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So, uh. Kinda a weird question, but hypothetically, if you knew that you could just... die or stop existing or whatever at pretty much any moment, like really knew it, what kind of things would you want to do? I don’t mean stuff you’d do if you didn’t have to deal with the consequences, cause you could die fifteen minutes or fifteen years from now. But what stuff would you not want to die without experiencing? Your bucket list, I guess.
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[The feed shows a brightly smiling man who is in some kind of outdoor, fair-style booth. He is dressed in a neat chef's outfit and has black hair tied up in a single, sensible ponytail rather than any of the nonsense you might see in his icons. He grins as he waves at the camera, then begins molding heated sugar into some sort of candy animal.]

Hi! Hello! Wow, I can't believe I've never bothered to make a post on this thing before. How's everybody doing today? I'm here at Heropa Zoo, making hand-crafted candy in the shape of YOUR favorite animals, so don't hesitate to give me requests! Drop on by, show me a power, and you can have one for free. Gotta spread that imPort love! ♥

[With a flourish, he holds up his finished piece, which seems to be... a bunnytopus? He laughs a little as he shows it off.]

See? This is why I need your help.
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[ There's a quick test post. ]

aw3r93u45mmm sfd qlj ass

[ What nonsense. Aurican certainty doesn't know what it means - he doesn't even know what the alphabet is, let alone texting. He's currently looking after the strange reflective device, occasionally lightening up as he presses against the screen. He makes an accidental video post. There, the video post shows a frustrated little boy, looking maybe around five, six years old? Seven? He's freaking young, maybe one of the youngest imPorts by all appearances. He sounds like a frustrated little boy, and this is what is most upsetting to Aurican. This is not his real voice, after all. ]

This looks like a gem's reflection. I can see my face now. Can anyone see me in this?

[ The last question he looks up at someone. It's from an older native, from the sounds of it, affirming, yes, that how it works. Aurican looks down at the screen. ]

Can someone take me back to the Darkness Beyond? I shouldn't gone in there, I didn't know it would take me here. How can I get back?

[ Aurican was told by the natives about the Porter business and how he is here, but there were so many things said that he doesn't know or understand - what is a city? What is Registration? What is a house? What is that light up above that nearly blinded Aurican as he left the Porter building? - that for they might as well speaking in gibberish for all the good it is does. ]

Can I change back? I can't walk -

[ Oops he pressed the SEND button, apparently. How was he supposed to know that? ]


Jun. 6th, 2016 03:24 pm
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[ The feed comes to life, and the voice talking is of a young girl. It sounds firm enough to cover her nerves, but she still has to marshal it to remain strong. ]

My name is Sophie Foster, I'm thirteen years old. I'm only saying that so people don't ask me all the time. [ She sighs; yes, she's young, no, she's not a lost little girl... even if she kind of is. ]

Obviously, I'm new. Right now I really don't have the strength to panic about being here or realizing that somehow an unsustainable situation has been sustained for roughly twenty years more than it should, disregarding the sociopolitical implications that should be evident but nooo... so I'm just going to ask... does anyone know where can I buy cheap clothes? Mine stand out too much.

[ A moment of silence, in which she debates whether to end the message there or take a risk. A risk it is. ]

What do you guys think about elves? Is the name Eternalia familiar to anyone? Or maybe Black Swan?

[ Here goes nothing. ]
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[One recognizes the signs, when he’s been here for a while.

Waking up in a different house and room? Check. Getting a new job? Check. Having to go through the explanation of the basics? Also check. So while there’s only one question left to ask. Clark Kent looks kind of sheepish as he faces the network, rubbing the back of his neck with a sigh.]

So, how long was I out? I hope it wasn’t that much. Sorry to anyone I worried- yes, I know it wasn’t up to me but I still don’t like it.

Also, let’s get it out so we can get it all at once: I am, apparently, a glasses model. Writing for the style section wasn’t enough.

So go ahead, let’s hear the jokes.

[Read: Please joke about it, please. Anyone who does means they are still around, and well enough to make cracks about it. Anyone who does hasn’t left back home while Clark was taking some sort of vacation he doesn’t even remember having.]


May. 31st, 2016 07:13 pm
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[The video feed cuts in to Inanna sitting on a rooftop retreat somewhere in the city, the evening sky laid out behind him for a backdrop. He flashes the camera a winning smile—it almost looks like he sparkled for a moment.

Maybe he did.]

Hi there! I thought it was about time to make a proper introduction for myself. I'm Inanna, The Morning and Evening Star, etcetera. But please, just call me Inanna.

I've met a few imPorts already, but I'm curious—what's it been like for those of you who've never had powers before? I wonder if it's anything like my experience was.

Video [1]

May. 11th, 2016 02:46 pm
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[When the screen blinks on, the sender—lanky, black sweater, glasses being slipped off—is already centered and ready for it, clearly very familiar with the technology already, and he starts speaking immediately, quick and terse as if this is already taking up too much of his time.]

Good evening imPorts, my name is Dr. Harrison Wells. It is a...supreme...irony that I'm asking this, but to those of you who left your worlds as ordinary humans and arrived here with new abilities.

[There's a pause, Harrison's fingers tapping lightly against his lips, as he considers the reception he'd experienced on his arrival. Not cold, not remotely, but…knowing. Everyone he's seen in Heropa seems to know what he is, and that' New and unpleasant. And he's reluctantly beginning to understand what the metahumans in Central City had gone through, being watched and whispered about.

He catches sight of the tattoo on his wrist, a very faint glow under the skin, and abruptly twitches his sleeve back down to cover it.

How do you cope?]
I'm curious how you mastered them.

[It's a much more dismissive tone than the beginning of that sentence, very clearly not what he'd originally intended to say. The glasses go back on and he moves to switch off the transmission, then taps his finger against the edge of the screen, speculative.]

And as I will apparently be spending my time here making science fun and accessible for kids, I anticipate needing copious amounts of coffee. And I am...taking recommendations. On the best fast food in the area. Also anyone who understands a reference to STAR Labs and/or Central City.

[He looks like he’s going to add something else, then rethinks it. The screen blinks to black without another word.]


Apr. 23rd, 2016 07:12 pm
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[Here is Billy Kaplan. Here is Billy Kaplan in what looks like a small bookstore, which he pans. Quickly there is Richard Campbell Gansey the Third, thumbing through a book and looking very dapper, but the camera pans away from him after a moment. Basically, here is Billy Kaplan again.]

In a move that I hope does not go down in "poorly and hastily planned decisions" I'm opening a shop in De Chima. It's um, Enchantments, Rare Books, and Tea Room-

[No tea is actually being served. They don't have a license for tea. Or food of any kind.]

-and it's a magic shop of the consulting and advising kind, not the selling magical items kind. Though the books, we'll sell those. Well. I'll sell those. I don't actually have a staff.

But the point is, drop in, come by, take a look.


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