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[The background in the video is the first Nonah housing block. Just outside of 003, to be precise.]

I'm not sure what's worse, the ending up in a different dimension thing or missing about a year and a half out of all of this.

Anyone have the Sparknotes?
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[Superman looks honestly just....

Tired. He reaches to rub the bridge of his nose before he speaks, wondering how to even put it into words. Oh, he knows what he wants to say, knows what he wants to do. But it would be unfair to out someone without giving them a chance to work things out in this place, to become a better person.

Except, last time he tried that it ended up with him kidnapped in Crane’s basement.]

If someone from your world appeared here, someone who you knew was capable of really awful things… would you warn people?

Or would you give them a chance to be different in this place?

VIDEO | 01

Aug. 5th, 2016 08:33 pm
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[Welcome, imPorts, to a face a sight less pretty than the shounen heroes and superheroes you've grown accustomed to. Instead of a bright, youthful face, you get the dour face of a man who has comfortably hit middle age, skin pale, nose hooked, and brows furrowed behind those thick rimmed glasses of his.

He clears his throat. Once he speaks, his voice is predictably nasal, and not at all happy.]
All right, so let me get this straight. They drag us in here to be super-heroes - [he uses airquotes for that, as you do] - and they don't even have a proper set of rules?! Look, I'm no stranger to the whole superhero-supervillain, blah blah blah game, but if you don't get held by a set of standards, there's no telling what will happen.

Oh, wait. There is telling what will happen, and I'd tell you, but instead I have a more immediate, pressing complaint. I am a superscientist. And according to this form, I'm supposed to be... a sex therapist? How the hell am I even supposed to begin with what's wrong with--

[Sorry, anyone who wanted to listen to Doc moan and groan any more than he already has, because a bright blue robot enters the frame, crowding Doc half off of his chair, beeping wildly and flailing his limbs, one of them knocking Doc's glasses off.]

Helper, no, Helper, down. You're not helping! No! You don't know anything about sex!

[Helper beeps very insistently. Doc stares at the screen.]

Well, apparently Helper's going to do my job for me. Come say hi if you want sex advice from a robot. [Helper thrusts his arms up in the air and lets out a high-pitched, ebullient series of beeps that could be accurately translated to yay!]

Oh, for the love of -- I wasn't being seriou--

[And the video cuts off there.]
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[ As Batgirl and now as Spoiler Steph doesn't really try to disguise her voice. She just loses the slight edge of New Jersey in her normal speaking voice, and maybe talks a little lower and cooler. Certainly it would be easy for anyone who knew Batgirl's voice to know that Spoiler's is the same. ]

Just out of curiosity, how hard is it for an import to get a gun legally?

[ In case you missed it, there's a hint in there that's she's also interested in obtaining more weapons illegally. If anyone has any leads on that. ]

[ Action ]

[ Anyone interested in seeking out the vigilante can find her wandering Nonah and Heropa, seemingly aimlessly, stopping in every other cafe or diner she sees and having a cup of decaf.

By night, she can be found prowling the rooftops, busting muggers, and generally being a lone wolf vigilante. Her costume is new, but clearly designed based on the Batgirl uniform she usually wears. There's no logo, a hood on the cape, and a filter mask that covers her mouth rather than a cowl over her eyes and head. ]


Jun. 5th, 2016 10:37 pm
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[ Babs isn't quite beaming at the camera when it turns on, but there's an obvious excitement in her expression, even as she tries to play it oh-so cool. she doesn't love being away from home without notice, but there's a lot to be done here, so she's feeling pretty good about it. good enough that she's feeling up to posting to this big wide network of people, despite knowing perfectly well it'll put her out there in a much bigger way than just, y'know, showing up here in the first place.

she knows she's not the only Batgirl here, but she's prepared to handle that too. yeah. this is all going to be perfectly fine. and no, this optimism doesn't come easily to her, it really doesn't. but it's not like she's about to talk about that here, so. who cares, right? it's all good. mostly she's just hoping to see a familiar face.

Hello, --network! [ amazing start ] Does the network here have a name? That is definitely something I should know by now. But, not important. Hi. My name is Barbara Gordon, I'm still very much new here, but I am officially moved into my new place, and I'm feeling properly acquainted with the city itself, so-

Now? Now I'm in the mood for a giant cup of coffee and some small talk, if anybody would like to hang out. [ she holds up a finger ] Only a little small talk, please. Basic introductions, then we can skip all the awkward weather slash local sports team or celebrity gossip for something a little more interesting. [ i'd like to make new friends now, please and thanks. and she'll of course be doing as much network snooping as possible before meeting anyone, but hey. only way to get her social life back in order is to get.. one. so. ] That's it for me, I think. I'll- hopefully talk to you all soon.

[ she gives a short wave goodbye, then disconnects the feed.

... the only problem with that is that the transmission only lasted a couple of seconds, and she somehow kind of sounded like she was talking in fast-forward. her words babbled out way too fast, kind of like this, yeah. woo! guess who has superspeed and has no idea how to control it yet? this girl! somebody help her. please. or just watch her transmission in slow-motion, maybe. that'll work too.


Jun. 3rd, 2016 07:56 pm
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[This video looks like it's filmed on an actual camera instead of the communicator. Right now it's focused on part of a vest and a t-shirt which then resolves into Dipper Pines as he steps away from the camera. In the background, there are homemade backdrops and what looks like a bunch of maps and discarded flashlights. The angle of the ceiling implies that Dipper's possibly in an attic.

Carefully pulling off the cat that had been draped over his shoulders, Dipper straightens up and clears his throat, before giving a nervous wave. His voice only wobbles a little when he greets the camera.

So uh, hey! I'm Dipper Pines and you might have heard about me or my sister, Mabel, since stuff just... kind of happens to us. But this isn't about that! No one's getting arrested or doing survival training in a swamp or setting off fireworks or anything like that. This is a cool thing! Totally safe. Mostly safe.

Anyways! I actually wanted to tell everyone that I have my own MeTube channel. It's all about exploring supposedly haunted places, researching cryptids and local myths... Spooky junk, as Mabel would put it. If you wanna take a look, I'd really appreciate it! And if you have any like, questions or comments, just let me know.

[Dipper holds up a sign that has, "DIPPER'S GUIDE TO THE UNEXPLAINED," written on it with marker, and the MeTube channel address underneath. The cat from before begins to bat at the corner of the sign as Dipper tries his best to do a charming grin, faltering after a couple seconds.]

Okay thanks, bye!

[The camera clicks off. Should you visit Dipper's MeTube channel, it has a couple of carefully edited videos of Dipper apparently marching off into random bits of Heropa wilderness in search of urban legends. Surprisingly, there's some footage of what seems like it might be actual evidence of cryptids. Most of it's just unfortunate video evidence of what is probably breaking and entering and Dipper getting excited over strangely shaped rocks.]
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[ Kanaya turns on the camera, glancing at a distant point to the side, wearing a great scowl. ]

Have you ever had those days when you've had to empty out your savings to relocate friends whose lives are in active danger?

Well, happy birthday to me.

[ She finally looks at the camera directly, as Ashiah can be seen bumbling across the wall behind her. ] I think it's time to admit I need a new weapon. The Porter recently took the one I've relied upon for years, and this [ She brings her hand up, holding a large knife. ] has proven a feeble replacement. I'd prefer something with more weight and reach, something that can actually deal damage. Motorized, if possible.

So, I'm open to suggestions. If you craft any yourself, sell me on your product. I'm willing to learn something new, but no firearms. They don't agree with my style.
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[When the video clicks on, it shows a young redhead in a bit of a rag-bag and self-made costume with a not-quite Bat-family symbol on the front, frowning up at one of the buildings in Heropa. She has a crumpled up map in her hands, and she keeps glancing down at it, then back up at her surroundings.]


[Suddenly the screen is full of pink light and swirling smoke, and when it fades she's standing on a rooftop in...De Chima? Well, that was quick. She spins around, the image a blur of motion, and then she groans.]


[Another burst of pink light and energy and now she' the desert somewhere? An empty desert, from the look of things, which startles her enough that she actually drops her map and communicator.]

What? Oh crap.

[And then she was rushing off after the map, catching it in a few seconds and then trudging back to scoop up the phone.]

This seriously makes no sense.

[It's hard to say if she's talking to her phone or herself. Suddenly there's another burst of that now-familiar energy, and she's standing on a street in...judging from the signs, somewhere in Asia maybe? Probably Japan?]

Woah, okay. Uh. [There's a Japanese man standing nearby staring at her, and she gives a weak little wave.]

Uh, hey? I mean Sayonara? No that isn't right...

[Before she can worry about it, she bounces again, and now she's...back where she started? But this time she's actually paying attention to her phone.]

Okay, so like, they said it was another planet but I really kinda didn't believe them cause that's...basically nuts, right? But I don't recognize any of these cities and Platinum Flats isn't even there it's just some desert!

[She groans.]

Oh man Huntress is gonna kill me.

[A second or two of feeling sorry for herself, and then she sucks in a breath and grins at the camera.]

Right. Anyway. I'm Misfit! Still not sure what's going on but I'm looking fooooooooor anyone who recognizes me I guess? Ooooor anyone who knows Orac...I mean Huntress! Or Lady Blackhawk or...anyone from my team...

Or jeez...anybody from home I guess.

[This was going to be so weird wasn't it.]


Apr. 4th, 2016 10:04 am
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[The video switches on to a young man sitting at attention across from the propped up device, his expression set in a polite smile. He’s changed from his armor into casual clothes, but his sword hangs close at hand from the back of the chair he’s sitting on.]

Ah... Hello. My name is Flynn Scifo. I’ve been assigned as an "imPort fashion commentator." I’ve been looking into what that means, and I had a few questions. It says to focus on my strengths. That would be uniforms, but...

[He glances down at his notes for confirmation and frowns in thought, tapping the end of the pen against his cheek.]

It seems an important part of the job is to "know my audience," so I’d like some advice. What kinds of things would people want to see? And what should I comment on?

[And, more to the point, what kind of fashion commentary can be trusted from a man whose shirt is too small and whose hair is 75% cowlicks?]

Any suggestions would help. Thank you.


Apr. 3rd, 2016 01:13 pm
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 Well this is just great. You know, I was just starting to think I was done with this place. And here I am, right back in Nonah. Again.

[The dark-haired teenage boy in the video blows out a frustrated breath and taps at the screen irritably.]

Somebody please tell me there's some good news?  Somewhere? Anything?

Yeah, that's about what I thought.

[His eyes flick over to a closed folder sitting nearby.]

And do they pull these job assignments out of a hat or something? I mean the one before was bad enough, but now I'm supposed to be some kind of gossip blogger?  Is that seriously an an actual job? 


Apr. 3rd, 2016 05:09 am
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[ Have you ever wondered what the inside of a big pig's mouth looks like? No? Well, that's too bad because it suddenly comes on screen when it picks up a smartphone and starts leading it around a living room with disgruntled bleats. ]

Chuy! Chuy, no! Give that back! [ A woman's voice grows closer in a panic, and soon enough it's easily wrenched from the pig's mouth to show a very concerned young woman looking into the screen. ] Oh, I am... so sorry, everyone. [ Her laugh is composed, but clearly embarrassed. ] That was my pig. Chuy. He's very... inquisitive.

[ Her big brown eyes slant down for a moment to give her friend a look before returning to the screen. ]

So, I'll just let everyone get back to their day, and turn this... off... [ Her face turns pinched around the eyes and mouth when she begins fumbling for an off button. ] Uhh... Chuy, how do you turn this—

[ Dutifully and with a huffy bleat, he grabs it again with his teeth and the screen goes blank. ]
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Hey! So. I'm Stephanie Brown, I'm from Gotham, New Jersey. [ Hint, hint! ]

Apparently I'm going to be a media review host! I don't really know what that means, but I'll improvise.

I'm new in town, so, any advice for a newb? Places to go, things to see, coffee shops to squat in? I wouldn't say no to any tips for media reviewing, either. I'm not sure why they thought this would be the job for me.

So, that's all! I just want to chat, really.

[ If you recognize her, or Gotham, or a combination she wants to talk to you privately please. Otherwise this is tOTALLY NOT SUSPICIOUS, NOTHING TO SEE HERE. ]


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