lifts up a half-drunk glass, swirling the contents.}

I feel nothing even after drinking a bottle.
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[The feed opens up to a young man - rather solemn-looking - in a red hat. There is what some may consider to be a rather strange-looking creature perched upon his shoulder, blinking curiously into the camera along with its trainer.]


[It's the little yellow thing that is the first one to make a sound, earning it a small scratch behind the ears from the man in the hat. He looks back to the camera then, tilting his head to the side a bit and, in a soft voice - barely more than a mumble - addressing the network:]

Where are all the Pokémon?

[He's new.]


Jul. 31st, 2017 05:40 am
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{While he is more comfortable speaking face to face, this is a topic that is somewhat sensitive. Who could possibly imagine Thranduil being diplomatic?}

Death is no barrier to the Porter? Anyone from any Age could be brought to live amongst us?

{He misses his people and his kingdom, but now his thoughts are set on those long lost. His father... His wife...}

I know that must be so for a great evil now resides in one of the cities. Do not heed a word he says and do not give him any power over you. You will feel naught but regret.
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Might someone please explain to me the appeal of drinking alcohol?

[Someone didn't have a very good time at the Swear-In ceremony last night - actually, a lot of people didn't have a very good time at the Swear-In ceremony last night, but he'll avoid any talk of angry mobs or giant fire monsters for now. That, he'll probably never make sense of - this, with some help, he just might.]
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This is Commander Sabriel, of RISE. [The speaker is a young woman, speaking in a clear, commanding tone. There's the sound of papers being shuffled in the background.]

Over the past week, someone with my appearance and at least one of my powers has been running around, giving interviews, and raising the Dead with a form of necromancy unique to my world. While they've retained their living personalities for a time, that time is over. The Dead of my world feed on life force, and grow stronger the more lives they take. They are dangerous foes, and I urge any imPorts in De Chima unable to fight them to find safety immediately, and to help others do the same. [Behind the calm, there's an urgency in Sabriel's voice.] If you are one of the Dead, I urge you to avoid my double- she may lack the bells, but even without them she can exert a certain amount of control over you.

I know some of you come from worlds troubled by the Dead, or have seen films featuring him, so let me prevent some misunderstandings. These are corrupted spirits inhabiting corpses- shooting them in the head won't kill them, and cutting their heads off will just slow them down- you need to destroy the entire body, though taking out the arms and legs will immobilize them unless they abandon the corpse entirely. Their presence will disrupt technology, especially if there's a group of them- watch for blackouts and cars and guns becoming unreliable. Sunlight and running water will destroy them, and going over or under running water will get rid of them as well, so run onto a bridge if you need somewhere safe at night- failing that, fire will scare the weaker ones off.

They're not contagious- don't panic if you're bitten, but get medical attention because the wounds tend to fester. They're also not mindless- their intelligence varies, and they can get stupid if they're desperate, but they have a sense of self-preservation. Don't expect to be able to trick them into jumping into a river. And just because they can talk, don't assume they have any humanity left to appeal to.

But I'm not the only one with a doppelganger. Multiple imPorts have reported people resembling them, with their powers, acting in ways that seem designed to harm their reputation. At this point, At this point, evidence suggests a legion of copies, rather than a single shapeshifter is behind this. And until we identify the source, there's no sign these incidents will stop.

If anyone has more information or further questions, please contact RISE- and honestly, everyone else, if you're willing. The more people who understand what's going on, the better.

[Filtered to RISE members]

We have several related problems. First of all the Dead- and secondly, whoever's been wearing my face. If she's not disposed of, she'll keep creating more Dead. If you see me acting oddly, detain me, and if you can confirm it's not me, incapacitate her. Or kill her if necessary. [There's a cold anger in Sabriel's tone. She has no love for anyone who'd bring the horrors of the Old Kingdom elsewhere.]

Also, if you can identify any of the copies causing problems, make sure to question them- and detain them, if you can do it legally. Maybe one of them will let something slip about what's going on. Veronica, Kang, Yusuke, possibly Inanna and Utena- we need to get a list together. I don't know if there's a pattern yet.


Jul. 8th, 2017 01:08 am
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{It matters not where he travels; Thranduil stands out. Every inch of him screams Elven and King if one has some experience with such descriptors. His expression is grim and his voice is heavy, measured:}

There are dead to bury and rifts to mend. I cannot tarry long or I will add to their suffering.

{The Greenwood should never be without a King.}

I am Thranduil, son of Oropher, and King of the Greenwood. {More commonly called Mirkwood now, sadly.} Show me the path I must take and I shall set my feet upon it before the sun sets on this day.

And I do not wish to hear that I am in "another world". There is only one Arda and though I have never seen structures of this sort decorating her lands, I have not traveled the full length and breadth of her. {Yes, it must be nonsense. He scowls to put off those who might give him said explanation, but deep down he is frightened it is true.}


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