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[As the broadcast begins, it appears as though classes at Heropa High have let out for the day and Josuke has wandered off from his peers. Choosing to nestle himself comfortably beneath an indiscriminate tree, his school bag strewn haphazardly next to him on the grass, a bit of a discontented pout tugs downward upon his lips.

Something has been weighing heavily on his mind all day and, with a rather exaggerated sigh, the sort that one might elicit if they were being forced to do something they didn't want to, he begins.]

Alright, show of hands, how many of you have been here before but don't remember?

[Josuke raises a hand and then drops it into his lap again a moment later. Seems admitting that is like pulling teeth.]

I like the scenery, and there's been a lot of cool stuff to check out around town, but all these people acting like they know me is kind of...

[Exhausting? Frustrating?

He takes a few seconds to ruminate on that, but when he can't seem to find the word he's looking for, he shakes his head and dismisses the thought altogether.]


Instead of dragging this out, I figured I should just hit up everyone at once. Or try. That's what this network is for, right? So if you know me, or knew me, I guess what I'm trying to say is...sorry. I don't really know who any of you are — but I'd like to.

[There, that wasn't so hard, was it?]

The name's Higashikata Josuke. It's nice to meet everyone.

[Managing a small and friendly smile at last, he ends the transmission there.]
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[Tina is at the Adventure House after school on this day; there's a smidge of glue and some smidges of green makeup on her face.]

So is anybody else going to go trick-or-treating this year? I feel like I'm almost too old for it, but I came up with such a great idea, I couldn't resist...

[She proudly holds up a crude drawing of herself, in a taco costume, with a wizard's hat on.]

A Taako Taco. It's going to be great.
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[It's a nice autumn day, right, folks? Time to jump into a pile of leaves, have a pumpkin spice latte, pick out costumes for the spookiest time of year, and, apparently, egg someone's house.

That's Maurtia Falls #008 on your screens right now, folks. It's seen better days, clearly, judging from the overabundance of eggs decorating it right now. Behind the camera, someone exhales a long, tired sigh. Then it switches to text:]

I was expecting this to happen on Halloween, not three weeks earlier. I know we're all antsy for Halloween, but could we please save the eggs for when we actually have candy to hand out?

Also, who thought it would be a good idea to decorate the place with eggs, anyway?

[This is absolutely Theon's fault.]


Oct. 7th, 2017 08:10 pm
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I've always found it interesting how different magic seems to be from world to world- Has anyone thought of seeing how spells from different worlds interact with each other? I wouldn't mind organizing such a meeting, if people are interested- I could arrange something far away from any populated area, so we don't have to worry about accidents. [Because Sabriel's been in this world long enough to know how often those happen when imPorts are involved. But she presses on, keeping her tone bright and cheerful.]

And on the subject of magic- it's been a while since I offered to take on students. I can teach imPorts Charter magic- it's a form of magic that's fairly common in my world, and it's worked through symbols and passed through baptism, rather than birth. It can be used to many ends- to heal, to protect, to incapacitate without harm, or destroy- although even in a place like this, there's generally more use for healing than fireballs. [And then her tone becomes more serious.] I have no intention of teaching anyone necromancy, it's caused enough problems here already. [She doesn't need to go into depth about what happened- anyone who was around for the mess with the clones will know, and her voice brightens again.]

I won't claim Charter magic is easy- it takes time and dedication to master, is not kind to those who attempt it carelessly, and it doesn't mix well with technology. But not every imPort's powers are useful in every situation, and we can always use more healers.

I should probably also mention that RISE is also recruiting, if anyone's interested.

[ooc: So, a general explanation- Sabriel can teach up to five spells to any character with an open power slot who isn't some flavor of undead. This will require a power update but no port-outMore info here.]
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I am seeking recommendations in the areas of literature, film, and musical selections.

Suggestions made in jest will be given no attention.

[Y'all know that ain't true.]

((Ooc: Quick reminder to check out this page under "music" to see how music has been affected in the MoM setting and what sorts of things would and would not exist here!))
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What's up? This is Odin. Odin Dark! Haha. Today I learned about "vlogs", so I decided I'm going to start hosting a series of my own on the network. It's going to be great! I'll talk about EVERYTHING. I'll talk about the latest trends in fashion, and about how they're all wrong, because we live in a stupid society where people have yet to understand that mesh bodysuits free up your spiritual chakra and cause your emotional and magical energy to flow through your fleshy prison bodies unencumbered by human shame. I'll talk about sports! We have those, right? I don't watch sport, so I dunno yet. Food reviews! Book reviews! Every kind of review you can think of. Maybe I'll even delve into a little bit of sexy, sexy gossip about some hot, hot imPorts? I GUESS WE WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE WHAT THE CARRIER PIGEON BRINGS US. Carrier raven.

Well, anyway. Today I thought I'd cook you all some breakfast! If you want to be on my show in the future, let me know, and I'll interview you about your life or whatever. Otherwise, like, comment and subscribe for more!

[ And then Odin cooks you all some breakfast. that fire? that comes from his hands. he's using magic. what is control over destructive elemental magic for, if not for this.

content warning terrible food that is (hopefully not actually) eaten, content warning loud audio content warning screaming content warning really gross coughing content warning bad video bad post bad bad bad bad bad ]
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[The video opens zoomed in on—a spider. Don't worry, it isn't a real spider, it's a clearly fake tarantula attached to a web made out of cotton stuck to the ceiling, and when the camera starts to zoom out, it's clear that this fake tarantula is one of many plastic spiders dangling from the ceiling, with plastic bats in flight hanging on strings to complete the Spookiness of the bakery this video's taking place in.

Then the video shakes a little, the camerawoman getting up from her seat to walk over to the display of pastries. There's a tray of cupcakes that's decorated with orange icing and tiny little ghosts stuck on the top with a stick, in keeping with the theme that's currently going.

The camera turns to reveal Veronica, wearing this piece with a blue scarf.]

I just realized that it's the same month now that it was back home, when I got dragged here. [She says this in a tone of slight surprise.] I didn't really celebrate Halloween then, because [multiple people were dead by then and it kind of slipped her mind] I was brought here before the last week of October. But hey, apparently, I get a redo.


So does anyone have any recommendations about horror movies? The cheesier the better, but I'm not opposed to horror movies that are actually scary.

[A pause. Then:] And, I'm just curious, how many people here come from a world where Halloween doesn't exist? Because, if so, happy first Halloween, you're going to see a lot more of this [gesturing vaguely towards the decorations hanging from the ceiling] until November.
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hey guys

[You might not be able to tell this from the text alone - but it's a nervous one. Red isn't used to talking much, even when it's not out loud - it's just plain hard for him. And that's made it pretty hard for him to make friends - and not just in this world. It's something that Red has always struggled with. Forming connections with Pokémon - animals, even? That's always been easy - even more so now that he can actually talk to them. The problem is is that he still can't talk to just regular old people.]

looking 4 frnds

[No, that's not enough. He knows that's not enough. He has to say more or they're not gonna get it - deep breaths, Red.

[Alright. Here it goes.]

i dnt tlk much
can b hard 2 make them
but i have pkmn

[Spell it out, Red.]

theyre cool if u wnt 2 see them

i thnk i am p nice
try 2 b

[With that, he lets the post go - but, a moment later, an edit appears:]

i don't have to type that way if you don't like it.

1. video

Sep. 6th, 2017 01:13 pm
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[ The feed flickers on, and all you see is a softly rolling white mist in an empty bedroom. There are... footsteps, you can hear them, but only if you lean into your communicator and listen closely. The footsteps grow louder, and louder, and louder, and then soon, there's a figure. This figure walks into the fog, keeping his back to the camera, and then he waves his hands around in an attempt to make the mist swirl like a tornado around him. Sadly, physics don't work that way, so he gives up.

He spins dramatically on the spot and points at the camera, but then he tries it again in an attempt to look even cooler and trips on the wire for the dry ice machine he's got plugged into the wall. It unplugs, he staggers awkwardly to the ground, the smoke stops rolling in as the machine just straight up dies, and, nervously, this guy gets back up on his feet and dusts himself off. He's rather red-faced and sweaty, but he quickly wipes his forehead with the bottom of his cape and then he's back to trying to look cool, pointing at the camera as if nothing happened. When he speaks, it's with forced volume. ]

Hark! I, Odin Dark, Stalwart Guardian of the Night, Devourer of the Ruined Fates, HERO AMONGST HEROES, has travelled across time and tide for you, dear viewer! You, and you alone! [ He poses dramatically, his hand covering his face like he's shielding the world from the BURNING ENERGY that EMANATES FROM HIS DEMONIC EYES. ]

Odin Dark! Known to many as the Reaper's Second Scythe! (For when his first scythe isn't GOOD ENOUGH!) My heart is as black as a crow covered in roasted charcoal, flying through a starless night sky! And the crow's made of obsidian! LIKE MY HEART, WHICH WAS SURGICALLY REPLACED WITH THE HEART OF AN EVEN SCARIER, BLACKER BIRD! [ he throws his hands in the air dramatically. ] Can you hear that? Can you hear that, viewer?! My... blood! It's screaming!

[ He quietly says "noo odin noooo anything but that" out of the corner of his mouth, followed by what are undoubtedly supposed to be explosion noises. ]

Haha. Yes. Plead for your lives, villains. The beast in me... has awoken.
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[ And we're live. The Technical Boy is seated on his bed in his room, communicator in one hand and the newest uPhone in the other, distractedly playing one of those mindnumbing mobile games. Every once in a while, the sound effects chirp, chime and serve as background music. His room's been redecorated in geometric decor and a roomba goes zooming by on the floor. ]

24.45 hours studying this network. And I'm bored.

[ Implied: You're boring. ]

You guys are practically gods. Granted, that's a lowercase G. But still. Your power here goes unmatched and all you can do is sit around talking about restaurant recommendations and dating sims? How about we have some real talk.

[ His thumb blurs over the screen of his uPhone, taking just a minute to beat the level with an air of superiority. Everyone can wait for him to make his proposal because he's definitely more important. And once the victory fanfare sounds, he tosses the phone to the side -- for the first time giving his full attention to the camera. ]

You're the old models. The old generation of imPorts who are just waiting to be made anew. So here's where I come in.

[ A beat. A smirk. A drag off of his vape pen. ]

Let's talk Upgrades.
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Native sentiment centralized in the east coast has been growing for a governmental response to the recent imPort-centric chaos. The government, ever protective of imPorts, has been reluctant to set down any new regulations -- but constituents have been calling their congresspeople.

As seen on BlueTube (via cellphone footage), Bwitter, Rumblr, and Heropean local news:
Some of the clone mayhem has been put to a stop in an explosive manner, thanks to the draconian imPort Kang. The amateur footage shows him cornering his own clone in an alley several blocks from a restaurant favored by locals. Kang is heard shouting for others to back away before shooting energy darts out of his hand, killing the double troublemaker on the spot. The body then reduces to bones and explodes as if they were made of dynamite, much to the surprise of the onlookers. No others were hurt, and there was minimal damage to nearby property.

According to Kang, before the video ends, this is completely normal for his race.

There had been reports of this clone starting fights in several bars and espousing imPort and non-human superiority. He has also been linked to three local deaths. No official statements have been made by the police as of yet.

As seen in national newspapers and De Chima televised channels:
A new shelter is being opened by former ambassador candidate Jon Snow. While De Chima has a number of shelters in use, Lord Snow has promised that his will not only be located outside of the city, but will provide housing not only for the homeless, but for the imPorts currently without support and between jobs. He's stated in recent interviews that the shelter will provide assistance in finding more permanent housing and jobs, as well as teaching the residents of the shelter valuable tools to help them in various careers. Donations and supplies are requested, delivered to Snow's office between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

"We are in this together," Snow has told reporters. "We need to band together, all of us. It's the only way our city will thrive."

As seen on BlueTube play-by videos, local Heropa news, Rumblr, and in internet ads:
There's a new mobile app that has been causing something of a stir amongst natives. Launched just this week, HEART KAPOW WOW is an app that enables natives to embrace the ImPort experience... via dating sim. The game is available to anyone interested for a small fee, but the most interesting thing is that some of the dating options might seem a little familiar. Players have the option to go with a number of dating routes, and live either a heroic or villainous life. More information on the game and uncanny dating options is available here!

As seen in entertainment magazines and the official TMI blogosphere:
Reality stars Noah Czerny (of "True Afterlife") and Ronan Lynch (one half of the duo from ETV's "fuckups & tryhards") have taken to BlueTube in a series of videos depicting the boys performing tricks and stunts with novelty toys in the shape of male genitalia. As of this report, the videos have over one million views. Whether the viral performance is a spontaneous act by the boys or a calculated move on the part of UCCY INC Network in an attempt to merge its popular teen imPort franchises remains a point of debate on entertainment news sites and forums. Both boys, who are roommates and make cameo appearances on their respective programs, have a large following on Imstagram and recently toured London as guests of the British government in celebration of a new trade deal between the US and UK.

As seen on Rumblr discourse, in Bwitter threads, and watched on on TMI Tonight:
SPOTTED: Daenerys Targaryen giving a statement to police called to the site of her recent fender-bender. Her passenger at the time of the accident was friend and sometime collaborator Gwen Wynne-York, to whom she was overheard remarking, "I think we won that".

Ms Wynne-York could not be reached for comment but was reportedly struggling to contain her laughter.

Ms Targaryen is rumored to have settled with the other party.

As seen on imPort Message boards, Community Interest News Stories, Boating Enthusiasts Newsletters:
A heated argument has broken out among Boater Enthusiasts the last few weeks. It's not quite an all out battle, but races have been tossed around as a possibility. The Prize? Having imPort Riptide sign off as the mascot of whichever club wins! So far no word has come from Riptide himself as to which club he supports, but Heropa's two largest clubs, Pier Pressure and Schooner or Laker have been making some waves. Only time will tell if the riptides will turn in their favor, or if they'll be washed out to sea.

As seen on all Maurtia Falls news channels:
On July 21st, imPort ambassador Petyr Baelish officially announced he would be running for mayor in an interview with the Maurtia Falls Times. The signs had been there for quite a while what with him running regular town hall meetings and drumming up support in the education and business communities, but up until now he had been rather coy when asked about his ambitions. When prompted about whether this would mean he would step down from his ambassadorial position, Baelish responded he had no plans to step down unless he secures the office and he believes he would be fully capable of devoting his time to his fellow imPorts as well as running his campaign.

Current mayor Tony Cardelli seemed unconcerned about Baelish's announcement. "While I can greatly appreciate the works Ambassador Baelish has put into place during the time he's served this city, I think the people of Maurtia Falls will know better than to appoint an imPort in the role of mayor. And that's nothing against his capabilities, but quite simply being an imPort always runs a risk of them spontaneously vanishing or otherwise leaving the city at risk. Look at what happened to our city just this past week because of imPorts. And I could go on record naming numerous times imPorts have been the cause of our city's problems. Because of this, I am confident I will be reelected for a second term." Cardelli told Channel 7 News in a press conference after the clone catastrophe.

Even so, many cars have been spotted around the city with a single mockingbird bumper sticker in solidarity with Petyr Baelish, his town hall meetings have been seeing a dramatic increase of foot traffic, and whether it's the work of the famed guerrilla artist or copycats -- the message "embElish maurtia falls" has been cropping up in gold spray paint all across the city. It's clear that Ambassador Baelish has drummed up quite a bit of support quicker than anyone realized, and it seems as though Cardelli will be forced to take his campaign seriously.

On August 18th at 7:00pm, Mayor Cardelli and Mayor-Hopeful Baelish will be going head to head in their first town hall debate. The citizens of Maurtia Falls are encouraged to come ask questions or air out their grievances.

As seen on BlueTube, Rumblr:
What appears to be the imPorts Blue and Archie, seen here, having a battle of pocket monsters in the middle of London. IN CONSEQUENCE of this intense one-on-one, a large, poisonous sludge-strewn crater was left in their wake. Disaster!

Dragged off by their respective Pokémon, these brawling trainers might have gotten away with it anonymous -- but imPort Niko recorded it and uploaded it onto BlueTube page. What!

As seen in Nonah local papers:
Seen as a kind of goodwill effort by some (or tasteless infiltration by others), imPort Manabu was interviewed by local journalist Jacknard Pulley regarding his induction into the North Carolina Nonah Division Police Academy. Manabu has stated that, to quote, "he's hoping his actions will speak for themselves; he wants to help everyone, imPort and local alike".

The article itself was published in multiple papers, as Pulley is a freelance journalist. A feel-good piece that has been criticized as imPort propaganda by anonymous users on Bwitter has nevertheless found some support within the Nonah community.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from COQUELICOT to WENGE.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.


Aug. 8th, 2017 03:50 pm
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[This is a weird step for Futaba--video makes her face known to the entire network--she's barely used to giving her actual name. Still, she's busy making actual notes on scratch paper. Her usual curtain of hair is tied up in a mess of a bun because of the heat, and she seems concerned about something. She's still focused on her list as she starts speaking.]

Does anyone here actually...go to school? I mean...American schools start up soon right? I made a promise I'd try going back when I was home. I guess this would count--even if it isn't one of the schools I was planning on going to.

[She frowns, setting down her paper and sticking her pencil behind her ear.]

Point being...I have questions.

Are these schools public? And even then...do they require uniforms? All the schools back home had them, even if some of the dress codes were pretty lax. At least I had an idea of what to expect there.

...Ugh, Maybe I shouldn't even go. This is getting complicated.

Text (nsfw)

Aug. 7th, 2017 08:22 pm
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So how do the rest of you entertain yourselves when you can't have marathon sex to pass the time? Or whatever it is you normally do to keep yourself busy, I suppose.

I should have asked this a week ago, but it would be a good idea to have some suggestions in mind if I get stuck in such an unfortunate situation again.


Aug. 7th, 2017 12:36 am
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Do many of you go to church? I'm not a very religious person but I do find church buildings comforting and I would like to find one that feels right

If anyone knows of any big churches, or ones that are a bit under the weather (any size) could you please let me know?

Also while I'm here I'd like to say that birds are the best

[ this post also comes equipped with many image files worth of photographic evidence. somebody is having a good time at work ]

003 || text

Aug. 4th, 2017 01:19 pm
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So, first of all: for all the new imPorts, hi. Welcome to America. Or welcome back to America if you were already there in your world. If you need clothes, I can get you started. [She's going to systematically infect these new imPorts with an appreciation for the '80s, so help her god.] Just swing by the Second Time Around Vintage Clothing Shoppe and ask for Veronica Sawyer. I'll even get you a discount.

Second, has anyone seen my housemate? He's not so tall, speaks Spanish pretty well, and he's from space. We're worried about him, he just up and disappeared one day.
[Jyn's already said her piece on the subject, so Veronica's bit on this is quick, and here the benefits of text come in handy—no one can hear her voice cracking with worry.]

Third, does it count as a birthday if you celebrated it maybe less than six months ago? Because I turn 18 in two weeks, but back home, before I came here in May, it was early November, so really this year I'd be 17 and a half on my birthday. Probably.

Keeping track of this is a lot harder than it should be.
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[The feed opens up to a young man - rather solemn-looking - in a red hat. There is what some may consider to be a rather strange-looking creature perched upon his shoulder, blinking curiously into the camera along with its trainer.]


[It's the little yellow thing that is the first one to make a sound, earning it a small scratch behind the ears from the man in the hat. He looks back to the camera then, tilting his head to the side a bit and, in a soft voice - barely more than a mumble - addressing the network:]

Where are all the Pokémon?

[He's new.]
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[After checking the date in a few places- on the network, on a calendar, and on an electronic sign outside a drugstore, Tina is satisfied that she's only been gone HERE for about a day, even though years had passed back home. Which was a bit frustrating, but she knows there's not much she can do about it.

And when she says hello to the network, she's dressed in a damp pickle-shaped costume.]

Uhm, I'm in a pickle. Can someone help me out? ... get it? I'm in a pickle because I'm... dressed... like one... ha, ha, ha...

I know I wasn't gone for long but I'm sorry if I worried anyone. I went home and came back here with a bunch of new memories. Very good memories... [And Tina drifts off then, a blissful expression on her face.]


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