Oct. 14th, 2017 10:58 pm
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[ Video starts off with the image of the saddest looking, middle-aged man you can ever think of. He's already beginning to bald, and his beard is a thin, sad thing. Over all, he looks like a man who had seen some things.

He's also holding the camera upside down. ]

Is this how it works?

[ Someone off camera said, "Yeah, you had it turned on, so you can say anything now."

The man coughed. ]

'ullo. I'm Eddison Tollett. I'm from Westeros.

[ The other voice added, "hey, if you make mentions of your job from home . . . " and it became fainter, but the man named Edd seemed to understand his directions. He nodded in the way that one is still confused but managed to follow some of the logic. ]

Hash tag Night's Watch.

[ There's a pause. He looks up beyond the camera, confused. ]

So that makes it easier to find?

[ "No, you have to type it." Edd now looks a annoyed in a morose tone. ]

How in the seven hells do you people write anything with these tiny things? I can barely pick the fleas off my coat, never mind make tiny letters with tiny words.

[ The messages here are smaller than the scrolls on ravens, and that's something. ]

How do I type it?

[ The anonymous helper told him to press the button to end the recording. Instead, poor Edd sent it to the network instead. ]
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[ The small gold robot is speaking into a mirror for this post - since you can access the network mentally he just does that rather than have to hold a commmunicator. His voice is robotic but not monotone. ]

Greetings, network.

While I'm currently functioning at a perfectly normal capacity, there has been a problem I have been putting off: if my chassis is damaged, what do I do? In my own world, an acquaintance keeps spares in the chance that I get damaged, and transfers me to one of those. Unfortunately, I have no such backup option here.

Additionally, I found that I can take the form of a human but as I am borrowing forms from history none of them feel like "mine".
[ He does pull out his little robot arms to specifically just to make air quotes, before he puts them back in their hatches. ] However, I have realize there is a benefit to having a form that has a different form of mobility than my current one.

Therefore, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in helping me build a secondary body, or has suggestions for what it could be capable of.
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[The video feed opens up to a morose looking dude in a pale blue shirt and a bland tie with it's knot loosened heavily. Looks like someone's returned from a disappointing time out.]

Ladies and gentleman, it is with a heavy heart that I bring you this terrible news: The 4.7 rated restaurant, Maison d'etre has been lying to us all. Like you, I was fooled by the high praise it was receiving on such popular food blogs as "Good Morning Viet-nom!", "Let's Taco 'Bout Food" and "Making Ends Meat" who all labelled it a culinary adventure of locally sourced food.

However! [His voice breaks halfway through the word, wavering between anger and the desperate need to cry in disappointment.] I have since eaten there and can say with complete certainty that the only culinary adventure to be found in that excuse for a restaurant is the amount of imported ingredients they have on their menu! Even their corn is imported from Ukraine. Who can't find locally sourced corn in America?! I tell you, ladies and gentleman, I am just one big D right now. Disappointed!

[A sigh that's as weighty as the world itself, and... was that a small, barely restrained sob as he quickly bows his head? At least he's quick to compose himself, straightening himself up in his chair and puffing out his chest after a deep inhale.] But it's not all bad news. I, Charles Boyle, will be sure to continue conveying these injustices to the world!

And a few weeks from now, I'll also be sharing my knowledge of food to any folks willing to learn. Watch this space for Boiled Over, an imPort cooking show in front of a small live audience, set to delight and astound. [And just like that, his previous disappointment steadily creeps towards eagerness, because cooking is awesoooome.]

I'm sorry, I'm just so excited for this opportunity! Wow, what a rollercoaster of emotions this place is!
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Recent arrival here. I'm looking for information - apart from that which the government has so kindly provided [sarcasm ftw] - about this upcoming Swear-In Ceremony. What does it entail and how much coercion is involved? The unofficial version, in other words.

Also, a decent Indian restaurant.
[If there is such a thing in this backwater.]
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been here over a week.

been having .. weird convos with people of varying levels of hostility. i hate all most of you.

you can redeem yourself by telling me where the best place to get a drink is.


Jun. 5th, 2017 11:12 pm
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[The video opens with an image of a man sitting on his wheelchair. The grey fishbone suit jacket seems almost a little too formal on top of a nice turquoise knit of his sweater and the Burberry check of his quilt that's spread over his legs. He has crossed his fingers on his lap and seems to be addressing the recording device while leaning a bit forward, as if he were worried his words wouldn't carry far enough. Cut him some slack, he's used to the 80's technology.

A calm, enduring smile has curved over his lips and blue eyes seem steady, no nervousness to be detected. ]

Good day to you, fellow imports and others who might have access to these recordings. I'll start by introducing myself, to those who aren't familiar with me. I am Professor Charles Xavier, recently brought to this situation, like I imagine has happened to quite a few of you. I would like to address the network for a few matters that are of both personal and public nature.

Firstly, I would like to welcome anyone who has problems with adjusting to their possibly new powers and abilities to contact me for help. I have decades worth of experience from mentoring powered individuals. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me.

[ He takes a moment to consider his words, looking at something else beyond the camera lens. Then with a mild clearing of his throat, he continues: ] My second matter is much more personal and not as much an announcement as it is a request.

I've been notified that I've spent some time in this place before. Several times, apparently. I'd love to get together with those of you who have known me before, fill these empty spaces in my memories if you will. Please, contact me.

[ With a brief nod, Charles reaches for the device, about to close it off. ]

And of course, stay safe everyone.
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[The video, though active and recording, shows only back - but it's not a solid black,
as though the camera's been covered. Instead, it shifts and moves and lets in some peeks of light, suggesting that someone's trying to keep the camera covered with their hand or with something that keeps sliding off. At one point, there's a grey ceiling and the top of someone's head - the only indication of which is two black curls.


[The video goes black again with the sound of the device being placed on a hard surface of some kind, probably a table.]

All right, listen up, dum-dums. [The voice is that of a woman. She has a deeper tone than others, and there's an edge to it that suggests she could very easily kill you if she wanted to. And that she probably does.] I don't know how the fuck I got here or why - or why I woke up in America's sweaty asshole of all places, or why I'm now in Amish country - but I need to get back to Brooklyn, ASAP.

Also, what the hell is it with these damn .. machines? [She means the Porters.] This is some Star Wars bullshit, and it's probably the only cool thing going for this place right now.


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