Oct. 12th, 2017 02:23 pm
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So this is totally normal, the whole being pulled from another universe to this uh.... Earth? Is that what it's called?

Yeah, Earth.

Anyway, I guess that's to say that I'm new here and trying to figure out how everything works. Otherwise just give me a ring at Your Future is Clear phone psychic service, and I will help you find your path in life.

[ He can't help but try so hard not to laugh. That sounds ridiculous. Jedi he may be, but he's pretty sure the Force shouldn't be used for cheap parlor tricks. ]

Jabba out.
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[ When the video clicks on she's smiling, reserved but something proud despite itself in her expression. The background is one of the basic assigned rooms (this one in Maurtia Falls, but she hasn't decorated anything or shown anything but walls to tell by. ]

From what I've been come to understand so far, there are quite a few people here from my home galaxy, and many of us from different timelines.

So. [ She doesn't clear her throat, because that would be uncouth. ]

I am Padme Amidala, mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker, Queen of Naboo during the Occupation, and Senator of the Galactic Republic before the end of the Clone War.

[ And now there is a little bit of a smile, able to bring some lightheartedness to it. ]

And currently a hair model, apparently. I know there are many people from my galaxy here, but this is a new world and a new place to learn, and I am curious.

This system of representatives for those among us brought into this world without our consultation seems to be a good one, but I would like to know more about it from those who are familiar with the systems. I am pleased we are not pawns here entirely.

[ Entirely. ] Or if you are not familiar with how this system works but would like to know, we can work out the details together, or simply talk about how this system functions.

The more you know about your system of governance, the more chance you have to affect it.
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We're going to pretend that last post I made didn't happen. Ready? One, two, three, Riptidedidn'tfragupandoffendeveryone! There. Done.


Anyway, me and Tailgate - not Vos, Vos can go diving in the Sea of Rust - have really been trying quite hard to human right, but we don't seem to be getting it. So I'm doing something unprecedented...

How? How do humans... human?

[asking for help. amazing.]
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[ The voice that speaks isn't Otto's; it's a Voice-To-Text robot. He then includes a text transcription to reach the widest audience possible. ]

Good evening, imPorts.

There is a significant matter which we need to discuss:

How shall we destroy the Porter?
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hey. two things:

1. where do unsettled imPorts go to get their non-standard gear? trying search terms like "Big Al's Wild'N'Crazy Battle Boy Emporium" is bringing me to some cool sites (did you guys know there's a developing roomba ultimate fighting ring in MF?) but not the ones i'm actually looking for. thanks.

2. what would you do with your last day on whatever-non-specific-planet-or-plane-of-existence you came from? inquiring battle boys want to know, i guess.

EDIT: a third thing 3. where are there chocolate fountains?


Sep. 12th, 2017 02:40 am
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[It never bodes well when Anakin Skywalker sticks to text only. He has manufactured many reasons to lay low and to generally behave himself, however one reason trumps them all. Why is fatherhood so complicated?]

Parenting books. I need them.

Does anyone even make those?

I don't have the experience necessary to not screw this up.

[Progress comes in uneven spurts for the once-Jedi-now-a-Sith Lord. Who knows if it will last or lead to even new heights of inspiration! Spoiler: it probably won't on both accounts.]
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Three years ago, I arrived to this world, on this exact day. I have met many people, I've seen many go and return, though many don't remember ever being here. I have seen so much happening and I've lived through a lot. It's hard to keep a track of everything. I have done so much as well. [ and so much has been done to him, too. But he digresses ] - but I think what happened before we started arriving in 2014 is also important, and it's good to remember it from time to time.

The Porter was found in the Atlantic Ocean in 1985 and the first wave of imPorts arrived in 1986. Before this time, America was not the country you know; if you look at the history books, you won't find much information on America's 1984. Because of the extended tension between the United States and Russia, continuous attacks and an arms race, at the time there was an almost totalitarian government ruling over the country; citizens were arrested, brainwashed, they were spied on, censored and repressed at all times.

After finding the Porter and the first imPorts arrived, an imPort named Hernan Soñé, aka "Nova Man", brought to light the government's actions. From this, it snowballed: imPorts, native heroes, even some sectors of the military and the government - our current sponsors-, joined together to reform the militant corruption on going. This is why imPorts are seen as heroes: we are. We saved them from a very dark time and we helped them to have a brighter future. The reform ended around 1990's and everything worked well enough, with both native Heroes and imPorts working together to keep the country safe.

In 2008, everything changed again. There was a scientist - it's still questionable if he really was under Soviet orders. He built what he called a "Death Ray" on an island which has the name of Death Island. [ you can laugh because this sounds so silly, but it's not funny ] This ray was designed to counteract the active nanotechnology used to revive imPorts should they die.

In other words, it could kill imPorts permanently.

Seven imPorts were sent to investigate his island, most of them being teenagers and they were all killed. While the scientist was caught and taken in to custody, the imPort Benedict Katzenberg aka "Promise" executed the prisoner without orders. While he was court-martialed, the charges didn't stick, but again it was just a step to start a whole new chain of events.

A strong decline of costumed heroism and vigilante activity followed, due to accusations from imPorts, the natives, the native heroes and the government, each side claiming the death of these imPorts had happened because of the other. Heroes retired and the ones that remained became reckless, acted independently or opposed the law enforcement rather than alongside, and that caused for new laws to be made: native heroism and vigilantism became illegal, "Registered" and "Unsettled" became marks heroes had to wear, and by 2011 the government decided it was best for imPorts to go back to their home universes. Every imPort left and all native Heroes retired or went underground.

[ and finally: ] In 2014, the Porter started working again, without any notice. Lachesis infected the Porter and this world is once again receiving imPorts. That is us.

I hope this bit of history helps to explain why we are loved by most in this country, and helps us to remember this isn't just a dream. [ not for the natives, certainly. And also not for those seven imPorts who were killed back in 2008 ] If you have any questions, I can try answering. I was around when all of this was found out, but it was two years ago. My memory can be a bit shaky. [ except Kaneki has notes on everything so maybe not so much ]
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the school year's barely begun and i've already landed in detention

i mean it is kinda my fault and at least the guidance counselor here is better than Mr. Frond was

[some time later, she adds:]

And i just got 2 days tacked on for being caught on my device

so I guess my point is I'm full of all this frustration and aggression & I'm not used to feeling this way so how do i try and burn it off?


Sep. 4th, 2017 07:24 pm
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A-hem, if I could have everyone's attention please! I've recently come to note that there's something of a... deficit in the imPort community. Sure, sure, you could try dating outside of our little community, but in light of all of this vandalism nonsense, do you really want to take that risk? After all, you may not figure out their ulterior motives until it's too late! Or they might just be a glory hound. Either/or.

[ Rusty himself has no problems with gloryhounds, but... that's not part of his pitch! ]

Anyhoo! To that end, I've designed an imPort-only dating app, accessible only from our very own communicators to make sure that no looky-loos get onto the system. All you do is upload a couple of the more flattering pictures you can take of yourself - and no dick pics, all you nasty horndogs out there, that'll be deleted automatically; if you like someone, you can do them the dignity of showing off your dick in-person, thank you very much - put up a brief blurb, and voila, love might be right around the corner!

[ He winks. It's not great. ]

And for next week, and next week only, I've made a deal with a few choice date locations as sponsors who will be willing to fund your romantic endeavors - just sign up, and our algorithm will do the rest. All you'll have to do is show up at the right place and time.


[ ... ]

Oh, fuck, and it's called imPress. Don't know how I missed that part...

[ ooc : if you want to sign up for randomized dates or if you just want your character to have a dating app on their profile you can use for future hook-ups, please direct your attention to THIS POST! thanks, and have fun! ]

001; text;

Sep. 3rd, 2017 08:16 pm
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I'm pretty sure I had a dream like this once. Except my superpower was more useful.

In any case, if I'm stuck here for the time being I'd just as soon have a job I enjoy. Dealing cards is entertaining enough, but you might say cybersecurity is my calling.

How difficult is it, to get a good job here without a resume, or references, or any of the usual things that you would need to get a job? Are the natives here - or other imports, for that matter - willing to take a chance and trust we're telling the truth about our experience and education? It's not like a prospective employer can run a traditional background check on us.

Just curious.


Sep. 3rd, 2017 10:17 am
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Good morning everyone,
I'm supporting some continuing cleanup activity for the Nonah police, relating to the vandalism. If you see any more, or have noticed new problems come up, you can let me know. I can't imagine a party being what stops upset people from expressing their feelings like this, so...
(This offer is OK for other cities too! I've talked to each hub city's police commissioners about my offer and gotten the green light to support)

Also...if you're not feeling safe in your neighborhood, let me know. I can talk to some of the staff who assign patrol rotations and see if things can be moved around. It might not be too much, but it's something that can help.

That's all for right now I think...thank you for your support!


Aug. 27th, 2017 12:37 pm
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[ In Washington DC, the Senator is far and removed from a lot of the vandalism that the imports as a whole have been seeing. In some ways, it's good, in others, it's bad, and the Senator doesn't like feeling all that removed from the rest of the community. It's clear, when he turns on his comm that he hasn't been sleeping -- probably because he's been worrying about this.

Next to him are a stack of letters, and he pulls the one from the top, and starts reading.

"Dear Senator Hundred, my name is Steven Stevenopholis." [ The paper lowers, Mitchell looks at the camera, deadpan. Really dude? ] "I am a contractor in De Chima, where I work very hard to support my wife and three daughters. We live modestly, in a small home on the outskirts of the city. My wife works as a teacher, and our three daughters are in school. We're trying to save money to give our girls the opportunity to go to college, but times are hard, and it can be difficult to save money on a good day, with the way the economy is. Last year, De Chima was ransacked by metahumans of your making, and De Chima was too dangerous for me to work, my wife and daughters had to stay home out of fear of their lives, and people were running the streets breathing fire, and lifting cars. It can be hard to keep going, when you fear for your life, and we try constantly to find a way to leave the city and move elsewhere, but there's nowhere to go. Right now, we have jobs, but leaving could mean that we can't support our family. I am writing to you because you are my senator, because you swore last year that you would help protect us, but... I'm starting to wonder if anyone can, when imports are involved."

[ Mitch put the letter down, and folded his hands. ]

Clearly, I could sit here all day and read these. [ The stack next to him is over a foot high of envelopes and letters. ] I... am somewhat removed from the vandalism up in DC, but that doesn't mean that I haven't felt the impact of what's happening. Just not... like the rest of you have.

I've been told by some of my colleagues in the Senate that there will be some organizing over the next few days, and we'll be trying to smooth things over starting tomorrow. I encourage each and every one of you to listen to what our companions in the world have to say. If we have the opportunity to listen, to learn what it is we've done, and it's the only way we can come together to move on.

If we can listen, and accept what we've done, we can move on. Please talk to the people who were here before us, listen to what they have to say. And maybe... let's try to build some positive relationships for the future. If we're reviled, we can't protect either ourselves or the people here. Trust me, I've, ah, been in that situation. [ He scratched the side of his face. ] We can't do anyone any good unless we can come together.
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[ooc: just keeps this open for the duration of threads]

[The camera has been set up to point at a blank wall. As the feed turns on, there's a heavy shuffling sound; and Cassian slumps into frame, thudding his back to the wall, and sliding to sit on the floor against it. He's… more or less still in frame. He looks an absolute mess. And there's a bottle grasped in his hand.

behind the curtain )

Apparently (impeccably) drunk, sloshing the bottle's contents onto himself just for good measure, Cassian tugged his free hand through his worse-than-usual hair and slurringly moaned into the camera.]

She kriffing left. Our friend's gone and she… She left me and says it's too much and she can't cope with both and I should know why and I don't. Says I said things… don't karking remember. Wouldn't I know better what I said than she…? I never would've… ruskakk-loving… Any of you remember me saying…? S'all bantha… one of us's gone felek and I don't know…

Tell me the truth—

[He leveled the bottle accusingly at the viewscreen, splashing again.]

Did I ever say… skragging… snogwash… what was it… "I got…" something… "…got what I wanted so I'm done"…? Does that even sound like me? But she… said… after hearing in my voice… she tried but… can't go back from… she… And he's… Això no passa…

[His mumbling devolved into a sob. He drew up one knee to wrap an arm around it and bury his face in that arm.

And I'll stay here sniffling until you bite you mimicking blasterpfassked sithspawn..]


Aug. 27th, 2017 12:38 am
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[ Aurican is completely irritated at the whole situation. And Aurican is a rare creature to annoy. ]

To anyone who has ordered any customized clothing from Aurican Apparel, I am sorry to say that for the time being we are facing some difficulties and there might be some delays. From what my understanding, the latest vandals have apparently broken into a shipment and took off with some of Aurican Apperel clothing while destroying the rest.

[ The poor mailman. Aurican felt like he was given the worst of it - grabbed from his truck and beaten before being carjacked, and left stranded on a highway heading toward De Chima.

There's a pause on Aurican's end, as if he's internally debating the merits of what he will say next. ]

And since we are speaking of vandals, I will also recommend to those flying around - please be careful, especially if you fly at greater heights. Somebody has attempted to shoot arrows at me.

[ Key word attempted. ]

It did not work.

[ Aurican is the worst at reassuring, he does not do conveying emotions all that well. ]


Aug. 26th, 2017 08:29 pm
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{Vandalism, ha. Thranduil is casually taking in the rather explicit and compromising drawings left on his front door. If he must bear the sight of them, so must all of those watching.}

The first is ridiculous, the second is improbable and the last would result in a broken limb. If you are going to embarrass me - or pursue me - at least do so with an ounce of intelligence.

{With pursed lips and a look so stern that it would cow an Orc, he lays a hand on the wood of his door.}

It will either need to be repainted or replaced entirely. No amount of scrubbing would make it clean of this filth.


Aug. 23rd, 2017 11:44 pm
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[Oh hey, it's that robot who argued with at least a dozen people about milk. This isn't fun and games this time around, as K-2 doesn't speak at first, and instead sends through the communicators a blue-tinted, looping projection that looks like it comes from his perspective.]

This is Bodhi Rook. He is missing. I understand now, that this can happen if the Porter "takes someone back." I also know that there is a chance he will be returned, but there is also a chance that this isn't the case, and something has happened to him.

[Very unlikely. But it isn't the same percentage he had given for Cassian- it's higher. Less than ten, still, but not four. Ever since Cassian's "duplicate" had shown up, Kay won't write off that imPorts could arrange for something to happen to Bodhi and make it look like a port out.]

...If anyone has any information on his whereabouts, it would be appreciated. He...

[Is important. Needs to be protected.]

Is a friend. Thank you.

4.0 \ VIDEO

Aug. 8th, 2017 08:55 pm
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[ Skeets is floating in front of a mirror, using the network with his brain because he can't be bothered to hold the communicator today. Yes, he is a football-sized small gold robot. ]

Hello Network, if we haven't met already my name is Skeets. Professor Skeets, actually. I teach history at De Chima University.

Recently I have been considering teaching something else, so this post is meant to gauge interest -- are you from a world that doesn't have the Internet? Are you from an era before and after contemporary Internet culture? Are you too old to get it? If you're interested, I can explain the Internet to you.


Aug. 8th, 2017 05:55 pm
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[despite being in his robot form for the video, riptide is very clearly disturbed, but trying to cover it up with a faux grin.]

Earth is buggered!


I just found out one of the DJD is here-- Vos. Tailgate, you around? I think we gotta find out a way to cut and run.

[riptide knows, deep down, he should save the humans in a situation like this. like autobots are supposed to, like skids said to megatron, but he's too scared to even consider staying and fighting the djd. that would be suicide. he's being a coward, and he hates it.]

Everyone else! It was nice knowing you. Sorry about your planet. Maybe try to focus on space flight before the rest of the DJD show up and kill you all?
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[Private to Luke.]

I might be onto something for your lightsaber. I didn't really want to say anything until it was a sure thing, but - [He's excited and he wants to share it with him.]

I'm working on it.


How long can a person go without sleep before it starts having a negative effect on them? I mean, I do sleep. Sometimes. But it's definitely not a full eight hours.

[And his slumber is filled with horrifying nightmares.]

I don't like taking anything, but I'm not sure what else to do.


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