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[The video feed cuts in with Major blowing a noisemaker.] I'm happy to announce that Dawn of the Delts, my new gym made by imPorts, for imPorts, is officially open for business! [He throws a handful of confetti. It's anti-climactic, despite his best intentions.] Huh. I thought that I was going to be a nicer touch than it was.

Anyway, it's located in downtown Maurtia Falls, only a few blocks away from the government housing. There are your general machines, what you'd expect to find in a gym - with a twist to rival M. Night Shyamalan!

For all you speed demons out there, you'll find treadmills that can match those super-human speeds with ease. For all you Hulks and Hulk-like folks, you'll find dumbbells and barbells with weights that'll actually challenge you and help you bulk up (like you need to!). For the telekinetics a la Charmed, you'll find obstacle courses and other kinds of puzzles to help you hone your craft and mental control.

I'm always looking to expand, modify, and customize, so if there's something in particular you wanna see at Dawn of the Delts, please let me know. I'll do my best to fulfill your request. We also offer personal training, though it's the boring, ordinary kind for now. [Another toot on the noisemaker.] I hope to see you there!


OOC: Assume that if your character had replied to Major's last network post about hiring folks for his gym, your character has since received an application and has been approved to work there! If you'd like this to be your character's job, please update in Housing/Jobs and on the Player Business spreadsheet, where there is an entry for DotD already.


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[Major comes on screen, wearing a tank top. He flexes both arms, creating a sort of upside-down U-shape.] Yo, bro! Bro, do you even lift, bro?!

God, no, sorry, can you imagine if I really talked like that? Ugh. Anyway, now that I've got your attention, please hold all the rotten fruit you were getting ready to pummel me with (with good reason) to listen to my announcement!

I'm looking to open up a fitness center for all imPorts later this month. I'm still in the stages of setting it all up, but it'll eventually - hopefully - have all sorts of equipment for all kinds of abilities and powers. Like, treadmills that go to inhuman speeds for all you Speedy Gonzalezes out there. Oh geez, was that racist? Sorry. Uh. For all you .. uh ... Flashes out there? And there'll be crazy weights for all of you Hulks who wanna show off how much you can bench to all your buds. If you have other powers that could benefit from going to the gym to workout on the regs, just let me know what kind of accommodations you might need, and I'll see what I can do!

[He starts to turn the video off, but comes back at the last minute.] OH! Wait, duh. The reason I made this was also to ask if there are folks who might be interested in working at said fitness center! We'll need front desk staff, personal trainers (I was one in my last life, so I can totes help you if you want me to!), a maintenance crew, an accountant, and PR folks. If you're interested, hit me up here or using the strange faux-iPhone devices we all have. Thanks!


Sep. 5th, 2017 07:29 pm
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[Lorna is sitting in a bakery. There's evidence of a recently consumed danish on the plate on the table between her and the phone's camera. Maybe that's why she looks so pleased. Or maybe it's because she's alive and sometimes that's a rush all its own.]

I thought I'd introduce myself, since I just got here and it seems like the thing to do. I'm Lorna Dane. It's pretty nice to be somewhere sunny. Or anywhere at all.

Anyway, I'm still a little fuzzy about things here. I don't know that I'll get over being accepted by the population at large anytime soon. That's definitely not how it is back home. I wonder what else is different that people don't know to tell me about.

On the one hand, I want to know if there are people from home here so I can either catch them up on the gossip or be caught up myself. On the other hand, I think this might be a really good time to make a break with my old life and try something new for a change.

I'm a publicist now, which is going to take some adjustment. Still, it's nice to have a civilian job again.

I don't really have a point to make, I guess. Just that I look forward to getting to know people and hopefully things will be less ridiculous than home here.
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[ The audio function on this is remarkably similar to her show, with just a more limited audience. But this is Trish's element. This is where she shines. ]

Those of you who didn't have powers before coming here -- is it something that you dreamed of back home? Did... [ She pauses to find the right word. ] ..."gifted" people exist where you're from? I always tried to convince my best friend that she should put on a costume and save others. I guess I was trying to live vicariously through her that way.

There's something that happened. We call it "The Incident" because, well... "The Day Aliens Poured Out of the Sky" is a bit of a mouthful. A good portion of New York was destroyed and a lot of lives were lost, but it could have been worse. Unimaginably worse. But there were people who stepped in. Stepped up.

Do you think those who have the power should use it for the betterment of society? Share your thoughts.


Sep. 4th, 2017 03:00 pm
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[It's the middle of the day and somewhere in a city park, greenery behind her, Tefé finally ends up turning on the video feed, scowling. Under other circumstances, finding herself in a whole new universe might have been like some kind of omen, a fresh start. But the military thing sticks in her craw, and frankly, so far Tefé hasn't seen anything to indicate that, in a more planetary sense, things are much different than back home, which leaves her back with the same dilemmas as ever.]

How many of you Registered Heroes actually believe it's a good idea to basically be signing up with the military? You know, the guys that come up with new and creative ways for humans to keep killing each other, along with the rest of the planet as a hapless casualty? Do any of you even think about how completely fucked up it is being tagged like this? Knowing they've got a file on you is creepy as hell, too.

[Even though there's signs of anger on her face, she honestly sounds more pensive than anything, with one other question on her mind.]

And has anyone else found out that some things just... stopped working since they came here? Things you used to be able to do, I mean.
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[The video opens on a taxi, broken down beside a Maurtia Falls sidewalk, and off in the periphery, someone in a hoodie quickly disappearing behind a corner. That's probably because of the neon-red stylized dick spray-painted on the side of the car, or the angry lime-green THIEF on the hood.

Only one is related to the fact that an imPort's driving this car. The other is not, there are other cars nearby that have also gotten dicks spray-painted in obnoxiously bright colors, though only the taxi has any additional graffiti.

The camera turns, and Han's shaking out his hand, the knuckles bruised up like he'd punched someone just a few minutes ago.]

And that's the third time in as many days I've gotten hit by someone who can't draw human body parts to save their own life. [Yes. That's what he's going to complain about. The fact that someone drew a dick on his car, and not the anti-imPort slogan. It is true, he is a thief, is he supposed to be offended by that?] Fine, I got the message: I won't leave my car unattended in Maurtia Falls anymore.

[A huff.] You'd think they'd at least know what it looks like, right?


Aug. 25th, 2017 10:51 pm
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[ This post starts as a text post, with an image of this, with varying languages, which is a poster that's shown up all over the imPort cities today.

Then it switches to video:

I understand that many of you have been adversely affected recently by the widespread vandalism and destruction that has been happening to our community. You may have to share a room with someone else, but there is a bed for you in my home if you need a place to stay. We'll keep someone posted on watch at all times for however long is necessary. If you would also like to volunteer for a shift, we'd appreciate that as well.

Stay safe.

[ OoC: Special thanks to [plurk.com profile] piipa, [plurk.com profile] pana, [plurk.com profile] cantito, [plurk.com profile] muffyre, [plurk.com profile] smithsyndicate, [plurk.com profile] goodluckmodes, [plurk.com profile] thelightroyale, [plurk.com profile] acloudofsnakes, [plurk.com profile] journeys, [plurk.com profile] panheraliam, [plurk.com profile] captainplanette, and [plurk.com profile] muditaya for volunteering translations!

Oh and you can handwave calling Charles and Erik!


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Okay, non-literal show of hands: who got included in that dating app, and did you date yourself? This is important data collection.

[No it's not.]

Okay, it isn't, but I'm still really curious and want you to tell me. Full disclosure: the Alayne Salmon character is me, and it's...not completely off-base? I do care a lot about my career, and I do like classic video games. But it also says I like bad boys...and girls...so it's not a how-to guide, either.

[Not that they need to be squeaky clean, but thaaaaat is not something she's going to talk about on the network.]

Anyway, I want to know who tried out some self-love and how well it ended. Myself and myself will be very happy together, apparently, but I lost a weekend to this game and got mixed results with Hannu Sololo, James Caligula and Bill Grimm.

Maybe I should be annoyed that the developer used our likenesses this way, but honestly, I had a lot of fun.
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[ The last time he'd done this, he'd been low-key freaking out about remembering absolutely nothing, which also prompted the issue about his powers, but... he's trying to get over that. More importantly, he thinks this is a good way to ask for advice anyway. People seem friendly enough. ]

Hi again. I hope everyone's doing okay after everything that's happened...

I know this isn't as important as asking about powers or how we can help with them, but I was wondering if someone could tell me what makes a good date. Or maybe a place to go? I'm still learning my way around, so I get lost most of the time.
[ Haha... ]

I want it to be nice, but I guess it's like an apology too.

Ah... sorry this isn't really urgent. It's important to me though.
[ He probably shouldn't confess too much since it'd give him away when he's trying to be fairly discreet about making plans. ] Thanks for your time!


Aug. 8th, 2017 10:49 pm
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[As the video comes on, Major's leaning in a bit close, trying to get his comm to stand on its end, but the thing keeps sliding over at varying speeds. He sighs, eventually picking the thing up and holding it out with his arm extended.

He offers a shrug as an explanation.

I'm - never sure if I'm supposed to like, greet people when I start one of these? Well, to be on the safe side ... hey! How are you? I'm doing all right, thanks.

Okay, now that's out of the way, I have two questions for the folks here. .. They are completely unrelated, but of sort of equal importance. [He's walking under some trees that are out-of-shot, but the sunlight pouring through the canopies are sun-dappling Major's face as he moves.]

One: I'm a millenial so I'm pretty good with technology, but - these things sort of elude me a little bit. Is there a way for me to like .. go anon on this thing? Or change my name? Or just use a different one entirely? Or do I have to use my actual name on the network?

Two: Does anyone know if there's a copy of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark lying around? Could be a VHS, for all I care, so long as there's a VCR, too. But I'm not picky; could be anything, just as long as it's watchable!

If you're still listening, thanks! And if you have answers to my questions, I owe you a drink or something!


Aug. 6th, 2017 11:09 pm
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[One in the morning was a great time to post to the network, right? Bela is restless and needs a distraction.]

Space ships. The undead. Magic. Monsters. Time travel.

Face it, a lot of us come from very strange worlds. Now I am not going to spend my time listing off every single weird thing I've heard since I arrived over two years ago, but I am curious about your experiences, dear imPorts.

The only things I haven't personally experienced are space ships, the undead and time travel so if anyone wants to elaborate on those, I am all ears. Although, I have it on good authority that space travel is especially thrilling. Also dangerous.

[It's a miracle that she is able to text.]

Indulge a girl won’t you, network? I know that some are you are bound to be awake right now.

I'll even say please if you want.



Jul. 23rd, 2017 05:29 am
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[There is a level of determination in him that hadn't existed during the election. Seeking a city position or power of any kind didn't sit well with him, but helping others was in his nature. Maybe not in this form, but it was more natural than the other.

He was at the edge of the De Chima forest preserve, seated in front of a farm house. For those that have been there, it's Lucy Pevensie's, now empty and quiet.]

With the election over, it's time to focus on the rest of the citizens and imPorts that are in need of help. There is a farmhouse that was used to house a number of residents, now abandoned. My sister, Sansa Stark and I have decided to purchase the home and convert it into a shelter for the homeless. It will have a vegetable garden and offer training for various skills that will help them find jobs, eventually allowing them to move into their own homes.

All of this is dependent on the good will of the citizens. We will be in need of donations, both monetary and supplies. We will also need those with construction skills to help us renovate and refurbish the farm house. You will be compensated.

My sister and I will answer any questions you might have. Thank you.
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This is Commander Sabriel, of RISE. [The speaker is a young woman, speaking in a clear, commanding tone. There's the sound of papers being shuffled in the background.]

Over the past week, someone with my appearance and at least one of my powers has been running around, giving interviews, and raising the Dead with a form of necromancy unique to my world. While they've retained their living personalities for a time, that time is over. The Dead of my world feed on life force, and grow stronger the more lives they take. They are dangerous foes, and I urge any imPorts in De Chima unable to fight them to find safety immediately, and to help others do the same. [Behind the calm, there's an urgency in Sabriel's voice.] If you are one of the Dead, I urge you to avoid my double- she may lack the bells, but even without them she can exert a certain amount of control over you.

I know some of you come from worlds troubled by the Dead, or have seen films featuring him, so let me prevent some misunderstandings. These are corrupted spirits inhabiting corpses- shooting them in the head won't kill them, and cutting their heads off will just slow them down- you need to destroy the entire body, though taking out the arms and legs will immobilize them unless they abandon the corpse entirely. Their presence will disrupt technology, especially if there's a group of them- watch for blackouts and cars and guns becoming unreliable. Sunlight and running water will destroy them, and going over or under running water will get rid of them as well, so run onto a bridge if you need somewhere safe at night- failing that, fire will scare the weaker ones off.

They're not contagious- don't panic if you're bitten, but get medical attention because the wounds tend to fester. They're also not mindless- their intelligence varies, and they can get stupid if they're desperate, but they have a sense of self-preservation. Don't expect to be able to trick them into jumping into a river. And just because they can talk, don't assume they have any humanity left to appeal to.

But I'm not the only one with a doppelganger. Multiple imPorts have reported people resembling them, with their powers, acting in ways that seem designed to harm their reputation. At this point, At this point, evidence suggests a legion of copies, rather than a single shapeshifter is behind this. And until we identify the source, there's no sign these incidents will stop.

If anyone has more information or further questions, please contact RISE- and honestly, everyone else, if you're willing. The more people who understand what's going on, the better.

[Filtered to RISE members]

We have several related problems. First of all the Dead- and secondly, whoever's been wearing my face. If she's not disposed of, she'll keep creating more Dead. If you see me acting oddly, detain me, and if you can confirm it's not me, incapacitate her. Or kill her if necessary. [There's a cold anger in Sabriel's tone. She has no love for anyone who'd bring the horrors of the Old Kingdom elsewhere.]

Also, if you can identify any of the copies causing problems, make sure to question them- and detain them, if you can do it legally. Maybe one of them will let something slip about what's going on. Veronica, Kang, Yusuke, possibly Inanna and Utena- we need to get a list together. I don't know if there's a pattern yet.
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( Now, the face might be familiar enough to the people here when it appears over the network, but Beth doesn't realise just how popular her face is here just yet. She's quite happy to bring it out for the world to see, tired as she might feel, and even if it feels like the effort of mustering a smile might just do her in completely right now she still musters a twist at the corner of her mouth that is, at least, a gesture close enough to pass. )

So, this place is wild. ( The voice is accented, but not heavy, Canadian if anyone knows to listen for it. More prominently, she speaks with a tight jaw, clipped with a slightly mocking drawl to the words. If nothing else, that should set her slightly apart from the other lookalikes floating around. ) Who've I gotta kill for a decent cup of coffee, huh?

( It's supposed to be funny - and she's smiling as if it was - but something is just...off. It's not quite far enough off of a grimace to be a real grin, the muscles twitch in her jaw like she's clenching her teeth, and she seems incredibly distracted despite the fact that she's obviously chosen this moment to make her post. Finally she gives up the act, face falling into a neutral expression as she huffs out a breath forceful enough to blow the sprawling hairs out of her face. )

Also, I could do with...another go of that arrival 101 if anyone's got a minute.

( There's another pause, another attempt at a grin, and then a weak wave: )


( And with that, she's out. )
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[The video feed cuts in Major, sitting in a park of some kind. The lightning indicates that it's sometime in the mid to late afternoon. Ambient noise of birds,
wind, insects buzzing, and people chattering can be overheard. The man in the video glances around and then shifts, holding the communicator out at arm's length at about face height.

He offers a friendly sort of smiled - more a lopsided tug of the lips and uses his other hand to give a right-to-left wave of his hand before letting it fall somewhere out of frame.

Uh, hey. [He pauses to think.] So, I've been here a couple days now. The place isn't so bad, overall, though - I mean, aside from the fact that I'm in some .. alternative universe from what I'm used to? - I have to wonder why all of the cities these teleporter things can go to are on the East Coast. What happened to the West Coast? I'm .. sort of curious what Parallel Dimension Seattle looks like. I wonder if it's still full of Starbucks and hipsters.

[He opens his mouth like he's going to start saying something, thinks better of it, then decides to go for it, anyway.] I don't suppose anyone's seen a British guy of Indian descent walking around? Beard? [He makes a "C" with his hand that he holds near his chin, in case .. anyone doesn't know what a beard is or where it goes.] Sarcastic? Funny? Or if not him, then - maybe a short white girl with really, really pale skin and white hair that comes down to here? [He points to his chin.] I haven't been able to find them anywhere, so I'm beginning to think they .. didn't end up here. For whatever reason. If anyone's seen either of them, I'd appreciate the help.

<1> video;

Jul. 8th, 2017 01:28 am
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[The video clicks on, displaying an older man in a deep blue skintight suit, the red edging of a cape draping over his shoulders. A slightly raised sinuous 'S', shaped not too much unlike a deformed pentagon is visible on his chest, the color glinting yellow in the light. With the backdrop of a modern American living room- one of the houses in De Chima, for those familiar with their style and the street outside- he doesn't look so much ill at ease as he does thoroughly out of place, and somewhat distracted for a moment, before giving his full attention to the camera.]

It came to my understanding that the majority of us are from some version or another of this planet. [The words are spoken almost wryly, given his attempt to find out where he was when he first arrived. 'Florida' as an answer isn't particularly useful when you don't know what a 'Florida' is.]

For the ones who aren't, did you know anything about 'Earth' before you did? Or was everything here new to you?

As for those of you who are, how does this world differ from your own 'Earth'?

[He isn't particularly dying to know— once was already unpleasant enough— but he's still curious and is interested in learning what others have to say to these questions. He needs to be.]


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