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Dears, I have a question for you! Has anyone who has been here for... let's say, over a year's length of time, although I suppose I won't be too choosy, but has anyone had something about their abilities change from when they first arrived?

Specifically, something that worked one way for a long time, but now works differently?

Has it been a good change for you, or not?
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[Tina is at the Adventure House after school on this day; there's a smidge of glue and some smidges of green makeup on her face.]

So is anybody else going to go trick-or-treating this year? I feel like I'm almost too old for it, but I came up with such a great idea, I couldn't resist...

[She proudly holds up a crude drawing of herself, in a taco costume, with a wizard's hat on.]

A Taako Taco. It's going to be great.
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[ On screen is a middle aged woman rocking the modern/50s mashup aesthetic of this world in a very dignified and elegant sort of way. She sits in the deck chair of the backyard of Maurtia Falls #4 like it’s a throne. ]

It’s been roughly a month since I’ve arrived in this world -- I realize some of you may be newer and, uh, quite a few of you have been here for some time. In the month since I’ve arrived, I’ve learned a lot about this world, but I feel as though I’ve only just scratched the surface.

[ She pauses, thinking carefully over her next words. ]

The people native to this world either seem to put us on a very high pedestal, almost to the point of worship -- or we’re hated and viewed as a danger to the people here, with little sentiment in between. None of us asked to be here, I understand that, believe me. But for most of them? Neither did they. Even if we don’t, uh, become ‘heroes’, we have a responsibility not to make things worse at the very --

[ She jumps, stopping mid-sentence very abruptly, and looks down at something not visible on camera. Then she pinches the bridge of her nose, takes a deep breath, turns towards Maurtia Falls #3’s direction and: ]

TAAKO! Taako, please come get Taylor Swift off my leg!

She's just showing affection! Or trying to eat you. [ A pointy wizard hat and giant blond ponytail block the camera for a minute, before he extracts the giant black snake from his boss's leg. ] We're still kinda working on that. [ He peers into the camera. ] Is this thing on? Do any of you know anything about training snakes?

I could probably train a snake. I’ve got Animal Handling, you know, [ Magnus says for what must be the fiftieth time since Taako’s known him. Magnus is, naturally, in the background, climbing over the fence instead of just going through the goddamn door for no apparent reason other than the fact that he’s big enough to do it pretty easily and he doesn’t like being left out when everyone else is hanging out without him. There’s a creak from the fence. ]

Hey, your fence is kinda shitty, just for the record. I can fix it later. Anyway, I got some shit from the dollar store. [ He hurls two pairs of shutter shades at Lucretia and Taako, in blue and green respectively, before donning his own red pair. ] Now you can look super cool while you ask everyone about… uh… [ He leans over Lucretia’s shoulder to peer into the camera, all up in her personal space. ] What are we talking about?

[ Lucretia just barely catches the thrown shades, fumbling them a little in surprise. She absolutely does not put them on, though. Mild exasperation is coming off her in waves. ] As much as I appreciate the, uh, gift, Magnus, I was addressing the Network over a matter of some importance -- [ She pauses, as if realizing the futility of trying to continue with these chucklefucks getting all up in her business. She should cut her losses before any further affront to her dignity. ] But congratulations, it's now about snakes. Yes, snakes. Someone on this thing please tell Taako to put his in a tank, won't you?

((OOC: Blue is Lucretia, Green is Taako, Red is Magnus!))


Aug. 27th, 2017 12:37 pm
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[ In Washington DC, the Senator is far and removed from a lot of the vandalism that the imports as a whole have been seeing. In some ways, it's good, in others, it's bad, and the Senator doesn't like feeling all that removed from the rest of the community. It's clear, when he turns on his comm that he hasn't been sleeping -- probably because he's been worrying about this.

Next to him are a stack of letters, and he pulls the one from the top, and starts reading.

"Dear Senator Hundred, my name is Steven Stevenopholis." [ The paper lowers, Mitchell looks at the camera, deadpan. Really dude? ] "I am a contractor in De Chima, where I work very hard to support my wife and three daughters. We live modestly, in a small home on the outskirts of the city. My wife works as a teacher, and our three daughters are in school. We're trying to save money to give our girls the opportunity to go to college, but times are hard, and it can be difficult to save money on a good day, with the way the economy is. Last year, De Chima was ransacked by metahumans of your making, and De Chima was too dangerous for me to work, my wife and daughters had to stay home out of fear of their lives, and people were running the streets breathing fire, and lifting cars. It can be hard to keep going, when you fear for your life, and we try constantly to find a way to leave the city and move elsewhere, but there's nowhere to go. Right now, we have jobs, but leaving could mean that we can't support our family. I am writing to you because you are my senator, because you swore last year that you would help protect us, but... I'm starting to wonder if anyone can, when imports are involved."

[ Mitch put the letter down, and folded his hands. ]

Clearly, I could sit here all day and read these. [ The stack next to him is over a foot high of envelopes and letters. ] I... am somewhat removed from the vandalism up in DC, but that doesn't mean that I haven't felt the impact of what's happening. Just not... like the rest of you have.

I've been told by some of my colleagues in the Senate that there will be some organizing over the next few days, and we'll be trying to smooth things over starting tomorrow. I encourage each and every one of you to listen to what our companions in the world have to say. If we have the opportunity to listen, to learn what it is we've done, and it's the only way we can come together to move on.

If we can listen, and accept what we've done, we can move on. Please talk to the people who were here before us, listen to what they have to say. And maybe... let's try to build some positive relationships for the future. If we're reviled, we can't protect either ourselves or the people here. Trust me, I've, ah, been in that situation. [ He scratched the side of his face. ] We can't do anyone any good unless we can come together.

[ Audio ]

Aug. 17th, 2017 10:27 am
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Since this appears to be necessary- I want to make clear that I'm older than 23. I'm not fourteen, or sixteen, not even twenty. I really am an adult, I have a driver's license and I'm allowed to drink. [ HE REALLY IS please believe him. People always think he is 16 because of his baby face ]

And since I'm making a public announcement, I'd also like to mention names. I also have many names, so I will try to stick to as few as possible from now on: you can either call me "Ken Kaneki" or you can call me "One Eyed King". Or just "King". [ yes, he is a king. Not many people know that and it's probably the first time Kaneki is actually mentioning it in public ]

So let's forget all the other names, which include, but not exclusively: Centipede, Eyepatch, Haise Sasaki, Sassan, "Old Ladies' man" [ NIKE, this is for you ] and more recently Kenward Kullen. [ thank you dating SIM, that was fun. ] These are too many names for just one person.

Thank you-

[ and he quickly adds ] and one last thing! Does anyone have musical suggestions? I'm not the type to listen to music, but I'm curious to what people enjoy. I liked the 50's music playing the Swear-in. And also Bob Dylan.
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Native sentiment centralized in the east coast has been growing for a governmental response to the recent imPort-centric chaos. The government, ever protective of imPorts, has been reluctant to set down any new regulations -- but constituents have been calling their congresspeople.

As seen on BlueTube (via cellphone footage), Bwitter, Rumblr, and Heropean local news:
Some of the clone mayhem has been put to a stop in an explosive manner, thanks to the draconian imPort Kang. The amateur footage shows him cornering his own clone in an alley several blocks from a restaurant favored by locals. Kang is heard shouting for others to back away before shooting energy darts out of his hand, killing the double troublemaker on the spot. The body then reduces to bones and explodes as if they were made of dynamite, much to the surprise of the onlookers. No others were hurt, and there was minimal damage to nearby property.

According to Kang, before the video ends, this is completely normal for his race.

There had been reports of this clone starting fights in several bars and espousing imPort and non-human superiority. He has also been linked to three local deaths. No official statements have been made by the police as of yet.

As seen in national newspapers and De Chima televised channels:
A new shelter is being opened by former ambassador candidate Jon Snow. While De Chima has a number of shelters in use, Lord Snow has promised that his will not only be located outside of the city, but will provide housing not only for the homeless, but for the imPorts currently without support and between jobs. He's stated in recent interviews that the shelter will provide assistance in finding more permanent housing and jobs, as well as teaching the residents of the shelter valuable tools to help them in various careers. Donations and supplies are requested, delivered to Snow's office between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

"We are in this together," Snow has told reporters. "We need to band together, all of us. It's the only way our city will thrive."

As seen on BlueTube play-by videos, local Heropa news, Rumblr, and in internet ads:
There's a new mobile app that has been causing something of a stir amongst natives. Launched just this week, HEART KAPOW WOW is an app that enables natives to embrace the ImPort experience... via dating sim. The game is available to anyone interested for a small fee, but the most interesting thing is that some of the dating options might seem a little familiar. Players have the option to go with a number of dating routes, and live either a heroic or villainous life. More information on the game and uncanny dating options is available here!

As seen in entertainment magazines and the official TMI blogosphere:
Reality stars Noah Czerny (of "True Afterlife") and Ronan Lynch (one half of the duo from ETV's "fuckups & tryhards") have taken to BlueTube in a series of videos depicting the boys performing tricks and stunts with novelty toys in the shape of male genitalia. As of this report, the videos have over one million views. Whether the viral performance is a spontaneous act by the boys or a calculated move on the part of UCCY INC Network in an attempt to merge its popular teen imPort franchises remains a point of debate on entertainment news sites and forums. Both boys, who are roommates and make cameo appearances on their respective programs, have a large following on Imstagram and recently toured London as guests of the British government in celebration of a new trade deal between the US and UK.

As seen on Rumblr discourse, in Bwitter threads, and watched on on TMI Tonight:
SPOTTED: Daenerys Targaryen giving a statement to police called to the site of her recent fender-bender. Her passenger at the time of the accident was friend and sometime collaborator Gwen Wynne-York, to whom she was overheard remarking, "I think we won that".

Ms Wynne-York could not be reached for comment but was reportedly struggling to contain her laughter.

Ms Targaryen is rumored to have settled with the other party.

As seen on imPort Message boards, Community Interest News Stories, Boating Enthusiasts Newsletters:
A heated argument has broken out among Boater Enthusiasts the last few weeks. It's not quite an all out battle, but races have been tossed around as a possibility. The Prize? Having imPort Riptide sign off as the mascot of whichever club wins! So far no word has come from Riptide himself as to which club he supports, but Heropa's two largest clubs, Pier Pressure and Schooner or Laker have been making some waves. Only time will tell if the riptides will turn in their favor, or if they'll be washed out to sea.

As seen on all Maurtia Falls news channels:
On July 21st, imPort ambassador Petyr Baelish officially announced he would be running for mayor in an interview with the Maurtia Falls Times. The signs had been there for quite a while what with him running regular town hall meetings and drumming up support in the education and business communities, but up until now he had been rather coy when asked about his ambitions. When prompted about whether this would mean he would step down from his ambassadorial position, Baelish responded he had no plans to step down unless he secures the office and he believes he would be fully capable of devoting his time to his fellow imPorts as well as running his campaign.

Current mayor Tony Cardelli seemed unconcerned about Baelish's announcement. "While I can greatly appreciate the works Ambassador Baelish has put into place during the time he's served this city, I think the people of Maurtia Falls will know better than to appoint an imPort in the role of mayor. And that's nothing against his capabilities, but quite simply being an imPort always runs a risk of them spontaneously vanishing or otherwise leaving the city at risk. Look at what happened to our city just this past week because of imPorts. And I could go on record naming numerous times imPorts have been the cause of our city's problems. Because of this, I am confident I will be reelected for a second term." Cardelli told Channel 7 News in a press conference after the clone catastrophe.

Even so, many cars have been spotted around the city with a single mockingbird bumper sticker in solidarity with Petyr Baelish, his town hall meetings have been seeing a dramatic increase of foot traffic, and whether it's the work of the famed guerrilla artist or copycats -- the message "embElish maurtia falls" has been cropping up in gold spray paint all across the city. It's clear that Ambassador Baelish has drummed up quite a bit of support quicker than anyone realized, and it seems as though Cardelli will be forced to take his campaign seriously.

On August 18th at 7:00pm, Mayor Cardelli and Mayor-Hopeful Baelish will be going head to head in their first town hall debate. The citizens of Maurtia Falls are encouraged to come ask questions or air out their grievances.

As seen on BlueTube, Rumblr:
What appears to be the imPorts Blue and Archie, seen here, having a battle of pocket monsters in the middle of London. IN CONSEQUENCE of this intense one-on-one, a large, poisonous sludge-strewn crater was left in their wake. Disaster!

Dragged off by their respective Pokémon, these brawling trainers might have gotten away with it anonymous -- but imPort Niko recorded it and uploaded it onto BlueTube page. What!

As seen in Nonah local papers:
Seen as a kind of goodwill effort by some (or tasteless infiltration by others), imPort Manabu was interviewed by local journalist Jacknard Pulley regarding his induction into the North Carolina Nonah Division Police Academy. Manabu has stated that, to quote, "he's hoping his actions will speak for themselves; he wants to help everyone, imPort and local alike".

The article itself was published in multiple papers, as Pulley is a freelance journalist. A feel-good piece that has been criticized as imPort propaganda by anonymous users on Bwitter has nevertheless found some support within the Nonah community.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from COQUELICOT to WENGE.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.


Aug. 7th, 2017 12:36 am
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Do many of you go to church? I'm not a very religious person but I do find church buildings comforting and I would like to find one that feels right

If anyone knows of any big churches, or ones that are a bit under the weather (any size) could you please let me know?

Also while I'm here I'd like to say that birds are the best

[ this post also comes equipped with many image files worth of photographic evidence. somebody is having a good time at work ]


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