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Oct. 7th, 2017 09:56 pm
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[ alex doesn't spend a lot of time showing her face on the network, in part because she's kind of private, and in part because text is just easier? also it's easy to just look over magnus's shoulder, but anyway..

her hair's pinned up into a messy green bun atop her head, and she's wearing bright pink chanel sunglasses, which are probably familiar to some (like reggie). she stares from behind them for a few moments, but then pushes them up atop her head. for those that have never met her in person, she has surprisingly striking heterochromia, one of her eyes a bright, startling gold.

she is also.. at a campsite?? if the tent in the background is any indication, anyway. ]

Hey, so, just getting an idea here, but how many people out there like doing.. outdoors-y stuff? I mean hiking, canoeing, biking, camping, that kind of thing? Or if you don't do it, would you be into it with a guide that knows what the fuck they're doing?

[ she glances up over the top of the phone, picking a grape up out of a bowl at her side and tossing it over at magnus, lifting her brows like you following where i'm going with this?

she glances back down at the phone again, then, pulling her knees up in the chair. ]
While I'm asking apparently random things, Halloween's coming up, and aside from certain people who'll remain nameless eating disgusting amounts of colored wax, who's got plans to do what? A bonfire could be fun. Doing some haunted hayrides and houses, that kind of thing. [ alex isn't normally a group activity type of person, but valhalla's softened her up some, and it could be fun. ]
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[Unlike the unbridled mass of newcomers to emerge today upon the network with cheerful smiles and long-winded introductions, today's audience gets a glimpse of this latest "superhero" who looks like something the cat dragged in. He's completely drenched in water or booze, his face is utterly filthy and there's sand all over him. Hell, there's even a piece of seaweed hanging off the side of his hat.

Nevertheless, this drunken fool actually looks like he just walked off the set of a "pirate" movie or something. He certainly has that odd 17th century mystique about him judging from his attire. When was the last time anyone seen a tricorne hat before? This guy even has gold teeth and dreadlocks by the way. Weird, no?

He looks like an complete mess but the kohl around his eyes is miraculously dry and looks utterly flawless. How? Voodoo, probably.

Methinks I've had too much--(*blech*)--to drink.

[Yeah, judging from the bloodshot eyes and the half empty bottle in his left hand, Sparrow is drunk.]

What in the bleedin' hell is this? Where's mah ship?! Where's the Pearl?!

[A certain SOMEONE wasn't paying attention earlier, clearly. He already had someone tell him what's going on before but now he's coming out of his drunken stupor. Expect yelling and screaming to commence in three, two, one--]

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[ As the video feed starts, there's some quick, unstable shaking of the camera, panning around the room to reveal a dimly lit dive bar. After a moment, it finally focuses on two intoxicated women making the healthiest of life choices — Sarah Manning and Jessica Jones. They certainly didn't arrive here together, but after a drinking contest gone wrong, they're inseparable now. ]

Shit. [ Jess mumbles, her gaze barely focusing on the camera. ] Sobriety sucks. So does this dump. Stuck here for a goddamn year, and you dumbasses still can't find a way out.

And—and what's with all the complacency? [ Sarah points to the camera and, presumably, whoever is watching on the other end. ] Everybody's so bloody happy here.

Like morons. [ Wake up, sheeple. Jess stops her ranting, only for a moment, to take yet another swig of hard liquor. Apparently, she hasn't consumed enough. ] Jesus Christ.

My sister... [ Sarah laughs, but it's a kind of disbelieving laugh, and then she takes a swig of her own drink. ] My sister got married. To someone from another universe. Married.

The hell? [ Her brow furrows, matching Sarah's incredulous expression. If she was slightly less wasted, Jessica would be able to process this revelation better. ] Sarissa?

No, Cosima. [ She sighs and tips back her drink, draining the rest of it. ] Sarissa's got enough shit going on even without adding a wedding.

[ Oh right. God, there are so many clones, she can't keep track anymore. ] Yeah well, don't we all. [ Brushing off the subject, and the hidden layers of guilt and self-loathing beneath it, Jess leans back in her seat. She lifts her almost empty glass in a mock toast. ] Getting hitched here's a death sentence. Congrats to the happy couple.

Yeah, cheers. [ Sarah refills her glass before sloshing a little toast back towards Jess, then towards the camera. ] And cheers to all of you. It's not gonna last.

[ Amen to that. ] Never fucking does. [ Jess drains the rest of her glass in an instant, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. With one more angry glare at the camera, she reaches out to turn the device off. What a good idea this clearly was. ]
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[This video is primarily a response to the slander that just occurred in response to one man expressing a love for a blessed holiday treat. This injustice will not go uncorrected if Peter has anything to say about that. Or well, at least it won't go without a petty filmed response - one filmed in the X-Haus livingroom guru unboxing style.

Peter sets the camera up, stepping back to silently gesture at a large cardboard box he's set down on the coffee table. Using a utility knife he cuts open the tape, parting the flaps and revealing the contents within. Like a sea of orange, white and yellow gold - he holds up a handful and lets the delicate kernels slip through his fingertips with a solid and surveying look and a nod of appreciation.

He then sits down on the couch, pulls both the table and box toward him, and with his eyes dead-set into the camera lens proceeds to eat a handful of candy corn. Thus begins the most Halloween themed mukbang this network has ever or will ever again likely see. He keeps eating. There's no end in sight. And he's going to live stream every last second in beautiful, crisp technicolor.

You can't stop this, nonbelievers. You can't do a single thing to stop this.]

Don't you just freaking love getting in the Halloween spirit? I know I do.
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I have a question for the network about the power nullifying bracelets

imPorts on probation are equipped with them, I know that much but
can imPorts voluntarily use them if they want one?
Can they buy them? Is that posible?

If not, are there any other options on the market?
Thanks guys


Sep. 5th, 2017 07:29 pm
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[Lorna is sitting in a bakery. There's evidence of a recently consumed danish on the plate on the table between her and the phone's camera. Maybe that's why she looks so pleased. Or maybe it's because she's alive and sometimes that's a rush all its own.]

I thought I'd introduce myself, since I just got here and it seems like the thing to do. I'm Lorna Dane. It's pretty nice to be somewhere sunny. Or anywhere at all.

Anyway, I'm still a little fuzzy about things here. I don't know that I'll get over being accepted by the population at large anytime soon. That's definitely not how it is back home. I wonder what else is different that people don't know to tell me about.

On the one hand, I want to know if there are people from home here so I can either catch them up on the gossip or be caught up myself. On the other hand, I think this might be a really good time to make a break with my old life and try something new for a change.

I'm a publicist now, which is going to take some adjustment. Still, it's nice to have a civilian job again.

I don't really have a point to make, I guess. Just that I look forward to getting to know people and hopefully things will be less ridiculous than home here.
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the school year's barely begun and i've already landed in detention

i mean it is kinda my fault and at least the guidance counselor here is better than Mr. Frond was

[some time later, she adds:]

And i just got 2 days tacked on for being caught on my device

so I guess my point is I'm full of all this frustration and aggression & I'm not used to feeling this way so how do i try and burn it off?
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[ The audio function on this is remarkably similar to her show, with just a more limited audience. But this is Trish's element. This is where she shines. ]

Those of you who didn't have powers before coming here -- is it something that you dreamed of back home? Did... [ She pauses to find the right word. ] ..."gifted" people exist where you're from? I always tried to convince my best friend that she should put on a costume and save others. I guess I was trying to live vicariously through her that way.

There's something that happened. We call it "The Incident" because, well... "The Day Aliens Poured Out of the Sky" is a bit of a mouthful. A good portion of New York was destroyed and a lot of lives were lost, but it could have been worse. Unimaginably worse. But there were people who stepped in. Stepped up.

Do you think those who have the power should use it for the betterment of society? Share your thoughts.


Sep. 4th, 2017 03:00 pm
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[It's the middle of the day and somewhere in a city park, greenery behind her, Tefé finally ends up turning on the video feed, scowling. Under other circumstances, finding herself in a whole new universe might have been like some kind of omen, a fresh start. But the military thing sticks in her craw, and frankly, so far Tefé hasn't seen anything to indicate that, in a more planetary sense, things are much different than back home, which leaves her back with the same dilemmas as ever.]

How many of you Registered Heroes actually believe it's a good idea to basically be signing up with the military? You know, the guys that come up with new and creative ways for humans to keep killing each other, along with the rest of the planet as a hapless casualty? Do any of you even think about how completely fucked up it is being tagged like this? Knowing they've got a file on you is creepy as hell, too.

[Even though there's signs of anger on her face, she honestly sounds more pensive than anything, with one other question on her mind.]

And has anyone else found out that some things just... stopped working since they came here? Things you used to be able to do, I mean.
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So, hi!

[The setting: an ice cream parlor, somewhere in Heropa. The scene: Foggy Nelson, eating ice cream, because somebody offered him free ice cream with toppings and he's broke. He gives the camera a little wave and a friendly grin.]

I'm Foggy Nelson—yeah, I know, not my idea, but I'm not changing it now—and I have some questions. Don't worry, I got the "welcome to another world, you have superpowers" speech, I just have some concerns it didn't address.

[Lots and lots of them, actually, but he'll just start with the most pressing.]

First of all, I'm a lawyer back at home. Got a law firm and a partner and even a sign for our office. [A pause, during which he looks quickly away from the camera and lets out a quiet, tired sigh like he's already missing it, then:] Of course, you don't have any reason to believe me, and I don't have any proof to back me up here. Which leads me to my first question: do my qualifications still carry over into an alternate universe? Because, man, being an insurance claim investigator is the only thing that's probably worse than being a lawyer. [He's both, so he gets to be funny about this.]

Second, I might need a crash course on imPort law. I'm pretty sure immigration law doesn't quite cover "forcibly dragged to another universe" that well, and I only got maybe a sketch of the benefits of registration when I tried to ask. [This whole registration thing honestly comes off as a little sketchy to Foggy, but he's going to keep his trap shut on that much.]

Third—does anyone here know what I mean when I say the Avengers? How about the Incident? I—just need to know.
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I can't sleep.

[Normally D33 might have something a little more eloquent to say (or at least something a little more long-winded), but, then again, normally D33 would have also gotten more than a couple of hours of sleep in a week.

[Not this one. He's been up for a solid seventy-two now at least, and that's only if you're counting the brief two to three hours of tossing and turning in between. With mild hallucinations starting to set in, D33 is beginning to get desperate.

[Despite the increasing paranoia, he is willing to try just about anything at this point.]

I am in need of advice. Leave suggestions below.


Text (nsfw)

Aug. 7th, 2017 08:22 pm
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So how do the rest of you entertain yourselves when you can't have marathon sex to pass the time? Or whatever it is you normally do to keep yourself busy, I suppose.

I should have asked this a week ago, but it would be a good idea to have some suggestions in mind if I get stuck in such an unfortunate situation again.
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So I have mixed feelings on the whole black light tattoo thing because on the one hand it's cool, sure, but on the other it's a bit - can we say c r e e p y ? was consent a little too hard to ask for? Jeez, if I ever see my mom again she's going to hit me with a dish towel or a broom, and I didn't even get to pick the design. It's like someone gave me a glowstick IV. I feel like I'm going to turn blue soon, turn into a real mutant or something.

You ever stop and wonder why all the mutants and superheroes are kinda blue, anyway? it's such a popular color. I mean, if I could turn a color, I'd choose something a little less mainstream. Am I alone? am I just overthinking this... No offense to any blue friends out there. Guess you can't help who you are or what hue you happen to be. It's just hue you are?

Anyway, the actually important thing I had to say is that I work for a pizza joint here now and I'm not gonna boast but... actually I am going to boast, you ask for Quicksilver for delivery? You'll get that pie faster than you can pull out your change to tip me.
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You guys! Oh my gosh, you guys.

[The voice is breathless, shaking somewhat along with the video feed as it tries to focus on the person in frame.]

Feel free to ignore me after this, but for the next few seconds at least, you have to see what I'm seeing.

[Finally the blurry figure focuses into a grinning woman in hiking clothes, her hair in a ponytail and a bead of sweat rolling down her cheek, who chuckles once before turning the camera around. It's a little unclear where the video is being recorded from, other than somewhere hilly outside of any of the porter cities, and it's a little unclear what everyone's meant to be focusing on as well. Until the shot zooms in a bit, framing about a dozen big, furry puffballs huddled up near a stream, including a few smaller ones playing together on the edge of the water.]

Capybaras! I'm, like, 90% sure they're capybaras, which makes no sense, but there they are! I, um- I know things have been... especially rough in the porter cities the last couple weeks-- [Including something about zoo animals that have been released or something, though that obviously isn't relevant to anything going on here, why would anyone think that??] --but maybe for a second we can all just chill and watch some baby capybaras play in the water?

I'm pretty sure this is the definition of therapeutic.


Jul. 27th, 2017 03:08 pm
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[You know what's really awesome? A massive clone crisis happening right as you're trying to move. George is exhausted and fed up, but there's been something on his mind, and he types out a brief message.]

what with all the crazy stuff that's gone down, i've been thinking about expanding the services the clinic provides.

show of hands, or just replies i guess - who would be interested in being trained in first aid and emergency field medicine? we need more people on the ground when things like this happen, caring for the casualties. native first responders are clearly overwhelmed, but if we can get some people out there who can deal with the danger and the injured, i think that would be a huge benefit.


Jul. 10th, 2017 10:40 pm
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[The first view is of a very big and green Hulk squinting at the camera.]

Whoever designed these things needs to be fired. I can barely press anything like this.

[He pulls the communicator away from him and he visibly shrinks down to the form of a skinny Asian teenager.]

Do you know how much less awesome it is when you have to dehulk just to pick up the phone? How am I supposed to show the bad guys that they don't deserve my full attention if I can't call someone while punching them! They're clearly not thinking about their target demographic here.

And I know what some of you are thinking, 'why don't you do it yourself?'. To which I say do I really have to do everything round here? I had a pretty sweet gig back on my Earth being the most popular Hulk ever and now I gotta start from scratch on top of this crappy phone.

Speaking of which, why am I a counsellor on anger management? Bruce is the expert on that. I don't even know any zen techniques!
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[A couple days after arriving, Steve decided it was time to introduce himself. Reasons for that were varied, but intentions for this broadcast seemed to be an attempt to get in contact with anyone who might know him from his world.]

Probably good I got acquainted with these things before I came here, or this call might not have happened.

Name's Steve and I'm curious -- is there a master list on these phones of everyone here? I'm looking for someone who goes by a few names and not sure if they'd use her real name or one of them. Or can you edit that information yourself.

[Cap might be looking to see if a certain redheaded assassin is around.]

I also see you got an election going on. Maybe someone would be nice enough to fill the new guy in on the popular vote?

Appreciate the help, thanks.


Jun. 22nd, 2017 09:56 pm
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[ Video pans to Erik outside. The camera is floating, and he talks a bit with his hands. ]

I don't often post videos to the network, but given that my opponents have introduced themselves, I think now would be a good time to start. I am Erik Lehnsherr, and I am officially announcing my bid to run for De Chima ambassador.

[ But no seriously, this is his first network post. ]

During the two years that I've been here, a lot has happened to threaten the safety of both us and the natives: the imPocreats, the breakout, the seminar, just to name a few. The thing I want most for us is the ability to feel that we and our families are safe and secure, and that we seek the quiet but will always be prepared for whatever else may happen. I strongly believe that on this world, we are lucky to have the kind of outpouring support that we do from our neighbors. On many other worlds, including the one that I come from, that isn't the case. Though this world and these cities are not perfect, what we have is a strong foundation, and I hope to be given the opportunity to work with the government to be a solid representation of how to improve our community.

I am proud of the work that I have been able to do so far to help better our quality of life, particularly in erecting the Maria-Francis Foundation building, housing one of the largest foundations for imPort-positive project funds. If you have been there lately, you might have seen new construction happening, which I'm happy to announce will be completed soon. Starting next month, there will be onsite training rooms and AI capable of assisting imPorts and other powered individuals to hone their abilities in a secure environment.

[ He'd mention the AI is courtesy Tony Stark but he thinks after the last Starkphone upgrade maybe not ]

I can't take credit for this idea; the reason that the facility was added was out of demand from imPorts who had need for a place to responsibly practice using their powers. Regardless of whether or not I'm chosen to be the new Ambassador, I do want to hear from you on what you think would help to improve the city you currently live in; I want to help you create it.

[ Click! ]


Jun. 5th, 2017 11:12 pm
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[The video opens with an image of a man sitting on his wheelchair. The grey fishbone suit jacket seems almost a little too formal on top of a nice turquoise knit of his sweater and the Burberry check of his quilt that's spread over his legs. He has crossed his fingers on his lap and seems to be addressing the recording device while leaning a bit forward, as if he were worried his words wouldn't carry far enough. Cut him some slack, he's used to the 80's technology.

A calm, enduring smile has curved over his lips and blue eyes seem steady, no nervousness to be detected. ]

Good day to you, fellow imports and others who might have access to these recordings. I'll start by introducing myself, to those who aren't familiar with me. I am Professor Charles Xavier, recently brought to this situation, like I imagine has happened to quite a few of you. I would like to address the network for a few matters that are of both personal and public nature.

Firstly, I would like to welcome anyone who has problems with adjusting to their possibly new powers and abilities to contact me for help. I have decades worth of experience from mentoring powered individuals. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me.

[ He takes a moment to consider his words, looking at something else beyond the camera lens. Then with a mild clearing of his throat, he continues: ] My second matter is much more personal and not as much an announcement as it is a request.

I've been notified that I've spent some time in this place before. Several times, apparently. I'd love to get together with those of you who have known me before, fill these empty spaces in my memories if you will. Please, contact me.

[ With a brief nod, Charles reaches for the device, about to close it off. ]

And of course, stay safe everyone.
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[ It's probably not a video he records or posts deliberately, considering his lack of technological competence. But there he is, slouched alone on a pub patio, moping behind a cloud of cigarette smoke. He's well into a bottle of...good Lord, flavoured vodka? Birthday cake, no less?

Well. It's not like lushes can be picky. ]

Huh. Didn't think I'd make it to see another one of these days.

[ He adds his cigarette butt to the mountain on the ashtray in front of him, and lights another, muttering softly between his teeth, ]

Happy fuckin birthday to ya, Johnny.
Useless twit.


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