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Mar. 10th, 2017 03:17 pm
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[There was too much to say right now. Too many questions to ask. Too many things to take in. Too many things to be put into perspective. Nike was having a difficult time with the serious of events that led her here. She needed to find somewhere quiet to contemplate, somewhere that her senses didn't feel they were literally on fire. This world was loud! So very loud and hot, and felt -- dare she say -- difficult and unknown. It felt strange, almost like meeting a stranger for the first time which wasn't normal. No matter which part of the world she goes to, the voices she find there will always feel familiar, even if it holds a different feeling. Whatever the case, she decided to use the strange device to communicate with "those like her", as they explain it to her as. Holding the camera to face an angry fox, as she didn't feel very comfortable showing herself at the moment. That is, if she is doing any of this correctly.]

I...I don't know if this is working or not! I'm just...taking a moment to center it all!

[She was yelling as loud as she can without her throat burning. Without having to breath too much of the strange air, even if she was facing the ocean, that should have cleaner air, which can be seen behind the arctic fox pup and heard -- it was clear she was in Heropa.]

Slan!! Are you here!? Can you hear me!? I have Ryuka with me right now! He's okay!! He was healed from the wasp stings from earlier! So don't worry! I promise he is safe! Just get back to me, okay!?

[All of this yelling made it seem as though she was either deaf or having difficulty in hearing, it was clear that Nike was overwhelm. Why does it hurt? The video feed will begin to shake until it lowers further to the ground, away from the scowling fox, showing she was sitting on the ground, hugging her knees.]

How do you turn down the volume!? I can barely hear anything! Livi! Livi!! Can you hear me!? Sense me!? I'm here!! I'm right here!!! [Wherever "here" was, but she was alive, taken against her will.] Don't be scared, don't cry or get angry; just be here, safe... [Said in a more normal tone, it was clear she was trying to whisper.]


Feb. 5th, 2017 09:38 pm
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[Oh hey, it's Aerith. No one's seen her for a few months, huh?

Though she just turned on the video, she already looks for a moment like she forgot about it. She's staring off at something in the distance that the viewfinder can't see, if there's anything there, anyway.

A moment passes and she glances back at her phone.]

Kel isn't here anymore. But Tetsuo is. It hasn't been that long, right?

[Someone would be right if they noticed she's acting even weirder than normal.]

Can someone tell me what happened while I was gone?

[After one inappropriately long pause--]

I made it back in time for my birthday.


Nov. 12th, 2016 06:29 pm
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[ The message, much like most of Mikleo's network posts, is short, sweet, and to the point. He decides to send a message to the network with text, rather than voice and video, just in case there's someone out there that can neither hear or see him. ]

Good afternoon.

Sorey's told me that there were others who knew my older self. However, as impossible as this may sound: I've gone back in time here. If we met here before, then I apologize in advance for forgetting. Could you introduce yourself to me again, in that case?

And, I was wondering. Does this happen often? I've heard about others going home often, but from what Sorey told me, my case is rather rare.

Thank you,
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[Riku's face, when he appears on the network today, is a little exasperated, and a little apologetic. Behind him, something tiny and black moves, and he picks his hair up and away from it, pulling it over his shoulder for lack of anything else to do with it. A sharp-eyed observer will note that the black thing is a wing. It's small, but it's clearly a pointy, leathery bat wing. Presumably, there's a matching one.]

So... I guess I was ported out.

[His very first port-out after a year and a half. What a strange experience. Riku pauses. He's pretty sure he... owes some people an apology.]

Uh -- sorry. From what I can tell it hasn't been very long, though...? A day or so tops, I think. I saw Kagami made a post, so I thought I should clear things up.

[He's surprised you all panicked, honestly...]

I guess I should thank you all for worrying, though.
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[After returning home to find Kagami unconscious and hurt and hearing his explanation concerning the brawl between him and Riku, it's needless to say that Nike has been trying to get in direct contact with Riku for the last couple of hours. She was worried about him as much as she had been with Kagami. But now her concern has turned to full out irritation and hurt feelings all around. She was beginning to hate this radio silence from him. That's why she turns to the network while attempting to remain as calm as possible, but it was clear that she was still upset.]

Hey, guys. This is Nike again. Sorry for this second post from me in such a short amount of time from the last one. I just really need to know the current whereabouts of my roommate, Riku. Has anyone seen or heard from him today? Just today, though. Not yesterday or two days ago or whatever. Just today. He hasn't been answering his device at all and...

[Oh. Her irritation and hurt feelings are popping up again. Maybe she should make this short.]

If he's with you and doesn't want me or anyone else to know, that's fine too. I just....want to make sure he isn't alone somewhere or something. A little "I know" is more than enough. [How to end this?] Um...thanks for your time.

[With that said, she will sent a text message to both Mikleo and Sorey next.]

Hey! Have you seen or heard from Riku today? There was an incident. He got into a pretty bad fight with Kagami. I would appreciate any feedback from you two about this.


Jun. 18th, 2016 07:34 pm
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Hello, everyone and good afternoon.

I have a question, but I'll be straight to the point.

Is it common for imPorts to leave for only a day?

Thank you.

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how long have you been here? do you feel that you've changed at all, during your extended stay?

how do you handle it?

[ Klarion usually avoids text if he can help it, but this has been bugging him for a while now. Text lets him ask the question anonymously, without any vocal inflections, emotions, or facial expressions to get in the way.

... his speech patterns and painfully slow texting speed might give him away eventually, but for now, he's totally anonymous! ]
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(( Note that because Mikleo is a seraph, only characters with a higher level of resonance will be able to see/hear Mikleo. For everyone else? Well. It just seems like Sorey is talking to air.... ))

[Okay, so this isn't the first time Sorey is using it. He seems to have had more practice than his first attempt or prior when he was a child for a while, at least. He gives the phone a wave, before running a hand through his hair.] So, uh. I was wanting to say hi? Looks like we're getting some more people showing up. I -- we can try help answer some questions but others have been here longer than me and Mikleo have.

[ Mikleo nods his head, looking to the camera, and then to Sorey again. ] Don't forget, most people can't see me. But, for those who can, we've settled in more than enough to know a fair amount of information about this world.

[Sorey gives a nod, by now a bit more used to most not being able to see his friend.] Yeah! The main thing we wanted to ask was the Porter - a couple of friends were here from home, but not anymore. But there's no way to figure how it works or if they might come back, is there?

[ Mikleo crosses his arms, leaning against the nearby wall. ] Well, we wanted to know the chances of them reappearing here again, anyways. I've heard that there have been cases when those who have been ported come back.

Right! And how sometimes people might remember being here? Or some don't.....? I don't know if there's any sort of pattern with that or not. Just figured it couldn't hurt to ask. And oh yeah! I guess Glenwood had different holidays to here. I was thinking of doing a list or something since there seem to be a lot.

[ The look on Mikleo's face becomes fairly dry at that. ] ... Hey, that's a pretty big jump to suddenly make with this, isn't it...?

Is it? I was just thinking of what I wanted to ask about..... [But maybe it is? Sorey's so used to the seraphim, or talking in person about most anything that comes to mind that he doesn't really think much about this.]

It is. [ He sighs lightly, but looks to the device quickly enough. ] We're more used to festivals being held to celebrate different days and events, so we're curious to know about different holidays.

Like the one in Ladylake with the Sacred Sword, yeah. So if anyone can tell us about the ones here, that'd be neat! [Evidently, Sorey is way used to Mikleo's sighing and correcting him by now. So he doesn't really react much if at all to such things.]

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May. 4th, 2016 09:24 pm
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[ the feed begins with the lower half of a pale, tattooed face. the narrow shoulders also visible in the frame are pulled taut, giving the figure the look of someone maybe a perpetual half-second away from bolting. there's a moment, then a hand lifts to adjust the communicator, revealing the rest of the face-- and some fairly pointy ears. an elf, then, and one from thedas given the tattoos. he stares for a few wary moments, then takes a bracing breath and forces his shoulders to straighten. ]

Good evening. I-- [ right. this isn't even as bad as addressing the court in halamshiral, mahanon. you've got this. you were first of your clan. you're the inquisitor. you've physically walked in the fade and time-traveled and drank from an ancient well of knowledge left by one of your gods. this is nothing, right? .. ugh. ] My name is Mahanon Lavellan, lately of the Inquisition if that means anything to anyone. I'm looking for anyone who might also be from Thedas.

[ a beat, head tilting, and his glance slides away from the camera. he appears to be in a park, or at least somewhere with trees, and apparently there are other people around if the background noise is any indication. he hesitates, then glances back to the camera again. ]

.. Am I the only elf here? I.. haven't seen sign of alienages in this city, and I didn't think to ask before. [ because it's never occurred to him that his people might not exist in other worlds. why would they not? humans seem to be everywhere, after all. he's been getting second and even third looks, of course, but no one's challenged his right to go anywhere, and no one's called him a knife-ear. everything about this experience thus far has been surreal. (and he'd thought the inquisitor business was mad.)

there's another brief pause, then a slightly helpless, bewildered glance. ]
And I suppose I should ask if there's any sort of.. more helpful.. book? [ he reaches up, tapping the communicator. ] This was explained to me, which I'm grateful for, but there's a great deal about this world that's extremely new for me. The currency, for one thing. [ a small, tired laugh. ] My list of things to ask about is getting quite long, actually.
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[Hope everyone isn't entirely sick of all the kids around. Because here is another one, sitting on his bed and trying to make sure he knows how to use this thing. Mikleo said it was important, useful if they ever might get separated, after all. He looks somewhere around maybe six years old or so? But the earrings are still a dead give-away if anyone has previously seen Sorey around, of course.]

So it's....there! I got it! Mikleo said these were important. And can let us talk to everyone here. So I have a question!

[......Wait for it.]

Tell me about your homes! Your stories! You guys probably still have ruins and history books right? Or heroes like the Shepherds back home at Glenwood! It's kind of amazing here. There are so many other humans! And it seems like Mikleo's the only seraph. It's weird. Like I was the only human in Elysia.

[Evidently, everyone has tried not to.....'spoil' him that he becomes one of those Shepherds in about ten years or so.]

Does anyone know any ruins here? I haven't found any yet. The park and everything else is neat but it's still the most fun to go exploring ruins. And why is April a fool? I don't get it.....

[But that's when he's called downstairs for a snack and just. Abandons the phone on the bed. Oops. Enjoy that view of the ceiling after he runs off. Hopefully it has a timer to turn itself off after a bit.]

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Mar. 5th, 2016 12:17 am
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[Hey imPorts! Bet you need some joy in your life right now. Yeah? Then boy howdy are you in luck!]

Hi everyone! It’s Ripley! [A big smile and a wave.]

Wowzy! That was exciting, huh? But like, not the fun kinda exciting. More like… alligator in the swimming pool kind of exciting. Y’know? Cause like, it’s exciting, but also not a good thing. –Actually no, never mind! That would be awesome. I could make an alligator friend! I’d call him Eggbert. Or Walter. Those sound like good alligator names, right?

[There’s a long pause and then she whispers to herself with a concerned look:] Wait.

…what was I talking about…

OH YEAH! Not fun exciting. I know everyone’s like super upset, and definitely you should be! I totally am. But I’m also reeeeeeeeeeally tired from being upset, and I bet a bunch of other people are too! So we should all do something fun exciting now to relax, just for a bit, so that we’re all refreshed and ready to kick butts again!

I think I wanna try surfing, maybe. I’ve never gone surfing before, but it looks really cool in Lilo and Stitch. Or white water rafting, that’d be neat too. Or maybe something not in water. Skydiving! That’s really not in water.

What stuff do you guys wanna do?

--Also, hi! How’s everyone doing? [Maybe she should have led off with that.]
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[Sabriel looks exhausted but cheery now that the Seminar is over. She's in her apartment, surrounded by grocery bags.]

You know, I liked it when swear-ins only lasted a day- they get a little repetitive otherwise. [And Sabriel moves out of screen, putting her groceries away.

So since things will... hopefully be a bit more normal now that the seminar is over, I might as well practice my cooking- you know, I never had the chance to learn how until I came here. [Sabriel pauses, thoughtful] Perhaps I'll hold a dinner party. Or just bake a few things and hand them out to my friends. It'll be a nice distraction, anyway.

Mirrornet: Text: Locked from Kitty Jones and her merry band of collaborators

[Unlike her video, which was publicly available, this message posted through the mirrrornet about half an hour later.]

The Russians have managed to get into people's heads, but I think I can fix that, the same way I fixed what the Hornets did to people. I just need to get them somewhere private.

I don't know everyone they managed to get to, so if someone you know is suddenly singing Russia's praises, TELL PEOPLE. We need to get people back to their right minds before they do something they'll regret.
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[ooc: Note: Mikleo will be in blue while Sorey will be in black. Also note that because Mikleo is a seraph, only characters with a higher level of resonance will be able to see/hear Mikleo. For everyone else? Well. It just seems like Sorey is talking to air.....]

[This is the first time Sorey is attempting to use these things. They didn't quite have anything like this back home to really compare it to, but he manages to get it turned on, with the video function. Initially, he may be peering at the camera a little too closely before pulling back, giving a better look at himself rather than an extreme close up of his bright green eyes. He turns, as if looking to someone sitting right near him, seeming rather animated and excited as he points to the device.] Mikleo, I think I got it! That light there, that means it's on, er-what did you say, recording, right?

[ Mikleo's brows furrow, and he points to the phone. ] Shh! They can't hear or see me, remember? Just pretend I'm not here! But, to answer your question, that's precisely what it means.

What are you--ooooh. Right! [Cue nervous laugher a bit there as he rubs the back of his neck, turning his attention back to the device itself.] So um. A-anyway, I'm Sorey. I kind of just got here, myself. So I had a few questions? Mostly about our jobs. And....and school! They have lessons on history there, right? [No Sorey, don't get too distracted thinking about that. The history of a whole new world to explore and read.....er, what else was he supposed to ask about again?]

[ Mikleo sighs on his end, crossing his arms and sending Sorey a rather dry look. ] Didn't you learn your lesson the first time you were schooled? There's more to it than just history lessons.

I know that! [Turning back to Mikleo again with a pout at his lips.] But history was always my favourite -- our favourite. Besides, the history and other lessons here are sure to be way different!

[ Sorey... What did he just say? He can't exactly blame him either, though. They are used to talking to one another nearly all day, every day. ] Hey, pretend that I'm not here, remember?

Oh yeah... [Oops. He's just so used to interacting with Mikleo back home. Used to ignoring the odd stares he occasionally gets out in public since leaving Elysia.] Um, one other question! How do you figure planning vacations? I mean, I guess I get the idea, but I just got here. I don't know where people might want to go vacation to. Apparently that's my job here though. No - make that two questions, actually. This war....

[ Mikleo straightens at that, brows furrowed. ] Hey-- be careful about that last part.

What? I figure...we should find out what's going on. Now we are here. [He's not sure he wants to mention that he only just came from a war back home. Sorey's no less eager to get involved in this one either. But he might not have a choice in the matter this time either. If his helping would mean even one less person might get hurt or killed, he'd probably do it.]

[ Mikleo stays silent at that, gesturing towards the screen once more. He'll stay silent this time. It'd be better to talk to him about everything once he's done. ... Either way, hopefully no one thinks that he's crazy or anything. He doesn't want this to be harder on him than it probably already is. ]

I mean. Of course, I got that file, but it didn't explain a lot, just the basics. I figure someone might be able to give a better idea on what's going on. [Hopefully. Surely. He's not sure what else to say, exactly. If there was anything else especially pressing he wanted to ask about. He's pretty sure that's the basics at least.] Oh, one last thing before I figure turning this thing off. But....what's Valentines? [It seems like it involves a lot of flowers. And chocolates?]

--That's your last question? [ Mikleo looks on in mild surprise. Well, it's just like him to be curious about-- just about everything. He can't say he really blames him entirely, either. ] ... Well, at least we'll get to gain a lot of information about this world.

Yeah! Wait, so how does it turn off again? It's this button-- [oh. Well. It seems he figured it out, because right there, it cuts off. Maybe he will get the hang of this before long!]


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