Oct. 7th, 2017 08:10 pm
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I've always found it interesting how different magic seems to be from world to world- Has anyone thought of seeing how spells from different worlds interact with each other? I wouldn't mind organizing such a meeting, if people are interested- I could arrange something far away from any populated area, so we don't have to worry about accidents. [Because Sabriel's been in this world long enough to know how often those happen when imPorts are involved. But she presses on, keeping her tone bright and cheerful.]

And on the subject of magic- it's been a while since I offered to take on students. I can teach imPorts Charter magic- it's a form of magic that's fairly common in my world, and it's worked through symbols and passed through baptism, rather than birth. It can be used to many ends- to heal, to protect, to incapacitate without harm, or destroy- although even in a place like this, there's generally more use for healing than fireballs. [And then her tone becomes more serious.] I have no intention of teaching anyone necromancy, it's caused enough problems here already. [She doesn't need to go into depth about what happened- anyone who was around for the mess with the clones will know, and her voice brightens again.]

I won't claim Charter magic is easy- it takes time and dedication to master, is not kind to those who attempt it carelessly, and it doesn't mix well with technology. But not every imPort's powers are useful in every situation, and we can always use more healers.

I should probably also mention that RISE is also recruiting, if anyone's interested.

[ooc: So, a general explanation- Sabriel can teach up to five spells to any character with an open power slot who isn't some flavor of undead. This will require a power update but no port-outMore info here.]
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For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Angela Ziegler.

I know other people have already offered a space for those that need it and I’m here to do the same. I have a house in Heropa with a spare bedroom, a comfortable couch and a basement I can easily convert into another bedroom if needed. I haven’t been hit by vandals or been broken into so if anyone would like a space to stay then let me know. It can be for as long as you need it to be.


Aug. 6th, 2017 11:09 pm
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[One in the morning was a great time to post to the network, right? Bela is restless and needs a distraction.]

Space ships. The undead. Magic. Monsters. Time travel.

Face it, a lot of us come from very strange worlds. Now I am not going to spend my time listing off every single weird thing I've heard since I arrived over two years ago, but I am curious about your experiences, dear imPorts.

The only things I haven't personally experienced are space ships, the undead and time travel so if anyone wants to elaborate on those, I am all ears. Although, I have it on good authority that space travel is especially thrilling. Also dangerous.

[It's a miracle that she is able to text.]

Indulge a girl won’t you, network? I know that some are you are bound to be awake right now.

I'll even say please if you want.

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Good evening.

( Said with all the politeness of someone raised with impeccable manners, rather than because there is anything remotely pleasant about the evening. She's not bothered to clean up very much from her arrival; still messy and smoky and bloody, though the smears would suggest she has at least attempted to make herself less alarming for the purpose of this message. )

My name is Lara Croft, of the Endurance. We were recently shipwrecked on the lost island of Yamatai. ( Simple, matter of fact. This was not so simple as keeping a diary in the hopes that someone would find it on her body, if she failed and if there was a body to be found. This was more like blogging, and when that occurs to her she's briefly at a loss for how to continue.

What would Sam do? )

I... appreciate that you must get a good many of these message broadcast so soon after arrivals come in, but it is imperative that I find my friends. A number of them were taken captive by a— madman called Mathias, acting as a figurehead for a cult who call themselves the Solarii. If any other survivors are here, I must find them. ( Lara's voice become a little quieter, more pensive, more like she's speaking to herself even as she continues to address the camera. ) They— try to burn women as a test for some sort of ritual, but I don't know what it all means, yet.

( She shakes her head, and her tone becomes more matter of fact. )

And I don't know what this means, either. Becoming open to the possibility that my father's fascination with myths and the mystical wasn't utter foolishness was onething, but.... this place is enough to make me wonder. Was something as bizarre as this the goal of the Solarii? Or perhaps I've finally lost my mind from exposure or blunt-force trauma, and this is simply the delusion that will make my demise a little less grim. Certainly it's a bit different from all those things people say about seeing you life flash before your eyes.

( There is a moment of quiet self-awareness, a very slight smile. ) If everything we see and hear is to be believed, I imagine that's a line of thought you're all rather familiar with, as well.

( The moment of softness is whisked away. )

Samantha Nishimura, Conrad Roth, Joslin Reyes, Jonah Maiava, Alex Weiss, and James Whitman. If those names are familiar to you, please advise me immediately.
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I'm curious.

[ Raina is seated in her living room, legs tucked up beneath her on the couch. It's a relaxed and casual position, best suited for a relaxed and casual conversation. ]

So many people come and go here. There are very few of us who have been static for years. Even fewer who have been here since the beginning. But the longer you're here, the more losses you tend to face. And the more time that passes, the more everyone else forgets about some of those people who were once here. So I'd like to hear stories of friends who have gone, lovers who have vanished, and people you'll never forget. The only way we can keep memories alive is to share them. I mean, who knows when you or I could become nothing more than a memory...and the least we can do is honor those memories by talking about them.

[ She sits up slowly, draping her arm over her knees. ]

But more than all of that, and perhaps a more relevant question to the newer arrivals -- if you had the opportunity to visit a lost friend's world just to see them again, would you? Even knowing that there's a chance they might not remember you? It is a painful thing to be forgotten, but perhaps there could be a comfort in seeing them alive and happy once again -- a sense of closure that we so seldom receive in this world. Or as always, perhaps it's best to leave well enough alone. I'm just interested to hear where everyone falls in their opinions on the matter.

009 Video

Jun. 1st, 2017 10:30 am
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Criminals. I need criminals.

[A pause as his brain is working too fast for his mouth to catch up.]

I need to know any ImPorts who have a criminal history, recent or otherwise. Anyone who's had a history of violence, and/or theft.


May. 30th, 2017 03:04 pm
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What are the best places to buy hats in your respective cities?

Also, if anyone is interested in a steady but challenging carpentry gig, I have some Plans.
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Hello, everyone. I have another question, but I'll try not to take up too much of your time.

[Unsurprisingly for anyone who's ever spoken to her, Twice is once again only halfway paying attention when she turns on the camera and sets it on a nearby table. Currently, she is busy slowly scrolling down something on a tablet computer of some sort, though it's too hard to tell what she's looking at from this angle.]

The music here, there's... a lot of it, all at once. I'm not used to that. I've been listening to different things, trying to sort out which are worth having on my-- [What's the word again?] --playlists? But it's just too much. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Good morrow.

( She pauses, and frowns. Not a level 10 frown, or even a level 8 frown. It's more just Herian's default level of frown, which is about a 4.5. Herian exhales a slightly displeased breath, and turns her device to focus on three men. All are bound, two are conscious, one is not. They are on the sand, but at least she's done them the service of setting them in the shade. When she speaks her voice is quiet and steady, but perfectly clear. )

Where to should I deliver these miscreants? They thought to relieve a jeweller of her crafts. By good fortune I was present to give chase - they were not quite so easy with themselves, when they realised their clumsiness. Cowards rarely find revels when their ill-deeds are granted witness by any but those vulnerable.

( The camera comes back to face herself, and she holds her head up. She is dressed in chainmail and dark robes, faded to a slate grey by sun and travel. )

One may require aid from an apothecary. I struck him but lightly - still, he swooned readily. I fear he was crafted with some delicateness, ill-suited to his chosen activities for this day. If there is a proper place where they might be left, I would be glad to know of it.

( For just the briefest moment there is a flicker of what might, maybe, be amusement at the corner of her mouth - but maybe not. ) My knowledge of this realm is limited, and as yet I've observed no stockades. Singular, that.

( Ah. She pauses, about to turn off the feed, and course corrects. ) Forgive me my abruptness. I am Ser Herian Amsel. I thank you in advance for your guidance.


Mar. 10th, 2017 11:55 am
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[Before hitting the button to broadcast Gemini takes a moment to rearrange her face, sculpting it into someone a little more innocent. Glasses, check, nervous smile, check, and she's ready to go.]

Um hi everyone! I uh...I'm Sarah Rainsford and I've just arrived here, here being Maurtia Falls specifically. It's a little overwhelming to suddenly be in a whole new world all alone without any friends, but I guess I'll manage. I've been given a nice job and a home so it can't be all bad right? [A weak smile, blah blah blah, there's nothing else she needs to say to establish her pseudo-character, so on to the important stuff, finding out who here might be a threat to her.]

I just wanted to know if there's anyone out there from my own world. I'm from a city called Metropolis, has anyone heard of that? Maybe Gotham? Although that's not a very nice place, but it would be kinda nice to talk to anyone from home.

[Now to see which fishes come and bite at the bait she's dangled for them.]

06 | video

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:05 pm
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[the feed is set to video, but Lapis seems only nominally interested in achieving a steady recording of her face. she's turned it on for another purpose, and the quality of everything else up until that point is really unimportant to her. at least gems don't have naturally shaky hands, even if the camera keeps trailing off into nothing now and then before she rights it, almost absent-mindedly.]

How long are you supposed to wait to be sure that someone's been ported out? I've seen people say stuff like 'a while', but humans and gems don't really seem to have the same idea of what a long time actually is.

I haven't seem someone who lives in this house with me for - [shit, fuck. Lapis' expression stutters into hesitance as she realizes that she has no idea how long she's been not seeing him, nor does she remember any useful earth calendar terms beyond month and year.] - I haven't really seen him lately. But he's kind of stupid and scared of me, so I don't know if that's on purpose or not.

[she gives a lopsided shrug, as if to say 'what can you do?' humans were a crazy weird little species, and she's given up trying to fix their misconceptions on a lot of things. if Hyunsoo wanted to think she was out to kill him, let him. he was the one looking dumb, not her.]

...I've got something else to ask, too.

[this is the reason that she'd switched the video on. Lapis' nose scrunches in a cross between disgust and bafflement before she swings the camera around to zero in on - the fridge?

without further ado, a little blue hand sneaks back into frame to swing the refrigerator door open. have you ever seen food left to its own devices for a little over a month, imPorts? if not, here's your prime chance to some front row seats because that is exactly what this fridge is full of.

clearly it's been a while since Hyunsoo was last here.]

Is food supposed to look like that?
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[The feed cuts on to a shot of a woman with a very impassive expression sitting at a table... in a park maybe? She's somewhere outside at least, drawing in some sort of sketchpad, and by all appearances might not even know the camera is actually recording her. That is, until she speaks up after several long seconds of silence, eyes still locked on the page in front of her.]

Sorry for the interruption, everyone, but I'm curious about something, and I hope you have a second to answer.

In your time here, have you made many friendships or alliances, even knowing that they'll all be ending soon and forgotten? If so, why? And why do you think it's so common to do this? What motivates people to keep trying?

[She finally stops her sketching and looks over to the camera, holding up her pencil in front of her.]

Also, do you know where I can find better supplies for things like this? I usually just take what I can get, but if quality is an option...
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If you could change one person who is here for another person from home, who would you choose?

Or if you had to condemn one person here in order to save another, who would you choose for each party?

Or if you wished to bring one person from here home with you, at the cost of losing someone else from that world, who would they be?

You cannot pick only one; there must be an exchange, and you must say why.

( ooc: MK has technopathy so she'd be very hard to hack/identify, but I'm totally into hacker games and playing around with that if your character would try to figure out who she was or just want to poke at each other. )
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To my constituents, but also the citizens of the greater imPort community. I fear what we have had a most ardently fearful event, with the loss of light, and I assure you that we in the Ambassador's office of De Chima will be doing our utmost to find not only the cause, but also to implement a method as to better communicate in such a repeat of the event.

But as we must soldier on, I do ask you, if you should please, to answer some questions for me if you will. I should be glad of the replies, even if you think them most unreasonable, and so I must ask you to conduct your answer with utmost honesty. I should be grateful for any assistance you should bear me.

As always, I am yours in service, and will gladly hear any words, be they good, or bad, with as much humility as I am able to bear.

Most gratefully.

City of residence:

1. Did you find yourself in severe danger in the events of the loss of light?

2. Did you easily find aid in the form of shelter?

3. Did you easily find aid in the form of protection?

4. Did you easily find aid in the form of medical services?

5. Should another incident like this happen, would you like to be a part of a non-registration based network, maintained by the office of the Ambassador, to aid in the assistance of other imPorts and native citizens?

6. If yes to the above, please state your skills and your powers, if relevant.

[ video ]

Jan. 11th, 2017 01:48 am
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[Videoblogging fresh and early in the morning with this serene backdrop, Jesse looks clean and put-together in a way that suggests he's been fussed over by stylists for at least an hour and probably just came straight from a photo session. Which he has. But the network gets a more casual, less Media-Friendly Jesse Pinkman overall, as he gives the camera a little wave and gets right to it:]

So... Oh yeah, hi, all you new guys. I'm Jesse, in case you didn't know that. Been here a, uh, long time now. Three years? So, you know, hit me with questions and I probably got a few answers.

[He claps his hands. Moving on.]

Anyway, I started a business. Something I been working on since summer, actually. 'cause volunteering at hospitals and all, it's great and I'm still gonna take some time and do that, but like they say: When you're good at something, don't just do it for free. So check this out:

[And he pops over a link to a website.]

And, look, before you say anything: No, I didn't name it or design it or anything. Way smarter people than me did all that. I'm just the guy with the superpowers who gets to look pretty in the ads. Don't ask me if I do yoga. I seriously don't do yoga.

Where was I going with this? Uh, right, we're hiring people. Healers are the best, but if you got any kinda powers you think might be useful around a luxury health resort, come at me. I'll find a place for you. This business is about showing the world what kinda good us imPorts can do and making a shitload of money while we're doing it. So everybody wins, really.

Awesome. Okay. Happy New Year.
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Excuse me. I have a question. Is there anything worth seeing in this world?


That is the entirety of the message.

Clearly a great communicator this one, what with her bored-sounding drawl and complete lack of context, clarification, or ceremony. But hey, she said, "Excuse me," so that's got to count for something, right?! Who doesn't want to help another newbie out here?]
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[It's just after dawn on Friday morning, and the video feed clicks on to a young man in torn, bloody clothing, crouched down over an injured baby deer. From where the communicator rests in the grass, early morning De Chima traffic is visible behind him.]

Look, you have to go back in the- No, no, not that way-

[He's trying to urge the deer back towards the woods, but it just wants to come with him. Though its injuries seem extensive, it isn't in any apparent pain, frolicking around his legs in the high grass.]

I can't take you home, kiddo. I don't even have a home, yet. Just- Stop that!

[If it weren't all for the blood, this would be one of the cutest things to ever happen.]

001. text.

Jan. 7th, 2017 08:09 am
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username: 01100010 01100001 01100001 .

Manipulating the science of space time seems improbable, if not impossible. If we embrace the simplified understanding provided to us via means of science-fiction, usually born of the writers with limited understanding of such concepts and working with what they understand to make sense on an artistic or entertainment level rather then scientific, then doubtless it is easier to stomach the possibility. In the past my research into such topics has inevitably lead to a multitude of fan discussions of topics, many of which devolved into trolling of varying levels of skill and intelligence. I hope that my research here does not fall victim to such tendencies, but my expectations are low.

My understanding of theories of the Einstein-Rosen bridge, however, would suggest that if two different pieces of space-time were connected then a tunnel would be formed that could lead you through billions of years, to alternate universes and dimensions, or possible result in a paradox is the leap was such that you confronted yourself in the past. How these wormholes would be linked to technology without deliberate action and control remains a point of confusion. I will conduct further research. I wondered if it would be possible for multiple bridges to verge into one central bridge, resulting in all of us arriving here.

I have never been to America before. It is as overbearing and loud as popular culture would suggest, but I like the pink lemonade.


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