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[The video feed cuts in with Major blowing a noisemaker.] I'm happy to announce that Dawn of the Delts, my new gym made by imPorts, for imPorts, is officially open for business! [He throws a handful of confetti. It's anti-climactic, despite his best intentions.] Huh. I thought that I was going to be a nicer touch than it was.

Anyway, it's located in downtown Maurtia Falls, only a few blocks away from the government housing. There are your general machines, what you'd expect to find in a gym - with a twist to rival M. Night Shyamalan!

For all you speed demons out there, you'll find treadmills that can match those super-human speeds with ease. For all you Hulks and Hulk-like folks, you'll find dumbbells and barbells with weights that'll actually challenge you and help you bulk up (like you need to!). For the telekinetics a la Charmed, you'll find obstacle courses and other kinds of puzzles to help you hone your craft and mental control.

I'm always looking to expand, modify, and customize, so if there's something in particular you wanna see at Dawn of the Delts, please let me know. I'll do my best to fulfill your request. We also offer personal training, though it's the boring, ordinary kind for now. [Another toot on the noisemaker.] I hope to see you there!


OOC: Assume that if your character had replied to Major's last network post about hiring folks for his gym, your character has since received an application and has been approved to work there! If you'd like this to be your character's job, please update in Housing/Jobs and on the Player Business spreadsheet, where there is an entry for DotD already.
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hey. two things:

1. where do unsettled imPorts go to get their non-standard gear? trying search terms like "Big Al's Wild'N'Crazy Battle Boy Emporium" is bringing me to some cool sites (did you guys know there's a developing roomba ultimate fighting ring in MF?) but not the ones i'm actually looking for. thanks.

2. what would you do with your last day on whatever-non-specific-planet-or-plane-of-existence you came from? inquiring battle boys want to know, i guess.

EDIT: a third thing 3. where are there chocolate fountains?


Sep. 4th, 2017 03:16 pm
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[He wanted time to familiarize himself with this place. He needed to know if anyone else from the Inquisition had been brought across as well, and then to find them if they had. But first, he'd looked through the information they'd given him - the neat print on the strange white paper - and now, suddenly, Maxwell had a much more immediate, personal worry.

The video opens on his face; his expression a mixture of incredulity and concern.]

Hello. [It feels awkward, addressing nothing, but he pushes on.] My name is Maxwell and I have a question, and there doesn't seem to be anyone else to ask.

[The camera turns and fixes on a portion of the pages he'd been given. He points to a section, chases a sentence with his fingertip as he reads it aloud.] 'Bears will always find him.' [Then the feed swings back to him.]

Why would anyone want this? How many bears do you even have in this place, to hope to make this useful? And do they just-- roam about?[He glances away, as if one might have suddenly sneaked up on him, then back.] Are these abilities negotiable in any way?

( video )

Sep. 3rd, 2017 08:54 pm
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Well! What a group we all make.

[ Get a load of this guy. Leather jacket. Violet sunglasses. Touch of a French accent. He's not blending in at all, but it's clear that he's not particularly interested in trying to. He's lounging with feline grace (read: like he owns the place) in a corner booth at an all night pancake house, one arm draped casually over the back of the seat, the other holding the communicator. He gives the camera a smile and an elegant little wave. ]

Hi. Lestat here. Author. Rock star. Creature of the night. I introduce myself this way not to be egotistical — although I am, enormously — but because I've been told that it accounts for some of my eccentricities. I'll let you judge that for yourselves.

Now, I could go on about myself all night, and I gladly will if anyone cares to ask, but I have a question! There's no wrong answer. There may not be a right one, either. The question is in regards to a story, and the gist of the story, although significantly and brutally abridged, is this:

The protagonist of this tale isn't a heroic man, or even a particularly good man. Actually, he's mostly awful, when you get right down to it. And he had, quite some time ago, found himself down on his luck for a whole host of reasons, most of which he most certainly deserved. But one day, something changed. The particulars of that change don't matter right now, only that he knew that he, too, had to change; had to undergo what a generous author might call character development. And so this man made a grand if somewhat disastrous gesture of honesty, of love, and perhaps of repentance. Things didn't go as planned, because of course they never do in a good story, do they? Ah, but in any case: rising action, climax, denouement. All the parts were there, and the ending even hints at another volume.

And then— [ Here he waves his hand, as if to indicate the whole of everything: himself, the pancake house, the endless night outside the window where a vinyl poster advertises all you can eat waffles. ] This. And so my question is: what lesson, what kind of meaning do you think our protagonist should take from a plot twist like this? I find myself at a loss, my dear viewers, and it's too farfetched of a sequel hook for my tastes. I wonder whether—

[ He pauses here, something offscreen catching his attention, along with a weary, irritable-sounding customer service voice. ]

—ah! My lovely waitress Ethel is asking whether I intend to sit here vlogging all night or if I'm going to order something. Say bonsoir, Ethel.

[ He turns the camera; the surly waitress does not look amused. Back to Lestat, then. ]

Well, it seems even my charm has its limits. For now, then!

[ And with another wave, he signs off. ]


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